why would you not want to go there

BTS: making out

A/N: lmao I was gonna do this later but I’ve gotten so many requests for it, I thought why not~ 💖

Jin: this fool would be so oblivious to your advances at first. He’ll be like, “jagi, why are you looking at me like that? Do you want more food or??” So yeah obv you’re gonna have to initiate things. He’ll go so slow and sensual at first, getting used to the feeling, then there’s nothing separating your bodies except for your thin clothes. He loves to have you pressed fully against him and leaves hickies all over your neck/collarbone.

Suga: he’s such a freak oml never tease him or initiate anything in public bc he will not hesitate to make you moan his name. Whenever he’s in the mood to have your face pressed against his for like an hour, he’ll just grab your cheek randomly and stroke his thumb over it- and giving you those *eyes*. You’d be weak at the knees as he’s working his tongue all over your lips, jaw, and neck.

J-hope:  be ready for lots of cheeky grins and sly, lingering touches on your thighs- that’s when you know he wants you all for himself. He’ll shamelessly excuse the both of you, if you’re with the guys, and lead you somewhere private. He’s a moaning mess and doesn’t care who hears him, he just loves the feel of your lips moving perfectly against his. His hands are all over your body, and he’s biting any exposed skin he sees.

Rap Monster: honestly I feel like he’d be too shy or hesitant to initiate anything first, unless he’s really desperate. Buttttt will definitely take the lead once you place your lips on his. His body would be on top of yours in .002 seconds, forehead pressed against yours, intent on making you beg for him to kiss you. Tbh he loves hearing you say his name, so expect a lot of that and some harsh groaning when you don’t something he likes.

Jimin: I know yall know this is another freak…He’ll basically be undressing you with his eyes until you grab his face and bite those plump lips and his smirk would disappear. His hands would grab at your hips and lower back as you work your way on his jaw and lips. Little gasps and moans will escape his mouth when you’re biting hard on his neck and whispering his name.

Taehyung: also the type to want to lay down and make out. Just bc he wants to feel all over you and have his lips all over your neck, all while being comfortable. He wouldn’t go too fast or too slow, he’d pay attention to what you like and what you respond to. Lol he tried dirty talking while making out and let’s just say he almost broke his nose from laughing too hard at your expression.

Jungkook: this kid will be so hyper whenever you suggest it or initiate anything. His hormones are all over the place and he just wants to touch you and kiss you all over. He’ll let out little chuckles if you tickle him as you’re feeling his chest and abdomen. Your name would be heard from him often, as he’s placing bites and kisses next to your ear and jaw. Doesn’t care if you’re standing up, sitting down, laying down, he just wants your lips on his.

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The End of Omega Mode (Part 4)

And with that, Omega Mode comes to an end.

Making this comic has been a wonderful experience, getting to draw stories about the characters and games I love every week was a true joy. It was also nice knowing that there people out there who were actually willing to read what I made (who would have guessed?). But in all honesty, thank you all so much for your support. Whether you pop in every now and then, or have followed the comic since the very beginning, you have my sincerest gratitude.

When I started Omega Mode, I wasn’t sure what exactly it would become or where it would go. I’m still not really sure what it ultimately could have become, but I will say that I’m happy with how it turned out. I hope you are, too.

So why am I ending the comic? There are a few reasons. The most prominent reason being that I have other projects that I want to work on, and I simply can’t do that while I have Omega Mode, school, and an internship. I also did not want Omega Mode to go on too long, fearing that it would grow stale and that I would begin to resent it. I ultimately decided that about 2 and a half years would be a good total run for the comic.

Something I have grown to appreciate about the Smash Bros community is the creativity it brings out in its members. I would like to share with you one of my favorite Smash Bros fan creations, a song from the album Harmony of Heroes. I have used songs from this album in the Q&A podcasts before. I think this particular song makes for an appropriate send-off.

The projects that I will be working on are more personal ones, so there really isn’t anything I can leave you with. If you really want to follow what I do, there is my YouTube account. It’s not something I update frequently, but I may put something there regarding what I’m working on sometime.

The email omegamode(dot)comic@gmail(dot)com will still be active, so you can say “hi” if you want. Commissions will stay open for a while, but I don’t know how much longer.

Alright, I guess that’s about it. For closing thoughts, I guess I’d like to say to always follow your passion. It may require patience and resilience, but doing what you love is worth all that. Take it from me, I got to make a webcomic.

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26 maybe

Thank you for requesting! I hope you’re well. xxx 

prompt: ‘That isn’t appropriate’ or alternatively Part 2/2 of ‘giving Harry a blowjob in front of his friends.’ I want to first say that I KNOW that this one isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea. I’m fully aware of that. That’s why there’s this disclaimer. With that said, I hope you like it. Thank you SO MUCH for being patient. I know I was a fucking spazz with this so thank you. I’ll repay you all somehow. Probably with a smut concept night. Or would that be more for me…

[27] Do you want to show them love? [MATURE.] 

It snowed the day before Harry landed back at home. And she was really cross about it because she wanted him here to watch it fall. And maybe she was just as cross because Harry was spending his days in the sun while she was avoiding muddy puddles.

But Harry is back at home after it felt like months when it had actually been two weeks. Which is actually, quite the same thing in both of their eyes.

He’d barely left the house. Not even when his body had gotten used to the London cold. Not even when he should have been somewhere else. There is no somewhere else or any other pressing place to be. He should only be here. At home warming himself up by laying right beside her as they catch up on episodes they’re not paying attention to anymore.

‘House is nearly all furnished.’ He grins playing with her fingers. He’d finished where they left off when she had left. ‘S’ready for you, you’re the only thing missing.’ He brings her hand to his lips.

They managed the furnishing after arguing about paint colors from across the globe.

It looks like sick!’ She argues into the phone, loud enough just to be sure her opinion of the color is carried effectively.

That peach color just won’t do.

‘Does not!’

‘Does too! Looks exactly like my 22nd birthday did in the toilet! You were there!’ She explains.

‘s’fucking disgusting.’ He groans at the image she’s instilled in his head.

‘S’what I’m saying!’

Harry liked falling back into this routine. The one he has with her, the one they share. He likes matching his routine to hers and not the other way around. Feels less guilt this way.

He likes making her tea in the morning instead of just for him, likes eating breakfast with her instead of on his own, likes planning meals to cook for dinner and likes taking a bath with her instead of running one just for him.

He fits. Fits really nicely into this routine they’ve created for themselves. He’s found a place in her life and she’s found a place in his.

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monsta x when you play with their hair

Minhyuk - would get shy and start giggling. He would love it and think that it is very cute then he would start to relax under your touch. “If you feel tired, just stop…” ‘Do you really want me to stop?’ “No… continue please y/n…” 

Wonho - would instantly lean into your touch because he would be enjoying it way too much. He would close his eyes and smile widely, making appreciative noises from time to time. “Now I know why you love it so much when I play with your hair y/n.. this is so relaxing…”

Kihyun - would ask what you’re doing at first but he would never at any moment would he ask you to stop. After a few minutes, he would grab your hand and kiss it tenderly before letting go and mumbling, “please carry on…”

I.M. - would stiffen at first because you have never played with his hair before. Then he would start to like it and he wouldn’t mind it at all anymore. When you stop and try to get up he would whine. “No…! where are you going???” 

Jooheon - would be more than okay with it and it would actually help him to concentrate on what he is doing. But eventually it would make him yawn and feel sleepy. “Shall we go to bed? It will be my turn to play with your hair until you fall asleep…” 

Hyungwon - would actually fall asleep while you’re doing it and he would wake up when you suddenly stop. He would look at you with half-opened eyes and speak with his adorable, sleepy voice. “Don’t stop baby and don’t ruin my hair okay?” He would joke. 

Shownu - would close his eyes as soon as you start doing it and when you ask him if he’s sleeping he would say “No, just resting my eyes.” But afterwards when you come back from the bathroom, he would be snoring softly already.

170321 Hongbin Fancafe Compilation

와!! 대에바악

홍빈이 운영진 됐어요!! 짱신기 젤피 일 잘하는듯!?!

Wah!! Amaaazing

Hongbin has become an admin!! It’s so crazy Jelpi is doing good work!?!


걸어가다가 문득 옆에 맛있어 보이는 떡볶이 집 있으면 먹어요? 안먹어요?
He changed it to this→걸어가다가 바닥에 오천원이 떨어져있으면 어떻게 해요??


If you were walking along and suddenly saw a Tteokbokki shop that looked tasty would you eat it? Not eat it?
(He changed it to this→) If you were walking along and found 5,000 won on the ground what would you do??

T/N: I wanted to make sure it was clear that he wrote that first thing and changed it. That is why people said they would eat/take it, which leads to the next post.


여러분 길가다가 돈을 주으면 돌려드려야지 먹다니요 ㅜㅜ KTX까지 타고가서 그걸 ㅜㅜ 먹을수가…


Everyone, if you  money while going along the street you have to give it back I can’t believe you said you’d take it ㅜㅜ To ride to the KTX ㅜㅜ To just take it…


여러분 밥먹으러 가요!! 나는 그럼 20000 (찡긋)🌟

Let’s Eat

Everyone, let’s go eat something!! Then I am 20000 (smile)🌟

글 올라왔다!!

상사님이 글 올렸다!! 구경가자!!!~~

I came to leave a message!!

Your superior has left a message!! Let’s go see it!!!~~

운영진 입니다.

아.. 정말 여러분 들이 홍빈씨의 사진을 보고 글을 많이 남겨주시는걸 보고 힘이 많이 났습니다.
필름 사진은 정말.. 마법의 사진 이구나 라는 생각도 많이들고 홍빈씨의 사진을 많이 좋아해 주시는 구나 라는 생각이 들어서  앞으로도 홍빈씨에게 많이 부탁할 생각입니다. 사진 제목 정하기 에서도 홍빈씨는 굉장히 심플하게 생각했던걸 깊고 예쁘게 지은 제목과 재밌고 유쾌하게 지은 제목 들을보면서 생각도 많이했다고 합니다. 감사합니다. 앞으로도 더 노력해서 홍빈씨를 노역시키는 운영진 되겠습니다. 잘부탁드립니다

I’m an admin.

Ah.. Really everyone, I got a lot of strength from the many comments left after seeing Hongbin-sshi’s pictures.
Film pictures are really.. It really makes me think they are magic pictures and that you really like Hongbin-sshi’s pictures, so I think we’ll have to rely on Hongbin-sshi a lot in the future. Hongbin-sshi really thought about it simply when deciding the picture titles, but  he said that seeing all of you look at them as deep and pretty or funny and joyful titles made him think a lot. Thank you. In the future I will do better and become an admin who makes Hongbin-sshi do hard labor. Please take care of me


너무 기쁜마음에 당연히 공지를 올려야 한다고 느껴 이 공식적인 자리에 섰습니다!!!! 나 운영진이다아아아아아아아아아아ㅏㅏ


With such happy feelings, I thought it was necessary to upload a notice, so I’m standing in this official place!!!! I’m an adminnnnnnnnnnnnn

T/N: This last post was deleted later. My guess is that it was too unofficial for the official posts board;;

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If you were human what is the first place you would go to visit? A museum? A special city or country you've always been curious about. And also why was your phone wallpaper of Anti? Did you really like looking at him so much that you set him as a background? Hurt me if you want but I have to know. -CV

“If I were human, my first wish would be to stand in a large, open field with long grasses. It would need to be a day where it would rain, horrible rain, powerful rain, with thunder and lightning and pounding raindrops that would fall upon my face. And I would feel the wind whipping through my hair, tangling it to bits. I would see the drops, like ice, landing on my arms and staining my clothes. I would be able to see the flashes of light in the sky and hear the loud roars of the thunder, and understand what it means to be alive.”

His peaceful, gentle expression shifted, and small slivers of his being etched across dimensions, glitching his form and causing that high pitched noise, faint and uncomfortable, to echo from the beyond.

“Anti must have glitched that image to my phone. I would never be so bold or desperate to have his face, HIS face, of all faces, remaining there. Why on earth would I want to look upon such a face, and be forced to remember that-…. never mind. It does not matter. Don’t asK me AGaIn.”

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Reaction to an s/o being able to speak to spiders, so one night they go in their room and they had ten various spiders around them and their are whispering words of encouragement to them, because it's spider marriage counseling. I just thought this would be funny, also your my favorite reaction blog, so well...if you want to ignore this than go ahead.


♥Shu: What the… And I thought being in a relationship with a human was enough already. Do you talk to spiders now? Well, tell them to get out of here.

♥Reiji: And what could this mean?! Should I bring the insecticide? I don’t know why this happened. I usually make sure to properly clean every corner of the mansion…

♥Ayato: Ah! What the… Chichinashi! What are you even doing? This is the second time this week!

♥Kanato: No way! I don’t care if they’re talking about us, get them out of here!… They follow you, you say? Get out of my room THEN!

♥Laito: Ah! Bitch-Chan, did you brought all these spiders here? I.. I don’t understand what they’re saying, but you know I dislike insects, Bitch-chan…

♥Subaru: Gah! My coffin is full of spiders! Why shouldn’t I kill them?! And… Why are they giving us their blessing?! It’s not like we are going to get m-married soon, so get out! -he started shaking the coffin violently.-


♥Ruki: Livestock… We don’t need some puny spiders to advice us about our future. Tell them to go away before I set them on fire. Including you.

♥Kou: What is the meaning of this, M Neko-Chan? I’m trying to sleep now, I have work tomorrow! So those spiders better go away right now!

♥Yuma: Agh, disgusting! I stepped on some spiders with my bare feet! Shit… Just look at the floor, now!

♥Azusa: Why… Are here so many… Spiders?… Nee, Eve… Is any of them… Poisonous…? Fufu~… What if I… Provoke them… To bite me…?


♥Carla:-No words from him. He would kill all the spiders in the room with a single blast of his powers.-

♥Shin: How many times have I told you? Don’t let those spiders get in our room. Do you want to sleep in the yard or something?

I was reading some Caryl fanfics the other day (b/c that’s what I do anytime I’m in front of a computer screen) and it just reminded me of why I want Caryl to go canon so badly:

I’ve already talked about the social reasons as to why I want them canon, for it would shut down all the shitty stereotypes that we see on tv everyday. Caryl would give us a couple with a base of a strong friendship and unmatched understanding and trust. It would give us an example that you can find the person who’s right for you even if your middle aged or even if you’ve been married before, and it would be awesome to see Caryl basically give the middle finger to all the crappy ageist asshats. 

Yet what I’m excited to see the most is just how Daryl and Carol will react to the more intimate moments together. 

I cannot wait to see Carol discover that making love is not brutal, making love is not painful, and making love can feel good if the man you’re with treats you like a rare diamond, which we all know Daryl would treat her as such. I can’t wait to see her cry in a mixture of sadness yet joy, for she hated how long she had to deal with the likes of Ed, yet was so grateful to finally have an experience like this with Daryl.

I can’t wait to see Daryl take his time, reveal every inch of her slowly and carefully, never rough or forceful. I cannot wait to see him treat her like she’s priceless, kissing every inch of her body before even giving in to their sexual needs. I cannot wait to see his wide eyes take her in, gasping in awe of how beautiful she is to him even if she doesn’t think so herself.

I cannot wait to see them gaze into each other’s eyes when he’s inside of her, both of them gasping from not only the sexual desire but also the emotional connection they both feel. I can’t wait to see them smiling at each other as they bask in the feeling of them being joined. I cannot wait to see them so overwhelmed that they tear up, especially when they both climax because they’ll be shocked at how good this feels to be with each other.

And of course I cannot wait for the aftermath, seeing Daryl try to get his bearings as he laid his head on her breast, needing comfort from her. She smiles and kisses his head as she rakes her hands through his hair, not caring how heavy he felt, for his body surrounding her made her feel safe. Then we get a morning after cuteness, when Daryl holds her tightly against him as he caresses her back and looks at her lovingly.

Lord why do I do this to myself…

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Fallen For You

Philip Hamilton x Reader

Can I request a Philip one where he and the reader are in high school and they go out on a first date and Philip is really nervous and awkward but the date ends up going really well??

You stared at the nervous freckled boy in front of you, his curls falling wildly around his face.

He was bouncing up and down on his toes, waiting for you to reply to his question. Did you want to go out on a date with him.

The boy in question was Philip Hamilton.

You both went to the same school, and you were in the same grade, and even shared a few classes together.

However, you never talked, so you didn’t really understand why he would be asking you of all people to go out with him.

You noticed your best friend Theo standing a few feet away, furiously nodding her head yes.

‘DO IT,’ she mouthed at you.

You glanced at Philip again, noticing that he was growing increasingly worried.

“Sure, I would love to,” you told him. “When and where?”

Relief flooded onto his face.

“How about the cliche dinner and a movie bit?” he asked.

“I would love to.”

You exchanged info so that you could plan the final details and went off to your next class.

“So… Philip Hamilton huh?” Theo smirked.

“Oh shut up.”


“I’m really glad that you decided to do this with me tonight Y/N,” Philip said as you exited the theater.

“I had a lot of fun tonight!” you told him, carrying the leftover popcorn from the showing. “Oh, would you mind holding this for a second, I need to re tie my shoe really quick.”

He nodded and took the popcorn from you, waiting while you fixed the little problem.

“Ready?” he asked as you stood up again.

You nodded and he went to take a step but tripped.

He fell onto the ground and the popcorn went everywhere.

“PHILIP!” You cried out. “Are you okay?”

He groaned and rolled over, opening his eyes to look at you.

“I’m fine, except for my pride,” he admitted.

You breathed a sigh of relief.

He took your hand, a mischievous grin covering his face.

“Well, at least you know that I’ve fallen for you now.”

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why do you not want anyone to date narancia you big meanie

Hmmm, all joking aside, I’ll be honest here and just find the idea of people wanting to date him weird. Or maybe just the concept of him dating people. I guess this is headcanon time?

Heck, you lot seem interested enough in my opinions about OPs and EDs and everything, so I might as well go on a bit.

Romance doesn’t seem like it would be in his interests in the slightest. He gives off the impression that he’d groan loudly and make gagging noises when there’s a lovey-dovey scene in a film or show or anything. I mean, he’s immature enough in plenty of other situations.

Like, I dunno, I look at him and think ‘son’ or ‘friend’ rather than ‘boyfriend’ or anything like that.

Eh, I know you’re all just messing around asking me, though.

… This has absolutely nothing to do with the anime, though.

Lair lair Pacman pants on fire

Prompt: “That escalated quickly.” & “Says the guy walking around in pacman pajama pants.” 

Requested by: @quicksilverbells

“Well that escalated quickly” you sighed sat on the side on the road, surrounded by all the suit cases from the various cars you were traveling in. This was meant to be a family trip and by family trip you meant a bunch of mutant misfits that had been shoved into cars while Professor X proclaimed ‘This is going to be a great opportunity for you all’. It was nice he wanted to give us the same experiences as other children but we weren’t like other children.

You looked around again at the various different suit cases that were on fire, along with Professor X’s car.

“Why are we still sitting here?” Peter whined annoying holding his arms restlessly.

“Because someone thought it would be a great idea to wear Scotts glasses!” You snapped back.

“Hey!” he shot back just as quick “That wasn’t my fault okay, I didn’t know he could do that”

“Children please” Professor X pleaded pinching the bridge of his nose in despair of his vintage car he was so clearly fond of, while Scott stood there just wishing the life would put him put his misery.

“Oh yea? What did you think those were for?” you whispered to Peter through gritted teeth.

“I don’t know, I just thought the guy was cool” You scoffed, as if. Everyone saw Scott destroy the tree in the yard when Alex brought him here.

“And you just wanted to be cool, huh? Says the guy wearing pacman pajama pants

“Scott burnt my pants! And these are a classic”

“Classic if your five maybe” You grumbled under your breath. You layed back on the grass, we were going to be here for a long time and you’d had just enough of Peter Pacman pajama pants.

“Other small friend? Where go?”

“Who cares. Let’s just find uh… you, huh, big boy? Can’t be too hard in this train wreck of a town.”

“Could like, your other body have smashed the place up or something?”

“Why me do thing like that? Me no want smash town no reason.”

“Pity, would be cool to watch. Fuck it, let’s just. Keep an eye out for giant lumps of goo.”

(Jack and Friend have wandered into Goldenrod. Where’s Jill though?)

March 27, 2017

Hiveswap is not out yet.

The What Pumpkin team, the homestuck fandom, gamzee, hiveswap, and you (lets call you…X.) all recieve private invitations to hussies house for a celebration.

You all arrive one after another, saying hello and theorizing why hussie would invite you all here so suddenly. Aurthour comes down to the front door, invites you all in and introduces you to hussie. You get to talking, he shows you exclusive sbahj comics, all you could ever dream of. Then he gives you a tour. You are currently in the dining room, and aurthour is bringing you all dinner.

Just as Hiveswap is going to spill about its details and release date at the dinner table….the lights go off.

Everyone stops what they are doing to question the sudden darkness. You do too. “What happened to the lights?” you say.

“It is raining outside, maybe the power went off” someone replies.

Thunder sounds and lightning cracks in the sky, illuminating the room with its quick light. You think…you think you just saw someone dragging someone away…

The lights come back on. “Ah, guess theyre back on” says the same voice as before. It was the homestuck fandom.

But you can’t shake the feeling…that something is wrong. You know the room was dark but…you definitely saw something in the flash of the lightning.

You look around. Everyone is here…No-wait. Hiveswap is no where to be seen. Everyone else is present…you decide to keep quiet…maybe they’re in the restroom, right?

No. That’s stupid. “Hey, Where’s hiveswap?” you ask the people in the room.

“Oh you’re right they arent here…” “hmm” “how would they know where to go in the dark?” “They were just here a second ago…”

No one claims to know.

You decide to go to the restroom, maybe the long day you had is making you see things…you’d better wash your face. You know, like they do in the movies.

You walk down the hallway to the restroom, open it, and…


What happens next?

>You are now The Homestuck Fandom.
>The lights go off again
>The tiles on the bathroom floor…
>You ask aurthour to get you some milk (as hussie)
>Write your own in the comments


It has been (-86) days since “January 2017”.

There is so much about this episode, in so many ways.

I find it funny how everyone is: “we don’t support abuse yada, yada, yada”, but I saw many people happy when he was slapped. Did it ever ocurred to you what he went through as a child? When he cried, there was no one to comfort him, when he was afraid no one to keep him calm and safe, when he was hurt no one to say things would be okay. Do you honestly think Rhea wound’t be capable of hurting him as a child, you are wrong. She was planing to trap him for God’s sakes, is that okay?! We was a child my people, defenselless and with a coward father (much like himself) who never helped. And you don’t understand why he didn’t want to come back. Uau.

He went to a place where he was going to face who he once was, the miserey, the pain, the slavery… And he was going to because of Kara. Because unlike many people I know that rather deny the past and live as if it never happened he would have to face his heads up.

“And I say kill him and beat him because he’s abusive and I say… I’m sorry what?

Gosh, this episode!!!

This evening will mark a New Moon in Aries. The new moon is the perfect time to set a goal or make a wish. This New Moon puts an emphasis on the body, our instincts and our relationship to ourselves. What are some of the things that you want for you? As selfish as you can imagine. Why do you want these things? Ask yourself what you believe is the motivation behind your desires. What do you tell yourself it will mean about you if you do or dont achieve these things? From here affirm or revise and plan how you would like to get where you are going for the next two weeks, this will Mark the Full Moon.

This New Moon is also conjunct (next to) Retrograde Venus, spotlighting past relationships and who you feel you were in those relationships. Let the next cycle begin.

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I hope you're having a fantastic day! ❤ Just wanted to clear up things for that anon - i'm really sorry that happened to u honestly who the fuck breaks up with some1 the day u meet? (i hope you're in a better place now though!) But i have no intentions of letting go of Anna unless she wants me to. Heck yeah im nervous travelling across the world but we both WANT to make this work! Yea relationships are hard work which is why im working so hard myself. cause i definitely want to hold onto her 💙

Kelsey accidentally turned this on anon 

ya dingus

BUT as you can see, we are an even team effort in this relationship! I know I’m saving up already so I can go visit where she lives. I would say I’m working hard to keep this relationship going  but I like that saying “if you’re doing something you love then you’ll never work a day in your life”. Because I love her, yes I help her with hard times, but non of it seems like working. (Ok, maybe I have to work hard to remember to respond to things but I blame that on my phone being a shit and the time differences!)  I’m just proud of our relationship so far because we make a great team so far and I can’t wait for her to get here so we can keep working together! 

anonymous asked:

You said harry must stay away from Larry rumours because this is not the time. I'm interested why you say that. Why if he's free would he want to try to close down support of a relationship that's been hidden and lied about for supposedly painful years? I ask because there are signs that IS what his teams doing. Distancing him from Larry and Louis. In fact that blind about L and another guy which I'd usually ignore made me wonder if it's part of it. I just wondered why HArry would choose this.

Who said he’s going to want to close down support? I’m saying that he wants his first major solo career moves to be about him and his work and not about his relationship with Louis or the band or anyone else.

He is more than his relationship, as we all are, and I think he’ll want to present himself that way to begin with. Plus Louis still has a lot of shit to wash off before he can begin coming out in a controlled, positive manner.

And the blind about Louis was just them pulling stuff out of their asses based on the Houis narrative. Maybe someone saw him hug Hot Luke or something. I mean, if I wasn’t a Larry, I’d be shipping that like crazy!