why wouldn't I do this

My family is on fb expressing their distaste over the idea of gender neutral pronouns.

And they wonder why I spend all my time on tumblr instead of fb anymore…

If we have no limitations, we’re no better than the bad guys

Tony Stark

From the D23 Civil War trailer

this is probably such a stupid question but do you think shadowhunters own cars and drive? this is important I just started a fic and magnus is driving and it seems very very wrong and agh it should probably be an au but then I don’t want it to be an au im just very conflicted right now don’t mind me

I’m fucking exhausted. 


Handwriting Tag:)

Hi!! I did this handwriting tag, which was the “Handwriting Challenge,” as tagged by exobaoxiu a while ago. I was also tagged by chansooluv, I believe! :) Thank you, Elle and Julianna!! I hope you’re both doing well~

Anyway, I’ll tag mintchocolatechen , kimjongkaissoo , kawaii-taco81 , ballerinini , oh-sehuns-ass , blondejonginnie , cinnabyunroll , daceyoftheminority , the-chapmania , gongjudaisy , and any of my followers! Please remember to tag me so that I can see your pretty handwriting if you choose to do this tag game.

Have a nice day/night, everyone ^-^

“Hey, Cydon?” Coffea called, knocking on his door. He hadn’t found the man in his travels around the house, and when Cosmos had sighed and lamented that his name still hadn’t been picked for dates - and Cirsium had shaken his head - Coffea had assumed that Cydon must not have left. It had taken a little while to find his room, but most of the doors were open, except for two. One of those was blasting bad dance music, and Coffea really doubted that would be Cydon. 

The door opened smoothly. Cydon smiled politely at him. “Hello, Coffea.”

“Heard it was your date today,” he said evenly.

“I know,” Cydon admitted. “I’ve been thinking of somewhere to take you, but nothing has come to mind yet. There are plenty of nice places here, but nothing would show… me.”

“Your world is very different from this, huh?”

“Yes, and no. Korea itself is a very different place, and a very different culture. There are really no similarities here.”

Coffea tilted his head to the side. He had a small glimpse into Cydon’s room, and it wasn’t as clean as he had expected. It was nice to know, given how much of a messy git Coffea was. “How about I take you somewhere?”

Cydon raised an eyebrow. “You have something in mind?”

“Yeah. Well, kind of. I’m sort of stealing Papaver’s idea.”

A thank you pic for Exodusbound! One of the mods is helping me with a part of a project, so I thought of drawing these two for them.

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why do you see fushimi being the one who's walked down the aisle at his wedding and not yata?

Mostly because I liked the image of Fushimi being walked down the aisle by Munakata and Awashima, though admittedly Yata being walked down the aisle by his mom and step-dad is cool too. It’s not like they have to have a traditional wedding so technically they could just have whoever’s performing the ceremony stand at the altar while they each get walked in by their respective parents/parental figures from opposite sides. Just because they’re getting married doesn’t mean it’s required that one person be designated as the wife and one as the husband after all, I’m sure Fushimi and Yata would both be happy to make up their own ceremony any way they want it (with their respective clans constantly tossing in their two cents too and it ends up being a bit cobbled together but a lot of fun and sincere, and that’s what counts).

I know everyone is talking about how Scott might lose his true alpha status if he kills Theo but I don’t see why that would happen? A true alpha is defined by their strength of character and achieve their status because of that. The fact that they don’t have to kill for it is just an added benefit. And Scott has continuously shown that he is completely against killing anyone so even if he does end up killing Theo it wouldn’t be because he wanted to, but rather in self defence or as a last resort so wouldn’t that mean that he’d still be a true alpha because his morals/views wouldn’t have changed?

I’m putting so much effort into this exchange fic it’s not even funny. Like, in all, it’s probably going to come out to over two hours of research and I hope my person actually likes it? 

I WANT TO SAY THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO BASICALLY DIDN’T NEED TO SAY ANYTHING AT ALL (I really wasn’t hurt or offended or anything and I didn’t even think people would respond to it!) BUT STILL HELPED ME OUT WHEN I RECEIVED “MEAN” REVIEWS!

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Sorry this is coming so late! I just looked through my stuff and I’d gotten another one yesterday. And I’m not hurt or angry or anything, but I was just sort of thankful to everyone I do have! And it feels really good to know I have such great people following me and reading stuff I write and everything!

I guess I was just floored that I would receive mean comments of any kind. Or anything like this. I never really get angry or resentful, so in the end I was more confused. lol

(you can stop reading here. The keep reading section is just an explanation of what had happened because I had to vent it!) DON’T REBLOG PLEASE!!!

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