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(Zach Dempsey mini-series part II)

Part I Part III

A/N: Here you have a second part, I think I’m going two more parts (like a mini series) so enjoy it :)

Warnings: English is not my first language.

Words: 1.793



It had been almost four months since Zach asked me out that wonderful day and I’m glad to say that I made the right decision because being with him was the best thing that had happened to me in a long time.

I already knew how kind he could be, but now it was something totally different, he made me feel like if there were no one else in this world but us, he always had a compliment for me in the mornings and the thing I liked the most was that he never tried to hide our relationship, in fact, there were times that it looked like he wanted everyone to know that we were together.

Nevertheless I didn’t like spending time with his friends, I have to say that Alex was my favourite and we used to talk in school, Justin was better than I expected, Monty thought he was better than everyone else and I didn’t even want to see Bryce, having him around made me feel uncomfortable.

Even though everything was ideal there was something around my head lately and it was the fact that we hadn’t done it yet. There had been so many opportunities, but we didn’t make it to the end.

We were taking things slowly and I loved it because that was one of the reasons why our relationship was drama free, bit when it came to that particular thing I couldn’t help but feel bad with myself because it was always him the one who avoided the situation and I knew he had been in other relationships and one night stands, so I couldn’t understand why he didn’t want to have sex with me.

“Oh come on love” he begged pulling my hand backwards in his direction so I could face him “come to the party, you never come to any of them” he was making a puppy face, something he knew that always worked.

“Maybe because I don’t like parties and because you always get drunk” I answered trying to stay firm.

“I promise, if you come I won’t drink a single cup” he said lifting his hand, like he was doing an oath.

“I don’t know Zach… I don’t feel like going to a party” I stopped looking at him and I lowered my tone “but that doesn’t mean you can’t go and have fun”

If there were something I wanted to avoid that was being a possessive girlfriend, one who deprives his boyfriend of things if she’s not involved, I didn’t want to make Zach stop having fun because of my insecurities.

“I would have fun if you were there” I looked at him in the eyes again, with all the love I had to give him with just a look and he brought his lips to mine immediately.

“I’m going to be late for math” I mumble between kisses.

“Then I’ll see you later” he said before giving me another kiss in my lips and other in my forehead, he let my hand go and left for his next class.

I walked to math where I sat with Alex, which wasn’t a great help because neither him nor me were good in this class.

While we were doing the exercises the teacher had said, and I had to say I was trying really hard to understand something in that paper, Alex talked.

“Are you going to tell me what the matter is?” I lifted my head to look at him, I didn’t get what he was talking about “You’re awfully quiet today and what’s even worst, you’re trying to do this exercises, something is really wrong” I sighed, resting my back in the chair; I didn’t think it was so obvious.

“Normally I wouldn’t say this to anyone, I’m not that kind of person who talks about her private life, but since you know Zach longer than me, maybe you can help me with something” I lowered my voice so no one could hear us, even though we were sitting at the back of the class.

“I’m listening”

“The thing is… Zach and me, we haven’t… you know” I didn’t want to say it out loud, but he got what I was trying to say “and it’s always him the one who makes some excuse to avoid the situation and I’m losing my mind trying to find a reasonable answer”

“Have you asked him?” he said it as if it was the most obvious thing to do.

“Of course no, I don’t want to scare him or something. I mean, it’s Zach, why wouldn’t he want to do it? I know his history perfectly”

“Do you think he’s cheating on you?”

“What?!” I exclaimed in a whisper “Not until now, thank you Alex”

I didn’t want Alex’s words to get to me, but unfortunately it was too late, they were setting a camp in my head and taking control of my insecurities.

“I’m sorry, I thought you were trying to say that” I couldn’t be mad at Alex for suggesting that, I’m sure that’s the first thing you think about in a situation like this.

The bell rang and I got my things really quick to get out of there before Zach came to pick me up like he always did between classes.

I didn’t want to overreact because I hated when that happened, but I couldn’t help the feeling inside me telling me to go home, so I listened to it and I left without saying a word.

There were no one at home, so I went upstairs to my room and once I was there I let myself fall on my bed with my hands on my face, like if that could make reality disappear, I was making a big deal of this.

My phone rang again, it’s been ringing since I left, calls and messages form the same person, Zach. I hadn’t read the messages, but I could imagine he wanted to know where I was and what was going on and as much I wanted to avoid the situation I couldn’t do it forever, so I took my phone and I read the messages, replying to them just with “I’m home.”

I didn’t get an answer, but I knew why and when I heard someone knocking at my door I confirmed my doubts.

I went downstairs and opened, when I saw him I noticed how worried he was, but he didn’t say anything due to the expression on my face. I step aside so he could come inside and I closed the door, going to my room again followed by Zach this time.

When I heard he closing the door I turned to look at him, trying to prepare myself for what I was going to say.

“Zach… are you cheating on me?” I pushed my lips together after asking that, I didn’t want to cry for this.

“What?! Of course not, why would you think that?” he asked sorting the space between us and trying to grab my hand, which I moved away.

“Because I don’t know what to think, I’m losing my head trying to understand why every time we’re about to do something more than just make out you stop and make some excuse to leave” his expression was confusion, he was going to say something, but he closed his mouth again “If you don’t want me you just have to say it, but please… don’t make me fall more for you” my voice was cracking more and more by the second “Because I will suffer more when you leave” He sighed and looked me right in the eyes, putting his hands on my cheeks.

“In what world I wouldn’t want you?” he asked looking from my eyes to my lips and back to my eyes again, like if he was doing a big effort by not kissing me right now.

“Then why?”

“Because I love you” my heart stopped in that exact moment, he was the first of us to say those words “and I didn’t want you to think that you were like the rest, because you’re nothing like them”

I put my arms around his neck and I kissed him like I’ve never kissed him before. He brought his hands to my waist and kissed me back passionately making both of us breathless.

“I love you Zach” I said just a few inches from his lips just before he kissed me again.

I felt him smile widely while we were kissing due to my words and I couldn’t help but giggle and break the kiss.

With his arms around my waist he lifted me from the ground; I put my legs around his waist and laughed even more. He walked to my bed, tripping over my bag in the process and making us fall in the mattress.

“You were supposed to be the clumsy one” he said, still on top of me.

“We can share the title” I answered cupping his face between my hands and kissing him.

His kisses were different from the usual, this time they were more passionate and needed, which turned me on so much.

I put my hands on his shoulders, grabbing the neck of his letterman jacket with my hands and taking it off of him.

Then I slide my hands down his torso until I reached the end of his t-shirt and I got my hands under the fabric so I could touch his warm skin. He kissed his way through my lips to my neck making me moan a little and lifting his shirts quickly.

He sit himself straight to take the shirt off completely and I could look at his spectacular body, which a loved feeling on mine.

He put his hands in the sides of my head again, but before he kissed me again I enclosed my arms around his neck and made us roll on the mattress so I would be on top of him.

I looked at him, smiling like a fool when I saw his smile. I sorted the distance to kiss him, but this time slowly, just enjoying the friction between his lips with mine.

I stopped the kiss to look at him again, caressing the soft skin on his cheeks.

“What’s wrong?” he asked

“Nothing” I stopped for a second “I was just looking how lucky I am” I whispered.

He put his hands on my hips while he sat straight under my legs, in that position our faces were at the same height, but I can swear my heart was above the clouds.

“Oh god I just love you so fucking much” he said with a waspy voice before he sweetly kissed me again.

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Back to season 4. Why was Mona giving these looks to Wren?

Why would I ever be honest with you?
You used to be.
Well, that was before I realized where your loyalties were.
I’m not sure what that means.
*mona gives a meaningful look*
I thought we’d done a good job of establishing a sense of trust while you’d been a patient here.
That was before I realized that you were keeping secrets from me. *another strange look* By the way, you forgot the G in “diagnosis.”

I wish we get an explanation on this scene one day.

Flowering Surprise

gif is not mine

Title: Flowering Surprise

Pairing: Tony DiNozzo x Reader

Word count: 820

Warnings: FLUFFF

A/N: So I had a couple of people suggest Tony DiNozzo, and here we are! I hope you all enjoy this one!  Feedback is always appreciated and requests are open <3

The knock at the door startled you awake.  You looked at your phone that was sitting on a table next to the couch.  It was only 8 P.M., but you’ve had a few tiring days at work.  You had been working a rough case with three different bodies.  You were  lucky to even be home this early on a Friday, but Gibbs told everyone to get some much needed rest.  You rubbed your eyes, slowly getting up to answer your door.  You were still dressed in clothes from work; you had been too tired to change.  You swung open the door; it was Tony.  You raised an eyebrow as he he looked you over, “can I help you Tony?”

He handed you the bouquet of roses he had in his hand, “yeah.  I need you to get dressed in something nicer than work clothes.”  He smiled at you, stepping into your apartment, “nice place [Y/N].”  Tony looked handsome in his suit, but this wasn’t a suit he usually wore to work.

You closed your door, still confused as to why he was giving you flowers and telling you to get dressed.  “Is there something you want to tell me Tony,” you asked as you walked to your kitchen, setting the flowers down on the kitchen counter.

“I’ll tell you after you get dressed.  Just go put on a dress,” Tony leaned against the kitchen sink with a wide grin.

You squinted your eyes at him, “alright, but if this is one of your pranks, I’ll hurt you.”  With that you went to your room, pulling out the little black dress you often used to go on dates.  You hadn’t been on a date in a while on account of your job taking up most of your time.  When you returned to the living room, Tony stood up, a smile of pure admiration on his face.  You couldn’t help but smile back at him.

“Ready,” he smiled softly, holding out his arm so you could wrap your arm around it.  You nodded with a smile.  “Good, then let’s get going [Y/N]!”

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Find the Right Words (Draco Malfoy x Reader)

Prompt: Where Draco tries to get his love back in every way possible after the rumour of him cheating on her was started. And when it finally works, it turns out to be a really weird way to win her back.

Requested: No.
Word Count: 1,174.
Warning(s): Fluff.
Note: Just a cute, not requested, random, fluffy Draco imagine to recover from my Luke smut (jk lol forgive me). Tomorrow there will be some Draco smut though ooooooh. Hope you like this! :-)

+     +     +     +     +     +

Summer was hell. Stepping into a new year on Hogwarts was even more a hell. Being in the fourth year was the worst of all.

In summer you expected to have a good time, in the muggle world, the human world. Just a normal summer like every other one, with your family and your friends from the lower or middle school and other muggle children from Hogwarts. But somehow, via your other friends, you discovered your boyfriend Draco kind of had cheated on you.

And so, on the first day of school, with a cheerful Draco and Blaise by your side, you took Draco apart from the rest of your friends and broke up with him. Not that you wanted to, but you just had to. At first, Draco seemed completely oblivious to the whole situation, not understanding why you would broke up with him. But when you told him, his face softened and he looked everywhere around him but your eyes.

‘Y/N,’ he whispered, but you pushed him out of the way and ignored him since that moment. He tried to contact your over the weeks you’ve been ignoring him, but it always failed, you constantly finding a way to avoid private conversations with him.

Since it was the year of the Triwizard Tournament, there was also an upcoming ball, the Yule ball, on the first day of Christmas, which was two weeks away from now.

You were sitting at the dining table of Slytherin, looking around for some boys who could possibly ask you out. But when your eye fell upon Draco’s face, he seemed rather angry and scared, probably not wanting anyone to ask you out for the ball except him. What if every boy was scared of him and thus no one would ask you out?

You bit your lower lip as you let down your fork while still locking your eyes with Draco’s, afraid that he actually scared every boy away from you. Would he be that cruel? First cheating on you, and then scaring every boy away from you?

Moments later, Blaise and Draco left the Great Hall without saying a word to anyone, avoiding everyone’s eye contact and refusing to listen to the headmaster who called them back. Not that it was forbidden to leave the room, but since he had an announcement to make about the ball, he expected everyone the be in the room.

A cough left your mouth, before standing up and leaving the Great Hall too, following the two boys, knowing they were up to something. Dumbledore didn’t stop you surprisingly, so you ran a little bit faster and tears started to form. Unfortunately, with your blurry sight, you didn’t see Blaise coming from the corridor and so your face collided with his chest, sending you to the ground immediately as you heard him gasp.

‘Y/N!’ you heard him say as you felt him help you standing up, but before he could say anything else, you threw your arms around his middle and just cuddled him with your face buried in his chest.

‘Y/N,’ you heard him say surprised, but moments later he also took you in his arms, knowing he probably shouldn’t say anything.

Fifteen minutes later you two were sitting in the common room of Slytherin, right in front of the fireplace, the fire lighting up your faces.

‘I’m sorry about that, I’m such a girl,’ you said, chuckling lightly, realizing how stupid you must’ve looked. It was the first thing you’ve said since you two collided, Blaise being the one who comforted you all the time.

But secretly, it felt like it were Draco’s hands rubbing your back, Draco who spoke those sweet nothings and Draco who was there all the time.

‘It’s alright, you don’t have to apologize,’ he smiled while laying a hand on your knee.

‘Thank you,’ you murmured as you looked up to face him. It was scary how the dark boy resembled so much to Draco. Or it was just your crazy mind, telling you Draco was everywhere these last months.

‘So, why were you crying?’ Blaise asked while throwing an arm around your shoulders, pulling you close to make you feel safe.

You shivered, feeling a bit too safe in his arms.

‘It’s just… stupid,’ you started, ‘I was thinking about the Yule ball and I was afraid Draco would scare all those boys away who wanted to ask me out.’

You sniffed, realizing again how stupid you sounded this time. ‘I don’t know, it’s been a hell these past months, I’m starting to make up the craziest things’ you finished your previous sentence before looking up to Blaise’ face. There was some familiar spark in his eyes which you couldn’t place somewhere.

‘He would never do that,’ he said softly, ‘Draco told me he did not cheat on you.’

You gasped and scrabbled away from his arms. ‘What do you mean with Draco not cheating on me?’

‘You know how his parents think about muggles, right? They discovered your real blood status this summer, him wanting to visit you but his parents forbid that after they knew you were a muggle born. And so, his father made up a rumour that I cheated on you so you would break up with me.’

Blaise rambled on and on, making it look like he knew every detail about it as you just shook your head.

‘That’s ridiculous, who would do such a heartless thing? If I ever meet his father, I will- wait. Did you just say ‘I’ and ‘me’ in your last sentence?’ Your eyes grew wider as you jumped away from Blaise, looking at him suspiciously before you just saw his eye colour turn from brown to grey.

‘Bloody hell, Draco, it’s you!’ you yelled, gasping as Blaise his hair grew more and turned blonde, his face changing with some bubbles and his skin tone getting lighter with the second.

‘What the hell, Draco! Why would you do that?! Did you use Polyjuice Potion?’ you yelled as you talked to your ex-boyfriend after months. You couldn’t deny it, he looked kind of hot from this close, like he grew more mature over the past months.

Draco grimaced, ‘Blaise and I figured this was the only way you would talk to me. And that this was the only way you would finally listen to me and believe me.’

He stood up and grabbed your hands, pulling you close before laying his arms around your hips.

‘Y/N, please don’t leave me,’ he whispered as you looked up to his shiny, bright grey eyes, ‘I am so sorry about what happened this summer, please forget those stupid rumours. Why would I cheat when I already have the most generous and beautiful girl in the world in my arms?’

Your mouth was shaped in an ‘O’, before smiling like you haven’t done in months as you cupped his cheeks, finally feeling the softness of his skin again.

‘Damn it Draco, you always find the right words, don’t you?’ you said sincerely, before closing the gap between you two and having to kiss the boy you’ve always loved 


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You sat on your laptop scrolling through Tumblr when Your Skype notified you someone was calling you.

You see its your big brother Phil. You smile and answer to see Dan with him. You have the biggest crush on Dan and feel like you should make up some excuse as to why you can’t talk 

 “Y/N? Are you okay?” You hear Dan ask. 

 “Y-Yeah. Just my anxiety” you lie and bring your blanket around you and hide in a blanket burrito. 

 “I miss you” Dan said before his eyes widened. Did he mean to say that?

 “Erm…That’s my baby sister” 

 “I’m only 4 years younger” you say and sip your tea. “And Dan? I thought you hated me” You said as you sipped your tea again. 

Phil gave him a dirty look but Dan pushed him out of the way and sat in front of the camera. 

 "I do not Hate you! Now don’t kill me Phil but I don’t care anymore I’m saying this to your sister! Y/N Lester! You listen to me now! You are a beautiful young woman and I have wanted to say this for a long time and you know I’m not spontaneous at all and that I’m just rambling now but I have a point!” He said and looked at Phil. 

Phil nodded at him and smiled. What is happening?!

“Y/N I’ve been thinking about you alot and I was always a dick to you because I really really like you! I’ve asked your brother if I could actually ask you out since he’s well Phil and he’s literally so fucking protective it’s unreal but….Can you actually come to London and go on a date with me?” 

Yiu were in total shock! Did Dan Howell just ask you out?! You thought he was actually in love with your brother to be honest with Phan being all over the fucking internet 

“I was actually going to London tomorrow to see Phil and was booking a place to stay” You said remembering why you were actually on your laptop. 

“Why would you not be staying with us? We still have the spare room Y/N/N”

You didn’t want to be a  bother and knowing you you’d accidentally walk in on one of their live shows or when they’re filming a video and totally be so awkward and embarrassed. 

“Are you sure?” 

“Of course we are!!” Dan said. You nodded and smiled.

“Then mister Howell Yes I’ll come to see you and my brother. Have my coffee and Phil if you hand me Decaf I will fucking end you!” 

“Don’t swear!” he demanded. You stuck your tongue out and giggled. You couldn’t wipe the smile from your face as Phil and Dan hung up. You were going on a date with Daniel James Howell! 

You were on top of the world

 This is so long, goshhhhh. I’m feeling so hard for Spencer Reid. Look at that .gif! He’s such a puppy. 


We believe the killer is a white male, in his mid to late twenties. He is very organized and intelligent but he instantly shows signs of low self esteem and needs reassurance and will probably bring up the killings in conversation. We believe he stalks his victims for long periods of times before actually making contacts them. This guy has no type, he takes any opportunity he can get and kills indiscriminately-” the TV went off with a click and Logan plopped onto your couch, looking at you with his big, brown eyes and the smirk that somehow always seemed to be on his face, no matter what situation he was in. Sometimes, you regretted giving him a key. 

“Get dressed, babe.” he flashed his teeth at you before he winked. 

“I’m not going out tonight.” you told your best friend. He looked at you with a that smirk on his lips, knowing that soon enough he would convince you to do whatever he wanted. “Did you see the news? There’s a killer out there, Logan.” you pointed at the TV, waving your fingers around. 

“I met a new guy and he invited you to go out with us, Y/N, so you’re going.” he put his head in your lap and you tapped his forehead quickly with your fingernails so he would move. “You bitch, I paid good money for those.” he grabbed your hand and pulled it into his lap, examining your fingernails for chips or cracks. 

“I’m not going, Logan.” 

“Yes, you are.” moving to stand in front of you, he took both of your hands this time as he pulled you up. “I’ll buy you breakfast.” he promised. 


“And lunch.” 


“And supper and I’ll pay your Netflix bill for three months, I swear to the gods.” Logan promised, looking you in the eyes. You huffed and puffed, pulling away from him as you walked into the hall and got into your closet, pulling a dress off the rack. 

“How long have you known him?” you asked, ducking into the bathroom to change. 

“A couple of days. I met him at the bar Thursday when I was doing my show. He’s really nice, a little shy. He’s adorable, I think you’ll like him.” he nodded his approval when you walked back into the hall and shrugged. 

“”You say that about all of them.” you rolled your eyes, grabbing your phone and keys on your way out of your door. 

The club Logan did shows at every week wasn’t very big. It was always crowded, though, especially on Saturday nights. 

You hated going out with Logan when he was meeting up with a guy because you usually ended up in a corner somewhere with a coke and a magazine. But this guy was different. The three of you sat together in a circular booth. The guy introduced himself as Charles and Charles kept you in the conversation, unlike any man Logan had ever introduced you to. You liked him and thought he could be good for Logan, who usually tended to choose odd guys.

“Y/N, what do you?” 

“I take care of him, what are you talking about?” you laughed nervously, not one for loud places and lots of people. Charles’ eyes were oddly calming and when you look at him, things got a little quieter. 

“Well, that’s full time on its own, but I was talking about your job? Where do you work?” he asked as he leaned back and put his arm around Logan. So you told him about your job and how much you loved it, answering any questions he had as he listened attentively, his light eyes, flickering down to Logan every once in a while. “That’s so cool.” 

“What do you do?” you asked. 

“I’m a writer.” he told me. 

“No you’re not, you told me you worked in a restaurant up town.” Logan snapped out of his trance and looked at Charles then at me. Logan had had sketchy boyfriends before and he could clock one from a mile away. 

“That’s just where I work. I’m a writer, babe, I told you that.” Charles laughed it off but his eyes became much more frantic as he looked back to me. “Anyway, did you hear about those murders?” 

“Yea.” Logan nodded his head toward the door when Charles wasn’t looking at him. 

“No.” I lied to tell Logan I didn’t want to leave. 

“You haven’t heard about them?” Charles asked, his upper lip twitching a little and at that moment, I looked at Logan, having changed my mind. We were both always so paranoid of everything and part of me felt bad for it but I thought for a second that Charles might- No. It was impossible. 

“Excuse us, Y/N and I are going to the ladies room.” Logan grinned. 

“You’re going to the girl’s room?” Charles asked. “It’s for girls.” 

“You sound like my dad.” Logan rolled his eyes and grabbed my elbow in his way out of the booth. “He is shady as fuck, we’re getting out of here.” 

“No. Logan, listen, you drug me out here and now you want to go home.”

“Who talks about murder on a date? We can party somewhere else if you’re really in the mood for it but I’m not staying here.” he shook his head, looking into the mirror and twisting his finger under his bottom eye lid to fix his eye-liner. 

“No, we should stay. He’s not that bad.” you pleaded. 

“Okay, but if says any more sketchy bull, I’m high tailing it the fuck outta here.” he waved you off. 

“You know you can’t resist a chance to tell me, “I told you so.’” you pushed between his shoulder blades and you two left the bathroom. 

You two sat at the table with Charles against, who looked nervous as you sipped your drink. He probably knew you two were talking about him so you spoke to him and Logan pouted most of the time. Soon, though, you wished you’d listened to Logan because you were getting tired, really quickly. 

“Y/N!” Logan called out. It took a thousand years for you to turn your head to your best friend, who was leaning over in the seat. “Run.” he almost whispered. You wondered how you could hear him in all the noise around you. You could feel his breath on your neck as he slumped against you, trying his best to push you out of the seat. “Drug.” he whispered. 

“Y/N, Logan? Are you guys okay?” Charles feigned concern, his voice dripping with it but the grin on his face ruining it all. Jewels, a friend of yours and Logan’s, came over to the table. 

“How ya doin’, honey?” she smiled. 

“Help.” I groaned and she laughed, turning to Charles. 

“Are you his date?” she asked Charles. 

“Yea, does he always get this drunk?” 

“Yea, she’s a lightweight. She has one beer and she’s done.” Jewels laughed. 

“I think I’m gonna drive them home. Can you help get her to the car?” he asked Jewels. 

“No!” you tried to scream but it came out as a whine. Charles carried Logan like a baby and Jewels threw her arm around you, holding you up as she dragged you to the car. 

“Baby, you can’t stay here this drunk.” she laughed. “Charles is gonna take you home.”she told you as she put you in the backseat next to Logan. You tried to keep your eyes open to see where he was taking you but your eyes were so heavy , becoming like lead, drooping until you were asleep. 

“Wakey, wakey, Y/N.” Charles’ voice sounded like he was talking under water. “Wakey, wakey.” 

“L-Logan…” I managed. 

“That’s so sweet.” Charles made a tsking noise. “You know, when he woke up he called out for you too.” Charles’ figure cleared in your vision and you could see his curly brown hair again. 

“Wh-” you thought you’d vomit for a second. “Where is Logan?” you took extra long to blink. “Where is he?” 

“In the corner.” Charles said, not amused. “He doesn’t matter.” Charles glanced over at Logan, who’s body was slumped in the corner with a busted lip and a cut on his forehead. “It was you the whole time, Y/N. It’s always been you.” he whispered. “I’ve been watching you for so long.” he touched your hair and you struggled against the chains that held you up from the ceiling. “I killed those people for you.” he said slowly. “I’ve been protecting you. I-I know-” he laughed softly. “I know you don’t like violence and all that but that why I had to be the one to do it. You’re always so nice to everyone and that’s what I love so much about you, but you never take initiative.” he shook his head. “You have to go for what you want, you know? Or you’re never going to get it.” 

“Why are you doing this?” you cried as he continued to pet your hair. “”Let us go.” 

“Why would you want to go?” Charles asked. “You’re home, don’t you see? I built a house for you in the country, just like you wanted. A little cottage int he woods where no one will ever find us.” 


“What do you want from me?!” he screamed, yanking your hair back. “I’ve given you everything!” You knew what you had to do, you’d read about it before in a book. Playing along with his fantasy was the only way for you to stay alive, the only way for you to get Logan out alive. 

“Ch-Charles…” you stuttered. 

“I know, I know, I’m sorry. I- I didn’t mean to shout at you.” he sighed, pulling you to him by your torso, the chains clanking. 

“It’s okay…” you tried not to let him hear the desperation in your voice. “Charles, you know, we can’t be a-alone while Logan is here, you know? Why don’t you let him go?” you asked. 

“Oh, honey…” he waved moved over to a table on the other side of the room. “I knew you’d say that. So I’ve already thought through it all.” 

“No, don’t hurt him.” 

“You need to see this… You need to see how you get what you want.” 

“PLEASE!” you screamed, pulling against your chains. “PLEASE DON’T HURT HIM!” Charles wasn’t phased, though. He calmly turned around with a knife in his hand.

“Screaming and crying won’t do you any good. I know you think he’s your friend but he was keeping us apart, Y/N… I can’t just let that slide because you think you care about him.” 

“I do care about him! He’s my best friend, please!” you might as well have been talking to yourself. Logan was restrained differently than you were. Where your chains held you in a standing position, Logan’s held him to the ground. 

“It’ll be quick, I promise.” he said sincerely as he placed the knife to Logan’s throat. As if that weren’t bad enough, Logan was just beginning to wake up. 

“Y/N?” he croaked. “Wha-” That was it.

You grew up with Logan in a small southern church town, where the two of you were put down daily for being yourselves. You were all he ever had and he was all you ever had. He moved with you to New York City when the two of you graduated high school and you moved into the same building, right across the hall from each other. He was your best friend and the only family you’d ever had. And there you were watching him choke on his own blood. 

Your legs gave way under you and you let yourself fall, your weight yanking your arms painfully as you dangled from the ceiling. 

“I’ll give you a little while…” Charles kissed your head on his way to the stairs in the corner of the room. You were crying too hard to care. Your heart was in your throat and you heaved sobs, crying out his name over and over. If you’d just listened to him when he said he wanted to leave… 

“Logan!” you screamed. “I’m so sorry, Logan! I’m so sorry!” you cried until you went hoarse and there was no energy left in your body. There was no fight. Charles could’ve come down those stairs at any moment and done whatever he wanted, you didn’t care. He’d taken away your will. Your hope. 

You let your legs go limp under you and you were hanging from the ceiling by your chains. You’d almost passed out when a hand covered your mouth and an arm wrapped around your entire body. Seeing Logan’s blood covering the floor again brought everything back and your struggled against the body behind you.

“Shhhh… My name is Spencer Reid,okay? I’m with the FBI. I’m gonna get you out of here but I need you to be very, very quiet.” he lifted you off the ground and you stood up while someone else used bold cutters to cut your chains and you fell into him. He hugged you tight for a second before he put his arm under yours and guided you up the cellar stairs and into the moonlight and fresh air, through a horde of cops and FBI agents who all seemed to blend in together. All looking like they’d seen too much. There was an ambulance waiting for you and the new agent let you fall onto the bumper off it before turning to go away but your gripped his blue shirt tight and pulled him back, tears washing dirt off your cheeks in streaks. “Please don’t leave me.” you begged desperately. “Please.” you choked on sobs. 

“Okay…” he soothed, pulling himself up into the ambulance. 


If you still have requests open, I would adore seeing a high school AU where Peter Pan is the bad boy and the reader is the super smart, bookie type and they are forced to work together on something? Thanks either way and have a great day!

I am so sorry this took so long❤️

“Y/N and Peter.” I looked up from my notes. “Uh miss I’m sorry who?” I stuttered making sure I heard everything right. “Peter? Peter Panington.” “Oh-uh-okay.” I looked across the room to see him with an annoyed look on his face. (The gif) I slowly got up and walked over. He always had a desk next to him that no one ever sat in because everyone was to afraid of him. He was a badass of the school. He came about a few months ago and scared everyone to death. But the girls always drooled over him. He didn’t have any friends and was always seen alone, reading this old worn book. “Uh hi I’m y/n.” I said looking down at him. He looked at me and gave me the rudest stare ever. Oh god no please don’t hate me I already have enough going on, I though. I slowly sat down next to him. “Uh so what part of the project do you want to do?” I said clicking my pen. He glared at me but something told me to stand my ground. A small voice I had never heard before. It was as if looking in his electric green eyes something came alive. Soon it turned into a staring war. In the end he looked away first and I felt really proud to see him hiding a smile. “I can do the essay part, there should be no need for us to talk or hang out at all, I’ll do my part and you do yours. That’s it.” “Uh- okay.” The bell rang and he got up so fast that he dropped his book. I picked it up and saw the title on the old leather book.

The Peter Pan Prophecy.

Wonder what that could be. I ran out but he was gone when I went to go look for him. That being last period I left the school and went home. I was greeted at home with nothing. Fun having rich parents that don’t care about you and no friends isn’t it? Half the time my parents weren’t even here. I saw a note saying they wouldn’t be home so I got some pizza and did my homework.

As I put my finished work away I saw Peter’s book. I opened in to see it glow. What the hell?

One day the villain Peter Pan will start to die. In order to stop this he must find his true love. He must go to a modern day highschool in the year 2015 and find his love. It will be unexpected but if she does not fall in love with him after four months he will die. He will find this book in Neverland when he needs it most.

What?! This is a joke right. Wait Peter Panington. That sounds just like Peter Pan. No way. I looked inside to see nothing but blank pages. Once I touched them they showed words. This is insane. I read it though and saw the story of Peter Pan and Neverland, I saw how to get there and all the lost boys. When I finished reading the book I threw it in my bag. If this kid is actually Peter Pan I’m terrified he is a horrible villain with no mercy. I ran upstairs and had an uneasy sleep.

The next morning I awoke and went to school. Durning lunch I saw Peter sitting outside on the bleachers looking stressed. I took a deep breath and walked over. “Uh Peter?” He looked up with a cold face. “What did I tell you about-” I felt rage all of the sudden. “Listen buddy, I don’t even want to talk to you! I tried to be nice and all I get is your bitchy attitude for no reason, I’m here to return your whacked up book you left in class.” With that I threw his book at him in rage and walked off. Once I turned the corner I took a deep breath. How and how and how? This wasn’t me. I would never say that. I slid down the wall and threw in some earbuds. I rested my arms on my knees and cried into them. I hate everything why do I even try anymore, everyone hates me. I felt a warm hand on my shoulder and looked up to see Peter. I sniffled, “leave me alone.” I muttered. But he didn’t he sat down next to me and took one earbud out. He placed it in his own ear. Confused. That’s one word to describe how I feel. Why is he doing this? “I’m sorry.” I heard him say. I looked over at him, his eyes where glued on the closed book. “I guess I’m just so easy at pushing people away.” “Is that because you’re Peter Pan or because you’re horrible at making friends?” I asked quietly. His head snapped up. “What did you just say?!” “I know who you are. You’re more than just an exchange student aren’t you?” “How did you find out?” “Your book.” “But it’s just a page, you can’t possibly think that’s real.” “No, maybe not but this convinced me.” I moved my hand over and opened the book on his lap. He looked like he was going to stab me. I flipped passed the first page. “I’m not scared of you. Now read.” He looked down in shock. “How did this show up?!” “I don’t know I just touched it. Anyways I can help you find her, your true love.” He looked at me. “Okay.”

In that time we grew closer than anything. We became best friends. We where sat on my couch, Peter was stressing out because his months ended tomorrow. Honesty I wished I was his true love. Because I have fallen in love with him. “Let me see the book again.” “I’ve looked through all of it but here you go! Oh what will Felix do?” I grabbed the book and ran my hands along the pages. I reached the back and felt a lump in the paper that was glued to the leather. I ripped it open. “Y/N WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” Peter yelled at my as if I was insane. I pulled out a folder piece of paper. “Finding new things.” He gasped. I opened it up and read it.

Dear reader,
If you have found this then you are running out of time. I have one more final hint. The one who can make the writing appear and finds this is the real true love. The one that was never scared of Pan, the only one to call him by his first name, the only one that can get away with sassing him. You are his love and the queen of Neverland. If you want him to survive you must show him this and he will fly you back. You two will live forever together and you will never be sad again.

Best of luck.

I took it all in. I was his true love. “What does it say?” He asked nervously. I shakily handed him the letter. After reading it he let out a sigh. I looked at him confused. “Y/N I’ve been in love with you this whole time.” I stood up and so did he. “Are you lying?” “Why would I lie to you?” “I don’t know just people used to-” I was cut off by his soft lips on mine. I was shocked but kissed back.

“Let’s go to Neverland.”

AN: Thank you justang6 for giving me an open request! *I do not own the gif, I found it on google. Please ignore my spelling errors! 

Pairing:Pietro (AoU) X Reader

Yay! Could you do a one shot of the reader and Pietro. You know I’m going to let you decide what happens, I can’t think of anything at the moment, but since your a fabulous author, you can choose the prompt! Xxxx

Prompt: You (reader) are chosen to go on an undercover mission in the a backwater, small town in upstate New York. Your objective is to find and comprehend a man who S.H.I.E.L.D. suspects is helping HYDRA. Your partner on this mission: Pietro Maximoff.

((I hope you like the prompt that I made up, I hope it turns out okay!))


“Hair Gel, High Heels, and Courage”

God, no.

You watched as Pietro Maximoff walked into the room, his hair was dyed dark brown and he wore contacts so his eyes were darker. And, his beard was shaved off.

Please, be a mistake.

Pietro grinned at you with that stupid face of his. He wore a dark nicely fitted jacket, dark jeans, and dress shoes.

There must be someone else. There must.

Pietro grabbed a black messenger bag that Natasha was holding out to him, in it contained all the info, money, and technology that you both would need for this mission.

You didn’t give much thought as to who was going with you on the undercover mission, you thought maybe Steve or Clint. Never in a million years would you have thought Pietro Maximoff. He was always goofing off in the tower and could never stay still, so how did they expect him to do well in an undercover mission

“Well, kids, it’s just about time for you two to be heading off.” Tony said, clamping his hand onto your shoulder. He faked cried and sniffled. “It looks like my little girl is all grown up now.”

You shoved his chest and let out a light laugh. “Shut up, Tony. You act all fatherly after only training me for a week, it’s annoying.”

He slapped a hand over his chest with an offended look. “Only a week? It was at least a week and a half!”

Tony had spent time each day giving you pointers on how to not blow your cover while on the mission, showing you how to leave trackers and record conversations without being noticed.

“But, in all seriousness,” Tony said with a soft smile. “Be careful, kid.”

“Don’t worry, I will take care of her.” Pietro said, speeding up behind you and wrapping his arm around your shoulder. “I will keep her out of trouble.”

You rolled your eyes and removed his arm from you. You gave him a pointed look and said, “Self space, Pietro.”

“You better get used to it.” Natasha said, giving you both files. You leafed through it and saw all sorts of information on the person you were pretending to be. Nat smiled at you. “As of now, you two are a loving, caring, happily married couple. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Ivanov.”

You shook your head and Pietro’s eyes widened, but before you could say anything, Nat began to talk again. “Undercover missions are though. You have to play a character, and you have to play them right. You have to be the person you want them to think you are. It takes hair gel, high heels, and courage.”

You cocked you an eyebrow at her, “High heels?”

“Yup.” She tossed you a pair of large black heels. You almost never wore heels, they hurt your feet and made you feel uncomfortable.

You grumbled and slipped them onto your feet. You had on a dark blue dress with a black jacket, so the heels fit in just perfectly. God, you were going to hate this. A dress? Heels? Pietro? This was going to be hell.


The car trip was about five hours, most of which you slept. After all, you had to get up at three in the morning for this mission. Pietro, however, was constantly looking out of the window. He hadn’t much time to explore America, so any little glimpses he could get made him excited.

You got to the small, backwater town in which you were assigned to be at around eight thirty in the morning. The S.H.I.E.L.D. agent driving gave you a short, professional wave as he pulled the SUV out of the piece-o-crap motel.

You looked at Pietro with tired eyes and found the motel room you were both sharing. Pietro grabbed the door and gestured for you to go inside first, “After you, Mrs. Ivanov.”

You cringed at the name then walked in. The motel room was homey (a little small for the both of you, but you weren’t too picky), with two small twin beds, a tiny bathroom, and a small TV.

You threw your suitcase in the corner of the room and out of the way, then you slipped off the god-awful heels that you had to wear. You flipped open your file and began to scan through it.

Pietro climbed next to you on the bed and plucked some of the papers from it while he bit into an apple that he got from his bag.

“You are from Boston, your favorite color is blue, and you own a pet cat named Mr. Snuggles?” Pietro snorted. “What load of crap is this?”

“I know.” You muttered, flipping the page you were reading over to read the back. “They didn’t leave out a single detail.”

In a flash, Pietro left you and was back at your side again, his file was tucked under his arm. He gave you back your papers and began to flip through his.

“So, My name is Dimitri Ivanov, I am from St. Petersburg, and we are married. Oh, and I hate cats, apparently.”

You laughed and leaned over his shoulder to read his profile, snickering when you saw that he was telling the truth. “So, you don’t like Mr. Snuggles?”

“No, apparently not.” He set his file down. “So, what exactly are we doing again?”

You sighed and rubbed your forehead, trying to clear up the sleep from your mind and think about what Nat told you this morning. “There is some guy in this town that S.H.I.E.L.D. thinks may be aiding HYDRA in getting test subjects. We have to investigate this guy and see if we’re right or not.”

Pietro laughed a humorless laugh. “Why would this guy want anything to do with us?”

“Because,” You said. “He thinks that we’re interested in joining HYDRA.”


The next morning was complete chaos, the two of you both sharing a tiny little bathroom and having to get out of the motel in twenty minutes didn’t exactly go smoothly. It consisted mostly of Pietro in the shower and you crowding over the sink while trying to brush your teeth, and you yelling at him to stop singing in the shower because it was loud and annoying.

At least we got the whole old married couple act down, you thought as you threw your wallet and voice recorder into your bag. Pietro was standing in front of the TV, using its reflective surface to gel his hair back.

After you and Pietro finally managed to get out of the motel, Pietro drove (in a rental care that S.H.I.E.L.D. had delivered to you the night before) to a parking lot that Nat had said you would have to meet the suspect in.

As you waited in the passenger seat and nervously tapped the door with your finger, this was, after all, your first undercover mission.

A black Mercedes pulled up beside Pietro’s driver side, a very fancy car for a very run down town.

“Dimitri and Wendy Ivanov?"  A man asked from the front of the Mercedes.

Pietro nodded and coolly said back, "Maybe. Who is this?”

“James Kris, sir.” The man said, pulling his lips up into a devilish grin. “I believe we have business together?”

Pietro smiled back at him, “Yes sir, I believe we do. I would like to introduce you to my wife, Wendy.”

Pietro leaned back just enough for James to see you.

“Hello, Mr. Kris.” You said with a warm smile, though your heart was beating so fast that you could hear it in your ears.

“You aren’t from Russia like your husband, are you Mrs. Ivanov?” James asked curiously, though to you it sounded almost like a test.

As naturally as you could, you shook your head and replied. “Oh no, I’m from Boston.”

“Yes, I met her on a trip to the states and just fell in love.” He looked at you with a loving expression, and you felt yourself blush, and that wasn’t acting.

“How sweet.” James said. “Now, we have some things to work out, yeah? You contacted me because you wanted to join something, correct?”

He was baiting you both, wanting you to say it so he knew you were the real deal. When Pietro hesitated, you said, “HYDRA. We want to give ourselves up, for experiments.”

You felt Pietro tense, his past clearly coming back to the surface. You reached over and grabbed his hand like any loving wife would do.

“Why?” James asked in rapid-fire form. He wasn’t missing a beat.

“We want HYDRA to improve our world with new sciences and mutation developments. We recognize that they are the future.” The lies were coming smoother.

“Do you have any love ones other than each other?”

“Only my cat, Mr. Snuggles.” You said with a smirk.

James nodded at you, finally excepting that you were legit. “Meet me at this address tomorrow at noon.” He slipped Pietro a piece of paper, then sped off.


Noon came faster than you would have liked. Both you and Pietro were dreading having to capture this guy, but, you knew it was your jobs. And honestly, the sooner you got this mission done, the better. You wanted nothing more than to get the damn heels off and your fuzzy slippers back on.

You made your way to the address just at noon, and you could see James standing by a large SUV. He was leaning against it with a cigar hanging from his chapped lips.

You pulled up and got your “luggage” (empty bags). James grinned and clapped his hands together.

“So, how this is going to work is I am going to drive you to the nearest airport. You are going to get the next flight into Slovakia and HYDRA will find you from there. I’ll keep them posted about your location.”

Pietro nodded, “And how will they know that they can trust us?”

James grabbed two envelopes from his back pocket, one for each of you. It had fake credit cards, IDs, money, and, most importantly, Jame’s contact.

Boom, there it was. There was the proof you needed to take this guy down.

You gave a side glance at Pietro, who grinned at you knowingly.

“Sir, S.H.I.E.L.D. is shutting this operation down.”

James widened his eyes then went to reach for a gun that was attached to his belt, but Pietro had knocked him to the ground and was twirling the gun in his hands in mere seconds. Pietro smiled sheepishly at the man.

You both had successfully completed an undercover mission.


You and Pietro headed to the motel to stay one last night. You had gotten a hold of a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and had him pick of James and transport him to S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters to be questioned. You felt really good and really accomplished.

“So, wifey.” Pietro said with a soft tone as he plopped on your bed. “Did you tell Nat and the others that we pulled it off and we’re coming back?”

You shook your head and took out your phone. “Not yet, I was about to. And by the way, I’m not your wife.”

Pietro scooted over to where you sat and leaned his head on your shoulder. “Maybe not, but you wish you were.”

You blushed. “Shut up, I’d rather be married to…to…”

Pietro got close to your face, his breath fanning over your lips. “To…?”

You didn’t know where you were going with it, and honestly any intelligent thought seemed to have slipped from your brain.

“Oh, to hell with it.” You muttered as you dropped you phone on the floor and smashed your lips against his.


“Can you see them?” Nat asked Wanda.

Wanda screwed her eyes shut tightly and tried to focus on Pietro’s brain, trying to get a clear image of what was happening. The entire team sat around her, waiting to hear what she sees. They hadn’t heard anything from either of them since they had begun the mission, and Nat in particular began to worry. She would blame herself for putting them in too dangerous and risky of a situation, knowing full well they had done nothing like it before.

“He’s…” Wanda gasped and everyone tensed. “He’s kissing Y/N!”

Nat sighed in relief. “Oh, so at least they are playing their parts, yeah?”

Wanda shook her head and concentrated on her brother, but it was hard because of all the emotions he had flying about. Through his eyes, she saw him roll over Y/N on what looked to be a motel bed and kiss her passionately, and her groaning into his mouth.

“N-no. They are alone, in a hotel.” Wanda swallowed, then severed the link between her brother and her brains.

Tony gasped and looked at her with wide eyes. “Why would you stop watching?”

“Because I am not a pervert and I do not want to watch my brother make it to second base with Y/N!”

Tony snorted and crossed his arms, “Pft, kids.”

Hellooooooo! How aree you guys!? :D Hope you all enjoy this part and I love you <3 And soon, some suprises are coming that I decided to do for you guys :)) <3

Read previous parts here:
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“I thought it was hopeless love” Taehyung story - Part 5 

Luke couldn’t wait to see you,even thought you guys saw each other yesterday.
He walked inside of your house and went to see if you’re in the kitchen.
“She’s not here?” he asked himself and walked into the living room and you weren’t there either..Thing that he spots is Taehyung’s black jacket on the couch.

Right away he clench his jaw and think the worse.To see you with him.
Since he met Taehyung,he felt like everything changed.
he walked upstairs to your room.He open the door and sees Taehyung and you laying together in the bed sleeping.

“I can’t believe this” he said to himself as he watched you together

Luke does truly love you.Seeing you do this to him makes him really sad.
He closed the door and went  home in anger and sadness.

“Wake up” you throw pillow at Taehyung smiling
“Nooo” he said trying to sleep more
“Wake up Tae!” you throw another pillow 

He smiled fixing his hair
“I wanna sleep more” he said
“But you need to wake up..Your phone was ringing like crazy” you said standing up
“Oh” he said putting his hand on his face
“Come on” you bit your lip smiling taking his hand sin your and made him stand up

Taehyung followed you downstairs to the kitchen.
“What do you want to eat?” you said looking at him
“Right now I am in a mood for pancakes with cream” Taehyung smiled
“Okay…So pancakes!” you waved your hands in the air 

You were making pancakes and Taehyung was checking his phone.
“Yeah..Okay..I know” he spoke over the phone
You watched him go back and forth around the kitchen..
“Don’t be stupid!” he shouted laughing

You finished with pancakes and put them on the table.
“I gotta go now…See you later” Taehyung hangs up and goes to the fridge
“You didn’t get the cream out?” he asked
“No,just the orange juice” you said pouring juice in the glasses

Taehyung got the creme out and looked at you.He looks at the creme then at you again.
He smiled and puts some cream on his hand,without you noticing.
“Pancakes smell soo good!” he said coming next to you
“I knooow” you looked at him with a smile
“LOOK Y/N!” he points trought the window
“Wha-” you started and you feel Taehyung putting cream all over your cheek
You laughed licking your lips
“No..You just didn’t do this” you said taking off the cream
“Oh yes I did” Taehyung was laughing

You laugh and take some cream off your cheek and look at Taehyung
“Y/N…Heeeey…We can talk,you know what I am saying” he was laughing stepping back slowly
“Oh we can talk?” you laughed coming closer to him
“Yeeah..You know…Forget about what happened and talk about something else” he laughed
“Naah” you said and start running after him

You two chased each other around your house.
“You’ll never get me aliveee!” Taehyung shouted running into your room and locking the door
You laughed and went to another room to hide and wait for him to come out.
Taehyung didn’t hear you so he slowly opens the door peeking
“Y/N?” he said still slowly looking around if you’re anywhere near

He smiled biting his lip and stepped out of your room.
“I WILL GET YOU!” you shouted adn Taehyung started to run downstairs
“Y/N PLEASEEE” he said and jumps on the couch covering his head
“Fine” you said
“I won’t do anything” you added looking at him
“You won’t?” he looks at you
“No…Let’s go eat those pancakes” you laugh and go to the kitchen and hide next to the door quickly
“Finally pancake-” he said and you put cream on his face and laugh
“PAYBACK!” you smiled and put your hands in the air
“Okay,okay” he said wiping off the cream and eating it

Both of you smiled at each other and ate your pancakes.

“I’ll see you” Taehyung said taking his jacket
“Byee Tae” you smiled and you two hugged each other and Taehyung went home.

You closed the fron door and smiled thinking how everything is perfect now with Taehyung.
“Oh God I am in loveee” you laugh and go to the living room

You take your phone and you got one message from Luke a while ago..
“Having fun with your other boy?” he said

Your heart started to beat faster,you felt nervous and not okay.Right away you wrote back saying
“What are you talking about?” hoping that he’s only joking with you
“I want to talk” he said
“Tonight,at the park” 

You put your phone down,putting your hands on your head.
“Oh my God..He was here” you said
“He saw Tae and me” you added
“Shit,shit,shit” you said standing up

You bit your lip thinking about the situation.
But Taehyung and you didn’t do anything,just layed in bed next to each other.You won’t tell him that you kissed Taehyung few times already.
You need to but you can’t.
In a way you do love Luke,but also you feel like you are using him to just keep the pain away and try to feel some love again after when Taehyung and you broke the friendship.

“Oh God” you close your eyes 

“Y/N!” Taehyung said over the phone
“You will be in front row at the concert..I will give you the ticket when I see you again” he laughed a little
“Okay,cool…” you said
“Is something wrong?” he asked feeling like you’re not okay
“I…I’m going to meet Luke tonight” you sigh
“I think he saw us in the bed laying next to each other and now he thinks I cheated on him”
“You did Y/N…” Taehyung said
“I know Taehyung,but” you sigh
“You love him?” he said taking a breath
“I..Gotta go Y/N..We need to go on a rehearsal” Taehyung closed his eyes
“Oh,okay…Bye Tae have fun at the rehearsal” you said
“Byee Y/N” he hangs up

Taehyung throws his phone and shouts in anger.
“How can you love him still!” he thought about you
“Why do you keep kissing me then?!” he was even more angry now

J-Hope camed in
“What is wrong did something happened?” he asked
“She happened!” Taehyung looks at him 
“Did you guys have a fight or-”
“NO we didn’t..But I feel like she’s using me” Taehyung cuts him off,pointing at himself
“Why would she use you Taehyung? I don’t think that is true” J-Hope looks at him
“But she..” Taehyung sits down 
“She still loves that guy” he added 
“Taehyung…Of course she’s gonna love her boyfriend” J-Hope laughed a little
“What should I do then? Stop doing what I am doing?”
“No don’t..I think you should just wait for a little bit till she understands what she really feels” 

Taehyung slowly nodded his head and looked down.J-Hope tapped his back.
“Don’t worry too much” he said and walked out of the room
Taehyung sighs and goes to the living room where the boys were..
He wanted to do something fun with them..Play video games or talk funny stories so he can get you off his mind for a little.

On other side you walked trough the park towards the place where you will meet Luke.You didn’t know what to feel at this moment..YOu didn’t know what will happen.

“Y/N” Luke called you and you walked over to him
“Hi Luke” you smiled but he still had a serious face..Your smile fades away and you both sit down.
“What do you want to talk about?” you asked
“You and your cheating on me” Luke looked at you
“Luke…No I didn’t cheat on you” you lied
“I saw Taehyung and you in a bed together!″ he shouted
“We were just laying next to each other! It didn’t mean a thing!” you said 
“You’re lying to me Y/N!” he shouted
“I am not..Luke pleasee don’t thinkk that! I would never do that to you” you looked at his eyes
“You don’t love me Y/N,you love him” Luke points
“I don’t Luke,I love you!” you lied again
“Please” you said

Luke looks around..Then looks at you
“Why was he there?” he asked

You couldn’t think of anything to say.You got really nervous.
“I..He was practicing whole night yesterday and he camed to my place because it was closest to his studio” you look at him
“You’re lying Y/N…He’s a star! He has drivers that can drive him to his place and to the studio” Luke said
“He was walking Luke..” you looked at him with a serious face
“Just trust me” you added
“STOP lying to me! I CAN’T trust you!” Luke shouted
“I am your girlf-”
“I DON’T CARE!” Luke shouted and looked at you 
You tear up and slap him across the face.
“I hate you” you said and ran away from him

Only place that you could go is Taehyung.You needed him to calm you down.
After 30 minutes of walking,you camed to his house and knock on the door..Jin opens it and sees tears in your eyes.
“Are you okay?” he asked letting you in
“I need Taehyung” you said looking down
“Okay…I’ll call him,stay here” Jin looked at you and ran to the room and told Taehyung you’re here.

Even tho Taehyung was mad at you a little..When he heard you’re crying,he needed to know what happened.
“Y/N” he said and rushed towards you and wrapped his arms around you
“I had a fight with Luke” you sobbed a little
“It’s gonna be okay…Just calm down” he said kissing your head
“Come with me” he said and took your hand in his and you two went to his room.

You sat down on the bed and Taehyung next to you.
“Luke and you will be fine Y/N” he held your hand
“He…Oh my God I hate him so much” 
“He’s an asshole who doesn’t deserve your love” Taehyung looked at you and you at him
“He is an asshole tho” you said and laughed a little
“See I can make you feel better in a second” Taehyung smiled kissing your head
“Because you know how to make me smile” you said putting your head on his shoulder
“Exactly”  Taehyung puts his arm around you and pulls you closer to him
“Thank you” you said 
“I am here for you Y/N” Taehyung hugged you
“I love you” you said

Taehyung sighs and right away he remembers what he has been thinking about the situation hours ago.
He moves away from you,you look at him with confused look.
“What’s wrong?” you asked
“Are you..Using me?” 
“Why would I use you Taehyung?” you were confused
“I mean..You say you love me…But you also love Luke” 
“Taehyung…” you said looking at him
“It’s just I am feeling like everything we do is lie,like that I am your side friend who you use” Taehyung got little angry
“No..I am not using you Taehyung please” you said standing up same as Taehyung
“Can you…Please leave me alone for tonight,I am not feeling well” he said looking down
“Please” Taehyung looked at your eyes

You nodded your head and walked out of his bedroom.
“Y/N..Here is the ticket to the show! Can’t wait to see you there plus you will come backstage after the show” Jimin explains everything
“Oh thanks and okay..Can’t wait to see you guys!” you smiled 

You thought hard about everything.Taehyung is not telling the truth,you’re not using him.He’s your best friend,you can’t do that to him.
But one thing is true you love both of them.

Two days passed and you were getting ready for the BTS concert.
“Why can’t I gooo?” your sister was almost crying
“Because you don’t have a ticket to the show! I only have one and now get out of my room” you look at her
“Ughhh I hate youuuu!” she shouts and walks out

Only thing that was worrying you is that Taehyung and you haven’t spoke for those two days at all.
You don’t know what will happen behind the stage.

When you arrived there,again a lot fans were waiting in line..They were singing their songs,screaming…
When the show started you felt happy and excited to see them performing live.

To every song you were singing along and having fun.
At some time Jimin or one of the boys point at you with a smile and girls scream as they see that.
“You’re sooo lucky” a girl next to you smiled 
You just smiled at her and continued to be focused on the show.
Taehyung and you made contact few times..

“You guys are amazing!” Rap Monster shouts and all of you scream
“Thank you! See you soon!” Suga smiled and they go off stage

The place started to get empty and you stayed,one guy walks up to you and takes you to the back stage.
“Y/N!!!!” they all shouts in happiness
“YOU guys…DID AN AMAZING JOB!” you smiled and they all hug you except Taehyung.
“Was I amazing?” Jimin smiled
“Yeah you were” you tapped his back and smiled
“I know…” Jimin winks and takes a sip of his water

You look at Taehyung and he looks at you and licks his lips
“Come with me” he said and you nodded your head and followed Taehyung

You guys got away from the boys and sat down on some boxes.
“I’ve been thinking” Taehyung said taking a breath
“And I made a decision Y/N” he looked at you
“What decision?” you asked
“I’m sick of this I love him,I love you…Choose…Luke or me?” Taehyung looked at you and your heart stopped
“W-what?” you said being in shock

Find you - (Bucky Barnes x reader)

You’ve tried everything, really everything to find your brother. For years you harbored the hope that if you had been frozen maybe it would be the same for your big brother, for your Bucky. Unfortunately you don’t manage to find any trace of him, then yes maybe you’d finally give up everything, by letting all your hopes flying away. Until the day you met Steve Rogers again. You’re allowed to hope again. Unfortunately the news that he had bring to you was not really encouraging no… So yes your brother is alive, physically at least  but mentally? He has forgotten everything, he does not remember Steve. So why would remember you? And the worst part is that Hydra has used him, he was reduced to be a vulgar puppet. Steve’ve told you everything, his first meeting with the winter soldier, your brother, and the fact that today he absolutely wants to get his hands on him before the bad guys do it again. All this information was hard to record, you were not even sure that you’re happy that he is alive. And in the end, the true Bucky, your brother’s gone for a very long time.. You’re not going to see him again. It’s over. Despite all your doubts, Steve has finally convinced you to help him find your him anyway. For two years, your search did not gave anything. Nothing. Over time, the way of life of Steve became yours. You made all the missions alongside Avengers. Find your brother was no longer your first set of motivations. Currently you find yourself on the ground next to Tony, Steve and Clint. It is a rather complicated task, enemies are everywhere. You barely have time to put down one of the men of hydra that another already attacks you. You fight with all your rage without paying attention to what’s going goshawks of you, so you do not pay attention to the Winter Soldier who lurks in the shadows. His gaze on you, your face disturbs him. Your face intrigue him. He has the impression of having seen you somewhere but .. How is that possible? He has no attachment, he don’t have anyboby.. .. Nobody.. Nobody except you, suddenly everything came back to him like a flash. He remembers this pretty girl, he remembers his little sister, his only hope. Without really knowing why he comes out of hiding and he throws himself on the enemies around you. He kills them one by one, naturally without any discomfort. You remain speechless, dumbfounded by what is happening. It is not possible that it is him, it is not possible that this is your brother. The two of you stay silence to watch the other, as if you were afraid that with one small gesture the other ultimately disappear, as if this was just a sweet dream to torture you. Finally you take your courage in both hands and you advance you gently toward him your hands in the air to show him he has nothing to fear. When you finally arrive at his height, you put gently a hand on his cheek as if to verify that he is really here with you. You did not even realize that tears slowly running down your cheeks.

Bucky : « I remember you » he finally said aloud, but you really do not know if these words are really for you or it’s for him, to reassure himself

[Y/N] : « I remember you too Buck, I… I tried everything to find you. But.. When Steve.. »

The expression on his face finally changed at the mention of his old friend, as if a dagger has been thrust into his heart.

Bucky : « Don’t talk about him.. »

[Y/N] : « But… »

As to shut you down, he gently grabs you in his arms. He hold you so hard that you’ve hardly breathe but it makes you so good to feel his familiar presence

[Y/N] : « You know that I can help you… We can threw this together, like the family we used to be.. »

Suddenly you hear the voice of Tony in distance that grows Bucky to separate himself from you, he looks you in the eyes. And with the largest sincèrité the world he finally said..

Bucky: “All changed (Y/N), nothing will ever be the same again. Take care of you little sister.”

And with that, even before you can give an answer that could push him to stay, he disappeared leaving you speechless. An hand rests on your shoulder, you slowly turn your head to see Tony posting by your side.

Tony : « Are you ok sweetheart ? »

[Y/N] : « I don’t know Tony.. I don’t know.. »



I’m thinking your body…should be illegal  ~  [Black Out M2 Fan Cam - Leo Vers]


It’s quite difficult.  The anguish of the man, the despair… pouring out of him.  All those feelings.  The regrets.  I can’t stop them.  I can’t stop them.  I can’t.  I can’t.
Don’t even try.