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Hcs with Prince Sidon with a particularly cynical s/o? (Like they just don't think they are good enough for anything and usually think the worst case scenario)

This is very much me though that’s why I need this man as my best friend,,

On another note your profile picture is very appealing??? I don’t know why, but I like looking at it

Sidon with a cynical s/o

- He is so confused by this mindset???

- And kind of upset too- How can someone think of theirself like this?? Especially his s/o?!

- Every time he hears these remarks, his heart is broken

- “My love, you are not worthless. Everything is going to turn out okay. Do you trust me? Yes? Good.”

- Is always there for them-need to vent? Hello, Sidon’s here. Worried about future events? He’s going to help you get through them.

- Constantly shouting encouragement to his s/o whenever he sees them

- Offers to get them any help he can, or if he can help them himself, he’s right on it

- Gets them to at least try new things-like cliff-jumping! He’s there to keep them safe, so nothing to worry about!

- Treats every day as a milestone, he’s super proud of his s/o for powering through it

- Tends to compliment his s/o a lot

- Plus all kinds of “I love you”s everywhere

- Overall, best person to date for these kind of things

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Mysme peeps with chubby Mc HCS? Pls and thank u!!!!

ahah no problemo! I hope you see this zomg I’m so bad at handling my tumblr requests and school at the same time ><”


  • when he first set his eyes on her he could not believe it
  • that was MC? that was her. MC. seriously? 
  • he cannot even contain himself
  • like hi hello yes this is my first time seeing you but here have a very intimate long hug from me because why not i mean
  • he doesn’t let go until Zen pries him off 
  • “nooooooooooo”
  • *insert picture of yoosung being dragged away by Zen with his crying emoji face thing*
  • someone draw this PLEASE!! (if only I were good at art)


  • okay he was sosososososso excited to see MC 
  • he had no time for shock bro 
  • MC and her little wittle puffy cheeks 
  • he just wanted to pinch her and give her bowties to wear on her head
  • you won’t believe this but he literally wanted to take her to the amusement park immediately and buy her ice cream and fEED HER COTTON CANDY CUZ
  • his eyes literally turned into heart shapes you know like those anime characters when they see their crush yea like that
  • right anyway he was extremely starstruck and couldn’t even talk properly


  • it was just great 
  • she’d always sleep on MC’s squishy thighs and feel MC smooth her hair while she drifts off
  • ULTIMATE life goals man
  • sometimes she’d squish MC’s cheeks and play around with her face to make her have different facial expressions
  • do ya know what I’m talking about?? 
  • it was really fun
  • and they’d binge eat a million things together while watching Netflix :D


  • constantly hugged MC super tightly while they slept 
  • they went shopping together and he picked out ALL her outfits because he wanted her to look 
  • anyway he was totally into it and glared at anyone who had anything bad to say about MC


  • he was really excited to show MC his belly pouch
  • y’know from all those chips and soda
  • they have to go somewhere am i right or am i right
  • he liked to tickle MC a lot and poke her belly when he was bored 
  • sometimes he would take off his shirt and draw faces on his belly and then make it talk 
  • you know like this (except it’d be his 707 chicken meme face thingymabobber):
  • he would do the same to MC
  • idk about the taking off shirt part for MC but you do whatever you waaant ;)


  • he didn’t really have an reaction lol
  • but he did enjoy poking MC’s face
  • like a lot
  • *poke poke poke* 
  • ten seconds later 
  • *poke poke po-*
  • “Saeran what r u doin”
  • “poking your cheeks”
  • “why??”
  • “because you’re cute”


  • he honestly was so proud??? 
  • i mean
  • MC looked so healthy and happy in her own body
  • he couldn’t ask for more
  • he love love loveddd her cheeky smile and just everything about her??
  • “MC you’re the most beautiful girl in the world - how can you look so photogenic in every picture?” 

yes I watched iCarly lmao

~Cherry L.

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Concept: movie night date night. Lance and Kolivan snuggle up under the fluffiest blanket Kolivan has and watch some of Lance's favorite movies, and Kolivan introduces Lance to a couple of HIS favorite galactic movies. Half the time the night ends with Kolivan falling asleep against Lance.


Like, no, really, everything about this is a huge HELL YES! I’m absolutely loving the image of Kolivan and blankets, it’s like a dream come true.  Also, why do I picture Kolivan as the type of guy who is into hard to follow movies with good action scenes but calming background music when there are wide panoramic shots? 

I imagine that human!Kolivan would 100% be into old movies too, black and white ones, “classic” ones… god. I love you (we all do) for sending this ask!

And ohmygod, Kolivan falling asleep against Lance as Lance runs his fingers through Kolivan’s hair… can I get an amen?

— xoxo, Mod Blob 👽

iKON as husbands

(literally fangirled when I saw this request…okay gotta pull it together)


  • don’t expect much time with him
    • bc even after you are married he’s still gonna be crazy busy in the studio
  • he’d make sure you knew how much he loved you
    • even though you two didn’t get much time together
  • he’d write songs about you relationship
    • the good and bad times
  • he’d make sure to always let you know if he was going to be late
  • he’d surprise you with a gift to make up for working so much
  • he spend his off days doing whatever you wanted
  • he’d text you during his breaks to check in
  • though you two didn’t get a lot of time together he would always make sure your anniversary was spent together and it was special


  • he’d never get used to the fact that you two are married
    • he’d always smile like crazy when he could call you his wife
  • he would make sure to talk with you every night before bed to see how your day went
    • no matter how tired he was from practice
  • he’d send you random pictures when he was away from you, knowing they’d make you laugh
  • he’d work super hard at practice so he could try to leave early to get home to see you
  • he’d surprise you with random presents
    • most of them being impulse buys just to make you giggle
  • he’d always pay close attention to the ring on your finger whenever he held your hand
    • it making him smile, loving the fact that he gave you that ring
  • he’d always make sure that you two got to do something special when he had a day off
    • wanting to spend every free minute with you


  • ok seriously, he wouldn’t want him as their husband
  • he’d treat you like a princess
  • he’d always make sure he checked in
    • letting you know if he was going to be late
    • making sure you were okay
    • and telling you he loved you
  • he’d make sure you knew how much he truly loved you
    • he’d surprise with gifts, or dinner, or even just something as simple as movie night
    • it didn’t matter to you, just the thought behind whatever he did for you was enough
  • he’d serenade you whenever you were sad
    • instantly making you feel better
  • he’d always look at the ring on your finger and question how he got so lucky
  • he’d would always come home to you and just want to hug and be close to you, because sooner or later he be back on the road doing shows
  • he’d make sure any free moment was devoted to you
    • him never wanting you to feel like you were being ignored or unappreciated


  • he wouldn’t be the most affectionate husband
    • but when he needed to be him, he didn’t disappoint
  • he’d always check in
    • making sure you were okay, letting you know if he’d be late
  • he’d come home to you, no matter how tired he was, and cuddle or talk, just wanting to spend time with you
  • he wouldn’t get to spend much time with you, so he’d make sure every minute you two did get was well spent
  • when on the road he made sure to text you constantly, send you funny pictures, and videos of him singing that you could listen to when you were sad
  • he’d make sure he never lost his ring or took it for granted
    • knowing how much that ring symbolized for both of yo
  • he’d sometimes play with the ring on your finger, realizing you were his, for the rest of his life
    • not understanding how you ever said yes bc he’s such a handful sometimes
  • ultimately, he would try his best to the be the perfect husband for you, and not be so dramatic and be more affectionate toward you


  • he’d just always love knowing you were actually his, like forever lol
  • he’d never want you to feel sad when he was gone, so he’d send pictures and videos for you two look at whenever you were missing him
  • and he’s always chekcing in
    • to say i love you, ask how you’re doing, just wanting to hear your voice
  • he’d never want you to forget why he married you
    • so every night he would tell you everything he loved about you and what made him want to call you his wife
  • and he actually still can’t believe he can call you that
  • so he makes sure that whenever someone asks who he’s talking to on the phone he says “oh, it’s just my wife” with a huge grin on his face
  • he spends all his free time with you, not caring if he’d rather be resting
    • he’ll take you shopping or to dinner
    • anything to spend time with you
  • ultimately he does whatever he can to prove to you that deserve the world, and he does his best to give it to you


  • he’s never going to get out of the honeymoon phase
  • he’s always happy to come home to you and devote his time to you
    • cuddling, talking, not talking, all of that
  • he’s always so happy to you
    • always greeting you with, “hello my wife”
  • he makes sure to always check in when he’s at the studio, or on the road
  • he never wants you to think he isn’t thinking about you
    • because he can’t help but think about you when he looks down at his ring
  • he loves to talk about the future you two might have together
    • always saying “how many kids? what about names? boys or girls?”
    • you finding it cute. Too early to talk about, but you love still love it
  • he send funny photos throughout the day, wanting to make you smile from afar since he can’t be there to do it in person
  • constantly showering you with love and affection
    • wanting to make sure you never question his love for you
  • and he goes all out for you, making sure that any holiday, birthday, or anniversary is better than the last
    • because you’re more than worth it


(tbh he’s still a baby in my eyes so I can’t really think of how he’d be as a husband, like to me he’s not even old enough to swear, hahahaha idk what I’m saying, but yeah. I can’t really write one for him cause I can’t think of him in that way lol)