why would you waste time on me

HEY so i just reached another thousand n wanna thank everyone that’s ever followed me, bought my music, talked to me etc like i dont know why u waste ur time but ur all the reason im ALIVE so thenk you and i would die for each and every one of you. this is like a follow forever but every1 i follow is a mutual so it’s like… a mutual appreciation…. u feel

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As a non binary person you respecting mikey just really makes me !!!!! Happy.

no offense but thats like…… i love them……. respecting them is like…. the barest minimum???? why would they bother with me if i didnt even use their pronouns and stuff???

honestly guys, dont waste your time with anyone who doesnt respect your identity, thats not even… a pre-requisite…… like…… you deserve respect……. its not too much to ask

I like to pretend that I would slam the door in your face if I found you on my doorstep five years from now. I like to think that, given what happened, I’d tell you to get lost and never call me again. If you’d ask why, I’d list all the things you’d ever done to me, all the times you’d broken my heart and made me feel like being myself wasn’t enough. I like to pretend I’d recognise you for the waste of time and tears you were. That you still are.

But there is that small part of me that is afraid. That small part of me that would hold open the door for you and invite you in, the part that would offer you a cup of coffee and remember that you like it with too much sugar. The part of me that still craves your presence on some days and misses the way you brushed my hair from my forehead or
how you laughed too loud or swore too much or let me call you in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep.

There is one thing I’m sure of, though. I hope you never show up on my doorstep again because God, I have no idea what I would do.

—  5 years from now

Well yeah, Wendy would be the least suspected one of the bunch, that’s for sure

I swear I’m never wasting so much time on stupid comics again. Out of all the asks I could’ve used, I chose this one. Someone shoot me please .+:。(ノ・ω・’ )ノ゙


how do you expect anyone to suspect her

C: It took me a while to realize that the role you play in a man’s life is usually the role he wants you to play. I made excuses for men until I realized this. This world is literally made for men to thrive in. if he wanted you to have a certain status in his life, you would have that status yesterday. Don’t waste time waiting for that girlfriend or fiance title. That’s why men leave 10 year situationships and get married a year later. They will always bring to fruition what they want!

You know what pisses me off the most about the PaleyFest fuckery, though.

Yes, it’s infuriating that the Executive Producer on a show would rather blame his cast for the show’s ratings as opposed to perhaps his (and his colleagues’) own involvement in that happening. Guggenheim proved a long time ago that he is an absolute waste of space like that who has absolutely no respect for his audience and his product.

What’s driving me absolutely INSANE is that they had the audacity to say that in front of Stephen Amell and David Ramsey. What’s more it was an answer to a question posed by David Ramsey (”why don’t we get soda on Arrow like they do on Flash?” - to which Fucktard Extraordinaire answered “maybe if Arrow’s ratings were higher you would”).


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Stephen and David bust their asses for this show. Stephen easily does a lot of the promoting by himself and in his own free time because the CW can’t be fucked to care about Arrow. He constantly ties his charity initiatives to the show. His various appearances on other shows (American Ninja Warrior, WWE, etc) always mention that he’s on Arrow.

Stephen is so protective and so proud of the show and naturally so, because despite of all its misgivings and missteps, he plays the titular character and he’s at the helm of this shindig.

David has never had one bad thing to say about anyone even when his character was pushed to the sidelines and ignored despite common logic (as in they’d put Diggle on comms and send 2 newbies to the field to fight some super tough villain that not even the entire team arrow could take down). His arcs recently have been super sluggish and just more of one and the same (guilt guilt guilt). Yet David has nothing but love for everyone and is always excited to talk about and promote John Diggle and the team.

These two men have stuck by Arrow in its stupidest, most illogical times. They never once went - yeah that’s bullshit. The writers fucked up on this or that. Or if they did voice their displeasure they tried to do it as gently as possible with more grace than these stupid fucking executive producers deserve.

And then to have these same EPs cackle and have Gustin and Benoist join in on the laughter as if it were some fucking joke as opposed to a passive-aggresive insult to the work David, Stephen, Emily, Willa and Paul have been doing for the past 5 years (as well as of course any other actor who has been on Arrow or is involved with it). All of them have busted their asses for YEARS for this show and have tried to do their best with shitty writing. Katie Cassidy and Emily Bett Rickards have had to deal with actual fucking bullies and harassment because of the fictional characters they play, as well.

The fact that it comes from the same people responsible for Season 3 and Season 4B….. I mean, the fucking audacity.

Newsflash dumbasses: Your cast is the only good thing you have left. Your cast is not the problem. You’re the fucking problem.

I Do (lyrics)

I’ll write another letter that i’ll never send
And i’ll spend 30 minutes crying about you in my bed
and i’ll replay all our memories in my head
i’ll tell myself that it’s time to let you go
i try to think of all your flaws and try to hate you a little more
but still i’ll look at the calendar on the wall
and know that it’s been exactly a month since the last time i was in your car
i didn’t know it then
but that was the last time
you would look at me as more than a friend
i guess things change
and you got someone new
but i’m still killing myself
with all these things that i do

i don’t have to care
i don’t have to cry
i don’t have to waste my time missing you
i don’t have to wonder why you left
or if there’s something i can do
i don’t have to care when i see you
i don’t have to miss you but i do  

ill tell my mom bout these feelings i have
and we’ll have a talk and she’ll tell me “it’s not you, it’s him”
and i’ll feel better and believe what she says
til i’m alone
til i’m alone
cause then i’ll remember all the nights that we had
when we would drive going nowhere but it wasn’t bad
you’d let me play with your hair and i would laugh
i never had as much fun as i did all those nights when we were in your car
i didn’t know it then
that you would change your mind
and i would try but couldn’t be your friend
so we won’t talk
and you’ll find someone new
and i’ll keep killing myself slowly with all these things that i do

i don’t have to lie
and say you’re never on my mind
i don’t have to tell my self over and over again that i’m fine
i don’t have to see the stars
and think of how i looked at them with you
i don’t have to miss you but i do

i don’t have to drive by your school
or talk to your friends
and ask them about you cause i just wanna see how you’re doing
it’s fine
i know you still care deep down
and maybe one day you’ll come back
but i know that won’t be now
why can’t you come back now

cause i don’t wanna care
i don’t wanna cry
i don’t wanna waste my time missing you
for once i just wanna feel alright
i don’t wanna see the stars
and think of how i looked at them with
i don’t wanna need you but i do  

I wrote this today and showed some of u on instagram live, here are the lyrics haha

how to make your college list

by: someone who still doesn’t know where she wants to go gdi

0. please start thinking this around second semester junior year or at least the summer before senior year

1. safety schools

  • based on your stats
  • usually in-state schools

2. determine criteria and rank them. for example, mine are:

  1. is my prospective major offered?
  2. interesting writing prompts
  3. location
  4. fin aid
  5. ethnic breakdown
  6. male to female ratio
  7. “vibe”

4. find schools that match your criteria 

5. apply to however many schools you think you can manage

6. cry a lot

general stuff:

  • apply to schools you would be willing to attend
    • college apps + score reports are expensive and even if you have waivers, it still requires time and stress
  • there is no “right” or “wrong” way to do this (as long as you have at least 1 safety)
  • try not to worry about judgement (i was super paranoid about my guidance counselor judging my list and telling me “wtf you have no chance at school a, b, c why are you wasting so much money” but when he saw my list he was just like “make sure you hand in all your forms”)
  • you can do it!! :D
Feminism for scientists (and everyone else)

I’ve been told more than once that fighting for women’s rights or even being interested in the topics of feminism and gender equality is a complete waste of time in today’s Western world. There are no more issues to be had, there is no problem, all is well. To test this hypothesis I have made a habit of thinking “Would you act the same way around me if I were a man? And if not – why?” So, here are a few examples of suggested improvements to the treatment of female co-humans, for biologists, other scientist and anyone else.

1) Do not confuse your co-workers with the subjects of your studies!

I know, especially we zoologists know all about animals, their behaviour, their reproduction, the crazy lengths they go to in order to get laid… and in the animal kingdom males and females are simply not equal most of the time. Beetle ladies get their insides crushed or plugged by their male mates in order to prevent insemination by rivals. Female cats ovulate due to the pain inflicted on them by the tomcats’ spiny penis. Gorillas are organised in harem-like groups of several females being dominated by a male. Many animal fathers tend to leave their mate and wander off to inseminate their next incubator and maximize their genetic contribution to the population. Sure, there are also the opposites – matriarchal hyenas, seahorse daddies and free-love-bonobos (those hippies!), but statistically speaking the ones with the sperm tend to have the upper hand. Knowing all of this it makes it seem likely that in human animals, too, there are some differences between the sexes, and there are – hormonally, physically, developmentally. The difference is, however, that we are not limited to our biological traits, so the world we live in should enable us to overcome these dissimilarities and create equal opportunities for all sexes. In this world my ability to be a professor is not linked to my level of testosterone and my being a stay-at-home parent is not dependent on my milk-leaking breasts. We are animals, we are the products of millennia of evolution, but we are more than just hormones and instincts, so just keep that in mind.

2)      Do not invalidate my professional or personal choices! 

a)      Never assume that my job is just a pastime! Yes, I measure ants for a living. Yes, that is an actual job I get paid for. No, I am not just biding my time until the right wealthy inseminator comes along to fill my womb with offspring. And also no, at 27 I am not planning to have kids very VERY soon (tick-tock, ovaries!).

b)      Also, never just presuppose that I am the underling or assistant in any setting including older male colleagues. That is just rude!

c)       Just to prove that you can’t ever get it right: If a woman does choose to have a family, go on a sabbatical or decide to breed poodles, do not dismiss her as “not a real scientist”, as someone who is just not driven, passionate or strong enough for the scientific world. People can have more than one passion, we don’t necessarily have to kill ourselves over our jobs. And if you actually do perceive that as a weakness, please don’t blame it on her gender – men can breed poodles, too!

3)      Do not make my appearance or sexuality any more of an issue than you would a man’s!

We all know the “#distractinglysexy” campaign (or if you don’t, just google it, it is both sad and hilarious) where female scientists call out male colleagues for questioning their professionalism based on their styling or wardrobe. What I wear should not be the basis of how you judge my abilities or my intellect. You would never call a man “slutty” or “unprofessional” because he wears shorts when it’s hot (given the dress code at your workplace is ok with that) or consider his sexuality nullified because he wears rubber boots and cargo pants in the field. On the other hand, I do not wear a lab coat and glasses because it makes me a stereotypical sexy science nerd, but because I am short-sighted and do not enjoy dangerous chemicals on my skin.

4)      Never underestimate the “feminine” fields!

Some people tend to belittle those aspects of science (or life, in general) that draw in a predominantly female crowd. There is hard, manly science, physics, chemistry, and math on the one hand and then there is a flowery meadow full of little girls playing with fluffy bunnies. However, my years at the university have taught me that this trope cannot possibly be based on facts. I have spent most of my lectures in auditoriums with a 60-90% female audience. And that was not “Cute puppies 101”, that was organic chemistry, physiology, genetics, entomology, statistics… all things technical, complicated, full of equations, decay and slimy bugs – and hardly a guy in sight. So, look out, world, and treat your women with respect because there is absolutely no reason why we should not be running the place!

The fight is not over, there is still plenty of work and science to be done!

Day 18: Magnus + Eyes

Minutes after he’d ended the call, he could still hear Maryse’s voice in his head, and her scoff that he was once again at Magnus’. He had assumed that the three months would have been enough time for her to get over the fact that he’d chosen Magnus, but his mother was nothing if not persistent in telling him the many reasons why he shouldn’t waste his time with Magnus Bane.

“Still asking you why you’re with Magnus,” Izzy asked when he sighed.

Alec nodded. “Now, she’s asking me what I see in him.” Alec made a face. “Like seriously. What kind of question is that?”

“You should have just told her he has a big dick,” Jace said, with a casual shrug of his shoulders.

“Jace!” Alec exclaimed, not like it did anything for Jace who just stared calmly right back at him.

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You knocked me over: but darling; we are, all of us, learning how to become whole in a broken society aren’t we? So…why would I waste such precious time  condemning you for stumbling over a rock, right next to the one I just stumbled over? You know what revolution is to me? Giving the same grace to others that we need from others. All else is vanity. Anything less is fear.
—  Té V. Smith, You Gon’ Just Let Me Off The Hook Like That?
NT Moments - Just google everything
  • ENTJ: Do you know CSS?
  • INTP: Just the basic stuff. Why?
  • ENTJ: The freelance programmer I'm hiring is shit. He made everything important because he doesn't know how to write classes properly. Can you fix it for me?
  • INTP: I'd take much longer to fix it than he would.
  • ENTJ: But you would waste less time in the long run because you'd do it properly.
  • INTP: Because I'd just google how to do everything.
  • ENTJ: *laughs* There are people who search for the best way to do things and people who would just push on stupidly.

Alright. Let’s have a civil conversation about this.

See unlike you I don’t need to call you names or disrespect others to make my self feel better. I knew one day that someone would hide behind a screenshot and post on simsecret to post their rude opinion about me. It was inevitable. 

Now I’m not a “fangirl” of hallowsims and yes I do also have a problem with them in my own way. For the fact they had two adfly links, that bothered me. It was a waste of my time but you know what I did? I GOT OVER IT. There was no need for me to work my self up. You want to know why? The content was still free. Now unlike another site I know of giving others content out and you have to pay for it. But they’re so big that no one bats an eye. They steal content and sell it. Yet the original creator is giving it out for free. I’ll probably get hate for this but clearly it needs to be said.  

Here I’ll use Newsea for an example.

Pretty little hair right? Why not have it for males. 

BAM now you have it for males. Let’s just scroll down and downl….

Oh wait. You cant, cause you have to have points??
Now from what I remember you get like what? 1 point maybe 2 everytime you post or comment? Well then, Why not just click on “quick download” 

OH WAIT?? You have to pay for that. 

And you know what people are going to do? They’re going to take the easy way out, They’re going to pay for it. OH BUT THAT’S OKAY BECAUSE NEWSEA GAVE IT OUT FREE RIGHT?? RIGHT?

No. You guy’s got angry at one creator who was just trying to make others happy, just as Maysims is doing. The only difference is Hallowsims was giving things out for free. Yes FREE. Adfly gives you shit all you’re lucky to make $10 a month. Maysims is taking 2 dollars every month so you guys can have a quick download. But that’s fair right? We can let them slide by but not hallow sims. NOPE

yeah but imagine some dude coming to their apartment all angry and being like “which one of you arseholes is Holmes?????” and john feeling all protective and just being like “uh that’s me, what the fuck do u want” and then a whole case ensues but now everyone is calling him John Holmes and every time someone does it Sherlock just gets this little :o surprise face and so then Sherlock jokingly calls him John Holmes a few times because why would he ever waste an opportunity to pretend they shared a last name and when he does John is like “I WISH U WERENT JOKING”

anonymous asked:

Wow they just had a baby and you want Jared and Gen to get a divorce? That's awful! Why would either of the Js lie about it or get on a relationship and so that to their kids? What do you expect to happen exactly? And have you thought about two families instead of you shipping two people and using conspiracy theories. J2 ate good men and especially would not put kids in that situation and wanting a marriage to fail is horrible.

OH MY GOD!!! my first het!!! i’m so happy!!! i don’t know what to do i didn’t think it would happen!! i honestly feel so honored that you wasted your time to try and put me back on the “right” track or make me feel ashamed or something lmao

no but first of all i wanna thank you for not insulting me, really, i appreciate that

and second of all you have no idea how much you made me laugh so thank you! honnestly you just put a big smile on my face because you have no idea what you’re talking about it’s incredible! you have no clue whatsoever holy shit 

i could try to explain to you how i became a tinhat but it’d probably be like talking to a brick wall so i’ll link speak the truth (come on, give it a shot, maybe it’ll open your eyes a little) 

so anyway, i guess i’ll answer your questions now

“Wow they just had a baby and you want Jared and Gen to get a divorce?”

YES that’s EXACTLY what i want! don’t worry about the kids, it’ll be better for them if their parents stop pretending they’re in love and stop using them like shields against gay rumors, and i can guarantee you that jared never wanted to marry gen in the first place

“ Why would either of the Js lie about it or get on a relationship and so that to their kids?”

ok so you may wanna sit down for this one… it’s really sad but the society we live in is homophobic and so, gay people don’t say they are gay because they’re scared it will make them be treated differently than straight people that’s why they lie and will go as far as pretending to be in a fake relationship to prove they are straight. it is what jared and jensen did to be sure to have as many opportunites as other young actors and still do because if they say they’re gay spn will be immediately over and now they’re too deep in their lies to come out, and they’re in their 30s now so it’s normal they have kids even if they’re in the closet and have to lie to them too, let them live god damn it

“What do you expect to happen exactly?”

well i hope that jared will divorce soon to make it easier for his mental health since being in the closet really affects him and then some time after spn ends and after jensen divorces danneel i hope that jared and jensen come out to live like any other couple. that’s what i think could happen

“And have you thought about two families instead of you shipping two people and using conspiracy theories.”

well yeah but knowing what i know:

“J2 ate good men”

holy shit for real? did you call the police? no cos lying to people i can understand but eating good men? that’s just going way too far

“ would not put kids in that situation”

and yet that’s what they do buddy, i really don’t like that either but it’s them you have to blame, not me

“ wanting a marriage to fail is horrible”

im sorry what was that? i can’t hear you over the sound of jensen telling everyone that jared and gen’s wedding is fake as fuck

have a good day and thanks for the laugh!

We're Difficult (ENTJ charming capabilities)
  • (dating, beginning stage, not a relationship yet)
  • Her: I would like you to tell me some normal things, like what you find attractive about me.
  • Me: I suck at words.
  • Her: ...you just had a 20 min debate with that drunk Christian guy about the necessity of having abortion clinics...
  • Me: But that is much easier than saying lovey-dovey crap.
  • Her: Why do I even waste time here.
  • Me: Maybe because you realize your exes might have rocked the lovely name calling and compliments, but look where they are now.
  • Her: I hate you.
  • Me: That's the spirit.

Genre: angst, slight fluff

Pairing: Reader x Min Yoongi

Word Count: 2,487 words

Summary: *REQUESTED* After an argument, you break up with your boyfriend. You get drunk to cope with your feelings and to attempt to forget everything.


The room was filled with screams and shouts. You screamed for him not to touch you, for him to leave you alone. He clung onto your sleeve nonetheless, asking you why. He said that he loved you and that things would get better with time.

But you didn’t have time to continue wasting with him. If he didn’t have the time to be with you, then why should you stay together? What was the point of it?

“Why are you doing this?” he asked, his eyes red and on the brink of tears.

“I can’t do this anymore,” you said. “I don’t want to.”

He grabbed onto your hands. “I’m doing this for us, Y/N. Everything I’ve been doing is all for you!”

“How long do I have to wait for you, Yoongi?”

“Y/N, please…give me a chance to make all of this better…”

“If I wait, how will things get better?” you asked, looking into his eyes. “You can’t answer that can you?” You took your hands from his grasp. “It’s better to end things now.”

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