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I loved the picture today of Jamie (Sam) and I really appreciate the fact that we got a little something for a change. But Starz/Lionsgate, you left us behind after season one. Right now it appears that your idea of PR is to “sell” one of your leads as a hot, single, sex machine, that bounces from one blonde bombshell to another. Why? Because someone in charge thinks that women who love and support Outlander finds that so desirable? You need to get a clue. Maybe it would be a good idea to actually take a poll, listen and read what we write and say about our devotion to the show, the actors, and even their charities. Take time to get to know the real human beings that pay for a premium TV channel, support Sam and Caitriona beyond Outlander, and open their wallets to do what they can to fight child and blood cancers. I venture a guess that you would be surprised that selling Sam as just a magnificent piece of meat is not what we find appealing or hot. And while we are on this subject, let me remind you that in the poll that you take, you will find that the majority of us are well educated, incredibly talented, and career oriented people. So when you try to “sell” us a relationship or a story, it better be beyond good. This latest scenario is truly a joke. We see right through it. Sam said it himself in an interview once, “no long distance relationship” would ever work for him AND you chose a person that is no where near Sam’s league. TBH, Sam is an incredible actor, but he can’t even sell this mess. Want to know what we find sexy? A man who is devoted to one woman. A man who is socially conscious, kind, and treats all people with respect. A family man. That’s what we find hot. Don’t look too far for that because you have one right in front of you. Sam. You don’t have to make him into anyone else but himself. Trust me.
While I’m at, let me say that you also suck big time at supporting your lead actress. She is an A+ class act and you better start appreciating her because with all the awards she is stacking up, she may just say “so long” and that will leave you in a big pile of crap. Cait is a woman of grace, an amazing actress, and works hard for those less fortunate. Don’t screw that up too.
I love Outlander and I love Sam and Cait. I just wish for once that “you” would actually read our posts and listen to us. It wouldn’t take much to please us. We would like pictures, more interviews, BTS “secrets”, just more. How about some previews? Some real life stories about Sam and Cait and some of the other actors in the cast. We would eat it up. Again, trust me. As I wrap, let me also say that allowing S&C to live their lives, out in the open - free, won’t hurt your numbers or the bottom line in anyway. You just might find that the results could be the exact opposite. I know what I’m talking about. Trust me. You got one last shot with your fans. Take the plunge. After all, that’s we all did three years a go for you. Isn’t it?

Emotional mess.

Based off of #80 prompt found here

“Why did I marry you?” - “It took a lot of convincing.”

Shawn Master List found HERE

The last week you have been what Shawn would say, ’an emotional fucking mess.’

You have not wanted to be touched, your body being sensitive to Shawn’s fingertips, everything about him has just put you off, caused you to want to curl up in the blankets and whimper noiselessly to yourself. There has been nothing he has done this week that has not set you off into an emotional state of abrupt tears or a rage of angry emotions that neither of you knew you were capable of harbouring.

He has taken it half-heartedly, not really taken anything you say to heart, after all, he knows that it is probably just a stressful time for you. You got a new job that has been working you half to death, he announced a new tour and is set to leave in a month, and to top it off, your emotions have caused you to argue him more times this week than in the last six months.

You hear the front door open and close, the sound of plastic bags rustling as you peek over the edge of the couch. You force your exhausted body off the couch, shuffling towards the kitchen where Shawn has just put the Groceries up on the counter top.

He flashes you his typical smile, his hands already digging into the plastic bags full of groceries, “Hey, I just got off the phone with my sister, she wants to spend the night tomorrow.” He announces, earning himself a smile in return.

You absolutely love when his sister spends the night, you get to do all the girly things you usually do on your own, like painting nails, watching chick-flicks, and gossiping about the latest episode of the Netflix series you and Alliyah follow.                                                              

“Sounds great, did you get dinner? I am starving.” You question, your own hands beginning to dig into the bags to help him with putting away groceries.              

“Uh, you said you weren’t hungry so I assumed that was you telling me not to bother with dinner.” He glances at you with a bit of a grim expression, biting his lip as if he is treading on egg shells.

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I was looking though Granger’s tag last night because sometimes I just need to look at and appreciate him. While doing so I came across some of his parenting skills when dealing with Zero that is pretty relevant to why Zero is finding it difficult to speak to his dad about his sexuality and so on. 

I just felt it would be good to reblog them for anyone who has recently started following or keeping track of my chars/game but doesn’t have any backstory knowledge because of scrambled tags and what not.. plus it’s thursdayyyy. They’re really old so you’ll have to pardon my overall game aesthetic, writing, editing and Zero’s face as a child lmaoooo. Pls.

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I wanted to say that I love the posts you made about writing about siblings! Most of all when it comes to same gender siblings, very often in fiction I see the siblings having issues with each other or not getting along. Or the sibling is mostly absent during the story. I would love to see more of siblings being super close, I know some sets of sisters in my life who are super close like they are friends, and it is lovely to watchh. Why do authors tend to avoid close sibling relationships?

Thank you for your kind words! Siblings in stories are a huge passion for me, and close siblings in particular are relationships I want to see in more stories.

Unfortunately, the problem doesn’t stem from avoiding just close siblings but from avoiding close family as a whole. I don’t have any studies or papers examining the idea, no statistics I can report; what I do have are guesses based on observations and conversations with other writers about why they’re writing what they’re writing.

Myth: Main characters must have tragic backstories to be interesting.
Somehow, the idea that in order for a character to be interesting, their backstory has to be tragic has become an integral part to story-telling. Taking it one step further has been the growing idea that tragic = the loss of a person or persons close to them, and who closer than family? Family is an oasis of people who know where a character comes from and theoretically are hoping for the best for them. They’re the people who are supposed to accept a character entirely and are obligated to always love them. That loss writers are looking to capitalize on may be death, but it could also be those individuals rejecting the character, shredding that expectation of love. Having encountered plenty of folks in their own lives and others for whom those tenants and core qualities of family haven’t held up and the pain that comes from that, writers’ first thought when seeking out a tragic backstory often land in the alienation from or destruction of the character’s family. Destroying what may have been something happy for them creates tension and tragedy from which a character may find their drive for the story or send them to a state of being from which the writer wants to watch them grow. More to the point is that by destroying the family, the character’s background all of a sudden has a better ability to become fraught with mystery, the best, fastest way to make a character interesting.

What writers don’t take into account:
Writers must evaluate why they think their character has to have a tragic backstory. If it’s an interesting character they’re looking for–someone compelling that the audience is interested in getting to know–there are better, more compelling ways to do it than by destroying their family. If that’s is how a writer has chosen to hide the Family Secrets™, they perhaps need to rethink why that trope specifically is what their story hinges on and not on a thousand more believable reasons for the knowledge to be inaccessible. More importantly, writers must begin to realize that their character can still be tragic while retaining their family. Just because they’re close with their siblings doesn’t mean that the tragic thing that happened is negated by the joy they get out of being with, talking with, or in general interacting with their sibling. In fact, it might be an excellent relationship to use as a vehicle for the character’s growth.

Myth: Family members hold main characters back from their adventures.
Family is often thought of as this immovable stake in the ground of time and place. They are the constant in a character’s life, a place and people they can return to. They are the refuge, but also the people who have the character’s safety at heart. They’re more likely to ask characters not to go (for a variety of reasons including that the family needs their help at home, the family doesn’t want them to die, the family disagrees with the endeavor, etc.). Writers feel like if the character were close to their family, they might not actually get to participate in the story the writer has planned because they’d never leave those people behind or the family would never let them leave.

Additionally, family as a main character’s greatest weakness is absurdly common. They are the ones to be abducted or killed first by those looking to lure a character somewhere or inflict the most pain on a character or force a character to step their game up a notch. Because of this, writers remove family before the fray even happens, intending to strengthen their characters in the process and make them immovable themselves, unable to be coerced.

What writers don’t take into account:
Family doesn’t have to mean helpless. Give your familial characters some agency! Writing close siblings will actually give a character a huge strength in that they always know they have someone who has their back. If they let their sibling in on what’s going on and what they’re struggling with, that sibling has an opportunity to help. The idea that a character’s adventure and struggles must be kept secret from their family has fed into this–the “I don’t want to make them worry,” conundrum. It’s another situation that writers need to examine about their story and find out what’s stopping them from writing in these characters. If the answer is ever “because it’s easier,” the writer has a problem.

Myth: The power of friendship is not the same as the power of siblings.
The power of friendship and love triumphing over the powers of evil and hatred is a theme nearly every story perpetuates, whether the writer intends to or not. In the same way that humans create categories and hierarchies of what’s more important or more worthy, they’ve also managed to create the idea that the relationship between friends and the relationship between siblings doesn’t hold the same amount or type of power. Love conquers all, right? But familial love doesn’t count because it’s a requirement between family members–it comes with being family. It’s not as authentic or impressive or whatever as love grown between unrelated individuals (whether platonic or romantic) because it’s perceived as being a “gimme,” something they don’t have to work for.

What writers don’t take into account:
I’m not sure writers have really, and I mean really, evaluated how hard it is to maintain a relationship with one’s siblings, let alone keeping it a good one. Seriously. When you’re growing up, you see each other all the time! You know what bothers them, and it’s actually mildly amusing to push those buttons and see them struggle with the reaction they want to have and the one they’re allowed to have because you’re family. You see each other succeed and do absolutely amazing things; you see what each other is capable of, but you also see them mess up and it’s easier to hold the grudge against them for it because they should have known better. As we become adults and move out on our own, ideas about what’s right and okay are expanded past what the family rules were, but those rules still linger and tinge our perceptions, even of each other, and maybe a style of living a sibling has grates on your nerves because that’s not how we were raised or whatever. Our schedules become so full that communication falls by the wayside and suddenly, five years down the line, you realize that this person you used to talk to all the time is a total stranger. Keeping that love and affection between siblings is hard work and it should never ever, ever be taken for granted. Unfortunately, it is. All the time.

Myth: Close siblings don’t have conflict and are therefore uninteresting.
Story is conflict, right? Events are happening that characters have to deal with, people with different ideas about right and wrong are blocking the way, friends are making dumb decisions, and family has chosen to never own up to the problem that runs in their veins. Writers have come under the assumption that close relationships that are healthy and benefit both characters can’t contribute to or create conflict and therefore are dead weight in the story. And no dead weight can survive to the final draft.

What writers don’t take into account:
Who says people in close relationships can’t have conflict? Who says siblings who love and support each other can’t support each other right into a bad plan? Who says close siblings can’t make dumb decisions? These are two separate characters who happen to have grown up together, which also means that while they can love and support each other, they can also see the flaws and dangerous leaps of logic they each make more easily than other people. They have plenty to contribute to conflict, including coming into conflict with each other. “Close” does not mean “perfect relationship.”

I’m sure there are other reasons, too, such as not having any experience and therefore not really thinking about it or not feeling confident in portraying that kind of relationship with accuracy. I think the biggest thing writers need to do is ask themselves why they think they couldn’t have a sibling in their story and evaluate their own reasons to see what’s holding them back. Understanding our excuses can help us better address them and face new challenges head on.

I hope this has given you some insight into the issue, Anon. Good luck! -Pear

It's time to rant.

Jill. Jill, jill, Jill. Jello


What. The. Hell. Are. You. Doing.

For one. She’s at 98 caps. And even though you’re on this next cycle need young players bull shit, Kriegs is playing well. She is not playing a performance that would warrant a contract ending. I hope that Kriegs contract was not cut. Because I’m going to write about 20 strongly worded letters. 98 damn caps. 98. And even if you cut her contract. What did she do that would warrant ending her contract and USSF career 2 caps from 100.

And then sonnet. Why would you cut sonny. Like that doesn’t make any sense.

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How would Bokuto react if he hears his crush say that they can't believe someone would be interested in them like, "me? who would like someone like me?"

I’m getting into the conclusion that Bokuto might be one of my favorite characters to write about. I don’t why, but I just shamlessly enjoy writting about him.

I think you asked for a formal text describing only his reaction, but I read this and the idea just popped in my head… and I wrote a whole big ass scenario.

Sorry ?

I was between angst, and fluff, and I decided an unexpected-fluff would do. 

So get ready for some Bokuto fluff.


February 14th, better known as Valentine’s Day, one of the most overrated seasonal celebrations known to man. It was such a scam that it didn’t even count as a holiday. You still had to go to school, and go to work.

And despite all of that, Bokuto had become another victim. Cupid had him good. The mythical creature had got its arrow right through his heart. 

He had his own way of doing things. He didn’t do anything halfway. Whenever he did anything, he went all the way. And if he was going to do something romantic, he was going to be the greatest knight with the shiniest armor in the entire kingdom.

That was what made Valentine’s Day the perfect occasion for him to finally give a big hint of his feelings. He had bought an ostentatious bouquet of red roses, and had put a little note with her name, and his signature so she could know who was the bold gentleman behind such gesture.

He was going to arrive earlier than usual to school. He didn’t want anyone to see him with the bouquet. He wanted it to be a surprise. He wanted to make everyone wonder about the flowers. He wanted to make the girls wish someone would do something like that for them. He wanted the boys to wish they had come up with the idea.

Then, she would arrive, all eyes on her as she entered the room. He would witness her face as she realized what was placed upon her desk. Whispers everywhere. She would take the note, and with that voice he had grown fond of she would say his name.

That was the plan in his head, but as he putted the flowers on her desk he felt nauseous, and a wave of shivers took over him. All of a sudden he didn’t feel as confident as he did ten minutes ago. He had never thought of the most important factor of it all.

What if she rejected him?

Suffering of what felt like a panic attack, he took the note and ripped the part where his signature was, and got out of the classroom as fast as his long legs let him.

He waited defeated for a whole hour before heading back to his classroom, and putted on his best poker face. Just as he had imagined, everyone was talking about the mysterious bouquet. He went straight to his seat, and didn’t look back at it. He fixed his eyes on the board ready to leave them there for the rest of the day.

But yet again his plan was ruined by no one else than himself. Someone stood by his side, and a soft voice whispered.

“But what the…”

He lifted his head finding the reason and cause of his current problems. Her face showed nothing but bewilderment. And even with an unpleasant expression, she looked lovely to him.

She walked to her desk, and his heart drummed harder, and harder against his chest with every step she took towards his present.

She inspected the flowers while her expression stayed the same. No smiles, no gasps, only confusion.

“Looks like someone is really into you,” said one of the girls in the class that Bokuto recognized as her friend.

“I’m not even sure they’re for me,” she said. “It must be a mistake.”

“Oh, no mistake. They’re for you. I look into the note attached to it,” said the friend. She only shook her head looking at the note herself. “It seems you have a secret admirer.”

Bokuto had sworn he would keep his gaze straight forward avoiding the mess he had made, but as soon as she had appeared in front of him he felt hypnotized, and his eyes suddenly had their own will and demanded the sight of her.

She slightly frowned. “This is ridiculous.”

“Why? It is cute.”

“Yeah, the flowers are extremely cute. What I mean is that it’s ridiculous someone likes me enough to do this,” she said. If she already had Bokuto’s eyes trapped on her, now his ears were all hers, too.

“Come on, don’t put yourself down like that.”

“Seriously, me? Who would like someone like me?” she bitterly said.

His heart went from beating hard and fast to a sudden stop. Hadn’t she noticed the longing looks he gave to her, and only her? Hadn’t she noticed how much he smiled whenever she said a simple ‘good morning’ to him? Wasn’t she aware that right in that moment he couldn’t keep his eyes off of her? He was in shock. If she was so unlikable, then why was he so head-over-heels for her?

“They even ripped their name from the note,” she continued. “Whoever bought me the flowers regret it instantly.”

The abrupt and loud noise of a desk crashing agasint the floor echoed in the room making everyone jolt in their places.

“That’s not it!” Bokuto blurted. He had stood up so quickly, he had knocked off his desk. She looked at him completely surprised. “The note is ripped because I got too nervous because I really like you!” He couldn’t stand it. He couldn’t just stay there letting her think she wasn’t as magnificent as she was to him.

Her eyes opened wide, and her jaw slowly dropped as a group of gasps filled the room. In matter of seconds both of them registered that he had just confessed to her. Their cheeks tinted crimson red.

“Everyone go sit right now,” said the teacher as she entered the room. Every student quickly moved, but them. Their eyes were locked together. The friend pulled her skirt taking her back to the real world. She picked the flowers with such carefulness Bokuto could feel it as well by only looking. She sitted down. She was still blushing.

“Bokuto-kun, please put the desk in its place, and sit down,” the teacher insisted when she saw he was not moving. He nodded, and with not much effort picked up the desk.

He was still restless. He couldn’t believe he had confessed in such a hurry, and in such a lame way. He felt a couple of taps on his shoulder, and discreetly turned his head. The classmate behind him offered him a small folded paper. He quickly took it, and guarded him between his hands so the teacher wouldn’t see it.

He unfolded it.

‘Let’s talk at lunch time,’ the note said with her name written down the little sentence along a smiley face.

His hands started shaking, and the corners of his mouth widened in what could be the biggest smile he had eve projected. He was no longer on earth. He had gone to space, and was now floating with other celestial bodies.


Thanks for the request! I hope you liked it!

Au mothership

All the time I’m thinking of new au’s for all types of ships or no ships, but either I’m super shy and anxious to type out my ideas or I just never really find a lot of time to expand on them.
So I’m gonna make something of a table of contents, with all of my au’s. if any of you want to hear more about a particular one, or wish to expand on one, or even write/draw about one, I would be ecstatic to see them! So, anyways, I hope you like them!

•Icarus au
•Greek gods au (aka hades and Persephone au)
•fish and the fisherman’s son au
•Olympic au
•assassin au
• double date au
•seals au
•android au
•pirate au
•cop and robber au
•shapeshifter au(aka they catboy au, bc why not)

LALLURA/ALLURANCE (I still have no idea which one to use):
•soulmate au
•the prince and the pauper au
•aka the akagame no shiriukihime au
•vitiligo au
•dance au
•physical therapy au (can be platonic)
•YouTuber au
•accidental boyfriend au

•Olympic au (same one as shance)
•double date au (same one as shance)
•demon au
•witch au
•high school au
•gym au
•tattoo shop au
•horse stables au

•partners in crime au
•centaur au
•study buddies au

anonymous asked:

Do you have any character design tips? Your designs always look great!

thank you!

ive been asked this a lot i probably should make a post about it eventually hahaha. im tired and i would want to write something wayyy longer but short answer is find what inspires you most and start creating. dont ever view anything to be wrong either? draw crazy things, it’s always easier to tone down than to amp up. never be afraid of trying new things, have an open mind to everything and study visual language! why does something appeal to you, why does something appeal to another individual?

really broad and all over the place but yeah lmaoo

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Why the fuck would you write about something you clearly know nothing about?

Mmhey, since I’ve written quite a lot of fics I don’t know which one this is referencing, I really don’t know anything about Teen pregnancy but there are definitely certain things I write about that I know more than you’d think! Especially more recent fics. You never know what other people are going through.

anonymous asked:

Can you write a fic where owen and amelia are waiting their first child and owen buys unicorn toy to unborn child! Amelia hasnt told anything about unicorn baby and when she sees that toy she will be really mad and upset to owen and he doesnt understand why! Maybe later she could tell why she was so upset

Aww the unicorn <3 And at last Amelia would tell him about her baby! Is anyone willing to write it? Tag it as #omeliafanfics or mention me and I’ll reblog it

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sad songs that make you think about Larry?

Why….Why would you do this?

10 Utterly Heart-wrenching Louis & Harry Songs 

Last Song Ever by Secondhand Serenade 

The way that I feel tonight
So down, so down
I pray I can swim just so I won’t drown
And the waves that crash over me
I’m gasping for air, take my hand so I can breathe
As I write this last song down

Lay Me Down by Sam Smith

You told me not to cry when you were gone
But the feeling’s overwhelming, it’s much too strong
Can I lay by your side, next to you, you
And make sure you’re alright
I’ll take care of you,
And I don’t want to be here if I can’t be with you tonight

Friends by Ed Sheeran

Friends just sleep in another bed,
And friends don’t treat me like you do.
Well I know that there’s a limit to everything,
But my friends won’t love me like you.

Possibility by Lykke Li

So tell me when you hear my heart stop
You’re the only one who knows
Tell me when you hear my silence
There’s a possibility I wouldn’t know

Secret Love Song Pt II by Little Mix

I don’t wanna live love this way
I don’t wanna hide us away
I wonder if it ever will change
I’m living for that day

See You Again by Elle King

We’ve got seven days
‘Til we say goodbye
Back to separate ways
But I’ll miss you more this time

Various Storms & Saints by Florence + The Machine

You’ll find a rooftop to sing from
Or find a hallway to dance
You don’t need no edge to cling from
Your heart is there, it’s in your hands
I know it seems like forever
I know it seems like an age
But one day this will be over
I swear it’s not so far away

Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want

Good time for a change
See, the luck I’ve had
Can make a good man
Turn bad

Talk Me Down by Troye Sivan

And I wanna come home to you
But home is just a room full of my safest sounds
‘Cause you know that I can’t trust myself with my three A.M. shadow
I’d rather fuel a fantasy than deal with this alone

With or Without You by U2

With or without you
I can’t live with or without you

And you give yourself away

I knew that after that post there would be some angry/whatever people in my inbox but for the Gods sake people leave me the hell alone. I have no minutes for you at all. I have a shit ton of things going on in my life. I have treatment that I’m focusing on that’s coming up next week. You know why people are upset. We could write you paragraphs and show you countless hours of research and you wouldn’t give a shit. You’d rather leave snarky comments and talk about all of this other stuff. You’re tired of hearing about racism? We are tired of living through it. No matter how big or small the issue is. It fucking MATTERS. 

Okay love you boos. I’m going to log off for today .

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Babe, screw all these brats bitching about what you post? Especially the ones making you feel like you're being unfair or mean for writing for Yons and Kraggy. And even more especially to the ones that ask why writing smut for a child or a baby tree would make you uncomfortable

*BLUSHING* Me..babe…OH…thanks 😊😭 But on a serious note thank you for being so supportive and understanding :) It’s really heartwarming to read messages like this 😊

It’s week four of Mental Health Month, Tumblr! We hope you’ve enjoyed the post prompts and all of the wonderful works of love that they generated. The month may be ending, but that doesn’t mean that sharing your stories and spreading awareness for mental health has to end, too. That’s why this week is all about posting it for the future 👉

  • Post a photo or GIF of yourself with a positive message that you can look back on anytime you need. Toss a Mental Health Month sticker on it.
  • Make a list of things you can do to make life better for future you.
  • Write a chat post between the person you are now and the person you would like to become.
  • Write down one thing you like about yourself and schedule it to be published on your Tumblr one month from now.
  • The future starts…now. Share one thing you plan to cross off your to-do list today, and then do it!
  • Make a list of things you’re looking forward to in the future.
  • The Ultimate Positivity Post. Fill it up with everything that makes you happy. Reblog it whenever you’re feeling down.

Do one of them. Do all of them. Do none of them and instead make up your own methods of bringing awareness to the importance of mental health. Whatever you do, just tag it with #postitforward so others can see your post as part of the bigger message. 

Keep looking out for each other, Tumblr.

And oh, hey, here’s the last of our upcoming Mental Health Month-themed Answer Times: 

Too Shy To Reach Out?

Send A Symbol To Explain Why We’re Not RPing Yet

♔- I can’t think of a plot for us and I want to figure that out first!
☃ - I’m not sure how our characters would meet.
☁- I’m worried you only RP with a certain group of people.
♛ - I wrote you a starter and you haven’t replied yet…
★ - I’m intimidated by how much you write
☂ - I’m intimdated by how often you post
☾ - I don’t know how to approach you
☄ - I’m super anxious about EVERYTHING
☀ - I keep hoping you’ll message me first…

ipre memes

bc they were on the starblaster for 100 years come on

  • magnus: [points to any animal on any given planet] taako tell that motherfucker i want to fight him
  • honestly a bunch of jokes about taako, lup, and barry being disney princesses for talking to animals
    • barry: can you please help me clean this mess up?
      merle: why don’t you just ask your animal friends to help? gather up your woodland creatures–
  • merle is jesus
  • making up increasingly ludicrous stories and trying to get lucretia to actually write them down
    • magnus: you know, my real name is actually studly burninglove
      lucretia: [without looking up] you know what, magnus? i’ll do it. i will actually write that down. future generations will know you as studly. would that make you happy?
  • in that vein, davenport knew absolutely nothing about pop culture, so they keep making up celebrities and events and acting like they happened
    • they like. maintain it too. they have a whole canon of made-up pop culture.
    • taako: [something explodes] ugh this is just like when fantasy billy ray cyrus had his mid-90s breakdown
      davenport: isn’t it more like when fantasy kesha and fantasy bill nye had a cage match?
      lup: [completely straight-faced as magnus and taako try to smother their laughter] yes, cap’nport. exactly like that.
    • taako and lup almost managed to convince him that they were celebrity chefs until lucretia stepped in
  • [something goes wrong on the ship]
    anyone: greg fucking grimauldis
  • [points at anything] is that a bond
    • lup: am i made of bonds?
      barry: in a sense, yes. everything is.
      taako: are shadows?
      lup: are dreams?
  • barry and lup bullshitting scientific-sounding words whenever magnus or merle ask them a question

anonymous asked:


okAY i’ll do my faves

  • obviously highlight is the album debut, make sure you stream
  • harry wore a beautiful pink plaid suit
  • from the interview with grimmy:
    • someone said they were gonna leave their wife for harry and harry was like “be honest, communication is key”
    • nick tried to ask if two ghosts was about t*ylor and harry was like “ummmm help me jeffrey” and then he gave an explanation about things changing between people and then nick introduced the song as about t*ylor and harry literally screamed “NOOOO”
    • a fan asked about why one direction was releasing all things in the same week because she needs to revise and harry was like if you’re not revising, “it’s not on me, sister”
    • harry said that basically in jamaica, they would write and record and eat together and then they’d just watch rom coms and he watched all of nicholas sparks’ movies
    • and then he tried to say he wasn’t a big notebook fan and nick totally was like uHhhh that’s a lie and then he said you totally quote every single line all of ryan gosling’s parts and then harry was like no i play rachel mcadams
    • he said kiwi started out as a joke and now it’s one of his favorites
  • from the ash london interview:
    • he said that he held onto two ghosts because it’s a very personal song to him maybe subconsciously for himself
    • he said he doesn’t have whatsapp and then he was like ‘i don’t know what dm’s are’
    • he said that his album sound is meant to show that like he’s been exploring his sound and he wanted the songs to be different because it keeps it interesting
  • from the hits interview:
    • he auditioned for the role in dunkirk and read for someone and then auditioned for a week or so and then he got the part
    • he said the crew was amazing and made him feel welcome
    • he said that if there was something that he felt like he was dying to be in a role, he’d like to a movie. but he wouldn’t want to if he wasn’t passionate about it
    • he’s gonna do four songs - a different song from the album a night - on james corden
  • from bbcr2:
    • he said he never felt suppressed in 1d and he loved the songs they made and loved being in the band
    • he said that they listen to each other’s stuff and it’s been cool to see people explore what they want to make on their own
    • he said he didn’t play the album to anyone, not many people heard it
    • he said the song ed liked he didn’t put on the album was called “anna”
    • harry said he’s not very manly and guy ritchie is intimidating because he’s very manly
    • he said that he acted when he was younger and he was interested in it and he said he did a tape and then a week of auditions, he said chris didn’t put him at the top of the queue or anything
You know, people love to say that opposites attract. And maybe that’s why I tried so hard to make us work. The girl who measures two teaspoons of sugar to put in her tea and the boy with calloused palms, climbing every mountain he can because he likes the way the stars look when nothing is in their way. Frothy milk and adrenaline. We looked like idiots together. You at my charity dinners in a poorly tailored sport coat. Five o'clock shadow. Bad jokes. And me scaling the rock climbing wall with slippery hands. Two feet above ground. A loose cotton dress. But laughing. Both of us always laughing. At me and you and this stupid world for working in a way that let the two of us need each other so desperately. Opposites. You’re damn right they attract.
     But attraction and commitment were never the same thing. Maybe you always knew that. And that’s why you laughed. Because you knew that one day, your girl would stand on Everest. Scream to the stars. Drink her coffee black. But me, I’m still learning. Learning as you tell we want different things. Learning as you drop off every piece of myself I’ve left at your place, nothing folded, the toothbrush tangled with hairs. Learning as I sit here writing about the boy who bounced from cliff tops to see the stars and the girl whose feet never left the ground, whose eyes only ever knew how to watch him walk into clouds and disappear altogether.
—  the truth about you and me
If I’m murdered

I want to share this in English because I think this is very relevant to every women out there.

On May 3rd, the body of Lesvy Berlin Rivera Osorio was found inside one of UNAM’s campus on Mexico city. She was left propped on a phone booth, strangled with the cord of the public phone around her neck. She was 22 years old.

The PGJ (not sure how to translate but it’s something like the General Court of Justice prosecutor) recently released a statement that was brought up based on several interviews with people that were close to Lesvy, including her boyfriend.

They were very good at mentioning that Lesvy had not been attending classes as she had dropped out of school recently.

They were very good at mentioning that she drank.

They were very good at mentioning that she lived with her boyfriend outside of marriage.

They were very good at mentioning that the night she was murdered she had been out with friends probably either drinking or doing drugs.

They were very good at mentioning that she dared to be outside, alone, at night.

They were very good at pinning the blame of a murder case on the victim herself, but they were no closer to finding the actual perpetrator. (You know, the person who ACTUALLY STRANGLED HER WITH A PHONE CORD?)

They used the phrase “found dead” instead of calling it what it really was: MURDER.

They made no mention whatsoever of her boyfriend being a suspect, despite the fact that he was the last person to see her alive, that they had attended the same party that night, and that they had a fight right before her murder after which (according to him) they parted ways angrily.

I’m not saying he is guilty, but perhaps if she had been a “good girl, grade A student” she would deserve justice and a proper investigation of her death instead of the PGJ violating the confidentiality of a still ongoing investigation by releasing these personal facts Lesvy in the media, as if that justified her murder?

I am tired of this and I’ve been holding back tears all day.


Violence against women happens everywhere, not just in distant places. Lesvy was killed in the middle of a college campus.

If you were killed, what facts about your imperfect life do you think they would bring up on the statements, on the news media?

This is how the hashtag #SiMeMatan (If I’m murdered) began. Because it seems to be always our fault, for being at the wrong place, with the wrong clothes, or at the wrong time (things not fit for “proper ladies”) and never the fault of the person perpetrating the crime.

Back when I saw Kelly Oxford’s hashtag about sharing our stories of harassment I remembered a similar movement that was made in Latin America a bit earlier called #MiPrimerAcoso (my first harassment) I realized that we face the same struggles, regardless of what language we speak.

This is why I’m writing this now, because I think you should know about Lesvy’s story and we should all be heard.

So here goes mine:

If I’m murdered:

It would be because I lived by myself in my apartment.
It would be because I confront people that catcall me on the street.
It would be because I like wearing knee high boots and stockings.
It would be because I dyed my hair a lot in whacky colors.
It would be because I hang out more with men than women.
It would be because I go out alone at night without the company of a man.
It would be because I drink when I go out.
It would be because I was flirty and friendly to everyone.
It would be because choose to have sex without being married.

You know what the worst part is about this?

That every woman who is tweeting this hashtag is very well aware that they could be next, and that the official responses might not be too different from Lesvy’s case.

Heck, even women that have marched in outrage at UNAM and women that have tweeted disgust at what happened have started receiving threats online.

Please stay together, and stay strong.