why yes i am saying it was aliens

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I’m just picturing your robot vacuum hoovering excitedly just out of frame waiting for permission to go clean up.

Poor Magneato, he’s feeling his age. I did decide to run him this evening and he did exactly half of the living room before he decided it was time to recharge. I think soon it’ll be time to send him to the great hoover repository in the sky. 

I’ve been considering replacing him with a standard upright vac – on the one hand it’s more work for me, but robot vacuums aren’t cheap (both of mine were insane discounts) and they seem to have a life span of about three years, which is not a lot. 

Of course, they’re adorable pets and I do love having him around.  

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I have to say, I am slightly worried because the foot print makes it look like you only have three toes. Is that why you don’t show your face- are you secretly an alien? Or is this a Phil of the Future situation- you’re from a future where humans have evolved to only have three toes? Either way, I have SO MANY QUESTIONS.

SHIT. BUSTED. I’ll have to alert the mothership. Someone should swing by your place in a day or two to wipe your memory. Don’t worry, it’s painless and they will bring you a pizza.

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You appear to have a very nicely shaped foot, at least. Someday, digital archivists will be trying to recreate the images of net-famous people based on the small details such as this they allowed to be shown. This will lead to some interesting pictures…

“Sam Starbuck: Fragment of a Foot”. It’ll be very postmodern. 

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PROOF that Sam Starbuck has a FOOT or a FOOT-SHAPED OBJECT

OR DO I? Cornmeal footprints can be faked! 

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There are medicated ointments if you need to deal with corn(s) on your feet…


Why Rey being a Kenobi is perfect

First off, I am not that invested on Rey’s parentage. So I would be relatively satisfied whatever the outcome…except with the whole Palpatine granddaughter thing which I will explain in a future post as to why I think that’s a bad idea. Nevertheless I can’t help but think that Rey being the granddaughter of Obi Wan Kenobi just fits on a narrative sense.

Star Wars at its core is a family saga. Yes there are epic space battles, cool lightsaber fights, aliens and the Force but these form a small part of the story, I would even say that it serves as a background to the events that we see on screen. No, the heart of this tale (in the episodes at least) are the Skywalker’s.

So what is a family saga? It’s defined on Wikipedia as a ‘genre of literature which chronicles the lives and doings of a family or a number of related or interconnected families over a period of time’

So as we can see from the definition, a family saga can consist of more than one family. Just because the Skywalker’s are the beating heart of Star Wars doesn’t mean there is no room for other families to intertwine into the narrative. In fact I think it is essential because just focusing on a small group of related family members can potentially make the story grow stale and predictable.This I imagine is what we don’t want from Star Wars. This is also why we should want Rey to not be a Skywalker as her not being a Skywalker instantly expands the story and gives the saga an interesting twist.

How does Kenobi come into this? Well… when and how hasn’t he?…

External image


External image


External image


He has been there from the very beginning, helping and guiding a Skywalker. If the Skywalker’s are the heart of Star Wars then Kenobi is the head. The personification of reason and wisdom.

The greatest mistake that Anakin ever did was to not confide to Kenobi the fact that he and Padme had formed a relationship. The greatest mistake Kenobi did was to not take into account Anakin’s status as 'Chosen One’ in his teachings and see the possible dangers of said status. An error that the Jedi Council was also culpable of.

We know that it ended badly for everyone involved (Anakin falling to the Dark Side, the relationship between Skywalker and Kenobi severed…) and the consequences of those mistakes are still being felt decades later.

Shouldn’t then a Skywalker and a Kenobi mend the wounds and close the rift that were formed all those years ago? Wouldn’t it be poetic if the Force arranged these two …

External image


 to do just that? The grandson of a Skywalker and the granddaughter of a Kenobi learning how to work together again? The head and heart finding balance?

One of the criticisms often directed at this theory is that to some Kenobi would not have formed a relationship with a woman. He was a Hermit after all they say and a Jedi of the old code.

Yes he was, but I think they fail to take into account the immediate aftermath of Return of the Sith. Psychologically Kenobi was vulnerable; his world, his ideals shattered into pieces. It would only be natural if he formed doubts of the old Jedi way, it would only be natural if in his loneliness he was tempted by the idea of leaving it all behind, form a family and live quietly for the rest of his days. He may have had a brief relationship and never knew that he had impregnated the woman. This possibility should not be dismissed. After all it is canon that Kenobi fell in love once with Duchess Satine Kryze during the Clone Wars.

In conclusion (before I drone on and on…) it would be more poetic, powerful and heartfelt if Rey was the granddaughter of Kenobi. It would hit right in the feels to see that Skywalker and Kenobi were always essential to the other. There would still be an element of familiarity without it being about the same family. It fits perfectly with the tone of Star Wars, but ultimately, Star Wars would still be Star Wars if she wasn’t. So, let’s see what Episode Vlll has in store for Rey and the galaxy and enjoy the fact that we get to see yet another Star Wars movie!

fossore  asked:

I love the trophy husband headcanon. It's interesting to think about how Jack's and Bitty's sphere's of influence overlap and don't overlap. For instance, I bet that at least some of Jack's fans don't care about Bitty at all beyond a vague awareness of his cooking show or that he's famous, so while Bitty gets the lion's share of attention there is the occasional fan who sees them both and doesn't care about Bitty at all, or cares about Bitty much less.

Oh def, as I said among the hockey community/hockey inclined cities, Jack is still pretty much a big deal and Bitty is that ‘famous husband with like that show you have weird challenges, like baking blindfolded while Beyoncé blares in the background I think!’ he married.

Jack has his demographic of fans and press who do know and care, but it just gets overwhelmed half the time by Bitty’s side of things.

Which Jack totally and completely approves because Bitty does love press and attention. Bitty doesn’t mine having his photo taken, or talking to some fans, on going to about a million interviews and guest show appearances as a judge.

Bitty leaves he house saying stuff like “Jack, I’m going to have my own cooking show today!”

“Yes Bitty, I know, you have been doing that a few years.”

“But a cooking show Jack! Of my own.”

“I am very proud but it’s Wednesday and you go every day of the week, what I’m more interesting in talking about this magazine that claims you are ‘too perfect for this world, so you are probably an alien, here are 12 reasons why.’”

“I thought we said no more tabloids!”

“This isn’t a tabloid, it’s a conspiracy theory magazine and you can’t take it from me.”

“….only cause you are holding it above your head.”

You know what I really like about the Hellboy* comics?  Whenever somebody’s trying to open a doom-portal straight to hell or whatever, there’s pretty much two settings: “Fuck yeah, let’s wreck this joint!” and “Oooooh shit, why the fuck did I do this I can no longer remember what I was trying to accomplish shiiiiiiiiit.”

And the people saying these things are very frank about it. 

“Why yes, I, Rasputin, am attempting to drag through the elder gods and unleash them open this mortal plane.  Thank you for noticing.  Everything’s gonna be fucked from here to eternity.”

“So I got kind of obsessed with summoning a demon, and I did it, and in retrospect I have no idea what the fuck I expected, because boy howdy I was somehow not prepared for the fact that I opened a literal portal to hell in my fucking living room.”

There’s even a bit in one of the earlier Hellboy issues where aliens are randomly shown seeing the fallout from one of the attempts to open a portal to hell and going “What the fuck is going on down there?”

But there’s a definite lack of people pulling a Mephistopheles and selling their soul for the girl of their dreams and maybe some modest fame and fortune.  It’s all either bored assholes who somehow misunderstood the concept of ‘hell’ or people who want to murder existence right in its face.  It’s actually really refreshing.

*And associated spin-off titles.

Aspie Rant

So fucking mad at my parents rn. I was explaining to them why Autism Speaks is so bad. (they want to cure autism and find a way to text for it in utero, like for Down’s) And both of them just go “So?” “Why is that a bad thing?” SERIOUSLY???? YOU WANT TO CURE ME OF WHO I AM??? I WOULDN’T BE YOUR CHILD ANYMORE, I’D BE SOME ALIEN FORM OF MY FORMER SELF.

AND THEN my mom has the audacity to say “well it’d be easier for the people around them.” WELL YES IT WOULD BUT YOU DON’T LIVE WITH IT IN YOU. YOU DON’T GET MADE FUN OF AND BULLIED AND LEFT OUT BECAUSE OF WHO YOU ARE. 



tavros nitram: or why i think our saviour hus has failed us thus

the representation of disabled people in media never fails to skew and confuse viewers to further accept broadly held misconceptions. in this case, i will be specifically talking about the chair that tavros uses and why i think it a poor choice for tavros and his needs. i will also be showing which chair would have better suited him and why. for the simple reason of not writing an essay, i have kept my thoughts brief but if asked i will gladly expand on any/all of these.

  • first of all, his chair doesn’t make sense since he self propels and it’s a clunky hot mess
  • seriously, where is his cussion? he might be an alien, but pressure sores will still be a pain in the ass  (pun intended)
  • not to mention the fact that it’s the useless bulky sort of chair that you use to transport hospital patients from one wing to another
  • it doesn’t even properly fit tavros
  • andrew hussie (the writer) has easter egged everything including the first appearance of pumpkins… yet he couldn’t spend ten minutes looking this up? it’s lazy writing and there’s nothing more to it
    • more on lazy writing: they’re an alien race and should have something even better than a veloche chair for all their developments
    • trolls prolly don’t give a single fuck about giving chairs to the disabled because they have a fricken toddler hunger games after birth, so where did he get this chair from? if you say equius, why the f is it a piece of total garbage? he literally made a full functioning robo body for aradia and robo legs for tav later on, why the heckle deckle would he half ass this project? and yes i am factoring in his hate of lowbloods
    • even if we’re going off the whole “troll society doesn’t care about the disabled and vriska wouldn’t ask equius to make him a chair” then he could still ride his fiduspawn cards. give this boy a horse! let him ride a fire breathing dragon! create a multipurpose airplane! this comic already has more weird inventions and undiscussed alien animals than the winchester death count, why are we skimping out here?

THIS is the chair for tavros.

  • there is no reason that he should have handle bars since he has no impairment in his upper body (and from all of his flarping days as pupa pan (peter pan) he should actually be fairly well off)
    • motherfuckin bows and pole arms man
  • more on handles, considering his blood colour, the last thing that tavros should want is to give a hostile highblood the means to easily cart him away and beat him bloody behind his hive
  • the frame is lightweight, which is made specifically for people who depend fully on their chairs for mobility. since he has no use of his lower body and will be sitting all day, it makes zero sense to put him in a clunker
  • this solid frame (talking about the colourful bits) is sturdier since it cannot collapse.
    • also, since tavros never goes anywhere by car, he has no need for a folding chair that would only make his life harder
  • those casters (front wheels) give him the maneuverability he needs indoors, and since tavros became a shut in after his accident, there is no reason to give him big front wheels
    • big casters = you’re driving the monster truck of wheel chairs. you can pretty much get over a wall of dirt, the biggest pot hole in the intrastate, and do it all without feeling bumps or spilling your coffee. cons: you’ve also got the maneuverability of a monster truck, or rather lack there of
    • small casters = you’re a proud owner of the wheel chair smart car. you can save on gas (the effort it takes to self propel your body+chair+wheels is reduced because they are now babies), and if there is a parking space the size of a quarter you can prolly get into it. seeing the pig sty that is tavros’ room, he’d appreciate the ability to NOT mow everything over whenever he moved
  • with consideration to ongoing gags, i’ll ignore that his feet don’t  go down to the wheels in the other chair
    • however, his foot rests should not be swing away since he will not be getting out of his chair to walk and would likely need to transfer sideways in order to get in/out of the chair
    • considering that tav will not be standing up to get in and out of his wheelchair, this stationary foot rest is rifled with advantages (one eg; making the frame even more resistant to wear and tear, among other benefits) that i could make a whole other post on.
  • the reason i did not include armrests for him was because of his need to do a sideways transfer. tavros might use swing away armrests (since he’d probably loose them in his block), but in my opinion he would be the sort of person more likely to go without arm rests altogether.
    • he spends most of his time at his desk and they would be in his way more often than not.
    • when you have desk sized arm rests it’s because you do other things but want the option to sit at a desk.
    • tavros just goofs around in his room all day. if he gets tired then he can take a nap or lean on his desk. he is looking for a way to get around his house and not impede his card games or internet time.
  • i could go on further, but i think you get my point.

i’m disappointed in our hus, especially since i want to be able to hold the things dear to my heart (like homestuck) to a higher standard. he’s not alone in his mistakes, but it’s sad to see them happen when hussie clearly spends so much time researching everything else.

at the end of the day, it looks like this is just another failed attempt for the list of half assed attempts to give wheelchair bound people representation. obviously this is done without consulting anyone who has ever spent time in a wheelchair, and it’s just plain disappointing that the few times an effort is made it is done haphazardly.

Unpopular opinion

Okay so lately on Tumblr a lot of (light skinned) cosplayers have been bashed for painting their skin a different color to cosplay, and they’ve been getting a lot of hate for it.

Now I’m not talking about light skinned people who dress up as CANONLY black characters, but I’m talking about people who dress up as “black” characters, like Garnet for example.

Am I the only one who thinks it’s unfair that Garnet cosplayers especially can’t paint their skin a DARK REDDISH PINK color without being called a racist or be accused of black face?

Like…Garnet is an alien, she’s not African American and is not related to any in the show so…why is it so bad? YES I know that she has a lot of features that someone would associate with a dark skinned person, but she is not a BLACK character by the simplest definition…well at least to me.

I mean, I’m not trying to say she’s any other race (well besides the fact that she’s a Gem) I’m just saying that it seems a bit ridiculous that people get butt hurt about it..her skin isn’t even a DARK BROWN.?!

I just think that when it comes to fictional characters that do NOT have a CANON HUMAN race it’s perfectly okay to paint your skin. Like..being a maroon red is t gonna hurt anybody, and some Garnet cosplayers look cool as hell.

Anyway it’s seven in the morning I’m done now


Yes I know I am days late for the Regisa Week Party!

Day 1 theme was gender and yeaahh I just wanted to draw them in bikinis so yeah hot bikini babes!

Day 2 was drinks and I didn’t see any one draw the whole arms linked drinking couple thing so I did.

Day 3 Angst haha I might go back and draw this maybe

Day 4 is Future Fish. I can just imagine Nagisa saying “We’re dads now Rei-chan!” while holding their jiggly, alien babies.

Why did I decide to draw with an ink well pen- its a miracle I didn’t spill india ink every where.

BTS Reaction #2

Requested By Anon

Could I please request one for BTS where their best friend (who they like) plays with their hair (can be gif or written its up to you!) thanks ahead of time!

A/N: I’ve decided to turn this into a written reaction so I hope it’s to your liking :) Also, sorry for the long wait!

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Wet Blanket Here

Yes, I am the wet blanket requesting that we temper our celebration of a certain someone’s demise on Monday. Why would I say that?  Because the finale that we so greatly anticipate is not our destination, it is just another step in our journey to renewal. We fans are still going to be under the microscope, with Fox trying to judge if they have a viable fan base to support another season of SH.  We still need to appeal to a broad fanbase to do that including picking up viewers for the live plus 3 and live plus 7 after the initial broadcast. So alienating people right now is not wise . The fantastic humor that so defines the fanbase is always welcome and should be a part of the appeal to new fans, but cruelty and personal attacks against actors will only hurt our campaign.

Hi I’m an atheist an was wondering, why do you believe in a mythical figure of “God.” I believe that what believers day “God” is, psychologically a part of your mind you want to believe in but you can’t and this story is keeping believers and humanity back. So can you explain to me what is “God” and why do you believe in it. P.S. Why is “God” a guy and why does he judge you for everything. I am not trying to be disrespectful but I don’t see the significance of “God.”


Referring to God as a “mythical figure” is part of the problem. You have already answered your question before you have even set out on the journey to see if the question of God can be answered. Rigid preconceived notions make the search for God extremely difficult, if not impossible. For God is understood by the ancients, as well as by contemporary people of faith, as the “first cause” and “origin” of being, of what has been brought into existence.

Whether you realize it or not, the term “mythical figure” pretty much wraps up this discussion and makes it useless to go further. Because….well, “mythical figure”–there is your answer, I guess.

Stating that you do not see the significance of God is stating, in other words, that you are already in possession of the truth of this matter and have no need to search further. That stance, in itself, makes my answers, and your attempt at understanding, to be futile.

The significance of God is “search”; the significance of God is knowledge; the significance of God is discovery of things not answered by limited human intelligence. It is part of the eternal quest for immortality and to know secrets that our universe alone has not yielded to us–and to go beyond our horizons towards meanings and answers not yet verbalized by what is the present state of human knowledge. To use a parallel search, it is similar to why even atheists go in search of aliens. Because the search itself is an exciting part of being human and yes, spiritual.

The significance of God is also humility, that rarest of human traits. It is saying, “I am human. While I search for God and the meaning of God, I keep in mind that……I am not God.”