why yes i did just start watching this show

Warm Me Up Ch. 34

OH SNAP-WHAT’S THAT- A NEW CHAPTER FUCK YEAH, (To the tune of Usnavi’s excitement after getting a date with Vanessa. Can you tell I’m obsessed? Also, listen to Lady Gaga’s A Million Reasons as well as Secondhand Serenade’s Fall for You and Tori Kelly’s/ Ed Sheeran’s I Was Made For Loving You for this chapter <3)

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It wasn’t until a little past noon that Will got worried. He hadn’t gotten a text from Nico, and when he called, Nico didn’t answer. He pulled Kayla along past the HEB and hefted a few bags in his other hand. “Come on, Princess time to go home. You sure you don’t want help with the bag?”

“I got it. I wanna give it to him.” Will smiled and nodded, walking along the sidewalk. The sun was beating down, but the wind that blew around them offered enough relief. Kayla bounded along in a pink sundress with her red hair pulled up into a ponytail, skipping over cracks in the sidewalk. Suddenly, Kayla stopped, causing Will to falter. “Look, it’s Nico!”

He frowned and looked up to see Nico pacing back and forth with a cigarette in one hand as his other ran through his hair. Immediately, Will felt the instinct to go to him and find out what was wrong. “Come on,” he told his sister, gripping her hand as they crossed at a light.

“Why is he smoking?” she asked as he pulled her along. “Isn’t that bad?” Will didn’t answer, his eyes on Nico as he paced. “Will, I’m scared,” Kayla whimpered.

“No, no, no, it’s okay,” he assured. “Just hold on a second, okay?” He reached the bus stop and reached out, stopping Nico mid-pace. He jumped, and looked up with frightened, tear-filled eyes. “What happened, Nico, what’s wrong?” he asked anxiously.

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Nickname? Bonen, Ben, Erdnuss

Starsign? I think cancer

Height? 1,75m

Time? 1.58pm

Favorite music artist? United Pursuit, Hollow Coves, Ben Howard, The Lumineers, and much more.

Song stuck in your head? Chris McClarney - All Consuming Fire

Last movie watched? Final Call

Last TV Show watched? The Flash

What are wearing? Blue comfy sweater, blue sweatshorts, black socks

Have any other Blogs? Yes, Cognizance

Do you get asks regularly? Sometimes 4-5 in a week and sometimes nothing in 3 weeks. I’d love more, btw.

Why did you choose your URL? Life, today can be stressful. Sometimes we have so much stuff to do. We must learn to take a break and just breath. Snuff air.

When did you create your blog? On March in 2015. But I didn’t understand Tumblr, haha. I started beeing active in January 2016.

What do you post? Nature, travel, adventure related stuff.

Gender? Male

Hogwarts House? I have no idea.

Pokemon Team? Wow, this is old. I played maybe for three days. I think it was yellow.

Favorite color?  #ffdf80

Average hours of sleep? More or less 8 hours.

How many people are you following? Currently 163

Dream Job? Doing something I am passionate about.

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Ok so I have a little cousin who is 8 years old and lives about five miles from my house, what is our fav show to watch? Steven universe! So her fav character of all time is garnet she adores her. Soon jail break comes around and Ruby and Sapphire appear, she looks at me and says did two girls just kiss? So instead of going in depth with an 8 year old I say yes. She starts to smile, then says this is my favorite part. Playfully I ask why she says "They are really happy and I am happy for them!"