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Could you do the same ask what awesome asked of UT Grillby but with UF Grillby?

(First one here)

UF Grillby: Why are you always apologising? His reaction is rather hot, apologising like that is a weakness in his Underground. He is worried and his worry usually comes out rather unfriendly. 

But he still wants to know what is going on. So he will press further until you tell him, just giving up is not his style. After you tell him he is rather…baffled. Why would you think he would just keep you around if he didn’t like or love you? Why should he was his time like that?

He is a busy man. If he just tolerated you, he wouldn’t even bother with you. He loves you, he is ready to tell you that more often if that makes you happy. He isn’t to used to love confessions…or sentimental things in general. But as long as you do that somewhere private, he is ready to give it a try.

Just don’t expect him to be all mushy and cheesy.

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If Lotor became a Paladin, which lion would suit him best and why?

I automatically want to go with Black Paladin because he has such strong leadership, but at the same time he’s so distrusting and independent, idk if the Black Lion would think he’s able to pull a team together like you have to as the head of Voltron.

Keeping that in mind, I’d say either Red or Blue for Lotor.

Red because he’s a talented pilot who relies a lot on his instincts in battle and takes a lot of calculated risks (like you know FLYING INTO THE SURFACE OF A FUCKING SUN). And I think, despite how in control Lotor is in general, he seems naturally a bit temperamental (like when he snaps at Haggar, gets angry with Acxa over failure).

Blue because in that one interview with the writers, they discussed how the Blue Lion is kind like the ‘mother lion’ and how she looks more for potential in pilots. She looks for someone with traits to nurture and strengths to help grow. While Lotor is incredibly capable and powerful and calculating, he’s distrusting and is prone to letting his own single-mindedness/independence screw him over (killing Narti and having his generals betray him for it) and I think Blue would help him learn to trust in a team and not just himself.

I think either way, when he’d grow and have a team around him to trust and believe in, he’d pilot Black.

(I’m also just super wet for Black Paladin!Lotor)

If you’re one of the people upset about Mark wasting all that food then it would probably make your head spin about how much good, unused food is thrown away every single day at restaurants. If this is actually an issue you are passionate about, why not stop complaining about a silly YouTube video and actually go to your local food establishments and see if there is anything they could do about all of their actual food waste.

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Anti sighed softly, letting the glitching fade from his voice. “Old friend, perhaps you’re too aggressive. Far far too aggressive. You should know that tampering with them will only make my grasp stronger. They’re my F A M I L Y. They won’t betray me like Henrik, and they won’t hurt me like Brody or Jack. They, LOVE, Me.” (Anti Anon who has to go, but found the short interaction really fun!! If another wants to pick up the Anti hat they can!)

They’re MY family too! Hence why I will be aggressive towards anyone who would want to hurt them!

((Thank you! It was a tonne of fun! Hopefully we’ll see you again!)£

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Can you do a headcannon where the reader is drinking a bunch of coffee and eating candy and tom has to stop them cause they're shaking and bouncing off the walls or something? Thanks love

  • alright, it wasn’t the morning or anything
  • it was almost six pm when you made a fresh new pot of coffee
  • tom had said not to but, he wasn’t there to stop you
  • you had a bag of candy and like ten cups of coffee when tom arrived home
  • he was confused when you ran to him, wide-eyed and rambling
  • you would want to go to a park and he’s like
  • no?? bc its at least 8
  • and youre just
  • running around and tom’s so confused bc like
  • why are you like this??
  • he see’s the coffee cups and the candy wrappers and he’s ultimately very confused because like 
  • no
  • so he takes your hands and looks at you with narrowed eyes before sighing and setting you on his lap
  • allowing you to play with his shirt, fingers, hair etc and at some point you just die
  • like your sugar high is dEAD
  • and he just cuddles you and hes a precious angel

No title, Kuro is just a horrible person

Summary: Lance mistakes Kuro for Shiro and confesses his love only for Kuro to take advantage of him by not telling him who he really is until after they have sex. Shiro doesn’t know what to do. LANCE DOESN’T KNOW IT’S NOT SHIRO.


@hells-will-88 Because you said you wanted more and angst is my best quality

Lance frowned as he sat up, watching as Shiro got dressed.

“Shiro? Where are you going?”

“My name isn’t Shiro,” he said, sounding amused.

Lance sat up, watching. “What are you talking about?” What was going on? Sure, Shiro had seemed to be in a bit of a bad mood, and maybe he had been a bit too rough but why would he say that?

He snorts, turning to him with a smirk. “Name’s Kuro. Shiro’s my twin.”

Lance began to pale and he snatched the blankets to cover himself.

“Aw, now don’t do that! I mean, I’ve already fucked you. Were you that eager to please my baby brother? You just confessed and you let me fuck you not even 20 minutes later.”

Lance’s face burned with shame. He grabbed the clock off his nightstand, throwing it at Kuro’s head. “Get out of my apartment!”

Kuro easily dodges the clock, grinning. “Will do, sugar pop.” He grabs his shirt and walks to the door. “Just so you know, Shiro has been secretly dating Keith Kogane for about a year now. There’s no way he’d date you.” With that, he leaves as Lance buries his face in his hands.


Shiro was getting worried. Lance had come in for his shift at the coffee house and now he was missing his afternoon classes.

He glanced around the room, all the students quite as they worked when his phone began to ring. He excused himself from the class and closed the door.

Lance’s name flashed across the screen.

“Lance?” He answers.

He’s silent for a moment before answering, voice rough.

“Are you dating Keith?”

Shiro blinked. How did… “What? Lance, how did you know that?”

“Do… you have a twin brother?”

Shiro slowly saw a small connection form. “I do. Lance what’s goin-”

He was cut off by Lance beginning to cry.

“Lance, what happened?! What did he do?”

“I have to go.” Lance hangs up and all Shiro could do was stare at his phone.

What had Kuro done?

He dials his number, his heart sounding like thunder in his ears.

“What do you want?”

“What did you do to Lance?!”

“Was that his name?”

“Stop playing games! What did you do!”

Kuro chuckles. “Did you know Lance is in love with you?”

Shiro’s heart dropped. “Kuro, I won’t ask again.”

“Did you know Lance’s mouth tastes like mango? Or that his skin smells like lemon?”

“You had no right! I can’t believe…”

“You should have told your friends about me, Shiro, and you should have told them about Keith. Though, I’m beginning to miss Lance’s tast-”

“You stay away from him!”

“No can do, brother. He’s going to be mine.” With that, Kuro hung up and Shiro’s back hit the wall.

Why had this happened? What could he do to fix this?

How was he going to be there for Lance when he most likely didn’t want to be near him?


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Speaking of Omegaverse, why not make an Omegaverse au 😏

Okay so first, one already exist and I would never make an au based on some else’s idea with out there permission.Second, that au would probably have like a lot of um… #NOTkidfriendly things in it (exactly why you put that emoji I bet)Third, I actually know an blog that is open that is that au, not sure if they take ask or not but I know it exist X3 (so if you want that au go check that blog out, i don’t have the link but you should be able to find it X3)

- Ban and Nab
Rolling Stop Fingers

I decided to go for a drive tonight

I usually do when I feel restless

-and lonely

I planned where I would go before I even left

            every right turn, every left turn

            how fast I would go

            every pot hole I would swerve around

            every street light I would drive under

            every time I would hit my brakes

I thought through everything.

            -Not to say that I had thought about it much before.

            Just that I knew what I wanted to happen on this drive

I usually go for drives at night

that’s when I feel restless

I usually go alone so I don’t know why I invited you

            -begged you even-

                        to come.

It was alright at first you know, you being there too

            it was quiet which I didn’t mind until you tried to tell me how to drive.

I was comfortable with my own pace.

            -why wouldn’t you just leave me alone?

                        -(I wish I had just left you alone)-

I don’t remember how you got in the driver’s seat

            I don’t remember stopping

I just looked up and suddenly everything was different

We were on the same street

            -on the same path-

            that I had planned but you were driving now

                        -and the sky was different

                                    the stars were gone

                        and the leather seats were suddenly too cold

            like we had switched to another reality

                        warmth and light were gone

                                    blind and painfully cold

the ride was the same but the intentions were different.

I was afraid.

            my fingers were red and my hair was white and my eyes were black

I realized I did not want to be on this drive with you anymore with these damn seats freezing into my thighs.

            freezing me in place

                        muscles now ice cubes

                                    blind and painfully cold and frozen to the seat

“Maybe we should go back?

            Please maybe can we wait?

                        I would like for you to leave now.

                                    Please don’t do this.

                                                I want to go home.


                                                                        I don’t want this.





Where did my voice go?

I don’t know why I was so afraid.

You weren’t a bad driver

            not like some drivers you know

You weren’t a “blow through a school zone doing 80” driver

Nor a “fly through an intersection drunk at 2 am” driver

You were just a rolling stop driver

            you just broke little rules right?

            you see the sign but just slow down

                        so everyone thinks it’s okay

                        you’d stop if there was any real danger right?

                        no one is going to get hurt by that right?

            they secretly want you to creep through right?


I watched your rolling stop fingers creep past the warning like none had come at all

            like maybe I wouldn’t notice.

                        god they were so cold

                                    painfully cold

                                                blind and painfully cold and frozen to the seat

We came to a red light and you didn’t slow down at all.

I was afraid but what could I do?

            traffic laws no longer mattered

            we were on your drive now

                        I chose to be a quiet compliant hostage.

The ride got really bumpy then as you drove out of town

All of the windows shattered then and my tears were wet with blood

“I think we should stop now.

            I don’t like this.

                        That hurts.

                                    Can we please just wait?”

Could you hear me even?

            I don’t think you could.

                        I couldn’t stop choking on your shoulder.

Where did my voice go?

I walked home after you destroyed my car

             tires slashed

                        headlights broken

                                    windows shattered

                                                engine dead

            So I walked and I itched

My skin burned all over

            I scratched it all off but the burning never stopped

I lay in the shower and wash the blood and myself and the dirt away

            i scratch and i burn and i kick and i scream and i cry until I leave

i can see all the soap bottles float toward my face

the Girl is mad i kicked her stuff but i don’t care

All the colors blur and sting as soap gets in my eyes

She is yelling at me but i am no one

            i am nothing

“What did we do? you need to get help! Get up get up get up get up!”

Why is She mad at me

            it wasn’t our fault

                        i didn’t want this

                                    i asked to stop

                                                didn’t i?

                                                            i can’t remember

                                                                        what have i done

“Can you help me? My friend stole my car and broke my spirit.”

i can’t hear her though.

            i have no words left.

 i think i might be dead.

            i am nothing

Where did my voice go?

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🌟 - who’s a character that you relate a lot to? why?

If you ever visited my “Favorite characters” page you would notice that my comfort/relatable characters have villain tendencies/are anti-heroes/are going through some huge psychological problems. They tend to be stubborn, courageous, rebellious, witty, charismatic and not in good terms with society. Some also have anger issues and scream at people/fight everyone. Some have a weird “hero complex” and want to make the world a better place. Some may also have a tragic past because of my love for angst. Basically, I’m looking for traits I have myself/would love to have. I can’t pick just one character, so here’s a small list (if you’re on mobile and can’t see custom pages on blogs):

  1. Tord and Tori (Eddsworld)
  2. Ren Hoek (The Ren and Stimpy Show) 
  3. Rango (Rango)
  4. Ellen (The Witch’s House)
  5. Alice Liddell (AMR and AMA)
  6. Harvey Dent/“Two-Face” (Batman) 
  7. Rodion R. Raskolnikov (Crime and Punishment) 
  8. Grigory A. Pechorin (A Hero of Our Time)

💗  - if you could choose, which time period would you live in? why?

I often feel like I belong in late XIX-early XX centuries. Simply love the aesthetic, love the art of that time, and I share the views of people who lived in that time period. On the other hand, I can hardly find something aesthetically pleasing to me in modern culture and fashion. It lacks the charm I adore. 


One day as Ethan was driving home from a job he got a call from Chloe asking if he could stop by her house on his way home. She rarely called him to come over without giving him a solid reason as to why and he was immediately curious as to what she wanted. But he figured he would find out once he got there, so he told her that he would be over soon and headed straight to her house.

When he arrived, Chloe invited him inside and the two of them sat down to talk, “How’s it going with Alex?” she asked, giving him a sly smile. “I heard you two have been out on several dates already.”

“Mmhmm, we have.”

“Is it going well?”

“Yes, it is,” he replied, smiling at her happily. “But I know you didn’t ask me here to talk about my personal life. What’s going on Chloe?”

“I talked to Dad yesterday.”


“He told me about everything that’s going on at work with that guy. He also said he asked you for help and you refused.”

“I did refuse. What’s it to you?”

“Ethan, he’s our Father!” Chloe cried, giving him a disgusted look. “And he could go to jail for a long time and you’re not going to try and help him!”

“Did it ever occur to you that he deserves to go to jail?”

“That’s a terrible thing to say. You take that back right now.”


“Come on, brother. You have to help him.”

“I do not. And I won’t. If he wants out of the mess he got himself into, he’s going to have to do it himself.”

“You’re being an asshole, you know that?”

“Thanks for the information,” Ethan replied, getting up from his chair. “And I really don’t have time to discuss this with you further, I have to go. I’ll see you later, Chloe.”

Though Chloe called for her brother to come back, he didn’t even turn around or speak another word to her. And she watched helplessly as he got into his car and left. She had been so sure that her appeal for him to help their Dad would work, and it broke her heart that he adamantly refused to do anything. 

Their Dad was going to jail and he wouldn’t lift a finger to stop it.

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My boyfriend and I have been really happy together but I started falling out of love. I've been questioning my sexuality ever since I was a little kid and I think I'm into girls and that's why I can't hold a relationship with a man. We put a lot of effort in our relationship and I don't want it to go to waste but I can't force myself to love him. He's a sweet guy who deserves love and I don't know what to do

Its better to say him the truth i think. you both won’t feel happy in this relationship-you won’t love him like it supposed to be and he would feel it. anyways it will come out, so better say it now. try to say that its not about him, yell him the truth. i hope he understands and you’ll stay friends. anyways, it will be better than hiding it and making you both unhappy

if you want to reply to one single roleplayer for a time being because that’s all you have muse for  –  go ahead.  if you can keep up with everyone that comes along –  go ahead.  but it is NOT okay to consistently make people feel bad for their reply pace.  whether it’s fast with one thread or one person or just slow altogether.  we aren’t here to please you.  so how about you understand that and stop posting about why people choosing one roleplayer over you is a whole ton of shitty because it’s really not.  they’ve found a way to have fun and you’re either supportive or you’re not.  stop making people feel bad.

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hii love! i totally missed your reply to my post yesterday and i for some reason can't reply to it now; but i just wanted to say that the name 'the haddocks challenge' made me very happy and i'm definitely going to use it! so thank you!!

omg why haven’t i seen this earlier?? hello there!! i remember i had been wondering if you’ve seen it!! tbh, the haddocks challenge would be such a blast to me?? i mean imagine this: you start the challenge with creating a relative of the haddocks, and then you follow the rules made by you!! i would try it, that’s for sure ♡

Me: Hey I just got a PS4, can you guys help me with my old account

PSN: yeah your account is like super mega banned for being $200 in debt from disputed charges on a cancelled card, buy a bunch of cards from us to wipe away the debt and you can get going again

Me: wait. I told you guys my PS3 was stolen years ago, and you told me to just have my debit card canceled. So I did. While I was on vacation. That was incredibly convenient. Now you want me to go ahead and pay for fraudulent charges made under my name? FFS, I already owned a physical copy of GTAV and had beaten it, why the hell would I buy it on the PSN? Can’t you just clear the disputed charges and games from the account?

PSN: ooh yeah sorry I can’t actually see that info, so I sent you an email to help you get started paying the debt-

Me:  is there anyone who CAN see that info-

PSN: hey you what’s up man give me money please

Me: uuuuuuuuuuuuuugh gooooooooooood okay can I just like make a new account

PSN: Yeah, that’ll work.

TL;DR: F15_Prinny is now Punished-Prinny

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Hey, hey! Seeing as Ouma is the type of person who's incredible meticulous with details, and hates leaving things unknown/up to chance... How about a short prompt of "the SHSL Gambler Ouma Kokichi plays a game with detective Saihara"? o 3o

A gambler huh? Well that certainly flips Ouma on his head, now doesn’t it? He does love games though. So this is definitely plausible. Alright! let’s go. Does this still count as short.


Saihara looks up from his desk to find the SHSL Gambler bounding over waving enthusiastically. Ouma slaps a deck of cards on desk. “Let’s play a game!”

“A game?” Saihara puts his pen down. Honestly playing a game with the SHSL gambler seems like it would be a waste of time. Especially a card game… “Why would you want to play a game with me?”

“Caaauuuuuseee…..I’m bored, and you’re decently not boring?” Ouma says like it’s the most obvious thing in the world. He doesn’t bother waiting for Saihara to accept, immediately pulling up a chair. “So we’re going to play a game.”

“You just do whatever you please, huh?” Saihara asks, watching Ouma shuffle the deck of cards. 

“Yep! Besides, I know you weren’t that interested in studying anyway, so you might as well.” Ouma’s says, switching from shuffling the cards to randomly laying them out on the table face down.

Saihara sighs, putting his work away, before asking. “So what game did you want to play? Poker?” He is a gambler after all.

“Nah, Poker is boring. Everyone is so easy to read. Besides, you clearly have no poker face, so it’d be even more boring.” Ouma replies, putting the deck back together. What is he doing? “So instead, I’ll let you take your pick.” He cheers, handing the deck over. 

“Hmm….” Saihara examines the deck in his hand before shuffling it himself. You can never be too careful. 

“Ahaha! Saihara-chan doesn’t trust me.” Ouma rests his head in his hands. I didn’t get my title from cheating, you know? I can’t even count cards~” 

That sounds like a lie, but okay, Saihara thinks, dealing out the entire deck. “We’ll play spit.”

“Spit?” Ouma raises his brow. “Would have thought you’d go for something more strategy based, like Gin,” he says, straightening out his cards on the table. “You’re just full of surprises.” 

There’s something soft in his voice as he says it. It lacks the childish lilt he’s so used to hearing. Saihara’s so thrown off from the change he briefly stops setting up his own cards. “…My uncle used to play it with me,” Saihara replies, resuming his organizing. “You finished?”

“Yep!” Ouma stops fidgeting with his cards. “Let’s go. Although you should be warned, I have lightning reflexes. Nishishi~”

Saihara almost rolls his eyes, an unwitting smile on his face. 

“Three, two, one–spit!”

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My latest monster crush is Dedan from the game off. I would 100% let him raw me.

Ok, first I want to say that I am sorry for using your ask for this, but I want to get this point across.

This blog is a SFW blog. it is Safe for work. Although you aren’t going into too much detail I don’t want my blog containing anything with sex or even talking about it, that is why I have not published anything with that other than this. From the shout-outs I’ve had they’ve ALL said that I am a SFW blog. Along with that, it says in my description. Please, for the love of anything holy, do not send me stuff like this. 

I honestly don’t mind you telling me your monster crush, seriously. I just don’t want to have anything in my inbox or published that isn’t safe for work. It’s even stated in my rules: https://teratophiles-on-a-mission.tumblr.com/rules

 Now, let me say this. I will ban people who send me asks like this, considering I may not have made this clear before I won’t block you :). Just please, please, please, take that to another blog. I really don’t want to block anyone, I don’t want to make anyone upset, it’s just that I don’t want anything like this on my blog. This, hopefully, will be the only time I have to say this. Next time I get shit like this I will block. Sorry.

Thanks for your time and reading this. Also!!! I really don’t mind getting send your monster crushes, I love getting stuff like that sent to me. Just please don’t tell me how you want them to raw you or anything like that, thanks.

interlude dream reality

Merlin deleted scenes otherwise known as:

“Julian, it’s just too gay, we’ve got to cut it, I’m sorry.”