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[Tumblr’s Top Ten Heartbreaking Moments] - #9 Harry First Sees His Dad

I open at the close…


honestly ya’ll i wasn’t that big on do me right bc the lyrics are kind of cheesy and the whole dance with the mic stands reminds me of johnny’s groups and just makes me cringe but this fancam changed me. minho is actual pure sunshine and this cheesy-ass song about love is the perfect song for sweet baby angel minho. he is smiling for the whole 3:33 of this goddamn video and he just dances so hard and he works so hard. minho is just the sweetest drop of dew on a daffodil and fucking soul turned pink like cotton candy after i saw this fancam. u go minho :’)

season 5 The 100: predictions

we have survived everything, living in space, the post apocalyptic world, wars with grounders and mountain men and the wave of radiation. We lost loved ones. We survived. 

Now what? We live. We rebuild. We make all out of nothing. Because we have hope and our fierce spirit of survival has gotten us this far. Now we really make this our home. We deserved it, all of us who are still left.  We inherited this earth. Let’s make this life worth living.

  • Oikawa: Tobio is not my enemy. He’s foie gras.
  • Me: *clutches chest*
  • Oikawa: That’s because it tastes better the more the bird is nurtured.
  • Me: *sheds a single tear*
  • Oikawa: Foie gras is my favorite food after all.
  • Me: *whispers* you're so fucking gay

Hello! Why yes, I am still doing podfic, although not at the pace I once was. Between RL issues, depression, voice issues and being sucked into reading Star Trek Reboot fanfic, I haven’t been doing much with podfic. This one was recorded in 2016. I finished up editing it today. 

Moving In (To Every Single Aspect of Danny’s Life, Including the Boring Bits like Dry-Cleaning) by Westgirl is the story. The podfic is by me, librarychick_94 (librarychick94 on Tumblr). The boring cover art is by me. The story is 9,688 words and the podfic is 52 minutes long. McDanno, teen and up. Many thanks to westgirl for writing it and giving me permission to record it. Also, many thanks to paraka for hosting my podfic!

I have been informed that this is not, in fact, shit. It didn’t turn out remotely how I thought it would, but … ya know, whatever. I’ve also been informed that if I refer to it as shit again, effie214 will kick my ass. Ergo, I hope you enjoy this (not shit) work of fiction.

Title: Icarus, Reborn. 

Spoilers: 3x07, some (wild) speculation for 3x09 and beyond.

FF: {X}

AO3: {X}


Oliver doesn’t say anything about going to visit Felicity that night. He doesn’t say anything about anything, actually, because his words are the most effective noose in these gallows. He has said too much and not enough; all the wrong words for the right reasons.

He refuses to release any more words into the ether. They will stay locked in the cage of his body, left to rattle around in there with the jagged pieces of his demolished heart, forever. Words have done nothing but fail him, and there’s no one left to hear them, anyway; no one that he wants to share them with.

Those words – Oliver’s words – are for Felicity, and he can’t give them to her.

She doesn’t want them.

So, Oliver doesn’t say anything. He dances alone in the limbo that he’s created, a discarded marionette with broken strings. This solitude and loneliness is his own fault and he knows it. He doesn’t resent it any less. If anything, he resents it more. Everyone had tried to tell him – Sara, Digg, even Felicity; especially Felicity – and he ignored all of their warnings. Oliver has been blind and selfish. Worse than that, he has been complacent. He has been so secure in what he and Felicity have been creating that he didn’t realize until too late that it needed to be protected. What they have, what’s between them, has always been there and he was foolish enough to believe that it always would be.

Only now that it’s gone does he realize that he should have fought for it, and that it needed to be fought for in the first place.

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