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(Y/SN) = Your sister’s name

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“No! No! No!” You exclaimed.

“The King had invited every families from all over the country for the Prince to pick a bride,” Your father said.

“Exactly! I have no interest in marrying the prince or whatsoever. There are thousands of girls out there dying to marry him, so why should I come?”

“Y/N, this is for your own good,” your mother said.

“You said you would let me marry someone I love!” You shouted. “Not a stranger!”

Your parents answered you with a deafening silence.

Your younger sister sensed the situation won’t end well and grabbed your hand and led you out of your parents’ room.

“Are you calm now?” Your sister asked when you both reached your shared room.

You nodded. “Thanks, (Y/SN).”

“You seriously don’t want to come to the party?” she asked.

You groaned. 

“Are we seriously going to start this discussion again?” You retorted.

“I heard there was going to be large amount of extravagant food,” she said.

This caught your attention.

“Did you say food?”

“(Y/SN), could you please help me with this?” You asked.

Your sister quickly helped with your dress and smiled.

“I’m sure by the end of the day you’ll have a lot of suitors,” she giggled.

“I’m going there because of the food okay? Not to find someone to marry,” You stated.

“Sure, sure.”

As you stood quietly in the corner of the ballroom, still taking everything in, your sister approached you with a tray of delicacies. 

“(Y/N), didn’t you come for this? Why are you here alone?" 

Your parents was somewhere in the ballroom, probably socializing with other families. But you couldn’t care any less since you weren’t a competition. 

"Sorry I just got a bit distracted in my mind." 

Your sister stared at you with a worried expression. "You sure you’re okay?" 

You gave her a nod and plopped one of the sweet treat into your mouth. 

As you both were enjoying the evening, a loud trumpet honked through the air, announcing that the King and Queen was making their appearance, including the Prince.

When he glided down the grand stairs in such an elegant manner, all the attention from the King and Queen shifted to him as if his presence demanded all the attention, including yours.

As his eyes swept across the room, he somehow stopped as his gaze found yours, leaving you in awe. 

Never have you ever seen such beautiful emerald eyes. 

You also knew you were in deep since it was indeed, the Prince.

The King had invited every wealthy family from across the country to the Great Banquet, in hopes that the Prince would find someone to marry. 

Once Prince Michael reached the bottom of the stairs, girls started to surround him.

Your sister gave you a nudge but you had no intention to be closer to the Prince. Your parents also approached you, encouraging you to try and approach the prince. When you couldn’t stand their constant nag any longer, you excused yourself and went out to the quiet garden.

You were exhausted as you sat on the cold, stone bench. The night air touched your exposed arms, earning you a shiver. You needed some time alone. Some time to think peacefully.

At least it wasn’t suffocating any longer now, you thought.

You were lost in your thoughts when someone sat beside you, snapping you out of your daze.

You turned your head and it was the Prince.

You stood up quickly and gave a curtsy. “I-I’m sorry if I’m interrupting you, Your Highness.”

You were about to make your way back until he reached and held your left wrist. “Please don’t be bothered by me. I could use a company.”

“But Your High-”

“Call me Michael.”

You blinked in confusion.

“It’s tiring on how people treat you based on your level, you know. We’re all humans yet are treated unequally.”

You sat back down, listening to his rant about how he saw a poor, old man earlier in the morning, sitting on the roadside with his knees bleeding yet no one has cared enough to help him.

“I’m sorry for talking too much. I realized I haven’t ask for your name.”

“It’s (Y/N), Your Highness.”

He let out a chuckle. “Didn’t I told you to call me Michael?”

“I-I mean Michael?”

“So, (Y/N), what are you doing here all alone?”

“I just needed some air.”

You never thought the Prince of all people would think such way about the ones who are below him.

And you found that truly admirable.

“I… Thank you,” he said. “Thank you for listening to me.”

You smiled. “No problem.”

“I would gladly listen to whatever it is in your mind,” Michael blurted.

You chuckled. “Why, I am so honoured, Your Majesty.”

“You listened to me, it is only fair if I become your listening ear as well, am I right?”

You nodded in agreement. 

“Well, my parents wanted me to find someone to marry as quickly as possible,” you explained. “I never intended to since I believe that true love exists and I just needed to be patient until it comes. I don’t want a loveless marriage just for the sake of the family. Call me selfish, but I also want to find my own happiness as well.”

You were actually a bit surprised as Michael listened intently to what you were saying the whole time.

“Thanks for listening to me as well,” you said.

“No problem, I’m sure your parents wants what is best for you, (Y/N). If you disagree on their decision, you should tell them.”

Afterwards, silence fell between the two of you but it was comfortable as if just being in one another’s presence was enough without any words needed to be uttered.

You realized an hour has passed with you both having little random conversations here and there.

“I better get going,” you said as you stood up until he grabbed your hand.

His eyes was filled with worry and disappointment. “W-Will I see you again?”

You didn’t have to think twice as you answered, “Yes. Of course.”

Arranged marriage AU starter sentences
  • “So you’re my future bride/groom? You’re not what I expected at all.”
  • “I know it doesn’t seem so, but I will take care of you.”
  • “Let’s get this straight, I’m only agreeing with this arrangement so my parents would shut up.”
  • “I…think I’m in love?”
  • “You don’t have to worry, I’m never going to touch you.”
  • “I look forward to getting to know you better.”
  • “Are you scared? Don’t be. ‘ll protect you from today onwards.”
  • “You are the reason why I can’t be happy.”
  • “I don’t want to marry you at all, the person I love is someone else.”
  • “We’ll make this work out.”
  • “Don’t run away from this, from me!”
  • “I can’t believe they’re making us get together.”
  • “It’s crazy, isn’t it? Two complete strangers who know nothing about each other being brought together like this.”
  • “The moment I saw you, I knew we were meant to be.”
  • “I know it’s already been arranged, but let me do this properly…Will you marry me?”
  • “All right, all right! If you’re so against it, then we can work together to sabotage our own wedding!”
  • “If I don’t win your heart in a month we can call off the wedding.”
  • “You are mine now. Don’t look at anyone else.”
  • “Don’t cry. I promise I will love you and protect you to the best of my ability, til death do we part.”
  • “I have loved the idea of you since before you were even born.”
  • “ have been eagerly awaiting the day I could finally meet you…and I am not disappointed. You are beautiful.”
  • “I don’t think this is going to work out. It’s a mistake to go through with this.”
First Sentence Writing Prompts

Send me characters/pairings (and setting or anything else you want to see) and the number to one of the following first lines:

  1. “I know you’re afraid but we can’t hide in this closet forever.”
  2. “Nope, I absolutely refuse to touch that.”
  3. “How exactly did you manage to get stuck in there?”
  4. “Why is it suddenly purple?”
  5. “Pass me the sledgehammer.”
  6. “Explain it to me again - why do we need to pretend to be married?”
  7. “In my defense, I thought this would go a lot more smoothly.”
  8. “I don’t know how you get yourself into these situations.”
  9. “Careful, don’t drop – “
  10. “And that’s how I ended up standing naked on the Brooklyn Bridge on Christmas Eve.”
  11. “It’s sticky.”
  12. “You need to stop.”
  13. “Well that’s the single most impressive thing I’ve ever seen someone do.”
  14. “What’s with the pigtails?”
  15. “How have you made it this long without someone throwing you out an airlock or something?”
  16. “Ow, what was that for?”
  17. “Ugh, why did I eat that?”
  18. “In my defense, it seemed like a brilliant idea at the time.”
  19. “Run!”
  20. “Come on, give me one good reason not to jump in the lake.”
  21. “We’re going to be late if we don’t leave like 5 minutes ago.”
  22. “What do you mean by leaving?”
  23. “I’m trying very hard not to see all this as a metaphor for my life.”
  24. “Please tell me you know how to defuse a bomb.”
  25. “Where have you been, I was ready to call the police!”
  26. “No, the house is definitely not haunted, why do you ask?”
  27. “Get over here now and bring a tarp.”
  28. “I don’t care that it’s 2:00 am, we need pie.”
  29. “I’ve got everything under control.”
  30. “At this point, what else could possibly go wrong?”

Mike and Diana doodles 🐭💕🐭

C: It took me a while to realize that the role you play in a man’s life is usually the role he wants you to play. I made excuses for men until I realized this. This world is literally made for men to thrive in. if he wanted you to have a certain status in his life, you would have that status yesterday. Don’t waste time waiting for that girlfriend or fiance title. That’s why men leave 10 year situationships and get married a year later. They will always bring to fruition what they want!

  • Gajeel: Would you want to get married?
  • Levy: Well, I didn't, didn't think that was an option.
  • Gajeel: What if it was an option?
  • Levy: Why? What? Do you want to get married?
  • Gajeel: I wouldn't mind being married to you. Would you mind being married to me?
  • Levy: No, no, not, not if that's what you wanted. I mean, is, is that what you want?
  • Gajeel: I want you. So, ok.
  • Levy: So really, we're, we're getting married?
  • Gajeel: We're getting married. Should we get you a diamond?
  • Levy: No. No. Just get me a really big book shelf.

honestly if Emma and Regina’s relationship ever went further, they’d probably still explain it all with Henry™ like

“can I kiss you? just,,, you know for Henry obviously”
“we should move in together. it’d be easier for Henry”
“will you marry me? I meAN Henry would like that right?? AHAhaha hah    ha”
“I love you… uh I meant - - for Henry of course why else would we−”

Golden Mornings and Sweet Promises (Newt Scamander x Reader)

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A/N: I’m sorry I have been so terrible about posting new writings! Writer’s block is quite the difficult thing to kick, but I’m very much hoping you enjoy this story! It’s almost sickeningly sweet and oh so very fluffy! As always, please let me know if you have any feedback, requests, ideas, questions, or just want to say hi :) Sending all my love, and Happy New Year! <3

You had been married to the love of your life for only a few months now, but you enjoyed every single second of wedded bliss. And why wouldn’t you? You got to wake up next to your best friend every morning, care for the creatures you considered your babies, go on incredible adventures more amazing that you ever could have imagined, and perhaps you would even start your own family someday.

You awoke lazily to the feeling of your hair being gently stroked. You smiled before opening your eyes to see the beautifully freckled face of your husband Newt. He smiled back before giving you a gentle kiss, moving his hand down to cup your cheek.

“Good morning, Mrs. Scamander.”

You smiled wider and blushed, still getting a rush from your new name, “Good morning, Mr. Scamander.”

He pulled his hand away, turning towards the bedside table, and you gave a small frown at the loss of contact. You quickly smiled again when he placed in front of you a beautifully done tray of your favorite breakfast, complete with a single rose in a small vase. You pulled him in for another kiss, “How did I ever get so lucky to be married to the kindest, most amazing man in the world?”

He placed a gentle kiss to your knuckles, “You deserve the stars and more, my love. But for now, breakfast will do.” You became distracted by the way the gentle morning light played with his features, softening his angles, bathing his face in gold, working its way through his hair, turning the normally cinnamon-colored mass of curls into a beautifully shimmering light copper. He gave you a small smirk before taking a bit of cream from your breakfast and dabbing it on your nose. You scrunched your face up before returning the favor.

Soon, the both of you were covered in food. You looked down to your clothes and your bed before looking back at Newt, blinked at each other before bursting into laughter. You shared another kiss.

“Mmm, delicious,” you stated with a grin. Then you both waved your wands to clean up the mess you had made. You stopped suddenly, turning to face Newt, your face now completely serious, “It’s morning.”

Newt gave you a quizzical look, chuckling slightly, “Very good observation, my dear.”

You walked towards him, grabbing his face with your hands, “Newt. It’s morning.”

He looked at you, confused before realization suddenly dawned on his face, “That means we fell asleep.”

“Before midnight.”

Newt looked at you apologetically, “I’m so sorry, love! I should’ve made sure we stayed awake. It was supposed to be a special night and I-”

You kissed him, giving him a gentle smile, “It was perfect. Every night is perfect as long as I’m with you, love. Happy New Year, my sweet husband. I can’t wait for this year and every year for the rest of my life with you.”

He gently led your face back towards his, kissing you deeply and full of love, “Happy New Year, my darling wife. You’ve made me the luckiest man alive last year, and I’ll continue to be for every year until the end.”

You giggled as he swept you into his arms bridal style, whisking you out the door, “Now, let’s see if breakfast will end up in our stomachs this time.”

You gave him a wink, smirking, “No promises.”

Newt kissed your nose, “I wouldn’t want it any other way.”


get to know me meme: 1/10 favorite movies | gone girl

  i’m the cunt you married. the only time you liked yourself was when you were trying to be someone this cunt might like. i’m not a quitter., i’m that cunt. i killed for you; who else can say that? you think you’d be happy with a nice midwestern girl? no way, baby! i’m it.
                      fuck. you’re delusional. i mean, you’re insane, why would you even want this? yes i loved you and then all we did was resent each other, try to control each other. we caused each other pain.
                                       that’s marriage.

Lance: I like you y'know

Keith: *Smiles* I know

Lance: *Glares* What do you mean, “you know”?

Keith: Why are you getting all worked up? We’ve been married for 5 years. Of course you like me. Why would you marry someone if you didn’t like them?

Lance: Well, I don’t know, but you could’ve said “thank you!” Or maybe, “I like you too!” Or even, “I like you more” not “I know”. I can’t believe this.

Keith: *Stares into camera like the office*

Eren's Blessing Part 1
  • Jean: So... Eren, you know that Armin and I have been together for a while now-
  • Eren: Wait, what? This is news to me.
  • Jean: -and I've been thinking, since we're both really happy-
  • Eren: I didn't even know you were gay! I mean, honestly, that explains a LOT about Marco, but-
  • Jean: -I'm going to ask Armin to marry me.
  • Eren: WHAT?!
  • Jean: And I know your opinion means a lot to him, and since I can't ask his parents, I think having your blessing would mean a lot to him.
  • Eren: You... YOU want my blessing? To propose to my best friend?
  • Jean:
  • Jean: Yes.
  • Eren: No.
  • Jean: Why not?
  • Eren: It's just wrong. It's not normal.
  • Jean: Are you fucking kidding me? You're a homophobe, Eren? I don't even know why I'm surprised, you little shit, I guess I just thought that you'd be supportive of Armin, I mean he's your best friend-
  • Eren: NO. No, no, no. You've got it all wrong. I'm not homophobic at all. I'm actually... kind of going on a date with Captain Levi tomorrow-
  • Jean: Wait, what the fuck? And if you're not then what did you mean?
  • Eren: I meant that BESTIALITY is wrong.
  • Jean:
  • Eren: Get it?
  • Jean:
  • Eren: Because you're a horse?
  • Jean:
  • Eren: BESTIALITY! You know, humans being with animals. Although, technically Armin isn't human, but still- hey wait, Jean, where are you going?!
  • Eren:
  • Eren:
  • Jean: *from far away* I'M DONE WITH THIS SHIT!
  • Here is the link to Part 2: (Edit) http://potato-fan-girl.tumblr.com/post/155928888968/erens-blessing-part-2
  • (Hello. I suck at technology, and I wanted to post the second part, but I'm getting very sick of looking for a way to embed the link into a word you can click on, so just use that until I figure it out. I'm sorry, I only just started this blog recently. So, if anyone would care to inform me how... I'd be pretty happy. Tell me how, and give me a request for something to write (headcanons, one-shot, whatever) along with it, and I'll do it as long as I know the fandom/characters, EVEN IF IT'S NOT SOMETHING I SHIP. It'll probably be better if I DO ship it, but I'll try my best.I'm very sorry about this.)
So I got this idea for a imagine/story

So the reader is Alaric’s daughter, her and Kai had a relationship before Kai was killed , she ends up pregnant with Kai’s baby and never got a chance to tell him, She becomes close with Stefan and he helps her with the baby and whatnot, they end up falling in love but part of her still loves Kai. So her and Stefan end up getting engaged and it’s their wedding day and its the part of the ceremony that the wedding officiant says,“ if any person knows any cause as to why the couple should not be wed, they should speak now, or forever hold their peace.” And Kai comes out of nowhere and does that finger pointing thing he did in episode 8x 14 and says, “I wonder who, I can’t seem to put a finger on who wouldn’t want to see these two lovey people getting married, oh would you look at that, it would be me Kai Parker.” and you and Stefan look at each other shocked and back at Kai .. if you want to hear the rest like this post or something so I know y'all want to read it

A Night Of Celebrations (Harry Styles imagine)

5.“Marry me.”

+17.“I’m pregnant!” 

++29.“I don’t deserve you.”

“It’s half an hour until New Years” Gemma announced.

“That is it” you respond while sipping on your non-alcoholic drink.

There was a reason why you wasn’t drinking any alcohol. A reason that you haven’t told anyone yet. You wanted to keep it as a surprise. You were pregnant! And you weren’t sure how to tell Harry.

Maybe at the stroke of midnight would be a good idea? It would give a great start to the new year. If you found out any earlier, you would’ve surprised Harry on Christmas. That would’ve been the ideal situation but unfortunately, you only found out two days ago.

Dread ran through your blood when you discovered you were pregnant. Not because you didn’t want a baby with Harry but because all the alcohol you consumed over Christmas was worrying. Besides that, you were ecstatic about this pregnancy. You and Harry have always dreamed of having loads of little babies.

“Have you seen my brother?” Gemma asked.

“No, he’s been weird with me all night” you spoke with a frown.

You wanted tonight to be perfect. If you were going to tell him the exciting news at the stroke of New Years then you wanted it all to be absolutely perfect.

Thinking about it though, you haven’t really put much thought or planning into this. Anxiety washed over you like a wave. What if it all goes wrong?

“Oh really?” Gemma brought you out of your thoughts. Her eyes held a suspicious glint that caused your anxiety to get worse.

“Yeah, why?”

“Gosh, he’s such a pussy” Gemma snorted her drink, causing you to cringe internally. “Don’t worry about it though, he’s just being stupid”.

“What do you mean?” you asked.
“You’ll find out soon, just relax and enjoy the night” and with that, she walked away.

Twenty or so minutes went by and it was just five minutes before 12 o’clock. You needed to find Harry in those five minutes but it seemed impossible. It was like he disappeared off of the face of the earth; he was nowhere to be seen.

Typically, you and Harry would be counting down the minutes and seconds to the new year. You also celebrated with a new years kiss. He knew all of this was special to you so where was he?

Tears of frustration began to collect in your eyes. Your emotions were flying all over the place, probably due to the little fetus growing in your womb.

“Anne!” you called when you saw her “Have you seen Harry?”.

‘Oh yes, he went to the toilet. He should be down soon” She responded.

She also had the same glint in her eyes as Gemma did earlier. You felt as if they were keeping something from you.

Two minutes.

It was two minutes until 12 and Harry still hadn’t made an appearance. Well, until you felt a tap on your shoulder.

You turned around and there he was, with a nervous smile on his face.

“Where’ve you been?” you hissed in anger… again with the hormones.

“I’m sorry, I was busy” he explained.

“Doing what?”

“You’ll find out, now c’mon. Let’s not ruin the night” he attempted to lift the frown on your face with the tips of his fingers “turn that frown upside down for me, petal”.

“I’m mad”.

“Yeah, I can tell. I’m sorry, I’m just stressing about something, ’s all. That’s why I wasn’t here”.

“What were you stressing about?”
“Can we stop with the questions now-oh look, it’s a minute until 2017!” He announced in cheer.

Suddenly you remembered the news that you had to tell him and you felt nauseous.

People around you began to shout down the seconds until 2017. Harrys arm was wrapped around you loving as he pressed kisses into your hairline. His comforting actions helped settle your tummy a little.

“10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5…”

Oh my god, how am i gonna do this? you thought

“3, 2, 1. Happy New Year!” Harry pulling you into a delicate kiss as everyone around you cheered before oddly settling down quickly.

When you pulled away from Harry’s embrace you noticed them all staring patiently at you and Harry.

When you looked back in Harry’s direction he was on his knees with a box in his hands. The look on his face conveyed how nervous he was. The shocked look on your face was not helping Harry’s nerves either.

“Y/N, I-I’m a man of very few words and I could kneel here forever and tell you just how great you are. But to spare time and pain from how hard my heart is beating right now…Oh my God” you could almost laugh at how nervous he was.

“Get on with it!” someone from the crowd yelled.

You couldn’t help but snort at this.

“Marry me” he finally blurted, opening up the black, velvet box in his hand to reveal a stunning, diamond ring.

“Was that a command or a question” you snickered.

You loved watching him squirm from you. He gave you a knowing look.

“I-I mean”

“You’re such a dork. Of course, I want to marry you, Harold” the smile on your face didn’t stop growing. Especially when Harry’s face mirrored a similar expression to yours.

“Thank God” Harry sighed in relief. “Gosh woman, you’re going to kill me someday. You really know how to leave someone in suspense”.

Just as he stood up and went to slip on the breathtakingly gorgeous, diamond ring, you remember something.

“Harry, there’s also something I need to tell you.”

“C’mon then petal, spit it out” he responded, pulling back into the embrace you were in earlier.

“I’m pregnant!”

Harry pulled me back by your arms so he could look into your eyes. He analysed them, to see if you were messing with him.

“Gorgeous, you better not be playing a joke on me right now” He said. “Because you’ll know how devastated I’ll be if this is all a prank”.

“Good thing that I’m not lying then. You’re going to be a Dad, baby”.

The biggest smile you’ve ever seen crossed Harry’s face in 0.5 seconds.

“I love you, I love you, I love you” he repeated as he pulled you into his arms and twirled you around. “God, I don’t deserve you. You’re too good for me”.

“Shut up with that nonsense because it’s not true”.

“The ‘I love you’ part is true, though”.

“I know it’s true. You’re such a dork.”

“Yeah, but I’m your dork”

[ A/N: HAPPY NEW YEAR! hope you enjoyed this one. I didn’t exactly know how to end it but here it is. If you have a request, send them to me. ]

Jason’s jacket

prompts-”I’d love you a lot more if you would take the jacket off”

Jason Todd 

i just watched sweet home alabama and “Why do you wanna be married to me anyhow?” “So i can kiss you any time i want” will forever kill me dszdfxgvbhjnm

also this is really short but ive written for this prompt so many times i dont have any where else to go 








“Do you love me?” You asked Jason, your face inches away from his.

“I would love you a lot more if you take the jacket off.” Jason had to leave for patrol and you were wearing his jacket. You looked hot as hell in it but he needed it, it was his favorite. 

“Jason I don’t want you to go,” You tugged on his hands and he smiled at you. 

“I know but I need to,” Jason’s voice lowered and he walked closer to you, pulling you towards him by your waist. 

“I don’t think you want to,” You let out a laugh and he leaned his lips closer towards yours. 

“I don’t.” Then he was kissing you. His lips felt amazing on your’s, no matter how chapped they were. His hands gripped your waist tightly and he pulled you flesh agaisnt him, letting out of soft groan. 

The kiss was amazing, it was passionate but rough, his fingers gripped your waist with the right amount of pressure. His hands traveled up to your shoulders, his lips working magic, and before you knew it he had his jacket and he was half way out of the door. 

“Bye babe!” He smilled at you and slammed the door, leaving you very frustrated. 

“Damn you Todd.”

FACT: when Julian and Garak are old and married, Julian has that Silver Fox Beard ™ and Garak ADORES it, he even comments, “you should have gone for the bearded look in your younger days, my dear, you wouldn’t have looked half as naïve”

Julian, like the gay dork he is, responds, “now why would I have wanted that? I dare say Mr. Garak, you’d never have approached me otherwise.”

Mr. Darcy:
Ms. Elizabeth!
Forgive my intrusion!
I needed to see you,
And see you today!
Ms. Elizabeth!
Ms. Elizabeth!
I have arrived at a stunning conclusion,
And I feared I would lose my resolve
If I didn’t come here directly to say:

I’ve decided to marry you!
I’ve decided to marry you!
I’ve decided though this is wrong,
That life goes on for me!
I have thoroughly thought it through,
And the woman that I want is you,
Though it’s true there are quite a few
Who’d strongly disagree!

Nonetheless I will marry you!
I confess that I’m frightened to.
But unless I am wrong you long
For a fortune such as mine!
This is quite unconventional, I admit,
But why should that matter a whit?
And if you do not say yes at
Once I think i’ll die!

Elizabeth Bennet:
Mr. Darcy, you’ve rendered me speechless! May I call you Fitzwilliam?

Mr. Darcy:
I’ll be warned not to marry you!
I’ll be scorned if I marry you!
Still, I’ve decided to live my life-
And take a wife and then!

Who’d believe how my life has turned?
After struggling, I’ve quickly learned
There is nothing can bend the will
Like fine eyes in a woman!

And there’s decentness to spare in you-
And some attractiveness there in you.
You have taken a wounded bird
And taught him how to fly!

This is quite unconventional, is it not?
Rather a turn in the plot.
And so will I be your fiancee?!

Elizabeth Bennet:
Darcy– No.

Mr. Darcy:
When I recall this day
I think I’ll cry!