why yes im in love with myself

voltron+food headcanons!!! bc why not!!!!!:::

  • hunk is seen as the most ‘food’ centred character bc yes he does love food but a huge factor for him is the experience of food!! he likes the act of setting up communal meals and bonding over making food and getting snacks to watch movies with or going to lunch with someone he just really loves how it brings people together nd it always has positive connotations for him tbh !!
  • lance fairly enjoys food and the food/socializing combo that hunk does except lance is. just. So Distracted by people he’ll walk around talking to someone with a sandwich in his hand for like 40 minutes and the other person will be side-eyein like u gonna….eat that or……and at meals shiro CONSTANTLY has to be like ‘lance sit back down’ and lance will be like ‘oh yeah, yeah, cool’ and then TEN MINS LATER shiro will be like ‘lance finish your food’ bc hes FORGOT AGAIN and h o n e s t l y
  • pidge is still in that Super Picky phase that younger kids kinda go through. she’ll be grateful for food but she’ll play with it for 20 mins rather than say anything and shiro will be like ‘pidge whats up?’ and pidge’ll be like ‘oh! nothin, nothin….’ and shiro will be like ‘……….’ and pidge is like ‘just uh…whats this. Green Stuff. on the side’ and shiros like ‘its vegetables and its good for you’ and pidge is like wrinkling her nose and shiro is like :))) you literally ate them yesterday why are ppl :))) testing :))) him :)))
  • the team is collectively sure keith has like. zero taste buds. did the sand wither them away. is it an adaptive mutation. no one knows?? like he will literally eat Anything you place in front of him ANYTHING and eat it with a straight face like ‘yo thanks for the food’ and everyones staring at him like……surely not….surely he jests……the team thinks this is in equal parts hilarious and disturbing so they give him increasingly questionably edible stuff until one day they give him something like lol guys wanna watch keith eat this weird rock flower i found and he does but it makes him INCREDIBLY sick for like a week and shiro has to intervene like ‘keith is the equivalent of a dog that will eat what u give it bc it doesnt know any better. is it entertaining to watch the dog eat chocolate toffees bc it cant chew them? yes. yes it is. but we are Responsible pet owners.’
  • the team learns the hard way shiro is fiercely protective of his food. he doesnt mind sharing at all as long as you ask or he offers. if u steal chips from his plate tho. boi………wyd………shiro HATES himself for doin this he just really really cant help it ?? in a way that makes him kind of panicky like he just needs space when he eats and hes fine its fine okay!!

But i really live for their looks, noodle is lookin adorable, i like that shes dressed in her phase 2-3 style like the girl fking loves her black and white stripes man, russel looking DAPPER AF. The man has such fkin style this phase! He looks like he smells of expensive Cologne. YES. Murdoc is his usual old goth self and i want him to do bad things to me and im ashamed of myself. I feel bad for 2D he looks so uncomfy hes like why cant i sit next to russel, murdoc smells. But i love 2Ds squishy thighs. Im sorry. They look so squishable. He looks a lot better thicc i approve of this chubbier design. My poor blue boy we need to get him away from the pickle man. Im ranting so much but they look awesome and i love gorillaz so much.


WIFEYYYYY yes you are my number one ofc (i better be yours i swear i will punch you if im not) !! but brian and jaebum be my #0 HAHAH :P omg okay so im gonna be cheesy bc i hate you ksldsa thank you so much for always being there for me to scream whenever brian acts like a butt (which is most of the time lol) i love how our urls and icons are practically matching although i had to point it out to you u butt i love your obsession w brian’s hands bc i know im not a weirdo when i remember your fetish :-) but in all honesty im rlly grateful for you S/O TO OUR BOI BRI FOR BRINGING US TOGETHER YO i want to write more cute things but i’d probably be disgusted so,,,,,, stay gross :”))))

send me a number and i’ll write you smth!! 

Get To Know Me Tag

Thank you for tagging me @baebaekjuho Sorry for responding to this so late! Idk why I’m even doing this though tbh, I’m bored and I have 2 prac reports and an essay to write up so prime time for procrastination~ :::)

Rules: Answer 20 questions about yourself and tag 20 other people

((*cough* this is more than 20 questions))

Name: Angel

Gender: Female

Zodiac/ Star sign: Gemini

Height: 174 cm

Time right now: 9:44 pm

Last thing you googled: Unpretty Rapstar ((when you re-watch tv shows cause you’re traSh))

Favorite bands: BTS, Seventeen, BigBang, EXO, EXID, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Coldplay ((just a few or we’ll be here all night :””) )

Favorite solo artists: Zico my chiLD, Ailee, Zella Day, Panic! at the Disco

Songs stuck in your head: Give It To Me (Agust D bless)

Last movie you watched: 50 Shades Darker (Don’t judgE ME PLEASE IT WASN’T VOLUNTARY)

Last TV show you watched: Unpretty Rapstar and Goblin :””)

When you created your blog: 10th of October, 2016

When your blog reached its peak: It hasn’t rip me

Do you have any other blogs: Nope because I’m bad at managing things *cough including this blog

Do you get asks regulary: That would be a solid no

Why did you choose your url: Highkey love Svt ((plus everything else was taken already I mean what))

Following : 82 rip me oml that’s sad

Posts: Too many reblogs

Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw

Pokemon team: I don’t have onE :””)

Favorite colors: Red

Average hours of sleep: Not enough

lucky numbers: 6

Favorite characters: Too many from too many shows/movies

What you’re wearing right now: Shorts and a jumper that is approximately 74 times bigger than it needs to be but bless

Dream job: Something in medicine? 

Dream trip: I just want to go everywhere tbh

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liSTen here

oKAY JJ’s i’ve been waiting mONTHS to post this, and now since Amelia’s “Office” fic is up i finally can.

So i was at work and it was a pretty chill job so I would spend a lot of my time on my laptop, drawing. One of the girls working there came over to me and was like “who are you drawing? is that an Asian boy?”….. like, of fucking course its an Asian boy!!

so I’m like “Yes, his name is Jungkook.”

and her jaw drops so fucking low and her eyes were huge and she goes “JOHN COOK? What kind of name is THAT !?!?!??”

and im sHITTING MYSELF bc holy shit no his name is not fucking John COOK!! 

but no one understand why i was laughing so hard thank u for listening i love u and hope u dream of sweet baby John Cook -Kaitlin

Looking for new friends from all over the world?

Hi guys, 

This isn’t my first submission on this page, but thanks to this blog i met some very cool friends from all over the world so why not try again?

To begin with, I’m going to introduce myself :)

My name is Eloise, Im 17 and I live in France. I’m not fluent in english ( but I try to ) so that’s why my english is not very perfect lol. I speak a little bit  of Italian and Spanish ‘cause i’m learning these languages at school, and I’m also learning Norwegian ( yes I’m Skam’s Fan obviously ).

I really love meeting new people who live in a foreign country, and I love discovering new cultures ! When I speak with people from another country i like to make them discover some french musics or movie, and to teach them some basic french words, it’s very fun!

Concerning my hobbies:

My favorite Tv shows are Skins, AHS, Skam and Freaks and Geeks

I listen to a lot of different type of music ( rap or pop/rock for instance ).My favorite band is 5sos but I also like band like 1D or P!ATD. 

I’m a very sporty person, and i love watching movies and youtube videos.

I’m not looking for a special “ type” of person,  I don’t really mind if you’re a girl or a boy, and if you live in Europe or in another continent lol.

If you want to talk with me, you can find me on my tumblr which is : http://slutoskians99.tumblr.com/

So don’t be shy and send me Hi :)

bye x

kanamiutau  asked:

1,25,46,93 :>

1-Did you eat today?- 

Yesh like a hour ago (at 1am…hehe oops)

25- Is there something you have dreamed of doing for a long time? Why haven’t you done it?-

Yes and no. I’ve always wanted to maybe do at things some day, but I know I don’t have the skill for it, there are SOOOOO many amazing artist’s out there that i just couldn’t, though it’s always nice to day dream about.

46- How big of a nerd/dork are you?-

Ohhhh im Such a dork/nerd omg. I looooove love love learning new thing, and science jokes are LIFE. I Looooove watching video game stuff (because i can’t game myself, i suck, trust me.) and omg Anime4Life. I’m such a dork for soooo many things and i love it ^w^

93- Do you believe in aliens or ghosts?-

Ok so like if you think about the science of it, its highly likely that some form of  “Aliens” are alive, even if they are microrganism or just cells. Ghosts spook me so i don’t fuck with them, I get spooked easy, so Imma say probs real, because its scary and likely. lol


((Click on the pictures to see the full pic))

Little like seven minute comic thingy.
((Yes I know my handwriting and the art is terrible IM SORRY))

“On the outside, I seem happy.
But on the inside, I’m
•not okay
•asking myself “why does the world hate me?”
Not so happy.
But here’s the thing.
I watch these YouTubers
‘CrankGamePlays, Jacksepticeye, Markiplier’
And they make me (Like a boss!!) so, so happy.
These guys mean more to me (love you!!) then most of my friends.
I’ll probably never meet them and thank them for saving me.
But they are my (’… In the next video. Buh-bye!’ Bye Mark!) (’…Its Ethan from CrankGamePlays…’ Hi, Ethan!) heroes.
And I love them all.
So thank you, so much. You guys are the best.
And I’ll see you, in the next video.“

i cant sleep-

because i fucking drew sangwoo fucking giving guts the ‘fuck me’ eyes and gatts is all like 'yes please’ and its so shitty and i did it on my phone but for the love of god i cant undo what i did i created a real monster and i cant live with the guilt i just keep imaging gattsu just nodding in firm dissaproval just that and it hurts so badly im suppose to be rice i shouldnt have to deal with this immense pain of creating the essence of sin itself my five bibles arent helping me please send via stone directly thrown at my head please and thank you

gather round class cuz tonight we’re gonna talk about little spoon ashton and why it is a beautiful concept

  • ok so you’re probably thinking stfu pary ashton is a big spoon all the time in every ship ever
  • but listen here buddy ol pal let me tell you a thing: ashton really really really loves to be held
  • i know this because of reasons and so lets move on to the concept of lashton spooning bc that’s the only ship that matters (and yes im aware they’ve both stated they like being the little spoon but shhh this is about ashton now)
  • whatever you do don’t imagine ashton going to bed first bc he gets rly sleepy at night (he’s gettin old y’know) and so he climbs into bed and waits for his party animal bf to come back to their hotel room
  • aka ashton never falls asleep before luke comes back because he physically cant
  • party boy luke returns from a fun night out with cal pal and after quickly undressing and takin care of hygiene he climbs into bed to be with his bae
  • ashton doesn’t turn over but he does instantly reach behind him once luke’s body is close to him and he grabs luke’s arm and places it around his waist so luke can hold him
  • luke nuzzles into the back of ashton’s neck w a smile on his face bc his tiny bf is so clingy :) and he tangles their legs together and ashton grumbles bc luke’s feet are always cold but he never truly minds it
  • whatever you do don’t think about ashton placing extra pillows behind him whenever he and luke are apart from each other so that it feels like someone is there
  • whatever you do don’t think about ashton napping on a sofa and luke carefully lying down behind him and squeezing in rly close to cuddle him and ashton doesn’t open his eyes but he does smile
  • definitely don’t think about nights where they have a Real Break for once and so they netflix & chill and even if they’re sitting up, ashton is leaning back against luke’s chest with luke’s arms around his waist and luke’s chin resting on his head 
  • oh my GOD don’t think about them fucking in this position either, during one of those times when ashton doesn’t want to lead and so he asks luke to top, he asks luke to take the stress away and just make him feel
  • don’t think about ashton lying on his side as luke kisses all down his neck and shoulder while slowly fucking him
  • Do Not think about ashton gripping luke’s arm so tight he’ll leave a bruise but it’s so GOOD and nothing else matters all that he knows is luke’s warm body against his own and luke’s chest against his back and the mouth against his neck and luke’s arm around him holding him close, anchoring him when he feels himself floating away, and fuck fuck fuck it’s too much he can barely hold himself together
  • most of all don’t even think about afterwards when ashton fucked out and blissful and already falling asleep as luke nuzzles the back of his sweaty neck as always and whispers that he loves ashton so so so much and he just !!! loves taking care of ashton like ashton always takes care of him
  • because sometimes ashton wants to be small and protected too!
Yoo-Hoo! Big Summer Blowout!

school starts back tuesday. senior year ya’ll. ahhh i’m scared. to celebrate, i’m gonna do ships, because everyone loves those

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tell me your about/face page or describe yourself (not just looks! to accurately do this i need personality/likes/dislikes/etc too, send multiple asks if you have to)

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you get this:




who asked who out:

who’s the clingiest:

who teases the other more:

who’s more protective:

how often you argue:

PDA level: /10

(all/most of these will include an explanation)

if you ship me with why/a blurb-y thing (i’m a sucker for detail) you also get a moodboard like this. im sorry i just really love being shipped, it makes me feel good 

(yes i used myself in the example. do not judge me)

i will not be albe to do a lot of these because i have other things to do and i can’t promise they’ll all get done tomorrow, but i will try my best

anonymous asked:

im screaming I just found your art and omg youre great <3333

ahhh thank you soo much!! <3

unofficialkarkat said:I really like the upd8 art you posted! I’ve been trying to mimic a brush to that style but alas, not much luck. Would you mind sharing the brush settings you used for the art of Dave, Rose, and Roxy?

Thank you a lot uvu These are the settings for the sai brush I use for most things really. 

christi1212 said:more demonstuck please? I LOVE your art!!!!!! 

Im terribly sorry, Demonstuck will happen eventually! I dont know why i havent pulled myself together to draw more of it yet. Thank you!!

Anonymous said:Hello there!! Have you ever heard of Convictstuck? 

Yes I have in fact, I’m following the blog eagerly waiting to see what happens next uvu.

Anonymous said:How does you draws?