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genji: hanzo are you busy
hanzo: yes go away
genji: but we were going to go see a movie
hanzo: what since when
genji: oh y’know i just thought
genji: to make up for the lost time
genji: from the past decade
genji: and also you killed me
hanzo: …
genji: yeah so remember, i want a large popcorn
hanzo: why didn’t you just tell me earlier
genji: because we operate on my schedule, asshole
genji: not my problem you’re constantly fucking jesse and have no time to spend with your little brother like you SHOULD BE
genji: oh yeah and did i mention
genji: you MURDERED me???????
hanzo: ok fine let’s go

My Little Mochi(Jikook)

[Oh hello! So decided to start writing some little fanfictions! I think this one is going to be mainly fluff! Hope you enjoy]

I was lazily sat on my couch just finishing some important assignment work that was due the next day. I often did that. Left things until last minute. I know, I know it’s not the best idea, especially when your parents are constantly on your back to do well. My names Jungkook by the way. I major in law, but my real passion is music. Only thing is, my parents are so up tight and they refuse to let me carry out my dream, so instead of smiling everyday and doing what I love, I’m stuck in this huge house all on my own, finishing overdue work for a subject I have no particular interest in. Yep that’s my life. Great isn’t it? Note the sarcasm.
Anyway going back to the beginning of me sitting on my couch finishing course work, there was a sudden knock on my front door. I rarely had visitors, especially at 2:30 in the morning, so I was a little taken aback, but I placed my laptop to one side before making my way to the front door. When I opened the door only more confusion swept through me as it was the keeper of the campus grounds, Taemin.
“Umm hello?” I started, and Taemin stood tall with a slight smile, the more I looked at him the more I could see he was hiding something…

“Jungkook, I have a request to ask of you” Taemin replied. I kinda hated it when he addressed me like he knew me. The only reason he gets to call me Jungkook, is because my parents are extremely friendly with ‘important’ people here on campus.

“What?” I asked bluntly not looking to impressed.

“Well I found someone wandering the campus grounds” Taemin answered and I raised my brow in confusion.

“At 2:30am?” I questioned.

“Yes I know it’s a little odd, that’s why I came here.” He continued.

“So what do you want me to do?” I sighed, not really understanding what he wanted me to do about the situation.

“Jungkook your place is the only housing that has enough room to hold another person in on the campus.” Taemin stated and I immediately understood what he meant.

“What?! No! I’m not going to take in some random stranger that was roaming around the campus grounds. They’re probably a psycho or something!” I retorted before I started to shut the door on Taemin, but before I could he held the door open with his hand.

“Please Jungkook! There’s nowhere else I can put him. It would just be until we find out where he comes from” Taemin continued.

“…No, I’m sorry I have too much on my plate already” I explained. Taemin sighed a little and he turned around to face what I could only assume was the boy found on the campus grounds. I was a little curious to see what he looked like so I turned a little to get a look and my eyes suddenly grew in size.

“I’m sorry…” Taemin apologised to the smallish boy in front of him. My eyes studied the boy up and down. He was quite short in height and his hair was bright with a hint of a peachy colour. It looked so fluffy and soft. I kinda wanted to just ruffle my hand in it. His eyes were dark brown almost black really. His pupils were huge, but his eyes were so swollen. My eyes fell down to his lips. They were a shade of bright pink, plump, slightly wet and parted, the best word to describe them was kissable…his cheeks were rosey red and they glistened as if he had been crying desperately. Then his clothes…he wore an oversized light brown jumper, over the top of a white shirt which was complete with a little bow tied around his neck. The jumper was slightly torn, along with the shirt that hung off his shoulder revealing his soft milky skin. I found myself staring for way to long, and I quickly averted my gaze back to his face. I couldn’t help but notice his expression. He seemed so damaged and broken…not to mention the fact that he wouldn’t say a word back to Taemin. I could only assume this boy had been through a really traumatic time…“Do you have anywhere else to go?” Taemin asked slowly. I found myself thinking. Thinking about letting him stay. I was completely against taking in strangers, but this boy looked so helpless and I found it quite adorable…“Please say something…I’m trying to help” Taemin continued, but the boy did not reply. Instead he just stared right past Taemin with the same broken expression.

“…He can stay with me.” I replied opening my door a little more. Taemin suddenly shot up and his expression was a little shocked.

“Really?” Taemin gasped.

“Yes, so let him in before I change my mind” I replied a little sternly.

“Come on…we’ve found you a place to stay…” Taemin turned to the boy in a soft manner. Once again the boy did not reply so Taemin had to gently push him inside my house. “Thank you Jungkook. It won’t be for long I swear. We’ll find out where we came from. Until then please look after him” Taemin bowed politely.

“Yeah, yeah whatever. Just find out quick” I replied shaking my head before closing the door quickly. I don’t know why, but I kinda wanted to just spend some time with this small boy…there was something about him that made me want to know him desperately…I wanted to know his troubles, I wanted to know why he looked so broken…and I wanted to see him smile…
I walked further into my house, but the boy did not move from his place. I turned around a little unsure what to do. I was never very good around people in the first place, especially people who looked so damaged, that’s why I was so confused as to why I was so interested in this boy. “Umm…my names Jungkook, I guess you’ll be staying with me for awhile. I hope that’s ok…” I started a little awkwardly, but there was no response, he wouldn’t even look at me. I shuffled a little closer and smiled as much as I could. “What’s your name?” I asked hoping for a reply this time, but again nothing…“…What happened to you?” I asked a little hesitantly, I didn’t get a word from him, this time his eyes moved up to me and we locked eye contact. I could see the sorrow in his eyes, and although he didn’t say anything I just knew that he was hurting inside…and I knew I had to help him…
Just who was this boy…?

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SHE'S NO YOU - Background + Ch.1

As promised, it’s here!


A/N: This book is based in 2016, in New York City. Finn is CEO of his own company, and his Ex-wife Rae is a Senior Architect at her Friend Chloe’s Company. Together, they have Two beautiful children, Josh who’s 7, and Ruby who’s 6. Both in there mid-30s, thry despise each other after an ugly divorce. They are both very family oriented, both with plenty of Siblings. I wanted a different twist to my MMFD fic, especially for Finn. 

Rae (32): Linda (65) & Karim (50) (step-dad to all siblings), Robert (38) + family, Julian (35) + son, Mark (34).

Rae + Siblings: dad passed away when Rae was 6 months old. He wasn’t very loving, and died a lonely man.


Finn (35): Gary (69) (Finns mum non-existent) & Veronica (58), Natalia (31) + family, Daniel (25) + GF, Mika (23), AND FINALLY FINNS LAST BROTHER IS… ARCHIE! (33)

Just to explain Finns family… Finns mum and Gary had a small fling before he started dating Veronica. Finns mum Julie turned up with a 3 month old baby boy claiming it was Gary’s (this point he was seeing veronica). She gave Finn to Gary and took off with a wad of cash.. never to be seen again. Finn calls Veronica ma, and is the only mother he has known. Together Gary and Veronica had Archie, Natalia, Daniel and Mika.

(DNA tests confirm Finn is Gary’s son)


SO much information to take in, but I thought I’d give you a bit of information about everyone. Chloe, chop, archie and izzy will have aperences in this book but I wanted this to focus more on Rae and Finn!!

As always ignore my grammar mistakes and spelling! Not too good at editing.


“Kids hurry up, your father will be here any minute now” I yelled up the stairs whilst I finished organising their weekend bags.

It was a constant battle to get them moving after 6pm. If it wasn’t to go to the toilet or get food, I swear my childen wouldn’t shift away from that idiotic TV.

“Josh! Don’t forget to pack your inhaler this time” I called over my shoulder.

“There’s no freaking way I’m dropping that off again” I mumbled to myself, thinking about the awful scene.

He called me lousy mother for not packing it, and I called him a dick for not double checking it was there. Yep, it wasn’t a Rae and Finn ‘chit-chat’ without a smidgen of abuse thrown around. Verbal abuse, of course. He wasn’t a violent person, but a slip of his tongue could pack a punch.

“Got it mum” Josh smiled.

His spiderman onsie was a little big for him. It had been flying off the shelves when I walked into Target a few weeks ago. I grabbed the closest one, running away from the dog pile mother’s had formed in the Isle. He looks adorable, and turns out they are his favourite pj’s. Bonus!

“Good. Now can you please tell your sister to hurry up and brush her teeth whilst I finish getting ready” I cooed. When he turned around, i cheakily patted his bum. I chuckled at the little scowl he gave me. It always reminded me so much of his father, it was honestly heart breaking. The little facial expressions he gives you, and them chocolate brown eyes were everything. Joshua did make me miss the man that tore my life apart, just that little bit more everyday.

I went to the mirror, trying to ignore the small argument that was going on from the upstairs bathroom. Currently, (by the sounds of things) Ruby is giving her brother another ear full about using her princess toothpaste; very expensive toothpaste may I add. Even at the age of 6, I could see my little girl becoming a diva.

I re-applied my nude lipstick, smacking my lips together for effect. Then straightened out the skirt of my black dress, making sure there were no wrinkles. Lastly, I tussled the soft curls in my hair, and deemed myself acceptable for the rest of the population.

It was already 7:25pm, and I had a company dinner at my one of my families restaurants. It was still a 20 minute drive by taxi (if the traffic was good), and at this rate I was going to be late for the 8pm start. Between the kids messing around upstairs and Finn’s tardiness, my frustrations would soon boil over.

I say 7pm, he comes 30 minutes late. Of course, I couldn’t expect anything better from the deceitful man.

“Mooooom, do we have to go to dads? Can’t I just come with you?”

“Ruby we’ve been over this four times-” I sighed.


“No! It’s your dad’s weekend and your going to spend time with him honey. He loves you. He wants to spend time with you” I ran my fingers through her curly brown hair that was a complete mess on top of her head. Another thing for him to complain about I guess.

“I love daddy too. I just wish she wasn’t there all the time”.

I couldn’t help but awkwardly drop to my knees in front of my little girl. I lifted her chin and kissed her plump cheek, this seemed to become a annual accurance everytime she was set to spend every second weekend with Finn or even the two school pick ups he did on Tuesday and Thursday.

I couldn’t stand the bitch she was talking about as much as the next person, but I couldn’t tell a 6 year old that. It sadden me that she felt this way but the one time I tried to express that to my ex-husband, he went off on another crazy rant about slandering his girlfriend to our children. It nearly caused us another day in court. 

“You need to tell daddy that” I stroked her cheek and got to my feet just as the bell rang.

“I don’t want him to be angry with me…” she sniffed. I could see my daughters eyes glisten with unshed tears.

As a mother, you never want to see your children cry, doing everything in your power to make them happy. This unfortunately was something that I couldn’t help fix, without world War 3 breaking out in my living room.

“Baby he would never get mad at you. Now go get cleaned up and hurry back. I’ll go let daddy in” she nodded, headed back towards the bathroom whilst I went towards the large wooden door of my town house.

“Finally” Finn grumbled as I opened the door. He stood there in his work clothes, since it was a Friday night I understood why. He looked as dashing as always in his suit and tie. I was glad he went for the light colours today, normally it was always red and black. He looked handsome. As always.

“Well hello to you too” I mused sarcasticly. Leaving the door open, I didn’t even wait for his grunt reply and just simply went to the kids suitcases.

“Everything is packed. Josh now has two puffs of his inhaler at night as well as in the morning, just until his completely over this small cold he can’t seem to shake. Doctors aren’t worried but it’s just for precaution”.

“Why wasn’t I notified about this doctors appointment Rae! I’m his father I should of been there” Here we go again.

“I did call your office, your mobile was busy…” I slipped on Joshua’s jacket on his shoulders, not even bothering to acknowledge Finn whilst I talked to him.

“I left a message with your assistant-girlfriend whatever. If she didn’t give you the message then it’s not my problem”.

“RUBY, HONEY. HURRY UP OR MOMMY WILL BE LATE” I called just before I heard the pitty patter of her feet.

“Hey dad” Josh cuddled his dad once i finished buttoning up his jacket.

They had always had a strong relationship, it’s something I’ve admired. From birth he cared more about his father’s soothing voice then the women that carried his little body around for nine months. Not that I cared, I was glad that their relationship was so close, I always had my little boy but Finn had his mini me. You could tell that made him proud.

“Hey buddy, how was school?” A genuine smile radiated Finn face. He crouched down so he was looking up at Joshua whilst he talked about his day, and how Mrs. Thorne gave him a gold star of his creative writing story. 

“Hi daddy” Ruby’s timid voice sounded off when she walked towards her brother and father. They both didn’t notice, so I didn’t feel the need to acknowledge it either. Another kick to the stomach, as a mother.

“There’s my beautiful little girl! Have you been keeping mom and joshy on their toes” he grinned picking up ruby’s little body and giving her a squeeze.

“Well Joshua has been using my toothpaste again…”

I left them to talk by the door and ordered a taxi. I looked at the time again as I slid on my coat, and grabbed my bag off the kitchen counter. 7:40pm. I was definitely going to be late for the dinner start, but I new they wouldn’t be ordering food til at least 8:30pm. Thank God.

“You two go to James and he will help you guys get into the car” he nodded to his driver who stood waiting. “I’ll grab your suitcases and meet you there. I just have to talk to mommy, Ohkay?”

They both nodded, then gave me both a kiss goodbye. Trotting off towards James yelling Hello as they got situated in the car. I waved towards James and smiled, he had once been my driver when Finn and I were married, he was a lovable old chap that use to talk my ear off. I miss our little chats.

“Where are you going?” The question didn’t come across one, more of a demand to tell him why I was dressed up and heading out on this rare occasion. 

“Work dinner. Not that it’s any of your business…” I couldn’t help but flush at our proximity. This was probably the closest we had been in years, and that was only because he was standing directly in my way.

“Your little boyfriend not taking you out I see, how disappointing”. He smirked watching the anger build within me. He knew I was a ticking time bomb, I always have been. I can’t help that I take after my mother in that aspect but he has no right talking about Greg and our Relationship.

Yes, we have both 'moved somewhat on’.

“Excuse me! What does Greg have to do with this Finn” I sneered. “What about your girlfriend where’s she? Spending all your money on another boob job?”

Shit. Why did I have to open my big, fat mouth. He fed me the bait, and I took it.

“Liv is actually at her sister’s house if you must know. Tonight it’s just the kids and I” I relaxed when he didn’t scream back at me. It was still weird to watch his demeanor go ridged, and know I was the one to cause it.

“And if you must know-” I fucking knew he would have more of an input. “I quite like Liv’s tits the way they are, firm and perky. Unlike someone I know, maybe you should get yours done”.

“You mother fu- how dare you fucking body shame me! These 'saggy’ tits of mine fed both of your kids for nearly two years each, giving them the best start in life. You asshole”

His face was stoic, but I could see in his brown eyes there was a hint of underlying sadness- regret even.

“Rae I didnt-”.

“Get out!”


“I said get out of my house Finn. Now! Before I grab our kids out of that car. How dare you treat me like that”.

I was too mad to cry, too angry to even care anymore. Even though Greg and I’s sexual relationship wasn’t as active as I hoped, I knew for a fact he liked my body. After two kids, who used my body like a factory I was proud I managed to maintain my weight for once. No more late night snacks, and unhealthy foods. I didn’t want to go back to my former obesity stage, high school was not kind to me.

He grabbed the suite cases with a sigh and headed for the door just as the taxi pulled up.

No more words were exchanged. We both knew it would damage this non existing relationship more.

There’s chapter one… I hope you liked it. And there will be more too come.

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Do u know what I don’t understand about nh and ss is that, yes they’re canon and (in my opinion both have little to no real development) but now that they are canon why doesn’t sp/kishi make their families happy??? Or functional for this matter

Why did sasuke leave again? And not talk to his own damn daughter?? Kishi could’ve easily made that happen but he didn’t ??????? A scene where he thinking about going home but no?????Why did he never say ‘I love you’ to Sakura???? I mean if u made them canon at least show that exchange of words but they don’t???????

Naruto doesn’t spend time with his canon family???? They could’ve made him at least eat dinner with them even if he is tired because god, he’s naruto he should cherish those
moments but he doesn’t??????????

Why are they constantly portraying Sakura as a mad woman when she’s not?? Why are naruto and sasuke not cherishing their families as much as they should because hello! They lost theirs ???? Why is hinata still so submissive even after being married to naruto I don’t get it like??????? It’s way too OOC

At least show us that our favourite characters are happy oml but they look so miserable

Title: perfect

Genre: angst/fluff

pairing: sugaXreader

Request: ooh could you do a scenario with suga where you go somewhere and someone really pretty keeps hitting on him and he doesn’t realize it and you get jealous and pout and start ignoring him and get all annoyed and feel intimidated and small because of it? <3 nice blog, keep up the awesome work :D

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Rhys + daughter He broke my heart ❤️

(50% fluff, 50% angst. I took their kid’s name from my fave baby fic.)

“Vala?” Rhys asked, knocking on her door.

“Go away,” a muffled voice called.

“Are you brooding? Because I’ve been told I’m very good at that. Why don’t I come in and we can brood together?”

“Go away,” she repeated.

Nothing yet? Feyre asked through their bond.

She’s going through a break-up, not a battle. She’ll want to talk to someone eventually, he rationalized.

She didn’t reply, and he turned his attention back to his daughter. “Definitely brooding,” he said lightly. “If you’re going to brood, you should at least let me join you.”

Another grumble, but she called, “Fine. Come in.”

He opened the door and stopped to stare at the sight.

Feyre’s warnings had been right. Vala’s room looked like the living room did after one of Mor and Feyre’s girl’s nights: sheets in disarray, empty chocolate boxes covering every surface, and tissues. Lots of tissues.

Vala herself was lying spread-eagled in the middle of her bed, her eyes, the same color as his, staring at nothing. As he got close enough to see her tearstained face, she said, “I’m going to die alone.”

He blinked, still dazed from the sight. Well, that’s a little dramatic.

Dramatic? Really? I wonder who she got that from.

He tried not to laugh, and instead refocused on Vala. “Why do you think that, darling?”

“He broke up with me.”

“You’ve had other break-ups before, and you’ve never reacted like this. Why now?”

She sat up and met his eyes. A fresh set of tears came as she explained, “I thought he was the one. I thought that we were going to have a future. I thought—I thought that we were mates. But then he broke off our relationship and—” she let out a sob. “He broke my heart.”

Rhys sat down and pulled her into his lap. He stroked her hair and rubbed circles on her back to soothe her as she cried herself out. And when those tears finally subsided, he asked gently, “why were you with this male? Why did you choose him, of any of those you could have been with?”

She pulled back just enough to find a tissue. “I don’t know. He was nice. He was… pretty.”

“If you wanted nice and pretty, you could have asked out Azriel.”

She groaned. “Dad…”

“You had a crush on him when you were little, you know.”

“Yes, I know, you’ve told that story every time you’ve had an excuse to.”

He laughed, but she only smiled.

“Vala, you don’t have to find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with at nineteen.”

“Mom did. Aunt Nesta and Aunt Elain did.”

“I didn’t. Cassian didn’t. And you know things were very bad for Lucien before they were very good. You’re immortal, Vala. You have all the time in the world to find someone to spend your life with. And maybe your mate won’t find you for centuries. But it’ll be worth it.”

“You think?” she said with a sniffle.

“I know,” he promised.

She nodded and pulled away.

“Will you please come down to dinner? Everyone’s waiting for us, and you know how annoying Cassian gets when he is forced to wait for food.”

“Yeah,” Vala said with a sigh and a smile.

Rhys returned it. “Last one there has to sit next to Amren.”

She shrieked with laughter and flew with him from her room.

Back at it again with the long post and theories...

Oh hey Rosewood residents,

Kate here <3 And I’m back at it again with the long post and theories! First things first, I was out of commission for 2 weeks with the worst flu and ear infection of my life.. coincidentally the same week PLL was NOT on. I BLAME YOU FOR THIS, MARLENE!! I also ended my Memorial Day weekend with a trip to the ER, so it’s been less than fun over here…

But while I’ve been too sick and weak to type, I’m never too sick to think so grab a little snack (and a PLL-mom approved glass of wine) and buckle in to hear my crazy take on this ride that is Pretty Little Liars EndgAme! I’m going to break my thoughts down into sections so y'all can easily skip around if you would like!

First things first (I’m the realest)… (I am also old and found that funny - don’t judge me!) Let’s travel back to what feels like forever ago… and the reveal that Ali is, indeed, carrying Emily’s baby. I wanted to make the following point but then was bedridden, so the original thought comes before we viewed 7x15…


Yup. They went there. We finally have confirmation (btw, BRILLIANT acting by Sasha in the reveal scene at the baby store!) that Ali is carrying Emily’s stolen-egg baby. I saw a lot of reaction to this in the fandom, a lot of “I knew this would happen” (the best one being my amazing brother’s live blog response!) and a lot of “I was afraid they would do this”.. I saw a lot of comments bashing the storyline and a lot praising it for reiterating just how well-and-truly-evil AD actually is. But I didn’t see ANY reaction that mirrored my own… IN A SHOW WHERE SO LITTLE IS ABLE TO BE FIGURED OUT (by a fandom who spends hours and hours rewatching, blogging, theorizing, screen-capturing), WHY DID THEY MAKE THIS SO OBVIOUS?! Yes, I realize I could be giving the showrunners too much credit here, but as an adult in her mid-thirties who has spent an abnormal amount of time trying to figure out answers and outcomes for this show and constantly figuring out NOTHING, WHY WAS THIS SO EASY TO DEDUCE. Well, to answer that I’m going to reference a movie many of you are probably to young to have seen… Years ago, a brilliant suspense/mystery movie called The Others came out (it starred Nicole Kidman - remember her!?) Anyway, the movie was awesome and mysterious and about halfway through anyone who is paying attention starts to put together the clues and its SO exciting but then you almost get annoyed that the characters in the movie aren’t putting 2 and 2 together, but you’re all proud of yourself for figuring it out, and BAM! Seriously out of left field the twist comes and you realize you were COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY WRONG and just lead to believe you’d figured it out… [side note: I watched this movie multiple times after my first viewing with friends who were seeing it for the first time and let me tell you, at the same point that I originally “figured out the mystery” they did too and were SO DAMN SMUG about it, one going as far to say “You know, I actually find it sooo hard to enjoy movies like this because I’m too smart and always figure it out and get bored waiting for the ending”… yeah, she shut up really fucking quick when she saw she was wrong). ANYWAYS (sorry, I ramble)… I’m kind of wondering if this whole Ali/Emily baby thing was made obvious to throw us off in a way. So many of us saw it coming and because we had “figured it out”, we didn’t think to look beyond waiting for the confirmation that we were right.. MARK MY WORDS, THERE IS MORE TO THIS THAN WE ARE SEEING because we’ve all been so stuck on having figured it out or being mad about it… What I keep coming back to is who the father is and who did the insemination… Ali tells Emily she remembers the procedure when she was locked up in Welby. THIS IS A HUGE CLUE OR POINT TO CONSIDER. I mean, clearly all official places in Rosewood are run by a bunch of dumbfucks (Rosewood Police, I’m looking at you…. until the delicious Furey showed up that is) and yes, clearly “Rollins” was lying about his identity in order to be a practicing doctor there… but they ARE NOT going to let some rando in a black hoodie and gloves come in with a turkey baster and shove it up some patient’s hoo-ha. THIS HAD TO BE AN INSIDE JOB! Maybe Rollins was playing the AD game and was forced to do it? That I don’t know. We DO know that AD stole Emily’s eggs… so somehow, Emily’s eggs were fertilized and inseminated into Ali… I’m still thinking on this one… I would love if someone would think about it too and tell me their thoughts because seriously, I think they duped us here (brilliantly!) by making the baby storyline obvious and having us focus on THAT rather than the real clues being shared…

Now that we’ve seen 7x15 and know that Ali is going through with the pregnancy and know that Emily wants the baby and know that they are trying to figure out who the father is, I feel like I am right in their being more to this.


Before I theorize, I just want to point out that I feel this was one of the best PLL episodes ever and don’t think Troian’s directing is a coincidence…. clearly this woman is talented, thoughtful and really GETS how this show should be done. Absolutely brilliant from start to stop and OH MAN the acting has been spot on from all of them..  And now onto the details.


Ohhhh Ostinato. You shady little bastard!! Gavin and I noticed at the same time that Ezra had a small, clear earpiece in his ear while he and Aria were arguing (as he was preparing to head to the airport). Now, let me start with this: I DO NOT BELIEVE FOR ONE SECOND THAT HE IS TROTTING OFF TO HELP NICOLE. I have been SOOOOO suspicious for a long while now about this… we only have his word that he’s “helping Nicole”. Yes yes, there was the article Aria saw in the magazine while she was with Holden, but those pictures were all clearly taken on the same day. Do I think *some* of the times he’s gone he’s been with Nicole? Yes… But the little hidden earpiece was a major point for me that he’s hiding a shit ton!! Gavin and I saw it and he included a post with screenshots, so check it out! Ostinato is up to NO GOOD!!!

FURTHERMORE - let’s discuss this whole Wren & Ezra business… From the previous episode’s sneak-peek both Gavin and I were CONVINCED that he and Wren weren’t meeting for the first time… and after seeing the episode, I am even MORE convinced! There is NO WAY these two are being introduced for the first time (great acting, boys!) And beyond THAT… let’s look at the following facts – Ezra was SO set on going to see “Nicole” that he had the fight with Aria (again, as I said above, I don’t believe for a hot second that he was flying off to Maine to see Nicole and her family…) We saw on the flight boards that there were a bunch of delays… then Spencer spots Ezra as she and Wren are clearly arguing… Ezra and Wren “meet”…. and then Ezra magically decides to skip out on going away!? NOT BUYING IT!! I think he stayed in Rosewood because of Wren… AND THEN when Ezra is telling Aria that his flight wasn’t delayed he just “didn’t get on it”… and then the camera pans over to his bag and we see a glow like from a phone ringing.. MY MONEY IS ON THAT CALL BEING FROM WREN!!!


So I hadn’t crossed Mona off my suspect list… until the last episode. Again with the brilliant acting! Her fan-girling over the board game while at the same time the devastation crossing her face that she didn’t create it… pure genius AND also really changed my mind on her possibly being involved… I think we all need to pay attention to the “clues” that Mona gave us about who could have made the game… WHO IS THIS MONSTER!! 


- Fuck, that comic book is cool… I gotta say, this whole Charles and Lucas friendship surprised the hell out of me and I LOVE IT! 

- As many have pointed out, did you see how the “A” in Lucas’s signature on the comic is the “A” a?! Lucas was TOP of my suspect list… but with a revel regarding him coming tonight I don’t think he’s the final AD… AGGH!

- WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH THE NUMBER 214!!!!?!?! Its shit like this that gives me hope that this storyline has been brewing all along….

- How long before Snapchat releases that creepy-ass Aria filter!? Honestly though, that was super amazingly creepy! I’ve seen a lot of people say the face looks like Paige, like Sydney, like Melissa (my first comparison was to Marlene actually…) but I feel like the clip at the end (YAY FOR AN A ENDING!) indicated that the face and voice are completely digitally generated and not someone talking live with some sort of filter on… Maybe cause AD has a British accent (WREN WREN WREN) or a recognizable voice to the PLL!? 

What did you all think!? Any comments, ideas or further pieces to examine!? I can’t wait to hear what you think and can’t wait to see tonight’s episode!!!!! 


Dirty Talk (Newt Scamander X Reader)

Requested: Yes

Anon: Can you do a newt/reader where the reader has a tendency to say sexual things as jokes and what not and newt gets really flustered by them and takes them to seriously and interprets them as him needing to do something (like his her) and he ends up doing that (or something like that whatever you want) and basically yeah

Word Count: 1 307

A/N: I changed it up a bit, I hope that’s okay. And the title, ahaha two words you don’t really expect to see beside Newt’s name…enjoy!


“Haha!” Tina cries victoriously, marching right over to you and pointing a finger directly in your face. “I won the bet! And you still haven’t payed me back yet, so I’m going to rub it in your face until you do!”

You gulp and slowly take a step back.

“What bet?” you ask innocently, blinking your eyes a few times. You were going to play this off cool.

Tina just smirks, rolling her eyes.

“Please, both of us know exactly what I’m talking about.” she says, her smirk getting wider by the second.


“Jacob would go to Ilvermorny, (Y/N), stop denying it.” Queenie says melodically and you pout.

“Are we still over looking the fact that he’s not a wizard?” you huff, this conversation getting old.

“Yeah, but if he was one he’d go to Ilvermorny, it is the better school after all.” Tina argues back and you sigh, you couldn’t let them win this one.

“Hogwarts is better and that is that!” you state, getting up from your seat to stand in front of your two best friends. “Besides, Newt agrees with me.”

“Of course he does, he’s your boyfriend. And he also went to Hogwarts, so that’s not fair.”

“Well both of you went to Ilvermorny!” you say, getting pumped up for no good reason. This conversation tended to happen a lot; which wizarding school was better and blah, blah, blah. However, both sides would always get super competitive and would do whatever they could to defend their school’s honour. It was really quite childish as times.

“Fine then.” Tina says, shrugging her shoulders back and straightening her posture. Uh, oh something was about to go down.

“I bet that if you ask Jacob, he’ll choose Ilvermorny.” she says.

You don’t answer straight away.

“Isn’t this going too far?” you ask, gulping. “We all know that this is a silly thing we’ve been doing for forever.”

“Which is exactly why we should end this here and now, and what better way than to ask a No-Maj-”


“Himself!” she continues, playfully glaring at you. “Also, why so nervous, if you’re sure Hogwarts is better?”



“What do you want? Money?” you ask, groaning and walking over to the drawer where the three of you kept your money.

“Oh no honey, she wants you to do something for her.” Queenie says, coming out of no where.

“What do you want me to do?” you say, sighing.

“You’ll see.” Jacob says, also seemingly appearing out of no where.

You take a tiny step back as they all approach you, surrounding you in a tiny circle.

“Why are you guys trapping me? It’s not like I’m going to run away, how bad can this be?” you say, laughing.

“Where’s Newt when you need him.” you then mutter quietly under your and Tina smirks.

Something clicks in your head.

“Oh no, please don’t bring Newt into this.” you beg and they all smile.

“Oh, too bad for you I guess.” Tina says before explaining what you had to do.

“You’re kidding right? He’s too innocent!” you say, although you kind of felt like laughing and crying at the same time.

“Yes, he is a precious little soul, but we all want to see what would happen if…”

“I hate you.” you say, glaring at Jacob. “Why did you have to choose Ilvermorny?”


You hesitantly walk towards your boyfriend, who was tending to the Bowtruckles, and nervously gulped.

You look back and see the other three hiding and giving you looks of encouragement. You sigh.
The dare was that you had to spend the rest of the day talking dirty to Newt. Tina even gave you a list of things to say if you couldn’t think of any. This was so weird though, he was so sweet and innocent and you were afraid of how he would react. However you were also kind of excited, you loved how adorable he became whenever he was embarrassed. This was evil, and all four of you were to blame, but all four of you were also dying to see the results.

You take a deep breath and walk over to him, wrapping your arms from around the back and around his torso, nuzzling your face into his back.

“Oh, hello (Y/N),” he says lovingly, putting down an empty bucket, he had finished feeding. He turns around to hug you properly.

You say nothing, you just continue to hug him and he melts underneath your touch. Now it was the time to put your plan into action.

“Get down on me and make me feel good.” you whisper in his ear, lightly nipping his ear lobe.

He immediately turns a dark shade of red.

“Umm, uh here? R-right now? Are you s-sure t-t-that’s even a g-good idea?”

You say nothing, but you slowly start to lower both of you to the ground and Newt freezes, becoming paralyzed.

“(Y/N).” he whimpers and you hide a smile. He was so confused right now and wasn’t sure what to do. “D-do you w-want me to…”

You nod and he hesitantly moves to your feet and removes your shoes and starts to message your feet gently.


“How does that feel?” he asks hopefully. “I know you’ve been walking around a lot these days and that your feet are sore and blistered.”

You fight back a laugh.



“Do you want to see the kind of underwear I’m wearing?” you ask him when you’re all sitting around the table and waiting for lunch to be served.

“Umm? Do you want me to check? Is the tag bugging you or something?” he asks, starting to ramble.

Other men would take this another way but Newt was different, he took everything too literally and that made you love him even more. He was so innocent.

“Check.” you say, winking and he blushes beet red.


He gulps and covers his eyes with his hair and peeks just enough to see what your wearing underneath your clothes.

“It’s a l-lovely pink s-slip my dear.” he murmurs, his face still burning.

“Thank you Newt.” you smile, giving him a peck on the cheek. It burned your lips.


“I love the way you hold me in your arms as you stroke me.” you murmur into his ear when you were sitting on a sofa with his arms wrapped around you.

He flushes again, and slowly raises one of his hands to stroke your soft hair.

“Like that?” he asks, hesitantly.

“Yes, exactly like that.” you fight back another laugh.

At this point, Tina, Queenie and Jacob are completely losing it and they all decide to get ready for bed.

“You can stop now (Y/N), that’s enough.” Tina says when she leaves the living room to go to sleep, in a fit of giggles.

“What does she mean-”

“Come on sweetie, let’s go back to your case and get ready for bed.” you say, taking his hands in yours.


“(Y/N), you’ve been acting strangely the entire day.” Newt states as he joins you on the small bed inside his shed.

“Was I?” you ask innocently.

“Yes, and it made me feel, oddly aroused.” he says, suddenly kissing you harshly, passionately.

You gasp, this wasn’t what you were expecting.

He crawls on top of you and says, “I love the way you feel underneath me.”

It was your turn to blush.

“I’ve picked up a few things today, and I don’t know what you’ve done to me the entire day, but I do know one thing,” he continues, grinding his hips into yours. Not Newt like, almost beast like. “I like it when you talk dirty.”

Maybe you underestimated Newt, just a little.


Thanks for reading!

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surprise, im late. shance week day 4: au day! this is a follow up to the thing i wrote for day 2 (link)

It’s been a solid six months since Lance became a “hero” instead of a super-for-hire–well, he’s still available for hire. But now his partner gives him this disappointed look if it’s not a “good” job. To be expected of a guy that chose “Paladin” for his hero name, Lance figures.

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All In (4x11: Heroes and Villains)

This one-shot is part of Twenty First Century Man, a series of canon compliant one-shots that explores Hook’s thoughts and feelings as he adapts to the Land Without Magic. Check out the master-post for a complete list of one-shots in this series.

All In
Episode 4x11: Heroes and Villains
Rated: E

This one-shot contains some explicit sexual content

Hook + condoms

Thanks to @treluna2​ for suggesting sex ed/condom demo! I’d hoped to write this one-shot from the beginning, so I was very pleased someone suggested it!

And thanks to @swankkat for the great feedback!

To say that it had been a trying day would be the ultimate understatement.

Killian had woken up that morning both a slave to his mortal enemy and a dead man walking. Tonight, he was free and whole; his would-be murderer had been banished and left with nothing.

Not everything had been set right—Regina was mourning Robin’s departure, Belle was certainly devastated, and there were several people presumed dead thanks to his own actions. But he was alive and safe.

And, of course, unable to sleep.

He wasn’t really trying to sleep. It wasn’t all that late anyway, and he was still waiting to see if Swan would send him a message, as she typically did before she went to bed herself. But there had been something in her eyes when they’d parted earlier, as she went to comfort Regina. And he knew exactly what that something was:


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Tom Hiddleston Imagine

Not my gif but thanks to the talented person who did make it because I LOVE IT

Today you and Tom were making a little YouTube video together. With both of you being successful actors it was precious time to the both of you when got to spend it together. You thought why not make videos so you both can revisit them when you get lonely during filming or tours. Right now Tom is doing the laundry and you just got finished cleaning the kitchen from the breakfast you two shared that morning. Yes cleaning sounds like tasks that should not be recorded for YouTube but here was the thing about you and Tom. Doing these domestic chores kept you two grounded and it was always a fun time for the both of you. You two were always cracking jokes and letting out your feelings about current events or each other to the viewers of your videos. Right now you were recording Tom fold clothes and put them away. You two were having a good time bantering “Hey Thomas” you blurt out. “Yes my love??” he asks with a worried look on his face. “I have something serious I need to tell you.” He stopped folding the shirt he was in his hands and turnes his full attention to you. “And that would be??” You took a deep breath and paused. You could tell that Tom was slightly tense. “I have been asked a lot by some of the Marvel fans if I liked Thor or Loki more and I think a few of them think its dumb of me to like Loki more… I think that is because you know… My boyfriend… You… Play Loki… But the real reason I like Loki so much more than Thor is because you know in a way Thor is too high strung and Loki is very low key…” You pause and Tom looks at you holding back his laughter. He bursts out laughing his wonderful laugh that has stolen the hearts of many. “Have you been thinking about that joke all day??” He asks through his laughter. “Maybe…” He takes the camera from you that has been recording the whole thing and announces that moments like this are the reason he is so in love with you and turns the camera off before he gives you a long passionate kiss. The laundry and other chores long forgotten. 

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING… all feedback is welcome :)

kris-doesnt-know-were-married  asked:

Hi hi! Can you make a scenario where Baekhyun wants you back after you both decided to break up because of his busy schedule? Sweet angst maybe HIHI gomawo~

I Don’t Want Anybody Else ~Baekhyun~ ϟ

“I think we should break up, ______.”

You froze. “What? Why?”

“It’s not fair to you how busy I am. I never get to spend any time with you.”

You sighed. “You’re right,” you admitted. As much as you didn’t want to believe it, it was the sad truth. “But, are you sure?”

Baekhyun looked like he was trying hard not to break down in front of you, but he managed to nod his head. “Yes, I’m sure.”


“Baekhyun! Baekhyun! Earth to Baekhyun!”

Baekhyun snapped out of his little daydream and turned to face Suho. “What did you say?” he asked.

Suho sighed and reached out to grab Baekhyun’s half empty plate. “I asked if you were done with this,” he said. “We have to go to the studio in about an hour. Are you sure you’re feeling okay?”

“No, he’s not,” Chanyeol answered for Baekhyun as he walked into the kitchen. “He’s been all depressed and lonely ever since he and ______ broke up, haven’t you noticed?” He put his dish into the sink and shook his head. “Poor kid’s been sulking ever since the day they both decided to break it off.”

“Be quiet, Chanyeol,” Baekhyun muttered.
“Hey, it’s the truth though, isn’t it?”

Suho sighed and patted Baekhyun’s back. “You’ll get over her soon enough, don’t worry.”

“No he won’t!” Chanyeol called behind him as he stepped out.

Baekhyun didn’t even try to argue. What Chanyeol said was all true.


While waiting for the hour to pass by, Baekhyun went to go watch some TV with Luhan and Xiumin. Well actually, all he did was occasionally glance at the TV screen and mostly sulk after that, but still.

“Baekhyun,” Luhan whined. “Stop being so depressed.”

Xiumin smacked Luhan’s arm. “Don’t bother him, you already know why he’s all upset.”

“Well if he really wants her back that bad, then why doesn’t he just go after her?”

“Don’t make him feel any worse than he already is, Luhan. Give the kid a break.”

The two of them started to quarrel over Baekhyun’s mood as he just sat there and watched. Luhan’s words had intrigued him. Why didn’t he just go after you?

Feeling a sudden wave of confidence go over him, Baekhyun stood up and pointed at the door. “I’ll be back,” he announced.

“Yeah, not so fast, Romeo.” Chen his hands out and held Baekhyun back. “I don’t think you should go after her. I saw her in town the other day with another guy.”

What?” Baekhyun’s heart dropped. “She found someone else?”

Chen nodded sympathetically and patted Baekhyun’s back. “Sorry, man. I guess you just weren’t fast enough,” he said and shrugged. “You can always find someone else.”

Baekhyun let out a loud sigh of annoyance and threw his head back. “Why does everybody keep saying that?” He stomped his foot and then stormed off. “I don’t want anybody else!” He shouted.

Chen sat down in the seat Baekhyun was in previously. “Somebody’s in a bad mood,” he said under his breath.

“Right?” Luhan agreed.

Xiumin shook his head and snatched the remote from Luhan’s hands. “Neither of you will ever understand how much she meant to him,” he huffed and sunk back in his seat.

“Hey,” said Chen. “Since when did you become the love doctor here?”

“Anyone with eyes can see how much he loved her. You can’t just expect him to move on so easily from a girl like that, especially when she was his first love.”

Chen scoffed. “See this is why I don’t have a girlfriend. I like being alone.”

“Well I hope you enjoy being alone my friend, because something tells me you’re gonna be like that for quite a while.” Xiumin smirked and stretched the remote out in front of the TV, switching the channel.

“Hyung!” Chen whined. “Why are you like this to me?”


Baekhyun refused to believe Chen’s words until he saw the proof before his eyes. For the reason, he put on his jacket quickly and literally ran over to your house, desperately wanting to see you.

Once he got there, he knocked on your door nonstop until you opened it.

“Okay, okay, stop knocking!” You exclaimed as soon as you opened the door. Your jaw nearly dropped when you saw Baekhyun standing there. “Baekhyun? What are you doing-“

“Can I come in?”

“Umm, s-sure, I guess-“

“Thank you.” Without another word, he stepped inside and began to take his jacket off. He however stopped when he saw the young man sitting on your couch. He turned to you and pointed an accusing finger at the man. “Who is that?” he spat.

You shut the door and stared at Baekhyun with a confused expression. “Why do you seem so angry?” you asked. “Baekhyun, are you okay? Do you need to sit down?”

“No, no, I’m fine. I just need to know who the heck that is!” He pointed at the man again. The man shifted in his seat uncomfortably as Baekhyun glared at him. “Is he your boyfriend?” He painfully let out the words.

What?” You exclaimed with disbelief.

“He is, isn’t he?” Baekhyun dropped his finger and stuffed his hands in his pocket. He had never realized just how broken hearted he really was without you. “Jongdae told me that you had moved onto another guy. I didn’t want to believe it, but I guess he was right,” he murmured.

Jongdae told you that?” You sighed as if that was the explanation as to why Baekhyun was acting so awful at that moment. “Baek, did you honestly believe Jongdae?” you asked him, biting back the urge to laugh.

Noticing the slight humor in your voice, Baekhyun looked up ridiculously. “He told me he saw you in town with another guy!” He pointed at the young man again. “With him!”

“Baekhyun,” you laughed. “That’s my cousin, Connor. He came to visit from Michigan.”

What?” Baekhyun turned to look at Connor again. Conner waved his hand and greeted him warmly. Baekhyun awkwardly smiled and returned the kind gestures.

“Oh, Baekhyun,” you sighed and grabbed him by the wrist. You told Connor to wait a moment, to which he nodded and let you drag Baekhyun to the kitchen. “I’ve never seen you so angry. What was that about?”

Baekhyun stood against the counter and rubbed the back of his neck. “The thought of you moving onto another guy terrified me, jagi,” he said innocently.

Your heart leaped when you heard him say the word ‘jagi’. “Baekhyun, we’re not together anymore. Don’t call me jagi.”

“But you are my jagi!” He said loudly. “You always been, and you always will be! Jagiyah, I don’t want anyone else but you. I don’t even understand why we broke up in the first place. I know that my schedule is hectic, but I promise I will make time for you. Please, just please come back to me.”

You stood there speechless. You couldn’t believe that even after you two had broken it off, he still wanted you back.

It was quite the relief because you felt the exact same way.

“I’ve been waiting for you to say that ever since the day we broke up,” You said and ran into his arms.

Baekhyun finally felt his muscles relax once you were in his arms. He held you tight, never wanting to let you go. And when you pulled away, you brought you back only to surprise you with the most passionate kiss he has ever given you.

The two of you stayed kissing like that in the kitchen for several minutes before you pulled away and stared at the clock. “Baekhyun, don’t you usually have rehearsals at this time?” you asked curiously.

Baekhyun pulled you close again so that his lips were inches away from yours. “Screw rehearsals,” he muttered before pressing his lips against yours once again.

Imagine : “Baby”

“There’s this guy..” You said to your best friend who was drinking her coffee. “People say he is dangerous but I just can’t stop thinking about him.”

She looked at you with a small smile, she always understand you and that’s why you feel free to talk about everything with her.

“People always have something to say but you have to make your own opinion (Y/N). And you know I’ll always be here for you, no matter what.” She said, completely honest.

“I know.” You licked your lips. “And I’ll always be here for you too.” You smiled.

“Now tell me everything you know about him, I want to know everything !”

You laughed and started “Well.. His name is Dylan, I don’t know his age but I know for sure he’s a little bit older than me. He.. comes in this restaurant often-“

“Wait when you say ‘this restaurant’ you mean here ? Where we are right now ?” She gasped.

“Yes ?”

“Now I understand why you spend all your time here.” She smirked.

“What ? No.. It’s just.. It’s nice here okay ?”

She laughed and shaked her head. “Okay okay !”

“He’s.. really good looking. He has dark hair and his eyes.. You should see them !”

“Did you speak to him ? Or are you just a stalker ?”

“What ? no im not a stalker !” You laughed with her. “I spoke to him before but he probably doesn’t even know who I am. It wasn’t even a true conversation, It was just.. random things y’know ?” You said disappointed.

“Well, you’re a gorgeous young woman and I’m sure you can do better than ‘random things’ so..”

You didn’t understand what she meant, you looked at her and saw a damn smirk on her face.

“Why are you looking at me like that ?” You asked.

“Because you have the chance to do better.”

“For god sake, can you be more-”

”- Okay okay, well if I’m not wrong..” She cut you off. “The guy you are talking about is here.. Maybe three tables behind us.”

You couldn’t believe it and you were scared to look behind you but you did it. And he was here. Alone.

‘Maybe it’s my chance’ you thought.

You looked at your best friend again, like you waited for her to say you could do it and she winked. You took a deep breath and walked to his table. He was looking at you and you could see his beautiful eyes.

“Hum.. Hi. Can I sit ?” You asked, not very confident.

“I don’t know, you’re not scared ?” He asked, not breaking the eye contact.

“Why should I be scared ?”

You were talking to him and you were not blushing which was surprising but you were glad.

“Don’t act like you know nothing about me when everyone knows what I do.”

“Well sorry I’m not everyone. So can I sit ?” You said, much more confident thanks to the adrenaline.

He was blinking (cf gif) and then sighed. “Okay..”

You smiled and sat down. “Thank you.”

“So you’re going to pretend you know nothing about me ?” He asked but it wasn’t mean, I think he was curious.

“So you’re going to pretend you remember me ?” You asked.

“I do.” He said with an intense gaze. “ Now answer my question.”

All you could think about was his answer. He knew you.

“I’m not known as a liar, I know nothing about you. I just heard-”

He laughed and you exaclty knew what he was thinking. He thought you believed all the rumors about him and maybe he thought you were some curious bitch.

“No, that’s not what I meant.” You said immediatly. “I don’t believe what people say, I mean, I have my own opinion..”

“Yeah ? And what’s your opinion ?”

“Actually I have none.. About you. I don’t believe rumors but I don’t know you either. But you seem to be a nice guy.” You said honestly.

“Have you looked at me once ? Do I seem a nice guy seriously ?” He asked upset. “And what if the rumors are true ?”

You looked at him, you were not even scared. You even felt comfortable.

“Yes I did.” You simply said.

'So many times’ you added in your head.

“And each time I talked to you, even if it was short and not often, you were always nice to me.”

He looked at you, probably trying to see if you were lying or not.

“Why are you here (Y/N) ?” He simply asked.

You blushed a little, you could feel it but you decided to be courageous and tell him the truth.

“I.. I wanted to talk to you. I mean, a real conversation.”

He looked surprised but in a good way. Well you hoped.

“Because.. I.. Okay it can sound bizarre but I don’t know, I kind of like you and you’re like a mistery for me..” You said a little bit anxious. “I mean, you’re misterious.” You added.

You bit your lip so you couldn’t talk anymore because you weren’t comfortable anymore. You wanted to disappear, it was so awkward.

“Oh my god, I shouldn’t have say it. I’m sorry I..”

“Hey calm down.” He said nicely. “I’m not going to bit you.” He laughed.

“That’s a good thing then I guess.”

“But (Y/N), I’m not like everyone. Even if you think I’m nice, I’m not. I fight a lot and I don’t want you to get in troubles because of me. I do things you think I’m not able to do. It just.. crazy.” He said, upset.

“If you don’t like me, you can say it. I’m not afraid of refection.” You said, head up, even if it was a lie. It would hurt you to know he doesn’t like you.

“You probably think I never noticed you before but you’re wrong And I saw you when you were talking to your friend before you came, I guessed you were talking about me because… well your friend isn’t very discret and so are you.” He smiled. “I do like you but it’s not simple baby.”

You couldn’t believe it. Did he just said he liked you ? Did he just called you baby ?

“Nothing is simple..baby.” You said, trying to stop yourself from smiling like an idiot.

He laughed and smirked, making your heart beat fast.

anonymous asked:

Supercat 5

Supercat + 5. “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?” 

For the fifth time since they’d sat down to work on finding a replacement assistant in Cat’s office, Kara attempted to discreetly cover her grin and a blush with her hands as she looked down at her phone. Cat was doing a poor job of pretending not to notice. Every time Kara’s phone vibrated and lit up in her lap, Cat’s scowl deepened.

It wasn’t like Kara to let anything pull her attention away from her conversations with Cat, but tonight it seemed her phone took priority. And Cat wasn’t having it.

“This one was fine in the interview but he smells like he hasn’t taken a shower in two weeks. If I tell him to shower before-” Kara’s phone lit up, and she stopped speaking for a moment, glancing down at it before distractedly continuing what she’d been saying. “Before he comes for his interview with you-”

“Do you need to get that?” Cat said sharply, directing a pointed glare towards the device in Kara’s hand. “I don’t pay you to text your boyfriend while we’re working.”

“My shift ended two hours ago, right now you’re not paying me at all,” Kara said, lifting her eyebrow defiantly and checking her phone anyway.  Some of Kara’s annoyance at Cat’s tone melted away when she read the message, quickly typing back a response.

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Dean x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, Birth Pains 

Words: 2,034

Request by kikiamrcan u please do a one short where the reader is 9 months and she is with dean and Sam on a hunt that dean said not to come but she did and when dean and Sam are fighting demons she goes into labor so dean runs to her side to help her they go to the car when her water breaks then sam comes and he drives the car when she starts pushing and 12 hrs later a baby girl is born the baby’s name is victoria j winchester u can add more to the story please your the best.

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SFS side piece: One Day

So as I’m sure you’re all aware, SFS hit 30k hits on ao3 a while back and I got rather emotional. I started writing this piece at that point, but after a bout of anxiety and numerous other reasons, I only just finished it -__- figures huh? 

But anyway, just to summarise: I was talking on the twit a while back about SFSJean keeping a journal as a coping exercise for his anxiety and agoraphobia and what he’d write about Marco in it…

Well, here’s a few sections of that journal. 

Please bear in mind that the events mentioned in it are HEAVILY based around chapter 14, so if you’ve not got that far in the fic and don’t want to be spoiled, DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER SAVE YOSELF.

Those who have, enjoy…and feel free to drop me an ask or message if you liked it!

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