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Roommates With Draco Part Twelve
  • Part Twelve: When Narcissa wants to see Draco's apartment
  • Narcissa: Draco, what is Harry doing here?
  • Draco: He lives here
  • Narcissa: You live with a guy you hate?
  • Draco: Um, well, I was going to talk to you-
  • Narcissa: You're gay?
  • Draco: Wh- I'm not gay!
  • Narcissa: Does your girlfriend at least know?
  • Draco: I don't have a girlfriend...
  • Narcissa: Well I guess we know why
  • Teddy: *cries*
  • Narcissa: And you have a baby together
  • Draco: He's not my baby!
  • Harry: Actually, he's mine
  • Narcissa: Draco, the least you could do is adopt your gay lover's baby
  • Narcissa: I thought I raised you right
Tutor (Park Jimin)

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Requested: No
Words: 2352
Warnings: fuckboy!Jimin, smut (not exactly)
Description: Park Jimin, the guy in school that everyone wants, is you’re tutor. While tutoring you, things get a little heated.

Never in a million years would you think that you needed a tutor.

Your grades were perfect! Why would you ever need a tutor?

You were gliding through your classes just fine until you failed a math test. Then your math teacher told you that you were going to get a tutor.

The problem was, the teacher didn’t just give you any random tutor. He gave you Jimin—the playboy. Not only was he a playboy, but he was also the boy you somehow managed to like.

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Monsta X - Just Kiss Me (Wonho, Kihyun, Jooheon, I.M)

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Wonho - He might not notice the moment you told him to kiss you– his attention is almost ingrained into the movie when you lean your head on his shoulder and say it out loud. But when he does notice, he’d turn to you and smile, making sure you feel happy and give you a quick kiss and pat your head. “If you’re uninterested in the movie, why didn’t you tell me?” Jokingly, and after explaining why you said “kiss me”, he’d chuckle and tell you how much he loves you and not to forget that. For someone like him, he takes love seriously and would want the best for you because from this point forward, you’re stuck with him– hopefully it’s not too much. 

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Kihyun - This boy doesn’t let any of your words go through one ear and out the other. Quickly, he’ll turn his head to you and blush, knowing that what you said was quite sudden. Though, you two have been together for so long that just farting in front of each other doesn’t faze anyone anymore. Anyway, Kihyun would give a kiss to the temple and wrap his arm around your waist, pulling you closer as a result. Kihyun probably wouldn’t be able to focus on the movie late on because now he’s going to be thinking about you and asking himself how you came to that thought of asking him to give you a kiss. Not that it’s a bad thing, but he’ll feel proud of himself because he made you feel that way.

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Jooheon - Did I hear something? Did I hear it wrong? No, Jooheon, you didn’t. It was your godforsaken partner who told you to kiss them. Okay. He’d be like Kihyun and hesitate for a few seconds before giving you a kiss on the nose. Jooheon is a bundle of joy and hearing that you were thinking about him more than the movie actually started giving him some, uh, suggestive thoughts. But it’s okay once you’ve told him that it wasn’t what he was thinking. Or was it? Nonetheless, Jooheon would feel ecstatic about your feelings for him and expect him to return his love for you. 

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I.M - He’d probably brush it off and act like he didn’t hear anything, but the moment he sees you widen your eyes (in the corner of his), he’d pause the movie and give you a kiss on the cheek before resuming his film. Changkyun isn’t the one to give an exaggerated reaction, and so doing a simple action of affection is enough for him. Knowing that you care enough for him and saying something like that obviously says that you love him for him. Some time after, he’ll tease you about it– “So, how much do you think about me every day?” But yes, I.M would probably do the same thing to you in a joking manner, perhaps around the other members. 

Admin Mochi

When my sisters were in air cadets, one of them asked me to buy a ticket and come to this cadet fundraising dance.  It was in the middle of nowhere and I was working the night shift at the time but I bought one and said I would come even though it was really inconvenient for me.  I asked her not to ditch me when I got there because I didn’t know anyone there.

Both my sisters ignored me the entire night. 

I invited my other sister to the staff Christmas party at work a couple times before I knew quite when it was and she said yes both times.  When I was able to give her the date I asked again if she was coming and she ignored all my texts. 

Sometimes your family will ask you to do something for you, and you’ll do it, but when you ask them for something all you’ll get is nothing.  Don’t feel obligated to keep giving to them because they are never going to give back.  They are just going to keep asking and they are going to conveniently forget all the times you did as they asked while they ignored you.

ok i'm ranting again...

right i just saw someone say ‘william and Pchris literally never interacted with Sana why are they going to her party’
umm why do you think?
like it’s obvious why 😂
I’m pretty sure they’ll have interacted offscreen at parties etc i mean Sana is friends with noora and eva and they will definitely have had conversations before and stuff besides i’m pretty sure Sana would want her friends to be happy with the boyfriends and for them interact with their friends and stuff

also people need to stop with the hate for william today first the clip being longer then him being too harsh to chris like honestly STOP!!!

When I’m in a relationship, I go all out. I give that person my unconditional love. I treat them as if they’ll be the one I’d marry. Some would ask why I do that? Well let me ask, why not? Why are you with that person? Are you just killing time? Exactly. My relationships aren’t to kill time. I’m on a quest to find that one person that I’d want to live with for the rest of my life.     

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I hope I submitted this correctly - how about an Ask about Eiichi Ōtori asking his crush out for a first date?

Done a school scenario type here. Hope you don’t mind!

“If that’s the case, then finding an algae near a pond is the easiest!” Said your classmate with a beam after finally deciding, as your leader, as to what you were going to research on.

“Pond huh? That’s fine I guess.” Eiichi replied skimming through his notes. “I want to get a red algae though.”

“No, that would be hard, Otori-san, let’s stick to something simple.” You replied, looking up from your notebook, piping into the conversation.

“Why not do something different?” Eiichi asked smoothly and chuckled when you gave him a funny look. You felt a tremor course down your spine at his mocking tone.

“Hey hey. You two discuss and decide. My job here is to categorise and revise your info.” The leader cut in. “○○○. Eiichi. I’m leaving the rest to you. Gotta run, see ya!” He said, shoving his books into his bag before running off with a wave.

You shifted uncomfortably after being left alone with Eiichi. He didn’t look up from his notes, his violet eyes gleamed with focus. You meekly bent your head and tried to focus on your own writing. Was he ever going to speak?

“So….” You fiddled with the edge of your sleeve nervously.

“My place.” He muttered softly. You gave him a wide eyed look and he snickered at your shock. “I have a microscope, silly.”

“Ah.” You settled back into your seat. “Right..”

“We can grab a coffee on the way. You and I. An hour from now? I need to see my brother, that’s why.” He smiled, shuffling his papers back in order and you tried not to blush at his emphasis on “you and I.”

“Uh sure…” You smiled, hoping you looked polite.

His face softened at your agreement. You thought he looked surprised and seemingly gentle but his expression turned self-assured immediately. “Change your clothes if you want. There’s also a music event near the lake where we can get the algae from. If you want, we can…” He trailed off, adjusting his glasses on his nose before smirking slightly and standing up.

“That would be cool.” Your eyes lit up at the sound of having fun while doing your assignment.

“Great. Its settled then. An hour from now. The park’s entrance. Coffee, algae and analysis at my place.” Eiichi slung his bag over his shoulder, his expression glinting mischievously against your excitement.

“Sure! I’ll call you when I reach there too.” You stacked your books, lifting them, trying your hardest to ignore the little bubble of joy and excitement brewing in your heart.

“Yeah. We’ll make good of this work, you and I.” He said confidently and this time you weren’t able to stop the blush which flooded your cheeks. You wanted to slap yourself because he possibly couldn’t mean more.

“It’s a date then.” He smirked teasingly before walking off in long, pronounced strides, leaving a frazzled you behind. Did you just score a date with the aloof and cunning Otori Eiichi? Your mind constantly denied the possibility but your heart screamed a quiet ‘yes’ and for some reason you knew, he meant that too.

wow……. like you’re still looking for a fight. @dinobcnes . you seriously repeat the same fucking cycle and blame popular blogs over it.  where is your fucking self-awareness?  its probably hiding behind your white privilege like when you were making racist remarks before. i do not even want to start going off again.  if you think this community is so toxic why would you stir the fucking pot! why do you get off on causing trouble?  “ i didnt know what finalpetal did ( again i can’t throw shade @ finalpetal it’s not my place )  “  AGAIN! TOTAL! BS! look @ the tags. plenty of people see what happened.  i am so sick of people like you making us all ( white people ) look bad! dw we will see a new blog in a week! seriously back off. 

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Hi there, Looking at Sansa in new trailer it gives me vibe that it will be parallel with scene where LF tried to kiss her, she refused & walkaway. But this time (I'm a bit tinfoily here.) Jon try to kiss her (he succeeded) & sansa who is shocked and confused with her feeling, decide to walkaway but this time jon doesn't even try to stop her from walking away like LF did in season 6. That's probably why she looks a bit sad and wanting to look back as we seen in the trailer. What do u think?

I already wrote why I think symbolically it makes sense as a Jon/Sansa confession~*~ scene here. And here I explained the Cat/Ned parallels of being sad Ned/Jon is going south even when you think he must.

However I will note while before I thought it was odd they would execute/sacrifice LF in the Godswood, I was reminded that the First Men used to give human sacrifices to the Old Gods by feeding them to weirwood trees. Seeing as ghost is compared to a weirwood tree, maybe this implies ghost will eat/kill LF, like @thenedfur has suggested to me. I mean, I’d be down for that!

Your theory makes sense though! It’s one thing I think could happen! :)

GOT7 Reaction

could I request a Got7 reaction to when they find their s/o at 2 AM in the kitchen baking?

Here you go!! I tried out a slightly different type of reaction style for this one. I hope that’s ok! :)

Mark: “It’s 2am and you’re baking? Ok.”

I think Mark would be confused as to why you’re baking at that time, but then he also wouldn’t care enough to keep asking why. He’d just let you bake then enjoy whatever you made the next day.

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Jaebum: “You’re kinda weird, but this is delicious.”

Jaebum would probably walk in to see you baking and be in shock for 0.2 seconds before heading toward the bowl you used to mix the ingredients, tasting what was left.

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Jackson: “I can’t believe you were going to do this without me.”

Jackson would walk in just as you were starting and once he realized what you were doing, he’d want to join you. He wouldn’t let you work without saying something about how you were gonna leave him out tho.

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Jinyoung: “I’m sure that will taste great, but what about sleeping right now?”

I think Jinyoung would love things that you bake, but at 2am he would probably just want you to wait until normal hours of the day to bake. Instead he’d want you to go lay in bed with him.

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Youngjae: “What the–”

Youngjae would probably walk in to find you baking at 2am and be so confused. Eventually he’d just shake it off and go back to bed.

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BamBam: “Of course you would be baking rn”

BamBam would have woken up to find you missing from the bed and had gone to find you. When he saw you baking he would slightly shake his head coming over to you. He’d kiss you then turn around and head back to bed.

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Yugyeom: “Mm…this tastes good. Come back to bed when you’re done, ok”

I think Yugyeom would walk in and see you baking and he wouldn’t be to confused by it. He would just walk up to you, taste the batter in the mixing bowl, and walk off back to bed after kissing you.

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shoutout to @eggseob for helping me with ideas for this ily

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Ghost/Jon connection is nowhere near Drogon/Dany on the show. Petting Drogon will trigger some people, as much as Jon being legit but it's to earn the trust. Not my ideal scenario to be honest but it's most likely just a hint to his parentage, nothing more. I know people will push for making another parallel but not everything is a parallel or means to be. i guess none of us is going to change opinion.

Hi anon,

You see, I don’t get what Jon being legit has got to do with it. Like we know in canon bastards rode dragons, during the Dance of Dragons. Likewise, he could have petted any of the other two dragons, because as we hear from Tyrion in season 6, dragons are quite intelligent and can detect friend from foe. If they wanted to touch on his parentage again, why not have him connect with Rhaegal who is named after Jon’s actual father? That would be a much bigger hint about his parentage than petting Drogon. 

Drogon is Dany’s dragon, so in my opinion, not having watched the scene or knowing what the writers have to say about it, this is about Jon’s connection to Dany more so than his parentage. At least that’s what I can gather because it makes no sense for him to pet a bonded dragon. I do think this is working itself into a parallels, but that’s my opinion and we’ll have to wait until season 8 to see if it pans out. 


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SO must marry a person they don’t love because theirs parents have decided for them (it’s an arranged marriage). Theirs parents are racists towards monsters, they think that love between a human and a monster is unnatural. When they are going to pronounce the vow, SO stop and say “no”, then SO run away from the church crying. (Continue…)

(((CONTINUED PARTS TO ASK))) Their family disavow SO after this, then they go to the boys home explain what is happened. In fact the skeletons were not been invited to the event, they see SO desperate; confessing that they can love only the skellies even if now SO are hated by their own family. This Angst with UT/US/SF bros


++ Papyrus ++

Pappy doesn’t understand why your family would do that to you. If they really love you, they should be able to let you choose who you want to marry, and should support you and all of your decisions! When you run to him in your wedding dress/tuxedo, tears rolling down your cheeks, he wraps you in his arms and gently asks you to explain what happened, and you let him know that you just didn’t have the strength to throw your emotions away like that. You confess to Pappy right then and there that, even if your family is monster racist, you truly do love him, and you want to be in a relationship with him. He agrees, happily accepting your confession, and you two begin to date. No matter what happens, he will always be there to support you and will make you feel better whenever you’re feeling down.

++ Sans ++

Classic already doesn’t like your family when you tell him that they’re monster racist, but the fact that they think it’s okay to torture you like that is awful. NO, it’s not okay. It is never okay to force someone into marriage, and your family should reconsider the way that they act. There is so much to love about you, he doesn’t know why your parents can’t see all of your amazing qualities, and he’ll gladly date you, he even wants to marry you someday. No matter what your parents have to say, Classic will always love you, and warns you that, even if it will be difficult, you should try to cut off emotional attachments from your parents. If you hold onto it, they’ll just hurt you more than they already have, and Classic hates seeing you so upset. He will support every decision you make at all times, and will gladly rub your guys’ relationship into their faces when they see how wrong they were to doubt you’d be happy with a monster.


++ Papyrus ++

Honey takes you in when you come crying to him, and comforts you as much as he can. Your parents should not pin you down like that, and it’s wrong for them to command you around the way they do. Honey tells you that you should do what YOU want to do, and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. So what if your parents are monster racist? If you want to date a monster, date one. Along those lines, you actually end up confessing your love for Honey, and it catches him off guard, but he smiles and gladly dates you, proud to call you his s/o. You two have lots of fun showing off your relationship together, and you both smugly invite your parents to the wedding three years after you two get together, telling them that they have reserved seats in the front row. Whether they show up or not, it doesn’t phase you, because as long as you have your wonderful friends and your wonderful husband by your side, you can overcome anything. Honey teaches you how to be confident in everything you do, and you help him quit his smoking habits and become stronger than he was before.

++ Sans ++

This is absurd! Why would your parents boss you around like that? You are such a wonderful and kind person, you’ve always had such big ambitions, everyone can see the stars shining in your eyes whenever you talk about your dreams, but your parents just crushed it! How could they do that to you? Blue is great at comforting you, and you two start dating, and although you’re happy about it, your self esteem slowly lowers as your parents continue to bash you about dating Blue. One day, though, he finally speaks up quite abruptly - he restrained for as long as he did because he wanted to see if you could rebuild yourself, but he knew when to call it enough. You’ve never seen him so serious and assertive before, it surprises everyone, and your parents are left speechless in their front door as Blue storms away, kissing you in front of them, and teleports the both of you away. He usually doesn’t teleport a lot, but he felt it necessary. When the two of you get home, he gives you all of the cuddles and nuzzles, and it tickles a little, and like always, he brings up your spirits. Blue will forever and always be yours, no matter what your family has to think about it.


++ Papyrus ++

If he’s allowed to be honest, Rus never really liked your parents all that much. They always came off to be very strict and he’s met them before, and they weren’t the nicest to him. He’s grumbled about them to you before, but it was never much of a huge issue until they told you that you were going to marry someone “more suitable for you.” It was insane, you constantly refused but they forced you into that fancy outfit, they dragged you to the church, and they made you walk down that aisle no matter how much you hated it. Rus, of course, wasn’t invited, and it was so sudden that you couldn’t warn him about it earlier. Before you had to leave to go to the church, after fittings of the outfit, you managed to get ahold of your phone to text him a small summary of what’s going on, but you were such a mess trying to type it, he can barely understand what you truly said. You managed to last up to the vows when you finally denied the ring and ran out of the church, your parents disappointed and unable to catch you. You flee to your bonefriend and when you finally see him, you burst into tears, breathing heavily and trying to explain everything between sobs. He softly speaks to you, comforting you, telling you to let it out and calm down first. When you finally do and when you finally explain everything, he realizes that your parents really have hit a new low, and that they must be doing this to you because they’re upset about how their own lives turned out. Who wouldn’t want to be as successful and stellar as you are? Rus nuzzles into you and carries you home, telling you that everything will work out, and it truly does - you and him have your own wedding a few years later.

++ Sans ++ 

Berry didn’t know what to do when you came crying to him. Yes, you’re his datemate and you’re crying, so there’s obviously something wrong, but how does he sort this out? He starts off by just hugging you tight, letting you know that he will always be there for you, and that you can tell him anything you think necessary. You nod, and after a few minutes of letting it all out and then calming down, you begin to explain what your parents tried to make you do. You had already ripped off the fancy clothes and got your regular ones back on, but it felt like living hell for you - and Berry is PISSED. He lets you go on about whatever you need to talk about, and when you start to get worked up again, he hushes you and takes off his scarf, gently wrapping it around your neck. He softly smiles at you as he gently presses his teeth against your nose and tells you to stay put because he’ll be back soon, and he marches straight up to your parents and full out scolds them for being the way they are. How dare they treat such a work of art, such a prodigy, such a glorious human being with so much distaste? He goes on and on about how irresponsible and selfish they are, and he makes them really feel for it, too. Your mother is in tears by the time he’s done, and he marches home without a care in the world. Sooner than later, he asks for your hand in marriage, and personally invites your parents over to the wedding to scream “I told you so” in their faces.

Randomness, Personal

If anyone’s been wondering, I’m heteroromantic asexual. I had mentioned it elsewhere and didn’t know if it would be brought up eventually. So I figured I might as well put it on here.

I’ve seen a lot of ugly things going on concerning asexuals/aromantics on here recently, and wanted you all to know why I might be reblogging random things about that in the future :)

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What if you can't help that obese people are unattractive to me? I obviously still see them as humans, and won't bash them for being them, but I could never get behind being that big?

Oh my gaaaahd why is it that anytime any fat person feels confident or attractive you fatphobic fuckheads interpret that as fat people demanding you fuck them?

No one cares about your limp, shriveled wiener, nonny. And no fat person I know would find you anything but gross, so you’re not going to have to worry about any fat people wanting to have sex with you, you putrid dumpster fire.


I cannot believe this has happened guys! Like ahhhhh omg! It makes me so happy when I open a message and I find out that people find my blog useful or even as simple as they love my blog. I am honestly shook with how many followers are supporting me.


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So, usually I would give a shout out to those whom made it possible that I made it to this many followers. But- I thought it would be good to try something else. Just for the special occasion of 1.5K followers. A couple of post ago I accounted that I was going to reveal my face yep, you guess it. That is happening today.

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Some of you would be wondering….. “Bertie, why did you leave it until today?” Well to answer that question, it was because I didn’t think my blog was going to become this popular. But now that it has… I do not want to have a disconnection with my followers. I want to remind everyone I am simply just an imperfectly perfect human in my own way.

Drumroll please!

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In 3… 2… 1!

Here is me. Little Bertie showing you littleboy-things! So ah yeah there you go… Okay, I’m going to hide forever now.

justinbaldoni: #bodyimage
Two words you’ve probably never heard come out of a man’s mouth. I would bet that most of us assume that women are the only ones who struggle with their body image & feelings of low self-esteem. That assumption couldn’t be more wrong. As a man I can tell you right now that I struggle with my own body image & there are infinite layers that contribute to why. I grew up really skinny. I always felt like my T-shirts just hung from my neck because I had no shoulders. I wanted to have muscles because I thought that would make me a real man. I thought it would help me get friends & girls & be respected. I was wrong. Muscles don’t give you anything except the insecurity & desire of keeping them & making them bigger. I don’t think we have ever addressed the underlying reason why most of us really go to the gym & stay in shape. Why do we sacrifice eating the foods we want to eat, while spending hours, working on parts of our bodies that most people will never see. Pushing ourselves, sweating, buying billions of dollars in products & clothing that hide our problem areas well following influencers who spend their entire day in the gym posting about it and make $ off our secret jealousy. What does that say about how we feel about ourselves? Does it really inspire us or does it set an unrealistic expectation for ourselves & our partners? The truth is that I’m one of the many millions of men & women that have body dysmorphia. When I look in the mirror I’m not happy with what I see like so many of you. Yes of course you can all say what you want about me - but nothing you say can make the little Justin who was picked on, who felt weak and like he wasn’t enough feel amazing about how he looks. So to my dear friends… be patient with yourself. Love yourself, & be OK having insecurities. To my men, talking about your insecurities doesn’t make you less of a man … it actually makes you more of a man. We all have different reasons why we want to look the way we want to look… I just think it’s important we start being real about it -because our children are going to grow up not just just looking at us but wanting to be like us. #TheMensRoom #redifinemasculinity

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UGH why do I go to the other side of Tumblr and read all the nasty things people are saying about J? If Val could read what some of his fans are saying about someone he cares about - shame on them! I did read though that Amber did an interview yesterday basically saying that they broke up because Val couldn't handle her fame and that she is going to Maks' wedding.

I’m not sure why he and Amber broke up, but I don’t think it’s because of her fame.  I think it had more to do with being in different places in their lives.  I figured she would go to Maks’ wedding, she and Maks (and Peta) hit it off pretty well.  I don’t know why people love to hate Jenna like they do.  It’s kind of odd really.  I also don’t understand why people from those other ships are still so invested and mean.  Dude….he made a choice.  He got the girl.  Say what you want about her, but she’s laughing all the way to his bed. 

anonymous asked:

/post/162023312195/femaric-mascic-etc-already-have-terms | first of all no reason to be rude, i just wanted to make sure you knew bc honestly those terms don't even sound like words and mean literally the same thing. i really dk why someone would even words for attraction to a certain gender without saying their own gender unless they're nb so it means the same thing.

Before I say anything else, this is going to be my last post defending the need or validity of having femaric and mascic as their own terms separate from feminamoric and viramoric, at least on this blog. I am absolutely not here for invalidation, identity policing, or the restricting of language in any way, shape, or form, and have no desire to continually expose our followers to discourse, but at the same time want to address this (once and for all).

For context, here’s the original post with the coining of the terms [link] and the previous ask the anon sent, referenced above in the ask [link]. 

Moving on, now for an actual response. 

First of all, I don’t think you’re really in a position to be policing my tone and telling me not to be rude when you have (twice now) come into our inbox invalidating a need for language that, believe it or not, can exist and be useful regardless of the fact that you “really [don’t know] why someone would even words for attraction to a certain gender without saying their own gender”.

It is not your place, nor is it anyone’s place, to pass judgment or made decisions about which terms should or should not be used, based on your own personal measure of how useful something might be to you personally. Your experiences and need for language are not universally applicable.

Furthermore, given the fact that in the past day, our post has reached 206 notes, most of which contain commentary to the effect of “I’m so excited this is a word now !!”, I think it’s fairly clear that most people disagree with your statement that “those terms don’t even sound like words and mean literally the same thing”.

I don’t know whether there is anything further I could say beyond what has been reiterated time and time again that could possibly convince you, but in case if anyone has been following along and is still confused, I’ll attempt to elaborate and provide further examples.

As stated multiple times in the past, femaric and mascic encompass experiences of nonstraight attraction towards women and men respectively, regardless of the gender of the person using the term. Evidently, this can be useful to nonbinary people in the same way as feminamoric and viramoric, or women/lunarian people and men/solarian people in the same way as sapphic and achillean, respectively. However, the specification of gender or gender experiences inherent in these terms means there are people who still lack the language to describe their experiences with nonstraight attraction.

For example, I’m a genderqueer demiboy, or a trans boy, or some combination of those words. I’m still figuring out gender for myself, and identify under the nonbinary umbrella. My gender can be best summed up by the statement “I’m a boy but in a queering gender kind of way”. I’m also a bi aro ace and experience alterous attraction (an emotional attraction that exists outside of the constructs of platonic and romantic) towards men, women, and nonbinary people.

When I experience attraction towards men, I consider it achillean. I don’t identify as male-aligned or solarian because in the context of my attraction towards men, I’m also a guy. When I experience attraction towards women, I also place myself in the context of being a guy, which makes it so that I feel my experience with gender is too nebulous and too binary to feel like feminamoric really fits me, even though I’m (overall) nonbinary. Femaric solves this issue for me in that it underscores for me that regardless of my gender, my attraction towards women is inherently not straight.

Other people who might benefit from femaric and mascic?

> Questioning people who know their attractions are nonstraight but aren’t quite sure what their gender experience is

> People whose gender feels shift frequently, or in a way that is complicated and confusing and nebulous, or who might overall identify under the nonbinary umbrella but sometimes feel that their specific gender feels are binary (and consequently don’t feel feminamoric/viramoric “fits”)

> Binary gendered mspec people who experience a attraction towards the other binary gender (for example, a polysexual woman does not experience “het” attraction towards men, as she is polysexual)

> And still more, beyond that !!

There are countless experiences of nonstraight attraction that exist outside of the gay/straight binary, not just when nonbinary people are involved !!

There are people who do not feel our experiences are covered by sapphic or achillean or feminamoric or viramoric and we !! deserve !! language !! to !! describe !! our !! experiences !! 

So if you could maybe not invalidate this need for language by claiming these terms “mean literally the same thing [as feminamoric and viramoric]”, and if you could maybe consider the fact that there exist needs for language and identity terms beyond your own experience, that’d be much appreciated !!

If you come into our inbox again and continue to insist that this language is redundant and persist in your unwillingness to consider other people’s experiences that are not your own, you will be blocked. 

Otherwise, I hope you have a nice day.

Mod Wesley

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(1/2) i just wanted to share that i had the weirdest experience yesterday. i was on a date with a somewhat homophobic dude and we started talking about the recent change in trans politics and worldview. and this guy -- who literally said that gay people gross him out -- was getting visibly more and more horrified when i told him about how common it's getting for transwomen and their "allies" to start guilting lesbians for not wanting to be romantically and sexually involved with them.

(2/2) and he couldn’t understand – he asked me a couple times things like “why would they do that?” and “but they’re lesbians, obviously they’re not going to want that?” until he finally put his hands up and said something along the lines of “that’s ridiculous, you can’t force a woman to like you!” i don’t know, i just wanted to share the really weird cognitive dissonance i experienced from feeling that such a conservative guy is inherently more respectful than “queer activists” these days.             

…when even open homophobes can see how fucked up this is

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How would the phantom boys react if they discovered that their s/o was lying and acting to be scared of thunderstorms just to get their attention

- Akira would shake It off. He wouldn’t be cross at his partner , he’d just simply laugh it off. He finds it a little charming , to think his partner would go to such lengths to get his attention.

- He tells them that if they ever wanted his attention , they could simply ask him for it. He makes sure to give them more attention in the future , and would occasionally tease them during thunderstorms. “S/O , its thundering outside, aren’t you scared? come closer , i’ll protect you.

- Ryuji gets a little pissed , like , they didn’t have to lie about it! He’s not too fond of lies , but he sorta understands why his partner did what they did. He tells them that they shouldn’t lie about it , and he could always give them attention whenever they wanted.

- He takes a little time to wonder about this. Was he not giving them enough attention? was he not being a good boyfriend? He confronts his partner about this matter , and will promise to give them as much attention as they need.

- Yusuke finds it a little adorable , and slightly surprised to think that his partner would want his attention that much. He chuckles , patting their head affectionately , ” Oh my , S/O , who’d knew that you’d be this cute"

- And as his partner desired , Yusuke decides to give them more attention. He suggests spending more time together , and may even decide to move in with them if the time is right.

- Akechi finds himself laughing , then apologising for laughing at them. He finds it cute , so charming , but silly at the same time. “ I’m sorry , S/O. ” He’d say , wiping tears from his eyes from laughing too hard , “ You’re too precious! ”

- He doesn’t let them off on this one. He’ll tease them without mercy on rainy says , giving them all the attention that they desired