why would you take a picture with your doctor

Tom holland dating reader who wears eyeglasses

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  • Tom would Love the idea of his girl wearing eyeglasses.
  • He’d think you look cute with them.
  • Tom Stealing your eyeglasses to wear them.
  • “ Tom seriously I can’t see without them”.
  • You’d trip while TRYING to chase after him.
  • Ok, so you start pouting because you sometimes secretly pity yourself for not being able to see without your glasses.
  • Tom would go weak in the knees when he sees you pouting.
  • “ Hey Love I am so sorry I didn’t mean it”.
  • He’d give you back your eyeglasses and kisses you on the forehead.
  • Tom asking stupid questions like:
  • “ But how come you can’t see without them?”
  • “ how do your surroundings look like when you take them off?”
  • “ it looks like everything is so unclear.”
  • “ How so?”
  • You rolling your eyes
  • You’d search the Internet for photos that shows him how you see things without your glasses"
  • “ MY GOD that’s how you see ?”
  • Tom would go with you to your medical check
  • Your doctor saying that you need new eyeglasses
  • “ Mr. Holland why don’t we check on your sight too?”
  • Tom would be nervous.
  • “ you Will be needing glasses for reading Mr. Holland.”
  • You looking at Tom with a smirk when the doctor said that. 😈😈😈
  • Tom would probably be more excited than you when it come to buying new eyeglasses.
  • You both would choose eyeglasses for eachother
  • “ Tom how about this one?”
  • “ naaaaaah”
  • He would be so picky because he’s wants the most beautiful thing for you.
  • “ this one looks perfect, Love”
  • “ You look like a female version of Harry potter.”
  • You would laugh so hard when he says that.
  • Him taking pictures of you both when you settle with your choices of eyeglasses and posting it on instagram.
  • When there are important events and you have to wear contacts oooooooh GOD 😂
  • You would freak out that you are literally running around the house screaming.
  • Tom running after you to TRY and calm you down.
  • You would TRY and calm yourself down
  • “ Stand still.”
  • Tom trying to take off your contacts
  • “ Don’t blink Love”
  • “ I am trying”
  • He would sit on the couch and you would lay your head on his lap, so he can take them off
  • He would start a conversation with you to calm you down
  • “ you have beautiful eyes Love”
  • He would stare into your eyes and totally forget about the contacts.
  • “ Tom the contacts”
  • “Oh Yeah,sorry Love”
  • He would successfully take them off.
  • “ thank you Babe.”
  • You would say giving him a kiss on the cheek
  • He’d pull you back to get a real kiss this time 😉
  • You refusing to do an operation.
  • “ I don’t want to do it tom.”
  • “it’s okay baby you don’t have to do it.” he’d say hugging you tightly.
  • You telling him why you don’t want to do it.
  • “ so, I met this old woman and she told me how she didn’t do the operation because she feels confident and happy with her eyeglasses.”
  • “ and i feel the same so, I decided on not doing the operation.”
  • Him understanding and supporting your decision.
  • Tom taking pictures of you when you’re working on your assignment because you look adorable with your eyeglasses.
  • “ Toooooom stooooooooop it.”
  • “ What Love you look beautiful”
  • You’d blush and try to hide your smile
  • But of course tom realises and he’d attack your face with kisses
  • There would be this one time you forgot to put your eyeglasses on the nightstand and you’d leave them on the bed between you and Tom after you finish reading.
  • So the next morning when you’re in the bathroom “ Tom baby would you please give me my eyeglasses?”
  • Tom would look for them on your nightstand but won’t find them
  • Then he’d realise that he slept on them the other night.
  • “shit”
  • “Tom” you’d call again
  • “ ugh… Ugh…. Here Love.”
  • “ why did you give the spare ones?”
  • “What? Tom seriously?!”
  • “it’s not my fault Love, you forgot to put them on the nightstand last night”
  • You won’t argue with him because you know he’s right
  • “ Sorry love”
  • “no it’s okay you’re right”
  • Tom would feel guilty so he’d buy you new ones.
  • “Tom you didn’t have to.”
  • “ no Love I wanted to.”
  • You’d hugging him so tightly and kiss him because he’s the best boyfriend every
  • Tom making sure you have your spare eyeglasses with you when you’re going out.
  • Tom would secretly admire you when you’re Sleeping of course without your eyeglasses
  • In the morning after you wake up you’d reach for your eyeglasses to wear them, but tom would stop you so he can admire your Sleepy eyes without the eyeglasses
  • “ Don’t put them on Love, not yet.”
  • “Tom I won’t be able to see you clearly”
  • “ I’ll pull you closer so you can see me Love.”
  • He’d pull you closer to him that he’s the only clear figure you can see. 😍😍😍
  • Ryder: What are you doing?
  • Friend: Taking your picture.
  • Ryder: Why?
  • Friend: Because when I’m old and wrinkled, I'll look at it and think "I bet that bastard didn't age a day yet".
  • Ryder: *laughs*
  • Friend: It’s weird, you know. It’s not like I can write you or call. You'll be out of my life forever.
  • Ryder: Stop being so maudlin. It's my farewell party, not a wake.
  • Friend: But how I would survive without my best wingman?
  • Ryder: Oh, I'm sure you'll manage. Less competition for you, anyway. I wish you could come with, though, it would've been fun.
  • Friend: Yeah, me too. But doctor orders...
  • Ryder: Wait, what? You applied?
  • Friend: Sure. Like I'd let you have all the fun by yourself if I could help it.
  • Ryder: So, what about the doctor, it’s nothing serious, right?
  • Friend: Nah, don’t worry about me. Just less likely to live through 600 years of stasis. Their requirements are pretty high.
  • Ryder: I can’t believe you hadn’t told me you were applying in the first place.
  • Friend: Thought I’d surprise you with a good news, but... Oh, well. Where’s you better half, anyway? I wanted to say goodbye...
  • Ryder: Keep you hands off my sister, she’ll kick your ass. And she's probably still packing. I have no idea how she’s managed to get so much stuff with us moving around all the time.
Slight Babygate Masterpost

We’re still seeing people believing this bullshit, I hope you’re enjoying being manipulated by the media- if you need another 30 bullet points after this I am more than happy.

Until you read every word of this do not tell me Louis Tomlinson is a father.

1. Briana was sleeping with a lot of men including Oli at the time as well as ‘sleeping with Louis’ now it’s funny how without a paternity test she’s still making him the father.

1.2 She found out she was ‘pregnant’ 2 months after? Then automatically jumped to the conclusion it was louis’?

2. If he generally was the father, do you think he’d have allowed the whole world to know about it and her be allowed to do a pap walk from HIRED paps.

3. Do you generally think she’d have been allowed to fly to London and go to six shows in a row without security just walking around. Anyone could have bumped into her.

4. Why is she using photos from other blogs/her aunties instagram.

5. Why didn’t she show her face in any of the bump pictures? Yep, because it was her aunty.

6. You seriously think that Louis will have let this happen when he had a father who wasn’t there for him when he was a baby?

7. Louis and the others all LOVE babies, so why haven’t they said anything yet?/ said anything in the last 9 months. Surely they’d all be excited.

8. Louis_Tomlinson is a Twitter account. Modest run their accounts, we have no proof it was him at all.

9. The tweet was tweeted at 12pm on a Saturday in the UK, ready for everyone to see it.

10. It’s was 4am in LA, Louis would be asleep, he had been to a party. This was not him on his account!

11. Ask yourself why 1DHQ were so quick to retweet it

12. Jay and the family LOVE babies, why weren’t they in LA to welcome it?

13. RBB literally told everyone to calm, they knew this would happen. They want us to be calm.

14. You really think Louis will have allowed her to be treated like this by the media? He knows how dangerous it can be, yet he allowed to her to have a public insta account and get papped.

15. There is no excuse for how racist her family has been to people on Twitter and insta.

16. Why was the due date so predicted by anons on on tumblr?


18. The first articles on the baby came out in November 2014 meaning she’s been pregnant for over a year.

19. He did a staged pap walk on the same day as his 'baby was born’ and dodged every question towards it.

20. Louis Tomlinson never says a word and hasn’t for 9 months. Louis_Tomlinson has because its not him. They’ve admitted loads of times they don’t run their twitters fully.

21. Oli is Louis’ personal assistant.. Surely he should be on a break if they’re not working anymore? Nope because louis hasn’t started his break yet

22. Why haven’t any of the other boys congratulated him on the baby? Mc fly band members did within seconds..

23. Why was history released in the middle of this all?

24. Why are there paps EVERYWHERE yet Kim k managed not get papped and she’s more famous than louis

25. Jay tommo the mummy who loves all her children. Tweets she’s enjoying herself at a spa yet says nothing about her firstborn

26. Everyone seemed to get the wrong end of my stick about my earlier post. Im not saying you can’t hold a carrier with one hand, im saying louis was flinging it around with ease it was empty (because it was)

27. You can see photos and it’s literally just blankets.

28. Why are they taking pictures days ago and only releasing them bits at a time?

29. Briana has lost all her stomach in 4 days, now considering how supposedly big she was, this would NOT happen

30. Why would your driver come into the doctors with you?!

31. You think louis would let himself out to the media with a death look on his face if he was carrying is child?

32. Why did he go to sunglasses hut to not even buy anything the day after his baby was born? Oh yeah, to show off his fake hospital bams

33. Heels and skinny jeans 4 days after? You can hardly sit down let alone jump around like a model.

I am NOT making this about Larry not one tiny bit, I am simply stay in the facts of why this is all total bullshit. This is a PR stunt whether you like it or not.

Why would they do this? Who knows, probably for simon to totally ruin his image of the good guy. To try and bury us larries once and for all.

'Its louis’ choice’ no it’s not. He is signed to a contract and has been for 5 years, he gets beards like harry and they’re forced into things they don’t want to to. They are made to go on stunts to hide their sexualities. Simon Cowell is scared of Louis, he is trying to ruin him. He can’t just leave, him and the other boys would loose absolute millions of pounds. A contract has to be fulfilled and there is no way he can just say no to it.

There has been midwifes, doctors, nurses and people from the media who have given reasons for this not to be real. It could be this week or it could be next week but louis Tomlinson is NOT a father and it will be proved in time. How anyone actually believes this is ridiculous.

A collection of every shady thing Wren Kingston has ever said or done

I have re-watched every scene featuring Wren and noted down anything that is either obviously suspicious, or could be interpreted in a way which makes him seem shady. I’ve gone into this with a completely “Wren is A” mindset, so obviously some things you might not agree with if you are yet to be convinced. These are all my own interpretations, so don’t take it all seriously. Hopefully you’ll find them interesting and see the possibilities though. I’m not trying to prove anything, it’s just a bit of harmless sleuthing. Here we go…

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Babygate suspicions Part 1/?

You don’t agree with me when I saw babygate is bullshit, read this maybe it’ll change your mind. If you still think it’s real okay fine don’t attack larries for saying Louis isn’t a dad and keep your opinions about us to yourself and we’ll do the same.

Glad we got that cleared up here’s a list of the things I find suspicious about babygate since the baby was ‘born’

I linked pictures because idk how to post them on my phone sorry

•None of the boys or Louis family tweeted him congratulations until modest caught on to us realizing it was bullshit jay retweeted Louis’ tweet added Freddie’s Nannie to her bio and fizzy and Lottie retweeted one of his tweets.

Yes I know there’s texting and calling but they all wished him a happy birthday on Twitter (excluding Harry ofc) I think a birth of a child is more important than a birthday.

• Briana’s bump? Where is it?
In this picture here you can see a slight bump https://twitter.com/twinkotp/status/693066506800791552

But then there are these pictures here where she had no baby weight what so ever https://twitter.com/strbuckslwt/status/693174772193234944

• Louis looked absolutely miserable with those pictures and the only ones he was smiling in was when he was on the phone, probably talking to Harry.

• Again sticking with paps why is Briana getting papped so much she’s not famous and most of the time Louis’ not even with her.

-And if this was actually Louis son he wouldn’t stand for paps harassing them while his son was probably asleep.

-aaaand paps need to be tipped off..

•Okay I’m the pictures Briana was wearing jeans, and then a skirt and tights. I can hardly wear jeans on my period let alone after you fucking birth a child out of your vagina.

Now I know some people are probably gonna say maybe she got a c-section. If that was the case she would be hospitalized longer and she’d need to be resting and not roaming around LA and she’d still find tight clothes uncomfortable.

• Why is she going around with the baby so much? Doctors appointments I get. But if you’re taking the baby places so your family can see him THEY GO TO YOUR HOUSE. The first two weeks of a babies birth have to be spent bonding with the baby letting him know your his parents and getting him familiar with his crib and the outside world. Not only that but babies are so immune to stuff and especially in populated places like Los Angeles it’s not good to be going around with the baby like that.

•Also why is Oli going to the doctors appointments he has no relevance…unless he’s the father.

I’m posting a part two later because I gotta go eat now.

Sorry if this doesn’t make sense I’m not feeling to well and I keep having naps lol

Part two: http://rising-larries.tumblr.com/post/138314441691/baby-gate-suspicions-part-2