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When They Try to Take Us Down

Summary: Phil doesn’t like when hate preachers come to campus. They make him nervous and uncomfortable. But this time, Dan is there to help him through it in an unexpected, yet pleasant way.
Word Count: 2,201
Warnings: homophobic slurs, hate speech, anxiety
Title creds: Let the Flames Begin - Paramore
A/N: Thank you to @snowbunnylester (as always) for prompting me this! I’ve been on a writing splurge lately and I honestly don’t know how I’m doing it. Lemme know it you like this!

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There is an angry aura surrounding campus in the form of ignorant slurs and angry responses. This only happens on the occasion, but it makes Phil nervous each time, a pit in his stomach and his throat closing up as he tries to walk as fast as possible past the angry crowd.

There was a man, dressed in preacher’s clothes and holding a sign with a list of the types of people who were going to “go to hell”. Phil didn’t have to look to know that homosexuals and masturbators and adulterers were on the list. He swallowed and ducked his head, trying to move as fast as he could. Dan was ahead of him, probably shaking his head and scoffing as he does every time they passed by a preacher like this. Sometimes Phil thinks he’s more upset about this kind of thing than Phil is, despite being the heterosexual one in their friendship, just by the way he wasn’t afraid to shout his opinions right back.

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Ficlet request: Hogwarts!AU -- Mari tries to ask Adrien out to the Yule ball via letter, but accidentally sends him a howler.

Let’s assume Marinette comes from a non-magical background and has no idea how to tell a Howler apart from normal stationery.


“You sent it to him, right?” Alya demanded as she and Marinette swept into the Great Hall for breakfast. “Because if you chickened out again…”

“I didn’t!” Marinette cried. She put a hand over her stomach, which had been twisted into knots since the night before. She’d be lucky if she had the appetite for a single croissant.

“And did you sign it?” Alya asked. Marinette had a history of forgetting to sign things: homework assignments, letters, the card on the yellow and black scarf she’d knitted Adrien for his birthday last term…

Marinette plopped down on the bench and stared glumly at the breakfast platter. “Yes, but even if I hadn’t, I sent it to him on red stationery so he should know it’s from me.”

Alya froze. “Red stationery?”

Marinette reached for a croissant. “Yeah, why?”

ADRIEN,” a voice boomed through the Great Hall, making the both of them jump. 

Marinette whipped around and gasped. Her nice red stationery hovered in front of Adrien—wide eyed, slack-jawed, and pale—and screamed at him.


“This isn’t happening,” Marinette whispered. “Please tell me this isn’t happening.”

Alya put a hand on her shoulder. “It’s happening.”


“Please tell me I forgot to sign it,” Marinette whimpered.


The Great Hall fell silent as the Howler shredded itself to little red bits that fluttered onto Adrien’s breakfast, spent and harmless. Then every single eye at the Slytherin table turned in Marinette’s direction. Chloe Bourgeois, seated at the other end of the table, pointed at Marinette and let out a shriek of laughter. Several titters and giggles followed.

Alya shook Marinette gently. “Hey. It’s not a big deal—”

Marinette jumped up and ran from the Great Hall.


An hour later, she lay curled up on a bed in the infirmary, faking period cramps so she could cry in peace. Of course by now the entire school must have heard of the morning’s incident, so the nurse may have just been taking pity on her. Still, she appreciated it.

A soft mew prompted Marinette to open her eyes. Standing with its front paws on the bed was the green-eyed black cat that had been following her around for the better part of the term. It carried an envelope in its mouth. “Bonjour Chat Noir,” Marinette whispered, rubbing him behind the ears.

Chat Noir dropped the envelope on the bed. Marinette frowned. It was addressed to her. She opened it with great caution, half-expecting it to be enchanted to laugh at her with Chloe’s voice, but what she found inside was a letter from Adrien.


I’d love to go to the Yule Ball with you. Meet me at the library later?

- Adrien 

Marinette stared at the letter in disbelief. Then she looked at Chat Noir. “Did Adrien give you this?”

Chat Noir blinked at her and swept his tail across the floor.

Marinette let out a tearful laugh and scooped him into her arms. “He said yes,” she whispered, burying her face in Chat Noir’s fur. He purred and butted his head against hers, then squirmed out of her grasp and hopped off the bed.

Marinette watched him sneak past the nurse and out the infirmary door, wondering whose cat he was. 

Because as far as she knew, Adrien had come to Hogwarts with an owl.

The Better Rogers

Summary: In which a football game with all of the Avengers helps you determine who’s the better Rogers.

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Word Count: 2,212

A/N: This one is especially written for the forever beautiful @beccaanne814-blog ! Becca, my love, I hope you are having an amazing day because that’s exactly what you deserve. I’m so grateful to have you in my life and I hope you enjoy this! 

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“Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Are you sure you want to do this?“ You counter, lips tilting up into a smirk.

“Okay.” Steve shrugs, adjusting the sleeves of the red shirt that was made especially for this occasion. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

“Y/N!” Tony yells from across the field. He has his arms crossed over his chest and his frown is visible even from this distance. “Stop fraternizing with the enemy!”

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Joker Imagine - ‘Do it’



Hey, I was just wondering if you could do an imagine of the joker raiding someplace and having the reader there and instead of dropping to the ground when he starts shooting she just stands there. Eventually he would walk up to her while raising a gun to her head and she says “Do it”. Please and thank you!

A/N: Here it is. I hope you like it boo :)

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Your P.O.V.

The main bank in Gotham seemed to busy all the time! I sighed impatiently and shifted my position on the dark blue seat. I had a bag on my legs with important papers I had to talk about, but I knew the wait would be long. There was at least 10 people ahead of me in the number line so I just had to sit and wait. It was friday so it was extra packed. People wanted their money, some had to discuss their issues and so on. I looked at the white marble floor and saw dozens of feet, heels and boots and sneakers. Gotham was full of people and everyone was different.

The clock started to get closer to 9 p.m. which meant that I had been waiting for half an hour. Wonderful.As I got up to go and use the washroom, I felt the ground shaking. A split second later a loud bang interrupted everything. I lost my balance and fell on the ground, landing on my bum. I grunted in pain as my tailbone got a hard impact.

What the fuck is going on?

The next thing I knew was that people were screaming in fear. I opened my eyes and saw people dressed up as clowns, pandas and all kinds of things running inside through a hole they created on the wall. Some were already stealing money and others guarded the hostages, us. One of the bad guys with a batman mask shot a man in his stomach and so I witnessed how he fell fell on the ground, crying out in pain. My eyes froze to look at the situation. The bad guy shot the man again, this time in his head. The innocent man died, just like that. I saw it all happen. His blood was pooling around his body and his head looked really fucked up. The sight made me feel sick.

This day had been the worst so I was too angry to let fear make me obey. I got up and looked around better. The furniture around the hole was set on fire and everything grew into a huge mess. A bad feeling was obvious in my gut. This was obviously a robbery. My body froze a little bit and then reality sunk in. We could all die.

‘’You’’ A raspy voice barked from behind me and then I heard a gun loading. A woman on the ground next to me whimpered and hid her head. I sighed shakily and turned around to face the guy holding me at gunpoint. Instead of facing someone with a silly mask, I saw the deepest reality of a criminal clown. Behind me was the one and only Joker.

My eyes widened as I met his blue ones. He looked at me angrily, making the black make-up around his eyes seem darker. His green hair was put back nicely and he had red lips. I was too scared to pay attention to his clothes, but I saw that he was wearing something black and dark red. Then I saw the gun he held, a personalized pistol aimed straight at me. My breath hitched in my throat. I was this fucking close to the Joker!

‘’Get down princess’’ He growled angrily and tried to scare me by raising the gun closer to my face. I gulped at looked at the hole of the gun that could shoot a bullet any second. Joker’s finger lied dangerously on the trigger, but he didn’t pull it yet. ‘’No’’ I answered sternly, slightly worried about doing so, but I didn’t want to surrender.

I saw confusion wash across Joker’s face. I bet I was one of the few people who told him that. ‘’If I were you, I’d listen to me’’ He warned me with a raspy voice. People around us were staring at me in disbelief. yes I was scared, my heart was pounding in my chest and I felt lightheaded, but I was too self assured to kneel down. They’d kill us anyway.

‘’Well clownface you’re not me’’ I spat at him angrily and then expected to get shot, but nothing happened. Joker looked at me wickedly, his eyes moving from my left eye to my right. He gritted his teeth and then squinted those crazy eyes of his. ‘’Don’t talk to me like that or I’ll shoot you!’’ Joker yelled at me and hit my stomach with the gun. I swallowed the pained cry and kept my eyes focused on his.

I didn’t expect my life to end like this..

 ‘’Do it’’ I whispered quietly, but I knew he heard me. I felt tears stinging my eyes. I was so close to crying, but I tried to hold my tears back. I stood there, completely in display for Joker to shoot me and that’s what I waited for. He waited as well. I grew a little impatient again. Maybe my life wouldn’t have to end like this. As he took good time to think, for some reason I didn’t know, I decided to attack him.

I leaped towards the crazy man in front of me and legit jumped on his chest. Joker nearly stumbled, but he caught his balance with his leg. Then he turned us over so I was the one falling. I hit the ground with my back, but it didn’t stop me from getting up again. Tears ruined my makeup and I cried silently, yet I kept trying. I tried to slap Joker, but he grabbed my wrist and pinned it around so it hurt a little bit.Then he put the gun in front of my face again. 

Oh fuck. I thought quickly and kneed him, but I hit his leg which didn’t even hurt that much. ‘’You’re a naughty naughty girl’’ Joker hissed and then pushed me against the floor. He put his foot on my hips so i couldn’t get up. Then he pointed his gun towards me. ‘’Too bad I’ll have to kill you’’ He sighed and I watched his his pale finger hugged the trigger. ‘’Then do it’’ I encouraged this crazed criminal, facing the fact that I would die. It’s not like many people would miss me anyway.

I didn’t even bother to wipe away my tears. I just stared into Joker’s eyes and ignored the screams and gunshots in the background. What was he waiting for?  ‘’Do it!’’ I screamed at him, hating this feeling. I was scared and angry at the same time. Just lying on the ground and waiting for my painful death was disgustingly awful. But the bullet didn’t seem to come.

Joker leaned down and grabbed my black jacket so he could pull me up to my feet. I grunted in pain because his touch was harsh. Then he pulled my back close to his chest and put the cold gun against my head, holding his other arm around my waist. All of this was so confusing!

But it didn’t take long for me to know why he did this. In front of us stood Batman, in his dark knight suit. I was the hostage that Joker would kill if Batman would come closer. I could feel my heartbeat all the way in throat as I stood there. I had never been this scared in my life. There was nothing I could do.

Joker’s goons were gone. Some were lying on the ground in pain, but most of them had escaped already. So it was Joker vs Batman with me in the middle. Yay. This felt like some kind of nightmare. ‘’Let her go Joker’’ Batman spoke with his deep voice. He could probably see my quivering body. ‘’Why would I? You don’t think I’m that fucking stupid do you?’’ Joker laughed darkly and caressed my cheek with the cold metal. Batman didn’t answer immediately. He seemed to be in deep thoughts.

‘’She doesn’t have anything to do with this’’ Batman tried again. He stepped closer, but Joker didn’t approve that. The next thing I knew was the Joker shot the ceiling and then put the gun back towards my head. Batman froze and didn’t come closer. The shot was a clear warning that I’d be next.

‘’Just go away Batsy. You can’t save her, just like you couldn’t save Rachel’’ Joker spoke darkly. Everyone knew about Rachel. Joker had set up a trap a few years ago which led Harvey Dent to lose his mind and half of his face. Then Rachel had died. Not that I liked what happened, but Rachel was my former co-worker and we never got along. When she died, I wasn’t that sad about it. But what Joker did was still wrong. Even tho he kinda did me a favour, I couldn’t say I wished for her death.

I noticed how Batman got angry by Joker’s rude comment.   ‘’Now pretty how about we go out of here together and leave Batsy alone,hm?’’ Joker purred into my ear and tried to walk sideways to the entrance. A car had pulled over and a goon was driving. Batman hadn’t noticed, but I could tell him. Did I want to? This was all messing with my mind and I was way too confused to think straight.

Batman leaped closer to us. I startled so bad that I screamed and kicked the dark knight. Why? I didn’t want to get shot. ‘’Leave me alone!’’ I sobbed out loud to Batman, partly feeling guilty for kicking him. Batman seemed surprised and he stepped a few steps back. He tried to grab one of his weapons, but Joker was quicker. The next thing I knew was that he pushed me inside the car. Joker’s goons shot at Batman who had to seek shield. That gave Joker plenty of time to get in the car and so we escaped the scene.

‘’You did so well kitten’’ Joker laughed evilly and sat next to me. I was on my back and I was too scared to sit up straight. I had kicked the only person who could have saved me and now I was heading to ..who knows where with fucking Joker! I really fucked up.

‘’I didn’t mean to do that’’ I whimpered with a small voice. I was letting reality replace my shock and I got really scared. But a part of me found Joker really interesting. I knew I should hate him, but after thinking about the crazy clown prince of crime for a few years, my thoughts had formed a big mess. I had mixed feelings about this man. 

‘’But you did it’’ Joker answered me and then took a deep breath. He wasn’t holding me at gunpoint anymore. ‘’There’s bad in you and I’ll promise to get it through baby’’ He added mysteriously. My eyes widened. Bad in me? ‘’I’m nothing like you’’ I hissed and then sat up a little better. So I’d either die or become like him? I knew I could try to escape, but we were in a car that drove so fast I bet the driver broke all the laws he could.If I’d jump out, I’d die.

‘’Don’t be so negative. You’re feisty, I like that’’ Joker admitted and seemed like a whole new person. Earlier he was more scary, now he was just plain crazy and a little flirty. I kept an angry glare on my face. ‘’Hey, drive us to the X4 hideout!’’ Joker growled angrily at the driver. His tone was really scary, something you wouldn’t want to make worse.

Then he turned to face me again. That’s when I paid attention to details. He had ‘damaged’ ‘J’ and a star tattooed on his white face. He had some scars from heists and his blue eyes were actually pretty. I felt like I could study his features and tattoos for ages, but I was too scared to. Also he was a bad guy. I shouldn’t be thinking like this. I should be more scared and more angry.

‘’I can see through your anger’’ Joker giggled and then grabbed something from his pocket. I followed his moves silently and then saw a cigar that he lit up and put the thick stick on his lips. He inhaled the toxins and after a few seconds breathed the smoke out. I tried to show him that I was disgusted, just because I wanted to go away. I put my hand on my nose and squinted my eyes.

‘’Want some?’’ He looked at me and offered me the cigar. I looked at it, then at Joker who seemed more relaxed around me and then I looked out of the window. We drove so fast that I couldn’t focus on anything. All I knew was that I was stuck with the Joker and it stressed me out. So I grabbed the cigar and inhaled it deeply. The smoke entered my body and made me feel both disgusted but relaxed. I breathed it out in the car and then gave it back to Joker. 

‘’You didn’t mean it when you told me to do it didn’t you?’’ Joker asked me with a raspy voice. I felt a little numb, because this all happened so suddenly. I wasn’t sure what I should feel. Fear? Anger? Sadness? I was too baffled to know. I looked at Joker who had a smirk plastered on his face. ‘’You’ll find out’’ I replied shortly and then shut my eyes.

How could this be real?

{ red velvet }

pairing: thomas jefferson x reader (ft. sugar daddy thomas)

t/w: none!

tags: @toonerzchatz @promisesandmore @itsallexmallory @impala-moose @jaydiggs1218 @fierydaemon @slightlysouless @jzzyjones @wiindmill @whitestorm547 @hamilturnt @fearless-butter @littleblue5mcdork @arostrolgy @mcgrammer15 @fanagelbagel @mehrmonga @luna-lightwood-potter @strawbirby @21donutlover

a/n: the long awaited sugar daddy fic. i hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as i enjoyed writing it! i’ll release a part every other day. 

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part one // part two


You had finished yet another grueling shift at a cafe nearby. You said goodbye to your coworkers, clocked out, and headed home. You were exhausted beyond belief, but you had to keep going. You had classes tomorrow that you needed to get ready for.

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Promises (Smut)


Request: Can you do a smut where Shawns on tour and him and his girlfriend traditionally have post-concert sex but she hasn’t been with him for the last few concerts so she surprises him after a concert and they have rough/passionate sex in the dressing room

Word count: 2,825

Promises (Smut) 

“Hey Geoff, it’s y/n” I said, after pressing on Geoff’s number on my phone.

“Hey, did you land already?”

“Yes, I’m on my way to the venue now, I’ll take a couple hours though”

“It’s fine, you’ll surprise Shawn after the concert” Geoff told me, which made me smile widely.

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Grocery Store

Relationship: Tim Drake x Reader, Damian Wayne x sisterly!Reader

Summary:  Tim lost Damian at the grocery store and you found him and now it seems like you two are best friends and he doesn’t wanna lose contact with you.

Key: Y/N= your name

“Y/N! Sweetie I need you to run to the store,” your mom shouted up the stairs.

“Yeah Mom, I’ll be right down!” You turned off your music and stampeded down the stairs and into the kitchen.

“Here’s the list, remember the roast beef this time, and you can grab some ice cream if you have money left over,” your mom ran through her list then she slapped some money into your hand and sent you on your way to the grocery store. 

As you left your car, you looked over the list for dinner and strolled into the store. You meandered though the fruits, grabbing bananas, on your way towards the meat section. You over heard two boys arguing over onions.

“Drake, Alfred wanted red onions,” the small boy stated pointedly.

“It literally says right here that he needs white onions,” the older boy pointed to the list, on his phone, in his hand, “so we’re getting white.”

“Well I like red.”

“Good thing I didn’t ask your opinion.” You chuckled and watched the smaller boy slapped ‘Drake’. “Ouch, you demon.” He was greeted with a tongue sticking out. “Real mature,” he said rolling his eyes.

While the exchange was humorous to you, you had to carry on shopping, your mom wouldn’t want to be waiting forever.

“Master Tim, I’m quite busy taking care of Master Bruce at the moment. Do you mind picking up Master Damian from school and grabbing the makings for dinner,” Alfred asked Tim over the phone.

Tim groaned silently, “Yeah Al, no problem. Just text me the list.”

Tim hated driving Damian home from school. He had to sit in the car and listen to Damian complain about how wrong his teachers were and how ignorant his peers were. It was the absolute worst.

Tim pulled up in front of the school. “Damian, get in.” Damian glared at Tim for a minute then slipped into the car.

“Where is Pennyworth?”

“He’s with Bruce, so you gotta deal with me and we have to go to the store.” Damian groaned. Tim just rolled his eyes and drove to the store, listening to Damian complain.

They walked in and began the search for ingredients. The boys started with vegetables.

“Okay, white onions…” Tim scanned the aisle and walked to the onions.

“Drake, Alfred wanted red onions.”

After a debate over what onion to get, Damian decided he no longer wanted to shop with Tim. So when Tim went to to pick up bread, Damian went to find where the ice cream was.

“Damian, put this in the cart,” Tim reached behind him to hand the bread to the boy, “Damian don’t be an ass.” Tim turned around and found the cart abandoned.

Tim sneered to himself, Good riddance. That was until he realized Alfred would kill him if he didn’t come back with Damian.


You had grabbed the last thing on the list and did a quick self-checkout to find that you still had money left over. “Sweet! Thanks momma,” you cheered and skipped on over to the ice cream aisle. When you got there, you found the small boy from the veggie section looking over the ice cream selections.

“Hey there,” you waved. He glanced at you then back to the ice cream. “So, you more of an vanilla or a chocolate kinda person?”

He looked at you and quirked his head like a dog. “Mint chocolate.”

“Hey, that’s my favorite,” you squealed, “have you seen a container? I’m dying for some.”

“No, they seem to have run out,” the little boy snapped.

“It’s okay…um…” You stood there awkwardly, waiting for his name.

“I am Damian Wayne.,” he puffed his chest out proudly, “What’s your name?”

You were surprised to find this young Wayne wandering the store by himself, but you didn’t really question it. “I’m Y/N. You wanna see what else they got?”

He stood thoughtfully for a second then shrugged his shoulder, “Sure.”

You grabbed his hand and felt him stiffen. You gave him a smile and he loosened up. You steered your cart down the aisle, talking to Damian about the best ice cream flavors.

Losing hope that Damian was still even in the store, Tim zoomed up and down almost every single aisle in the store. He scanned them for the short devil and was coming up empty.

“Ugh,” he shouted at the couple of people in the aisle. “Sorry,” he blushed. He ran to the next aisle. When he got there, he heard Damian talking to someone the next one over. Bolting into the ice cream section, Tim saw his demonic brother with a very cute girl.

“Damian! Jeez, I’ve looked through the entire store for you. Come on, we have to get this stuff home to Alfred,” Tim complained. He grabbed at Damian’s shoulder, but he pulled back.

“If you were looking very intently, how could you take so long to find me,” Damian grinned.

“Because I didn’t want to,” Tim sneered, “come on.” 

Tim turned to you. “Sorry for him, whatever offensive things he may have said.”

You glared at him, “He was a perfect gentleman, thank you very much.” You watched as he blushed.

“Y/N, this is, unfortunately, my somewhat sibling, Tim Drake,” Damian leaned in closer to you, “He’s idiotic.” You giggled at his comment.

“Well, Damian, it was a pleasure to be your ice cream buddy. Maybe we’ll find each other in the ice cream aisle again sometime?” You stuck out you hand for him to shake it.

He grabbed it and shook. Then he looked at Tim, “Drake, get out your phone.”

“Wha-what, why?”

“So you can get Y/N’s number, and I can stay in contact with her. She’s more tolerable than the entire Wayne household,” Damian rationalized.

You blushed. You didn’t realize how much he liked you and it was nice. “Sure, here,” you grabbed Tim’s phone and typed in your number, “Call me anytime Damian.” You ruffed his hair. Tim waited for him to chaste you, but nothing came. “Bye guys!”

You called your mom as you left the store, “Sorry it took so long mom, had to take care of a boy who was left alone. I’ll be home soon.”

Tim glared at Damian. “I can’t believe you.” Damian just looked at him with a smug little smirk on his lips. Tim snatched his collar, “Come on!”

Tim dragged Damian to the checkout then to his car, never taking his eye off the boy.

Tim’s phone seemed to be Damian’s, seeing how often he was on it with you. “Damian! I need my phone back, I have to call someone! Damian!” Tim stormed through the manor yelling for his phone. He finally found Damian in the library, but before he could yell at him he overheard the conversation.

“Y/N, why are you so interested in Drake? I told you he’s an imbecile and not very mannered.” Damian listened to your response. “Well, I guess he may have some good qualities, but they are usually masked by his stench.”

Tim scoffed and Damian heard. Tim didn’t bother waiting for him to stop talking, “Dude, hand me my phone. I have to make a call.”

“No Drake, you can see I’m on the phone!”

You heard some grunts on the other side of the line, ending with Damian yelling in the background. You assumed that Tim had won the fight over the phone. “Hey, Y/N, Damian says bye but don’t go yet. Just give me a minute.”

You listened to the sound of feet, guessing he was walking to a more private place to talk.

“Sorry, I was hoping to clear the air on how my brother portrays me so, maybe, we could go out sometime? I mean you’d get approval from the hardest Wayne.”

You busted out laughing, “You’ve got a lot of damage control to do.”

Kiss me ~ Remus Lupin imagine (marauder's era)

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Can you do a Remus Lupin x reader were a handsome slytherin boy is flirting with you and Remus is jealous.

A bit of harassment.

~Kiss me~

It was a beautiful Saturday morning. The skies were clear; not a single cloud to cover the bright, warm sun. Everyone was either sleeping in or awake and talking about the big quidditch game between Gryffindor and Slytherin.

You were sat at the Gryffindor table eating breakfast with your best friends James, Sirius, Peter, and Remus.

The five of you had been friends ever since your first year. You loved them all, but…

There was one you loved more.


Whenever you’d see him, your heart would leap, and whenever he spoke to you, you could feel your knees go weak. You were absolutely head over heels, and so was he.

But neither of you knew how the other felt. That’s always how it goes, right?

Of course, although you two didn’t know, James, Sirius, and Peter knew. Oh, they knew.

On countless occasions, you had been caught staring at Remus or blushing whenever he made a comment.

Remus was a little better about keeping it under wraps. But, there’s only one thing that brings out a hint of how he feels.

“Well, hello there, (Y/N),” a voice said. You turned around and there he was.

“Oh, toss off, Daniel,” Remus said bitterly.

“Was I talking to you, Lupin? No, I was talking to this lovely lady right here.” he sent a wink your way, making you roll your eyes.

Daniel was the Slytherin seeker. He was quite the looker, but really, that’s all he had going for him. He was cruel to anyone he wasn’t interested in and acted as if he were the most important person ever to exist.

Lately, he’s been taking an interest in you, and Remus didn’t like that. Not at all.

“What do you want, Daniel?” You groaned.

“I was just wondering if you were going to watch the big game today? I’d love to see your pretty face in the crowd,” he flirted, stepping a bit closer to you.

James, Sirius, and Peter all made vomiting sounds in the background. Daniel glared at them.

“Of course I’m going to the game, but not for you. What makes you think I’d ever cheer you on?” You spat, crossing your arms.

“‘Cause, you’d be my good luck charm, doll,” he winked again, moving his hand to rest on your cheek. You quickly smacked it away.

“I better not go to the game, then,” you said coldly with an evil grin.

He shook his head and chuckled. “See you at the game, (Y/N). You too, Potter,” he emphasized his name.

“Okay okay, great, now bugger off, you git!” Sirius shouted. Daniel rolled his eyes and walked away.

“I hate that guy,” Remus grumbled, putting down his fork.

“Oh, we know,” Peter nudged Remus’ arm and then making a small gesture towards you without you seeing. Peter gave Remus a look that said “we know you like her.”

“Shut it, Wormtail,” Remus said, attempting to hide his red cheeks.

“You better not let Slytherin win, James,” you warned, pointing your fork at him.

“Oh yeah, no. That’s not happening. They’re not gonna win. I hope that git gets hit with a bludger,” James responded, getting a chorus of laughters from the rest of the group.

Remus watched as you laughed and smiled. You looked over at him and locked eyes for a split second before you both turned red and looked away.

~At the game…~

“Gryffindor wins!” The announcer shouted. The Gryffindors began filing out of the stands and onto the field to congratulate the team, including you.

“Come on, Remus! Let’s go congratulate James!” You said excitedly. Without noticing, you grabbed him by the hand, sending sparks up his arm, and causing his cheeks to fluster once more.

As you two ran out onto the field, you were stopped in your tracks by none other than Daniel.

“Daniel! Quite the loss Slytherin just took, huh?” You said bitterly

“Yeah, we lost. But, I could still win. How about you go on a date with me?” Daniel said, stepping closer.

“Back off, Daniel,” Remus spat, stepping in between the two of you.

“Aw, is this your boyfriend, (Y/N)? He sure does have a problem with me,” Daniel crossed his arms.

You looked at Remus for a moment before speaking. “Yes, he is my boyfriend,” you took a hold of Remus’ arm as well as his hand. He looked back at you wide-eyed, but went along with it.

“Yeah, so back off,” Remus repeated, holding your hand tightly, not breaking eye contact with Daniel.

“Oh, I don’t believe that for one second-” Daniel began, but was cut off.

“Its true!” someone said. You looked past Daniel and saw James, Peter, and Sirius all coming towards you.

“What?” Daniel turned around.

“I said: it’s true,” Peter repeated.

“Yeah! These two just can’t stay away from each other!” Sirius chimed in, winking at you and Remus.

“Why don’t you two just kiss? Like you do all the time?” James added.

You looked at Remus. Before you knew what was going on, you felt a pair of lips against yours.

Remus. Remus was kissing you.

You closed your eyes and wrapped your arms around his neck, melting into his embrace as he placed his hands on your waist.

Daniel rolled his eyes and immediately stormed off.

“See ya later, creep!” Sirius called out.

“Okay, you two. He’s gone… You can stop kissing now,” said James.

But neither of you broke away. You kept going.

“Let’s-uh-leave the lovebirds to it, I suppose,” James snickered, motioning for them to leave.

Eventually, you both pulled away.

“I-uh-I’m sorry. I just… Didn’t want to pull away…” Remus said sheepishly, slowly removing his hands from your waist. “Well, now he thinks we’re a couple, so he shouldn’t bother you anymore,”

“Right.” You both stood awkwardly.

“I’ll-uh-see you later, (Y/N).” He began to walk away. You brought your fingers to your lips, still feeling the kiss linger on them. Before he got too far, you quickly grabbed his hand, and turned him around.

“Everything okay?” He asked, giving you a concerned look.

“Kiss me again,” you breathed, gazing into his eyes.

A small smile grew on his face as well as yours. He grabbed you by the waist, pulled you towards him, and slammed his lips against yours. Your heart raced as your bodies pressed together, feeling your lips move in perfect rhythm.

When the kiss broke, you both rested your foreheads against each other, attempting to catch your breath.

“I love you, Remus,” you murmured.

He smiled and placed a kiss on your forehead.

“I’ve been waiting to hear you say that for so long.”

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Joker Imagine - Make me love you

Anonymous said:Could you make an imagine where the tables have turned and instead of the joker not believing in love, the reader is the one that does not believe in love❤️ J tries to make her his, but she just can’t love..😢

Note: Thanks for the request. I TRIED. I hope you like it :) Also I was listening to ‘I can’t make you love me’ while writing so that’s probably why it’s a little sad OH WELL 

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Joker’s P.O.V.

‘’Y/N’’ I said her name as calmly as I could. The girl turned to look at me, her arms crossed and there was a slightly angry look on her pretty face. We were outside, in an alley in Gotham city. It was night, but the lights from the buildings allowed us to see. ‘’Go away Joker’’ She told me roughly, but there was pain obvious in her voice. I sighed, trying my best to keep my cool. She wasn’t just a girl, no not even close. Y/N had somehow managed to make me feel good things. She was a normal girl in her 20′s with a dayjob as a nurse, but at night she grew into a wild animal. I had seen her take down 6 men alone. She truly impressed me and ever since I had tried to make her come to my side.

Somewhere during that time when I tried to convince her, I grew attached to her. Yes I know, Joker likes someone? I didn’t believe it until I had to save her. For years I had been a cruel man who survived very well without a partner. I mean I had money, power and henchmen. I ruled Gotham and if I wanted to play with someone I had to piss off Batman. But then I bumped into Y/N. I ignored my stupid feelings for a few weeks, but back to the story when I saved her. Some wannabe gangsters knew that I had spoken to Y/N a lot. Of course they kidnapped her and tried to make me give them money and a part of Gotham that I ruled. I didn’t give them that, but instead I took a few of my goons and we attacked the sad losers. Then I saved her.

So I guess it was safe to say that I had feelings for this girl. I thought that she had feelings for me as well, but she kept pushing me away. She sighed and snapped me out of my thoughts. I looked into her E/C eyes and hurried to think of something to say. ‘’Wait, Y/N don’t go’’ I growled, possibly a little too angrily, but I couldn’t help myself. She clenched her jaw,but listened to me. ‘’We could rule Gotham together’’ I told her, stepping closer by a few steps. ‘’I don’t need to rule Gotham Joker, I’m happy with what I got’’ She hissed madly. She was like an angry cat, ready to claw the shit out of someone. But behind that I saw her trembling. Something was wrong.

‘’I could keep you safe and you know that’’ I sighed, getting angrier as time passed. I was never good with my nerves, but damn I truly tried for her sake. When I got too angry, heavens knew what I’d do. ‘’You think I can’t help myself?’’ She raised her eyebrow at me. I put my hand against the cold tile wall and took a deep breath. Don’t get angry at her! ‘’No, but you’d be safer kitten’’ I explained as calmly as I could in the heat. Then I saw how her eyes started to glisten, almost like she was holding back tears.

‘’I-I need to go’’ She excused herself and tried to leave, but I was quick to grab her wrist. She tugged her arm, but it was useless. Although she stopped, she didn’t turn around to face me. ‘’Y/N what’s holding you back?’’ I nearly growled, sensing that someone was behind her sadness. Oh I’d slaughter that person if I knew who it was. ‘’Y/N’’ I said her name again. Her body was trembling ,but it wasn’t cold outside. ‘’Talk to me’’ I told her seriously. Suddenly she turned around and slapped me, out of the blue. I was so surprised that I let go of her wrist.

 her body froze for a second, giving me time to see the shock on her face. Then the next thing I knew was that she was running away fast. My senses told me to chase her and teach her that no one could do that to me. If she wasn’t so special I’d probably hurt her, but I couldn’t. I was two minds in one now. I growled and tried to contain my anger. Then I kicked the wall and yelled out loudly. ‘’Fucking hell’’ I grunted and then rested my head against the wall. I tried to calm down by breathing slowly, but it was fucking useless. Then I started laughing. Sweet laughter left my lips and it turned into a loud session.

I looked at Y/N who was far away now and she’d turn to the left of right any second now. ‘’You’ll be sorry baby’’ I whispered by myself. Then I sighed and watched her disappear. Yes it hurt that she left, but the slap didn’t. I’d find a way to make her mine. I had to.


*the next night*

For the first time in a while I was nervous. I was dressed up in my favourite black tux and I even put my green hair nicely.I held a bouquet of red roses in my left hand. Aaand there was a sleeping gas in the roses that I’d launch by pressing a button. Maybe this was wrong, but I would do anything to make her love me. I stopped behind a grey door on the second floor of a building she lived in. Then I knocked on the door three times.

A few seconds passed until someone opened the door. It was Y/N. She was wearing a red nightgown that barely covered her bum. As she saw me, her eyes widened. ‘’Didn’t expect to see me?’’ I asked bluntly. I swear she looked kinda scared. It wasn’t the Y/N I knew, she could hit me if she had to. Now she looked terrified.

‘’Who is it?’’ A man yelled angrily in the background, making her flinch. ‘’Um..n-no one’’ She yelled back and then looked at the roses. Jealousy burnt in my guts. Who the heck was that guy? ‘’You can’t be seen here J’’ She whispered to me. ‘’But I got you roses’’ I pouted, trying to get inside. Y/N was between the door frame and the door, giving me no access inside. ‘’Thanks, but you need to get out’’ She warned me. Then I heard footsteps approaching. A man walked up behind Y/N. He had short brown hair, dark eyes and one of them was looking bad, like he had received a punch. He was wearing a dirty white T and sweatpants. ‘’Why the fuck are you here?’’ The man growled at me.

Before I could answer, he pulled Y/N’s hair and pushed her on the ground, making her wince in pain. That’s it. ‘’I was going to take her with me, away from a snob like you’’ I answered angrily. Then man was obviously afraid of me, but he was acting tough. ‘’Good luc-’’ he started, but I wouldn’t listen to that asscrack. I punched him in the other eye and then launched the sleeping gas right in his face. He grunted in pain, but a few seconds later he collapsed on the ground. I made my way inside to Y/N who was still on the wooden floor.

‘’He’s going to kill me’’ She whimpered sadly. I kneeled down and tried to see her face, but she hid it with her hands. ‘’You know he won’t’’ I sighed and then grabbed her wrists more gently than yesterday. Then I saw her face. She was crying. ‘’Yes he will you idiot! When he wakes up, I’m dead meat’’ She sobbed loudly, obviously scared of this loser. It made me angry. So I let go of her, stood up and grabbed my gun that I had inside the jacket. Y/N stared at me in horror as I loaded the gun and pointed at the sleeping douche. ‘’I wished I could torture him, but I can make it easier for you’’ I sighed and pulled the trigger, piercing his skull with a silver bullet. A smile appeared on my face as I saw the blood pooling around him, some of it ruining the wallpaper. I loved killing people like him.

As I turned to look at Y/N, I saw that she was in shock. Her eyes were open wide and she wasn’t breathing. ‘’See? He won’t hurt ya’’ I shrugged while putting my gun away.Slowly she turned to look at me. ‘’Leave me alone J’’ She whimpered and tried to breathe, but she couldn’t do it easily. First she was breathing really quickly and then her breath hitched in her throat. her chest rose wildly and her body was trembling again. It took me a while to realize that she was panicking.

Since I wasn’t good with words, I shut up. Then I got back on the ground and wrapped my arms around her. I didn’t like seeing her like this. I would do anything to keep her happy. I was so pissed that this man treated her like this.What if he was the reason she kept me pushing me away? If he was still alive, I’d skin him slowly. ‘’It’s okay now..’’I whispered quietly. Then I clenched my jaw and stared at the wall. Y/N was crying loudly now. Her arms were around my waist and she was holding onto my back. It felt good to finally hold her like this, but I hated the fact that she was so sad.

‘’I’m sorry’’ I apologized and then grabbed the flowers. She looked up to my eyes and tried to speak, but I launched the gas at her. Y/N breathed it in and I saw how it started to calm her. Her muscles relaxed, but she kept looking at me. ‘’I’m taking you home, you just need to relax’’ I explained to her and picked her up in my arms. Then her eyes shut and she was completely asleep in my arms. It gave me time to leave the apartment and get in the car. Frost was waiting for me outside.

As I walked down the stairs, my frown turned into a smile. I knew that what I did was wrong, but truth be told I was a criminal. I did things differently, including love. I’d make her love me. I walked outside and Frost stood there, holding the backdoor open. He was here with the purple lamborghini. ‘’We need to hurry, someone heard the gunshot and the bat sign in up there’’ Frost told me seriously. I looked at Frost and nodded. ‘’he won’t catch us’’ I growled seriously and put Y/N inside the car. Then I took off my jacket and put it on her, since she was nearly naked. I shut the door and got seated on the front seat ,next to Frost. He started the engine and it roared loudly. 

‘’Let’s go’’ I nodded and leaned against the car door. Just as we drove off, I saw a black shadow coming closer. Batsy came too late. He tried to chase us, but the car was quicker. It made me laugh. ‘’Maybe next time Batsy’’ I giggled loudly at my worst enemy, but the person who drove my motivation. Then I sighed and tried to relax.

I had Y/N now.

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“Did you have to invite him?” You ask your friend… “Well, I mean no. But you invited some kid you used to babysit so can you really be mad?” … “First of all I did not babysit Jungkook! And second he’s a longtime friend not some douche bag we met a day ago at the bar!” your voice has gone up a few octaves and your friend winces… “Easy Tiger! You’ll scare the poor boy away" your friend adds… you turn to your left and see Jungkook emerge from the crowd… a familiar warmth spreads throughout your body as a large pair of dark chestnut eyes lock with your own…  “Y/N you didn’t tell me coconut head was ripped!” your friend’s eyes widen at the sight of him…he walks towards you with a purpose but before he can make it halfway an iron grip tugs at your waist and you’re trapped under 175 pounds of tanned skinned and way too much Axe body spray… “Y/N!” Carlos presses you closer to his chest once more before letting you go and placing a sloppy kiss to your cheek… you shuffle from foot to foot away from him …by this time Jungkook has already reached you ,his chestnut eyes clouding over … “I didn’t know you had a boyfriend” he whispers… “She doesn’t!” your friend is at your side instantly….”Carlos is just a friend!” she exclaims… before Carlos can protest your friend is dragging him away in the complete opposite direction… “That’s right. Y/F/N invited him two weeks ago when she was drunk” you explain… Jungkook nods …and as if on cue your friend is back at your side…

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Park Chanyeol//  Feasible - Part 2

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

Prompt:  You’re a work-for-hire girl - for the criminals and criminally rich. Your job is to threaten, steal from, frighten or hurt whoever you’ve been employed to - but your newest job involves a person you swore you’d never talk to again. Someone who brought you into this entire business - and tried to get you out. Someone who, should you accept this challenge, would open a Pandora’s box of disaster… (1 //3 /4 /5 /6)
Scenario: AU, angst, miniseries
Word Count: 4,995

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Auston Matthews - Part 31

One more part to go and I’m emotional

Waking in the morning in a sea of sheets and Auston’s face nestled against my shoulder, I can’t help but stare down at him. His hair is a complete mess, and I can already see the shadow under his eyes from lack of sleep. We had spent the night gently waking each other until we were both utterly exhausted. Even though he had played games on back to back nights, he still lasted longer than I had. Now looking down at him, his bare chest just visible from me throwing the sheets off, probably from overheating from his body and mine, I can hardly believe I’m waking up next to him again.  

               I try to lay there as long as I possibly can, letting Auston sleep but my bladder doesn’t let it last much longer. Luckily, he’s only resting his torso against me and I’m able to wiggle my legs to the edge of the bed, though getting his head off my shoulder proves to be a little more difficult. I move as slowly as I possibly can but it still wakes him. Auston blinks his brown eyes at me, the tired expression on his face melting my heart and a small part of me dies.

               “Hi,” I whisper, smiling at him while lightly touching his face with my fingertips.

               “Hi,” he whispers back, taking a deep breath and sighing, nuzzling my chest and frowning when he realizes I have a t-shirt on. “I don’t remember you getting dressed?” He asks, picking at the shirt with his finger.

               “After the last time, you were kinda out of it after…” I bite my lip to keep from laughing when his eyes narrow at me.

               “I remember that very clearly, just nothing after,” he says and I giggle.

               “As much as I would prefer to lay here with you… I really have to go the bathroom,” I shift my legs and make a face at him.

               “Fine,” he pouts and detangles his arm from around my waist and lifts himself on to his elbow so I can slide out from under him. The sheet pools at his waist and I blush, quickly looking away. Auston chuckles and pinches my side.

               “Still shy?” He asks, grabbing my arm and pulling me down for a kiss.

               “I’m not shy! I’m just being respectful!” I protest but let him kiss me anyways.

               “You can disrespect me anytime you want,” he smirks up at me and I swat at his bare chest.

               “Auston!” I scold and he laughs.

               “Hurry back,” he says, putting his hands behind his head and giving me a look that makes my stomach clench.

               I make to stand up and instantly have to sit back down, wincing slightly.

               “Everything okay?” Auston asks, frowning at me and probably wondering why my face is fifty shades of red.

               “Uh… yeah, everything’s good,” I say quickly, gritting my teeth and cringing as I stand again. Oh my god! I whimper quietly as I retreat to the bathroom, closing the door behind me and leaning against it, letting out a sigh of pain. Dear God, what did he do to me? I stumble to the sink and look into the mirror. My eyes are too bright and my cheeks a dusting of red, a slightly smug look on my face but also a twinge of discomfort.

               When I walk back out into the bedroom he’s still laying on the bed, his eyes flash up my bare legs to my face.

               “Quit just standing there and come here,” he says, holding out a hand to me.

               I gingerly make my way to bed and hope he doesn’t notice. “You’re walking funny.” So much for that.

               “I am not,” I mutter, climbing onto the bed and resting on my knees beside him.

               “You are, I didn’t mean to make you sore,” he says outright and I blush furiously, looking anywhere but at him.

               “Why are you so blunt with everything?” I ask him exasperated.

               Auston laughs and rests a hand on my leg, squeezing it gently.

               “Because I’m comfortable with you,” he says and I warm at his words, biting my lip to hide my smile.

               “Come here,” he whispers, wrapping his arm around my waist and pulling me across him, kissing my neck before rolling me underneath him. “I’ll make you feel better,” he whispers against my skin and shiver.

               “I don’t remember you becoming a nurse,” I mutter and he grins.

               “Well, I feel a little responsible…” he starts and I cut him off.

               “A little?” I ask him and he laughs.

               “Okay, fully responsible. Although, you did wake me more times than I woke you,” he adds and I smile shyly up at him.

               “Worth it,” I mumble and as he nips at my neck.

               “However, you do need to lose the shirt in order for me to fully make up to you,” he says, his hands already at the hem and tugging it up my belly.

               “Right… I’m sure the shirt is just hindering your best possible performance…” I muse at him, though I arch my back to help.

               “You were hardly awake last night, obviously I wasn’t up to par,” he says, his lip trailing down my throat.

               “Less talking, more showing,” I whisper, my eyes closing on their own.

               “Whatever you want.”


               Less than an hour later I’m stepping out of the shower and towel drying my hair when I hear the front door open and my dogs bounding up the stairs, overly hyped up after a play session with Auston outside. They come barreling into my room and look around for a second before they spot me and jump around at my knees.

               “Morning, girls,” I laugh, leaning down and kissing them both on their soft heads.

               Auston appears behind them, a little out a breath still.

               “Mitch texted me and asked it was safe for him to come over,” Auston says, grinning at me.

               “Ahh, fun police Mitchell swooping in,” I roll my eyes playfully.

               “Funny, he says the exact same thing about you,” he says and I scowl.

               “Of course he does. It’s not my fault he’s like a five year old when he eats!”

               Auston holds his hands up in mock surrender. “I’m just relaying information, babe. Mind if I shower?” He adds, and I notice his overnight bag at his feet.

               “No, go ahead,” I say, moving past him into the bedroom and towards my closet.

               Auston gets in the shower, not bothering to close the door at all much to my embarrassment. Wonder what its’ like be so confident… I step back into the bathroom to brush my teeth and Auston’s phone goes off next to the sink. I glance at it out of habit of looking at my own and notice his background is a picture of me. Going still, I tilt my head at the screen and try to ignore my heart pounding against my ribs.

               “Hey Auston?” I ask through a mouthful of toothpaste.

               “Yeah?” He says.

               “What are you doing next Saturday? You don’t have a game do you?” I ask him, rinsing my toothbrush under the sink tap.

               “No, why?”

               “Well… um…” I blush for a reason unknown to me, suddenly unbearably shy.

               I hear the curtain pull back slightly and I can see Auston’s head sticking out.

               “Were you going to ask me on a date?” He smirks at me and I turn even redder.

               “No!” I snap, looking anywhere but at him, choosing the ceiling to stare at. “I mean yes,” I admit, chewing on my tongue.

               I don’t have to look at Auston to know that his face is nearly splitting in two with a grin.

               “Then ask me,” he teases and I make a face at him.

               “Do I have to?” I whine, and his face lights up even more.

               “Yep, I think someone asked me if I wanted to hang out with them next Saturday… better have a good reason to cancel on them…” he says and I know he’s lying.

               Scrunching my nose, I face him and right when I open my mouth he talks over me.          

               “Can you not look like you just stepped in dog shit while asking me? Kinda gives me a bad vibe,” Auston says, biting his lip to hide his laugh.

               I huff at him and put on the sweetest face I possibly can, leaning into him slightly until I feel the mist from the shower.

               “Auston, will you please be my date to my cousin’s wedding on Saturday?” I bat my eyelashes at him, and push my arms together which in turn presses my boobs together and his attention goes directly to my chest.

               “You stand like that, I’ll say yes to whatever you want,” Auston says and I smile, I go to pull away but Auston grabs my waist and pulls me half into the shower, my upper half once again getting completely soaked.

               “Auston!” I squeal, trying in vain to pull away. “I just got dry!” I complain through my laugh.

               “Oh, I don’t believe that for a second,” Auston whispers alluringly to me and I hit his arm.

               “What are you? A jack rabbit?” I pull back out of the shower much to his amusement and peel my now sopping wet shirt off and throw it in the sink. Auston peeks out at me right when I go for the clasp of my bra and I scowl at him, deciding to go into my closet to take that off, this time much to his disappointment.

               Half an hour later I’m scarfing down my cereal while Auston makes an omelet, he eyes my cereal warily and opens his mouth to speak and I cut him off with a wave of my hand.

               “Don’t you dare say a single damn thing about my cereal. I’m not the professional athlete, I can eat whatever the hell I want,” I say without even looking up from the maze on the back of my Reese’s Puffs box.

               Auston shuts his mouth and goes about getting his breakfast ready. There’s a knock on the door a few minutes later which surprises me, but then in barges Mitch and Will and the surprise disappears. They immediately weasel their way into the kitchen and Mitch opens the fridge and throws a scowl at me.

               “You didn’t even notice did you?” He asks me.

               I look up from my cereal puzzled, “What?”

               Mitch reaches in and when he pulls back, in his hand is two bags of carrots and he throws them on the counter in front of me and I raise my eyebrows at him.

               “I bought you your carrots and you didn’t even notice!” Mitch exclaims and I stare at him for a moment before bursting out laughing at the ridiculous expression on his face. “Too busy with your fancy new telescope to even care,” Mitch mutters under his breath and I laugh harder.

               “I appreciate the carrots, Mitchell,” I eventually am able to get out through my laughs. “You’re no longer on my shit list,” I wink at him and he rolls his eyes, flinging the carrots back into the fridge and going into the living room to pout and play COD with some guys online.

               Eventually Auston goes and joins them, all three of them with their headsets on. I lean back across the counter I just cleaned in the kitchen and watch them. My two dogs seem to decide that Mitch is at the perfect level for a kiss attack and I hear his protests as they knock him over onto his back and proceed to step on and kiss every exposed part of him, much to the amusement to Will who is apparently on a different team as Auston and Mitch and proceeds to kill Mitch’s character.

               The two quickly get into a heated argument once Mitch rights himself and fights off the attack of Zalla and Andie. I press my lips together in a smile as I watch them, and can only imagine what is being said by the guys who aren’t here.

               A beam of sunlight suddenly comes in through the window behind my sink and crosses across my toes on the floor. I move closer to the window, still facing into the living room and bring my wrist up to the sunlight, the beam hitting the center charm and sending a thousand sparkles across my kitchen and into the living room.

               Auston looks up from his controller and meets my eyes. A thoughtful expression on his face as I send another shower of sparkles sprawling across the room. I return my attention to the charm, zeroing in on the individual points and markings, wondering why I didn’t kiss Auston seven weeks ago when he slid it across the table to me.  

Love Triangle pt2

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part 1  part 3

REQUESTED: a love triangle scenario with Jaebum and Jinyoung

Jinyoung x Reader (you) x Jaebum

Word Count: 1616

Warnings: suggestive

note: uh… so… i’m getting to carried away with this… no worries… there will be a part three… LMAO think of this as a mini series. happy reading everyone and take care -admin

You pushed Jaebum away from you with your cheeks flushed bright red. No matter how hard you tried to resist him, he always came back to make you weak to your knees. It was torturous. He left you standing alone months ago, saying that you weren’t the type of girl he would date. And now he was here, claiming that he wanted you. Why couldn’t he leave you alone so you could live your life peacefully? If he left you months ago, why would he come back at a time where you started to develop feelings for Jinyoung?

“Wallet, please.” You managed to breath out, after a hot makeout with Jaebum. But Jaebum just stood there, scanning your face and admiring how cute you were when you are flustered. You, on the other hand, didn’t want to make eye contact with him because you were afraid you would fall for him again.

“Are you free tonight?” Jaebum asked, avoiding your attempts to collect your wallet.

You looked up at him and let out a breathy sigh, “Why?”

“I’m not giving your wallet to you now,” He chuckled under his breath, “Go out with me and I’ll give it back to you.”

“This is bribery.” You argued, getting slightly annoyed that he was using your wallet to ask you out. “I’m not going out with you.”

“Your loss, baby girl.” Jaebum smirked as he flashed you his famous wink. “There’s a lot of money you’re about to lose and I’m sure you want nice clothing to look good everyday.”

You gave him a mean stare and thought about your answer. What if you showed up on the date, just to grab your wallet, and ditched him like he did to you a few months ago. Giving him a taste of his own medicine. But a part of you wanted to go out with him, just so you could build the relationship that was lost months ago.

Sighing to yourself, you looked up at Jaebum and huffed out, “Fine.”

“Really?” Jaebum beamed brightly at you. You’ve known Jaebum for awhile now and you never seen him this excited before. Was your one answer to his question really make him that happy?

“Yes, just text me when you’re going to pick me up and I’ll be ready.” You stated as you observed the boy in front of you get all excited as he started to lose his bad boy look. To be honest, you liked this side of Jaebum. When he was cute and fluffy over small things, it made your heart lurch. And oddly, you wanted this feeling to last.

“Great, I’ll text you,” Jaebum smiled before waving you off, “Wear something nice!”

You waved him goodbye and watched the boy, in the leather jacket, walk down the street and into the car. Letting out a heavy sigh, you finally entered your small house and plopped on the couch, waiting for your food to arrive. You let your thought wander for awhile about the situation between Jinyoung and Jaebum. The difference between them was huge. Jinyoung can treat a girl properly and make her feel like she was on top the world anytime. As for Jaebum, he needs a lesson on how to treat a girl. But he knows how to make your heart race and it was something you wanted a man to do to you. Between the two, your ideal type of man was smack dab in the middle. Hence why it was hard for you to sort out your feelings when both men made you feel great and were both strikingly handsome.

“Food delivery for Miss. (Y/N)!” You heard Jinyoung yell as he entered your house. You hopped off the couch and ran towards him immediately, helping him carry the food to the kitchen.

“Looks good!” You beamed at him as you opened up the bags to meet the nice smell of food.

“I might actually have to put the meat on the pan again just to heat it up.” Jinyoung stated as he took off his jacket to reveal his tight, black t-shirt. You nodded your head as you leaned against the fridge to watch him make his way around your kitchen.

Jinyoung brushed his hair back, his muscles shown prominently as he focused on heating up the food. You never noticed how extremely good looking Jinyoung was when he was focused. The way he bit his lip and his eyebrows furrowed when he focused on his task. To his beautiful pale face, the jawline he had, and a great body - no wonder all the girls went crazy for him. And to think that he rejected every single girl that confessed to him was insane. You wondered if a girl like you would ever get a chance with him.

“(Y/N)?” Jinyoung said, grabbing your attention away from your thoughts about him. He looked into your eyes and gave you his eye smile once he caught you staring at him. You quickly looked away, your cheeks starting to flush red and your heart beating fast.

“Sorry, what did you say?” You asked, getting embarrassed over the fact that Jinyoung caught you staring.

“Nevermind, I think you already answered my question.” Jinyoung laughed as he continued to heat up on food on the stove.

“What is it, Jinyoung?” You whined as your grabbed his arm and begged him to tell you. You even pouted, acted all cute, and hugged him from behind just to get him to talk.

But Jinyoung just laughed and shook his head, “You’re cute, you know that?”

“Fine, be that way.” You stated, acting like your were angry at him for not telling you information. You stomped away and plopped yourself on the couch as Jinyoung in the background got the food ready. Jinyoung knew you weren’t mad at him but he always pushed and pull with you, just to tease you. But then afterwards, he would usually confess his thoughts, making the time you two spent together meaningful. That was what you liked about Jinyoung. Every time you visited him or he visited you, he would always make you feel happy no matter what. And you always wanted a man who made you feel happy, not matter what.

“Are you just sitting here without the TV on?” Jinyoung asked as he stepped into your vision.

“Maybe.” You mumbled, avoiding his eye contact.

“Not looking at me, huh? What can I do to grab your attention?” Jinyoung contemplated to himself. You crossed your arms and looked in the other direction forcing yourself to not look at him. But when a black t-shirt came flying down next to you, you knew that he was tempting you.

Jinyoung sat down next to you, letting out a heavy sigh as he reached over you to grab the TV remote and turn on the TV. You were tempted to look at him, knowing that he was shirtless right beside you. It made your heart race and your cheeks starting to blush again. You bit your lips and thought of different ways to avoid looking at him.

“Food is on the counter, by the way.” Jinyoung spoke up, breaking the silence in the air. “I’m not hungry yet so you can eat first.”

You shifted your body away from him, just to get rid of this feeling. He knew you badly wanted to look at him. Seeing him shirtless this morning wasn’t enough for your eyes since his body was eye candy. Letting out a heavy sigh, you finally stood up from the couch and started to walk over to the kitchen. But hands grabbed your arms and pull you down as you found yourself straddling on top of Jinyoung’s lap.

“Gotchu.” Jinyoung smiled as he sent you a wink. You felt your heart race as you stared at the handsome boy in front of you. You couldn’t help but rest your hands on his chest and look at his amazing body. Jinyoung’s hands grabbed your waist to pull you closer as you looked down at his face.

“Fine, you win.” You breathed out, suddenly getting hot.

Jinyoung flashed a smirk and smiled, “Winners do get a prize, don’t they?”

You stared at the boy in front of you and wondered how could a soft guy turn into a flirty one. But you didn’t care. You were getting sucked into his trance as you leaned down to grab his face and place your lips inches away from his. You could see a smile form on his face as you pressed your lips against his, moving along with the flow of lust. Jinyoung’s hands gripped your waist harder as his lips moved in sync with yours. His tongue slightly nudged the bottom of your lips, asking for enterance. You gasped for air as Jinyoung slipped his tongue into your wet cavern.

For awhile, you remained on Jinyoung’s lap, running your fingers through his soft hair as he kissed your bruised lips. Soon, Jinyoung pushed down on the couch and played with the hem on your shirt as he kissed your exposed neck. You let out a soft moan as Jinyoung started to kiss the sweet spot on your neck, making you go weak under his body. He pulled away from your neck as he looked at your face.

At that moment, you wondered if you wanted to confess your feelings for Jinyoung. The way he was making you feel was beyond than what any man could do. But at the same time, he wasn’t Jaebum. And for a moment, you laid there staring at his face, wondering what to do.

Should you stop this or confess?

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Hiya! ^^ I would like to request hc's about an MC who is a kpop star or part of a group. I imagine they'd all be super surprised to see them at the party! I hope you both are well, and you don't have to do my ask if you wouldn't like to! Oh sorry, I'm starting to ramble again aren't I? Hahaaaa;;;

A/N: IM SO READY FOR THIS, FUCK ME UP (and dont worry i ramble a lot, I don’t think you were rambling sweetheart <3) ~Admin 404


           -He’s a big big fan of kpop

           -Follows all the popular groups and stars almost religiously

           -So when you (or Saeyoung) tell the group what your name is, he’s hYPED


           -You just couldn’t tell him right off the bat that yes, you were that person

           -You decided to surprise him at the party instead!

           -Because nothing is cooler than finding out you’re dating an idol of yours, right???

           -So when he sees you at the party he actually squeals like a little kid because WOW YOU’RE THERE AND YOU’RE AMAZING

           -“YOU KNOW MY S/O HAS THE SAME NAME AS YOU” “Yoosung it is me, I’m MC, I’m your s/o”

           -Poor baby faints right then and there. From then on he’s just always so in awe every time he looks at you. Always telling his friends about you; “Hey did you know i’m dating-” “YES YOOSUNG, YOU’RE DATING MC. THE MC. YES YOU LOVE THEM. YES THEY LOVE YOU. WE GET IT”


           -Yeah he’s heard all the popular groups and stars

           -Has a ton of respect for them all

           -After all, he is a music man himself musicals are different than pop music though zen

           -He’s also a firm believer of “He can date whoever he wants, famous or not”

           -When he’s down in the dumps and you come over to his house to cheer him up he’s really surprised

           -Why is there a famous star on my doorstep?? What do they want?? Are they here to say bad things about me too? whaT IS HAPPENING

           -You have to quickly calm him down and explain that no, you’re just MC and you’re here to cheer him up

           -He’s so confused and stays like that for a solid hour. He talks to you and he’s excited and all but he just…. cannot process that the MC he’s developed strong feelings for is also the famous star MC

           -You’re waiting for him at his home while he brings back some snacks for the two of you and he bursts through his own front door



           -The moment she knew your name, she was suspicious

           -Isn’t one for blindly believing something

           -So she thought it was merely a coincidence that you shared the name of a famous star

           -Except when she saw you in person at the party

           -She kept asking around to make sure that she was seeing you correctly

           -Not to mention she never remembered anyone mentioning the invitation of a famous kpop star???

           -“Jaehee, it’s me. MC. I helped organize the party, I didn’t realize I had to put myself on the list”

           -You helped whAT

           -Then and there is the moment she realized that your name wasn’t a coincidence and that she had asked planned on asking a famous kpop star to be her partner in opening a coffee shop

           -But she doesn’t treat you any differently, not at all. She just kind of fangirls in silence (until you catch her later at the party)


           -“Are you part of that famous group that’s all over the radio all the time?”

           -I guess that’s one way of greeting me, Jumin

           -When he saw you in person it just solidified his assumptions

           -Doesn’t treat you any different than he would have before, because you’re still you

           -You just happen to have a title as well. That doesn’t change who you are inside, ya know, the part he loves

           -But, the fact that you’re famous and you have no body guards concerns him to all hell??

           -That day on you’re surrounded by more body guards than you can even see

           -He actually admits to not hearing any of your work and you just sit there in awe

           -“Jumin do you live under a rock?” “Don’t be ridiculous, I live up here in my penthouse”

           -He actually buys all your albums and anything you’ve ever made later that day. Falls in love with your music and he’s so cute like he wears your merch when the two of you are relaxing at home


           -Knew from the background check, there’s no be reveal for you this time MC

           -Though he was REALLY REALLY excited that you’re the famous kpop star because he loves your music

           -Actually seen you live before which makes meeting you 10x more exciting

           -He throws in lyrics to your songs to try and let you know that “hey, mc, i know who you are but im keeping it a secret from everyone else”

           -HYPED AS HELL! The person he fell in love with is also the celebrity he had the biggest crush on

           -But that also scares the hell out of him because of his job??? He’s supposed to be in the shadows??? How would this even work out?

           -Despite it all, he still came to the apartment to protect you

           -You expected a big “wow i can’t believe its you” but instead you just got ignored and you’re just left there kinda like???? dude???

           -But when the two of you head out to Mint Eye headquarters, your music started to blare in his car and he couldn’t turn it down fast enough

           -EMBARRASSED AS ALL HELL, he’s as red as his hair and finally admits that you’re his favourite recording artist and has been for years. Even admits that he’s the owner of your fanclub fucking dORK


           - can he even see you

           - im sorRY I HAD TO THROW THAT IN JUST FOR 626

           -Really really surprised to see that you’re the famous MC

           -Actually enjoys your music a lot and has photographed you at a few of your shows

           -Never sold the pictures though because those are personal to him what a fanboy

           -He feels TERRIBLE that you got caught up in all of this, he doesn’t think you deserve the trouble at all

           -When he meets you in person, the first thing he does is apologize profusely

           -After a very long time, and the two of you end up together, he didn’t even realize that one day he wore a t-shirt of yours until you pointed it out

           -Immediately starts to stutter and turn bright red. The gig was up so he decided to show you some of those pictures he’s taken as well

           -He’s your favourite photographer at every show from then on and he’s loving the hell out of it <3


           -Also knew from the beginning

           -He’s not into kpop, he’s into some harder music, forget that MC

           - somebody’s being a LLLIIIAAAAAARRRRR

           -After a while, when the two of you get close, you catch him listening to a few of your songs

           -You never say anything though because if you catch him, he gets embarrassed and just walks out of the room

           -Hates publicity (or the public population in general, take your pick) so he avoids it at all cost

           -But he does think it’s pretty cool that you’ve created music, like he wishes he could do something like that

           -Protects you from his fanboy of a brother who’s always hanging all over you

           - calm down saeran it’s in an idol-appreciation way

           -Literally does not care if you’re famous or not. He has no more fucks to give. None I tell you, none

Pull Me Closer

Hey guys! I spent all day writing this because I couldn’t get it out of my head. I hope you enjoy it.

Namjoon x Reader Soulmate AU

(There is character death, it’s minor though)

Originally posted by ilalisa

You stared down at the red string twisting up your pinky finger with disdained as the lecture droned on in the background. You always hated this string. Why should a simple string have so much power over our lives? Why were we destined to fall in love with whoever was tied at the other end? In your opinion, it was extremely unfair.

“Has anyone ever cut their string?”

You glanced up from your string and looked at the fellow classmate who asked the question. You scoffed at the question. Cut the string? You had tried nearly a million times to cut your string. There is no way that someone else was able to succeed.

You tried to cut the string with scissors from your mother’s sewing set. She walked in on you snipping at the air around your finger and knew exactly what you were attempting to do. A gasp escaped her lips as she smacked the scissors out of your hands. “What are you doing?”

“Cutting the string,” you grumbled.

“How are you supposed to find your soulmate if you cut your string?” She questioned. Her eyebrows are arched. Her hands are placed on her hips as she stared at you with narrow eyes. “Don’t be stupid.”

However, if she could see what your string looked like, she would probably want to cut it off as well.

“Only once in all of human history,” your professor answered. Your head snapped as you looked over at your professor. She was an older lady with gray hair and glasses that wore long skirts and sandals. She stood at the front of class with the text book in her hands. “It’s more of a myth than actual history. A couple broke the string somehow. Scholars argue over how they managed to do so. Some say they burned it. Other say that that they cut their fingers off. But the myth says goes that the female was betrothed to a Prince - a man that wasn’t her soulmate. She agreed because at that point she was older and hadn’t met her soulmate yet. However, a few years after the marriage, a rich merchant comes into town and it’s her soulmate. And if you have met your soulmate already, you know that the bond is very strong. They can’t keep away from each other and have an affair. The Prince finds out about the affair about two years later. At first he wanted to execute his wife’s soulmate. The wife convinces him not to. Instead, he banishes the merchant from his kingdom.” The professor paused her story and took a deep breath. “If you guys ever had to take a trip away from your soulmate, you’ll know the feeling of despair that the couple must have been going through. It’s a feeling of emptiness and nothingness. You just don’t feel complete.” Her voice got softer as she explained this part. “So to put an end to their misery, they decided to break the string. Their theory was that if they break the string, they break the bond.”

“Did it work?” Another student asked. “Did they really break the bond?”

“They died soon after breaking the string. No one really knows if it worked. The myth says that when they broke the string, they angered the Gods. So the Gods punished them-”

“Punished them?” A student gasped. “That seems unfair. They were only trying to survive their situation. Maybe the Gods should have made it easier for them.”

“They defied what the Gods have chosen. Yeah, maybe the Gods could have made it easier but maybe the wife should have left her husband for her soulmate,” the professor argued. “Anyways, the Gods destined them to be born on separate continents so that they could never meet.”

“That’s supposed to stop them from meeting?” Someone asked.

“In the time period that this happened, yes. People still traveled on boats and it was usually only merchants and pirates- and soldiers during wartime. This wasn’t in our time when we could just take a plane anywhere.”

“You said that some scholars believed that the burned the string?” The question was out of your mouth before you even realized it. You chastised yourself for speaking out.

The professor gazed over at you. “There is a lot of debate. But yes, one theory is that they burned the string.”

Your friends always described how their string is pulled taut. They described how they could feel a pull and a tug on the string every now and then. They always got so excited. It meant that their soulmate was near.

Looking at your string now as you sat at your dining table, your string wasn’t pulled and stretched tightly. In fact, it never has been. Your string was loose. It pooled around your feet. You would find yourself tangled in it. It looped and had knots. It just doesn’t look like how anyone else describes theirs to look like. It doesn’t look like how the textbooks describes it.

You sighed as you grabbed a candle. You lit it. You stared down at the red string before hesitantly lifting it up. You held it over the flame and just watched. For a moment, it looked like the flame engulfed it but when you pulled your finger away, the string was still in perfection condition.

You let out a defeated groan as you hand falls onto the table with a thud. Life is so unfair.

“Does your string still look different?” You stood in line with your best friend, Cailey, as a local coffee shop. “You still don’t believe in soulmates?”

You rolled your eyes and huffed. “Soul mates are so overrated,” you answered as you moved forward in the line. “Why should a string dictate who we fall in love with? We should be able to chose who we love.”

Cailey chuckled and patted your back. “Don’t worry. I’m sure you’ll find your soulmate one day and he’ll change your whole opinion on it.” She smiled hopefully at you. “Besides, the string doesn’t decide who you’ll fall in love with. There are platonic soulmates too, you know. It’s just easier to fall in love with your soulmate because they are supposed to compatible with you.”

You sighed before turning your attention back towards the front of the line. There was still about four people in front of you. You still didn’t like the idea of a string choosing who fits with you. What made this red string so special?

You were walking to class the first time you ever felt it.

You didn’t realize it at first. Your attention was on getting to class that slight tugging feeling went unnoticed. You weaved your way through the crowds. When you had stepped around a particular group of girls, you overheard a bit of their conversation.

“Are you going to the BTS concert tonight?” the shortest one with curly hair had asked excitedly. You glanced over at her as you walked by. She was bouncing on her feet with a huge smile on her feet. “I still can’t believe I got tickets.”

“Of course. I’m going to see Rap Monster!” Someone had answered her. Your mind had barely processed her words because you felt the biggest tug on your hand. It caused you stumbled back and fall onto your butt. The girls all turned to help you up.

“Oh my gosh are you okay?” the shortest one asked you.

“Yeah,” you answered. You looked around you, trying to see if you could spot who had pulled you back. “Did you see who pulled me?” You asked.

“No one pulled you,” the girls answered.

“It must be your string!” one of the girls gasped excitedly. “You’re soulmate must be nearby!” The rest of the girl squealed in excitement.

You opened your mouth to protest. You were ready to explain how their assumption was wrong. But your gaze fell onto your finger. Your eyes widened and jaw dropped.

This was the first time you had ever seen the string pulled taut. It was the first time that the red string wasn’t pooled around your feet. It was the first time it was tangled around you. It was the first time you had ever seen it stretched.

“What?” you gasped quietly.

“Can you still feel the tugging?” the shortest one asked. “If you can, he might be close enough to find him.”

You shook your head. Your mind was too amaze to answer.

“What’s a BTS?” Cailey friend stopped walking to look at a poster hung up in the window at a market. You stopped walking as well.

“I think it’s a band or something. These girls were talking about a concert earlier today when-” You words are stopped as your eyes fall onto the poster.

“They’re kind of hot, huh?” She giggled.

It’s the second time in your whole life that you felt a tug on you string as you stared up at the man with dimples who stood in the middle of the poster. There were others on the poster but your eyes were glued to him.

“Does he look familiar to you?” You asked Cailey as you point to him.

“Nope. I have never seen him before.” She answered. She raised an eyebrow as she looked over at your face. “Why?”

“I…” There was a feeling of nostalgia and longing as you stared at him. For some reason, you just wanted to reach out to him. You could feel tears building up in your eyes. You quickly blinked them away and teared your attention away from the poster. “He just seemed familiar,” you explained with an airy chuckle. “I probably saw his picture online or something. He must be famous to have a concert, huh?”

“Yeah. That’s probably it,” she quickly agreed. “Let’s get some snacks,” she grabbed your hand and pulled you inside of the market.

You woke up the next day and immediately looked at your string. You sighed in disappointment as the string is tangled in your blankets. Yesterday was too good to be true. It must have been a fluke. Or maybe the gods liked to play with the hearts of innocent girls.

It hardly seemed fair that the bliss of knowing that you had a soulmate, the happiness of knowing that there was someone out there for you, the contentment of knowing that your weren’t destined to be alone could only last for less than a day.

You should have never bought into the whole soulmate thing. It seemed that your were destined for disappointment.

You heaved your body out of your bed and headed towards the kitchen to make coffee.

“Namjoon, are you okay?” Jin had approached him during a studio session. It was just the two of them because Jin had told him he only wanted to re-sing a part of a song they were working on.

Namjoon looked up his computer and over at Jin. Jin had a clear look of concern on his face as he worried about his younger member. Namjoon brows furrowed at the question. “Yeah, I’m good. Why?”

“You just…Since we got back you have been acting strange,” Jin explained as he nervously played with his fingers. “You’ve been staring at your string a lot lately… did something happen?”

“No…It’s nothing. Thanks for worrying about me.”

“Oh my gosh. I still can’t believe that you are leaving me to go to Korea!” Cailey whined as she drove you to the airport. “You don’t even know Korean,” she complained.

You laughed at her reaction. “I’m just going for two months. It’s part of a study abroad program. I get to tutor students in English.” You nudged her. “I’ll miss you too,” you playfully sing.

“Ah. Who said anything about missing you?” She scoffed. “In fact, I’m glad you’re going. I need a break away from your mopey aura.” She sighed as she pulled up in front of the airport. “Are you okay. Do you want me to go inside with you?”

“I’m sure I can handle myself,” you responded as you gathered your bags from the back seat. “I’ll make sure to call you when I land.”

“Yes, no matter what time it is!” She agreed. “Find yourself a hot Korean fling while you’re at it,” she laughed.

“What happened to saving yourself for your soulmate?” You questioned.

“Eh, if Koreans are as hot as those boys on that poster-”

“Oh my gosh, that was like a year ago!” You laughed. “How do you remember them?”

“Because I googled them when I got home. Their name is BTS. If you meet them get me an autograph.” She hurriedly unbuckled her seatbelt and reached over to envelop you into a hug. “Besides, their faces we kind of unforgettable.”

For once you agreed, but you didn’t tell her. You couldn’t get the dimpled face out of your mind. You couldn’t forget him. His face always came to surface in your thoughts when you found yourself dozing off during a lecture. Remembering him brought back the longing feeling.

“I’ll see you in two months,” you said as you finally bring yourself to open the car door. “Don’t miss me too much.”

“Ms Y/N!” one of your students called to you. You looked across the classroom to see a group of girls giggling as they all watched a video on one of their phones. “Come watch this!” The same girls grins at you as she waved you over.

You walked towards them. “You’re supposed to be doing your work,” you scolded lightly. But you couldn’t find it in you to be upset as you approached them. Besides, you were just a tutor and not an actual teacher. They all groaned and pleaded for a break. “A small break. But then get back to work.”

“Watch it! It’s BTS. They’re really good,” she pointed the phone towards you.

You watched as the group of guys danced and sang on screen. You blinked at the screen as the dimpled man came to the front of the group. “Is he rapping?” you asked as you noticed that he didn’t seemed to be singing like the others so far.

“Yeah. That’s Rap Monster!”

“Rap Monster,” you repeated as you watched the video. You felt a tugging on finger but you ignored it. Ever since you arrived in Seoul a month ago, your string seemed to alway be tugging and pulling you. Watching him brought back that longing feeling. Another one of them moved to the front to rap, “Oh another rapper?” you asked.

“Yeah. There’s three rappers.”

“Namjoon,” this time it was the whole group who approached him. They noticed that his behavior seemed strange lately. He was always anxious. He seemed to be always waiting for something that is never going to happen.

“Yeah?” he answered. He was concentrating on writing new lyrics. He suddenly had a spout of inspiration.

“Is everything alright with you?” Jin asked as he eyed the member with concern. “You’ve been acting strange lately…”

“I have a soulmate!” Namjoon declared happily as he looked up from his notebook. He watched as a confused look crossed all of his member’s face.

“Everyone has a soulmate,” Yoongi was the first to respond.

“Not me,” Namjoon answered as he shook his head. “It least I didn’t, or I thought I didn’t…” his words turned into mumbles towards the end. “My string was always different so I thought it meant that I didn’t have a soulmate.”

“Different?” Jungkook asked. “How so?”

“It wasn’t like stretched, you know. Like it felt like there wasn’t anyone on the other end pulling at it,” he explained. “But then a month ago, suddenly it’s pulled tight. Usually there’s a lot of extra string everywhere, but this time it’s actually stretched. And sometimes I feel a tug. That has never happened to me before, you know.”

The group remained silent as they processed their leader’s words. Taehyung is the first one to speak again with a bright smile on his face. “Your soulmate must be close by then! We should go find her!” He excitedly shouts. “Do you feel the tugging now? We should follow it until we find her!”

Yoongi scowled at the suggestion. “We can’t just-”

“No. I don’t feel any tugging now. But maybe later if I feel it I could follow it,” Namjoon sighed happily. “It just feel so nice to know that you have a soulmate. I thought I would spend my whole life without knowing.”

“What are you going to say when you finally meet her?” Hoseok asked. “Have you thought about it.”

“Hmm… I’ll just say ‘I’m Namjoon and I’m your soulmate’” Namjoon answered.

“You can’t just-” Jin started only to be interrupted by Yoongi.

“It’s short, simple, and straight to the point. I like it,” Yoongi patted Namjoon’s back before heading out of the room.

It was dimple man, Rap Monster. Except it wasn’t him. He looked different. But behind the different face, it felt like it was dimples man. You glanced around you, noticing that you were both standing in an open field. The sky was a bright blue. There seemed to be an endless amount of grass and flowers.

“Y/N. I can’t live without you anymore. It hurts,” he said. You turned your attention back towards him. He was staring at you with a desperate look on his face, he seemed like he was in intense pain. His hands reached out to grab you but your body moved away.

You wanted to reach out and comfort him. But it felt like you had no control over your body. “Namjoon. We can’t do this anymore. I must stay with my husband.” The words came out of your mouth but it wasn’t your voice.

“Don’t you feel it? The emptiness. Y/N, I feel so hopeless when I am without you. I can’t stand to be without you.” He pleaded. There were tears falling down his face. Your heart wept for him.

“Namjoon, we can’t,” you voice quivered. “My husband…he’ll kill you,” you pleaded. “Please, forget about me. Go live your laugh happily.” You felt hollow inside. You felt empty.

“We know that is impossible. We are soulmates. We have a bond, it’s unbreakable,” he laughed bitterly. “Just run away with me. We can be in a new city by sundown. Just come with me.”

“I can’t. I have a duty to my people.” You shook your head. “Perhaps if I would have met you earlier, then things could be different.”

“But the bond-”

“It can be broken,” you answered. “We can break it. And then we can be happy without each other.” You could feel tears fall down your cheeks. He reached a hand out to wipe them away. “Please. Let’s break it.”

“I…If it is what you truly want. I’ll do anything for you.”

You woke up with a startled. You wrapped you body around your pillow. Tears fell down you face as you wept for the couple. They were so in love but they could never be together. You could feel her pain. It felt so real. You wanted to run away with him. She wanted to run away from him. But her heart was torn between her love in him and her love for her people.

Why were the Gods so cruel?

Rain pelted Namjoon in the face. The sky was dark and gloomy. He could hear the distant thunder and a see the flash of lightning. His clothes were soaked and clung to his body.

He breathing is uneven. There is a sharp unbearable pain on the side of his stomach. His hands clenched at it. When he pulled his hand away to look at it, he found it soaked with blood. He wheezed as he tried to sit up, but his body seemed paralyzed. He wanted to call for help, but he couldn’t speak.

A figure appeared before him. It had a shape of a woman. Y/N. He thought.

The woman chuckled. “No. I’m not her,” she responded to his unspoken thought.

His eyebrows furrowed in confusion until realization hits him. A Goddess. Please help me. Save me.

She chuckled again as she leaned down. “Yes. I am a Goddess. But sadly, I’m not here to save you. I’m here to punish you.” She explained. She clicked her tongue. “Namjoon, you’ve done a very bad thing. You broke your soulmate bond.”

I’m sorry. Please. He begged.

“I know it wasn’t your idea. It was Y/N. You should have disagreed. Well, no you both have to be punished.” She ran her hand through his hair comfortingly.

No. Please. Leave her be. I’ll take the punishment.

“You see, even without the bond. You still care for her. We Gods only wish to help you connect with someone who you can always rely on. That’s what the string is for.” She sighed. “If it were my decision, you wouldn’t be punished for it. Some of the Gods are over reacting, they feel to insulted. But I must.”


“Close your eyes, Namjoon. You won’t be in pain anymore when you awake in a new life,” she spoke softly, with sympathy. “At least not physically. However, you will live without ever meeting Y/N ever again. You will live with both of your souls on separate continents. And when you die again and reawaken again, you will still be on different continents. For you are to long for the bond you broke. That is your punishment.”

Please. Don’t.

“Close your eyes, my child. Be at peace.”

“Namjoon! Wake up!”

Namjoon eyes fluttered open to see Yoongi watching him with concern. He groaned as he sat up. “Where am I?” he grumbled.

“At your studio. I was coming by to see if you want food but you were screaming in your sleep.” Yoongi explained. He handed Namjoon a water bottle, which he gulped at appreciatively. “You okay man. It seemed intense.”

“It was intense,” Namjoon responded. “Very intense.”

“You want to talk about it?” Yoongi asked.

Namjoon shook his head. “No. It’s over now.”

You felt the tugging on your fingers. This time it seemed insistent. It wasn’t the usual tug or two and then it stopped. It was as if it wanted to lead you somewhere. You tried to ignore it as your browsed the English section at the bookstore.

“We should start walking towards the fanmeet!” a girl said to her friend as the walked by the bookcase you stood at. “It starts soon and I don’t wanna miss out at my one chance to meet BTS.”

You interest piqued as you heard the group name. The tugging became more prominent but you still stood at the bookcase.

“I can’t wait to see Rap Monster,” her friend responded as they walked out of the door.

At the sound of his name, the tugging sensations turned into a hard jerk towards the door. You thought your arm was going to be pulled off. You give in to the pull and began to walk out of the bookstore and into the mall. The pull lead you the same directions as the girls, you could see them up ahead.

However, it stopped about halfway and yanked you into a coffee shop. You let out a squeak as you stumbled inside and into someone else’s body. “Oh my gosh. I’m so sorry,” you apologized in broken Korean. “Sorry,” you repeated once more in English, just in case your pronunciation had been off.

“Y/N?” Your named fell out of the person’s mouth.

Your head snapped up to see dimple man, Rap Monster, standing in front of you with a surprised look on his face. You had wanted to ask how he knew your name but the sudden desire to hug him came over you. You don’t know why you hugged him but it felt right. His arms wrapped around you and pulled you closer to him. His hold was tight, as if he was afraid you would slip away.

The sound of someone clearing their throat brought you both back into reality. You pulled yourself away from him even though your body protested against it. You face was flushed as you tried to form coherent sentences in your mind.

“How - How did you know my name?” You questioned as you pointed at him. “Why did we just hug? Why do I still want to hug you?”

Someone spoke to Rap Monster in Korean. It was the first time you noticed that the rest of the group was with him.

“Namjoon. What’s going on? Do we need to call security?”

Namjoon shook his head at whatever he said. His eyes never left you. “Y/N,” he repeated. “My name is Namjoon and I am your soulmate.”

Your eyes widened at his answer. “What? Are you crazy?” You questioned as you backed away from him.

“How did you find me?” He asked. “It’s because you felt the pull, right? I felt it too.”

You shook your head. “Oh my gosh. My soulmate is a BTS member,” you whispered in disbelief. You hadn’t meant for him to hear you.

His eyes lit up. The smile grew on his face. “You know us? You know BTS? Are you a fan?” He asked excitedly. “You like our music?”

“No,” you answered. “My students like you a lot,” you explained. His smile fell for a second but it returned back fast.

“You’re a teacher? English?”

“I’m just tutoring some students while studying,” you answered. “I leave in a week.”

“You leave?” He asked, his eyes widened. “Already? We just met.”

One of the members spoke to him in Korean again. It sounded very urgent. Namjoon argued for a moment before sighing.

“I have to go to the fanmeet now. Um. You wait here until I finish. I’ll come back!” He looked hopeful. His members had to drag him out of the shop.

You watched until he disappeared.

“Oh my gosh!” Cailey squealed at you. You watched her on the screen of your laptop as you sat in bed. “You met your soulmate while in Korea. That’s insane!” She clapped happily. “Tell me all the details. Is he handsome? What does he do? Have you gone on a date yet? Are you getting married?”

You groaned at the million questions that flew out of her mouth. “It’s complicated, Cailey.” You rubbed at your face in frustration. “It’s not a practical relationship. Besides, I don’t think I’ll see him again. We didn’t even exchange numbers or anything.”

“What do you mean?” she asked. “He’s your soulmate. It is destined to work out.”

“He lives here in Korea. I live back home with you. There’s too much distance. It would never work out. Besides, he’s an idol. It would ruin his image.” You grumbled.

“AN IDOL!” She screeches. “You are so lucky! Who is it?”

You sighed. “It doesn’t matter.”

“Yes it does!”

You sighed again. “It’s Rap Monster from BTS.”

She screamed again and you contemplated ending the skype call. “Oh my gosh! BTS! I am like one step away from my true love Jin!”

“You already have your soulmate,” you reminded her.

She pouted. “Why do you get a K-Idol soulmate? You  don’t even want a soulmate,” she stuck her tongue out at you. “Come on. What’s the worst thing that could happen? Just meet up with him again.”

“I can’t,” you responded. “I never got his number or anything. He had to leave for a fanmeet. He asked me to wait but I was just too overwhelmed so I ending up leaving.” You shrugged. “Besides, I leave in a week.”

“Y/N,” she said softly. “I just want you to be happy.”

“I am happy,” you argued. “I was happy. I don’t need a soulmate to be happy.”

“That was before you met him. Now that you actually met him, it’s going to feel different. You don’t feel it already? How long ago was it when you met him?”

“Yesterday,” you mumbled. You knew exactly what she was talking about. Even though it had been only twenty-four hours, you already missed him. You sighed. “I’ll survive. It’s what I’m meant to do.”

You feel an immense emptiness inside every time you looked down at you string to see it slackened in a tangled mess. You feel an immense amount of regret every time see the red string pile on the floor by your feet. You feel an immense longing every time you think of him.

But you continued on. You were determined. You survived without him before. You hardly even knew the guy. There was no way you could have this deep connection. But you did anyway.

“Are you sure you are up for a world tour?” Jin asked with concern. “I mean, I know you must be hurting since she left.”

Namjoon sighed deeply. “Yeah. I can manage.”

“If only we knew where she was from, we could hold a concert in that city and try to find her,” Hoseok commented.

Namjoon jumped up at the idea. “Of course. Of course! Why didn’t I think of that?” He smiled hopefully.

“Think of what?” Hoseok questioned.

“Our last tour. There was a city we stopped in and I felt a tug. I didn’t think much of it then. But now, that must be where she lives!”

It’s been at least seven months since you left Korea. Seven months of you feeling absolutely hollow. Seven months and you still weren’t used to the way your red string dragged behind you.

“BTS is going on tour again!” Cailey smiled at you.

“Good for them,” you grumbled.

“Maybe they’ll have another concert here,” she nudged you. “Maybe you can find Namjoon again.”

“I doubt it,” you responded. “Our city isn’t known to host concerts often.”

“But they had one here before!” She argued.

You shrugged as you looked away from her.

The last time you felt it, it was 8 months ago. You forgot what it felt like.

You had been sitting in class when you felt the tug. You gasped as you looked down at your string. Once again it was pulled taut. You bite on your bottom lip before deciding to ignore it as you continued to take notes.

However, your note taking ceased. You stared blankly at your professor. You couldn’t concentrate with the tugging sensation.

“Let’s get some snacks,” Jin said. “I saw a grocery store just down the street.”

BTS were settling into the hotel room. They had a concert the next night and then they had a break in the city for a week until they had to move to the next place.

Namjoon was hoping he could find you within that week.

You felt a tug as soon as you stepped into the market. You decided again, just to ignore it. You lived in a big city, there’s no way you would run into him. All he had to do was perform at his concert and then go.

You placed some fruit into your basket. The tugging feeling grew more insistent as you ignored it. You walked towards the snack aisle.

There were two males standing in the aisle, There eyes widened as they saw you but you didn’t really pay any attention to them. You just wanted to find a bag of chips and then go home and avoid going outside until your string stopped pulling at you.

You finally chose a bag and placed it in your cart. You were about to walk out of the aisle when you felt a hard jerk. You stumbled to keep your balance. You sucked in a breath. The last time you felt a tug that hard, he was close by.

You hesitantly turned around to see that he had joined the two males at the other end of the aisle. His eyes were glued on to you as he walked forward. You string pulled at you to move closer to him but you panicked.

You panicked so badly that you ran out the store despite Namjoon begging you to stop.

You were telling Cailey what happened over a panicked phone call. There was a judging silence from her as you finished the story.

“Cailey?” You called, wondering if she hung up.

“You ran away from your soulmate, again? Don’t you think you’re being selfish?”

“Selfish?” You questioned. “How am I being selfish?”

“I know you think that you are handling the pain from being away from him just fine. But you aren’t. You act like you are but you aren’t.” She sighed. “I just want to strangle you!” She growled in frustration.

“How is any of this selfish?” You asked again.

“Have you thought about how he must feels. The bond goes both way. He must be miserable and dying. Imagine how he feels that his soulmate keeps running away from him?”

You never thought about that. “I-” you stuttered. You couldn’t wrap your head around how bad Namjoon must be feeling now. You never gave a second thought that he would feel the emptiness too. “I have to apologize.”

“Do you get it now?”

“I have to find him!” You stood up and searched for your coat.

“Where are you going?” Cailey asked. “It’s dark outside. You don’t even know where he is!”

You slipped your shoes on. “I can feel my string pulling me. I’ll just follow it.”

“Y/N. Just wait until morning!” She shouted from the other end of the line. “There’s no point going out right now to find him. He’ll still be here tomorrow.”

You bit on your bottom lip as you stood in front of your door. The tugging was coaxing you outside. “I’m going. I’ll text you when I get back home.” You hung up the phone before she could talk you out of it.

Namjoon couldn’t sleep with the constant tugging. He also couldn’t sleep because he couldn’t stop thinking about how you ran away. He thought maybe you were busy and had to leave when he had asked you to wait back in Korea. But now he knew that you meant to go.

He sighed before putting his shoes one and quietly slipping out of the hotel room.

The tugging lead you to a park. You could see him sitting on a bench. Panic filled you again, it was telling you to flee once again. However, this time you forced yourself to move forward. You forced yourself to continue forwards.

You came up besides him. “Namjoon.” It was the first time you ever said his name. It tasted like honey and tea.

He looked over at you. He hopped up once he realizes that it is you. “Y/N.” He whispered. He reached out to hug you but stopped halfway. He hands dropped to his sides.

“I owe you an apology,” you began. “I never really believed in this whole soulmate thing because, well I never thought I had a soulmate. You know, my string was different.” You explained.

“So was mine,” Namjoon agreed. “I didn’t think I had one either.”

“And when I met you, I just panicked. I didn’t think about how it would make you feel. I never really paid attention to the whole soulmate thing and I didn’t realize that you would feel…” you words trailed off as you stared down at your shoes.

Namjoon hesitantly grabbed hold of your hand. You looked up at him. “It’s okay. I forgive you,” he smiled at you warmly. You smiled back at him. “I feel like I’ve been looking for you for hundreds of years.”

“I feel like I have been waiting for hundreds of years.”

You sat by the window in your tower as you watched expectantly. “Princess Y/N, we brought you lunch,” you looked over at the servant girl who placed a tray of food on the table in front of you.

“Thank you,” you responded. “Has there been any visitors?” You asked.

The servant girl shook her head. “No Princess. May I ask who it is you are waiting for?” Her head was bowed and she avoided your gaze as she spoke.

“My soulmate,” you whispered.

She gasped before looking up at you. It was the first time since marrying the prince that anyone dared to look at you directly. “I thought you severed the string.”

“The string does not break the bond. It just makes it harder to find each other,” you explained. “The string is a gift from the Gods. It acts as a compass. But even without the string, the bond will be there. You will still feel the same way.”

“So you soulmate is coming for you?” she asked. Her eyes had an excited glint. “He’s going to take you away? You’ll be happy finally?”

“He must be just on the other side of the hill. I feel it.” You gazed out the window. “He’ll be here by nightfall. And then we can run away together.”

You picked up the cup of tea only to have the servant take it out of your hands. “Princess, if what you say is true. If your soulmate is to come and take you away, then don’t drink this tea.” She placed the cup back on the table. “It was brewed by the Prince himself.”

You blinked at her before sighing. “Thank you. I wish you the best when I leave.”

Namjoon’s bloody body was found before nightfall. Your cup is empty by morning.

Win You Over (Hamilton x Reader)

Words: 1+

Request:  Request for Alexander Hamilton x Reader inspired by the song Roses by The Chainsmokers ? SONG

A/N: I kind of trailed away from the song a little (im sorry) but the basic premise is that they want to win over the person they like and keeping them to themselves It got way too fluffy and adorable and i loved writing this

Hamilton was convinced he could win you over.

You expressed dismay every time he spoke loudly in front of Congress, debating with Jefferson. You were one of Madison’s assistants, and from Madison’s descriptions of the man, you disliked him as well. It was a constant yelling fight between Jefferson and Hamilton, and you wished every day that it was over.

After one of the debates, Hamilton walked over to you, smiling, “How’d you like my arguments?” You frowned at him.

“Well, since I lost hearing in one of my ears, doesn’t seem like it was the best.” Yes, your ears were ringing, and yes, you felt a headache coming on. You had to admit, his points were logical and much more realistic than Jefferson’s.

But you weren’t going to tell him that.

He leaned on your desk, his hands placed on either side of yours. “I know you don’t hate me. You like me, admit it.” You rolled your eyes.

“That would be the day, Hamilton.”

And that’s how your relationship was with him. He always walked over to your desk, telling you how amazing and intellectual you were and how much you two were alike. He was consistent, strolling to your desk every day at seven in the morning with coffee. You wondered how he knew how you preferred your beverage, but he just shrugged his shoulders, skipping away to bother someone else. Eventually, after weeks of this, you finally put down your quill, looking up at him.

“If we go out once, would you stop bothering me every day?” You asked, and a smile almost broke his face. He nodded quickly.

“I’ll pick you up tonight. Please wear your most replaceable clothing.” Before you could question him why, he again slipped away, seeing the questions in your eyes. That night, you wore your most disposable clothes.

He brought you two to a lake. You looked at him like he was insane, but he just grinned at you, jumping into the lake at full speed. You couldn’t help but laugh at him, and he smiled at you back, gesturing you to the water.

“No way. Nope, I’m not going in there.” He sighed.

“Y/N, have you ever did something that didn’t follow the rules? You’ve been stuck next to that stuffy Madison and Jefferson. Have some fun in your life for once? Just let go.” He dived under the water, leaving you to think.

He was right. You always followed the rules, always stuck to what your mentors taught you was right and proper. You looked at the dark water in front of you. Closing your eyes, you walked in. You felt arms wrap around your waist, pulling you under. You gasped as the cold hit you, and you heard him laughing in the background. You glared at him, and he was all smiles.

“You can’t just go halfway, Y/N. If you make the plunge, you have to give it all you’ve got.” You snorted at his inspirational phrase. He swam around you. Luckily, it was the middle of summer, so you two weren’t going to freeze to death. The water was still cool, but it was bearable after a few minutes.

You two laughed and joked around in the water. Hamilton didn’t seem as bad as they said: He was kind, funny, and he talked more than anyone else you knew (that part was actually true). When you guys walked out of the water, Hamilton’s hair was sticking to his face. He shook his head quickly, and you yelled at him for getting it on you, a huge grin on your face. He laughed, pushing his hair away from his face.

“You know, now that I’m thinking about it, whose lake is this?” You asked, looking out past the river. You saw a house in the distance, luckily, there wasn’t a source of light that you could spot. This place seemed familiar, but you just couldn’t put your finger on it.

“James Madison.” He whispered, and you gasped.

“Madison? My boss, Madison?” He nodded, giving you a wryly smile. You quickly squeezed the water out of your clothes, glaring at Hamilton. “You idiot, we have to get out of here before his guards come.” Hamilton laughed, waving a hand at you.

“It’s fine, I checked already, there’s no one h-“

“Hey! What do you two think you’re doing?” You both turned to the voice, you instantly recognizing one of James’s guards. You gave Hamilton a look, before turning back. The man eyes widened once he saw your face. “Y/N?” You smiled sheepishly. “You know, I would let you go, but you aren’t alone. I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine, just take us to Madison.” You grumbled. Of course, you weren’t going to put up a fight since he does know who you are. You two followed the guard back to Madison’s home. Hamilton was whispering ways that you two could run, but you ignored him. For sure the guard would tell Madison you were there, and there’s no way you could get out of it.

“I say we kill him.” Hamilton mumbled in your ear. You pushed him away. He must be joking.


You three made it to Madison’s home. James was still dressed in his outerwear, and he frowned when you appeared before his eyes. Hamilton and you were still soaked, so he asked that you stand on the porch, outside of his front door. The guard explained how he found you two, then walked away, patrolling the rest of the property. James glared at you, completely ignoring the man next to you.

“What the hell were you thinking, Y/N? Did Hamilton put you up to this?”

“Sir, I can explain…” Hamilton interrupted, standing in front of you.

“It was my fault, I brought Y/N out here for a date. You and me both know that Y/N is kind of a bore, so I thought bringing them out here would be a good idea.” You were ready to hit Hamilton, but you saw Madison’s gaze on you, crossing his arms. You smiled sheepishly, rubbing the back of your head.

“Sir, I-“

“You like Hamilton? Since when were you two courting?” There was a small smirk on his lips as he looked at the two of you. You widened your eyes at the misunderstanding.

“No, we’re not-“

“I finally convinced Y/N to court me today, I guess they couldn’t help but like my moves.” You hit him on the arm, hard, and he winced, moving away from you.

“I went with him to shut him up. I didn’t know that he’d bring me here. After we were in the lake, he told me that this was your property. I’m so sorry, sir. I didn’t know.” Madison scanned you and Hamilton once over, then laughed loudly. You looked at him nervously, a small smile on your face.

“I’ll let you off with a warning this time, Y/N. There better not be a next time,” before he closed the door on the both of you, he looked back, “You’re getting extra work tomorrow. Understood?”

“Yes sir.” He closed the door on your faces, leaving you with a grinning Hamilton. You marched away, knowing how to get home from there. Hamilton caught up to you, walking next to you. He nudged your shoulder a couple of times, and you finally glanced over at him. His hair was nearly dry now, hanging in strands across his head. You wondered why he was so happy, since you two were almost killed by James. He wiggled his eyes at you, and you shook your head, a small smile on your face forming. His happiness was contagious. “Why are you smiling, Hamilton? We almost died back there.”

He shrugged his shoulders, walking backwards in front of you. “Maybe it’s because you like me.”

“I do not-“

“Yes you do.”



“No, I don’t.”

“Mhm, you do.”

You stopped walking, folding your arms across your chest. “Alexander, if you keep on saying that I like you, I’ll punch you in the face.” His smiled almost broke his face, and you were even more confused than before. “Really? I just threatened you, and you still have that stupid smile on your face.”

“You never called me Alexander before. Now I know we are on a first name basis.” Oh hell, you did call him by his first name. You knew you were beginning to like him, and you hated that he suspected you already.

“I really hate, you, you know that right?” He shook his head, his face moving closer to yours. He was inches apart, and you felt your skin turn a bright red. He laughed, backing away.

“You’re blushing.”  

“It’s dark, you cannot see if I’m blushing or not. And I’m not, by the way.”

“You could see those red cheeks houses away from here.”

“You’re going to make me quit my job.” He shook his head at you.

“You wouldn’t.”

“I would.”




“I’m not starting this again.”

You had to admit, Hamilton grew on you. Every day after that, he would stay at your desk longer, and you didn’t mind. He was charming and smart. Whenever another congressman walked up to you, he would glare, saying vulgar things behind their back and making obscene gestures. You scowled him for it constantly, but he always shrugged his shoulders. Whenever Madison or Jefferson would appear during one of these incidents, they would wink at you. You frowned always, ignoring their teases.

You didn’t know that Hamilton wanted you to only look at him, to keep you to himself. Any one that was a danger of taking you away from him, would have had to deal with his arguing and insults. After you noticed that barely anyone would come up to talk to you, you confronted Hamilton about it.

“Alex, I need to talk with you.” He quickly put down his papers, walking over to you. You sighed, holding your forehead.

“No one is talking to me anymore because they’re afraid you might end their career.” He looked at you innocently, glancing around.

“I would never do such a thing.”

“Alexander, stop threatening people. Let them talk to me. If someone talks to me, I better not see you in the background insulting them. I will hit you. I’m not going to fall in love with any of these men around here.”

For the first time, you saw Hamilton stutter, and it amused you. You knew that he was driving the men away for a reason, and it made you laugh. You knew you liked him (you did not admit it to him yet) and it was funny to see him so flustered. You walked back to your desk, sitting down.

“Y/N, I, I was not doing this. I just…”

“I like you, Alex, I do. But let me get my work done, let people talk to me, okay?” You grumbled, organizing your papers. Hamilton stood there, frozen. You raised an eyebrow, puzzled.


“You said it, you said that you liked me. You like me?” He blurted out quickly, you barely heard what he was saying. After a few seconds of staring at him, you blinked.


You just confessed to him, without even meaning to. You gazed into his eyes, and he was elated, the warmth coming from them. You blushed, putting your face into your hands. You felt his touch yours, pulling them away from your face.

“You can’t just confess your undying love for me and not allow me to react.” Hamilton chuckled, tilting your face up to his. “I’ve been waiting for this for a while, Y/N. Let me look at you.” His eyes went to your lips, and he moved his face closer. You closed your eyes, and before his lips touched yours, he whispered softly. “I love you, and I’m never going to let anyone else have you.”

Finding Home (1)

Summary: Avengers High School AU. Gender neutral reader-insert. You, the new kid, just want to be left alone. But instead, you get the Avengers gang – and maybe, a new home too.

Warnings: Cursing. Mentions of weed? Something resembling a panic / anxiety attack, though probably not, but just in case. No specific ship in this entire story, tbh, but I’ll make sure to add some fluff + sexual tension between you and everyone, lol.

Author’s Note: HEY. So, it has been a long time since I’ve written any fanfic, much more an Avengers fanfic. I hope all the characters are in character, ehehe. So, I’ve decided to do a series of connected one-shots of your high school senior year with the Avengers gang + other Marvel characters, inspired by the 30 day drabble challenge (although I will not be doing drabbles, and for now, I’ll just do seven of them, depending on my inspiration). So, hope that you enjoy this! Let me know if there are any mistakes. Thank you! (:

Finding Home: Part #1: beginning. Part #2: accusation. Part #3: restless. Part #4: coin. Part #5: haze.

1: beginning

n. a starting point / new or inexperienced

This office was such a fucking dump. You looked at the pee-colored wall, bare but for the chippings on the corners by the ceiling. Good thing a few bulky, metal cabinets covered that eyesore of a wallpaper – although that still didn’t help in the general aesthetic quality of the room. There wasn’t even a window in here.

Your gaze fell on the small desk in front of you, unoccupied except for a laptop, a fuckton of paperwork, and some kind of 1940 action figure of a man in blue-white-red spandex. Oh, and of course, the name of your class advisor-slash-guidance counselor on a rusty, golden plaque: Mr. Phil Coulson.

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Sparks Chapter 15

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Pairing: Bucky(POV) X Reader(POV) ft. other characters from the avengers team

Word Count: 2.3K

Summary: Tower Christmas Party ft. all the avengers team members. Bucky gets you for Secret Santa and has trouble deciding what to give you.

A/N: This is a story about two people building a great friendship and then slowly falling in love. y/n is a strong, independent, and smart scientist. She meets Bucky when she wakes him up from cryo sleep and they become friends. This is going to have all the angst / best friends falling in love / fluff / drama / & eventual smut ;) that I can possibly fit in it. This fic is going to be looong! So far my document is like 50,000 words. So editing is hard If you catch any grammatical or formatting errors let me know.

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Parallel Lines (Chris x MC)

Summary: You and Chris - passion brought you together, passion broke you apart, and seven years after graduation, passion led you to each other again, perhaps as fate’s way of closure.

Author’s note: This is my entry for #ChoicesCreates with the prompt “Passion led us here.” @pb-boeboe (Rating: T)


Parallel Lines (Chris x MC)

“Christopher Powell. Please proceed to Gate 32. Last call for Christopher Powell.”

You quickly put down the book you were reading. Chris?, you ask yourself, eyes darting side to side, searching for the way to Gate 32. It’s been seven years since college graduation. That means seven years since you last saw Chris.

Chris. Your college sweetheart. Your on-again, off-again Hartfeld boyfriend.

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