why yes i did spend a little time on this

genji: hanzo are you busy
hanzo: yes go away
genji: but we were going to go see a movie
hanzo: what since when
genji: oh y’know i just thought
genji: to make up for the lost time
genji: from the past decade
genji: and also you killed me
hanzo: …
genji: yeah so remember, i want a large popcorn
hanzo: why didn’t you just tell me earlier
genji: because we operate on my schedule, asshole
genji: not my problem you’re constantly fucking jesse and have no time to spend with your little brother like you SHOULD BE
genji: oh yeah and did i mention
genji: you MURDERED me???????
hanzo: ok fine let’s go

Tom Hiddleston Imagine

Not my gif but thanks to the talented person who did make it because I LOVE IT

Today you and Tom were making a little YouTube video together. With both of you being successful actors it was precious time to the both of you when got to spend it together. You thought why not make videos so you both can revisit them when you get lonely during filming or tours. Right now Tom is doing the laundry and you just got finished cleaning the kitchen from the breakfast you two shared that morning. Yes cleaning sounds like tasks that should not be recorded for YouTube but here was the thing about you and Tom. Doing these domestic chores kept you two grounded and it was always a fun time for the both of you. You two were always cracking jokes and letting out your feelings about current events or each other to the viewers of your videos. Right now you were recording Tom fold clothes and put them away. You two were having a good time bantering “Hey Thomas” you blurt out. “Yes my love??” he asks with a worried look on his face. “I have something serious I need to tell you.” He stopped folding the shirt he was in his hands and turnes his full attention to you. “And that would be??” You took a deep breath and paused. You could tell that Tom was slightly tense. “I have been asked a lot by some of the Marvel fans if I liked Thor or Loki more and I think a few of them think its dumb of me to like Loki more… I think that is because you know… My boyfriend… You… Play Loki… But the real reason I like Loki so much more than Thor is because you know in a way Thor is too high strung and Loki is very low key…” You pause and Tom looks at you holding back his laughter. He bursts out laughing his wonderful laugh that has stolen the hearts of many. “Have you been thinking about that joke all day??” He asks through his laughter. “Maybe…” He takes the camera from you that has been recording the whole thing and announces that moments like this are the reason he is so in love with you and turns the camera off before he gives you a long passionate kiss. The laundry and other chores long forgotten. 

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anonymous asked:

In what situation do you think would Yata get jealous? Like, angsty jealous and not cutesy jealous? I'm also really curious about how he would react. Thank you!

Hmm, I feel like this is kinda hard…maybe just something with Fushimi spending a lot more time with Scepter 4 than with him? Like the two of them have hooked up and they’re even living together and all’s well, except then one day Fushimi starts doing like triple overtime at work. He comes home super late when he comes home at all and he seems very distracted, like even when Yata’s talking to him Fushimi’s not really listening. Yata tries to be understanding because okay, government worker, hard job, it’s not like Yata doesn’t spend time with Homra too, but he’s starting to feel a little lonely. Then one day he’s out running an errand he catches sight of Scepter 4 setting up a blockade around part of the street or something. He sees Fushimi and decides to go ask what’s up, which is when Munakata walks over to Fushimi and starts talking to him and of course since it’s Munakata he’s like super close to Fushimi as they discuss. Fushimi starts talking back to him and then maybe Munakata says something that makes Fushimi laugh a little and Yata just feels this slight pain in his chest as he turns and walks away. Later on Fushimi comes back to the apartment and he’s limping slightly because he got hurt protecting Munakata and when Yata tries to fuss over him Fushimi waves him away and goes to bed all on his own.

Yata starts feeling really frustrated because he’s trying to be understanding and all but it’s starting to feel like he’s becoming less and less a part of Fushimi’s life and he doesn’t really know where he stands, like here they’re living together and they’ve confessed to each other but it feels like Fushimi doesn’t want him around anymore. Yata doesn’t know how to talk about this with Fushimi though because he doesn’t want to be that jerk who yells at Fushimi for having a life outside of him considering how things have gone with them in the past and he probably sits and stews for a while before maybe someone in Homra notices how down Yata is and asks him about. Then I can see Anna and Kusanagi trying to give Yata some advice (and probably Homra’s alphabet boys giving Yata somewhat less good advice, possibly including the phrase ‘well, why don’t you just shove him against the wall and go for it?’).

That evening Yata waits for Fushimi to get home, pacing back and forth and going over in his head what he wants to say. Fushimi walks in looking exhausted and worn out and he doesn’t want to talk so he keeps blowing off Yata’s attempts at talking to him. Yata keeps stumbling over his words and getting irritated with the way Fushimi keeps blowing him off and finally, having no other advice to fall back on, promptly shoves Fushimi against the wall and kisses him. Fushimi immediately relaxes against him, sex possibly happens (I…I just have a sudden need to see Fushimi pressed against a wall okay). Then in the cuddling aftermath stage Yata gets to admit that he was feeling kinda left behind and maybe a bit jealous of Scepter 4 for having all of Fushimi’s time. Fushimi’s all surprised and he kinda cuddles close to Yata because he’s actually been feeling stretched really thin because of all the work and he missed being able to spend time with Misaki and he’s oddly pleased to hear that Yata was jealous over him for a change.