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• You told him there was a carnival close to your apartment
• I mean, when he was young, he used to go to carnivals with his friends and have a fun time
• But going with you… was different
• SO romantic
• He was holding your hand the entire time
• And he even won some prizes for you!
• He spend a lot of money in the game trying to win it
• But he needed for you
• “Do you want some cotton candy my princess?”
• He wanted to go with you to the Ferris wheel
• And kiss you on the top of it ♥


• He had tried to be all manly for you
• Win some prizes for you at the shooting games
• But after a few tries, he was desperate
• “Easy honey, I don’t need a teddy bear”
• He gave up after a few more tries, but you appreciate his intentions
• So you both decided to just enjoy the carnival
• So you both were just trying different food
• There was some balloons, so he bought you one
• “Look MC! There’s a love tunnel!”
• He guide you there, and he was so excited and nervous
• He never let go of your hand


• You begged her to go with you
• She finally accepted when you told her you were going to give her a DVD of Zen, especial edition
• But once you both were in the carnival, she was so happy
• So many colors, so many people having fun, so many games
• She felt so surprised and curious, so you just showed her everything
• You both played at a shooting game, and win a small teddy puppy
• “At least is not a cat” she said with a smile
• You were happy to be there, and she was so happy to see you happy
• “Is that a magic show?” she asked when he saw a strange man doing some things in front of a lot of people
• You both spend the rest of the day watching the presentations
• “This is really fun, thank you MC”


• He didn’t get why you’d wanted to go there
• It was so crowded, so it was annoying
• And apparently he was the only one in there who was using a suit at a carnival
• But you were happy and he was fine with it
• “Look Jumin! That’s a really cute cat! It looks like Elizabeth!” you told him, showing him a prize of a game
• He was enchanted with the toy
• “How much it costs the teddy cat?” he had asked
• The employee just looked at him and laughed
• “It’s not for sale, you have to win it”
• So that’s the story of how Jumin Han spend one hour at trying to shoot at a metallic little figure
• “Jumin, honey, I want to go to the Ferris wheel…”
• “Not now MC, I’m focusing”
• You could guess it was his first time at a carnival
• He asked you everything
• “Why do they sell all that food? Is that what communers usually eat?” “why would you enter a scary house like that?” “Cotton candy? That’s not healthy MC”
• You had fun seeing his expressions tho
• And you could see he was having fun


• “CARNIVAL!” he shouted as soon you both entered
• He was so hyper by everything, and you loved it
• He bought a LOT of candies
• “Look MC, this ice cream looks like a rose. Do you want a bouquet of this roses?”
• When you just finished eating, he immediately wanted to go to some games
• “BUMPER CARS!” He shouted while holding your hand and guiding you to the game
• At first it was both of you against the rest of the people
• But you couldn’t miss the chance to beat him
• So it was now a fight between you both
• You both went to almost all the games
• Except for some games that according to the employees, it was for under 14
• He was happy
• “Look MC! It’s a spaceship! We have to own that!”
• So you both were playing shooting games
• And failing
• Together


• This baby was so shy at first
• He looked everywhere, but he didn’t ask nothing
• Such a colorful and happy ambient
• “Hey honey~” you called him “look at this ice cream! It looks tasty, do you want one?”
• He nodded
• And after the ice cream, he finally started to ask questions
• “What’s that?”
• “That’s a scary house”
• “And why is there a scary house in a place like this?”
• “Some people like to get scared”
• “Can we go there?”
• You weren’t so confident about scary games
• But if he wanted, you’ll go with it
• So once you both entered the game
• And some zombie came out of nowhere, you screamed in fear
• He didn’t even flinch, but when he saw you all scared, he was confused
• He was supposed to be scared at that?
• It was a torture for you
• But once it was all over, and you both finally went out
• He was smiling lightly
• Because in the whole game, you didn’t let go his hand
• He cleared his throat
• “I… I think I like carnivals”

Three Parts of Whole: Part 6

Prompt: A triad soulmate story

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

You watch Wally pace the floor as you and Dick play with Connor. As Connor drives a truck across your leg you whisper, “Should we be worried?”

Dick smiles at you, “Probably. His mother is trying to rope us all into Christmas.”

Connor’s ear perk at the word and he cheers, “Santa!”  

Dick smiles at the boy, “That’s right little man! Santa is coming in just four weeks.”

“Presents!” the boy cheers before running off with his car in tow. You watch him with a smile, before Dick pulls you into his lap. His hands start massaging your shoulders, and you lean into his embrace.

“I don’t know why he’s so excited, Ollie brings home presents all the time.” You tease.

Dick kisses your neck, “Did you tell them?”

“That I’m spending Christmas here? Yes. Christmas is a time for family, and as much as I love them …”

“You are their family, just so you know. You’re basically Dinah’s little sister.”

You sigh, “I’m sorry I’m being such a grump. I’m not a big fan of Christmas.”

“Don’t let Wally hear that. Christmas is his favorite holiday. He goes all out.”

You smile, “My parents were never around. And as I got older it ended up being forgotten, so ya know …”

Dick pulls you close against his chest, “Well this Christmas will be one to remember.” He promises.

You find that Dick delivers on that promise. The first weekend of December is spent shopping for Christmas decorations. The two of you follow Wally from store to store searching for decorations for the apartment. You find yourself laughing and smiling the entire time.

In the middle of the next week you go Christmas tree shopping. Wally insists on getting a real tree. The three of you spend two hours out in the cold debating the size, smell, and price of Christmas trees.  

You spend the next night setting up, and decorating the tree. Dick plays Christmas carols through the apartment’s sound system the entire time, and you find yourself singing along with your soulmates as the night goes on. You spend three hours stringing lights and tinsel on the tree, before hanging up the ornaments.

You’re nearly done when the two of them present you with a small wrapped present. You take it a bit hesitantly but smile at what you find there, it’s an ornament with all three of your names on it along with the words “Our First Christmas.” You kiss them both, mistletoe be damned.

You spend that weekend decorating the rest of the apartment. It’s during that time that Wally’s mother and father come over. The two of you bake, and decorate while things are cooking. As the day progresses you start to realize that this is what Christmas is supposed to be; fun with friends and family.

The apartment is filled with secrets in the following days. Dick and Wally are trying to hide presents from you and each other. You’re a bit smarter about things and hide your presents at the mountain. While Conner still believed in Santa, Ollie was known for snooping for presents.

You do a lot of shopping with Artemis. Your friendship with the archer having become a more permanent fixture. As you browsed through the men’s sweater department with Artemis you ask, “When did you move in with Kaldur?”  

Your friend smiles at you, “About a week after finding out we were soulmates. I didn’t see any point in waiting. We knew each other and I wanted to be around him so …” She shrugs, “Why? Are you thinking about moving in with the guys.”

You sigh, “They talked about it at the start, but I wasn’t comfortable with it then.”

“But now?”
    You smile, “I spend more time there than I do at Dinah and Ollie’s. Which I think is right, I was never supposed to stay there permanently, but …”  


“Some days it feels like we’re more friends than soulmates. There’s a lot of cuddling, and a few kisses, and the occasional date but …”

Artemis stares at you, “Have you talked about this with them?”

You shake your head, “I’d die of embarrassment. And doesn’t that make me clingy?”

Artemis laughs, “Those two are incredibly touchy feely, but I also know that they don’t want to pressure you into anything. They want you to voice what you want, they want to know that you’re ready for the next stop.”

“Figures, I get stuck with good guys.”

Artemis just laughs.

genji: hanzo are you busy
hanzo: yes go away
genji: but we were going to go see a movie
hanzo: what since when
genji: oh y’know i just thought
genji: to make up for the lost time
genji: from the past decade
genji: and also you killed me
hanzo: …
genji: yeah so remember, i want a large popcorn
hanzo: why didn’t you just tell me earlier
genji: because we operate on my schedule, asshole
genji: not my problem you’re constantly fucking jesse and have no time to spend with your little brother like you SHOULD BE
genji: oh yeah and did i mention
genji: you MURDERED me???????
hanzo: ok fine let’s go

(They Long To Be) Close To You

Part 2. Female reader. Holy balls you guys! Your support regarding this fic has made me supremely ecstatic. I honestly wasn’t expecting y’all to like this. This part is not as kinky as what’s hopefully to come. I’m figuring this is because Castiel hasn’t had sex since April and still isn’t quite confident in his abilities. Human women still vex him quite a bit and so do their vah-jay-jay’s. There will be more of a plot in the next chapter. I really just wanted to focus of the reader’s pleasure (and of course Castiel’s) in this chapter. I’ve been a bit…slow lately and my grasp of the English language is not up to par. I had a thesaurus up because I kept repeating the same damn word. Reader likes to mentally say things like, ‘Holy shit’ and ‘Holy hell’ if you haven’t already noticed. Castiel being adorably awkward. Anyway, enjoy darlings! Xo

Word Count: 3.5k

Castiel x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, feels, smut, swearing, self-image issues.

Reader contemplates becoming Castiel’s mate. Well, let’s just say that you don’t spend a lot of time mulling it over.

(gif not mine)

 You gulped, honestly a little nervous about what was going to happen next. I mean, you weren’t a virgin, but it had been…an extended amount of time. Did you even still know how to have the sexy times? Now, you had a freakishly beautiful being in front of you, literally begging for you and holy hell did you want to cave and give in. So, why exactly were you hesitating? Just say yes, Y/N. Kiss him. Belong to him. But deep inside of you was that pit of despair. What if he leaves? Or worse…

 Castiel seemed to notice that you were having some sort of internal struggle. He cocked his head to the side as he had done a few times that night. A smile pulled at the corner of your lips as you admired the insanely adorable way he would study humanity. Kind of like a puppy. You wondered how exactly this would work. He said he’d had sex before. How long ago was that? Did he remember what to do? Did you even remember what to do? You started shouting at yourself mentally. You were snapped out of your daze when you felt him touch your face. His eyes were narrowed and filled with concern, “Y/N, are you alright?”

 “I…uh…yeah, I’m just nervous,” You squeaked. Before he could speak again, you did. “Cas, we don’t know each other. At all. I’ve been hurt before. Left before. If we do this, I will latch onto you and never let go. Like some kind of love and affection-sucking parasite.”

 His grin made your heart flutter, “I don’t have a problem with that.”

 You kept fighting though and you wished you’d shut up. “What if I scare you away? I’m not all sunshine and rainbows.”

 He shrugged, “I don’t believe I am either.”

 “Well, I—”

 You were promptly cut off by the angel very gingerly pressing his lips to yours. Your slightly widened eyes closed and you kissed him back. Literally every fear that you had had moments prior were gone. An unexplainable warmth spread through your entire body and when he broke the kiss, you genuinely had to catch your breath.

 “That felt…”

 “Like it was meant to be?” Castiel offered. You nodded and wrapped your hand around his tie. You pulled him towards you and your lips met again. The kiss was hot. You melted into it immediately, letting it consume you. You let go of everything; the tragic deaths of your family, your loneliness, your constant dread of intimacy, your fears of abandonment. All of it gone. Nothing mattered except him. In this moment, you felt home. Like nothing could touch you. This was pure serenity. This was heaven.

  Your fingers wandered up to his raven locks and you laced them there. His hands were on your back and hip, pulling you closer as if you were a lifeboat in the middle of the ocean and he was trying not to drown. However, you would gladly go down with this ship.

 Your core was getting slicker by the second and you grabbed onto the angel’s hand and guided it down to your sex. You leaned your head against the wall and you parted your lips as his fingers grazed you over your panties. He froze and looked up at you, “Uh…”

 You lifted your head and frowned at him, “You said you’ve done this before.”

 Castiel nodded, glancing down at your sex and then considered the placement of his hand before nervously looking back up into your eyes. “I’ve had generic intercourse before. However, I’ve never touched female genitals.”

 You scrunched up your face, “I know you’re an angel, but your terminology is really putting me off.”

 He just stared at you with a relatively confused expression, “What would you prefer I say?”

 You blushed, “I don’t…uh…there are a few things you can say. Vagina obviously, but that doesn’t sound very sexy. Pussy…or, uh, cunt works.”

 “That’s a little derogatory,” Castiel grunted.

 “Yeah, that’s the point,” You said. You gestured to his crotch, “Same goes for you though. Penis doesn’t sound sexy. Dick is a little better, but most people say cock.”

 He looked down at his sex and then back up to where his hand was awkwardly stationed against your panties.

 You felt bizarre talking to the angel about dirty slang. You decided to urge him on though, “Say it.”

 He gulped and looked genuinely frightened, “Say what?”

 “Say what you want to do to my…ya know,” You hinted.

 Castiel looked like he was being put through some kind of life or death trial and saying ‘pussy’ was going to save him somehow. “I…uh…I want to put my fingers inside of you.”

 You nodded and shrugged your shoulders slightly, “Okay, better. Keep going.”

 He kept his gaze locked on your clothed sex and started tracing patterns on your panties. A very small moan slipped from between your parted lips and his head snapped up. Understanding seemed to register in his brain. He licked his lips slightly and continued. “Okay, I want to…um…use my fingers to make you orgasm.”

 “You wanna finger fuck me, Castiel?” You asked as seductively as you could muster.

 A visible shiver passed through his body and he nodded. “Yes, I want to feel your…cunt…and make you…”

 He was starting to lose control. He switched languages and finished the rest of his sentence in Enochian. You assumed it sounded hot and kind of went with it. Seeing him starting to come undone was turning you on beyond belief. He pulled at the waistband of your panties and slipped his hand in. A small groan of pleasure and awe fell from his lips as he marveled at the softness of your sex. A deep hum rumbled through his chest as he slipped a finger between your folds. Your head fell back and thunked against the wall, but you couldn’t care less about the slight sting and buzzing that you felt in your head.

 “You’re very wet,” He observed. His statement of the obvious still managed to turn you on though.

 You grunted, “Yeah, that tends to happen when you’re erotically charged.”

 “I wonder…” The angel trailed away and you watched as he brought his finger up to his mouth. Holy fucking Christ, is he gonna? He ran his tongue over the nectar from your core that lingered on his finger. He looked pleasantly surprised, “It appears coffee isn’t the only taste I enjoy.”

 You just kind of blinked at him.

 He pointed at your panties, “Can I remove these?”

 You gave him a fast and excited nod, “Yes, yes please do.”

 Expecting him to take them off like a normal person, you were surprised when he snapped his fingers and they vanished. You flinched at the cool breeze that hit your core. He returned his hand to your sex and slipped his finger back into you. He clarified, “So I just…thrust my fingers in and out?”

 You nodded, unable to form actual words. He initiated his movement and began to thrust his finger in and out of you. You moaned at the sensation and grabbed onto his shoulder. You dug your claws into him and growled at him to go faster. He complied, and delighted at how you squirmed from his touch. He pushed in a second finger, stretching you a little and picking up speed. “Fuck, Cas.”

 “Am I doing this correctly?” He asked, his eyes trained on your sex.

 “Yes, holy shit, yes,” You said breathlessly. He curled his fingers up and hit your g-spot and you cried out at the stimulation. “Fuck!”

 “I’m going to assume that that feels more pleasurable,” Castiel offered.

 “Y-Yeah, it does. D-Don’t stop,” You begged.

 A very wide—and rather mischievous might I add—smile spread across his face. “Oh, I don’t plan to.”

 You moaned at the sound of his words and his devious smile. You just grinned and then let your jaw fall slack as he pumped three fingers into you. He threaded his free hand into your hair and gave a slight tug and your eyes snapped to his. The eye contact. Holy hell. If you didn’t know any better, you figured that he would have been able to make you cum just from that fucking eye contact. You were getting deeply eye fucked right now and you didn’t dare break his heavy gaze. You felt blissful waves beginning to crash against your shore and your breathing hitched in your throat. “C-Castiel, I’m gonna…”

 “Y/N, are you going to orgasm for me?” He asked, trying his best to be sexy. Of course, you really didn’t care what he said right now. You weren’t even on the same freaking planet at the moment. You were all the way up in space, unaware of the laws of gravity. He could have asked you if you wanted to turn into a bloody dolphin and you would have agreed without hesitation.

 “Yes!” You wailed as he pumped mercilessly into your sex.

 “Go on then,” He offered, his calm intensity making you gooey. You felt mild pins and needles pulse through you as you fell off of Mt. Pleasure and into a deep ocean of ecstasy, moaning his name out in some kind of naughty prayer. You barely noticed that the lights were flickering violently. You made a note to care about that later. Your magic was going haywire. You buried your face in his neck and gently prodded at his feathers. You slowly regained your composure and your breathing began to level out. You softly kissed the skin of his neck and he held onto your back, as if to keep you steady. Your hands fell to his pants and you unbuckled his belt. His breathing picked up as you undid the button on his pants and the zipper. “Y/N…”

  It was your turn to invade his underwear with your hand. The angel drew in air almost in a gasp as your fingers made contact with his sex. You sunk your teeth into his neck and he groaned in pleasure. You smiled against his flesh, “Pants off, feathers.”

 You heard him snap his fingers and his pants vanished. You momentarily pondered where all these clothes were going to end up once you were done. You looked up at him and his gaze was unwavering and so very hungry. You eyed his clothing and made a face. How exactly were you going to take his top layers off with his wings in the way? He seemed to know what you were thinking and clicked his fingers again. The angel stood naked in the middle of the bunker and you stared at him, gaping a little. Insecurity passed over his features when he saw your reaction, “What’s wrong?”

 You shook your head and gestured to his whole body, “Nothing. Nothing is wrong with what I am looking at.”

 “Then why are you staring?” He asked, tilting his head again.

 You laughed, “Because you’re fucking gorgeous and I want to enjoy this image.”

 A light but noticeable blush rose in his cheeks and he scratched the back of his head awkwardly. His wings curled inwards as if he was embarrassed with your proclamation. You grinned and peeked through his feathers like blinds on a window, before parting them and yanking him by the back of his neck into another kiss. His sex was pressed against yours and you whimpered at the slight friction it caused. No, not yet. As much as you wanted him to fuck your brains out, you wanted to drag this out a bit longer. You broke the kiss and trailed your lips down his jawline and neck. You kissed down his chest, paying extra attention to his abs, and then continuing on your way until you were on your knees.

 “Have you done this before too?” You asked, smirking up at him through your lashes.

 “I don’t know what you’re…” He tried to put the pieces together but seemed to falter completely as you began to stroke his length with your hand. The way he was looking at you, damn. That eye contact again. You felt yourself getting wet once more. You ran your tongue up his shaft and swirled around his tip. The sounds he was making. Holy shit. You kept pumping with your hand and as soon as you swallowed him down he shuddered. “Oh, Father.”

 That must be a good sign. You kept on your merry way. Flattening your tongue and hollowing out your cheeks and sucking him down. You bobbed up and down and soon felt him weave his fingers in your hair. You looked up and saw that his wings had drooped completely, twitching every now and then. You lifted your free hand and dragged your nails down his torso. The angel’s moans were too hot for words. He was leaning against the wall with one hand for support. He needed support. A freaking powerful and relatively emotionless celestial being with superhuman strength needed a fucking wall to keep from falling over. Your mouth was making him lose every ounce of control and that thought drove you up the wall. Achievement unlocked. How many experience points were you getting from this? You hummed around his cock in triumph as you felt him start to twitch.

 “I think I’m going to—” He cut himself off by his own cries of pleasure. He bucked his hips into your mouth and pounded his fist on the wall as his hot cum spurted into your mouth. He shuddered and his voice cracked as he unraveled. You popped your mouth off of his cock and waited until he opened his eyes to show him his cum in your mouth. He blinked as you swallowed it. He moved his hand from your hair and gently caressed your cheek. “Up.”

 You immediately did as you were told and stood. He pressed his lips to your forehead for several seconds before scooping you up into his arms. You yelped in surprise which elicited a rather adorable chuckle from the angel. He teleported you both to a bedroom in the bunker that you weren’t familiar with. He set you down and you looked around. “Is this your room?”

  Castiel nodded, “Yes, Sam and Dean always have it here for me if I need it.”

  More warmth spread through your chest. Those boys were so good and you were thankful for their existence. You smiled, “Well, you’re definitely going to need it tonight.”

 He smirked and cocked an eyebrow. He clicked his fingers again and your nightie disappeared. As a rather unfortunate reflex, you wrapped your arms around your chest and stomach. He made a face at you and rubbed your arms. “Are you ashamed of your body?”

 You avoided his gaze but he steered your face back to his with his hand. You rolled your eyes slightly, “Well, yeah. I mean, I’m not insanely attractive.”

 Castiel held your face in his hands, “You’re beautiful.”

 You squinted at him in disbelief. Oh, you so badly wanted to believe that. Especially since the compliment was coming from a freaking angel.

 He looked sad and confused, “You really don’t believe that, do you?”

 You couldn’t reply. You just stayed silent and tried not to shake in his grasp. His expression was making you uncomfortable. It looked like he was genuinely offended with your insecurity of your physical appearance. He bit his bottom lip and nodded to himself as if he was having some kind of mental conversation. He cautiously peeled your arms from your body and trailed his lips down your neck and throat. He stopped at the top of your breasts and breathed you in deeply. He grabbed onto your hips and maneuvered your body until you were on your back on the bed. He was on top of you, wings spread the length of the bedroom, his feathers grazing the walls. He brought his mouth back down to your chest. He sucked your left breast into his mouth and moaned at the feeling. He sucked on your nipple, seeming to slowly catch onto how all of this worked. He bit down ever so gently and you gasped.

 He quickly detached and looked up, “Did that hurt? I’m sorry.”

 You smiled, “It was a good kind of hurt, Cas.”

 He responded by leaning down again and biting your breast. You arched your back up into his body. You felt him hovering over your right breast, unmoving.

 “Cas?” You asked, concerned.

 He kept his head bowed, “I don’t want you to think that you are anything less then beautiful.”

 You sighed, “It doesn’t work like that, Castiel. You can’t just change the way I’ve been thinking of myself for years overnight. You can’t snap your fingers and change my thought process. My mind isn’t like our clothes, it won’t be that easy. I want more than anything to think that way, but it’s…challenging.”

 He growled almost a little angrily into your skin. He looked up to you with a kind of ferocity present in his azure orbs. He spoke with aggression but you knew it wasn’t meant to be hurtful. “Then I will spend every day for the rest of my existence trying to make you see how beautiful you are. Even if you don’t see it yourself. I vow to you that I will see it for the both of us.”

 You pulled him up so that you were face to face. You smiled happily, “Castiel.”

 “Yes?” He whispered.

 “Thank you,” You said. That was all you could say. You wanted to say more. You wanted to say that his devotion made you feel an endless euphoria that you’d never experienced in your life. You wanted to say that being there with him was perfect. That for once in your many years of loneliness you actually felt whole and completed. He was a gift. His father, God, literally made him for you. To be yours. To take care of you. To love you. To be your timeless rock of support. “Claim me, Castiel.”

 His breathing hitched briefly, “We will be bound forever, Y/N.”

 “I want to be yours,” You said, your lips gently grazing his. “Always.”

 He responded by kissing you softly at first, but then picking up an intense passion that swallowed you whole. He adjusted himself at your entrance and you opened your legs to allow him access. You held onto his back and dug your nails into his flesh as his tip pushed into your core. Everything was changing now. Absolutely everything. You were entranced as he pushed inside of you, stretching you, filling you. He grunted deeply, “So tight.”

 You had no words for him. No witty quips. You didn’t point out the obvious. You were lost. Completely submerged in serenity. You arched your back, desperately needing him to be closer to you. You needed to become one with him. He picked up a rhythm, clearly remembering this part from his previous encounter. His head was bowed again and you could feel his warm breath on your throat. Castiel was like a drug. A drug that you were now instantly addicted to. You were becoming a junkie and you surrendered yourself to him one hundred percent. Your moans were becoming ragged and you felt yourself slowly starting to slip into the rapture.

 Castiel started to speak. You were too blissed out to really capture what he was saying, but you knew he wasn’t speaking English. It sounded like some sort of Enochian chant. A ritual. Gradually, the room began to fill with white light. You couldn’t shut your eyes though, as you were entirely entranced by what was happening. The light was getting rather blinding now and Castiel reached up and covered your eyes with his hand. He continued his chant, seeming to repeat the same phrase over and over again.

 “Y/N, say that you bind yourself to me willingly,” Castiel said.

 “What?” You asked, a little foggy.

 Castiel was starting to shake, “You need to say yes to me, to be mine. I n-need your consent.”

 “I b-bind myself willingly to C-Castiel,” You panted.

 “I bind myself to Y/N. Now and for all eternity. I am h-hers as she is m-mine. We are one,” He responded. As soon as the words left his mouth you felt heat spread through your body. The heat stretched to every nerve ending in your body, lighting them up and filling you with raw exhilaration. You cried out in pleasure as you felt his true form intertwine with your soul. You could feel your soul. There were very few words to describe the sensation and you were too lost in infinity to really grasp onto any kind of vocabulary. Castiel raised his voice too and your walls clamped down around him. It was like paradise itself was coursing through your body as you splashed down into that ocean once again.

 The light faded and Castiel removed his hand from your eyes. You stared up at him, slowly regaining your grip on reality. His eyes were glowing and his wings were curled around both of you, almost protectively. When the glow faded from his gaze he looked down at you. “Mine.”

 “Yours,” You said solemnly.

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painted-quinn  asked:

Hey love! Could you do a short fic on the Make A Wish organization calling Murdoc up about a kid that wants to meet him? I love how you write Murdoc, so I knew I had to come to you! <3

This one was really fun to write, I’m just sorry it took so long to get it out here!

Also, this is kind of a longer one.


Murdoc was woken up by his phone ringing, and it was much earlier than he was used to getting up. Grumbling, the bassist tried to ignore the ringing, however it was impossible to. He was laying on his stomach, his head turned on his pillow so he was facing away from his phone. Rather than adjusting himself to make it easier, he simply reached over and groped around for the device. After retrieving it, he answered it and brought it to his ear.

“Yeah?” He grumbled, shifting so his face wasn’t pressed into his pillow at all to allow him to speak clearly.

“Good morning sir. This is Barbara from the Make A Wish Foundation. I’m just wondering if I’d be able to get a hold of a Mr. Murdoc Niccals, or someone who would be able to relay a message to him?”

Murdoc was still half asleep and having trouble comprehending anything being said to him, however “Make A Wish” certainly caught his attention, and he sat up to try and wake himself up more.

“This is him.” He replied, then cleared his throat a little. He knew quite well he likely sounded like he had just woken up.

“Oh, wonderful. Mr. Niccals, we currently have a young boy who made a wish with our foundation, and that wish is to meet you. We were hoping that you’d be able to set something up to meet him.”

The bassist took a moment to comprehend what had just been said to him, and a look of surprise came to his face when he realized the question.

“There’s a kid who made a wish to see me?” He echoed. Normally he’d be more cocky about a fan wanting to meet him personally. After all, he was Murdoc Niccals, who didn’t want to meet him? However, this time was different.

“That’s correct, Mr. Niccals. Do you think you’d be able to set up a time to see him?”

“Well, uh yeah I can do that.” He replied quickly, briefly thinking of whatever schedule he had lately. He figured he be able to move things around when he had things going on, and by that he meant telling the other band members he had something going on and let them handle it. “I can make anytime work, just tell me when and where.”


Murdoc left the house quickly, a guitar case in hand in one hand and his keys in the other. He hadn’t even told the rest of the band about this, all he had said to them was that he wasn’t available for anything today, and he had told all of once about a week ago.

He opened the door to the back seat of the car and tossed the guitar case inside before getting into in the driver’s seat and starting up the car. Once the car was on, he pulled out of the driveway. As soon as he was on the road, scenarios of the meeting began to run through his head. The young boy had specifically requested him, and Murdoc really didn’t want to disappoint him. He hadn’t even had a drink before he left, so he was completely sober.

The car radio played quietly in the background, but Murdoc hardly heard it, instead focused on his thoughts. Time seemed to be non-existent, and before he knew it, he was pulling up to the hospital and parking his car in the lot. He got out of the car and grabbed the case he had put in the back seat, then made his way to the building.

As he walked in, Murdoc was a little surprised to see there were no cameras, however he welcomed this fact. As much as he loved publicity, he felt this should be a more private affair. He began to make his way over to the elevator. The bassist had been given the room number and ward ahead of time, so he really just had to find his way around to the right room. He pressed the button in the elevator that would take him to the right floor, then read over the directions he was given again.

Before he knew it, the lift stopped moving and the doors opened allowing Murdoc to step out and wander around. It didn’t take him long to find the room where the boy was located, and he knocked on the door once he approached. It was only once he tapped on the door that his nerves began to act up, however he didn’t outwardly show it. He simply cleared his throat and kept a stoic face. Within a few seconds, a woman Murdoc perceived to be the mother of the child he was to meet opened the door to see who was there, and the expression on her face immediately let him know she was thrilled.

“Oh my god, it’s so good to meet you. Thank you so much for coming, he’ll will be thrilled.” She informed him, then ushered him inside the room. “Someone’s here to see you!” The woman called just as Murdoc moved in and saw the boy sitting up on his bed. A large grin grew on Murdoc’s face as the boy spotted him and lit up.

“Hello, there. Heard you wanted a visit from Uncle Murdy, so I thought I’d drop by to meet up with you.” By this point, the boy was absolutely ecstatic, and the excitement was rubbing off on Murdoc. All his hesitation and nervousness was thrown out the window, and he quickly felt like himself again.

“Murdoc, you’re really here!” The boy shouted happily. The older man nodded, approaching the bed and setting the guitar case down in an empty chair beside the bed.

“Of course I am, it was your wish, wasn’t it? Can’t leave you hanging there now, can I?” The bassist was caught off guard by a hug from the boy, who had gotten out of bed. For an instant, he just stood there looking at the child but quickly regained himself and patted his back.

“You’re so awesome!” The child happily informed him as he let go and went to sit back on his bed.

“Well thank you, that’s very nice of you to say.” A large grin had returned to Murdoc’s face. “I think that you’re pretty awesome, too.” That got the boy beaming again, and it warmed the older man’s heart and made him feel happy.

“Say, how’d you like a bass lesson? I brought one over here, thought you might like that.” He asked, gesturing to the case he’d set down. The boy nodded eagerly in response, so Murdoc opened the case up and pulled out the bass. He then proceeded to hand it over to the child and got him all set up by showing him how to hold it. The instrument was a little big, and the older man couldn’t help but chuckle a little as he watched the small boy trying to hold onto the bass that was obviously too large.Once the child was holding the instrument more steadily, Murdoc helped to show him how to play a chord.

Murdoc then stepped back and watched as the boy tried to play the chord he was shown. When he struggled, the bassist stepped in to help out but let him be independent for the most part. His smile only grew when he heard the chord played correctly.

“Hey, that’s it right there!” Murdoc told him encouragingly before showing the boy another chord. The child caught on more quickly this time, so the bassist continued to show him how to play the instrument until he could play a short tune. The look on the boys face when he played the tune put a large smile on Murdoc’s face, and he couldn’t help but feel proud.

The rest of the day was spent like that, simply relaxing, giving a private lesson, and talking. Murdoc completely lost track of time, and only realized he had been there all day when the sun began to set, giving the room a yellowish glow. He took a quick glance down at his watch.

“Is it that late already? Listen, I guess I should I should get going.” As he got up and excused himself, he felt bad that he’d have to leave the kid. He glanced back towards the bed where he’d been sitting all day, and the boy still had a large grin despite Murdoc having to leave. “I’ll catch you again some time, yeah?” He asked, and got a large grin and a nod in response. “Good.”

“I really can’t thank you enough for coming by, it really means a lot.” As he turned to leave, the voice of the boy’s mother made Murdoc pause and look at her. The grin on his own face returned.

“It was my pleasure, Love. Really, I had a good time.” He replied in a happy tone, then turned to leave once more.

“Mr. Niccals, what about your bass? Don’t you want that back?”

“Huh? Oh, that? Nah, you can keep that one, brought it just for him.” With that, Murdoc gave a little wave and left the room.


It was late in the evening when Murdoc finally made it back to the house he shared with the other members of the band. After parking the car, he made his way to the door of the house and entered quietly. He really just wanted to go into his room and have a cigarette there in peace, however his plan quickly changed when he saw Russel, who had apparently heard him come in.

“There he is, the changed man. Have a good day?”

Murdoc simply frowned a little when he heard Russel talk. “Changed man? What’re going on about, Russ?”

“You spent the whole day with that kid, didn’t you?”

“Wha- how did you find about that? And is it really so shocking that I’d want to go spend time with a sick child?”

“Yes, and there’s a video out on the internet. Kinda went viral, so it’s hard to miss when it’s over everyone’s feed.”

Murdoc scoffed, then shook his head. “Shame on you, Russel, I love children. Why do you think I kept Noodle?”

Russel simply rolled his eyes. “Just saying good on you, man. It was a cool thing for you to do.”

Murdoc was quiet for a moment, and he simply began to walk away in order to get to his room. However, as he passed by Russel, he muttered a quiet thanks.

My Little Mochi(Jikook)

[Oh hello! So decided to start writing some little fanfictions! I think this one is going to be mainly fluff! Hope you enjoy]

I was lazily sat on my couch just finishing some important assignment work that was due the next day. I often did that. Left things until last minute. I know, I know it’s not the best idea, especially when your parents are constantly on your back to do well. My names Jungkook by the way. I major in law, but my real passion is music. Only thing is, my parents are so up tight and they refuse to let me carry out my dream, so instead of smiling everyday and doing what I love, I’m stuck in this huge house all on my own, finishing overdue work for a subject I have no particular interest in. Yep that’s my life. Great isn’t it? Note the sarcasm.
Anyway going back to the beginning of me sitting on my couch finishing course work, there was a sudden knock on my front door. I rarely had visitors, especially at 2:30 in the morning, so I was a little taken aback, but I placed my laptop to one side before making my way to the front door. When I opened the door only more confusion swept through me as it was the keeper of the campus grounds, Taemin.
“Umm hello?” I started, and Taemin stood tall with a slight smile, the more I looked at him the more I could see he was hiding something…

“Jungkook, I have a request to ask of you” Taemin replied. I kinda hated it when he addressed me like he knew me. The only reason he gets to call me Jungkook, is because my parents are extremely friendly with ‘important’ people here on campus.

“What?” I asked bluntly not looking to impressed.

“Well I found someone wandering the campus grounds” Taemin answered and I raised my brow in confusion.

“At 2:30am?” I questioned.

“Yes I know it’s a little odd, that’s why I came here.” He continued.

“So what do you want me to do?” I sighed, not really understanding what he wanted me to do about the situation.

“Jungkook your place is the only housing that has enough room to hold another person in on the campus.” Taemin stated and I immediately understood what he meant.

“What?! No! I’m not going to take in some random stranger that was roaming around the campus grounds. They’re probably a psycho or something!” I retorted before I started to shut the door on Taemin, but before I could he held the door open with his hand.

“Please Jungkook! There’s nowhere else I can put him. It would just be until we find out where he comes from” Taemin continued.

“…No, I’m sorry I have too much on my plate already” I explained. Taemin sighed a little and he turned around to face what I could only assume was the boy found on the campus grounds. I was a little curious to see what he looked like so I turned a little to get a look and my eyes suddenly grew in size.

“I’m sorry…” Taemin apologised to the smallish boy in front of him. My eyes studied the boy up and down. He was quite short in height and his hair was bright with a hint of a peachy colour. It looked so fluffy and soft. I kinda wanted to just ruffle my hand in it. His eyes were dark brown almost black really. His pupils were huge, but his eyes were so swollen. My eyes fell down to his lips. They were a shade of bright pink, plump, slightly wet and parted, the best word to describe them was kissable…his cheeks were rosey red and they glistened as if he had been crying desperately. Then his clothes…he wore an oversized light brown jumper, over the top of a white shirt which was complete with a little bow tied around his neck. The jumper was slightly torn, along with the shirt that hung off his shoulder revealing his soft milky skin. I found myself staring for way to long, and I quickly averted my gaze back to his face. I couldn’t help but notice his expression. He seemed so damaged and broken…not to mention the fact that he wouldn’t say a word back to Taemin. I could only assume this boy had been through a really traumatic time…“Do you have anywhere else to go?” Taemin asked slowly. I found myself thinking. Thinking about letting him stay. I was completely against taking in strangers, but this boy looked so helpless and I found it quite adorable…“Please say something…I’m trying to help” Taemin continued, but the boy did not reply. Instead he just stared right past Taemin with the same broken expression.

“…He can stay with me.” I replied opening my door a little more. Taemin suddenly shot up and his expression was a little shocked.

“Really?” Taemin gasped.

“Yes, so let him in before I change my mind” I replied a little sternly.

“Come on…we’ve found you a place to stay…” Taemin turned to the boy in a soft manner. Once again the boy did not reply so Taemin had to gently push him inside my house. “Thank you Jungkook. It won’t be for long I swear. We’ll find out where we came from. Until then please look after him” Taemin bowed politely.

“Yeah, yeah whatever. Just find out quick” I replied shaking my head before closing the door quickly. I don’t know why, but I kinda wanted to just spend some time with this small boy…there was something about him that made me want to know him desperately…I wanted to know his troubles, I wanted to know why he looked so broken…and I wanted to see him smile…
I walked further into my house, but the boy did not move from his place. I turned around a little unsure what to do. I was never very good around people in the first place, especially people who looked so damaged, that’s why I was so confused as to why I was so interested in this boy. “Umm…my names Jungkook, I guess you’ll be staying with me for awhile. I hope that’s ok…” I started a little awkwardly, but there was no response, he wouldn’t even look at me. I shuffled a little closer and smiled as much as I could. “What’s your name?” I asked hoping for a reply this time, but again nothing…“…What happened to you?” I asked a little hesitantly, I didn’t get a word from him, this time his eyes moved up to me and we locked eye contact. I could see the sorrow in his eyes, and although he didn’t say anything I just knew that he was hurting inside…and I knew I had to help him…
Just who was this boy…?

[Tada!! I hope you enjoyed! If you want another chapter, please like and reblog! I’ll keep writing them if you want me to! Thanks for reading]

Mary’s Teacher  3/?

This is me openly admitting I’m addicted to this story! So I hope you enjoy :)

Mary weighs in on Oliver and Felicity’s relationship and the three spend some quality time together.

Thanks to @almondblossomme for proofing. All parts of this series, including this one are available on AO3.

                                              3. Family Time

He heard the soft footsteps before he saw the little girl in her bunny slippers with tousled bed hair enter his room.

“What are you doing up, Mary? Did you have a bad dream?”

Mary shook her head. “I’ve been waiting for you.”

“It’s long past your bedtime. What did you need?”

“Did she like the flowers?”

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Title: perfect

Genre: angst/fluff

pairing: sugaXreader

Request: ooh could you do a scenario with suga where you go somewhere and someone really pretty keeps hitting on him and he doesn’t realize it and you get jealous and pout and start ignoring him and get all annoyed and feel intimidated and small because of it? <3 nice blog, keep up the awesome work :D

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SHE'S NO YOU - Background + Ch.1

As promised, it’s here!


A/N: This book is based in 2016, in New York City. Finn is CEO of his own company, and his Ex-wife Rae is a Senior Architect at her Friend Chloe’s Company. Together, they have Two beautiful children, Josh who’s 7, and Ruby who’s 6. Both in there mid-30s, thry despise each other after an ugly divorce. They are both very family oriented, both with plenty of Siblings. I wanted a different twist to my MMFD fic, especially for Finn. 

Rae (32): Linda (65) & Karim (50) (step-dad to all siblings), Robert (38) + family, Julian (35) + son, Mark (34).

Rae + Siblings: dad passed away when Rae was 6 months old. He wasn’t very loving, and died a lonely man.


Finn (35): Gary (69) (Finns mum non-existent) & Veronica (58), Natalia (31) + family, Daniel (25) + GF, Mika (23), AND FINALLY FINNS LAST BROTHER IS… ARCHIE! (33)

Just to explain Finns family… Finns mum and Gary had a small fling before he started dating Veronica. Finns mum Julie turned up with a 3 month old baby boy claiming it was Gary’s (this point he was seeing veronica). She gave Finn to Gary and took off with a wad of cash.. never to be seen again. Finn calls Veronica ma, and is the only mother he has known. Together Gary and Veronica had Archie, Natalia, Daniel and Mika.

(DNA tests confirm Finn is Gary’s son)


SO much information to take in, but I thought I’d give you a bit of information about everyone. Chloe, chop, archie and izzy will have aperences in this book but I wanted this to focus more on Rae and Finn!!

As always ignore my grammar mistakes and spelling! Not too good at editing.


“Kids hurry up, your father will be here any minute now” I yelled up the stairs whilst I finished organising their weekend bags.

It was a constant battle to get them moving after 6pm. If it wasn’t to go to the toilet or get food, I swear my childen wouldn’t shift away from that idiotic TV.

“Josh! Don’t forget to pack your inhaler this time” I called over my shoulder.

“There’s no freaking way I’m dropping that off again” I mumbled to myself, thinking about the awful scene.

He called me lousy mother for not packing it, and I called him a dick for not double checking it was there. Yep, it wasn’t a Rae and Finn ‘chit-chat’ without a smidgen of abuse thrown around. Verbal abuse, of course. He wasn’t a violent person, but a slip of his tongue could pack a punch.

“Got it mum” Josh smiled.

His spiderman onsie was a little big for him. It had been flying off the shelves when I walked into Target a few weeks ago. I grabbed the closest one, running away from the dog pile mother’s had formed in the Isle. He looks adorable, and turns out they are his favourite pj’s. Bonus!

“Good. Now can you please tell your sister to hurry up and brush her teeth whilst I finish getting ready” I cooed. When he turned around, i cheakily patted his bum. I chuckled at the little scowl he gave me. It always reminded me so much of his father, it was honestly heart breaking. The little facial expressions he gives you, and them chocolate brown eyes were everything. Joshua did make me miss the man that tore my life apart, just that little bit more everyday.

I went to the mirror, trying to ignore the small argument that was going on from the upstairs bathroom. Currently, (by the sounds of things) Ruby is giving her brother another ear full about using her princess toothpaste; very expensive toothpaste may I add. Even at the age of 6, I could see my little girl becoming a diva.

I re-applied my nude lipstick, smacking my lips together for effect. Then straightened out the skirt of my black dress, making sure there were no wrinkles. Lastly, I tussled the soft curls in my hair, and deemed myself acceptable for the rest of the population.

It was already 7:25pm, and I had a company dinner at my one of my families restaurants. It was still a 20 minute drive by taxi (if the traffic was good), and at this rate I was going to be late for the 8pm start. Between the kids messing around upstairs and Finn’s tardiness, my frustrations would soon boil over.

I say 7pm, he comes 30 minutes late. Of course, I couldn’t expect anything better from the deceitful man.

“Mooooom, do we have to go to dads? Can’t I just come with you?”

“Ruby we’ve been over this four times-” I sighed.


“No! It’s your dad’s weekend and your going to spend time with him honey. He loves you. He wants to spend time with you” I ran my fingers through her curly brown hair that was a complete mess on top of her head. Another thing for him to complain about I guess.

“I love daddy too. I just wish she wasn’t there all the time”.

I couldn’t help but awkwardly drop to my knees in front of my little girl. I lifted her chin and kissed her plump cheek, this seemed to become a annual accurance everytime she was set to spend every second weekend with Finn or even the two school pick ups he did on Tuesday and Thursday.

I couldn’t stand the bitch she was talking about as much as the next person, but I couldn’t tell a 6 year old that. It sadden me that she felt this way but the one time I tried to express that to my ex-husband, he went off on another crazy rant about slandering his girlfriend to our children. It nearly caused us another day in court. 

“You need to tell daddy that” I stroked her cheek and got to my feet just as the bell rang.

“I don’t want him to be angry with me…” she sniffed. I could see my daughters eyes glisten with unshed tears.

As a mother, you never want to see your children cry, doing everything in your power to make them happy. This unfortunately was something that I couldn’t help fix, without world War 3 breaking out in my living room.

“Baby he would never get mad at you. Now go get cleaned up and hurry back. I’ll go let daddy in” she nodded, headed back towards the bathroom whilst I went towards the large wooden door of my town house.

“Finally” Finn grumbled as I opened the door. He stood there in his work clothes, since it was a Friday night I understood why. He looked as dashing as always in his suit and tie. I was glad he went for the light colours today, normally it was always red and black. He looked handsome. As always.

“Well hello to you too” I mused sarcasticly. Leaving the door open, I didn’t even wait for his grunt reply and just simply went to the kids suitcases.

“Everything is packed. Josh now has two puffs of his inhaler at night as well as in the morning, just until his completely over this small cold he can’t seem to shake. Doctors aren’t worried but it’s just for precaution”.

“Why wasn’t I notified about this doctors appointment Rae! I’m his father I should of been there” Here we go again.

“I did call your office, your mobile was busy…” I slipped on Joshua’s jacket on his shoulders, not even bothering to acknowledge Finn whilst I talked to him.

“I left a message with your assistant-girlfriend whatever. If she didn’t give you the message then it’s not my problem”.

“RUBY, HONEY. HURRY UP OR MOMMY WILL BE LATE” I called just before I heard the pitty patter of her feet.

“Hey dad” Josh cuddled his dad once i finished buttoning up his jacket.

They had always had a strong relationship, it’s something I’ve admired. From birth he cared more about his father’s soothing voice then the women that carried his little body around for nine months. Not that I cared, I was glad that their relationship was so close, I always had my little boy but Finn had his mini me. You could tell that made him proud.

“Hey buddy, how was school?” A genuine smile radiated Finn face. He crouched down so he was looking up at Joshua whilst he talked about his day, and how Mrs. Thorne gave him a gold star of his creative writing story. 

“Hi daddy” Ruby’s timid voice sounded off when she walked towards her brother and father. They both didn’t notice, so I didn’t feel the need to acknowledge it either. Another kick to the stomach, as a mother.

“There’s my beautiful little girl! Have you been keeping mom and joshy on their toes” he grinned picking up ruby’s little body and giving her a squeeze.

“Well Joshua has been using my toothpaste again…”

I left them to talk by the door and ordered a taxi. I looked at the time again as I slid on my coat, and grabbed my bag off the kitchen counter. 7:40pm. I was definitely going to be late for the dinner start, but I new they wouldn’t be ordering food til at least 8:30pm. Thank God.

“You two go to James and he will help you guys get into the car” he nodded to his driver who stood waiting. “I’ll grab your suitcases and meet you there. I just have to talk to mommy, Ohkay?”

They both nodded, then gave me both a kiss goodbye. Trotting off towards James yelling Hello as they got situated in the car. I waved towards James and smiled, he had once been my driver when Finn and I were married, he was a lovable old chap that use to talk my ear off. I miss our little chats.

“Where are you going?” The question didn’t come across one, more of a demand to tell him why I was dressed up and heading out on this rare occasion. 

“Work dinner. Not that it’s any of your business…” I couldn’t help but flush at our proximity. This was probably the closest we had been in years, and that was only because he was standing directly in my way.

“Your little boyfriend not taking you out I see, how disappointing”. He smirked watching the anger build within me. He knew I was a ticking time bomb, I always have been. I can’t help that I take after my mother in that aspect but he has no right talking about Greg and our Relationship.

Yes, we have both 'moved somewhat on’.

“Excuse me! What does Greg have to do with this Finn” I sneered. “What about your girlfriend where’s she? Spending all your money on another boob job?”

Shit. Why did I have to open my big, fat mouth. He fed me the bait, and I took it.

“Liv is actually at her sister’s house if you must know. Tonight it’s just the kids and I” I relaxed when he didn’t scream back at me. It was still weird to watch his demeanor go ridged, and know I was the one to cause it.

“And if you must know-” I fucking knew he would have more of an input. “I quite like Liv’s tits the way they are, firm and perky. Unlike someone I know, maybe you should get yours done”.

“You mother fu- how dare you fucking body shame me! These 'saggy’ tits of mine fed both of your kids for nearly two years each, giving them the best start in life. You asshole”

His face was stoic, but I could see in his brown eyes there was a hint of underlying sadness- regret even.

“Rae I didnt-”.

“Get out!”


“I said get out of my house Finn. Now! Before I grab our kids out of that car. How dare you treat me like that”.

I was too mad to cry, too angry to even care anymore. Even though Greg and I’s sexual relationship wasn’t as active as I hoped, I knew for a fact he liked my body. After two kids, who used my body like a factory I was proud I managed to maintain my weight for once. No more late night snacks, and unhealthy foods. I didn’t want to go back to my former obesity stage, high school was not kind to me.

He grabbed the suite cases with a sigh and headed for the door just as the taxi pulled up.

No more words were exchanged. We both knew it would damage this non existing relationship more.

There’s chapter one… I hope you liked it. And there will be more too come.

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Chapter 17.1


Tick, tock. Tick, tock.

That’s all I heard throughout the dark room; the only light illuminating came from the moon that peaked through the curtains in my room.

Life has been a whirlwind as of late. Dante has somehow got my new number, and doesn’t know how to act; I might just have to get a restraining order against him, but he hasn’t done any harm towards me as of yet. I’m praying that nothing drastic happens to where it leads to that, people should know their boundaries….but this is Dante we’re talking about, he has no boundaries. Releasing an exasperated breath, I tried to think of other possible scenarios, but nothing has lit up inside of my brain. Blowing out a breath, it feels like I have to watch my every move now; Dante knows my place of work, where I live, and now has my new number….when did it all become so bad? I’m not sure, but there’s never a long-lasting calm in my life, and I honestly think moving out and finding a new place to live will have to be the next option.

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nightshadesydneylover150  asked:

Obi-Wan is dragged to Anakin's age soon after the events of tPM



“I… don’t understand,” ten year old Anakin Skywalker said, staring blankly at Master Windu.  “Why is Obi-Wan my age?”

“I’m right here, Padawan,” Obi-Wan said.  “And I might look ten, but I’m still a Knight, and I can answer questions.”

“Sorry,” Anakin said, looking down briefly.  “Why, then, Master?”

Obi-Wan reached out and ruffled Anakin’s hair.  It was odd to be almost exactly the same height, but he managed.  “It’s forgiven,” he said.  “And we’re not sure.”

“But the… device…” Windu paused and blew out a breath.

“We’re both used to strong language, Master Windu, go ahead and describe it as you wish,” Obi-Wan offered.  “Despite appearances, we aren’t Initiates with no idea of the outside world.”

Windu slumped.  “Fine,” he said.  “The Sith-Damned, karking device you found on your mission is the most likely culprit.”

Anakin nodded.  “That’s why I can’t see it?”

“Yes,” Obi-Wan said.  “If it did… this… to me, what would it do to you?”

Anakin made a face.  He didn’t want to suddenly be a baby.  But… “What’s going to happen?” he asked.  Obi-Wan was (well, looked like) a little kid.  They couldn’t let him keep training Anakin, right?

Obi-Wan shrugged.  “We’re going to go to the healers, then probably our quarters.  You have class tomorrow.  And I’ll probably be spending a lot of time with both the healers and the Jedi who study the more arcane uses of the Force.”

“But…” Anakin wasn’t sure why he was arguing.  Obi-Wan was the only Jedi who actually cared for him.

Obi-Wan smiled and ignored Windu to lean forward.  “You are my Padawan, Anakin,” he said.  “I will not let this change that.  No matter what.”

Anakin smiled shakily.  He hoped Obi-Wan was right.


Obi-Wan resisted the urge to curse.  It’d been a year, and the best minds of the Jedi Order had only just decided that there was nothing that could be done for him.  He was going to have to grow up again the long way.

Most of the Masters he’d been working with had been sympathetic and were helping both Obi-Wan and Anakin.  Anakin had done his best to not be a problem for the year- and had done so well, Obi-Wan was very proud of him.  His friends, aside from some harmless teasing, were lifesavers.

Other Jedi were not so kind, and there were at least five Masters who had petitioned to take Anakin as a Padawan, and Obi-Wan was aware of at least one who had argued that Obi-Wan was tainted now, and so was his Padawan, and they needed to be locked up.

It was time Obi-Wan made sure he and Anakin were safe.

Anakin frowned.  “What is it, Obi-Wan?” he asked.  They’d mutually decided that it was just weird to look the same age and call each other Master and Padawan, even if that was what they were.

“I told you about Master Dooku, right, Anakin?”

Anakin nodded.  “And how he left, but he did contact you a few months ago, yes.”

Obi-Wan squared his shoulders.  “Pack anything you’ll miss,” he said.  “We have to go, today, before the Council decides on the petitions.”

Anakin nodded and didn’t quite run into his room.  This past year, at Anakin’s age, he’d learned a lot about his Padawan, and how he thought.  With the appearance of equality, Anakin had opened up to Obi-Wan in ways he hadn’t dared to in the year before.  Anakin had fully expected that he’d lose Obi-Wan, and it terrified him, mostly because he thought the rest of the Jedi would have just dumped him back on Tatooine, and back into slavery, without Obi-Wan.

They wouldn’t, but it would take more time than they now had for Anakin to learn that.

They had to leave.  Yoda and Master Windu notwithstanding, the Council was seriously considering separating them, mostly because Obi-Wan couldn’t go on missions like this, and some of them thought Anakin needed to begin going on missions.  There was nothing malicious about it, but Anakin wouldn’t believe that. 

At least this last year had taught Obi-Wan more than he’d thought possible about Anakin.  He was grateful for that, at least.

Obi-Wan entered his own room and packed the few things he wanted to take with him.  It wasn’t much, but hopefully his grandmaster would understand once they reached him.

Obi-Wan took a long look around his room, then left. Anakin waited for him in the common area.  “Ready, Anakin?” Obi-Wan asked.

Anakin nodded.  At eleven, he was slightly shorter than Obi-Wan was.  Obi-Wan had a feeling that would change in a few years.

“Let’s go,” Obi-Wan said.

Keeping to the disused parts of the Temple as much as possible, they left the Jedi Order behind.  Now to get to Serenno.


Yan Dooku, Count of Serenno, stared down at the two boys his security squad had brought him.  They had gotten surprisingly close- or perhaps not so surprisingly.  He recognized the slightly taller one, after all. “Well.  I hadn’t actually seen pictures, but my sources were telling the truth about what happened to you, young Obi-Wan.”

The boy grimaced.  “I’m not as young as I look,” he said.

Dooku flattened out his grin.  “And you must be Anakin Skywalker,” he said. 

That boy gave him a flat stare that seemed to say “no kidding.”

Again, he flattened his grin.  “I’m surprised you’re here, though,” he said after he dismissed his guards.

Obi-Wan sighed.  “The Council was about to separate us,” he said.  “They didn’t understand, that would be a disaster. And I wasn’t about to let it happen.”

“Any other Jedi would have just dumped me back on Tatooine,” Anakin said flatly.  He truly believed that, and while Dooku knew it wouldn’t have been true, he didn’t think the boy would believe that.

Obi-Wan sighed.  “We need your help,” he said.

Dooku smiled.  “I’m glad you came to me,” he said.  Already, he was starting to plan.  These boys were, after all, Qui-Gon’s legacy.  He’d make sure they learned everything he could teach them. Everything.


Well, Dooku got a little bit Sithy at the end there, but… hmmm. At least Obi-Wan and Anakin trust each other far more than in canon?

Also, the Jedi Council does have a point here- two eleven year olds should not go out in the galaxy alone, even if one of those eleven year olds is actually an adult.  Two kids traveling alone?  Not a good idea.  Unfortunately for the Council, they really don’t get Anakin and why separating Obi-Wan and Anakin would be a bad idea.  And Obi-Wan, though he does have all his adult memories, also has the brain of an eleven year old.  So he actually can’t always act like an adult, as much as he’d like to.

Dirty Talk

Pairing: Newt Scamander X Reader

Requested: Yes

Anon: Can you do a newt/reader where the reader has a tendency to say sexual things as jokes and what not and newt gets really flustered by them and takes them to seriously and interprets them as him needing to do something (like his her) and he ends up doing that (or something like that whatever you want) and basically yeah

A/N: I changed it up a bit, I hope that’s okay. And the title, ahaha two words you don’t really expect to see beside Newt’s name…enjoy!


“Haha!” Tina cries victoriously, marching right over to you and pointing a finger directly in your face. “I won the bet! And you still haven’t paid me back yet, so I’m going to rub it in your face until you do!”

You gulp and slowly take a step back.

“What bet?” you ask innocently, blinking your eyes a few times. You were going to play this off cool.

Tina just smirks, rolling her eyes.

“Please, both of us know exactly what I’m talking about.” she says, her smirk getting wider by the second.


“Jacob would go to Ilvermorny, (Y/N), stop denying it.” Queenie says melodically and you pout.

“Are we still over looking the fact that he’s not a wizard?” you huff, this conversation getting old.

“Yeah, but if he was one he’d go to Ilvermorny, it is the better school after all.” Tina argues back and you sigh, you couldn’t let them win this one.

“Hogwarts is better and that is that!” you state, getting up from your seat to stand in front of your two best friends. “Besides, Newt agrees with me.”

“Of course he does, he’s your boyfriend. And he also went to Hogwarts, so that’s not fair.”

“Well both of you went to Ilvermorny!” you say, getting pumped up for no good reason. This conversation tended to happen a lot; which wizarding school was better and blah, blah, blah. However, both sides would always get super competitive and would do whatever they could to defend their school’s honour. It was really quite childish as times.

“Fine then.” Tina says, shrugging her shoulders back and straightening her posture. Uh, oh something was about to go down.

“I bet that if you ask Jacob, he’ll choose Ilvermorny.” she says.

You don’t answer straight away.

“Isn’t this going too far?” you ask, gulping. “We all know that this is a silly thing we’ve been doing for forever.”

“Which is exactly why we should end this here and now, and what better way than to ask a No-Maj-”


“Himself!” she continues, playfully glaring at you. “Also, why so nervous, if you’re sure Hogwarts is better?”



“What do you want? Money?” you ask, groaning and walking over to the drawer where the three of you kept your money.

“Oh no honey, she wants you to do something for her.” Queenie says, coming out of nowhere.

“What do you want me to do?” you say, sighing.

“You’ll see.” Jacob says, also seemingly appearing out of nowhere.

You take a tiny step back as they all approach you, surrounding you in a tiny circle.

“Why are you guys trapping me? It’s not like I’m going to run away, how bad can this be?” you say, laughing.

“Where’s Newt when you need him.” you then mutter quietly under your and Tina smirks.

Something clicks in your head.

“Oh no, please don’t bring Newt into this.” you beg and they all smile.

“Oh, too bad for you I guess.” Tina says before explaining what you had to do.

“You’re kidding right? He’s too innocent!” you say, although you kind of felt like laughing and crying at the same time.

“Yes, he is a precious little soul, but we all want to see what would happen if…”

“I hate you.” you say, glaring at Jacob. “Why did you have to choose Ilvermorny?”


You hesitantly walk towards your boyfriend, who was tending to the Bowtruckles, and nervously gulped.

You look back and see the other three hiding and giving you looks of encouragement. You sigh.
The dare was that you had to spend the rest of the day talking dirty to Newt. Tina even gave you a list of things to say if you couldn’t think of any. This was so weird though, he was so sweet and innocent and you were afraid of how he would react. However you were also kind of excited, you loved how adorable he became whenever he was embarrassed. This was evil, and all four of you were to blame, but all four of you were also dying to see the results.

You take a deep breath and walk over to him, wrapping your arms from around the back and around his torso, nuzzling your face into his back.

“Oh, hello (Y/N),” he says lovingly, putting down an empty bucket, he had finished feeding. He turns around to hug you properly.

You say nothing, you just continue to hug him and he melts underneath your touch. Now it was the time to put your plan into action.

“Get down on me and make me feel good.” you whisper in his ear, lightly nipping his ear lobe.

He immediately turns a dark shade of red.

“Umm, uh here? R-right now? Are you s-sure t-t-that’s even a g-good idea?”

You say nothing, but you slowly start to lower both of you to the ground and Newt freezes, becoming paralyzed.

“(Y/N).” he whimpers and you hide a smile. He was so confused right now and wasn’t sure what to do. “D-do you w-want me to…”

You nod and he hesitantly moves to your feet and removes your shoes and starts to massage your feet gently.


“How does that feel?” he asks hopefully. “I know you’ve been walking around a lot these days and that your feet are sore and blistered.”

You fight back a laugh.



“Do you want to see the kind of underwear I’m wearing?” you ask him when you’re all sitting around the table and waiting for lunch to be served.

“Umm? Do you want me to check? Is the tag bugging you or something?” he asks, starting to ramble.

Other men would take this another way but Newt was different, he took everything too literally and that made you love him even more. He was so innocent.

“Check.” you say, winking and he blushes beet red.


He gulps and covers his eyes with his hair and peeks just enough to see what you’re wearing underneath your clothes.

“It’s a l-lovely pink s-slip my dear.” he murmurs, his face still burning.

“Thank you Newt.” you smile, giving him a peck on the cheek. It burned your lips.


“I love the way you hold me in your arms as you stroke me.” you murmur into his ear when you were sitting on a sofa with his arms wrapped around you.

He flushes again, and slowly raises one of his hands to stroke your soft hair.

“Like that?” he asks, hesitantly.

“Yes, exactly like that.” you fight back another laugh.

At this point, Tina, Queenie and Jacob are completely losing it and they all decide to get ready for bed.

“You can stop now (Y/N), that’s enough.” Tina says when she leaves the living room to go to sleep, in a fit of giggles.

“What does she mean-”

“Come on sweetie, let’s go back to your case and get ready for bed.” you say, taking his hands in yours.


“(Y/N), you’ve been acting strangely the entire day.” Newt states as he joins you on the small bed inside his shed.

“Was I?” you ask innocently.

“Yes, and it made me feel, oddly aroused.” he says, suddenly kissing you harshly, passionately.

You gasp, this wasn’t what you were expecting.

He crawls on top of you and says, “I love the way you feel underneath me.”

It was your turn to blush.

“I’ve picked up a few things today, and I don’t know what you’ve done to me the entire day, but I do know one thing,” he continues, grinding his hips into yours. Not Newt like, almost beast like. “I like it when you talk dirty.”

Maybe you underestimated Newt, just a little.


Thanks for reading!

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Rhys + daughter He broke my heart ❤️

(50% fluff, 50% angst. I took their kid’s name from my fave baby fic.)

“Vala?” Rhys asked, knocking on her door.

“Go away,” a muffled voice called.

“Are you brooding? Because I’ve been told I’m very good at that. Why don’t I come in and we can brood together?”

“Go away,” she repeated.

Nothing yet? Feyre asked through their bond.

She’s going through a break-up, not a battle. She’ll want to talk to someone eventually, he rationalized.

She didn’t reply, and he turned his attention back to his daughter. “Definitely brooding,” he said lightly. “If you’re going to brood, you should at least let me join you.”

Another grumble, but she called, “Fine. Come in.”

He opened the door and stopped to stare at the sight.

Feyre’s warnings had been right. Vala’s room looked like the living room did after one of Mor and Feyre’s girl’s nights: sheets in disarray, empty chocolate boxes covering every surface, and tissues. Lots of tissues.

Vala herself was lying spread-eagled in the middle of her bed, her eyes, the same color as his, staring at nothing. As he got close enough to see her tearstained face, she said, “I’m going to die alone.”

He blinked, still dazed from the sight. Well, that’s a little dramatic.

Dramatic? Really? I wonder who she got that from.

He tried not to laugh, and instead refocused on Vala. “Why do you think that, darling?”

“He broke up with me.”

“You’ve had other break-ups before, and you’ve never reacted like this. Why now?”

She sat up and met his eyes. A fresh set of tears came as she explained, “I thought he was the one. I thought that we were going to have a future. I thought—I thought that we were mates. But then he broke off our relationship and—” she let out a sob. “He broke my heart.”

Rhys sat down and pulled her into his lap. He stroked her hair and rubbed circles on her back to soothe her as she cried herself out. And when those tears finally subsided, he asked gently, “why were you with this male? Why did you choose him, of any of those you could have been with?”

She pulled back just enough to find a tissue. “I don’t know. He was nice. He was… pretty.”

“If you wanted nice and pretty, you could have asked out Azriel.”

She groaned. “Dad…”

“You had a crush on him when you were little, you know.”

“Yes, I know, you’ve told that story every time you’ve had an excuse to.”

He laughed, but she only smiled.

“Vala, you don’t have to find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with at nineteen.”

“Mom did. Aunt Nesta and Aunt Elain did.”

“I didn’t. Cassian didn’t. And you know things were very bad for Lucien before they were very good. You’re immortal, Vala. You have all the time in the world to find someone to spend your life with. And maybe your mate won’t find you for centuries. But it’ll be worth it.”

“You think?” she said with a sniffle.

“I know,” he promised.

She nodded and pulled away.

“Will you please come down to dinner? Everyone’s waiting for us, and you know how annoying Cassian gets when he is forced to wait for food.”

“Yeah,” Vala said with a sigh and a smile.

Rhys returned it. “Last one there has to sit next to Amren.”

She shrieked with laughter and flew with him from her room.

kisses // august reinhardt

Pairing: August Reinhardt x reader

Warnings: none

Requested: yes @noodleswdw (i am so bad with your requests im so sorry)

Summary/Sentence: you play a little game with august as you wait for the boys to stop recording

Word Count: 450

Written by: Jayde - itrytobesocial

not edited


requests are still open. my inbox is empty :(

*lowkey in August’s P.O.V.*

“Let’s do something.” Your voice captured August’s attention, his head gazing up from his computer, his eyes staring back into yours.

“Why?” August replied. He did love spending time with you; hell, he’d spend every minute of every day with you if he could; he was just confused as to why you randomly wanted to do something.

“Why not? The boys are recording and I’m bored.” You brushed a piece of your hair out of your face, before getting up and sitting directly in front of August.

“Well,” August saved his work before closing his computer “, what do you want to do?”

“Let’s just ask each other questions,” you smiled, reaching for one of his hands “, wait! I’ll ask you a question about me, and if you get it right, you get a kiss.”

A smile made its way onto August’s face, his heart jumping at the idea. “Okay.”

“Okay, who is my favourite singer?”

“Oh, I know this one,” August replied as the memories of you jamming in the car with him filled his mind “, Lauv.”

“That was an easy one!” You laughed as you leaned over and placed a kiss on his lips, causing his heart to skip as if he was a teenage girl.

“What about my favourite ice cream?”

August thought back to the day you two went out for ice cream, the memory making his smile widen. “It’s coffee. You got it the day we went out for ice cream and pushed me down the sand dune.”

Your laughter filled his ears, making his smile bigger; if it was even possible. “Yes! You had sand in your hair for days!” You gave him another kiss.

“How about,” you clicked your tongue as you thought “, my favourite fast food restaurant?”

August’s heart stopped. He didn’t know the answer. “Ha! You don’t know the answer, do you?”

“I do so!” He insisted. “It’s, Chipotle?”

You once again burst into laughter. “No! It’s ‘In ‘n’ Out’, you idiot.”

“Right, you’re related to Daniel Seavey,” August sighed playfully, remembering that you were in fact the cousin of the young Seavey “, can I have a kiss anyway?”

You instantly jumped out of your seat, sprinting down the hallway. “Only if you can catch me!” You teased, screaming for the boys to help you. August instantly chased after you, both of your laughter filled the hallway. Unfortunately for you, August was faster than you, so he caught you within a matter of minutes.

“Please?” He begged, his arms wrapped securely around your waist.

“Fine, but only because I feel bad.” You sighed, reaching up and placing a passionate kiss onto his lips.

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So-upon reflection, maybe Elias WAS captain of the ship even when he kept interrupting Yousef & Sana's moments in the kitchen & when Sana caught Yousef dancing, bc Yousef is an interesting character in that he TRIES to be cool,smooth&"chill"for like, 2.5 seconds then he freaks out and does things like, admit on camera that Sana might be watching, throw grass at Sana, punches the air, tells the boys(again ON CAMERA)that they're going out, and just losing ALL CHILL-so Elias 1/2

2/2 was really just trying to save Yousef from himself since he was like..“my darling cool little sister will want a chill mature guy maybe if I can just limit Yousef’s interactions to the first 2.5 seconds before he loses ALL CHILL they can get together and Yousef will LITERALLY BE IN FAMILY, and yes sure they’ll be happy together.” JUST A THOUGHT. Little did he know (until later), Sana is totally cool with Yousef DORK NO CHILL Acar.

OK but why is this all CANON ,,,,,, like elias was probably like,,, OK so yousef needs to spend a very LIMITEd amount of time with sana so she doesnt realise he’s an IDIOT which was probably why he came and interrupted the kitchen scene in 4x03 but little did he know,,,, YOUSEF ALREADY FREAKING WENT AHEAD AND ASKED HER HOW MANY KIDS SHE WANTRS IM?????

Back at it again with the long post and theories...

Oh hey Rosewood residents,

Kate here <3 And I’m back at it again with the long post and theories! First things first, I was out of commission for 2 weeks with the worst flu and ear infection of my life.. coincidentally the same week PLL was NOT on. I BLAME YOU FOR THIS, MARLENE!! I also ended my Memorial Day weekend with a trip to the ER, so it’s been less than fun over here…

But while I’ve been too sick and weak to type, I’m never too sick to think so grab a little snack (and a PLL-mom approved glass of wine) and buckle in to hear my crazy take on this ride that is Pretty Little Liars EndgAme! I’m going to break my thoughts down into sections so y'all can easily skip around if you would like!

First things first (I’m the realest)… (I am also old and found that funny - don’t judge me!) Let’s travel back to what feels like forever ago… and the reveal that Ali is, indeed, carrying Emily’s baby. I wanted to make the following point but then was bedridden, so the original thought comes before we viewed 7x15…


Yup. They went there. We finally have confirmation (btw, BRILLIANT acting by Sasha in the reveal scene at the baby store!) that Ali is carrying Emily’s stolen-egg baby. I saw a lot of reaction to this in the fandom, a lot of “I knew this would happen” (the best one being my amazing brother’s live blog response!) and a lot of “I was afraid they would do this”.. I saw a lot of comments bashing the storyline and a lot praising it for reiterating just how well-and-truly-evil AD actually is. But I didn’t see ANY reaction that mirrored my own… IN A SHOW WHERE SO LITTLE IS ABLE TO BE FIGURED OUT (by a fandom who spends hours and hours rewatching, blogging, theorizing, screen-capturing), WHY DID THEY MAKE THIS SO OBVIOUS?! Yes, I realize I could be giving the showrunners too much credit here, but as an adult in her mid-thirties who has spent an abnormal amount of time trying to figure out answers and outcomes for this show and constantly figuring out NOTHING, WHY WAS THIS SO EASY TO DEDUCE. Well, to answer that I’m going to reference a movie many of you are probably to young to have seen… Years ago, a brilliant suspense/mystery movie called The Others came out (it starred Nicole Kidman - remember her!?) Anyway, the movie was awesome and mysterious and about halfway through anyone who is paying attention starts to put together the clues and its SO exciting but then you almost get annoyed that the characters in the movie aren’t putting 2 and 2 together, but you’re all proud of yourself for figuring it out, and BAM! Seriously out of left field the twist comes and you realize you were COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY WRONG and just lead to believe you’d figured it out… [side note: I watched this movie multiple times after my first viewing with friends who were seeing it for the first time and let me tell you, at the same point that I originally “figured out the mystery” they did too and were SO DAMN SMUG about it, one going as far to say “You know, I actually find it sooo hard to enjoy movies like this because I’m too smart and always figure it out and get bored waiting for the ending”… yeah, she shut up really fucking quick when she saw she was wrong). ANYWAYS (sorry, I ramble)… I’m kind of wondering if this whole Ali/Emily baby thing was made obvious to throw us off in a way. So many of us saw it coming and because we had “figured it out”, we didn’t think to look beyond waiting for the confirmation that we were right.. MARK MY WORDS, THERE IS MORE TO THIS THAN WE ARE SEEING because we’ve all been so stuck on having figured it out or being mad about it… What I keep coming back to is who the father is and who did the insemination… Ali tells Emily she remembers the procedure when she was locked up in Welby. THIS IS A HUGE CLUE OR POINT TO CONSIDER. I mean, clearly all official places in Rosewood are run by a bunch of dumbfucks (Rosewood Police, I’m looking at you…. until the delicious Furey showed up that is) and yes, clearly “Rollins” was lying about his identity in order to be a practicing doctor there… but they ARE NOT going to let some rando in a black hoodie and gloves come in with a turkey baster and shove it up some patient’s hoo-ha. THIS HAD TO BE AN INSIDE JOB! Maybe Rollins was playing the AD game and was forced to do it? That I don’t know. We DO know that AD stole Emily’s eggs… so somehow, Emily’s eggs were fertilized and inseminated into Ali… I’m still thinking on this one… I would love if someone would think about it too and tell me their thoughts because seriously, I think they duped us here (brilliantly!) by making the baby storyline obvious and having us focus on THAT rather than the real clues being shared…

Now that we’ve seen 7x15 and know that Ali is going through with the pregnancy and know that Emily wants the baby and know that they are trying to figure out who the father is, I feel like I am right in their being more to this.


Before I theorize, I just want to point out that I feel this was one of the best PLL episodes ever and don’t think Troian’s directing is a coincidence…. clearly this woman is talented, thoughtful and really GETS how this show should be done. Absolutely brilliant from start to stop and OH MAN the acting has been spot on from all of them..  And now onto the details.


Ohhhh Ostinato. You shady little bastard!! Gavin and I noticed at the same time that Ezra had a small, clear earpiece in his ear while he and Aria were arguing (as he was preparing to head to the airport). Now, let me start with this: I DO NOT BELIEVE FOR ONE SECOND THAT HE IS TROTTING OFF TO HELP NICOLE. I have been SOOOOO suspicious for a long while now about this… we only have his word that he’s “helping Nicole”. Yes yes, there was the article Aria saw in the magazine while she was with Holden, but those pictures were all clearly taken on the same day. Do I think *some* of the times he’s gone he’s been with Nicole? Yes… But the little hidden earpiece was a major point for me that he’s hiding a shit ton!! Gavin and I saw it and he included a post with screenshots, so check it out! Ostinato is up to NO GOOD!!!

FURTHERMORE - let’s discuss this whole Wren & Ezra business… From the previous episode’s sneak-peek both Gavin and I were CONVINCED that he and Wren weren’t meeting for the first time… and after seeing the episode, I am even MORE convinced! There is NO WAY these two are being introduced for the first time (great acting, boys!) And beyond THAT… let’s look at the following facts – Ezra was SO set on going to see “Nicole” that he had the fight with Aria (again, as I said above, I don’t believe for a hot second that he was flying off to Maine to see Nicole and her family…) We saw on the flight boards that there were a bunch of delays… then Spencer spots Ezra as she and Wren are clearly arguing… Ezra and Wren “meet”…. and then Ezra magically decides to skip out on going away!? NOT BUYING IT!! I think he stayed in Rosewood because of Wren… AND THEN when Ezra is telling Aria that his flight wasn’t delayed he just “didn’t get on it”… and then the camera pans over to his bag and we see a glow like from a phone ringing.. MY MONEY IS ON THAT CALL BEING FROM WREN!!!


So I hadn’t crossed Mona off my suspect list… until the last episode. Again with the brilliant acting! Her fan-girling over the board game while at the same time the devastation crossing her face that she didn’t create it… pure genius AND also really changed my mind on her possibly being involved… I think we all need to pay attention to the “clues” that Mona gave us about who could have made the game… WHO IS THIS MONSTER!! 


- Fuck, that comic book is cool… I gotta say, this whole Charles and Lucas friendship surprised the hell out of me and I LOVE IT! 

- As many have pointed out, did you see how the “A” in Lucas’s signature on the comic is the “A” a?! Lucas was TOP of my suspect list… but with a revel regarding him coming tonight I don’t think he’s the final AD… AGGH!

- WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH THE NUMBER 214!!!!?!?! Its shit like this that gives me hope that this storyline has been brewing all along….

- How long before Snapchat releases that creepy-ass Aria filter!? Honestly though, that was super amazingly creepy! I’ve seen a lot of people say the face looks like Paige, like Sydney, like Melissa (my first comparison was to Marlene actually…) but I feel like the clip at the end (YAY FOR AN A ENDING!) indicated that the face and voice are completely digitally generated and not someone talking live with some sort of filter on… Maybe cause AD has a British accent (WREN WREN WREN) or a recognizable voice to the PLL!? 

What did you all think!? Any comments, ideas or further pieces to examine!? I can’t wait to hear what you think and can’t wait to see tonight’s episode!!!!! 



“Eat the Spaghetti to forget your regretti.”

Before anyone jumps into Conclusions, this is my COUSIN,Antonio. So I arrived in Italy,And i knock on my grandpa’s Apartment and remember i have the keys already so i open the door to find him. What a Pleasant welcome. please Note the sarcasm. *Dialogue below* Antonio: Who barged into th- maddie?!

Maddie: Not so happy to see me? *laughs*

Antonio: i guess so, Why are you here in the first place werent you “fulfilling your dream in the big city”? did it not treat you well mia belle? *laughs*

Maddie: in fact it treated me a little bit too well that i missed italy. and i didnt come here to meet you i came here to meet Nonno (grandpa in italian)

Antonio: he’s still at work he’ll be back in an hour at most. Maddie: so I have to spend a whole hour with you. Antonio: pretty much, yes. But we could use this time to catch up. Maddie: I guess so.

“I suppose the audience won’t know what to do with this parcel of info, hm?”

“Uh, could you maybe not break the fourth wall? And what happened to the usual pattern of this?”

“Just felt like changing it up a little. If the Medium tells me about it, it should be fine, right?”

“Oh geez, you Children of Arcane never fail to exasperate!”

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