why would you put the red head with a red background

*pounds fist on table* ok i need to talk about the god-tier klance moments in s3e03 “the hunted” because damn there’s a couple scenes that are so powerful and important and i just….holy shit. buckle up, y’all.

this episode is fucking great for a lot of reasons, but one of my favorite parts of it is how much it shows the development of keith & lance’s relationship: especially 1) how good lance has become at grounding keith & helping him control his reckless impulses, and 2) how keith feels like he can be open and honest with lance about his fears/insecurities––which is a big fucking deal because we’ve almost never seen him do this. 

the first scene that really struck me is this part where keith is leading the team after lotor and it’s just….a big mess. he’s not thinking about keeping the team together. allura’s falling behind and he’s not paying any attention. he’s not considering that this might be a trap. all he can think about is diving in headfirst without considering the consequences.

and then this happens:

uhhhh….oh my god??

look, we know how keith gets. we know how hot-headed and stubborn he can be. i mean listen, we’re talking about this kid who literally tried to fight zarkon by himself.

and yet…..even in the middle of this intense chase, lance gets through to him. he brings keith down from that battle-rage and makes him see reason. and he does it in a way that’s straightforward and brutally honest (“you’re endangering the team and you can’t do this”) which i think is exactly why it works. that’s the kind of direction keith needs, and tbh out of everyone on the team it makes the most sense that it comes from lance.

i’m just

me: hey can i get a fucking uhhhhh lance being keith’s impulse control
dreamworks: *gives me this*
me: *kicking down the door* HOLY FUCK MOM

and look i was already sobbing over this one small part but then we get THIS….THIS SCENE….

oh boy oh wow where do i stART?!

god damn this scene is beautiful––visually, thematically, it’s just …. so powerful and significant.

first of all i need to freak out a little over the way the scene is set up and how wonderful the symbolism is. 

it starts with keith literally in the shadows, and then slowly emerging and drifting up towards lance with their lions facing each other. lance & red are above keith & black which is really interesting.

as we all know, keith is the leader right now. and yet, both literally and figuratively, he’s not positioning himself higher than lance––in fact, he’s doing the very opposite. and his lion doesn’t have her head lowered in shame either; the lions are directly looking each other in the eyes (which i feel like is pretty damn rare??) and that’s very meaningful. everything about the visual setup of the scene just screams openness, honesty, vulnerability. 

(side note: also wow @ that red and blue background, amiright)

and then we have everything that keith says. and boy….there’s so much to unpack here:

- he admits it was his fault and he led everyone into a trap
- he also admits that everyone warned him (lance warned him) and he wasn’t listening
- and because of that he put everyone else in danger

and man i gotta give huge props to steven yeun here because his voice acting in this scene….jeez it broke my heart. keith says all this so quietly, his voice is literally shaking. shit, he sounds close to tears. this is possibly the closest we’ve ever seen keith to totally breaking down and it’s just…..it hurts so much and it’s so important.

it really hits you in this moment that keith is a kid. he’s a teenager!! he didn’t want to lead the team & he doesn’t know how to do it. he can’t do it by himself. he doesn’t say any of that explicitly here but it’s 100% clear that that’s exactly what he’s saying.

and he says this to lance of all people. lance, his supposed “rival”! you would think lance would be the last person he’d want to turn to for reassurance or to blatantly admit “wow i fucked up real bad.” and yet….here we are. it’s moments like these that really prove that under the surface, these two don’t hate each other in the least. they like each other. they respect each other. they rely on each other!! (*whispers* space ranger partners….) 

and lance’s response only proves my point even more. he could easily have said “i told you so” or otherwise berated keith for his mistake. but he doesn’t! his answer is:

- yes, you messed up.
- but we’re going to fix it. we. i can’t stress that enough! he doesn’t say “you messed up and now you have to do something about it.” he doesn’t say “you messed up and now i’m going to take over and do something about it.” he’s essentially saying “yeah you made a mistake but that’s in the past….and now we’re going to take care of it together.” 

and that’s?? so great?? because keith more or less admitted that he was feeling this huge burden weigh down on him, and lance––in his own subtle way––lifted that weight off keith’s shoulders. he’s reassuring keith that he’s not alone in this. *wipes tears from my eyes*

and if all that wasn’t enough, keith immediately saying “you’re right” makes it all the more significant. he’s openly admitting once again that he fucked up, but he’s also agreeing with lance’s statement that they can still turn things around and fix his mistake as a team. which is…..wow. 

tl;dr - everything about this pair of scenes just proves how keith & lance work so well together and need each other. it shows how important it is for them to be open and honest with each other, and demonstrates how they both have that capability. 

and i’m gonna scream about it for a hundred years. 

Ballerina!Eddie meets Richie Tozier Headcanon

- Richie legitimately laughed his ass off when he found out Stan did ballet

- It was around 5:37 when Bill said he had to go pick up Stan

- At first Richie assumed that it was from a bird watching club meeting

- He didn’t really want to go back to his dorm because he had nothing to do plus Mike was out so it was empty

- Bill offered him to come along and he said yes

- The drive wasn’t too far from campus so he definitely knew it wasn’t an emergency bird watch meeting. They pulled up in front of a dance studio

- ‘A dance studio? Stan the Man actually dances?’

- ‘S-s-shut up Richie.’

- Richie could hear soft music as they walked down the halls of the building

- When they stepped into a room, richie couldn’t help but die from laughter

- Stan ‘The Man’ Uris was standing across the room wearing tights and a t-shirt

- As Stan approached the two of them he rolled his eyes knowing he’d get shit from Richie. He greeted Bill with a kiss and ignored Richie

- Richie stayed kinda quiet at first, still snickering to himself while he looked around the room

- The first words to come out of his mouth a few seconds later were ‘And here I thought you couldn’t get any more –‘

- He kinda trailed off when something caught his eye

- Across the room to the left was a boy. A pretty boy in fact

- He had his leg lifted in what Stan would later tell him was a ‘leg extension’

- ‘– gay…’

- The short boy across the room was talking to two girls

- One a red head that Richie knew to be Beverly Marsh and a brunette that Richie knew as Beverley’s roommate, Olivia whatshername

- When the boy put his leg back down and slid into a split Richie practically passed out

- This boy was tiny, flexible, and seemed so fucking cute already

- He couldn’t stop staring

- Stan nudged Bill when he saw drool start coming out of Richie’s mouth

- ‘St-stop staring at E-eddie, Rich’

- ‘Staring? What? I’m not staring, I’m admiring the view’

- On Eddie’s side of the room Liv and Bev were laughing

- ‘Don’t look now Eddie but it seems like you have an admirer’

- ‘Liv what the hell are you talking about?’

- Eddie tried to look behind him but got a smack to the head from Bev

- ‘She just said not to look oh my God’

- So he didn’t look but he wanted to

- Turns out he didn’t have to wait for long

- Richie practically dragged Stan over pestering him into introducing the two

- Eddie was confused but the looks he got from his two friends said it all

- The boy in front of Eddie had glasses that were taped with black electrical tape in the middle

- His hair was a mess, he had so many freckles and his glasses were huge

- The boy in front of Richie was short

- Of course that was the first thing he noticed

- He also noticed that he had freckles dusting his cheeks and nose

- His eyes were brown almost like his fluffy looking hair

- He glanced at Stan to say something and when he didn’t, he shoved his elbow into Stan’s side. Which in return, he got one from Stan and a sigh

- ‘Bev, Liv, Eddie meet Richie. Richie meet Bev, Liv and Eddie’

- Richie waved to the girls he already knew

- He stuck out his hand to Eddie with a smile

- Eddie of course was hesitant, this was a stranger…who knew where his hands had been!

- He timidly shook Richie’s hand though

- It was a surprise that the two got to talking quickly

- Richie seemed to ask Eddie questions that were basically challenges in his eyes

- ‘I bet you can’t lift your leg OVER your head’

- He almost tripped over himself when Eddie did it. And he almost died when he tried to do it

- The two exchanged numbers when Eddie had to leave as Bev’s boyfriend Ben showed up (he was Eddie’s ride)

- ‘I’ll text you soon Eds!’

- ‘Never call me that ever again’

- From then on Richie started showing up at or after practices on Mondays and Fridays

- He claimed it was to make fun of how ridiculously gay Stan looked

- But Stan called him ridiculously gay whenever he caught Richie staring at Eddie

- Which was like all the time

- Richie started showing up to recitals too

- He sat next to Ben Hanscom who came to support his girlfriend

- Surprisingly, he actually enjoyed watching everyone dance

- Eddie was constantly teased over the fact that Richie came to practically every practice and recital

- His face was always red from his friends’ pestering

- Richie always had flowers with him for each recital. He’d give Eddie a bouquet of flowers that Eddie wasn’t allergic too

- And that was tough shit to find

- ‘You did great up there Eddie Spaghetti! And you did okay Stan’

- He’d give Stan and the girls a flower every once in a while to be try and be nice

- One thing Richie liked about Ben was that Ben could listen to his gay ranting over Eddie

- Mainly because he was the same about Bev

- Mike eventually went to a recital too. He wanted to see if this ‘Eddie’ person was as good as Richie made him out to be

- Long story short, he was

- The whole group was great, not a surprise

- Mike made quick friendships with everyone because he was so nice and actually interested in what they did

- He and Ben became pretty close since they’re history nerds and Ben could tell him about the history of Ballet

- It’s completely obvious that Eddie and Richie like each other

- There’s an ongoing bet about who will make the first move

- Bill started it with Liv, Liv said Eddie but Bill said Richie

- Stan said Eddie because, ‘Richie’s too much an idiot to do something right’

- Bev said Richie and got Mike & Ben to join in too because why not. Literally everyone except Stan and Liv said Richie would

- Eddie had been practicing so hard for a month straight on the one move he had to do during that dance

- He was completely dedicated but so worried he couldn’t do it

- He practiced for what seemed for ever. He got encouragement from everyone though

- Richie would take him to the studio on weekends for extra practices

- He’d sit to the side and just watch how graceful his crush friend was

- The night of the recital, Richie sat in the front row watching. The other Losers, who weren’t dancing, sat next to him supporting

- Eddie nailed the move he was worried over

- The Losers cheered for him because ‘HELL YEAH THAT’S MY FRIEND UP THERE’

- Richie cheered the loudest duh

- When the recital was over, Bill gave Stan a kiss, Ben held Beverly close and sweetly

- Liv stood alone because she’s a loser. Mike talked with everyone while Richie stood with Eddie

- Richie gave Eddie his flowers and congratulated him

- ‘See? There was nothing to worry about, you did great Eds’

- Eddie didn’t acknowledge the nickname he loved hated

- He took the flowers with a smile and took Richie by surprise when he raised up on his toes for a kiss

- It was a little awkward as Richie wasn’t expecting it, but it was cute at the same time

- Of course you had their friends in the background shouting

- ‘I told you bitches that he’d do it now pay me my fucking money’

- ‘Shut up Liv, but I want my money too guys’

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Ficlet request: Hogwarts!AU -- Mari tries to ask Adrien out to the Yule ball via letter, but accidentally sends him a howler.

Let’s assume Marinette comes from a non-magical background and has no idea how to tell a Howler apart from normal stationery.


“You sent it to him, right?” Alya demanded as she and Marinette swept into the Great Hall for breakfast. “Because if you chickened out again…”

“I didn’t!” Marinette cried. She put a hand over her stomach, which had been twisted into knots since the night before. She’d be lucky if she had the appetite for a single croissant.

“And did you sign it?” Alya asked. Marinette had a history of forgetting to sign things: homework assignments, letters, the card on the yellow and black scarf she’d knitted Adrien for his birthday last term…

Marinette plopped down on the bench and stared glumly at the breakfast platter. “Yes, but even if I hadn’t, I sent it to him on red stationery so he should know it’s from me.”

Alya froze. “Red stationery?”

Marinette reached for a croissant. “Yeah, why?”

ADRIEN,” a voice boomed through the Great Hall, making the both of them jump. 

Marinette whipped around and gasped. Her nice red stationery hovered in front of Adrien—wide eyed, slack-jawed, and pale—and screamed at him.


“This isn’t happening,” Marinette whispered. “Please tell me this isn’t happening.”

Alya put a hand on her shoulder. “It’s happening.”


“Please tell me I forgot to sign it,” Marinette whimpered.


The Great Hall fell silent as the Howler shredded itself to little red bits that fluttered onto Adrien’s breakfast, spent and harmless. Then every single eye at the Slytherin table turned in Marinette’s direction. Chloe Bourgeois, seated at the other end of the table, pointed at Marinette and let out a shriek of laughter. Several titters and giggles followed.

Alya shook Marinette gently. “Hey. It’s not a big deal—”

Marinette jumped up and ran from the Great Hall.


An hour later, she lay curled up on a bed in the infirmary, faking period cramps so she could cry in peace. Of course by now the entire school must have heard of the morning’s incident, so the nurse may have just been taking pity on her. Still, she appreciated it.

A soft mew prompted Marinette to open her eyes. Standing with its front paws on the bed was the green-eyed black cat that had been following her around for the better part of the term. It carried an envelope in its mouth. “Bonjour Chat Noir,” Marinette whispered, rubbing him behind the ears.

Chat Noir dropped the envelope on the bed. Marinette frowned. It was addressed to her. She opened it with great caution, half-expecting it to be enchanted to laugh at her with Chloe’s voice, but what she found inside was a letter from Adrien.


I’d love to go to the Yule Ball with you. Meet me at the library later?

- Adrien 

Marinette stared at the letter in disbelief. Then she looked at Chat Noir. “Did Adrien give you this?”

Chat Noir blinked at her and swept his tail across the floor.

Marinette let out a tearful laugh and scooped him into her arms. “He said yes,” she whispered, burying her face in Chat Noir’s fur. He purred and butted his head against hers, then squirmed out of her grasp and hopped off the bed.

Marinette watched him sneak past the nurse and out the infirmary door, wondering whose cat he was. 

Because as far as she knew, Adrien had come to Hogwarts with an owl.

When They Try to Take Us Down

Summary: Phil doesn’t like when hate preachers come to campus. They make him nervous and uncomfortable. But this time, Dan is there to help him through it in an unexpected, yet pleasant way.
Word Count: 2,201
Warnings: homophobic slurs, hate speech, anxiety
Title creds: Let the Flames Begin - Paramore
A/N: Thank you to @snowbunnylester (as always) for prompting me this! I’ve been on a writing splurge lately and I honestly don’t know how I’m doing it. Lemme know it you like this!

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There is an angry aura surrounding campus in the form of ignorant slurs and angry responses. This only happens on the occasion, but it makes Phil nervous each time, a pit in his stomach and his throat closing up as he tries to walk as fast as possible past the angry crowd.

There was a man, dressed in preacher’s clothes and holding a sign with a list of the types of people who were going to “go to hell”. Phil didn’t have to look to know that homosexuals and masturbators and adulterers were on the list. He swallowed and ducked his head, trying to move as fast as he could. Dan was ahead of him, probably shaking his head and scoffing as he does every time they passed by a preacher like this. Sometimes Phil thinks he’s more upset about this kind of thing than Phil is, despite being the heterosexual one in their friendship, just by the way he wasn’t afraid to shout his opinions right back.

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The Better Rogers

Summary: In which a football game with all of the Avengers helps you determine who’s the better Rogers.

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Word Count: 2,212

A/N: This one is especially written for the forever beautiful @beccaanne814-blog ! Becca, my love, I hope you are having an amazing day because that’s exactly what you deserve. I’m so grateful to have you in my life and I hope you enjoy this! 

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“Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Are you sure you want to do this?“ You counter, lips tilting up into a smirk.

“Okay.” Steve shrugs, adjusting the sleeves of the red shirt that was made especially for this occasion. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

“Y/N!” Tony yells from across the field. He has his arms crossed over his chest and his frown is visible even from this distance. “Stop fraternizing with the enemy!”

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In The Eye Abides The HeArt

FINALLY a great PLL episode. I have so many thoughts and theories about this one! 

Make sure to enable pictures, they are critical to the theories. It gets better the further you read!!! Enjoy!


  • I’ve said it many times, but I would really hate if there was twin reveal. This was the case with Courtney DiLaurentis in the book version, and its been done with Jessica and Mary DiLaurentis. It would be a cop-out to do it again, so i sincerely hope it doesn’t happen; but lets explore all the twin hints in this episode, because there were so many.
  • ARIA- The first time AD FaceTimed Aria, it was just a hooded figure with a black face, but in this episode it was what looked to be Aria’s facial features on Paige’s face. Weird and off-putting
  • SPENCER- Everyone is thinking and writing about this- but the Spencer we see at the airport with Wren was acting very suspicious. She also is not wearing the white jacket or watch she had on in the previous scene, nor is it draped over her chair. There are also girls wearing matching shirts in the background.


  • ALISON- Alison says something VERY interesting when Paige asked her if she loved Emily. Ali says this about Emily, “She looks at you and sees who you really are. Maybe that’s the scariest part-You want to be who she sees.”  The second she says this all I could think was WHAT IF IT IS SO SCARY BECAUSE YOU AREN’T THE REAL ALI BUT HER TWIN?! If this Alison that we have been seeing is in fact -lets call her Courtney- then maybe she is feeling remorseful because Emily has been so in love with Alison for so many years, and Courtney wishes she REALLY was Alison. Courtney has taken over Ali’s life but deep down she knows she isnt the real Alison DiLarentis. The title of this episode was “In The Eye Abides The Heart,” which could also connect to this theory. Emily is in love with Alison, and always has been. The person she is seeing now-looks like Alison, but it is really Courtney. But Emily doesn’t know this and believes its Ali because they are identical. Her EYES see who she believes is Alison, which causes her HEART to love her (even though its Courtney). IN THE EYE ABIDES THE HEART.



  • I think the biggest reveal of this episode was that Archer Dunhill is not the father of Emily’s baby. So who is it???
  • Charlotte- I am STILL holding out hope that CeCe is not the real Charles, but if she is, what if it was her sperm that she had frozen from before her sex change? She had her boyfriend Archer pretend to be a doctor, and had her cousin Alison implanted with Emily’s eggs and her own sperm. Her cousin gives birth to her baby as a surrogate- this would be the only way she could have a baby now because of her surgery. Even if she is dead now- Archer decided to continue with the plan even after her death so she could “live on.” Confusing and crazy but definitely possible in Rosewood.
  • AD- I have been praying that AD is male, so maybe it is AD’s sperm. Why? Maybe AD is impotent, which is common for sociopaths and people who have severe mental illnesses. If AD is a relative of Alison, he is having his sister give birth to his child, using Emily’s eggs (not Alison’s eggs because of incest). It’s also a way to psychologically torture Emily&Ali as well- which he loves doing.
  • Anonymous [Sperm] Donor (which is an AD anagram)- I also think it’s possible that Alison is still the manipulative bitch she has always been and stole Emily’s eggs and had someone implant them in her with a random sperm donor, as a way to bond her and Emily for life and get Paige out of the picture once and for all. 



  • So now we know that Lucas and Charles go WAY BACK. They attended the same camp together for troubled boys where Pastor Ted worked as a counselor since he is Charles’ father.
  • Remember how Alison used to call Lucas “Hermie,” and say that he had both girl and guy parts? Sometimes babies are born with both male and female sex organs. What if Lucas was sent to this camp because he really is a hermaphrodite. (I just want to say as a side note that Marlene has not done a good job of portraying these sensitive subjects before (Charles as transgender and Emily as a lesbian) so I hope if they go this route it is done in a respectful and tasteful way)
  • What if Lucas is Bethany Young??? Maybe that is his female persona. 



  • The A is very pronounced in Lucas’ signature.
  • Lucas and Charles wrote and illustrated a comic book. I LOVED this reveal; it was CRAZY and really cool.
  • Emily & Hanna summarize the comic book: “The hero is this boy who gets picked on by other kids and by his own family. He meets this alien woman in the woods and she becomes his protector. Shes this all powerful shape-shifter that helps get revenge for the boy- by torturing his enemies. And sometimes the boy turns into Arcturus, so he can experience the payback she gets for him.”
  • There is a heavy metal band which goes by Arcturus. In 1997 they released “Master of Disguise” and in 2015 they released a song titled “Game Over”. (PLL.wikia) 
  • Charles used elements of the comic book in the Dollhouse:
  • This obviously proves that Lucas is part of the A Team, and has been since (probably) the very beginning. But I dont think he is or has ever been Head A or AD.



  • In comic books there is always a superhero and an alter ego. 
  • Batman is Bruce Wayne. Spider-Man is Peter Parker. When that character wakes up in the morning, he’s Peter Parker. He has to put on a costume to become Spider-Man. 
  • Superman didn’t become Superman. Superman was born Superman. When Superman wakes up in the morning, he’s Superman. 
  • His alter ego is Clark Kent. His outfit with the big red “S”, that’s the blanket he was wrapped in as a baby when the Kents found him. Those are his clothes. What Kent wears - the glasses, the business suit - that’s the costume Superman wears to blend in with us.
  • Clark Kent is how Superman views us. And what are the characteristics of Clark Kent? He’s weak… he’s unsure of himself… he’s a coward. Clark Kent is Superman’s critique on the whole human race. (kill bill)
  • Look at how similar the boys comic book cover is to Superman’s comic book cover: 

  • They both have a yellow background and red lettering.
  • They both wear a RED CAPE. Which is quite obviously a RED COAT parallel. Maybe this is AD’s homage to his comic book- putting his female A team members in a RED COAT, since his comic book protector wore a RED CAPE.

Now….who wears GLASSES? 

Is TOBY our Clark Kent???? Is Toby AD?!

  • Remember the scene a few episodes back when Spencer visits Toby in the hospital (Remember AD forced her to go. Which makes a lot of sense if Toby is AD) Toby says: “Maybe this town needs to disappear before we can leave”

Maybe that is Toby’s goal. If Toby is AD, maybe he needs to destroy everyone in Rosewood before he can move on with his life.

Then Spencer says, “You should probably try PUTTING ON YOUR GLASSES”

I wrote about this in a previous post but- Spencer says “We beat on, boats against the current.” Which is a quote from The Great Gatsby, and the “all seeing eye” billboard is the most famous imagery and symbolism from that book. 

The title of the episode is “IN THE EYE ABIDES THE HEART.”

When Mona is studying the Board Game, she says that it was LOVINGLY HANDMADE with levers and pulleys. Its NOT a computer, its a construction project. Toby built the Game Board and the Dollhouse. 

I think its seriously possible that Toby is our Clark Kent…sees himself as Superman. He is AD, Lucas & Charles’ avenger.


request: Can you do a Bucky x Female reader where they are training together(he’s teaching her how to do the widow move) and she is readily distracted by his arm, and he realizes that, so, he keeps on teasing her with it and then they finally fuck?

word count: 3400 (i’m out of control)

warnings: smut, giving bucky a blowjob, bucky fucking you with his metal fingers), bucky talking dirty to you in russian, pet names eg: babydoll and babygirl, dirty thoughts, spanking, calling bucky sarge and sergeant

a/n: changed the request a little bit, hope you like it. also this took me three hours to write so show me some love! all russian is from google translate so if wrong in any way, it’s not my fault!

Originally posted by you-didnt-see-that-cuming

Art is to be looked at, to be admired never to be touched and it is that fact that adds to the severity of the situation you always seemed to find yourself in. Just one look could make your pulse rise and make you clench your thighs together involuntarily. Bucky Barnes wasn’t just art you longed to touch but he was art that you craved between your legs whilst soft moans fell from your warm and swollen lips. Bucky Barnes was the reason you woke up panting, sweating and slick on your thighs and wetness on the bed sheets.

In summary, Bucky knows how to make you weak at your knees and you secretly love it above all else. Bucky loves the control, to know your writhing and panting is because of him and for him. You’re all that he desires but Bucky is a man who likes the thrill of the chase, he loves to tease you. He adores the small pout that breaks out on your face at his actions or when a moan slips from your lips (the only sound in the world he cares about).

That day is no like no other, Bucky daily teasing continued and you had to excuse yourself to your room to have some alone time. After the third time sneaking into your room and partaking in some much-needed release you headed down to the gym knowing full well Bucky and Steve would be there. You were hoping that you would finally get what you had desired ever since you had first laid eyes on the man of your dreams.

You were a woman on a mission and nothing would stand in your way.

The moment your eyes locked on his form, you couldn’t look away. You had always been right: Bucky was a piece of art but as you gazed on him that day you couldn’t help but think he was a masterpiece. His long hair was pulled back into a low man bun, his face glimmering and glistening (it may have been sweat but he looked radiant) and his shirt so tight it was clinging to him. You could see the outline of his toned muscles beneath his shirt and it took your breath away, he looked absolutely wrecked already just the way you hoped to look once you and Bucky both got what you wanted.

Bucky and Steve didn’t notice you too busy sparring with each other so you leaned against the wall your eyes never once leaving Bucky’s form, he was truly glorious. You found yourself biting your lip as you watched him or more accurately his metal arm, in all your fantasies his metal arm was front and centre bringing you the pleasure you deserve.

You could hear and see the whirling of the plates as Bucky lunged forward and attacked Steve, your heart rate quickened as your eyes focused solely on his metal arm.Images you had dreamt and thought of came back to life as Bucky flexed his metal arm, in that moment you could imagine riding his thick metal fingers as your tongues melded together in a scorching kiss that took all air from your lungs. In your head Bucky’s eyes were locked on yours as you bucked your hips against the cool touch of fingers inside of you, he looked at you his gaze predatory and growls emitting from his throat each time you moaned his name so softly he nearly blew his load.

Your thoughts weren’t for the light hearted but neither was what you planned on doing to Bucky and what he planned on doing to you.You were so lost in the wet dream leftovers swirling in your head to realise that Bucky and Steve had stopped sparring and were looking your way.

Steve had a look of concern that crossed his features but Bucky had the biggest grin plastered across his features.“Y/N, you okay?” Steve asked and you nodded but not before arching your eyebrow in confusion, why wouldn’t you be okay?

“Yeah, why?” You said once you took a few moments to keep your heart rate down and your breathing normal again.

Steve’s eyes went wide at your words whilst Bucky chuckled in the background behind his best friend, “It’s just that you were breathing pretty heavily a minute ago.” At Steve’s words, you felt heat rising to your cheeks but you wouldn’t let Bucky have the satisfaction of seeing you wrecked just yet. So, you just smiled politely at Steve ignoring Bucky’s presence.

“I just came from a run, still a little out of breath… I guess.  I was looking for Sam to take him up on that date offer actually.” You said smiling widely at Steve yet again not bothering to look Bucky’s way, you already knew what the look of jealousy on his face looked like -  you had seen it too many times to count.

“He’s in his bedroom.” Steve replied and the smile on your face grew even wider as you heard a small growl emit from Bucky’s throat, it was just as possessive and sexy as you had imagined and better.

“Thanks, Steve.” You said flashing him a sultry smile before leaving the room not once looking back at Bucky who was clenching his fist trying to contain both his anger and arousal. Bucky swore he heard a moan fall from your lips earlier on and he wanted nothing more than to make you moan like that again.

Bucky tried to control the feelings inside of him but when it came to you, self-control seemed impossible because every fibre of his body wanted to be with you. Every thought of every day was of you, whether it was the two of you fucking like wild animals or the two of you saying I love you every thought was of you.

So, Bucky stalked off his fists still clenched at his sides and his cock hardening in his shorts at the thought of what was about to happen. Bucky would be damned if he let you slip away on a date with Sam when he could be fucking you so hard you’d see stars.

He finds you in front of his door and not Sam’s, a teasing smirk dancing on your lips. “I was starting to think you’d wouldn’t go after me.” You said folding your arms across your chest pushing your breasts up and instantly Bucky’s eyes went down to your chest as he sucked in a breath.

“I couldn’t let you go on a date with Sam especially when I know how much you want me,” Bucky replied a smirk of his own taking its permanent place on his lips. He knew what game you were playing and he wanted to play it too.

You chuckled darkly as Bucky approached you opening the door to his room, “You’re the one opening the door to your bedroom, I think you want me too.” You said before stepping into his room as Bucky closed the door behind you.“

You’re all that I desire mалышка (babygirl).” Bucky said and the sound of him speaking in Russian made, even more, wetness pool at your legs, he sounded just as sinful as you had hoped.You swallowed thickly resisting the urge to tear off his clothes and mount him but then he had said his next words and you couldn’t fight it anymore.

“Did you like my little show in the gym? How about you put on a show for me and I’ll give you what you need. I’ll fuck you like you deserve, moya gryaznaya malen'kaya shlyukha (dirty little slut).”

That was all the confirmation you needed. “What do you want me to do?” You asked and Bucky chuckled as his hands ran down your sides till they reached the curve of your back, they dipped low to your ass and Bucky grabbed more than a handful of each cheek groaning in your ear.

“Call me sergeant and take your clothes off, slowly.” Bucky said and you nodded which earned a large smack to your ass with his flesh hand.

“Talk baby or you’ll get punished.” Bucky said and so you did as he said.

“Yes, Sergeant.”  You replied and Bucky smirked loving already how you submitted to him, how you put your trust in him.You did as you were told, as you were commanded and you slowly removed your top leaving you in the red lace underwear you had worn especially for this moment. You were facing Bucky your eyes never leaving his as you removed your trousers leaving you in the matching panties and stockings. At the sight of you wearing nothing but red (his colour) lace, Bucky groaned his hand coming down to his shorts as he palmed himself through the thin material.

“Take it all off, babydoll. All of it.” Bucky demanded and you obeyed. You slowly undid the clasps of your bra letting it fall, the cold air hit your nipples causing the peaks to harden. Bucky had never seen such a glorious sight. Your panties were next and you took extra time with them, you turned to face the other way bending over to make sure Bucky got a good view before pulling your panties off.

When you were done, you turned to face him again an innocent look on your face as you batted your eyelashes.Bucky was furiously pumping his cock that he had freed from the confines of his short and only one question came to mind. “Can I suck your cock, please Sergeant?” You asked the deep groan that came from your Bucky was fucking delicious. You fell to your knees before he had even answered, you were crawling forward till you were situated between his legs your tongue running over your lips.

Bucky’s metal arm came up to your face resting on your cheek, you shivered at the frigid touch before leaning into it. His metal thumb ran over your lips as you parted them making Bucky groan, god he wanted to fuck you into an oblivion but first he wanted to see your mouth on his cock.

“Go ahead babygirl.” Bucky said and it took you nearly two seconds before you were leaning forward and running your tongue along his tip lapping up his precum. The moment your tongue touched his cock, Bucky was a goner a loud lewd moan fell from his lips as you did so. You smiled up at him as you heard the sound before your attention rested solely on his cock, your wet warm lips attached to the tip and Bucky found himself clenching at the sheets of his bed.

“Девочка Иисуса Христа, ты убьешь меня. (Jesus Christ babygirl you’re going to kill me).” Bucky spewed in Russian and the sound of it was so sinful you couldn’t help but bob your head and suck his cock with a thirst so strong it made Bucky groan and moan as he occasionally muttered dirty words in Russian.

You took it all, everything he gave you as his metal arm reached into your hair pulling you further onto his cock and allowing euphoria to slowly creep up on the man before you who was close to coming down your throat.You didn’t stop, you were ruthless and sucked Bucky so hard he knew it was only a matter of time before your lips were covered in his come (his wet dreams were close to becoming a reality).

“Fuck, you’re a dirty little slut, yeah? Only want to suck my cock, huh?” Bucky asked and the only noise he heard in response was a moan around his cock before you went back to giving him the best blow job of his life.

Bucky’s breathing became harsh as you put everything you had into sucking his cock, you lapped and licked at the precum steadily oozing out of his cock into the lead up of his high. You pumped his cock as you gave the head attention and slowly but all too quickly you felt Bucky getting closer and closer to the edge. Bucky’s much-needed push was when you started to lap at his balls and suddenly he was seeing white and before he knew it your mouth was back on his cock as his come cascaded into your mouth and onto your lips. The sounds he made as he did so were melodic, you needed to hear them again.

“Fuck!” Bucky exclaimed as he pulled his metal arm from your hair and took a few moments to collect himself.

“Get on the bed babygirl, gonna show you just what I can do with my metal arm.” Bucky commanded and you couldn’t help the moan that fell from your lips at his words.

“Yes, Sarge.” You said before hauling yourself on his bed lying flat on the mattress patiently waiting for him to give you the pleasure you had only dreamed of.

Bucky all but crawled up you a predatory look on his face as both his hands pulled your legs apart. Although he hadn’t touched you anywhere near where you wanted him to you couldn’t help but arch your back at the feeling of him touching you for the first time. Bucky chuckled darkly at your actions, you looked up at him realising he was now as naked as you were and the excitement that bubbled in you couldn’t be resisted.

“On your knees.” Bucky commanded and for the umpteenth time that day you obeyed.You rose to your knees looking at Bucky curiously, what exactly did he have in mind.

All confusion and wonder were expelled however when he held two of his metal fingers to your face and said, “Get ‘em wet babygirl.” You smirked devilishly at the piece of art in front of you before guiding his two thick metal fingers in between your parted lips and sucking on them in the way you had sucked on his cock only seconds ago.

You kept eye contact with Bucky the whole time as you did exactly what he told you two. After nearly a minute of watching you suck his fingers Bucky felt him hardening again and so he removed his fingers from your mouth earning a whimper from you that was like music to his ears.“Lay down babygirl, gonna open you up and then I’m gonna give you what you want.” Bucky said and at his words, a silky moan tumbled from your lips.You did as you were told lying down in your previous position and in an instant, Bucky was in between your legs giving you one of the many things you craved his fingers in your puckered hole. He dipped one finger in slowly groaning at your wetness making your eyes roll back into your head before you felt another join his lone finger.

“So wet babygirl, you got yourself ready for me, da?” He said and you nodded and because you had discovered Bucky liked vocal confirmation his metal arm came down your pussy.

“Words babygirl, if I have to remind you again then we’re done here.” Bucky threatened and the thought of not being able to get what you wanted made you pout so, you were a good little girl and did as Bucky said.

“Yes, Sir I got myself ready for you. I knew you’d be big so I had to prepare myself.” You answered honestly and at your reply, Bucky groaned so loud it was the only sound you could hear.

The groan was the first warning of the storm to come because before you knew it he was plunging his fingers in and out of you at a speed only a super soldier like himself could keep up with. Your back arched like a cat against Bucky’s bed as he fucked you with his fingers. Then Bucky added a third finger and you had never been so full in your life, you found yourself bucking your hips up to match the sinful thrust of his fingers.

“God, Fuck Sergeant!” You moaned as Bucky continued his gruelling pace, you knew that soon you’d be a thriving panting mess in front of him.It didn’t take long not with the way Bucky was looking up at you his face full of hunger as your pussy swallowed his three fingers over and over. He, like you were at the gym was on a mission and you knew Bucky wouldn’t stop till you were coming all over his metal fingers. You imagined him sucking them dry and the thought paired with Bucky’s fingers hitting your g-spot were too much. Your legs began to quake and you practically thrashed around Bucky’s bed as you felt your climax nearing.

Before you could have the chance to revel in the high, Bucky pulled his fingers out making you whimper softly. You wanted it so bad, it hurt but then Bucky was pushing his cock into your entrance and suddenly nothing else mattered. The high you had been chasing previously had returned as Bucky didn’t wait to thrust into you for the first time all whilst he sucked clean his three fingers covered in the delicious taste of your slick. You could hear Bucky groan into his mouth at your taste before he said,

“You taste so fucking good babygirl.”And then he said, “Ты такая плотная детская кукла, дай мне все (God you’re so tight babydoll, give me everything).” Bucky said in Russian and even though you had no idea what he was saying, you still knew it was all of your dirtiest dreams come true.You screamed, your high was closer than ever and every time Bucky drove his cock fast and hard into you as he hit the spot that made you see stars.

He pinned your wrists down each one beside your head as he fucked you so hard his balls slapped against your skin. Bucky’s eyes were trained on your chest, he couldn’t help but dart his tongue out at the sight of your hardened nipples and before he could think he attached his warm lips to one. It was too much for any girl to handle, your orgasm was approaching faster than ever and as Bucky let his metal arm unclasp your wrist and slither between your bodies to your clit. You knew your time was up.

It was beautiful, the sight of you coming was better than anything Bucky had ever seen. Your moans were simply perfect and you looked positively wrecked and that fact made Bucky plough into even harder. He wanted it too. He wanted to be as fucking wrecked as you were so kept driving his cock as fast as he could into you going so deep that every time he thrusted into you, your tits bounced so wonderfully.

Bucky removed his lips from your nipples and moved them your own lips capturing you in a kiss that was as lustful and sinful as the act you were divulging in. Your hands now not pinned now came to his back where they scratched down his back in a mix of pain and pleasure that made Bucky growl and thrust harder into you.  With your orgasm and how sensitive you were, you didn’t know if you could take anymore so your nails pressed down into Bucky’s back, he cried out in pleasure the sound swallowed by your lips on his.

It was everything he could have wanted and more and the just the feel of your nails against his back and your whimpering against his lips made reaching his orgasm easier than imagined.He came hard and fast groaning as he did, he pulled back his lips press sloppy kisses against the creases of your lips as you moaned softly.

The two of you laid motionless until Bucky spoke up, “The next time we do this it’s going to be after a date.”

You chuckled before replying, “Are you asking me on a date, Sarge?”

Bucky shook his head smirking up at you and said, “No, that was an order babygirl.”


Richie’s feet crunched the orange and red trimmed leaves as he walked the distance from his house towards Eddie’s. He had his backpack slung around his shoulder, a small speaker shoved into the side pocket. He sighed, a little chilled in the night air and fiddled with his fingers as he thought about the past week. It hadn’t been his best, he had to admit. He bit into his lip.

‘Eds, I’m sorry!’ 

‘Fuck, off Richie.’

Richie frowned. While he wasn’t quite sure where he stood with Eddie at the present moment, he hoped it wasn’t too bad. Though, telling their friends about their relationship before Eddie was ready was not the best thing he’d ever done. 

He had ruined a perfectly good moment between them by making a joke out of it like he always did. Eddie was mad at him for days which lead to provoking questions from their friends. And finally, Richie just got so annoyed that he spilled the beans. Eddie’s face had been beet red with anger. He shivered.

He tugged the strap of his bag as he crossed Sonia Kaspbrak’s neatly trimmed lawn. He set the bag down, crossing over to pick up a few pebbles. He shook them in his palm, specks of dirt flung off as he took to the prime place to toss them. 

Now, He’d never actually seen that movie ‘Say Anything’ but Eddie had and begged Richie over and over to watch it with him. He had yet to actually manage to get Richie to sit still long enough to watch it. But he’d heard Eddie describe the famous scene enough times to weasel his way through this. 

He went to through the first pebble before he remembered something, turning over to the backpack. “Shit.” he bent over and took his phone in his hand, flicking Bluetooth on.

 The speaker lit up with a ‘Bluetooth is start’  and Richie rolled his eyes, repeating the poor grammar in his impression of the lady’s voice. When he seemed to get everything settled, he stood and dusted his knees off. He threw his arm back and whipped the first pebble at Eddie’s window. It ricocheted off and fell back into the grass.  He threw most of his pebbles by the time Eddie’s window was flung open and the tired boys head peeped out, looking dazed as ever and rubbing his eyes. 

“Richie? What the fuck, my moms gonna-”

“I came here to apologize! You know I’m shitty at words so I’m just gonna let this speak for itself!” Richie cupped his hands around his mouth as he shouted, a little smug smile on his face. Eddie looked down at him with suspicion as he tore his phone from his pocket and hit the green button from his Spotify playlist. 

After the few second of awkward silence, it finally piped up “Want a break from the ads? Watch this short video for thirty minutes of ad free music…” 

Eddie leaned on his window ledge, a smirk growing over his face as Richie fumbled with his phone.

 “Shit, hold on…” Richie hit the button at least thirty times before it registered and rolled the thirty second ad. He felt his cheeks heat up in embarrassment as he watched the blasting ad. 

“This sure speaks volumes, Rich.” Eddie’s amused voice called down to him. Richie looked up at him and was just so glad to see Eddie muster a smile up for him that he momentarily forgot the embarrassment. 

Richie opened his mouth to say something snarky back in the habit of their little game but was beaten to the punch by the start of a song. 

“ Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me, I ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed-”

Can I ask how this is an apology song?” Eddie yelled back down at him as the song kicked in. Richie cringed. 

“It’s on shuffle!” 

“Why the fuck would you think that’s a good idea?”  

“I don’t have premium, ok? I was hoping to have enough skips…” Richie started pressing the skip button over and over and hoping to see the album art for the song he wanted to play. Eddie’s laugh in the background was making him all the more flustered. And he finally caught himself before he managed to accidentally skip it. 

“ Even though I’m in love, Sometimes I get so afraid I’ll say something so wrong
Just to have something to say…”

Richie grinned and finally was able to stop fussing around his phone as he let the song speak for him. 

“ I know the moment isn’t right to tell the girl a comical line to keep the conversation light I guess I’m just frightened out of my mind…”

He was sort of smug with his song choice, it was the perfect one. He glanced up at the window but Eddie was no longer there. His stomach dropped and was frozen in his spot. He shook himself and went to turn the racket off before Sonia came out to do it herself but he heard the door fling open. 

Eddie strolled over to him with a shy smile on his face. Richie shoved his hands in his pockets, not quite sure what to say. “I guess I forgive you, asshole.” Eddie reached over to pinch him. 

Richie’s confidence was back in five seconds flat as his smirk returned. “I knew you couldn’t resist me. I tell ya Eds, you gotta be swooning for this” He gestured at the speaker. 

Eddie rolled his eyes. “You tried, that’s what matters.” He put on a teasing voice and Richie swept him into a hug. 

“- It’s undeniably real, Leave a tender moment alone. Yes I know I’m in love
but just when I ought to relax I put my foot in my mouth-”

“Accurate.” Eddie mumbled into Richie’s chest, he gave ruffled his hair the way Eddie pretends to hate in return. 

(This is based on a post I saw by:  @adhdtozier.tumblr.com/ ! So thank you! The songs mentioned are ‘All star’ by Smash Mouth and ‘Leave A Tender Moment Alone’ by Billy Joel) 

Seven Days With Bangtan | Jungkook

Pairings: (Jungkook/Reader)

Genre: Smut

Words: 2,564

Tags: College AU


You smile as you open your front door, watching as Jungkook stood there, looking around before quickly turning to you. “Hey” Jungkook said with a small smile.

“Hi”  You responded, there was a couple of minutes of silence. Just the two of you standing there, smiling at each other.  But it didn’t feel awkward, it was a comfortable silence.

“Uh, Come on in”  You say as you open the door wider, gesturing for him to pass through. “I was thinking we could watch a movie tonight”  You say as you close it behind him.

Walking towards the living room where you had set up your DVD player, a bunch of movies on display.  "My roommates should be coming home from their trip tomorrow at night"  You say, moving your hands around.

Honestly this felt weird.  Having a boy over with no one else in the house,you haven’t done something like this since high school. Not that you minded, you just didn’t know how to act around the captain of the baseball team. Especially, since he was the one that had asked you out.

“That’s fine with me” Jungkook said as he slips off his jacket. “Do you want some popcorn?” You ask him as you point your thumb towards the kitchen, “I was just about to make some”

“Why don’t you just pick a movie and I’ll be right back”  You say, watching him nod as you walk to your kitchen.  You let out a deep breath as you walk towards the popcorn package that you had put on the counter.

You tap your fingertips on the counter as you watch the microwave count down.  You look back into the living room, watching as Jungkook bends down, to your movie collection underneath the television.

You watch him bend down, giving you the perfect view of his famous ass. You suddenly jump at the sound of the microwave beeping very loudly snapped you out, before you went on full pervert and started undressing him with your eyes.

You pour the hot popcorn into an empty bowl, taking a deep breath in as you walk back into the living room. “Find anything good?” You ask him, setting the bowl down on the glass coffee table.

“Yeah, You okay with this one?” Jungkook asks, showing you three DVDs. You smile as you look at his selection, he had good taste too. “Pick one”

You think for a second before you point to the one you hadn’t seen in a while. You don’t remember all of the details of the movie so maybe it was time to refresh your memory. “That one”

He smiles before turning around to put the DVD in. Once again you found yourself staring at his behind. How the hell am I going to get through this night?, You thought to yourself as you take a sit on the couch.

You watch him press play, before he made his way closer to you. Jungkook sits next to you, both of your thighs rubbing against each other. You watch as Jungkook leans forward, grabbing the the bowl of popcorn before settling it in his lap.

You were sure his thigh was touching yours, but when he acted as if he didn’t know you took it as a sign that he didn’t mind. So when your thighs rub against each other, you take another deep breath.

Jungkook glances at you from the corner of his eyes, he smiles slightly as he notices your red cheeks. Popping another piece of popcorn in his mouth. You watch as he turns slightly towards, pushing the bowl of popcorn closer to you.

You smile as you feel him putting his hand around your shoulder. You don’t dare move your eyes away from the television screen. His arm is warm around your shoulder and you felt all giddy inside. You take a handful of popcorn and shove it into your mouth. Maybe not the most lady like thing you could have done, but with how nervous you were feeling that was the last thing on your mind at the moment.

Jungkook laughs at the funny scene on the bright screen, his arm tightening around you. You feel yourself getting closer to him, you could feel his heart beating slightly faster.

“This is a really good movie” Jungkook mumbled to himself, turning slightly to you. You could feel his hot breath against your cheek when he did. He was so close that when you turned to look at him your lips met his.

Your eyes stayed opened, looking into Jungkook’s shocked ones. His lips felt soft - you had a feeling that they would have. You’re the first one to pull away, clearing your throat as you felt yourself judge. “Uh…” You say, the sound of your voice filling the empty room.

“Well.. That was unexpected” You say as you try to laugh it off. It was the most awkward moment you had felt since before puberty happened. You cover your face, willing your red cheeks to disappear quickly.

You barely felt the tug on your wrists. When your hands were out of the way, you felt Jungkook’s fingertips hold your chin in place before you felt the same softness as before.

His lips are on yours. Jungkook was kissing you. The boy that has been your crush since the beginning of your freshman year in college was kissing you and this time it was not an accident. You feel your body melting at the kiss, sighing as you felt his hand cup your cheek, deepening the kiss.

You both suddenly pull away breathless, both of your cheeks warm and red. Jungkook looked like the shy boy you knew him to be around girls. Although when he initiated that second kiss you knew he had his confident side as well. You wanted to explore that side more.

“Sorry” Jungkook mumbles under his breath as he pulls away completely, he didn’t know what got into him. It was as if suddenly you were a magnet and he as metal, it felt as if something was pulling you to each other. He wanted to do it again.

You watch as Jungkook folds his hands on his lap. His eyes looking anywhere but at you. You watch as the shy Jungkook appears once again. You look at the side of his face, watching how the light from the still playing screen made his jaw look sharper.

You wanted to kiss him again. But how do you initiate something like that? Knowing yourself you would probably fuck it up, even something as simple as this.

Your heart was still beating so fast against your chest when you looked at him again. “No, it’s fine” you mumble so low you would think he barely heard it. You watch as Jungkook’s head snaps towards you, “What?” he asks.

You feel your cheeks go slightly red, “I mean, I didn’t really mind” You say looking towards the television screen. You felt nervous just continuing this conversation, you hug both your arms to your body as you feel yourself tremble.

“I wouldn’t mind if you did it again too” You say, letting out a shaky breath. You look up at him from the corner of your eye.

Jungkook bites his bottom lip as he turns towards you. Smiling to himself, he reaches forward and cups both of your cheeks in his hands. “Is this okay?” Jungkook asks as he mushes your cheeks together.

“Can I do it again?” Jungkook asks, he was so close his nose was brushing against yours. You nod your head, as you try to stop your body from trembling in nervousness.

You feel his lips on yours in a instance. Jungkook sighs into the kiss as he wraps his arm around your shoulder, pulling you closer to his chest.

Your hands were still folded in your lap, you couldn’t move afraid that this was all just a dream. But you wanted to touch him as well, so with shaky hands you reach for his chest.

Feeling his fast heart beat beneath your hands as he held you closer. You kneel forward, your lips never leaving his. You pull away as you straddle him, feeling his hands go underneath your shirt.

“Is this okay with you?” Jungkook asks as you straddle his waist, why was he asking that you had no idea. But still you went with it.
“It’s okay” you say back as you lower your lips to his exposed neck. You hear him groan when your lips make contact with the sweet spot just under his ear.

The now forgotten movie playing in the background, the dim light make all of his features seem sharper than what they really are. You lean down, your forehead leaning against his. Your lips were all tingly, as if electricity had been exchanged in that kiss.

You feel his hands underneath your shirt go higher up, shuddering as they reach the clasp of your bra. “Was that too much?” He asks.

You can’t help but snort as you laugh, as unattractive as you look, the way he asks if you’re okay every second was the sweetest thing you had ever seen. Jungkook as acting like a gentleman, not a side he showed a lot of people.

“What? Why are you laughing?” Jungkook asks, frowning as he looks up at you. He was still trying to figure out what had been so funny in a moment like this when he felt your lips on his, groaning as you bite his lip.

You pull a little as you grind on top of his clothed member. “Nothing” you whisper as you feel his lips attack your neck, sucking and biting in all the right places. Pulling away only to take off your shirt.

As soon as you threw it across the room, Jungkook pulled down the loose bra his mouth instantly covering one of your nipples. You moan as you feel him pull with his teeth, the feeling sending shiver up your spine.

Your hands quickly going to the buttons on his shirt, ripping it open. You could hear the buttons landing across the room, but at the moment you’re attention was on how Jungkook’s chest moved rapidly as he thrusts his hips up. You could feel how desperate he was against his jeans.

“Take them off” You gesture to his pants, standing up again as you took off your own jeans. You slowly hook your thumbs on the side of your jeans, the older boy’s eyes never leaving your hips as the moved side to side.

Jungkook stands up suddenly as you throw your jeans across the room, his hands quickly pulling down his jeans, almost tripping when it got stuck on his shoes. You laugh as you watch him scramble about as he kicked off his shoes. “Having some trouble there?” you ask him.

“Nope” he says as he walks towards you with a serious expression, “None at all” His hands grip onto your hips, pulling you flush against his chest, “Can I ?” he asks as he stares into your eyes.

You gulp as you feel his warmth breath against your face, you nod slightly feeling his hands underneath your ass. You wrap you legs around his waist as he picks you up. He kisses your lips, biting as he pulled away.

You felt yourself fall backwards on the comfy sofa, smiling as you see him crawl up with lustful eyes. His hand brushing up against you, his hand rubbing against your soaked panties.

Jungkook pushes the pink lace to the side, pushing in a finger into you his gaze never leaving yours. You let out a little moan as he pushes past the knuckle. You yelp at the sudden intrusion.

Jungkook chuckles as he pushed in another. “Is this okay?” he asks as he leans down over you, “Or do you want me to stop?” he mumbles against your lips.

You shake your head, leaning up and feeling his wet and soft lips against yours. He pushes his underwear down his hips, his own hand moving up and down your length as he rubbed it against your clothed heat.

You whine with anticipation as you pull him closer. You feel him pull your underwear down your hips and down your thighs. It was still hanging around your ankle when you felt him push into you.

Jungkook’s breathing quickens as he feels your warm walls hug him. Moaning, he takes a moment to get used to the feeling before he started moving. As Jungkook thrusts into you, his hand on your breast as he moves in and out of you.

Jungkook moans in pleasure as he feels your nails dragging down his back. “Keep doing that?” he says as his pace becomes faster, harder.

“Fuck, you feel so goddamn good” Jungkook moans louder as he pushes in deeper into you. Your hand in his hair, making him groan as you tug his head back. “Fuck” You hear his breathless voice say, as you kiss his now exposed neck.

You suddenly feel Jungkook pulling out of you, gesturing with his hands for you to stand up. When you stand in front of him, Jungkook grabs your hips, turning you around before you felt him push you against the sofa. You fall forward, your upper body drawn over the back of the couch.

Jungkook kneels behind you, he loved the view he got of your ass in the air. He lines up his member with your heat, biting his lips as he watch you drip. A deep groan escaping from the back of his throat as he slowly slid into you. “Oh fuck”

“You’re doing so good” He moans, laying his chest against your back. There was something about having him praise all of your movements that just turned you on even more.

The room was filled with moans, along with the sound of skin slapping against skin and for a moment Jungkook forgets how to speak as he feels your wet walls around him, his hands tightening around your hips.

His thrusts quicken every second, the feeling of your stomach tightening, your orgasm was building up with every movement that he made. His hand made contact with the side of your thigh. The stinging feeling only making you more turned on than what you already were.

“I’m gonna cum” Jungkook moans as he grabs onto your hair, pulling you back into his chest. He grunted out as his thrusting became sloppier, his hips jerking as he finally felt himself let go. His stomach tightening as he feels himself let go completely as he gasps for air.

The sound of gasping fills the almost silent room. The movie still playing in the background. You feel Jungkook pull out of you with a groan, wrapping his hand around his member, he finishes cumming in his hand. You stand up on wobbly legs as you look up at Jungkook, watching the boy take deep breaths.

He sat down on the sofa once again, pulling you to sit on his lap. when you lay your head on his chest, his heartbeat was like a lullaby. Your eyelids felt heavy as you feel his arms around you, pulling you closer.

Jungkook looked at the tired girl on top of him, smiling as he watches her flushed cheeks, he whispers, “God, you’re beautiful”

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I hate you │1

All you’ve ever wanted was a peaceful student life, but when a vicious fuckboy gets involved in your business, everything changes.

Originally posted by jeonify

member: Jeon Jungkook x reader

genre: fluff, romance, angst

word count: 1740

warnings: fuckboy!Jungkook badboy!Jungkook; 

I hate you Masterlist 123 4 5 6 7 (ongoing)

A/N: This is the very first fic I wrote, I already have the next part planned, so please tell me what you think, what you liked and disliked. I’ll try to take your suggestions into account 

Being a university student was new for you,  exciting but scary at the same time. Having gotten a scholarship and being the straight-A student all your life, you felt pressured. How would the freshmen year ago? What kind of new experiences would it bring? 

You were deep into thoughts when someone loudly opened the door stopping your lecturer from speaking. Your head involuntarily followed the loud click of the door just to be met with the muscular grinning boy in ripped jeans and a white oversized T-shirt. Only when his eyes found yours you realized you’d been staring at him. 

“Not bad for the first day”, you thought to yourself, breaking the stare not to seem rude, but still looking at the guy from the corner of your eyes as he slowly sank into his chair and plugged his earphones in.  What was the point of attending a lecture if he didn’t even listen to the lecturer? He was handsome, you’d give him that, but he definitely was not the guy for you, or so you thought.

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standing there, so close to the warmth and the flickering red light of the candles, magnus’s fingers rubbed together idly as he listened to the sounds that were echoing through the cloisters. the space had been transformed for the cabinet meeting, looking nearly nothing like the open training space magnus knew it was. but underneath the furniture and the fragrant displays of flowers, magnus could feel the buzz of the institute as it always was.

raphael and meliorn were talking a couple of feet away at the table and behind that there were other voices, humming technology and that cold feeling that this place set in your bones. magnus had never been fond of it, but now it was making his skin crawl and he wasn’t sure if that feeling would ever really dissipate. but that was the last thing on his mind as he stood there, finger worrying his thumb, his lips pursed and the flickering candlelight reflected in his eyes. there were so many things flowing through his mind he wasn’t sure where to start and he breathed in slow, eyes falling shut as he tried to pick one thing out of the rolling waves of his thoughts.

he wasn’t sure there was one he could separate from the others and he wasn’t sure he wanted to think about any of them. there was an exhaustion sitting in him far beneath the surface that had nothing to do with lost hours of sleep or the long busy days he was pushing himself through. those two things were easy, those two things were helping. because stopping was deadly, stopping meant the waves might crash over him.

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Lance’s Speech to Allura

This was one of my favorite scenes in season four, and I haven’t seen anybody analyze it yet, so I thought I’d give it a try. I’ll be analyzing both Allura and Lance in this meta, and how they’ve both grown and changed, also touching on leadership skills within Lance and what that could lead to in the future.

First, I’ll be discussing Allura, since the speech was essentially about her and her potential. We’ve all know Allura as an incredibly strong character. Her entire species was wiped out by the Galra and she is able to put her grief aside to stay strong for others and fight back against her oppressors. We know she is hiding a lot of vulnerability from the paladins, shown when she cries in the red lion in s3e2 and when she bonds with the blue lion in s3e3. She believes she must stay strong for everyone else, whilst pushing aside her own feelings of loss.

Despite this, Allura believes she is not strong enough yet. She says, “I-I don’t know. I haven’t been trained.” This is an odd thing to say from an outsider’s perspective, since she has been shown to be increasingly strong with her magic and the blue lion Like Lance says, she was able to save the Balmera with her powers and power the castle all on her own.

More under the cut: 

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Latest and Greatest -  New Fic Recs 

There has been such a deluge of great fics recently that I felt the urge to collect a few of my recent favorites and recommend them in case you missed any of these. No particular theme…just that I loved them, thought they were beautifully written, and deserve as many eyes on them as possible!

Howls Like a Beast (You Flower, You Feast) by Anonymous

France, 1754.
Château de Versailles.

“You don’t love me,” Louis had said, utterly blasé as he callously fractured the heart of a Harry that was just barely eighteen.

“I do,” Harry had insisted pleadingly, green eyes already watering.

Louis had rolled his eyes, exasperated and flippant in the way only beautiful, young boys could be when faced with the affections of a baby prince. He had run his finger down Harry’s cheek then, had forced him to look into his eyes as he delivered the final blow.

“You’ll change your mind once you’ve seen more of the world,” Louis had teased, pressing a brutally delicate kiss onto Harry’s lovely, pure cheek. “Once you’ve been properly defiled.” He had whispered filthily, delighted by the gasp he heard, the frantic pink blush that had rested high on Harry’s cheeks, the power he had felt at knowing he could make the Crown Prince squirm.

Yellow by 13ways / @13ways-of-looking

The city of Gotham turns blood red with a new, mysterious criminal element, a beautiful woman named the Blind Cupid.

She threatens to tear the fabric of the city apart, aided by her deadly protégé, the Cat.

Can Batman stop them?

Will he resist the bewitching allures of the Cat?

A Batman/ Catwoman AU

We’re What’s Right in This World by BriaMaria / @briannamarguerite

“Why did you talk like that in Brighton? If you weren’t planning on ever telling me?” Louis asked. “Is it because you think you’re going to die?”

“It’s war, Lou,” Harry said finally.

The words were a knife slipped between his ribs. Everything hurt and he was bleeding. He shifted up, his palms cradling Harry’s jaw, his lips against his boy’s. Not kissing, just resting there, so Louis could feel him. “Promise you’ll come back to me.”

Harry’s hands smoothed down the sides of Louis’ body. “You know I can’t do that. I’ll never lie to you.”

“Promise me. We’re going to have our cottage. And our dogs. And our breakfast in the garden where nothing grows because of the wind from the sea. Promise me.”

“I won’t.” Stubborn as always, his boy. “I’ll promise you, I’ll love you all my life. I’ll promise you, you’ll never leave my thoughts. I’ll promise you, you’re my forever and my always. But promising you something I can’t cheapens the things I can.”
Or the World War II AU where Harry goes off to fight and all Louis wants to do is be the boy who brings him home.

Walk That Mile by purpledaisy / @daisyharry

Harry stares at him, the line of his jaw standing out scarily. “I wanted to get the most out of this trip so I planned it carefully.” His voice is low and steady and somehow that’s worse than when he was yelling. “So far, you’ve put your sticky fingers on everything I’ve tried to do.”

“Sticky fingers?” Louis repeats, offended. “Are you saying it’s my fault you got stung by a bee? Had you been alone you would have gotten halfway to the Dotty Diner and ran the car off the road because of an allergic reaction, so don’t go blaming me.”

“Polk-A-Dot Drive In,” Harry spits before getting out of the car. He slams the door shut with a deafening reverb and Louis rolls his eyes.
A Route 66 AU where falling in love was never part of the plan.

No One Like You by MyOwnSpark / @myownsparknow

Dear Niall,

I was glad to have the chance to talk with you again at the AHA conference. Your idea that the Musee D’Orsay Tomlinson painting is in fact not a self-portrait is an intriguing one, and I may have discovered something that will have a bearing on that theory.

Some background: as you may remember, I’ve been researching for a book I’m writing about Harry Styles. I’ve been in communication with Styles’ last living descendant, who is in possession of a trunk that her family believed to have belonged to Styles himself. It held some personal items she presumes to be his, including two unmounted paintings and a small collection of letters.

Upon spending the last few days in Provins studying these items, I believe there to be a connection between Tomlinson and Styles, and I would very much like your opinion.

Are you up for a trip to France?

Liam Payne

Where Liam and Niall are art historians discovering the truth about two nineteenth century painters on opposite sides of an artistic divide.

hope you guessed my name by @juliusschmidt

Harry blows out a breath, testing.


The flames dance in mid-air before flickering out. Tonight they are orange like the globe of the sun before it slips beneath the horizon.

Harry is a hungry devil and Louis is his unsuspecting prey.

Through Eerie Chaos by mediawhore / @mediawhorefics

For as long as anyone can remember, Old Hillsbridge Manor has always been believed to be haunted. Everyone in the village agrees and keeps a respectful, fearful, distance. New in town after a bad breakup and an internship that led to disappointment rather than a permanent job, Harry Styles figures taking pictures of the decrepit building could be a great new creative project. Or at least a much-needed distraction while he searches for a job and crashes at his parents’ new house. No one warned him about the apparitions though; about the music, the laughter, the people who flicker and vanish when you call after them, the echoes of a past that should be long gone… Harry has never believed in spirits but even he can admit that there’s something weird going on. What starts as mere curiosity evolves into a full-blown investigation and soon enough, Harry finds himself making friends with an aristocrat from the 1920s and struggling with finding the best way to tell him that he’s dead.

The Ghost Hunter AU where Niall lives to prove ghosts are real, Zayn is a skeptical librarian and Harry gets caught up in a century-old mystery and catches feeling in the process.

Strange How the Half Light by aheavenlyrush

It’s been two weeks now. Two weeks of tossing and turning in his bed, waking up sticky with sweat, head pounding.

“Your moon is so different from mine, did you know?” the boy, Harry, murmurs, and Louis flushes red, glad the dark of the night hides the blush on his cheeks. Thinking about sweaty nights thrashing around in his bed isn’t the best idea right now. Not here, next to this boy. Some mornings, Louis could swear he wakes up with Harry’s scent on his pillow.

In the light of the moon, Harry tells stories about the places beyond the stars, and Louis wonders about the curve of his lips.

Caught By the Sun by metal_eye / @metal-eye

“He came every summer. It wasn’t even a question. Harry and his parents—one step, one real—picked up their lives, packed it into a car, and drove long enough to land at the ends of the earth.

"The cabin had been in his family for a hundred years. There was no TV, no phone, no computer, no radio. There were decks of cards and plastic deer and marbles. There were skis and leaves and a tree house.

"And then there was Louis.”

Or, Harry and Louis meet every summer at the lake.

Divine by metal_eye / @metal-eye

When angels fall.

Don’t Want Shelter by FullOnLarrie / @fullonlarrie

Louis and Harry have known each other all their lives. Friends as children, they danced around each other as teenagers, and have spent the last twenty-five years either screaming at each other or not speaking at all. Except for that one time ten years ago…

When Hurricane Nicole threatens the coast, they end up stuck together in their families’ old vacation home that they begrudgingly co-own.

During the storm, and in the months after, they’re both forced to reevaluate their history and what they mean to each other.

I have a “to read” list a mile long….so I’m sure I’ll be adding to this! Let me know if you’ve read these and what you think…I always love screaming about great fics! 

i feel like gucci, baby ❖ junmyeon

(gif not mine, cr to the owner)

1536 words | smut, praise kink, sugar daddy, mafia!au, masturbation | velvet

✎ When your own Sugar Daddy cheats on you, you need to teach him a lesson and what’s better than him watching you and not being able to do what he loves the most: touching you?

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Promises (Smut)


Request: Can you do a smut where Shawns on tour and him and his girlfriend traditionally have post-concert sex but she hasn’t been with him for the last few concerts so she surprises him after a concert and they have rough/passionate sex in the dressing room

Word count: 2,825

Promises (Smut) 

“Hey Geoff, it’s y/n” I said, after pressing on Geoff’s number on my phone.

“Hey, did you land already?”

“Yes, I’m on my way to the venue now, I’ll take a couple hours though”

“It’s fine, you’ll surprise Shawn after the concert” Geoff told me, which made me smile widely.

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Grocery Store

Relationship: Tim Drake x Reader, Damian Wayne x sisterly!Reader

Summary:  Tim lost Damian at the grocery store and you found him and now it seems like you two are best friends and he doesn’t wanna lose contact with you.

Key: Y/N= your name

“Y/N! Sweetie I need you to run to the store,” your mom shouted up the stairs.

“Yeah Mom, I’ll be right down!” You turned off your music and stampeded down the stairs and into the kitchen.

“Here’s the list, remember the roast beef this time, and you can grab some ice cream if you have money left over,” your mom ran through her list then she slapped some money into your hand and sent you on your way to the grocery store. 

As you left your car, you looked over the list for dinner and strolled into the store. You meandered though the fruits, grabbing bananas, on your way towards the meat section. You over heard two boys arguing over onions.

“Drake, Alfred wanted red onions,” the small boy stated pointedly.

“It literally says right here that he needs white onions,” the older boy pointed to the list, on his phone, in his hand, “so we’re getting white.”

“Well I like red.”

“Good thing I didn’t ask your opinion.” You chuckled and watched the smaller boy slapped ‘Drake’. “Ouch, you demon.” He was greeted with a tongue sticking out. “Real mature,” he said rolling his eyes.

While the exchange was humorous to you, you had to carry on shopping, your mom wouldn’t want to be waiting forever.

“Master Tim, I’m quite busy taking care of Master Bruce at the moment. Do you mind picking up Master Damian from school and grabbing the makings for dinner,” Alfred asked Tim over the phone.

Tim groaned silently, “Yeah Al, no problem. Just text me the list.”

Tim hated driving Damian home from school. He had to sit in the car and listen to Damian complain about how wrong his teachers were and how ignorant his peers were. It was the absolute worst.

Tim pulled up in front of the school. “Damian, get in.” Damian glared at Tim for a minute then slipped into the car.

“Where is Pennyworth?”

“He’s with Bruce, so you gotta deal with me and we have to go to the store.” Damian groaned. Tim just rolled his eyes and drove to the store, listening to Damian complain.

They walked in and began the search for ingredients. The boys started with vegetables.

“Okay, white onions…” Tim scanned the aisle and walked to the onions.

“Drake, Alfred wanted red onions.”

After a debate over what onion to get, Damian decided he no longer wanted to shop with Tim. So when Tim went to to pick up bread, Damian went to find where the ice cream was.

“Damian, put this in the cart,” Tim reached behind him to hand the bread to the boy, “Damian don’t be an ass.” Tim turned around and found the cart abandoned.

Tim sneered to himself, Good riddance. That was until he realized Alfred would kill him if he didn’t come back with Damian.


You had grabbed the last thing on the list and did a quick self-checkout to find that you still had money left over. “Sweet! Thanks momma,” you cheered and skipped on over to the ice cream aisle. When you got there, you found the small boy from the veggie section looking over the ice cream selections.

“Hey there,” you waved. He glanced at you then back to the ice cream. “So, you more of an vanilla or a chocolate kinda person?”

He looked at you and quirked his head like a dog. “Mint chocolate.”

“Hey, that’s my favorite,” you squealed, “have you seen a container? I’m dying for some.”

“No, they seem to have run out,” the little boy snapped.

“It’s okay…um…” You stood there awkwardly, waiting for his name.

“I am Damian Wayne.,” he puffed his chest out proudly, “What’s your name?”

You were surprised to find this young Wayne wandering the store by himself, but you didn’t really question it. “I’m Y/N. You wanna see what else they got?”

He stood thoughtfully for a second then shrugged his shoulder, “Sure.”

You grabbed his hand and felt him stiffen. You gave him a smile and he loosened up. You steered your cart down the aisle, talking to Damian about the best ice cream flavors.

Losing hope that Damian was still even in the store, Tim zoomed up and down almost every single aisle in the store. He scanned them for the short devil and was coming up empty.

“Ugh,” he shouted at the couple of people in the aisle. “Sorry,” he blushed. He ran to the next aisle. When he got there, he heard Damian talking to someone the next one over. Bolting into the ice cream section, Tim saw his demonic brother with a very cute girl.

“Damian! Jeez, I’ve looked through the entire store for you. Come on, we have to get this stuff home to Alfred,” Tim complained. He grabbed at Damian’s shoulder, but he pulled back.

“If you were looking very intently, how could you take so long to find me,” Damian grinned.

“Because I didn’t want to,” Tim sneered, “come on.” 

Tim turned to you. “Sorry for him, whatever offensive things he may have said.”

You glared at him, “He was a perfect gentleman, thank you very much.” You watched as he blushed.

“Y/N, this is, unfortunately, my somewhat sibling, Tim Drake,” Damian leaned in closer to you, “He’s idiotic.” You giggled at his comment.

“Well, Damian, it was a pleasure to be your ice cream buddy. Maybe we’ll find each other in the ice cream aisle again sometime?” You stuck out you hand for him to shake it.

He grabbed it and shook. Then he looked at Tim, “Drake, get out your phone.”

“Wha-what, why?”

“So you can get Y/N’s number, and I can stay in contact with her. She’s more tolerable than the entire Wayne household,” Damian rationalized.

You blushed. You didn’t realize how much he liked you and it was nice. “Sure, here,” you grabbed Tim’s phone and typed in your number, “Call me anytime Damian.” You ruffed his hair. Tim waited for him to chaste you, but nothing came. “Bye guys!”

You called your mom as you left the store, “Sorry it took so long mom, had to take care of a boy who was left alone. I’ll be home soon.”

Tim glared at Damian. “I can’t believe you.” Damian just looked at him with a smug little smirk on his lips. Tim snatched his collar, “Come on!”

Tim dragged Damian to the checkout then to his car, never taking his eye off the boy.

Tim’s phone seemed to be Damian’s, seeing how often he was on it with you. “Damian! I need my phone back, I have to call someone! Damian!” Tim stormed through the manor yelling for his phone. He finally found Damian in the library, but before he could yell at him he overheard the conversation.

“Y/N, why are you so interested in Drake? I told you he’s an imbecile and not very mannered.” Damian listened to your response. “Well, I guess he may have some good qualities, but they are usually masked by his stench.”

Tim scoffed and Damian heard. Tim didn’t bother waiting for him to stop talking, “Dude, hand me my phone. I have to make a call.”

“No Drake, you can see I’m on the phone!”

You heard some grunts on the other side of the line, ending with Damian yelling in the background. You assumed that Tim had won the fight over the phone. “Hey, Y/N, Damian says bye but don’t go yet. Just give me a minute.”

You listened to the sound of feet, guessing he was walking to a more private place to talk.

“Sorry, I was hoping to clear the air on how my brother portrays me so, maybe, we could go out sometime? I mean you’d get approval from the hardest Wayne.”

You busted out laughing, “You’ve got a lot of damage control to do.”

{ red velvet }

pairing: thomas jefferson x reader (ft. sugar daddy thomas)

t/w: none!

tags: @toonerzchatz @promisesandmore @itsallexmallory @impala-moose @jaydiggs1218 @fierydaemon @slightlysouless @jzzyjones @wiindmill @whitestorm547 @hamilturnt @fearless-butter @littleblue5mcdork @arostrolgy @mcgrammer15 @fanagelbagel @mehrmonga @luna-lightwood-potter @strawbirby @21donutlover

a/n: the long awaited sugar daddy fic. i hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as i enjoyed writing it! i’ll release a part every other day. 

inbox || masterlist

part one // part two


You had finished yet another grueling shift at a cafe nearby. You said goodbye to your coworkers, clocked out, and headed home. You were exhausted beyond belief, but you had to keep going. You had classes tomorrow that you needed to get ready for.

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Joker Imagine - ‘Do it’



Hey, I was just wondering if you could do an imagine of the joker raiding someplace and having the reader there and instead of dropping to the ground when he starts shooting she just stands there. Eventually he would walk up to her while raising a gun to her head and she says “Do it”. Please and thank you!

A/N: Here it is. I hope you like it boo :)

Originally posted by diablito666

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Your P.O.V.

The main bank in Gotham seemed to busy all the time! I sighed impatiently and shifted my position on the dark blue seat. I had a bag on my legs with important papers I had to talk about, but I knew the wait would be long. There was at least 10 people ahead of me in the number line so I just had to sit and wait. It was friday so it was extra packed. People wanted their money, some had to discuss their issues and so on. I looked at the white marble floor and saw dozens of feet, heels and boots and sneakers. Gotham was full of people and everyone was different.

The clock started to get closer to 9 p.m. which meant that I had been waiting for half an hour. Wonderful.As I got up to go and use the washroom, I felt the ground shaking. A split second later a loud bang interrupted everything. I lost my balance and fell on the ground, landing on my bum. I grunted in pain as my tailbone got a hard impact.

What the fuck is going on?

The next thing I knew was that people were screaming in fear. I opened my eyes and saw people dressed up as clowns, pandas and all kinds of things running inside through a hole they created on the wall. Some were already stealing money and others guarded the hostages, us. One of the bad guys with a batman mask shot a man in his stomach and so I witnessed how he fell fell on the ground, crying out in pain. My eyes froze to look at the situation. The bad guy shot the man again, this time in his head. The innocent man died, just like that. I saw it all happen. His blood was pooling around his body and his head looked really fucked up. The sight made me feel sick.

This day had been the worst so I was too angry to let fear make me obey. I got up and looked around better. The furniture around the hole was set on fire and everything grew into a huge mess. A bad feeling was obvious in my gut. This was obviously a robbery. My body froze a little bit and then reality sunk in. We could all die.

‘’You’’ A raspy voice barked from behind me and then I heard a gun loading. A woman on the ground next to me whimpered and hid her head. I sighed shakily and turned around to face the guy holding me at gunpoint. Instead of facing someone with a silly mask, I saw the deepest reality of a criminal clown. Behind me was the one and only Joker.

My eyes widened as I met his blue ones. He looked at me angrily, making the black make-up around his eyes seem darker. His green hair was put back nicely and he had red lips. I was too scared to pay attention to his clothes, but I saw that he was wearing something black and dark red. Then I saw the gun he held, a personalized pistol aimed straight at me. My breath hitched in my throat. I was this fucking close to the Joker!

‘’Get down princess’’ He growled angrily and tried to scare me by raising the gun closer to my face. I gulped at looked at the hole of the gun that could shoot a bullet any second. Joker’s finger lied dangerously on the trigger, but he didn’t pull it yet. ‘’No’’ I answered sternly, slightly worried about doing so, but I didn’t want to surrender.

I saw confusion wash across Joker’s face. I bet I was one of the few people who told him that. ‘’If I were you, I’d listen to me’’ He warned me with a raspy voice. People around us were staring at me in disbelief. yes I was scared, my heart was pounding in my chest and I felt lightheaded, but I was too self assured to kneel down. They’d kill us anyway.

‘’Well clownface you’re not me’’ I spat at him angrily and then expected to get shot, but nothing happened. Joker looked at me wickedly, his eyes moving from my left eye to my right. He gritted his teeth and then squinted those crazy eyes of his. ‘’Don’t talk to me like that or I’ll shoot you!’’ Joker yelled at me and hit my stomach with the gun. I swallowed the pained cry and kept my eyes focused on his.

I didn’t expect my life to end like this..

 ‘’Do it’’ I whispered quietly, but I knew he heard me. I felt tears stinging my eyes. I was so close to crying, but I tried to hold my tears back. I stood there, completely in display for Joker to shoot me and that’s what I waited for. He waited as well. I grew a little impatient again. Maybe my life wouldn’t have to end like this. As he took good time to think, for some reason I didn’t know, I decided to attack him.

I leaped towards the crazy man in front of me and legit jumped on his chest. Joker nearly stumbled, but he caught his balance with his leg. Then he turned us over so I was the one falling. I hit the ground with my back, but it didn’t stop me from getting up again. Tears ruined my makeup and I cried silently, yet I kept trying. I tried to slap Joker, but he grabbed my wrist and pinned it around so it hurt a little bit.Then he put the gun in front of my face again. 

Oh fuck. I thought quickly and kneed him, but I hit his leg which didn’t even hurt that much. ‘’You’re a naughty naughty girl’’ Joker hissed and then pushed me against the floor. He put his foot on my hips so i couldn’t get up. Then he pointed his gun towards me. ‘’Too bad I’ll have to kill you’’ He sighed and I watched his his pale finger hugged the trigger. ‘’Then do it’’ I encouraged this crazed criminal, facing the fact that I would die. It’s not like many people would miss me anyway.

I didn’t even bother to wipe away my tears. I just stared into Joker’s eyes and ignored the screams and gunshots in the background. What was he waiting for?  ‘’Do it!’’ I screamed at him, hating this feeling. I was scared and angry at the same time. Just lying on the ground and waiting for my painful death was disgustingly awful. But the bullet didn’t seem to come.

Joker leaned down and grabbed my black jacket so he could pull me up to my feet. I grunted in pain because his touch was harsh. Then he pulled my back close to his chest and put the cold gun against my head, holding his other arm around my waist. All of this was so confusing!

But it didn’t take long for me to know why he did this. In front of us stood Batman, in his dark knight suit. I was the hostage that Joker would kill if Batman would come closer. I could feel my heartbeat all the way in throat as I stood there. I had never been this scared in my life. There was nothing I could do.

Joker’s goons were gone. Some were lying on the ground in pain, but most of them had escaped already. So it was Joker vs Batman with me in the middle. Yay. This felt like some kind of nightmare. ‘’Let her go Joker’’ Batman spoke with his deep voice. He could probably see my quivering body. ‘’Why would I? You don’t think I’m that fucking stupid do you?’’ Joker laughed darkly and caressed my cheek with the cold metal. Batman didn’t answer immediately. He seemed to be in deep thoughts.

‘’She doesn’t have anything to do with this’’ Batman tried again. He stepped closer, but Joker didn’t approve that. The next thing I knew was the Joker shot the ceiling and then put the gun back towards my head. Batman froze and didn’t come closer. The shot was a clear warning that I’d be next.

‘’Just go away Batsy. You can’t save her, just like you couldn’t save Rachel’’ Joker spoke darkly. Everyone knew about Rachel. Joker had set up a trap a few years ago which led Harvey Dent to lose his mind and half of his face. Then Rachel had died. Not that I liked what happened, but Rachel was my former co-worker and we never got along. When she died, I wasn’t that sad about it. But what Joker did was still wrong. Even tho he kinda did me a favour, I couldn’t say I wished for her death.

I noticed how Batman got angry by Joker’s rude comment.   ‘’Now pretty how about we go out of here together and leave Batsy alone,hm?’’ Joker purred into my ear and tried to walk sideways to the entrance. A car had pulled over and a goon was driving. Batman hadn’t noticed, but I could tell him. Did I want to? This was all messing with my mind and I was way too confused to think straight.

Batman leaped closer to us. I startled so bad that I screamed and kicked the dark knight. Why? I didn’t want to get shot. ‘’Leave me alone!’’ I sobbed out loud to Batman, partly feeling guilty for kicking him. Batman seemed surprised and he stepped a few steps back. He tried to grab one of his weapons, but Joker was quicker. The next thing I knew was that he pushed me inside the car. Joker’s goons shot at Batman who had to seek shield. That gave Joker plenty of time to get in the car and so we escaped the scene.

‘’You did so well kitten’’ Joker laughed evilly and sat next to me. I was on my back and I was too scared to sit up straight. I had kicked the only person who could have saved me and now I was heading to ..who knows where with fucking Joker! I really fucked up.

‘’I didn’t mean to do that’’ I whimpered with a small voice. I was letting reality replace my shock and I got really scared. But a part of me found Joker really interesting. I knew I should hate him, but after thinking about the crazy clown prince of crime for a few years, my thoughts had formed a big mess. I had mixed feelings about this man. 

‘’But you did it’’ Joker answered me and then took a deep breath. He wasn’t holding me at gunpoint anymore. ‘’There’s bad in you and I’ll promise to get it through baby’’ He added mysteriously. My eyes widened. Bad in me? ‘’I’m nothing like you’’ I hissed and then sat up a little better. So I’d either die or become like him? I knew I could try to escape, but we were in a car that drove so fast I bet the driver broke all the laws he could.If I’d jump out, I’d die.

‘’Don’t be so negative. You’re feisty, I like that’’ Joker admitted and seemed like a whole new person. Earlier he was more scary, now he was just plain crazy and a little flirty. I kept an angry glare on my face. ‘’Hey, drive us to the X4 hideout!’’ Joker growled angrily at the driver. His tone was really scary, something you wouldn’t want to make worse.

Then he turned to face me again. That’s when I paid attention to details. He had ‘damaged’ ‘J’ and a star tattooed on his white face. He had some scars from heists and his blue eyes were actually pretty. I felt like I could study his features and tattoos for ages, but I was too scared to. Also he was a bad guy. I shouldn’t be thinking like this. I should be more scared and more angry.

‘’I can see through your anger’’ Joker giggled and then grabbed something from his pocket. I followed his moves silently and then saw a cigar that he lit up and put the thick stick on his lips. He inhaled the toxins and after a few seconds breathed the smoke out. I tried to show him that I was disgusted, just because I wanted to go away. I put my hand on my nose and squinted my eyes.

‘’Want some?’’ He looked at me and offered me the cigar. I looked at it, then at Joker who seemed more relaxed around me and then I looked out of the window. We drove so fast that I couldn’t focus on anything. All I knew was that I was stuck with the Joker and it stressed me out. So I grabbed the cigar and inhaled it deeply. The smoke entered my body and made me feel both disgusted but relaxed. I breathed it out in the car and then gave it back to Joker. 

‘’You didn’t mean it when you told me to do it didn’t you?’’ Joker asked me with a raspy voice. I felt a little numb, because this all happened so suddenly. I wasn’t sure what I should feel. Fear? Anger? Sadness? I was too baffled to know. I looked at Joker who had a smirk plastered on his face. ‘’You’ll find out’’ I replied shortly and then shut my eyes.

How could this be real?

gazebros  asked:

i know i requested something last night but i hope it's okay if i have another one, i just love your writing! something like it's junior year and richie saved up for a car so he takes eddie out on a date and it's just super fluffy n cute? thanks sm!

(You can send me prompts anytime!) 

~Richie slid until his back was pressed against the back of his car. His car. He smirked and took a warm puff of his cigarette. Sitting at the edge of the El Camino’s bed was Beverly, arm draped over the ledge, sucking on her own cig. She was nodding to herself and staring up at the early sky. “So what do you think?” Richie finally asked. 

Beverly licked her lips and rolled her cigarette to the opposite side of her mouth and slid it from her lips to speak. “A little junkie…but you finally got your car Rich!” She jetted her leg out to kick him. Richie couldn’t hold back his grin as he crawled over to sit next to her. 

“Yeah my change jar is empty now.” Richie sighed and Beverly chuckled and tilted her head back, cigarette sticking out like a chimney. 

“God, the seller must’ve hated you.” 

Richie shrugged and rolled his lips together. He hadn’t paid entirely in change but maybe a good chunk. He’d been working his ass off at the shitty drive-thru place to get enough paychecks for it. He started to tap his fingers anxiously against the ledge of the bed. “When are you picking him up?” Beverly asked, shaking her cigarette over the edge. Richie watched the ash fall and flurry to the ground. Richie checked his watch. 

“Twenty minutes…you think he knows it’s a date?” Richie asked nervously and Bev laughed again. 

“Eddie could possibly be a little oblivious…so be a frickin’ gentleman, or I’ll pound ya.” Beverly unlatched the bed’s door and hopped down, pulling her shorts down. Richie chuckled and puffed his last bit of his dead cig. “Later Tozier.” Beverly called over her shoulder as she shoved her hands into her pockets and traveled down the sidewalk and out of sight. 

At her departure, Richie realized the depths of his nerves.


Headlights flooded into the homey, but dead Kaspbrak household. Mrs. K herself was snoring up a storm in their old nearly broken arm chair. Eddie was hoping down the stairs, shoving his foot into his shoe along the way. Off the last step, he landed with both feet on the ground, both shoes on. He hear a distant honk and held back a smile. He quickly threw his front door open and stood on his porch, door shutting softly behind him. Richie was standing outside the car but his arm was reaching inside to honk the horn. “You couldn’t come to the door?” Eddie shouted with a little sass but Richie just hopped over. 

“Hey, I’m proud! Isn’t she a beaut’ Eds?” 

“She?” Eddie chuckled as he followed Richie to the car. Richie nodded. 

“You always call cars she Eds. “ He shrugged and led Eddie to the passengers side. Eddie ducked inside as Richie went back around and got inside on his side, sliding on the bench. 

“Ahhh a masculinity thing.” Eddie nodded and leaned back. “I never got the whole, calling cars by girls names.” 

Richie turned his body backwards to look out the back window as he pulled out of Eddies driveway. “Would you drive a car named Horrice, Eddie?” he chuckled and Eddie shook his head with a smile. 

“Yeah cause every guy name is ugly. It just makes it seem like you’re in a relationship with your car. Why does it have to have a name anyway?” 

“Well Eds, I’m as gay as the day is long so you shan’t worry about me dating my car just because she’s a girl.” Richie threw the comment casually and it made Eddie freeze, arms clenched in his lap. “And I guess any name can be used for either a boy or a girl, is a name specific-?”

“You’re gay?” Eddie finally squeaked and interrupted Richie. Said boy, turned his head as he pulled to a stop at the stoplight, the red light fuzzing in his peripheral vision. He licked his lips and shrugged.

“Yeah. You didn’t know that?” Richie chuckled awkwardly and scratched his chin, thankful that driving gave him an excuse not to look at his friend. “That makes this date a lot more awkward then I planned.” 

“This is a date?!” Eddies voice squeaked again and Richie felt his stomach drop slightly, he’d been fearing that he hadn’t been as straight forward as he’d thought he was being when he asked Eddie out. 

“Well, it doesn’t have to be if you don’t want it to be. But I mean that’s what I intended when I asked you to have dinner with me…. alone, Eds.” Richie gave him a look. Eddie shook his head. 

“We hang out alone all the time, how was I suppose to know the difference?” Eddie frowned as Richie pulled into the lot of some Dairy Queen that looked over some small body of water. He pulled backwards into a space with focus. 

“Well for one, When you said yes, I said, ‘Good it’s a date!’ “ Richie laughed and parked the car, turning his body to Eddie.

“I thought that was just a weird joke of yours, you do that all the frickin’ time, Rich.” Eddie rolled his eyes and leaned back in his seat as Richie jetted his hand out to change gears. Eddie glanced up with a small worried expression. “What are you doing?” he asked. 

Richie shrugged. “Taking you back home….” He looked at him as if it was obvious.  “I mean, you’d rather be there then on a date with me, right?” 

Eddie bit his lip and eventually shook his head with a wide smile and opened his car door. “I’m expecting you’re paying then right?”

Richie grinned. “I am a gentleman, Eds!” He hurried after him and into the Dairy Queen. 


Despite that the intention was dinner, Richie and Eddie had left the joint with two blizzards and fries to share. They sat in the El Camino’s bed, looking over the small body of water. The radio was going on quietly in the background with the windows rolled down. “So, hows the date?” Richie asked with a small grin and Eddie blushed, stabbing his spoon into his frozen treat. 

“Fine, for having it be with such a trashmouth.”

Richie put on a smug grin “Hey, I’ve been a good boy.” He chuckled and dipped a fry into his blizzard.  

“For now, maybe.” Eddie smiled and kicked Richie’s leg. Richie took it as a good time as any to scoot closer, and set his arm around Eddie’s shoulders. The smaller boy looked up with probably the single most adorable smile Richie had ever seen in his life. “How’d you know I was gay?” 

Richie set down his blizzard. “Didn’t. I just winged it. I thought you saying yes was a good sign but figuring in the fact that you didn’t know this was a date…” Richie trailed off and looked at the smaller boy under his arm. 

“I think the answers pretty straight forward now, isn’t it?” Eddie asked with a expectant smile as he sat comfortably under Richie’s arm. 

“I think its the opposite of straight forward, Eds.” Richie chuckled and Eddie shoved him to his left with laughter he couldn’t hold back. Their laughter calmed down and Richie scratched his nose. 

“Y’know I saved up all my nickels and dimes for tonight.” Richie looked down at Eddie who looked confused. “The car, I mean…I saved up for the car so I could take you on a real date.” Richie stumbled slightly on his words and Eddie blushed. 

“You didn’t have to do that to get me to go on a date with you, Richie.” 

“Well you didn’t even willingly agree to this one, so I wouldn’t know how to get you on one, would I?” Richie poked Eddie teasingly, Eddie slapped his hands away with a small smile. 

“Just fuckin’ be there, Tozier and I’ll be there too. cause God help me, I enjoy your company and would very much like to go on as many dates as you have to offer.” Eddie pinched him and Richie giggled. 

“Ok, would you like to go out again tomorrow night…as a date?” Richie spoke the last word slowly and carefully inflected it just to tease him. 

Eddie shook his head. “Yes, you dipshit.” He flicked his red spoon at him and Richie stuck out his tongue. 

The date ended up better then Richie could’ve planned it.