why yes i did choose random moments

The tag 9 followers you’d like to get to know better . . . Challenge?

I was tagged by @lizzielizzie12 (I am honored to be tagged btw) to share some info about myself. I’ve only ever done something like this on facebook so I don’t know how it works on here but I’ll give it a go.

NAME: Mallory

STAR SIGN: Cancer (I do not care about zodiac signs or anything though).

AVERAGE HOURS OF SLEEP: As many as I can get, I love sleep.




WHAT ARE YOU WEARING RIGHT NOW: My work uniform, jeans and a pizza hut t-shirt.


NUMBER OF FOLLOWERS: 17 on this on, 60 and growing every day (I’m so happy) on my most popular blog (Thinking of Theo).

WHAT DO I POST: Random stuff on this one. It’s my personal whatever-interests-me-at-the-moment blog.

DO I RUN ANY MORE BLOGS: Yes, 3 more actually. My most popular one being called Thinking of Theo. Check it out: @thinkingoftheo

DO I GET A LOT OF ASKS: Never gotten one actually :’(.

WHY DID I CHOOSE THIS URL: It was originally Mizaya Zoldyck. Mizaya came from the first initial in my name (M) and Izaya (My favorite anime character from Durarara. And Zoldyck being from the anime Hunter x Hunter. I later shortened it to Mizaya-Z and I don’t really know why. My Teen Wolf blog I named because I’m constantly thinking of Theo so I think it fits.

I tag @steph-oliveira, @kyzurya, @laheys-girll, @panem-et-tumblr, @nadiacth, @mercy-my-main, @jasonxblossom, @dreaddoctorraeken, @doodlemeimpressed. I hate tagging people honestly, I feel so intrusive but it’s for a challenge and I do genuinely want to get to know every follower I have. I mostly tagged people who follow me on my other blog Thinking of Theo so some of you are probably like, “Who is this random person?” I promise I’m not a stalker!

Get to know me tag

Tagged by: @be-the-piano

Time Right Now: 6.12pm

Nicknames: Becca,Beccs

Gender: female

Star Sign: virgo

Height: 160 (5′2)

Birthday: 31.8

Favorite Solo Artist: Ailee

Favorite Bands: B.A.P, VIXX, B1A4, BTOB, F(x), All Time Low, Pierce The Veil, Sleeping with Sirens, Black Veil Brides, One Ok Rock (yes i know my music taste is weird)

Songs Stuck In My Head: None at the moment

Last Show I Watched: I can’t remember

When Did I Create My Blog: Summer 2011

What Do I Post: mainly B.A.P, Drabbles and random stuff

Last Thing I Googled: my height in feet ^^

Do You Have Any Other Blogs: nope

Do You Get Asks: hardly some random once every now and then

Why Did You Choose Your URL: i started playing FInal Fantasy XIII Lightning Returns and fell in love with Lighting and I can’t come up with something better

Following: 114 (recently unfollowed people who either didn’t follow me or don’t post stuff I’m interested in or have been inactive for a long time)

Followers: 292

Favorite Colors: burgandy, green and blue

Lucky Number: 21

Average Hours Of Sleep: 8 sometimes less but mostly 8

What Am I Wearing Right Now: a long sleeved shirt and some comfy jeans

How Many Blankets I Sleep With: 1 

Dream Job: Zero Idea ^^

Dream Trip: Korea,Canada,Ireland,Egypt,Greece

Favorite Food: Noodles

Nationality: German

Favorite Song Right Now: B.A.P Honeymoon, B1A4 Rolling, Space Between from Descendants 

tagging: @lulumonnie @blurrredpages I don’t know who else to tag so if anyone wants to do it feel yourself tagged by me ^^