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The First Time In Forever

A/N despite the title, this has NOTHING to do with Frozen. Lol.

Spencer x Reader

“I’m sorry, but you’ve never had an orgasm?”

Your best friend Spencer Reid was staring at you with an incredulous look on his face, turning away from the Game of Thrones episode you were watching.

One and half bottles of wine and a GoT-athon, and the conversation had turned… wrong. Just plain wrong.

You can’t even remember what exactly had happened on the screen to make you comment that you’d never had an orgasm, but as soon as the words left your mouth, you regretted them.

You were open with your best friend, but not that open. Although… rather than blushing like you’d have expected him to, he just seemed shocked and appalled.

“Nope,” you replied, seeing his eyes bug out.

“Are you sure? Y/N, you’re 27.”

“I’m well aware of how old I am, Spencer. And yes. I’m sure. At least… I think I am.”

He quickly topped his wine glass up, this revelation was obviously making him turn to drink. Well, more to the booze that he already had.

“You think? Explain…. Because you’ve come to into work before raving about guys you’ve banged.”

“So you DO listen to those conversations…” You were surprised, he normally just rolled his eyes and buried his head in a file.

“I listen because you and Penelope talk very loudly, although sometimes it’s at a pitch that I’m sure only dogs can hear…. Ouch! Don’t hit me! Anyway… Stop going off track.” He rubbed his arm where you’d hit it.

“Why are you obsessed with this bit on information anyway? Does it matter that I’ve never had an earth shattering moment. I still enjoy fucking.”

“But what’s the point if there’s no orgasms? And what do you do when you can’t sleep at night?”

“Spencer Reid!! Well, next time your eyes are darker than normal, I’ll know what you’ve been doing all night. And there’s plenty of point.. Sex is fun. And it still feels good. Its just….I dunno. No man has ever managed to make me tremble. At least, that’s what I’m led to believe happens.”

“And… Erm.. You’ve never managed to make it happen either yourself?” The tiniest amount of pink appeared on his cheeks.

“I’m getting you drunk more often, Spence. The team would never EVER imagine you having this conversation. And no. I’ve tried.”

“You must be doing it wrong. I’ll send you some links later on how to masturbate properly.”

You shifted on the couch, your jaw dropping. “You will not! And anyway…. You don’t even have a vagina. What makes you so sure that I’m doing it wrong?”

“Because if you were doing it right, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.”

“And you think you know how to do it right?” You knocked back the last of your drink.

“Yep… Never had any complaints when I’ve been getting a girl off. And I used to talk Austin through doing it all the time when we couldn’t see each other.”

You spluttered your drink out, wiping your mouth with your hand.

“Austin… That bartender you used to see? You’re saying you used to have phone sex with her?”


“I am learning so many new things here tonight Spencer.” You shook your head at your friend and colleague, feeling buzzed.

“If you let me send you the links, you’ll learn something else too.”


“What.. Orgasms are one of the best things about life. Everyone deserves to have them, especially you. It’s a travesty that you’re not sure if you’ve had one or not. You’re missing out.”

You couldn’t not laugh at this conversation. You knew Spencer wasn’t as sweet and innocent as everyone made him out to be, he couldn’t be, he was a grown man. A very attractive grown man. But still….

“Spencer, this sounds like the plot of a really really bad porno. Any second now and you’ll be offering to give me one,” you sniggered.

“I will if you want. I could either talk you through getting yourself off, or just do it for you.”

“Reid, I was joking.”

“I’m not. Offer stands. Like I say, everyone deserves orgasms.”

You became very quiet all of a sudden and you realised you were actually considering his offer. You did sometimes feel like you missing out, and maybe you were doing something wrong… You still enjoyed sex and stuff but it would be nice if you got to finish too. You’d just never had that knee trembling, deity worshiping moment.

You completely blamed the wine for this.


Half an hour later, after the rest of the wine, much deliberation on your part, and much assurance on Spencer’s part that no this didn’t mean anything, no this wasn’t his way of trying to get you into bed although it would be easier to do this in the bed, and no he wouldn’t have to see anything, and you were lying in bed.

You were under the covers with your pants off but your underwear on and Spencer was lying on top of the covers, propped up in his side. The lights were out and the only light came from a thin sliver of moonlight where your drapes weren’t quite meeting.

“I’d prefer it if you didn’t look at me whilst we do this,” you whispered.

“Fair enough.” Spencer rolled onto his back, looking up at ceiling.


“Alright so erm…. Try thinking about something that does turn you on. Maybe a sexy scene from a movie or something,” Spencer’s voice had dropped and had become a soft, low cadence that was soothing but instructive.

You closed your eyes and tried to picture your favourite sexy scene.

This just felt wrong.

“Start running your hands over your body first, slowly feeling your skin. Pay attention to your breasts, maybe pinch a nipple or something.”

You did as he asked, feeling extremely self conscious about what you were doing. You let your hands move up and down your body a few times, squeezing your breasts and teasing a nipple through your vest. You’d removed your bra when you’d got in but had refused to get naked. You so couldn’t do this….it felt.. Silly.

“Reid, I can’t do this.”

“You can if you want to,” he told you.

“It feels silly doing it to myself with you here. Like I’m listening to an instructional video or something.”

He rolled to his side again. “You could just let me do this for you this once. And then when you know what you’re missing out on, maybe you’ll feel more inclined to figure it out for yourself.”

“But…. It’s weird…”

“Only if we make it weird. It’s up to you Y/N.”

“Erm….Oh God. Okay… Do it,” you felt yourself blushing horrendously as Spencer pulled the covers back and slid under, lying closer to you and rolling onto his side so that he was facing you. He tugged the cover down slightly to your waist and then placed his hand on your tummy.

Lazily he began drawing patterns with his finger tips, them skimming over the fabric of your vest top.

“Relax, Y/N. Relax,” He said in that same low voice and you let out a breath, keeping your eyes closed.

Spencer’s hand stayed in the safety zone for a while, gently stroking your stomach, your arms, your shoulders. It was relaxing, and you felt yourself beginning to feel more at ease with this. It was just Reid. He wasn’t bothered by this, why should you be?

He let his hands move lower under the covers, tickling the tops of your thighs lightly, grazing over the soft material of your underwear as he moved his hand back up, sliding it over your stomach and onto your breast.

“Many men actually neglect the breasts, they assume that woman don’t actually find having their breasts fondled all that sexy. In actual fact, the majority of woman have said that they wish their partner would spend more time on them, some woman even claim to have climaxed solely from having their nipples stimulated.”

As he said that last part he spread his fingers and then closed them slowly, catching your nipple between them. Moving his hand gently back and forth, he rubbed against the sensitive flesh. Your breathing hitched as he used his fingers to swipe over the now hardened nub, teasing it gently.

“Am I allowed to…..?” he moved his hand to the strap of your vest and you nodded, still keeping your eyes shut as he pulled down your top, exposing your breasts to him. You thought you detected a change in his own breathing but you couldn’t be sure. Feeling him moving on the bed, he heard his voice again.

“Can I….can I use my mouth?”

Oh fuck….

“Not down there you can’t!” you blurted out, a chuckle escaping his lips.

“Okay. But I can use it here?” he rolled a nipple between his thumb and forefinger, the sensation causing you to bite your lip. You nodded.

Spencer lowered his mouth to the breast closest to him and moved his hand over to the other one. He began peppering light kisses over the swell of your chest as his fingers circled and teased the puckered flesh of your other breast. You weren’t going to lie, the sensation was wonderful and you started to forget the awkwardness of the situation and to actually enjoy it. His lips slipped over your nipple, pursing around it and sucking it into his mouth, his tongue flicking against it as he pulled it’s twin at the same time. You moaned, not beings able to stop the sound.

You could feel his lips change shape, he was smiling at the sound. Carrying on he repeated his actions, grazing his teeth over the skin and sending jolts of pleasure down into your groin. Giving one long hard suck, he released it from his mouth and dragged his hand down your torso and over your panties.

“I need you to spread your legs slightly. You’re clenching them shut,” Spencer whispered and you realised you were. You moved them, allowing him access.

He placed his palm flat on your groin and began rubbing his hand back and forth, applying a small amount of pressure, but not particularly paying attention to any one area.

“Another mistake guys make is going straight for either the clitoris or the vagina, forgetting the whole area is sensitive, even more so once someone is aroused. The clitoris is the most sensitive part though, it has over eight thousand sensory nerve endings all in a tiny area. Some woman can come in a matter of seconds from having their clit stimulated, others take longer, even up to hour. So you have to be patient. But most people aren’t that patient, which is where you could be missing out.”

He ran his hand up and down your covered centre and you winced slightly, realising that your panties must be feeling damp.

“Can I take these off? We can leave them on if you’re uncomfortable…. ”

You raised your hips in response, helping him quickly pull them off and then settle his hand back between your thighs. He’d already seen your breasts, to hell with it.

“Are you sure I can’t use my mouth down there?” he asked again, his long fingers dragging up and down.

“I’m sure… Cos it’s not like I’ll be able to do that to myself right?”


You allowed your legs to move slightly further apart as his hand explored.

“So if you’re doing this yourself, you need to remember to that keeping lubricated is important. Chaffing can be a problem, for guys and girls. Don’t start stimulating your clit when it’s dry, in my experience, the sensation is better when it’s wet. You can use lube, or you can lick your fingers first. Or you can use your own arousal, like this.”

To demonstrate, he pushed the tips of two of his fingers into your opening and you gasped. Retracting them he slid them forward, using the slick from his fingers as lube.

“You’re so wet, Y/N.”

“Spencer! Don’t say shit like that to me….. ”

But oh god, how delicious it had sounded coming from his mouth.

“Why… It’s the truth. It’s good, it means what we’re doing is working.”

“What you’re doing you…..oh…. Ah…”

Your words trailed off as he pressed his fingers to your clit and began massaging it, moving his fingers in a circular motion at first, he’d then switched to a more pressured side to side movement, changing between the two.

“There’s so many nerves ending here, Y/N. You can’t really go wrong with how you stimulate them. Some people use their whole hand to massage it like I’m doing now. Others just use one or two fingers like this.”

He changed his positioning, applying just two fingers directly to your clit and rubbing faster. The pressure was more localised than with his whole hand and felt more intense. He carried on for a few minutes, heavy breaths exhaling from your body. You bent one of your legs at the knee and placed your foot flat to the bed, your legs suddenly feeling restless.

“Other woman like having their clit tapped or smacked.” He demonstrated again, making a tapping motion on you. It felt okay, but not fantastic and you shook your head.

“Not a fan? Some girls aren’t. Okay and then we have that magic elusive spot that some people can never seem to find. The g spot.”

He slid his fingers through your folds, your lips separating as he slid two fingers inside you, your hips bucking off the bed as he did.

“Most women need clitoral stimulation to come, which is why most don’t orgasm during penetration itself unless they or their partner is playing with the clit too. That’s a mistake that men make, not working the clit as well or even being offended when the woman starts to touch it herself. They’re missing out though. There’s nothing better than being inside a woman whilst she orgasms, trust me.”

He started moving his fingers slowly inside, curling them.

“The most sensitive part of your vagina is the first two thirds, or there is a spot right at the top called the A spot, but that’d hard to reach by yourself. Your g spot is located about two to three centimetres along the front wall and feels pebbly and rough. You can’t feel it unless you’re aroused. So you should be able to feel this… ”

Spencer pressed his fingers to it and you felt the familiar sensation that you felt during sex. Rather than thrusting his hand in and out, he simply manoeuvred his fingers against it making you start to pant.

“Y/N, use your hand on yourself.”

You followed his instructions and slid your hand between your legs, using two fingers rather than the whole hand. You tried to mirror his actions from before, feeling light headed as he worked his fingers inside you.

“You can use your other hand to pull back the clitoral hood if you like, but some woman find it too sensitive.”

“This… This is fine… Ugh… Oh.”

This WAS fine… More than fine in fact. It was….Oh god there were no words to describe it.

“Apply a bit more pressure, Y/N. ”

“Help me…” you gasped out as he slid his hands from inside you and placed his fingers over yours.

Interlocking his hand with yours he pressed down, guiding you in your movements.

“Your skin is flushed and I can hear your heart racing.” He lowered his head back to your chest and sucked your nipple back into his mouth as your hands moved together between your legs.

Your leg started to twitch and you tried to slow your movements, feeling slightly funny.

“Nope… Carry on. Let go, Y/N. You’re nearly there. ”

Spencer continued working his fingers against yours, his lips sucking against your chest.

Your gasps grew louder and your legs trembled, your hips involuntarily bucking from the mattress. You could feel a pounding in your head, hear the blood rushing through your veins. Every nerve ending in your body seemed to be on fire and you felt like you’d never felt before.

“Oh god…. Oh fuck… Oh fuck, Spencer.” Was this coming? Oh jeez, it had to be….. You could feel yourself contracting inside, your whole body quivering. You were dizzy but in the best possible way, and you continued to expel expletives from your mouth as the feeling racked through you, subsiding after around twenty seconds or so, although it felt like longer.

Spencer removed his mouth from your chest and his hand from yours, and you felt him wipe it on the sheets. You did the same with yours, and then slowly opened your eyes to see Spencer looking very pleased with himself.

You couldn’t speak, not yet. You just lay there, trying to regulate your breathing for a few minutes. When you finally could think straight, you realised your boobs were still on display and you hurriedly pulled your top back up.

“Shame…. I was enjoying looking at those,“ came the comment from your companion.

You glanced over at him, a smirk on his face.

“So?” he asked.

“I both love you and hate you for that.”

“Why both?”

“Because you were right. That was the best feeling ever. And I definitely hadn’t had one. But if I can’t replicate that myself when I’m alone…..”

“You will. Now you know what you’re doing.” he told you.

“But if I can’t?” You felt shy again.

“Then…..I can always help you. Or do it for you. I don’t mind. And it’s not like I’m not getting anything out of it. Giving an attractive girl orgasms makes me feel good too.”

“You think I’m attractive?”

“Don’t play dumb, Y/N. I’m not blind.”



“What about….what about actually making you feel good. Like… Well. Finishing you off too.”

“Well,I’m not gonna lie, that was extremely frustrating for me. But I enjoyed it. And I’ll just cold shower when I get home or something.”

Or something. You giggled, knowing what the ‘or something’ might be.

You shifted your position on the bed, moving closer to him and placing your hand on his groin, seeing the surprised look on his face.

“Hey, no. I didn’t do this to get something in return.”

“I know you didn’t. But I want to. I may not have been able to get myself off, but experience tells me that I’m quite good at getting other people off. And we’ve already crossed the friendship line of no return. Why not cross it even further. If you want to….”

Feeling a twitch underneath your hand, you waited until he nodded and moved to the buttons of his jeans.

“Spence… ” you stopped. “Thanks, by the way.”

“You’re welcome.”

Grinning, you started unbuttoning his jeans, feeling happier now you knew you could pay him back.

You’re important to me - Part 1.

Title: You’re important to me.

Fandom: Mystic Messenger.

Pairing: Juminzen.

Word count: Approximately 1,100 words.  

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Based on this post by @mariamagica. I don’t know if this is what you imagined, but I kinda like how it came out. Oh, and if you don’t know this awesome little person, go check her out, she’s an amazing writer. 

In this little fanfic, Saeyoung and Mc got together. Jaehee left the assistant job quite a while ago to open her coffee place/bakery and Yoosung replaced her. And because cinnamon roll V needs happiness, Rika is far far away and he took the surgery. 

Also, I apologize in advance if I have any mistakes, English is not my first language.


He was taking a shower after a long workout when it was announced. He didn’t find out until he turned on the tv that night, right after he learned the lines for his audition, thinking he would be the best out there.

And the headline in the news channel made him spit out the water he had been drinking.


Earlier today, the chairman of C&R International announced to the public the engagement of his son, Jumin Han, and the protégée of his current girlfriend. The wedding between Sarah Choi and Jumin Han is set in two weeks, according to Glam Choi. Jumin’s father says-

He turned off the electronic in a hurry, not wanting to hear more of it.

Trust fund kid, getting married?

Where the hell had he left his phone?

Why was he so desperate to reach that person?

He fumbled around for his phone, finding it under the towel he had used to dry his hair. And he didn’t slow down, his hands shaking slightly as he opened the app the RFA used frequently to keep in touch.

Everyone was there.

09:07 pm – Jumin Han, 707, Jaehee Kang, V, Mc, Saeran, Yoosung★

- ZEN has logged in -

707>: Zen!

707>: Cat mom is getting married!!!

707>: Wait…

707>: *gasp*

707>: Does this mean the only suitor Elly has…

707>: IS ME?!!

Saeran>: Stupid brother.

MC>: Saeyoung ;;

707>: Don’t worry babe, I love you more.

Saeran>: Get a room.

707>: We’re already in it. 

Jaehee Kang>: I don’t think you realize just how serious this is, Saeyoung.

V>: I agree with Jaehee here, Jumin doesn’t seem too happy about it either.  

Jumin Han>: I am not.

Jumin Han>: I don’t like the fact that my father told me nothing about it, but it makes him, and the company, happy.

Jumin Han>: I intend to go through it. Even if the woman I’m marrying is as loud as a truck.

Zen couldn’t help but laugh at that comment, only a person like Jumin could talk like that about others and be funny. 

Yoosung>: But…

Yoosung>: Am I the only one who thinks it’s a little weird?

Yoosung>: It hasn’t even been a month since Jumin’s father started to see Glam Choi and you are already marrying her student.

Jaehee Kang>: They do seem suspicious. The two of them visited me asking why I had left the company, and who the “new guy” was. I apologize for not telling you earlier, Jumin. 

Jumin Han>: … It is alright, Miss Kang. 

ZEN>: And does this girl know who she’s marrying?

ZEN>: Who would want to marry a freak obsessed with a fur ball?

Jumin Han>: You would.

He almost dropped the phone in shock, and cursed himself when he imagined it. Although he had to admit, Jumin in a suit that wasn’t full of pinstripes would be quite a sight.

ZEN>: WHA-?!


MC>: lolololol

MC>: Zen, you naughty liar~

707>: lololol

707>: I can already imagine the headlines.

Saeran>: Stupid famous actor Zen and fucking important entrepreneur Jumin Han eloped. Cat was the priest.

Over his dead body. 

Jumin Han>: Elizabeth 3rd can’t be the priest in a wedding.

Jumin Han>: She could play flower girl.

ZEN>: You can’t invite a damn cat to a wedding.

Jaehee Kang>: I have to agree with Zen on that.

V>: I don’t think that will stop Jumin from bringing Elizabeth.

Jumin Han>: V is telling the truth. Which reminds me, you are all invited.

Jumin Han>: But the guards know that if Saeyoung attempts anything, he’ll be escorted out, immediately.

ZEN>: Ok. Let’s get serious for once.

ZEN>: If Sarah sees me, she will fall for me. Who could ignore this Greek god?

ZEN>: And that fur ball will be there. I’m not going to the wedding.

- ZEN has logged off -

Yes, that was the real reason.

He wouldn’t go because he hated the fur ball. And he didn’t want Jumin’s future wife to fall in love with him.

Not because of other things.

His stomach felt strangely empty, as if he hadn’t eaten anything all day. Yet, he also felt like he had been punched in the gut. None of those were correct.. Perhaps we was just tired.

He told his manager to cancel the audition, under the excuse he was feeling a bit sick.

The two weeks passed in a blur, or at least they did for him. He had been in and off the messenger, logging out when the wedding was mentioned, or when Jumin came in. The guy always complained about the bride, how she was so clingy, loud, and the way she kept talking about his beloved cat.

Zen didn’t want to talk about it. He didn’t want to hear it.

Because when he did, his chest felt tight, and that empty feeling in his stomach came back. Sometimes even harder than before, and he didn’t like it.

He didn’t like the fact that he kept on smiling while looking at the old pictures in his phone. Those about the RFA, and those of only the two of them, of Jumin and him. He always got lost in thought while seeing those, always smiled, and, according to Jaehee, he seemed to have a dreamy look over his face.

It didn’t take him long to figure out what it might be, but he wouldn’t admit it. Not even if the fans screamed at him to do so.

Or that was what he thought.

02:37 am.

He kept tossing and turning in the bed, completely uncomfortable, no matter in what position he would settle. The suffocating feeling in his chest came back every time he looked at the clock.

Seven hours until the wedding.

Seven hours until Jumin fucking Han stood on the altar waiting for a woman.

Seven hours until Jumin loses his freedom and binds himself forever to a crappy woman by the name of Sarah fucking Choi.

Seven hours until Sarah Choi stands next to the love of his life, as they both say I do.

Seven hours until Zen loses Jumin, forever.

Since when did the trust fund kid become so important? Enough to consider him as a lover.. Just when the fuck did that happen and why hadn’t he realized it before?

“Fuck it”. He mumbled, sitting up and flopping back on top of the bed, a smile on his face. 

Jumin’s reputation and his own be damned.

He had a wedding to crash.

General Danvers: Day 7

General Danvers Week: Day 7 – Soulmate AU

Soulmates can Look through each other’s eyes, and when the bond is strong enough, a lot more, though until they meet, they don’t see in colour. Alex and Astra are going to see in colour eventually.


Astra and Alex are soulmates and knew from the start, Kara arrived on time, and that third pod is going to be very helpful in getting Fort Rozz out of the Phantom Zone.


Of All Days - (Charlemagne Gryffis)

The first Look she got into her soulmate’s life was when she was born. The Tether – new, fragile, but somehow stronger than Astra had ever hoped – drew her from her cell in Fort Rozz to a strange room, dark, but full of lights, and people in strange clothing, wearing strange headpieces. A man held her, and he was crying, babbling to an ‘Eliza’ about how she was beautiful and so small and how her Bond was already so strong – that her eyes were rimmed with a mix of green and blue. Astra understood the terminology, in retrospect, but it confused her – the fact that a Tether was forming at all was a miracle, forgive her if she took some time to translate her soulmate’s language’s words correctly. Astra had long ago accepted that she would never have a soulmate, and married Non because of it. She was lucky that her language even translated. Some Tether’s weren’t strong enough for that.

The Look ended soon, however, neither with enough control or strength to keep it up, and Astra was back in her cell. The Kryptonian supposed the distance would make it harder – but the next time, it would be her soulmate who Looked, and the next couple of times, too. Astra would learn that her soulmate’s name was ‘Alexandra Danvers’ when she Looked once, when her mother, ‘Eliza’, was shouting at her for drawing on the living room wall.

Sometimes, Astra had to wonder how far away she was – if the Phantom Zone was close to her planet. Her home was strange, her lands healthy and bountiful, her sea shimmering and full. Being soulmates that hadn’t met made sure neither of them saw in colour, but Astra was used to that, even if Alexandra wasn’t. “The sea is supposed to be blue, and the grass is supposed to be green” she’d once said out loud when Astra was Looking. Alex was very used to the sensation of Astra looking through her eyes.

Eventually, Astra found out that Alexandra came from ‘Earth’, when she was Looking during her soulmate’s school lessons.

Looking while she was attending ‘elementary’, during this point in Alexandra’s life where information was being fed into her on a daily basis, found Astra learning the basics of Earth’s cultures and society. At one point, she discovered that it was protected by the aliens Spectre and Nightwing, that the humans were aware of the existence of aliens. With their constant connection, they managed to enforce their Tether further, the results of which showed themselves when her soulmate was seven years old.

I wish I knew what you looked like, Alexandra’s voice echoed through her mind, causing Astra to blink. She wasn’t Looking through Alexandra’s eyes, so how…I wish I knew your name. You should know my name by name, from all the times it’s been used. Astra sat up in her cell abruptly, causing her cell-mate to look over tiredly – she’d just returned from the Detention Centre.

“What is it, General?”

“I can hear her voice, but I’m not Looking through her eyes,” Astra’s forehead knitted together, “How?” Her cell-mate raised an eyebrow, turning onto their side with a wince.

“You’re hearing her thoughts.”

“Her thoughts?” Astra shut her eyes, trying to focus on her young soulmate – but there was nothing. No thoughts, no words, just the Tether, thin as it always was. But…“The Tether has changed. Something wraps around it.”

“Secondary layer,” her cell-mate answered her unspoken question, “That’s when you start sharing thoughts, information. Your brains are syncing – by the time the secondary layer is complete, she’ll subconsciously know everything you do, and you she. Third layer preps during this as well, provided you keep the strengthening exercises up. You’ll feel her hunger, her pain, her weakness…”

“How do you know so much about this?” Astra questioned. Her cell-mate shrugged, before rubbing her cheek.

“The same way I know my own soulmate just got slapped by their angry master. They collapsed during my little bout in the Detention Centre, and they’re paying the price.”

Astra swallowed, “And if I find myself in the Detention Centre?”

Her cell-mate guwaffed, “Your soulmate is a child – you’ll be lucky if your Tether isn’t cut, if they have the technology. It’s illegal in several galaxies to let a child suffer through a Tether if it causes them harm.”

Astra vowed not to do anything to be placed in the Detention Centre.


Alex knew that her soulmate was somewhere strange. Whenever she Looked through the Bond, she saw a kind of room with two bunk-beds, a bathroom in the corner, and a glass wall that sizzled every so often. The other wall had a window that looked out onto space. Once, Alex thought her soulmate was an astronaut, until her dad said astronaut’s didn’t live like that, and that the window must be a painting – but he’d had a funny look on his face that Alex later associated with her father’s slight obsession with…


Of course, her soulmate wasn’t an alien. They couldn’t be. Aliens didn’t have soulmates, she didn’t think. Her soulmate was…weird, that was all.

I am not weird.

Alex blinked. What was that?

I am not weird, Alexandra.

Alex looked around, then out her window. Maybe it was Josh playing a trick…but Josh didn’t have a girl’s voice. Maybe it was Hannah instead. But the voice wasn’t Hannah’s, and it was…familiar, but Alex just couldn’t place it. It was beautiful though, low and calm, power in its cadence and if she focused she could see the smile behind it-

Alexandra, it is me. Then Alex felt them – her soulmate, looking through her eyes. Alexandra, our Tether is strong, strong enough that we are developing a new, secondary aspect to it. Our minds are close, our brains synchronising. I have been able to hear odd thoughts of yours for a few d- Her voice cut off suddenly, and Alex, still looking out of her window, froze. Was something wrong? Why couldn’t she hear her?

-fine, I’m still here! Don’t worry! Alex sucked in a breath.

Can you hear me? She tentatively asked. There was a long pause, before Alex felt a surge of warmth in her heart.

Yes, I can hear you, Alexandra.

Alex broke out into a smile, squealing. “Yes! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!” She shot up, running to the bathroom, locking the door and pulling her step out, stepping up to look in the mirror.

Alexandra…Alex had always been careful never to show her face – never to look in mirrors, or reflective surfaces, or at the pictures of her around her house. It was against the Laws – you weren’t supposed to show your soulmate your face through the Bond, not if you could help it. But Alex didn’t care. She wanted her soulmate to see her. Alexandra, you are such a sweet girl, but you shouldn’t show me this.

Why? She questioned her, focusing on different parts of her face so her soulmate could see. I don’t know anything about you. You know a lot about me. So if I can’t get to know you now, I want you to know me completely. She felt the Bond pulse, her soulmate starting to withdraw from her eyes. Suddenly desperate, Alex latched onto her, before she felt herself hurtling through something bright, that looked like the sun – and then she was in the room, the room her soulmate lived in.

What did you do? What…I’m in your bathroom, she heard her soulmate say, sounding disbelieving. I can move your body…Alex looked down, at her hands. They were large, like an adults, with nice nails that were shinier than Alex had seen nails be before, without nail varnish – and her nails didn’t look like they had nail varnish on. Raising her hand up – her soulmate’s hand – she peered at them, before a voice caught her attention.


Alex looked up, peering at the other woman. She was tanned, with slanted eyes like Mei’s, but unlike Mei’s, or any human eye she’d ever seen, they were slitted. The woman was lying on the top bunk-bed, but upon her silence, her eyes narrowed – narrowed sideways, instead of up and down. Eyes widening slightly, Alex watched as the woman got off the bed, prowling forward to crouch in front of her.

“You are not the General,” the woman said quietly, “your eyes are a dark brown, fully, not simply the General’s with a ring. You have switched places. You should not be able to do that…yet.”

“Yet?” Alex questioned, only for the woman to make a funny face. “Why?”

“I do not understand you – you speak in your natural language. But you obviously understand me – it seems that the secondary bond is perhaps complete, and you simply have not harnessed your potential.”

Alex wondered what the woman meant, when she heard her soulmate – the ‘General’ – swear in her home language. Blushing slightly, she shut her eyes, directing her thoughts through the Bond. What is it?

Your mother!

“Oh no.”


Sitting on the sofa, Astra played with the sleeve of Alex’s pyjama shirt. Across the room, Eliza was standing, waiting for Jeremiah to get back from work. They’d been there for a few hours now – hours that Alex would usually spend in bed. Astra felt slightly sick actually, a reaction she didn’t usually have to this kind of situation. Maybe because this is Alex’s body, I’m reacting like this. It made sense – Alex herself, before her cell-mate directed her to sleep in Astra’s bunk, said her stomach felt like it was full of butterflies. That was Astra’s old reaction, before she trained her body not to react at all.

The door opened. Eliza and Astra looked up to see Jeremiah, who upon seeing them raised an eyebrow.

“Something wrong? Alex, why are you up at this time?”

“Jer, that’s not Alex,” Eliza said, sounding stressed. Jeremiah walked into the living room slowly, confused.

“Not…Alex?” He looked to her, and it was then he seemed to notice the apparent difference in eye-colour. “Oh. Oh…well, hello. What’s your name?”

“General Astra, of the House of Ze,” Astra replied, making sure to speak in English. “It is an honour to meet Alexandra’s parents.”

“Uh, okay…where is Alex then?”

“That’s the problem, Jeremiah,” Eliza fretted, “Astra is in some sort of- some sort of military base. Jer, she’s an adult, in a prison.” Jeremiah paled, while Astra swallowed, discreetly rubbing Alex’s eyes.

“She’s asleep right now. My cell-mate realised our…predicament, and put her to sleep. She will be protected, until I can return.”

“What if it takes you both to get back?”

“I can wake her if that is so,” Astra replied, “But I would rather speak to you first. There are certain things you need to know – the first of which, is that I am Kryptonian. I am not human, and I am not going to escape my prison any time soon.”


Astra’s eyes widened.

Alexandra – you heard that? You aren’t even awake!

What do you mean? I’m Looking through your eyes.


“She’s asleep, but somehow she’s Looking – are there signs?” Astra met eyes with Jeremiah, letting him look her over. “Is there a circle of colour? A distinct feature?” He made a confused face and Astra realised she was speaking in Kryptonian – she repeated it all in English.

“There isn’t any sign she’s there – your eyes are still…honey, is that green or blue?”

“I don’t know, both?” Eliza put in. Astra opened her mouth to speak, wishing she were in her own body as she yawned-

Then she was travelling forward, body pitching forward before she banged her head, letting out a yelp.

Her cell-mate poked her head down from the bunk above.

“Are you back then?”

Astra grimaced, rubbing her head.

“It seems so.” Alexandra? Are you alright?

I’m fine, but I’m tired. I’m going to bed now. Goodnight…

Astra. My name is Astra. You were very good, my heart, for not panicking. So good. Sleep well, Brave One. Goodnight.

Goodnight, Astra.


The next few years were filled with many accidents and incidents. Alex’s teachers were informed of the circumstances, in case Astra made an appearance, but quickly Alex was moved up several classes as her subconscious knowledge of mathematics and sciences from Astra became apparent. Eliza and Jeremiah were so proud, despite how her classmates called her ‘cheat’ and ‘fake’. With Astra’s encouragement, she was able to get past it all, ignoring them until she was pushed up past middle school to high school, taking Senior-level classes in all three sciences and maths.

She threw her first punch her first week there and broke her thumb. Eliza was mad, Jeremiah proud, and Astra showed her how to throw a real punch along with another two dozen fighting techniques.

Alex’s life passed by in a blur. Astra inspired her to take up martial arts, and more sports. Jeremiah supported her fully, and Eliza just wanted her to do good in school, which she did, getting a full ride into Harvard before she turned sixteen, the only condition being that she get an A in her SATS for English. She did that, and with it got an A in Computing Science and IT. She got into Harvard, and went there for a couple of years, coming out at twenty with a doctorate, PhD, and the offer to work in the Department of Extranormal Operations.

Astra and the Danvers were obviously horrified at how they treated aliens. Eliza and Jeremiah joined themselves, so that they could work together on overthrowing Hank Henshaw. They succeeded in two thousand and sixteen, when the Spectre was joined by a Martian and Henshaw tried to publically shoot him down – in front of everyone, the Danvers’ mutinied, the rest of the DEO falling in line quickly. Jeremiah became the new Director, and Alex, with his permission, let Cat and Kara Grant interview her.

It was during that interview that Astra took over.

Astra, what are you doing? Alex stood in her cell, furious as she Looked through her eyes, watching as her soulmate went over to Kara Grant, turning her to again see the tattoo that her backless blue dress revealed. Astra-

“Kara Zor-El,” Astra watched the Grant woman carefully. At first, Kara seemed befuddled, before she looked to her wife.

“Shut the doors.” The other blonde narrowed her eyes, supping her bourbon before shutting the doors to their fishbowl office, glaring at any employees who looked over in confusion. Alex and Astra. Kara narrowed her eyes at them, back straightening. Out of the corner of their eye, they saw how some of the employees began to worry, watching them without care. “How do you know that name?”

Astra went to speak, when Alex took control back, metaphysically batting Astra away from the controls.

“Sorry about that. My soulmate can take over my body when I’m not extra careful at stopping her. Astra didn’t know whether Alura got you away, was all.”

Kara’s eyes widened, shoulders dropping as she stepped back.

“You…you’re Aunt Astra’s soulmate?

Alex smiled tightly. “This is a nice sort of coincidence, isn’t it?” She put her hand out. “Doctor Alexandra Danvers, DEO Agent, your aunt’s soulmate, and someone who’s been wondering if you made it ever since Astra told me about you. I like to be called Alex.”

Kara didn’t bother taking her hand, instead hugging her tightly. Alex hugged her back, wincing slightly.

“You’re…strong. Yellow sun rays, I’ll assume?”

“They make me stronger,” the Kryptonian whispered, before stepping back, taking the outstretched hand from Cat. “She’s watching?” Alex nodded.

“Not in the drivers seat, but yeah, she’s watching, and she can hear you.”

Kara wiped her eyes carefully. “Astra, I’m really glad you’re alive. I don’t know how – I’ll ask Alex about that actually, in a minute – but I’m glad. Uncle Jor-El and Aunt Lara sent Kal-El behind me, after my mother and father got my pod out. His pod was a little bit late, and the third pod with the Archives and cousin Marv-El, was knocked off-course-”

All of a sudden, Astra was pulled out of Looking, and Alex physically stumbled, grabbing onto the sofa for support as she felt the Bond tighten and stretch. A strangled gasp escaped her throat as it was pulled to it’s limit.

“Something’s wrong, something’s wrong-”

“Alex-” Kara grabbed her as she started to sway, “Cat, we need to call the DEO. Her father’s the Director.”

“Why?” The woman asked disinterestedly. Kara glared at her lightly, helping Alex down onto the sofa.

“Just call him – and then put your phone down, or you’ll cancel the meeting with Mayor Mills because she’s bringing Henry and Carter will get upset if you do that.” Cat bristled, but did as instructed, before Kara turned her attention to Alex, who was trying to metaphysically grab Astra, to pull her closer to her.

ASTRA! She called, desperate. Faintly, she heard a reply, that kept cutting out.

Fort Rozz is moving from the Phantom Zone- Brave One- be str- it disappeared, before Alex got out.

“It’s something to do with Fort Rozz. It’s leaving the Phantom Zone…fuck, this hurts.” She bit her lip, holding back a pitiful sound. Kara took her hands, holding them gently. Over at her desk, Cat dialled her father’s number.

“…is this Jeremiah Danvers?…Yes, it’s Cat Grant, no, she’s not fine. This Astra woman is moving through space out of a ‘Phantom Zone’ and their Bond is straining…my wife is the Spectre, a Kryptonian, this Astra’s niece, and yes, the line is secure. I’m a businesswoman, if it wasn’t, CatCo would have fallen over a decade ago…I’ll get her to bring her.” She hung up, looking over at them. “There’s some sort of facility out west in the desert. Bring her there.”

Kara nodded, before picking Alex up, going over to the balcony. Alex squeezed her eyes shut, hoping this meant what she thought it meant.

Please speak to me, Astra…because I think we’re going to be seeing in colour very soon.

KPop Master List

well mine anyway. let’s make it clear first of all that this is entirely @tarticawhat ‘s fault. i never meant to be here, but here i am nonetheless. anyway what you’re gonna get:

quick pic/gif and 3 points for each member of the handful of kpop idol groups that are now ruining my otherwise peaceful life. so starting from the T.O.P

BIGBANG (fair warning that they are just plain strange in the best way)

Originally posted by taeyangspecs

T.O.P/Choi Seunghyun (see what I did there) (band bias)

Originally posted by ygtop

- deep manly sexy voice that he recklessly uses to rap and to ruin lives

- does nothing then behaves like a lunatic then dotes on his nephew and usually wears a cowboy hat why, kill me

- instagram is wine, modern art, chairs that can’t be sat in, CoCo Chanel’s Paris apartment, and then pictures that do not speak well for his sanity

[[good so i’m one person into this list and ive already murdered myself to be here anyway moving on]]

GD/G-Dragon/Kwon Jiyong (also band bias…that’s right two biases in BB)

Originally posted by jiyongkun

[[one solid gif is simply not enough bc of reasons and here are those reasons]]

- 1 part soft kitten prince, 1 part angry trashy cat, 1 part Fashion Feline, all parts chaos

- writes/produces/sings/raps everything. YG entertainment’s golden child, who they get drunk and release to do whatever he wants. voice described as “bratty” which is accurate. he’s literally too powerful for his own good.

- loves his cat too much. because they are the same species most probably. also spends a good amount of time getting in SeungRi’s space to make him uncomfortable.

SeungRi/Lee Seunghyun

Originally posted by taeyangspecs

- beauty has been ruled illegal in 17 countries and Guam

- would look cool if he wasn’t such a magnificent dork

- voice of a young angel, freshly taught to sing, but then accidentally left in a nightclub

Taeyang/Dong Youngbae

Originally posted by thirstyfortaeyang

- sonorous voice that will carry you up into the clouds, just great

- body so good they won’t even give him proper clothing it’s abusive honestly like let him have a shirt. he’s cold.

- quite shy actually it gives me heartburn, but also really sarcastic to the rest of them

 Kang Daesung

Originally posted by bingubiigbang

- has exactly 0% chill, too busy acting like a complete fool

- if you melt butter, add cream, whip it and add excellent strength and range and then drizzle milk chocolate on top you get his singing voice 

- can he see? we don’t know. hair always 1000% covering his eyes

[[*dramatic inhale and exhale* OKAY NEXT GROUP HOLY COW]]

Beast/B2st (do not ask me to explain this name)

Originally posted by joshuahonq

Yong Junhyung (simultaneously the bias and the bias wrecker)

Originally posted by atopsy

- embodiment of soft grunge. this is what S Korea thinks a rapper can look like

- born with an undefinable Magical Quality where he will make you love him

- smirk from hell that will not let you live. wears round glasses sometimes just

Yoon Doojoon (the bias wrecker and the bias also….)

Originally posted by b2st-nes

- the shit i put up with for this one is unreal i mean can you belIEVE the combination of blessings that occurred to compose the symphony that is this face?? don’t touch me

- solid voice and solid dancing but lets his boys have the spotlight and calmly leads them with love I’M *takes a break to calm down*

- did 2 seasons of show playing a character who just. is obsessed with eating good food. like 3-4 whole scenes per episode of him eating meals with people and they don’t even talk, they just slurp noodles. wtf. it’s so great. also Splash Splash Love just do yourself a massive favor and watch it.

Lee GiKwang/KiKwang

Originally posted by xxirss

- huge giant princess heart doe eyes. literally i didn’t use a gif where he’s smiling bc i want y’all to live slightly longer

- just. just let him sing to you and be grateful. that’s it.

- posts 10000 selfies to insta per day because he knows. he’s aware ok? this is a clever boy he knows what he’s got.

Son Dongwoon (he is not my son. for clarification)

Originally posted by beastdw

- sincerely, un-ironically believes that he’s God’s actual gift to humankind

- may actually be God’s gift to humankind, the debate is ongoing

- honestly his personality pisses me off a bit but like, here’s the thing. between his lovely voice and great dancing and general talent, just let him live. just let him keep doing what he does. let him continue, you gotta

Yang Yoseob

Originally posted by mykpassion

- truly, the cutest. and conveniently pocket sized! the most portable, just put him in your pocket. he fits i promise

- surprisingly strong and mature voice, totally essential to the group’s sound, and therefore a blessing

- one time he showed up on DooJoon’s show just to hang w his bro and be obnoxious 

Jang Hyunseung

Originally posted by loveran

- you are correct, he’s part fox, ergo the minuscule chin space. probably a kitsune. 

- brings this great element to the group where his vocals are a little higher and therefore magical, since he is a kitsune probably

- mischievous spirit(of the kitsune) causes him to have little shame, ergo spastic dancing in public. like on awards show carpets. they’re so embarrassed really  


GOT7 (you guessed it, there’s 7 of these lil shits)

Originally posted by pakjinyoung

[[let it be known that they know how you feel, and yes, they are doing this on purpose. that purpose is to murder. very rude of them to be so inconsiderate.]]

JB/Lim Jaebum (true bias. no joke i want to rest but he won’t let me)

Originally posted by defsouljb

- source of my insecurity. can do everything better than u. singing? try to live. dancing? actually is a bboy and made of coiled springs. prettier than u? u bet. his boys love him too much and follow him actually anywhere, because they know he was born when a strong but beautiful flower blossomed and released him into the world.


- the bromance with Jackson is so strong you will regret. also he can yell the loudest so there’s that.  

Jackson Wang (bias wrecker w fulltime status and 401K and benefits)

Originally posted by markjin

- someone taught a puppy how to rap and do martial arts so now we have this. (puppy was previously also taught fencing bc why not) 

- certified in ruining everything, never chills unless it’s to LITERALLY JUST DRAPE HIMSELF OVER THE OTHER BOYS AND USE THEM FOR HIS BEAUTY REST. is an idiot. 

- JB’s biggest fan, i am not joking it’s painful. also one time he met his crush (Ga Yeon - female MMA fighter) and panicked so hard he ran and hid in his bathroom. bc he’s also bffs with Seo Kang Joon(absolutely we don’t have time for him AT ALL RN) and that is ANOTHER STORY.

Jr./Junior/Park Jinyoung (bias wrecker #2)

Originally posted by tixagotjunior

- actual ray of sunshine, complete with cute goofy ears. as an added insult, his voice is honey and he’s recognized as annoyingly great at dancing.

- heart is so big that he is incapable of stopping himself from just kissing people all the time. mainly the other band members. without approval from the board. (me)

- not joking about the kissing he’s a menace who comes out of nowhere i think the others are scared, protect them

Mark Tuan

Originally posted by muaktuan

 - somehow a rapper, typically the victim of Junior’s affectionate smooches, always looks shocked and unprepared and it’s the worst. Mark. you should know by now you’re not safe. ((EDIT: Less safe from Jackson’s love honestly))

- can jump and just twist 4 times in the air while parallel to the ground. just, whenever

- wanted for having too delightful of a laugh (added bonus: speaks English!) and for having the coolest dad on twitter with the sassiest replies (look up raymond tuan enjoy)

BamBam/a Thai name 

Originally posted by demaglia

- apparently in Korea it’s common to take sweet, innocent young men and call them “rappers” and give them oddly mature voices yet do nothing about them having better lips than me so thanks (also hasn’t ever apologized for cuteness)

- you’re not going blind, they call him BamBam because They Love To Kill, and because if your name was “Kunpimook Bhuwakul” you’d go by BamBam too

- nerdy fan of G-Dragon and one time he met him and GD hugged him and that was when we lost BamBam…sometimes I can still hear his voice  

Kim Yugyeom

Originally posted by hogays

- more like YugYUM amiright?? haha anyway. he has the softest cheeks just look at them, this tall teddy bear. i bet his lullaby would sing you straight into a coma

- aegyo once caused a power outage in Seoul 3 square km wide. wasn’t even arrested.

- wears these horrible sweaters you wish you could then also own

Choi Youngjae

Originally posted by omojinyounghobi

- listen. this kid puts GOT7 vocals ON HIS BACK and he ain’t even tired. can probably sing opera tbh. probably should.

- BUT so dramatic, can’t calm down. choi please take a rest my son

- this is an actual infant right here, yet he’s allowed out in public with little supervision. he doesn’t like cucumbers but cucumbers aren’t even offended. 

[[at this point I regret making this one post and not four but here we are SO LET’S CONTINUE THE HOME STRETCH WITH SEVEN MORE DEAR LORD]]

BTS/Bangtan Boys (there’s also 7 of them I’m so tired, why did I do this)

Originally posted by bvngtns

Rap Monster/RapMon/Kim Nam-joon (bias? maybe)

Originally posted by onizukai

- dimples. for. days. years actually I’m sure he was born with them haha. 

- dark chocolate kind of rapper voice, v masculine which is sort of standout quality for him among the others really

- group Dad clearly. that’s totally a dad belt. plus he does singer-songwriter things and that’s so attractive what a talented individual

V/Kim Taehyung/Tae Tae

Originally posted by vmiin

- v precious, v important, v much needs protecting despite when he acts all dangerous etc in the music videos. 

- v much a hooligan but easily shocked, wouldn’t hurt a fly. wouldn’t even hurt a fly’s feelings. is a dorky fanboy of Taeyang so no wonder he tries to be all sassy

- another bby whose voice is too raspy for his tiny bby looks. i can’t deal

J-Hope/Hobi/Jung Hoseok

Originally posted by hoseokshit

- never has there been a rapper who was simultaneously this much of a spaz but it’s so darn loveable

- looks incredible in a turtleneck/leather jacket combo it’s truly unfair

- “horse” for his long face but called so lovingly, and really he’s so happy like all the time who could be mean to him

Jimin/Park Jimin

Originally posted by sonyeondan

- a menace actually, always giggling with the maknae and playing stupid games with them and ordering them around who asked you, Jimin, who

- literally cried on the beach being emotional over his hometown and his family

- voice as soft as a fleece blank and strong as idk a fleece is pretty strong

Kookie/Jungkook/Jeon Jeongguk

Originally posted by spongecakechimchim

- offensively adorable. as in, it’s an attack. grins are blinding and sweet (side note: fanboy of GD like BamBam, and if they all were together at once a nuclear explosion would occur immediately) 

- dancing also offensive as no boy should have hip control like that, please stop

- group as a whole has the sound that makes you think of like, the sort of angsty guy in school who looked like he got out of bed and walked directly to his desk, and had unnecessary tears in his clothing. Jungkook contributes to this sound very strongly. 

Suga/Min Yoongi

Originally posted by yoo-ngie

- another “rapper” are you laughing yet because I AM IT’S RIDICULOUS

- literally asleep 90% of the time they probably carry him on the stage and wake him up five minutes before and give him a microphone like “Suga do you know the choreo” “mm yep practiced in my dreams all day”

- confuses me constantly by changing his hair color like it’s cute, yes, but I’m getting whiplash sir

Jin/Jin “Hime”(Princess)/Kim Seokjin (bias???? im too tired)

Originally posted by chocolate-chip-kookie

- smile is endearingly off-center idk why but it gets me. and his voice has a nice distinctive quality like…tangy-er? than the others? i can’t brain to articulate

- literally makes short videos of himself eating meals and talking about his love of food, and the fans eat it up(HA) it’s quite precious

- group Mom 100% i bet he and RapMon get so tired, and just “how was your day” “i had to kick three of them and V is still in timeout, he’s not even maknae wth”

[[shit that is all. all of them finally this took like four hours I’m not joking i’ll never get that time back. i can’t afford to care about any other groups ever again. oh no I still have to tag them all kill me]]

Malec Week Day 2: What Happens in the Future

Some headcanons relating to the aftermath of Edom. I just can’t seem to let it go that it all wouldn’t be sunshine and rainbows after that experience; they literally went to hell and back, for crying out loud. I am not trying to be morbid, but I truly think it will never be something from which they never completely recover.

Sometimes, the reminders of the atrocities come at random times. And during unexpected moments. 

  • Magnus will be walking down the street, and see a motorcycle; he immediately hears an echo of Raphael speaking to Sebastian. And Raphael’s last look at him–those earnest eyes staring blankly at him as he sacrifices himself for Magnus. For the rest of the day, Magnus cannot move from the bench he collapses into; it was near the street, where he heard the bike echo away into the afternoon. Eventually, Alec predicts what happens, and he calls him. Without even asking, Magnus just has to say, “at the corner of broadway and 17th”; Alec arrives, takes his hand, and they walk silently and slowly to the subway. 
  • For Alec, it comes one day when he’s in the institute’s training room, training with Jace. Alec is working on some archery practice, when Jace unwisely chooses to challenge him to an archery contest. This will be a test of speed; whoever hits the most targets in 30 seconds has to buy dinner for the rest of the week, and come up with excuses for Isabelle not to cook. Alec is timing Jace; at thirty seconds on his phone’s stop watch, he calls, “Stop!” Jace doesn’t believe that he timed him correctly, and he jokingly looks Alec in the eye and says, “Stop it, you liar.” It was that word–liar. Suddenly, Alec is no longer in the training room; he’s in the Seelie Court, looking into those treacherous eyes of a half-faerie. He mercilessly hears himself declaring “Die, then, liar” over and over and over. Jace looks over, not understanding why Alec has stopped. Alec suddenly falls to his knees, staring into space, and puts hands over his ears. When Jace starts to panic and runs over to his parabatai, he begins to hear Alec chanting “I’m a murderer” in an increasingly more hysterical voice. In a panic, Jace calls Magnus. Ten minutes later, Magnus arrives and witnesses his boyfriend still collapses on the floor with a baffled Jace next to him. Jace leaves them alone, Alec has to confess what he’s been avoiding admitting–that he killed Meliorn. 

Other times, the comfort they give each other is necessary in a variety of ways.

  • Alec suddenly finds himself awake. Before he can wonder why he woke up, he hears “No, please don’t make me do it. I don’t want to see him again. Anyone but him” coming from the other side of the bed. At first, Alec hesitates; he’s not sure if it’s a nightmare until a tear trails down Magnus’ cheek and Magnus desperately utters the words, “not my father, please, don’t make me summon my father.” Alec gently shakes him awake. After bolting awake, all Magnus can do is repeat, “I’m not a demon. I’m not a demon” while Alec holds him, and softly repeats the phrase back to him for hours and hours. 
  • Alec never likes to drink wine, and Magnus never questions him. For Alec, it reminds him of the wine he drank while in the caves at Edom, when he walked in on Izzy and Simon. Red wine, and its dark, vibrant color, reminds Alec of Izzy bleeding and Simon drinking from Alec; he just can’t forget about these moments whenever asked to drink wine. Magnus never really questions him because, well, he’s always wanted to become a beer-obsessed man, anyway. 
  • Similarly, when Magnus burns any outfit resembling the one he wore while in Edom, Alec never questions him. Besides, now he has a small bit of room in Magnus’ closet. 
  • Magnus, Luke, and Jocelyn will sometimes meet for lunch or dinner around the time they were captured. The conversation is lively and they rarely discuss what happened in Edom; they would rather focus on the positives in their lives other than the torture in that realm. Luke and Jocelyn always enjoy hearing Magnus’ stories of Raphael, just like he and Jocelyn enjoy hearing about Luke’s stories or Jordan and Magnus and Luke enjoy hearing Jocelyn’s stories of Clary. Their laughter lasts for hours, and when Magnus comes home, Alec always sees him with a soft smile on his face. He never asks what they talk about and he never asks to come along; he just always has a movie ready to play when Magnus comes home, ready to relax and bask in his reminiscing. 
  • Magnus will sometimes invite Isabelle and Clary over for an extravagant, over-the-top shopping spree and makeover. He always pays for it; they never question him. Sometimes, Alec reluctantly joins them for part of it; he may hate it, but he knows that Magnus wants to do it as a silent acknowledgement of their suffering with Simon. Even though Magnus never admits it to the girls, Alec knows Magnus does it because since his father–his own flesh and blood–caused their sadness, he feels somewhat responsible. This is why whenever Magnus enthusiastically asks Alec to get his nails done, he sometimes reluctantly says yes, if only to see Magnus’ face light up, empty of guilt, for a few hours. 

In the future, Little One accidentally reminds them of their time in Edom when he finds a picture:

  • Little One finds a picture of Raphael, that had fallen out of a book in Papa’s (Magnus’) study. He comes running out, and softly asks Alec (his Daddy) who the man in the picture is. While warily glancing in Magnus’ direction, who has frozen in shock while entering the room from the kitchen, Alec simply says in a soft, sullen voice, “He was someone from your Papa’s past. I never knew how brave he was for a long, long time. But, then he saved your Papa’s life.” Little One nods his head, showing he understands. When Magnus softly sighs and almost leaves the room, thinking the conversation is over, Little One asks in his innocent voice, “Daddy, where is he now? Can I meet him?” Magnus pauses in shock, tears entering his eyes as he grasps the hidden crucifix under his shirt, before Alec softly continues, “His name was Raphael. And, you can’t meet him, yet, Little One. He lives very, very far away. He would’ve loved to have met you.” Looking both sad and confused, Little One nods, turns to leave, and then asks, “Daddy, is that why my name is Maxwell Raphael? Is the second part from that brave man in the picture?” Before Alec can respond, Magnus rushes in the room and hugs Little One harder than he has in a long, long time. It’s all the answer Little One needs.
Preference #42: Sharing Time

Jack: ‘Come on, mate, you have to tell us!’ 'No! She’d kill me if I did! She’s right in there!’ 'Oh, she’s in the kitchen, and the other girls are chatting away in there, she can’t hear you. Go on! Tell us a little about Y/N!’ 'Yeah!’ 'Yeah!’ 'Oh, I’m sure you guys don’t want to hear all the horny details! That’d be boring conversation!’ The boys chided him playfully, Will and Ben shoving him at the sides while Jacob continuously tapped his knee with a pencil. They asked about his sex life with you, and Jack normally didn’t kiss and tell, but you did things too good to resist. 'Is she kinky?’ 'Is she shy?’ 'Does she like it from the back or front?’ 'Guys! I’m not telling you all that! It’s private!’ 'For once, I’m actually NOT the boring twin,’ Finn teased from his seat on the armchair. Fortunately for you, through all the girl-talk in the kitchen, you heard his reply in between. 'Alright, alright, one question. I’ll answer one question,’ You saw him through the little window between the living room and kitchen, blushing in his foolish grin. They all jumped at him with questions, but Finn simply said: 'I think there’s one thing we all want to know…What are her tits like?’ The boys all agreed with the question, and Jack turned red, hiding his face in a pillow. Finn gave a smug smirk and waited. 'Are they as big as they look or is that a padded bra she wears?’ He asked. 'No, no…they’re…they’re pretty nice.’ 'Just nice? Not amazing or fantastic?’ Finn mocked a yawn. He locked eyes with you and winked. Ugh, the little bugger! He’s only doing it because you’re listening. 'No, they’re gorgeous. I mean, they sort of fit in my hands a bit, but they’re big and soft and…you know…’ 'And? Eh? Don’t leave us hanging!’ Ben prodded his side. 'And I like them.’ 'I think it’s a little bit more than just like when you stare down my top all the time,’ You commented as you set down a fresh bowl of crisps for them. Their jeering fell silent once they saw you; Jack sunk back into the couch as if they were one. You sauntered back into the kitchen where you and the girls began bursting into laughter.

Finn: 'So, where you two going?’ You heard Jack ask his brother in the hallway. All your luggage was packed, but you were making a few last minute preparations and checks before you left for the airport. 'Rome. She’s been begging me to take her since we went, so now that I got some time off, I’m going.’ 'You do realize that you’ve always had time off?’ 'No, I’ve had our channel and the new office and other stuff going on that I couldn’t leave home. Now I can.’ 'Is this one of those 'we’re-actually-going-to-see-stuff-when-we-get-there’ trips or the 'let’s-go-to-a-foreign-country-and-have-loads-of-sex-all-day-long’ kind of trips? Are you actually leaving the room at any point? Emmy will see the pictures and I’d prefer they were of an innocent nature.’ Finn laughed, 'Yes, because you’re so concerned about our little sister’s virgin eyes, right?’ 'I am.’ 'If you must know, we ARE actually doing things when we get there. I planned a whole weekend for just the two of us…one of those days being a sex-driven rampage throughout our hotel room.’ 'I…I don’t need to know-’ ’-We can start on the bed, then move to the floor, then get on a table, then a chair, then against the windows! Fuck, I’ll screw her on the balcony if she let me.’ Your jaw dropped but you also laughed. You saw Jack’s reaction from the doorway, putting hands over his ears and quickly humming 'Mary had a Little Lamb’. Finn followed him up the stairs, detailing more sexual escapades in store for you before Jack shut the door. He came back down them please as ever. 'Nothing makes him run off like putting dirty images of me naked in his head.’ 'Why would he picture you?!’ 'Because in order to picture you, he has to picture me.’ You blushed as he pecked your cheek, let him take your hand as he announced your departure to the rest of the house. 'Would you let me screw you on a balcony?’ He asked hours later on the plane. 'Depends.’ 'On?’ 'What position? Like over the railing? Against the railing? On a table on the balcony? On the balcony floor? Like, what’s the plan there, Finn?’ 'Probably against it or like at the table and just be super discrete the whole time…wait, hold on, you didn’t say 'no’…’ 'Eh, I guess I didn’t. How about that?’

Dan: 'Okay Dan, you ready?’ 'Yes.’ 'Truth or Dare.’ 'Oh gosh…Um…I think I’m gonna go with truth on this one.’ 'Alright…’ You watched Louise pull a paper from the 'truth hat’, and succumb to laughter. 'What? What is it?“ Dan asked nervously. Louise said, 'Tell us about your first time.’ 'Like…Like first time with sex?’ 'Uh huh’. 'Oh my…Um, I…’ He exchanged a glance with you before answering, 'Embarrassingly enough, it was with my girlfriend, Y/N.’ 'Awww! How sweet!’ 'Yeah, uh, we had been dating for a bit before. She said she didn’t want to immediately jump into sex and I didn’t either, so we like didn’t talk about sex much for I’d say….the first six months of our relationship. Like, I wanted her to feel comfortable with me. I didn’t want to like rip off my clothes and be like 'lay with me, fair maiden!’, you know!’ 'Just come dressed as Prince Charming and just-’ She made a ripping motion on her chest, ’-Strip if off.’ 'Yes, I didn’t want to frighten her away with my hideous physique. But then one night, we had gone to this friend’s house for a party and when I dropped her off she invited me in for a bit. We started kissing quite, um, heavily,’ You saw the blush rising in his cheeks, which Louise pointed out. 'And…um, yeah we got down to it. At first I thought like, 'omg, this is it. I’m gonna shag her. What do I do?’, but then everything sort of fell into place. I didn’t feel dirty or completely ashamed of myself afterwards, which I hear is a good thing-’ ’-very good thing. Not to be ashamed. How was he?’ She asked you quickly.Dan instantly laughed into a pillow, looking up at you for an answer. 'Come here, get over here,’ She called you over to the sofa, where you sat beside her to get into the shot, 'If you guys don’t know, this is Dan’s girlfriend, Y/N. You can check her out a quick moment on (your youtube channel) and subscribe,’ 'Appreciate it lots,’ 'Now, Y/N?’ 'Yes, Louise?’ 'I have a question all the Dangirls and I want to know…’ 'Oh god! Why?!’ Dan chuckled into the pillow, though you ignored him. You were blushing enough as it was, 'On a scale of 1 to 10, how was he?’ '11…Definitely an 11.’ 'Woah!’ You winked at him, laughing at his sheepish face.

Phil: You loved coming home with Phil. You loved his parent’s house, him showing all the places he hung out at, meeting his old school friends and generally seeing a different side of Phil. You loved his old bedroom, hearing about his old obsessions and how weird of a child he’d been. His parents were lovely people, and Alan couldn’t be more welcoming when he visited. You spent Christmas Eve helping him mother around the house, setting up for the party while the men were occasionally called in for heavy lifting. His mother taught you all the old dishes Phil loved (you asked, since you wanted to make them for him one day). It made you feel so old-fashioned, but you liked it. Phil did too. 'Hey, Y/N looks great,’ You heard Alan say from outside. He and Phil were making snowmen out of pure boredom, but there weren’t too far for you not to hear them. 'Yeah, she does. I’m surprised she even likes me. She’s too pretty for me.’ 'I second that,’ 'Shut up.’ You laughed watching Phil throw a bit of snow at his brother. You heard a bit of silence, before Alan spoke up again: 'So…What’s she like?’ 'What do you mean 'what’s she like’? You’ve met her.’ 'No, not like that you doofus. I mean…in the bedroom…What’s she like?’ You saw Phil become more concentrated on making the snowman’s head, before Alan began nudging him. 'Come on, Phil.’ 'I’m not going to talk about her like that. She’s a lady, and I respect her.’ 'Don’t be boring, mate. Does she wear sexy underwear? Does she like it rough or are you gentle with her? Come on, don’t hold out.’ 'Alan, I’m not telling you that. It’s private.’ 'What’s her favorite position? She looks like the cowgirl riding type to me.’ 'Alan…’ 'Or maybe missionary. I don’t know. I see her as a traditional position kind of lover. I mean, I could be wrong. Am I wrong?’ 'Well…She does like being on top.’ Alan chuckled, 'Really?’ 'Yeah, she’s amazing too. She like does all these little hip movements, and I just like…I never know what to do except just like, enjoy her.’ 'I’d enjoy her too if it were me.’ 'Oh my God, shut it!’ Phil laughed. You saw his red cheeks, and the embarrassment in them as he threw more snow at Alan. The two then began a miniature snowball fight ended by their mother calling them in for dinner. You couldn’t help yourself. You retired early to bed, going into Phil’s old bedroom and texting him from upstairs: 'When I do those little hip movements…you can just watch ;)’