why would you put this on the front page

I don’t think a simple email from a Normily fan to US Weekly would make them put it on the FRONT PAGE of their magazine (correct me if I’m wrong). Normily was never HUGELY popular/ recognized and US Weekly probably gets tons of emails everyday. It definitely was on the front page for a reason.

Don’t you think if it was a fan trying to start rumors it would have been rumored when they left together after her concert in GA. Why now? It’s almost been a month since they last were seen together.

This is just my opinion of course. The only reason why I’m pumped is it’s giving them publicity when she’s been off the show now for almost 7 months. I’m gonna just call it a night and chalk this one up as a PR stunt.

(This will be my last post about this. I feel like I’m gonna start repeating myself and annoying people lol)