why yes i will keep making these thank you

Yixing : is that a flying flamingo ????

Baekhyun : yes it is sweet heart

someone : but isn’t that a stork–

Baekhyun : *between clenched teeth* so help me god, if you don’t shut the fuck up a stork WILL be shoved up ur ass so shut the fuck up and let Yixing have his moment.

someone :

Kyungsoo : Yixing that’s a stork

someone : .

someone : ..

someone : …

Yixing : oh :00000 that’s really cool thank you Kyungsoo



Miles: “I think I’m getting sick, (Y/N).”
You: “Oh here, I always have a bag in my car for people who get sick.” (you laugh) “Just keep breathing.”
Miles: “I’m sorry.” 
You: “Why would you be sorry? You can’t do anything about being car sick!”
Miles: “I’m used to saying sorry.”
You: “You don’t have to apologise to me. Not for this, not ever. Let’s make that a deal. Also, do you want a peppermint?”
Miles: “You’re amazing, (Y/N). And yes, thank you.”
You: (laugh) “You’re amazing too and that’s not a problem. Just check my bag, you’ll find it!”

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I love your art so much! It makes me happy whenever I see you post new stuff :D Also for the family au.. I need more Keith defending his family. Or shiro. Or both. But yes protect your kids please.

Thank you!!! I’m glad it makes you happy and yes the Voltron Family AU HAHAHHA I.. I still haven’t answered a lot and I feel bad OTL I just can’t keep flooding people with them that’s why OTL 

There will definitely be more of the daddies defending their kiddies. :D They love their kids so much it physically hurts me TAT

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Awe! How sweet! Look Cas, you have a fan!!!! You are such a cute widdle furbaby! *makes kissy noises*

Castiel: *pushes mommy out of the way*

Please help…. the hooman keeps taking pictures of me!!!! I tried stealing her phone but she found it…. she has all these rules… no playing in the lizard cage.. leave the birds alone… get off the fish tank…. no chewing on her toes… get off her laptop… no chewing on her necklace…

Cas! get off the laptop please! I’m trying to answer this sweet anon!!! 

Ok where was I? Oh yes, why thank you!!! He’s a little imp, but he’s a cute one!!!! Look at that little face:

I hope you have a lovely night Nonnie!! Kisses from me and Castiel!!!!!!!! xoxo

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Thank you for telling us you will be making another twins au fic!! One of the main reasons why I was reading JRB was to read felix again, and I am reaaaally excited to know that we'll maybe see him again! Keep writing, you're awesome! (Don't worry about taking down jrb, it's your choice and I understand that you may not have more ideas...)

Yes! I really want to do a brothers AU, I wouldn’t give the idea up too easily. Plus the new idea I have is a lot more interesting to do than JReB, which was more of a drabble. So I’m looking forward to it. 

Thank you for understanding!

Thank you everyone for being so understanding!

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HIGH4: When you get overly affectionate with skinship towards him when you’re drunk.

Why yes you certainly can! This was a fun reaction so I’m happy to be able to do it again so soon! Thank you for requesting and hope you enjoy~

Sunggu: Having a good time [Y/n]?–OH GOD!! How can someone make affection so intimidating?!

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Alex: You know… I think we should go out drinking more often, does that sound good to you? *Enjoying every second*

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Myunghan: [Y/n]~ Does this mean you’ve been holding back on me all this time? *Winks*

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Youngjun: *Trys keeping distance* As much as I’m enjoying this I also can’t help but be a little scared… Because this is way too weird to make sense.

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Sweet for Taka

sweet: do you like candy and chocolate?

I will admit to liking sweets just fine, but I believe they should be eaten sparingly! Although, I more than likely cannot enforce that on today of all days on account of how much chocolate will be distributed…

Oh, uhh, by the way, Mukuro. Did you make any honmei or giri-choco today?

Why yes, I did. Thank you for asking. I helped Fujisaki-san bake some earlier today and we split it evenly amongst ourselves.

My hope is that Naegi-kun likes the chocolate I made for him. Perhaps the clover shape will help boost his luck, y’know?

…I’m sure he’ll love it. Worry not, Mukuro.

Eh? Hey, what’s wrong, Taka-kun? You look really bummed all of a sudden.

Nothing, I’m fine. Let’s just get back to sparring, okay?

Right! Let’s keep focusing!

*sigh* … …

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30 through 40. :) (Keeping you busy!!)

30. What do you like about roleplaying fluff?

The cuddles and the kisses make me feel all warm n fuzzy

31. What do you dislike about roleplaying fluff?

I’m not like… Physically experienced in the romance area, so writing it can be hard.

32. What do you like about roleplaying ships/romance?

I enjoy establishing relationships between characters!

33. What do you dislike about roleplaying ships/romance?

See 31 ^^

34. NSFW rp — yes or no? Why?

NO! I’m asexual and it squicks me out.

35. Do you ever read other people’s NSFW rp threads? (be honest!)

No sir!

36.  Do you ever read rp threads you aren’t involved in? What type of thread does it usually have to be to interest you?

Umm, I’ve read one or two, I think? If they’re screaming about it in their tags then I might be like “Whoa what happened” and check it out.

37. If you do read threads you aren’t in, do you usually let the other authors know, or keep it under your hat?

I usually just say “Hey this thread is really good!”

38. Has a roleplayer ever changed your view on a character? If so, how? Good or bad? For better or for worse?

Not that I can think of off the top of my head. I only just joined the RP community, after all! I’m sure this’ll change though, I enjoy reading speculative posts.

39. Do you like to title threads or not? 

I do! But sometimes I don’t have a good name.

40. Do you like to plot or improv?

It depends! If it’s something serious or angsty or fluffy I like to plot beforehand. Other than that improv is just as good. ^^

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hi! i'm currently deist. after lots of Catholic school (very forced religious environment) and seeing friends going through terrible things (why wasn't God helping in those times?) I've fallen away from the faith I was raised in. I cant match faith and reason, and it makes me sad. part of me wants to return to tradition. How do you keep faith? How do you match God and the Church? (also would it be ok to message you for advice? sorry!) thanks :) God bless.

I’ve been sitting on this ask for days because I haven’t been sure how to put into words the proper response to your questions. So I’ll do the easiest first:

YES of course you can message me! I’ll do my best to help you and rely on God for the rest lol.

As to your other question…I just try to remember that the Church is not perfect, but even in her imperfection, she is still my mother.

I remember that faith and reason are not incompatible, that logic is not some all knowing god I must worship to the detriment of every other facet of my being. I remember that God Himself did something against reason and logic, not once but at least twice, first when He made humanity and again when He came down from His throne and died such an ignoble death for us.

I follow His example above all, I remember that He said one of the greatest commandments was to love your neighbor as yourself, and I do my best to follow Him. Look to the martyrs, who willingly cast their lives aside, against all reason, because of their love for Him.

The Church isn’t perfect, but it’s ours, our link to the countless others who have gone before us in loving Him and who await us with eager and loving arms when it’s finally our turn to meet Him face to face.

Anyway, that’s my thought on the matter, please feel free to message me if you have more questions!

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Honestly when I saw that shoe post of Louis insta pic..I was like this is pure genius, why does it only have like 10 notes??Why the fuck are people sleeping on it?? Then finally I saw it making rounds...I said yes, yes, reblog the shit out of it.....you are sooo funny, lewis and Harold would be proud. ...

Thanks my dude! Me and my three followers have ourselves a good time don’t we?

People deserve some appreciation. These people are literally the only things getting me through this assignment and life at this point, (that and two shots of coffee in every drink I drink but thats not important).

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Stiles stans keep using the “Scott trusted Theo and Stiles didn’t” as an excuse to post stuff against him.

Yes, Scott trusted him, he made a mistake. Scott isn’t like Stiles (thank god), he won’t go full on bitter and want to kill the person in the moment he looks at someone. 

Scott has always tried to find the good in people and I don’t know why is that a bad thing. He has tried so hard to make up for things he shouldn’t even do.

Get this right.. Scott made a mistake. He didn’t do it on purpose. There was NO reason to treat him like shit. 

Scott isn’t Derek. Scott isn’t Peter. He won’t go killing people and  being an emotionless fuck. He cares and that’s why he’s the true alpha. 

Now stop calling out every Scott stan, because at least we accept that he has made mistakes. He’s human. He has feelings.

Have a good day.

“Push” - Part 2

Why do I keep writing imagines that make me cry!? 


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“Please, don’t ask me anything”, I begged on the phone, “Just say yes”

“Fine”, my cousin sighed, “Just don’t drive at night, okay? You can come in the morning”

“Thank you”, I had called my cousin in Lodi, asking if I could stay at her house for a few days, “I’ll drive safe, don’t worry”

I ended the call and put the phone on my dinner table. I couldn’t stay in Charming another day. No, I wasn’t leaving for good, I just needed a couple of days far from that town, somewhere Filip wouldn’t find me. I didn’t want listen him in that moment. Like he had said, I needed time to calm down and then hear whatever explanation he had to give me.

I skipped lunch and surprised my boss when I entered the office. I asked for a few days off and she wasn’t very happy about it, but understood. I got back home and let my suitcase ready. I forced myself to eat a soup and laid in my dark room. It was early and I wasn’t feeling sleepy, it just wanted to hug the pillow that had his scent.

Chibs’ POV

He drove back to the clubhouse, his hands gripping hard the handlebar and his jaw clenched so tight it hurt. ‘We are done’; her words were repeating on his mind. No, they weren’t done, they couldn’t be. In a short time, Y/N became the most important person to him, she made Chibs fell he had a home to go back.

How she discovered he was married? He knew it was wrong to hide, he should have told her, but… He was feeling like a teenager again, falling in love and planning a future. He shouldn’t do it while he wasn’t single again. He was married to Fiona, but only in paper. Their relationship had died, the only thing in common they had was Kerrianne, their daughter. Jesus! It would be worst when he told Y/N about his kid. Damn! He needed a drink.

Chibs smoothed his hair back, walking to the clubhouse. He didn’t noticed Gemma was there until she got in his way and hold out a hand in front of him, “Boys told me you and Y/N had an argument”

“Not quite”, he grumbled, passing by her. Gemma followed him to the bar.

“Do you wanna talk about it?”, she asked. He reached for a bottle of whisky just to have it taken from his hands.

“I need a drink”, he sighed. Last thing he needed was Gemma acting like his mother. She raised an eyebrow, gazing at him. She poured a glass and he thankfully drank it.

“You get another one after tell me what happened”, she demanded. Chibs sighed and sat on a stool close to her.


I laid in bed thinking about Filip, about our relationship: how it started, the intimacy, how he treated me, how he hold me after a bad day, how much I loved him and had planned a future together.

What would he do after not finding me at home? My heart broke a little more thinking about him worried, imagining thousands things that could have happened. Filip… I would miss him so much!

I was so exhausted that, at some moment, I felt asleep. I woke up and noticed I was a little late for my trip. I had breakfast and grabbed my suitcase, walking to the front door. I opened it and Filip was there, hand in the air, ready to knock. I gasped and he smiled, but then he gazed at the suitcase in my hands and his smile faded.

“Going somewhere lass?”, he swallowed, eyes sad.

Chibs’ POV

Gemma didn’t let him drink more than another glass and sent Chibs back to work. He helped Tig all day, but he wasn’t really there. He closed TM and went to his bedroom, desperate for a bath. Her perfume was still in the air when he entered the room. He opened his drawer and glanced at the mirror. A copy of his marriage license was there. That was how Y/N had discovered he was married. Chibs groaned and took it out, not bothering if it would rip in the middle. He got in the shower and let the hot water fall on his shoulders. He had to talk to her. She would be calm after a night of sleep and would listen him.


He felt asleep after his bath, laying on his bed wearing only his boxers and breathing her perfume on the sheets. Chibs woke up with the first light in the morning and made coffee before leave the clubhouse. Nobody was around to stop him from going to Y/N’s house. She would start work later and probably was still sleeping. He hopped off his bike and walked to her front door. Before he could knock it opened and his eyes met hers, widen in surprise. He smiled and noticed something on her hand. A suitcase.

His mouth got dry, “Going somewhere lass?”

“Filip, please”, she sighed, “Not now”

“Now I’m Filip again”, he scoffed, “When? When are you going to listen me Love?”

“Could you please not make a scene outside my house?”, she pursed her lips and Chibs smirked.

“Sure”, one hand yanked the suitcase from her hands and the other rested on her waist, making her walk backwards. Chibs closed the door behind him and let her bag fall, “Are you planning to run every time things get hard? ‘Cause if you are, then I shouldn’t be trying so hard to make you listen me, it’s not worth it”

“Why do you want me to stay?”, Y/N opened her arms, cheeks red and Chibs stared at her. She looked beautiful, even with that anger in her eyes and the shadows under them, “You have a wife! Go back to her!”

“I can’t!”, Chibs raised his voice, taking a step forward. Y/N didn’t move an inch, stubborn as only her could be, “I can’t, because she isn’t here! She is in Belfast! And we are married only in paper…For years!”

Y/N opened her mouth, ready to say something, but then closed it, when she understood his words. She swallowed and took a deep breath before speak again, “Why aren’t you divorced yet?”

“Her safety”, Chibs let his shoulders fall. That was the moment he should tell her everything, starting for Kerrianne, “Fiona and Kerrianne’s safety”

“Who is Kerrianne?”, Y/N creased her brow and he pinched his nose before continue.

“My daughter”


“Your what?”, my head was spinning again. I covered my mouth with my hand and turned my back on Filip. I let myself fall on the couch, eyes closed. I felt his hand on my arm and pulled it back.

Filip was at my house again. I could see the shadows under his eyes. His night of sleep must had been as good as mine; only a few hours. He wouldn’t give up, he was trying to talk to me again. He shouldn’t be there, he had a wife.

A woman that was on the other side of the ocean, in Belfast. “We are married only in paper”, he had said. If he wasn’t with her anymore, then why stay married?

“Fiona and Kerrianne’s safety”, he answered. That was when my world turned upside down again. Filip not only had a wife, he had a daughter too.

“Y/N”, he called by my side. My eyes were still closed as my chest was heaving. I was wondering what else the man that I loved was hiding from me.

“I can’t believe it”, I sighed, almost crying. I was so tired, I didn’t had energy to argue anymore. I just wanted him to hug me and tell me it had been only a bad dream.

“You know my story with Jimmy O’Phelan”, I felt Filip sat on the couch and opened my eyes again. His hands were over his knees, quiet. Yes, I knew about Jimmy, his enemy. That man had banished Filip from IRA years ago and that was how my handsome Scotsman had become a member of SAMCRO, “What you don’t know is that he took my family too, after banish me. Fiona and Kerrianne are his guarantee that I…behave. He lives with my wife, he sees my daughter grow. They live like this because of me and, as odd as it sounds, being married with Fiona helps to keep them safe, give them a certain protection that Jimmy can‘t ignore”

“What about love?”, I fought against the tears, looking at some point on the wall in front of me, “Don’t you love each other anymore?”

“It died. This life killed it and I guess we were doomed”, he was sad, I could tell. I wanted to get lost in each other’s arms, but I couldn’t. It’s funny how, sometimes, the only person that can make you feel better, is the one who hurt you, isn’t it?, “Do you understand now why I’m trying so hard Love? I can’t lose you, I thought I would never find love again, but here you are”

“Please, don’t”, I whispered. He tried to pull me to his arms, but I got up, straying from his touch. I wiped the tears and finally looked at him again. Filip grimaced and shook his head, already knowing what I would say next, “You should go Filip”

“Where are you going Love?”, he asked, looking to the floor. I saw his jaw twitch.

“It’s just for a few days”, I answered. He nodded and rubbed his goatee before get up. I embraced myself as he kissed my forehead and turned his back on me, leaving me alone again.

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Word count: 932
Rating: R
Pairing: Luke Hemmings/Reader
Request: Yes!!
A/N: JFC whY. I didn’t realize I needed this in my life until now so thaNK YOU VERY MUCH. I seriously still have 38 requests and 19 days until requests open up again I think I’m going to cry. And to make matters worse my computer has a virus so it’s hard to do anything plus I have 3 more requests for my other account and you guys probably don’t care right now so I’m gonna shut up and let you indulge your horny minds ;)
The branches knocked against the single pain window, keeping the both of you up all night. You laid there, irritated by the loud crashes of thunder and constant banging against the house. This had been going on for 2 hours and the storm was showing no signs of letting up. A very
“This is going to be a very loud and long night.” You groaned, practically cuddling on top of Luke.
“We’ve had longer and Louder nights princess.” He smirked.
“Well we could always..” You trailed off, bringing your fingers up his chest until his hand clasped your wrist, dragging it down to his boxer-clad crotch. You shivered, adoring the feeling of him in your hands. You loved touching him, loved hearing his whimpers he adorned just for you. He flipped you over easily but gently, pinning your hands above your head. He bunched his old t-shirt you were wearing at the top of your thighs and trailed his hands down in between your warm thighs to your uncovered heat.
“Lay back baby, relax.” He cooed, relaxing you into laying back on the bed as he removed his shirt from your body. His boxers were next and he came up to hover over the expanse of your body, scattering kisses and light bites all over your chest. The sound of the thunder and trees drowned out your moans. His hand dipped between your thighs again, pushing them open an running up your folds, collecting your juices and sliding his finger between his plump lips all the while with you watching intently. His large hand pressed your hips into the mattress as he lined himself up at your entrance. His eyes locked on yours while he pushed himself in, contorting slightly from the wave of pleasure surrounding him.
You arched your back, pressing your chest into his briefly before collapsing back on the bed when he pulled nearly all the way out, leaving in only the tip. You opened your mouth to complain but he slammed right back into you, hard, before any audible noises could pass through your lips. He did same thing a couple of times, your moans getting stronger every time he smashed into your g-spot.
“Faster Luke, please.” You scratched at his shoulder but he ignored you, instead setting a slow pace but still managing to fuck you hard. You looked up at him, his face was scrunched up and barely audible moans escaped his perfect lips. He looks way to adorable and hot at the same time. He bent his head down, attaching his lips around your hard nipple and moaning, sending the vibrations shooting through you.  He slammed into you especially hard as he pulled away from your chest, a loud moan ripping through his throat. You could tell he wanted to speed up and just pound you into the mattress but he was keeping his pace, determined to have you come this way.
You never knew someone could go this slow but this hard at the same time and just the feeling of him inside of you was enough to bring you to the edge. He hit all the right places, going slow enough to draw out your orgasm but hard enough to keep it right on edge. He was whimpering from the pleasure, face contorting. A bubble of quiet laughter escaped your lips, he looked so cute. You silently scolded yourself for having fluffy adorable thoughts while being slowly pounded by your rock star boyfriend. But you couldn’t help it, he was on the verge of coming and you were too but you couldn’t contain your giggles as he plummeted over the edge. Ignoring your laughter he slammed unbelievably hard into your g-spot, destroying you and sky rocketing you into your high. Your moaned dragged out until you were fully conscious again and he pulled out, still hovering himself over you.
“Why were you laughing?” He asked curiously.
“You’re cute when you come.” You whispered and he stuck out his tongue, biting his lip and pressing a long hot kiss to your mouth.
“Well let’s see how cute this is.” He smirked, dipping his head down to your sensitive heat and starting all over again.

@languagesandrain and @corbinstudies‘ Weekly Speaking Challenge is back and this week’s topic is: “Why I’m Learning My Target Language(s)”!

Tell us what first made your target language(s) catch your eye, your favourite things about it/them, why you love it/them so much, etc.

A follow up from week 3′s hiatus: We have decided to keep the challenge as is, however we’re considering making a separate account just for the Weekly Speaking Challenge in the coming days, to make the whole thing a lot clearer.

Thanks for sticking with us! We hope you all will join in (yes, even if your target language is English, even if your blog isn’t a “langblr” blog, even if you don’t think you’re “good” enough in your target language, we want you!).

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Hello! If it's not too much I'd like to request a daddy! GOM noticing that their toddler child who is an exact copy of them, showing a similar personality to one of the GOM! U can pick! Can u make it precious and fluffy? :3 thanks for trying! Ps keep up the good work admin! May tatsuya smile upon you always ;D


Akashi:  His eyes and lips twitched the moment he realized that his son came near him while he was having a game of shogi against himself. He just left the toddler on the opposite side of the room with his new toys minutes ago, and now the baby’s looking at him with a curiosity drawn on his face as he pointed towards the shogi pieces. “Ah, you want to learn how to play this game, I see,” Akashi mumbled before picking up his son. He smiled as he was reminded of his former vice captain during his middle school days and the shogi games they used to play. True, he had always won against Midorima, but he must admit that every single game was worth-remembering. “Don’t worry son, I’ll teach you how to play this once the right time comes…and we’ll play until we grow tired of it.”

Aomine: The tan-skinned man was just casually lying on the couch, eyes closed, when he felt some weight on his abdomen which made him lazily open his eyes and grumble something about disturbing his rest. To his surprise, he saw his child smiling at him while holding a small basketball with the both of his hands. Aomine found it quite weird but the way his child smiled reminded him of Kise, not to mention it was as if the baby was challenging him on a game or something. Smirking, Aomine got up as memories of his middle school days and one-on-ones with Kise flooded his mind – oh how the blonde loved having games with him back then – and carried his child to the corner where his mini basketball hoop was located. He thought that maybe this would do for a while, though he’s really getting excited to teach his son basketball soon.

Kise: He was squealing so loud that you had to shut him up. The moment he noticed his daughter was able to finish a mug of vanilla shake Kise prepared for her. It reminded him of his Kurokocchi so much that he wouldn’t stop making a huge fuss about the simple thing. “Don’t worry babycchi! We’ll visit Kurokocchi once daddy’s free and we’ll have a vanilla shake date somewhere!” he chirped as he peppered his daughter’s face with kisses, tickling her eventually. “OH MY GOSH EVEN YOUR SMILE IS ADORABLE LIKE KUROKOCCHI’S!!!”

Kuroko: “(baby’s name), it’s bath time already,” Kuroko mentioned as he finally finished preparing the bubble bath. He frowned when he saw his daughter lying on her back, arms and legs spread wide-open. She seemed to be having some kind of nap and it made him guilty for disturbing her. “(baby’s name),” he whispered as he poked the chubby cheeks of his daughter. His daughter did open her baby blue eyes, but only shut them close the moment she saw her daddy. She immediately turned her back against Kuroko and continued her mini beauty rest, still not ready for bath time. Shaking his head, Kuroko smiled and lied beside his daughter. A smile tugged up to the corner of his mouth as he was reminded of his former light, Aomine. Maybe he could tell his friend about this the next time they meet up at Maji.

Midorima: You asked him to go grocery shopping for tons of stuff since you were busy with your office shit. You also made sure to it that he’d bring your daughter with him since you told him that he’s becoming really busy with the hospital things and your daughter missed his daddy a tad too much. So now, Midorima was contemplating about what cereal to get for his daughter: Cheerios or Frosties. “What do you want?” he asked as he raised both boxes in front of his daughter’s eyes. The baby squealed and pointed towards both. A scowl appeared on the father’s face. “No, no. You can’t possibly finish the both of these in a week,” he explained. To his misfortune, his baby still pointed towards the boxes while she gave him a puppy look, which of course he could never say ‘no’ to. Shaking his head, he dumped the two boxes into the grocery cart. As the two passed by the aisles, Midorima noticed that his daughter kept pointing towards sweets and other junk food. As a doctor, he was totally against this, but the baby seemed to know her daddy too well and was able to make him give in to every single request. “This would be the last!” he whisper-shouted as the baby chuckled, happy that she was able to get what she wanted. He shook his head once again, suddenly remembering Murasakibara in the process. No, just no. He knew he needed to have immunity against that puppy look soon.

Murasakibara: He was having a mini argument with his son about what to bag to open: Lay’s or Doritos. He was craving for nachos and Doritos was the closest thing he got in the food cabinet. However, the titan’s son was pointing towards the bag of Lay’s which somehow disappointed him. “Babychin, let’s just open the bag of Lays’ next time, okay?” he tried to talk his baby out of his so-called cravings, but it didn’t work as he only got a huge pout from his son. Grumbling, he reached for the bag of potato chips from the cupboard and opened it, half-heartedly. This would be the last time, he thought. He reminded himself that his son wasn’t his Akachin, though he appeared to be absolute this time.

  • Clarke: Raven, Lexa said you made devices to get in touch with, uh, the clan leaders and such.
  • Raven: Yeah, I repaired some old walkie-talkies. Here's yours.
  • Clarke: Thanks! You sure no-one can intercept the messages?
  • Raven: Yes, Clarke. Since I am the one who made it, it's top quality. They're very safe.
  • Clarke: 100% sure?
  • Raven: Yes! Why do you keep asking? The only people who have walkie-talkies too are our friend and allies.
  • Clarke: Um, no reason.
  • Clarke: I mean, I need it for top secret war meetings! I just want to make sure it's safe and all, you know.
  • Clarke: Anyway, gotta go! See you, Raven!
  • [Clarke calling]: Heyyy Lexa, I got my walkie-talkie!
  • [Clarke calling]: So...
  • [Clarke calling]: What are you wearing?

Please people, how many times does this have to be said? Michonne is not the Lucille Victim. 

I had this conversation with one of my coworkers yesterday, which is beginning to make me question why I keep talking to these people! :-) She pulled the… “Everyone Rick loves dies” argument. 

First, thanks for at least acknowledging that Rick LOVES Michonne. Cause he does. Like all day erry day! 

Second, everyone Rick loves…Loves? Really? Yes, he loved Lori. Obviously. But Jessie? Loved? Seriously? This was totally my face. 

Originally posted by lifetimetv

Nope. Not gonna let you sell that to me. Ain’t gonna buy it. It’s so absurd I’m not even going to explain why Rick did not love Jessie. 

Moving on…

So I toss out. Why not Glenn? She gapes at me. “They better not kill Glenn!” she says. “I love him!”

Yes, I love Glenn too, but there is something I’ve noticed–especially from the the people who scream the loudest that Michonne is the LV because every woman Rick loves dies–when that logic is turned against them, they fucking hate it!

I tell my coworker…by your logic then it SHOULD be Glenn. Now it’s her turn to give me the WTF face. 

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If you want to say that everyone Rick loves dies–I know she meant “gets with” but she said loves so I ran with that–then lets look at Maggie. EVERYONE she loved is dead with the exception of Glenn. So if that’s what you want to base your argument on you have to accept that Glenn is more likely to be the LV than Michonne. 

Rick lost one person he loved, one person he kissed. This “everyone” bullshit, is just that. I could see this argument if Rick had 4 women throughout the series and Michonne made 5 and the previous 4 all died. Then I’d see their point. But that hasn’t happened.

I recognize that Rick is the leader, and Michonne’s death would have a profound effect on him, but so would Glenn’s. 

I don’t want Glenn to die, I really don’t. But don’t hand me some bullshit about it being Michonne because Rick’s wife died in childbirth and a woman he kissed got eaten and therefore EVERYONE he is with is destined to die.


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We’ve seen crazy-walker murdering-farmer-grieving Rick. It’s been done and we don’t need to see it again. The loss of Michonne would not provide a complex story arc for Rick. 

You know what we haven’t seen before? Mentally healthy-emotionally stable-Rick. Rick in love and being loved in return. We have never seen it. Cause that shit with Lori was fucked even before he got shot and ended up in a coma. Rick in love, being supported, having an equal by his side…THAT is a story arc! He can only have that with Michonne.