why wouldnt i ship this

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Agreed, Jaspethyst is underrated but... aren't they relatives?

nah man, i wouldnt ever say that pearls or quartzes or even diamonds that are the same type of gem are related because I see it as more of a race of gems (sort of like elves, dwarves, etc; they have similar features but are not all family) 👌✨

“If stiles was a girl sterek would already be canon” if stiles was a girl and sterek was canon everyone would be outraged and would probably get teen wolf cancelled over the fact that derek pushed her against a wall and slammed her head against a steering wheel instead of romantizing their scenes together and shipping them, you dipshit.

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Isn't MadMoon abusive?

why would you ask us, a narnia blog, this

i’m…. honestly not sure why you’re asking me of all people in the universe? i’m legitimately confused because i have maybe posted like. three madmoon things? so it’s not like i’ve been super hardcore about them and getting asks about this surprises me

but to answer your question… no? i personally do not? think so? why would it be? because they fought…? is that all it takes for something to be abusive? i’m. confused..? how many question marks? i mean if madmoon were actually canon i don’t see it being abusive tbh shadow moon is a very loving partner and i truly do believe temper aside mad sweeney is just a bit of a stupid who’s trying to get by and doesn’t really know how to human properly but he’s far from bad

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So random question,I'm looking for actually reasoning here not some "because heir cute and meant to be" since I'm curious with people's responses but why do you ship karkat and dave?

well, theres been chemistry since their very first log together. karkat created shitty clip art to draw dave into a conversation in which he commented on daves lips twice and dave called him out on bein a gay lil shit.

gameover timeline had some great moments, like the openbound conversation i rave about where karkat awkwardly demanded dave “touch me” and “caress my face or something equally ambiguous in nature” and shit and daves response being to get pissy and then gently tell karkat to get some sleep. he mentioned after that they have a lot of these awkward conversations (and only most are in private.)

who could forget cape magnet karkat and penis ouija?? too btw???? gay????

the communicators. oh man. the communicators. those were so fucking cute. not only were they cute, but they were homage to their guardians, and i feel like though it was nowhere near the way dave spoke of bro on the alpha timeline, he and karkat did mention their guardians in passing while designing them.

there was daves spiel to karkat when he got anxious about dave dropping him to hang out with john and jade once they met the ship crew. talking about how he meant a lot to him and how theyre best bros no matter what. john wasnt going to take that place away, itd just add more people to daves irl friend list, udig.

daves lil teasing offer to carry karkat off the gameover lily pad was cute too jusayn……

beyond even the canon correlation and the jokes in the fandom back then about dave and karkat being great kismesis, you had to admit, if you thought about it, that theyd be GREAT redrom. theyre so similar in so many ways and itd give them this kinship that they both honestly needed.

and then on the retcon, that came to fruition.

dave, clingy baby dave who got abused out of physical touch without apology, clinging to karkat, sleeping on him, holding his hands- how CUTE is that. the trust it took, the work on both their ends, to build that bridge. to work through so many biases and societal standards they had imposed on themselves (karkats quadrant queerness, daves bisexuality and crushing need to reach the hypermasculinity bro had forced on him), becoming so much more open minded and understanding,,, dave unclenching about his thoughts and feelings…. karkat calming down and when he does rile up, sounding quite a bit more like dave…. the two of them namedropping each other when they arent together bc theyd been attached at the hip for the last three years……… how much they started smiling all the time…………… whispering to each other during important conversations…………… them being in love and kissing……………………. … .. .and lets not forget summerteen romance okay! i know its like a footnote and im pretty sure it counts as gameover timeline, but that had some sweet little things in it too. primarily that karkat didnt just write that script to give his friends closure; he did it to appeal quite literally to dave, and in the specific context that dave read it aloud. leaving the gaps for him to rap, yknow? writing him in with his fuckin ocs. even if they were both shitheads about it,,, and in the end, when karkat tore himself up so badly, dave asking him to come hang out instead of,,,,, just leaving him there to stew and hurt yknow,,,,

Why i love Sweden x Denmark

  • They were the first nordics that were born and were always together
  • Sweden is the serious one in the relationship while denmark is the dorky,lovely one
  • They make a hot-cute-sweet-funny-lovely-dramatic-serious-dorky couple
  • Denmark would try to make sweden smile more and be more out going
  • Sweden would help denmark with his job but they would end up with denmakr giving soft kisses at sweden’s neck
  • They would try defend each other
  • They would snuggle infront of the fireplace with hot cocoas
  • When sweden would get up in the morning denmark would push him back and cuddling at the others neck
  • They would walk at the streets together holding hands
  • They would give secret kisses at the meetings
  • The sex would be great and also they would argue who will top that makes it 100% way hotter

Now dont tell me they wouldnt make a good couple and dont ask me why i ship them iu gave you some reason. Believe me i got another reasons but the are too many.

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cries at the taejin pics in your ask. the tag is so empty i came across it quickly. sometimes i wonder what happened like how did they go from having so many moments to being more subtle??? oh well it's okay i still believe in them/love them ;;;;

okay wow i suck i completely misread your ask and had this whole big taejin thing planned which is why it took f o r e v e r to reply to this but realized you weren’t actually asking anything from me so

/cough here have some more long lost taejin pics <3333

look at them being all sleepy and cute and comfortable together doesn’t it just warm your heart

okay but when are they not petting each other’s faces that’s what i wanna know

seokjin pls control yourself

the fuck is this why does no one talk about this

i just really like this pic okay they look like little high school bbys jin’s the valedictorian or something and tae’s the little rebel underclassmen and no one really knows why/how they work but they’re cute af okay

just look at them i mean why wouldnt you ship this

oh god what have i done no one fucking touch me