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Prince! Jaehyun

hiiii! could you make a prince!jaehyun like the one you did for mark ^^

A/N: it’s a little different compared to mark’s, and this is really bad tbh ahh

  • it’s been long since i did a prince! au so here it is ~
  • and jeffrey has been climbing up my bias list lately it’s crazy
  • who can resist him tbh
  • and a heads up before you continue , im really bad at writing prince!au’s because im not that familiar with the system so im sorry if it’s really bad omg
  • let’s start

  • you probably didn’t know he was the prince until he appeared on the news one day,

  • even though y'all were pretty close friends
  • and you had always wondered why you never saw him around
  • on the news, he was in a serious mood and he was doing all the paper work, being labelled as the “jaehyun the prince”
  • you’d never seen that side of him because he would always visit the small town and wear very casual clothes, joking and laughing with you
  • with no one protecting or guarding him
  • he’s such a chill prince tbh
  • he laughs and smiles a lot
  • he’s more like a friend to the country rather than a politician/prince
  • but when he gets serious he isn’t afraid to point out the flaws of the country’s system to the king
  • and he’d work really hard to change it
  • he’s like bestfriends with the other royal families’ sons
  • aka the other members
  • they often meet up even when there’s no special occasions and conversations could last from reminiscing childhood memories together to planning on working to make the country together in the future  - such handsome and goodlooking princes, it’s as though they’re like idols
  • probably escaped the palace so many times as a kid (even up till now) the palace guards and servants are used to it
  • when he was younger he used to escape to go play with the animals he saw in the garden, as he’d laugh innocently to himself, until one of his servants frantically ran up to him and asked him to go back because everyone was worried and though that he had gone missing
  • in his teen years, he’d leave the palace just to explore the town
  • that’s where he met you
  • you were just wandering alone after school, praying that you did well for your exams
  • curious prince jaehyun would come up to you, starting a conversation and asking why you were alone
  • thinking that he was just one of the people near the area, you just casually started talking to him
  • and both of you would always meet up in the same area with not many people around, so jaehyun did not have to be afraid of his identity being revealed
  • all he told you was that he lived far away from the area and could only meet up at specific timings
  • he didn’t want you to treat him differently after you knew
  • but you found out eventually and jaehyun was still talking casually with you, but flustered you was already bowing your head down, calling him by “sir” and “your majesty”, instead of your usual “jae/jeffrey
  • but being jaehyun, he asked you to treat him like a friend, and you had no choice but to listen to him
  • the next day he invited you to the palace
  • you still remember yourself getting nervous the night before, choosing your prettiest and most elegant looking dress you could find in your closet
  • morning arrived and you found yourself on the back of a horse, with jaehyun sitting in front of you, your arms around you, as jaehyun had requested his servants to come fetch you-with him
  • “you look good today, for once hehe”
  • “you did not just say that-”
  • servant glares at you
  • “i-i’m sorry, uh thanks..”
  • sighs it’s fine, ignore them, act like we always do!”
  • once you reached the palace you were fascinated by everything
  • from how big everything was, how the walls and floors were all polished nicely and shiny
  • to how almost at every door to a room, there would be guards there
  • you entered the dining room and to your surprise, you were greeted by two other goodlooking young men,
  • “this is johnny, prince of the seo family”
  • “and mark, my best friend, lee family”
  • the two greeted you with a small smile and flustered you did an over exaggerated 90° bow, causing the two to giggle
  • jaehyun would keep looking out for you and smile at you, and had even asked a servant to serve food to you
  • he likes sharing stories with you about being a prince, and also loves listening to your stories too, curious about how everything is outside the palace
  • probably shows small signs of liking you but you try not to be too high if yourself because he’s the prince and you, only one of the people of the country
  • but you couldn’t lie though, you found yourself falling for him too
  • he had invited you to the palace so many times now it’s almost as though it’s your second home
  • it was not until you found yourself in jaehyun’s big room without his servant, and his small confession and kiss that woke you up,
  • you were dating a prince
  • surprisingly though, his parents had agreed to your relationship, as they loved how you managed to make jaehyun happy, making him work even harder as a prince
  • i’ll stop here because my mind’s really blocked im so sorry,
  • but if you want a part 2 or something, do request!!
  • hope you enjoyed reading this though ;-;
NCT Dream reaction | When they’re not your bias (gifs)

this one’s crap forgive me, I was struggling on what to put xD also gifs bc i feel bad about how short this is

Mark: Is pretty chill about it tbh, doesn’t really mind. At least, doesn’t act like it. Whenever your bias comes around tho he’s just like 👀

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Haechan: Shocked and lowkey annoyed “whAT WHY” Pouty. “whatever ur not my bias either” bruh how rude

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Renjun“who is it imma fight him” Laughs and gets a little insecure but plays it off. Suddenly uses a lot more aegyo around you to try to get you to bias him pls help him

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Jeno: “I’m not surprised, Renjun is my bias too” lmao acts like he doesn’t care, but snuggles you more for a while later and acts a little more possessive than normal

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Chenle: Dramatic about it. “WHY NOT HUH” suddenly becomes very determined to make u swerve into his lane

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Jisung: Mostly just confused. “ah really? why tho im adorable” mopes a little but gets over it p quickly when he sees that u pay more attention to him than your bias xD

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Jaemin: immediately starts laughing, then looks at you seriously “I can fix that” bOI NO

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someone stop him

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Do you have any fic requests? Anything you want us to read by the other admins or some tumblr friends?

I sure do nonnie! Sit tight and buckle in this is going to be long (maybe) I’ll start with friends and pick some of my favs from them okay? Everyone I’m picking I promise you should read every thing they’ve written all of it is amazing and honestly I personally believe some fics should be turned into movies. Anyway these particular fics have changed the way I read and write fanfiction so you should also follow these blogs (all the admins I’m about to shout out are amazing and kind) If you want me to do another and separate them by groups and genres then I can do that as well. 

By @kpoppantydrop: A Rose Coloured Rogue that has four parts to it. It’s a SHINee fic but features Jimin (BTS), Wonho, and Xiumin written by admin Winter for Rogue’s birthday. A warning though it is smut. 

Another one is Prettiest Pink a Jin (BTS) smut by Admin Lily. It’s filth from start to finish and I love it it’s so great I think I actually blushed whilst reading it. 

Also here’s a cute as fuck Jackson (GOT7) fluff by Admin Desire called Something Good. It’s a birthday fic and it made me smile so hard whilst reading it! 

Of course I have lots of others (Their masterlist is endless you’ll be on their blog forever I promise you wont regret it.)

By @xiuminsm : Here’s a super long Yixing fic that is Royalty AU and omg its so fucking amazing, it’s titled Until Hell Freezes Over  it’s another smut but the smut is rather brief and its easy to skip over if you want to (I don’t recommend it though.) 

Another installment in the Royalty AU for EXO this is for Suho and it’s titled Bete Noir the world that Liv spins in this series is seriously breathtaking. It’s a smut (yet again, I’m sorry most of the fics will have an adult theme) but its soooo worth the read. 

By @smutfictionaddicted (also @kpopthirstaddicted) she’s moved to @writings-by-cl but a lot of her fics are on her old blogs: Crocodiles in Sin City is a fic based off the Sin City universe that became movies how friggin cool is that?! There are heavy warnings with this it’s very mature so be cautious before clicking. 

Strawberry Ice Cream is a drabble by CL based off a series by @chanyeolspout (which I’ll be linking you to as well.) I don’t usually read Chanyeol fics but its so gooodddd

By @chanyeolspout : Here’s the mini masterlist for Breeze as said above a Chanyeol fic of about nine parts you won’t regret it please read! 

In Abstenia really fucked me up like ??? Why did you do this to me??? It’s optional bias and v smutty 

Welcome Back is a Sehun oneshot with exhibitionism, lots of smut, and a fresh from tour Sehun who misses you a lot. (Just punch me in the face tbh)

By @soobadnoonecanstopher : I will ALWAYS recommend The Boxer, I laughed and cried and honestly this whole series was a fucking rollercoaster ride strap yourself in it only goes up (and down very fast) from here. Lori isn’t technically my friend (I feel bad calling her by her first name gah I’m so sorry plz don’t hate me) but I’m friends with her fics because I’ve reread them all like ten times

By the other admins: I’d recommend you read Park It (written by Takara-yeolie its a Jooheon smut and a damned good one at that) and Overlooked (written by Memesol it’s Jimin (BTS) angst lol Memesol is so great at angst I hate her)

by non-friends/tumblr famous people I wish I were friends with:

@duizhangdeluxe wrote a series for OT12 EXO and I recommend it to EVERYONE Blanc et Noir is a smut series playing around with EXO’s “powers” and it is beautifully done. 

@choco-seventeen wrote an amazing Joshua fic called Dreamcatcher and it’s a fantasy series(?) dealing with the dangers of dreams, failed friendships, life away from the city, and love. 10000/10

@versigny wrote this Namjoon smut that I think about sometimes (all the time) called Take Home Test, v smutty and A+ go support this blog it’s quality af 

@thesammtimes ahhh what can I say? Everyone’s req list has something of theirs and for good reason so I’ll just give you their masterlist so you can find out for yourself lol 

This is getting really long (I’ve been typing for two hours) sooo if you want a post about more recs just ask okay nonnie? Thank you!!! - Admin Yuuko

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Top underrated relationships in Naruto?

Well I think underrated can mean two things. 1.) Not explored as thoroughly as it deserved in canon or 2.) slept on by the fans and not appreciated enough for what it was. A few examples of both: 

Naruto/Sakura - So hear me out on this one. Obviously NS has a pretty decent following so this may seem like a confusing inclusion but I do think their friendship is under appreciated. It almost seems like the only people interested in their relationship are those that want them to be together romantically, and anyone who doesn’t ship them doesn’t really care about their interactions. Sakura is such an important person to Naruto and vice versa, outside of any romantic narrative, not enough people care about this. 

Kakashi/Gai - speaks for itself T B H 

Tsunade/Jiraiya - I mean, I have a lot of issues with the way Jiraiya was portrayed in the manga but their relationship wasn’t one of them. Their conversation before Jiraiya left Konoha for the last time really struck me - I mean Tsunade would have died for him in a heartbeat. 

Naruto/Shikamaru - It’s taboo to say anyone but Sasuke is Naruto’s best friend but I honest to god think Shikamaru and Naruto are better “friends” in the traditional sense than whatever you would call what Sasuke and Naruto have. Also special shoutout to Choji/Shikamaru in part 1 who were very flawless. 

Sand sibs - Tbh sand sibs really isn’t that underrated by the fandom but considering how much potential it had the manga really didn’t give it the attention it deserved. Gaara was one of the most popular characters and while his initial change was sparked by Naruto you cannot honestly tell me his siblings weren’t responsible for helping him through the majority of his journey to the light side. This is obviously my bias peeking through but I love them so idc.

Tobirama/Hashirama - I understand why people don’t pay much attention to this cause it was only really covered in one arc but I really enjoyed it? Their dynamic is pretty comedic at times but there’s a lot of fucked up history between them that’s interesting to explore as well. 

Anyway let me know if I missed anybody. There were a lot I wanted to put on here but I couldn’t decide if I would consider them underrated or not. 



okay i was tagged by @hobikenobi @parkmochibean @puppytae @beaujimin and @flower-guk to do the bias selfie tag!! thank you so much!!💖💖 (you are all so beautiful i want to cry)
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Follow these people because their writing is like 10/10 and better than my lazy ass who’s not gonna post anything for the next few weeks because of finals and a vacation

@kpopmademyday -highkey I check this blog every single day because their writing is that good. They upload daily too so that’s a plus
@chipsandwaffles -creative af and like their nct stuff is 10/10. They’re the reason DoYoung has been rekting me. Eloping with Doyoung was just too cute
@squaresreact -this is one of my favorite nct blogs because all of the admins are nice af and admin Luna’s voice is kpop worthy
@exobtsimagination -one of the first blogs I followed when I got tumblr tbh. I need to catch up on some of their scenarios but my favorite was the Mafia!Chanyeol one
@shinee-texts -for the kings of kpop only quality material must be made and this person is making them
@iskpoptrash -yo she’s the real MVP tho. Congrats on 2k followers btw.
@exoterrestrial-fantasies -another one of one of the first blogs I follow and I have no regrets
@monbebeswish -for all your Monsta X needs come to them. Reason why I don’t have a Monsta X bias anymore
@moonbinny -they have one of my favorite writing styles TBH. Infliction is my favorite series
@kpopangst -if you’re looking for a good cry here you go
@galaxyscenarios -choigiwa
@lolbtsaus -YAS SLAY! have I ever mentioned how much I love AUs and bad boy!Yoongi and the street racer AUs are going to be the death of me
@picficskpopstyle -fics are so great that I get shook over them
@real-kpop-imagines -it’s true
@sexonextdoor -nsfw but content is great
@sexinthelounge -still nsfw but great blog
@seokvie -sometimes nsfw but I love this blog anyways
@vixx17andbtsimagines -I love this one a lot because I need more VIXX blogs to follow
@imaginethesedorks -I present to you a gift from god

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Bts favorite sex positions

I will apologize for the lack of diverse gifs once again. 

Rap Monster: Namjoon is the type to want to be close to you, and in your face. I think he would like to be able to kiss you, and dirty talk in your ear. Here’s Namjoon: 

Suga:I feel like Suga is a closet dominant. He takes what he wants, when he wants it. This is Suga:

J-Hope: My precious little love muffin. In my dirty little fantasies, this is how we end..lol!

V: Aw, V! He’s so off the beaten path. Have you heard his voice? I didn't not expect that deep sound to come from such a mouth! I really think V is a reverse cowgirl type of guy. 

Jin: TBH, anything where y'all can be in a mirror I think Jin would like. lol I think he’d like looking at himself, pleasuring you as much as you like, looking at him. Something where he can watch himself:

Jimin: He’s a sexy firecracker. Ugh, those looks he gives in videos. Don’t get me started. Alas, he is my sister’s bias lol I think Jimin is one for cowgirl, but he’d still want to be apart of the action and not just laying still. 

Jungkook: Baby, Jungkook! Why you make me do this? He’s just a baby! He knows what he’s doing though…naughty little thing. TBH, I think of him as a virgin. I don’t anyone to deflower him lol. He’s sweet, he has to be tame. Or I could be wrong. He may want to show you Either way I’m thinking: 

yumihozuki  asked:

My bias is also Jungkook (as an anon mentioned before) since when I first got into BTS. That "Ayo ladies and gentlemen" just got me sobbing days in row and I decided:"You're my chosen one.". Even before I found out about all the shipping stuff, JK remained my only bias! And it was at this time when I found out that 'JK hates JM' and when I watched one of their videos I was like "... Are the gay or smth?". Lmao no joke, I even searched it up "BTS gay members" 😂 JK biased Jikook shippers unite!❤️

omg you even searched up if anyone in bts was gay  😂 why is that so relatable?? but i knew there were quite a few jungkook shippers hahaha. (and tbh, jungkooks “ayo ladies and gentleman) killed me as well, but i somehow still fell for the dork in the shorts :///) jikook is that otp that makes people actually look up if any members are gay haha. 

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i have this thing where i can genuinely enjoy every jimin ship (tho jikook is my otp), but i honestly cannot ship jungkook with anyone other than jimin and i can't understand why (and my bias is jin, so i can't even take the excuse of jimin being my favorite to explain it)

at the end of the day I probably can’t explain your feelings for you but I think…

tbh tl;dr it’s cause jimin a ho. 

To elaborate a bitmore eloquently, you can often see Jimin draped around the shoulders of many men at different times, sending them charming smiles and giggling cutely no matter who it may be. You see him frolick with men from other groups as well (*cough* Taemin *cough*), and ultimately he is charming and he seems to know it. To toy with the hearts of everyone mercilessly if you want to be extreme about.

Jungkook, on the other hand, isn’t really like that…as much. I mean he hugs Yoongi and pokes Taehyung etc etc but it’s not like he’s always throwing them smiles that will wreck their souls or anything like that. It’s just not his character. I see again and again people saying that Jimin could (and probably would) look good with anyone. Jungkook isn’t as much like that. And I’m not entirely sure if it’s because of us interpreting him and putting him to that image cause he’s the maknae and whatnot but what is there is there, and it’s what we’re used to. 

But when we see him Jimin, he acts a bit different, which has been all the craze for jikook shippers recently–apparently his eyes are more smitten than normal, he makes it his business to be next to him or there is obviously a bias one way or another for this one special hyung of his. And I think that’s why some people–definitely not everyone–see jikook as a special sort of thing perhaps? 

just a theory. ;) 

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2 + 28!

oh shit sorry i took so long anon! i took a little nap!

2. Is there a trope you’ve yet to try your hand at, but really want to?

a true ensemble cast fic! if u read my fics u can see that i have a POV bias for prompto, so i’d like to try something where POV is jumping constantly and everyone gets their fair share of attention, and i’m actually going to try for that for the third part of the luna fic

also something with soulmates i love that cheese but i’ve never tried it before

28. Share three of your favorite fic writers and why you like them so much.

WOWEE tbh i read a decent amount of diff authors but i think notably these folks came to mind (all for ffxv btw, i haven’t read for other fandoms in a while)

Asidian - a lot of varied good content! my faves so far are Made of These for that good good promptis fluff and Memories of the Past for that GOOD GOOD PROMPTO GEN HURT COMFORT, and i’m still working on The Way They Were. author is great at balancing character narratives with plot, great at balancing hurt/comfort for maximum pay-off and has excellent writing and is prolific! i don’t really read that much explicit-rated content so i’ve missed a few of their fics, but i think if i was to trust someone with nsfw it would be this author!!

ObscureReference ( @someobscurereference , i hope it was ok to @ you?) - (had me feeling like a) ghost is one of my fave poly!bros series right now! Ship To Wreck got me so emotional still tbh!!! fucked me right up!!! in a good way!!! really beautiful writing and very interesting plots/ideas! i’m still working on i tried not to dream about you, but it’s really beautifully written and intriguing (these sound like fake-ass descriptors but i really mean it like i was intrigued from the very beginning and i just get distracted from finishing fics bc of who i am as a person and not the quality of a fic)

the last “writer” will be three because i haven’t read everything of theirs yet (bc of time constraints not lack of interest) but one fic came to mind from each

  • ohmyfae’s Papa!Cor AU What To Expect When You’re Defecting because i love dads, love dad fics, love fics where prompto gets parents. great writing, great plays on words, everyone is a child or a dad and i love that.
  • heartbone’s CIRCADIAN RHYTHM bc it’s a good fix-it fic so far. wonderfully written and ethereal imagery. still need to finish it but it’s worth a read and the author has three other fics that i’ll get to when i have the chance, their style is really really good!
  • @pastelnoctis ‘s like sunburn for TARGETTING ME when i was STILL WEAK from episode prompto U FUCKIN ASSHOLE (thanks i loved it)

thanks for the ask anon! [ask meme for fic writers]

K-Pop bias and M/V Tag

Tagged by @randomlazymusiclover​ thankkk💜

Rules : List 5-10 of your favorite kpop group, your first bias in each group and the first mv you saw them in. 

BTS : Well disappointing story is I found them in 2015 but didn’t understand anything so byebye kpop but then amazingly found the same bunch of dorks the next year again and couldn’t escape. I WAS A METALHEAD. THEY DRAGGED ME INTO THE KPOP BLACK HOLE. My first bias was Jeon The Muscle Bunny. But slowly I understood I wont have a bias here they’re all too much. So I don’t have a bias anymore 😅

So first comes Dope - Jeon why must you do this

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Then finally When I fell in the black hole : Fire - AgAIn JeOn WhY MuST YOu Do ThIs

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EPIK HIGH : It’s a K Hiphop group and legends tbh and I love all three of them. Tablo, Mithra Jin and DJ Tukutz. I used to listen to songs only so the first M/V was Born Hater. 

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Okay next is a solo artist I like a lot and I need to put him here. 

Zion.T - His voice is beautiful. First MV was Eat. 

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That’s about it ^^; I know songs from other groups too I do check them out but these are the ones I’m mainly into. 

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Follow the Script-Johnny Fluff

Request: “ Can I request a scenario for Johnny where he is fanboying over another female rappers skills and you get jealous and it’s all fluffy and cute? 🙂 Love your blog btw💕”

Song: I’m Different-Hi Suhyun

I assumed that you were supposed to be a rapper/singer. hope you enjoyed!

“Y/A  and Gina on in five!”

You looked over and smiled widely at Jane, a different girl group member, happy that you two were about to pull of one of the most anticipated rookie collab rap stages of the year. You were about to perform on one of the largest end of the year stages and you couldn’t be more than happy that you finally got to show even more of your amazing rap skills to all of your seniors. Since the debut of your group a few months ago, you were getting praised for being a great rapper from your company so you were excited to show that you were still working hard and staying humble. To make things even better, your long time crush from the same company, Johnny, was hosting with Leeteuk of Super Junior. You had met him while you still trainee and although he had his own problems to worry about, he always encouraged you and made sure that you were taken care of. Even when you were getting hate after your debut because some thought you were just not good at rapping or you were just another pretty face, he still always made sure to keep motivating you and pushing you to show them what you had. And tonight, you really wanted to do that. You were also excited to rap with another rookie who was also now a good friend. As you heard the music start up announcing your stage, you knew you two would do well.

During the performance, your confidence was overflowing. You felt on top of the world, especially having a confident lady by your side to perform and Johnny clapping and smiling up at you. It was a magical and empowering moment. You couldn’t wait to see him after. Once you two were done, you exited the stage tired but still feeling proud. You went to your dressing room to change into your original outfit. As you did, you could see the stage with Johnny and Leeteuk ready to start hosting again.

“Oh, Johnny! Wasn’t that performance by Y/A and Gina amazing!? Y/A is definitely a great rapper!”

“Yes, it was. And waaaah! Gina was amazing! I can see why she’s the new girl crush of kpop!”

“Oh, Johnny! Aren’t you the one with a crush on her?”

“Oh…you caught me~ Anyways, our next singers are just like TT. Here’s Twice!”

You stood there stunned, watching as the panned out from Johnny and Leeteuk and back to the stage.

He likes Gina? He didn’t even mention me!

You knew you had to go back out and sit down once again with your group to watch the other performances but you could already tell your mood was going to be down now. It’s not like you needed validation from Johnny, but it was still upsetting that he didn’t even mention one thing about you even after knowing how much you were looking forward to this performance.

You sulked on your way back to your seat until you were once again in the face of the cameras. You looked for your members and saw that they were sitting near Johnny, who was animatedly talking to Leeteuk while they waited to go back on stage. You smiled and bowed as you passed the other singers to get back to your group, all the while glaring softly at Johnny. Once you arrived near your members, you saw that there was a seat next to Johnny open and a seat on the other side of Leeteuk open. As they saw you approaching, they looked up, both seeming to anticipate where you would sit. You looked between them to with a polite smile before taking the seat next to Leeteuk. You two began to talk happily, somehow leaving Johnny out of the conversation. You looked around Leeteuk casually every once in awhile to see if how Johnny was reacting to you choosing Leeteuk over him. While he did look a bit upset and surprised at first, he quickly just began talking to your other members instead, further upsetting you.

That jerk! He could at least act like he cares… Whatever.

Before you knew it, the event was over and all of the entertainers were discussing their plans next, whether it be another schedule, going home to sleep, or going to get a late dinner. Your group had decided to go get dinner with a few of your other company’s seniors. You of course were more than happy to go eat and get closer to even more idols. You followed your members out to your van, ready to head to the restaurant when you tug your elbow back. You quickly turned around and were met with the chest of none other than Johnny. You took a step back and looked up at him, confused as to why he had stopped you.

“Hey, what’s up?”

“What’s up?! Your performance, that’s what. It was amazing! You were incredible! And you’re already trending on the internet because you did so great!”

He tried to pull you into a hug but you quickly stopped him by pushing back on his chest firmly.

“Thanks! But…shouldn’t you go find Gina and tell her that? I mean….you did say she’s your crush.”

You bitterly looked around, trying to act nonchalant while you waited for him to confess that he did like her.

“Gina? Who’s- oh wait! You mean that girl that you performed with? Why would she be my crush?”

You quickly looked up, even more confused at his statement.

“What do you mean “that girl” that I performed with? You’re the one that said she was a girl crush and your crush when Leeteuk asked earlier after our performance! …Don’t you know her?”

“Y/A, if I’m being honest, it’s really hard to keep up with all the new groups these days and I just found out about that girl as your performance was being announced. And she’s not my crush. I just had to say that because it was in my script. All of the things we had to say tonight was completely scripted. Well, for me. Leeteuk can pretty much do whatever he wants since he’s an older senior.”

Y/A…you really are too much of a rookie. How could you forget the script!?

“Oh! I mean-yeah! I remember that you had a script, I was just joking!”

He looked at you suspiciously before breaking out into a wide smirk.

“Oh really? You knew? Because it seemed like you were, dare I say, jealous!”

You gasped at his acquisition, pretending like you didn’t know what he was talking about.

“Me!? Jealous?! Never! Why would I be jealous?”

He chuckled hard at your flustered cuteness.

“Well, I thought it was because you like me. I think you do, I can’t tell anymore with how much you were talking to Leeteuk earlier…completely ignoring me.”

You gazed up at him in adoration, knowing he was pretending to be sulking over your closeness with Leeteuk for your sake.

“Well, I only did that because you didn’t compliment me! But , I guess I can admit that I do like you, and only you.”

“Good! Because competing with someone with dimples as nice as his would be hard.”

You both laughed at his comment before it started to settle into a comfortable silence. Johnny gazed into your eyes as you grew shy from his intense stare. He took a step towards you, placing his hand gently under your chin.

“Seriously though Y/A. I really am proud of you. You did amazing tonight, even though you’re always amazing to me.”

“Th-thanks Johnny.”

“Of course.”

He pulled you into a tight hug, rocking you back and forth in the empty hallway that was supposed to lead toward the parking lot. He pulled away and looked into your eyes once more before beginning to lean down, soon capturing your soft lips with his in a passionate kiss. He pulled away after a moment, his lips seeming even more pouty than usual after the short kiss. You smiled as he started straightening your coat up on you. He moved his hands back up to your face, caressing your cheeks with his large hands, ready to lean in for another kiss. When he was just an inch away from your face, your phone chimed in your pocket, signaling a text message. You pulled away from him for a moment and checked it.

“Y/A. You were taking so long to come out so we left! But just get a ride from Johnny! We know you two are gonna end up together at some point tonight anyway. Love, your members :)”

You looked up at Johnny with a happy grin on your face.

“Well, looks like I’m riding with you to the restaurant Johnny boy!”

“Don’t call me that! We’re dating now so, call me baby or something sweeter.”


“Well, I hope you want to date me, unless the dimples really have won you over!”

You laughed and slapped his arm, already beginning to walk away and into the cold air surrounding the parking lot. The only van left was Johnny’s, his manager and maybe a few other NCT members, sitting inside waiting for you both to get inside.

“Of course, his smile is no match for yours. We can date, as long as I don’t have to eat apples on all of our dates,” you said in a teasing tone while stopping, waiting for him to catch up.

“Why would you have to eat app-Y/A!~”

You chuckled, already knowing that this relationship would be fun and sweet.

I hope it was good! Also, the apple part is referring to Johnny Appleseed

Fun fact- Leeteuk was my first bias in super junior, i love him still so much though! my baby tbh ^_^

anonymous asked:

What kinks do you think Jisoo would have? I'm way too curious about this tbh...

okay but Jisoo is my bias so like…why u gottA

since this is only one member and I’m biased this is gonna be just a little different than the hip hop team one

Alright so Jisoo’s kinks: 

Ass Slapping: 

bOII DO YOU SEE THEM HANDS HOLY FUCK PUT THEM ON MY ASS SIR with hands that big he has to love having some ass in them just he has to 

Face Sitting: 

okay but hear me out okay just imagine jUST IMAGINE his cat eyes looking up  at you while you’re sitting on his face like I just I can’T I’m soaked already and then his lips are so plump and he’s always sticking his tongue out like a little bitch and it’s probably really smooth 

Occasional Sub:

idk about y’all but I see Jisoo as a low key dom more often than a sub, but sometimes he just wants you to dominate him son like he’d pull you to straddle him when y’all are making out and then you’d be the one pushing him on the bed and teasing him and aLL THAT GOOD SHIT

Being Ridden:

in compliment to the previous one, being an occasional sub means he’d enjoy you slamming yourself down onto him and I for one would enjoy it just as much holy shit I need to stop I’m sorry everyone bUT CONTINUING ON even if he’s not being the sub he’d flip you to be on top of him and grab your waist to slam you down on him and he’d thrust up into you as well and I’m w e a k 

as you now know I’m the biggest hoe for Jisoo good lord, I shall sit and wait to loose followers now smh self. I hope you like it anon! and weren’t too distracted by my extreme thirst

~/now ruined/ peach admin

my dudes…. 

i am stressed and overwhelmed as hell due to drafts. my hospitalization earlier this year has got me irrevocably behind & tbh i’m trying to let my enjoyment of this and my mental health comes first. 

ANYWAY as a result, i’m going to be purging some of my drafts. i will!!! be keeping a fair amount of the plotted ones. if you’re worried about me deleting something you really want to do with me!! just say and i’ll probably keep it

y’all are great why the FUCK have i not done a bias list & giveaway yet


I dunno about you guys, but I was really excited for the Fire Emblem Warriors showcase at E3.

Also… BLESS this game for having female Corrin be the default character! I honestly prefer female Corrin over male Corrin TBH. I dunno, I may be a bit bias but the fates game seemed like it fit the female MC over the male MC.

I can also imagine Corrin being a big sister figure to the twins, especially since they were separated from their own mother, I think Corrin will try her best to support them.

When I see an anti octavia post/.gif, I just half roll my eyes and sometimes do a slight “ha.” Why? because I pretend and assume that most of them know that they’re biased … and if that’s the case, it is a little funny, tbh. 

but then I think, you know what, they probably honestly believe that they aren’t biased, so then, I write a strongly worded post.

But then, I realize, it’s just not worth it. The bias is just too strong w/ these ones. 

*accepting the fact that people can do and believe whatever the hell they want, because I want people to do the same for me*