why would you get angry at someone though

Jealousy meme

requested by @momokitty27​! i set it up into a few different categories so it’s not just for couples but for a whole range of relationships!

for couples

  • “I noticed them checking you out.”
  • “Were you checking them out?”
  • “So… they’re good-looking, right?”
  • “Don’t lie to me and say you don’t think they’re hot.”
  • “Just admit that you like them.”
  • “Come on; even I know that they’re hotter than me.”
  • “It’s not fair that they get to be around you all day and I don’t.”
  • “They were hitting on you.”
  • ‘I know you liked it when they were hitting on you.”
  • “Would you like me more if I was more like them?”
  • “They’re not (funnier / cuter / better looking ) than me, are they?”
  • “Are you going to leave me for them?”
  • “Would you leave me for them if you had the chance?”

for characters talking to their unrequited crush

  • “You deserve better than them.”
  • “They’re not even that good-looking.”
  • “What do you see in them?”
  • “Why do you stay with them?”
  • “Wanna tell me what they did to upset you this time?”
  • “If I had someone as wonderful as you, I would (never forget our anniversaries / always cherish you / etc).”
  • “You should just leave them.”

for characters talking about their ex

  • “I wonder what they’re doing right now.”
  • “Their new (boyfriend / girlfriend / datemate) isn’t right for them.”
  • “I can’t stop thinking about them with their new (boyfriend / girlfriend / datemate).”
  • “They moved on so quickly.”
  • “I get angry thinking about anyone else having them, even though I don’t have them myself.”
  • “Do you think they were cheating on me with their new (boyfriend / girlfriend / datemate) before we broke up?”
  • “They never looked at me like they look at them.”

for friends

  • “I noticed you hanging out with (character’s name) lately.”
  • “You hung out with them and didn’t invite me?”
  • “I feel like a third-wheel.”
  • “They’re pretty fun, right?”
  • “Maybe I shouldn’t come and let you two hang out together instead.”
  • “I know that they’re more interesting than me.”
  • “You two have more in common, anyways.”
  • “It’s alright; I have other friends.”

for children characters talking to their parents

  • “No! I don’t want a new (brother / sister)!”
  • “You like (sibling’s name) more than me.”
  • “If I get a new (brother / sister), you’re going to love them more.”
  • “We haven’t played together since you had the baby.”
  • “I hate my (brother / sister)!”
  • “They’re not better than me! They can’t even use the bathroom right!”


  • “Am I hotter than that person?”
  • “So many people have achieved so much by this age, yet here I am.”
  • “I’m a better (cook / surfer / etc) than them.”
  • “They’re not even that good at (cooking / surfing / etc)…”
  • “I look better in this than them, right?”
  • “Do you think I could pull off that (hat / dress / etc) like them?”
  • “Whatever; I’m not jealous.”
Im Yours | Part One

A/N Alrighty, here it is. Part one of the Im Jaebum Mafia series. Im so excited about this and I can’t wait to write more. I hope you all love it as much as I do

Pairing: Jaebum x Reader

Rating: Drama, Angst, Smut, Fluff

WARNINGS: Language, Eventual Violence, Lots of Smut Later on

| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |

He laid atop his blankets, clutching to his sides. The pain ripping through his abdomen was enough to make him feel like he was shot. He’d much rather be shot. Anger was heavy in his chest as he thought about the events from earlier in the day:

He stood at the head of his table, narrowed eyed and heavy handed like he always was as he screamed at the men who sat lazily around him. He had almost finished informing his men of the large shipment of weapons that they were going to have to some how discreetly remove from the now police swarmed dock when the pain in his side started.

He blinked, not wanting to give any sign of weakness in front of the men who itched for the position his father had left for him.

‘That will be all. Get out of my house.’ He spit as a chorus of 'yes sir’s’ rang through the room.

He turned quickly when the last one had left to pour him self something, anything to take the pain away but before he could even reach out for a bottle, the glass in his hand fell out as he clutched to his side.

“Fuck!’ He yelled. Soon, two of his right hand men were by his side and lifting him up. Jackson supported him, his knees now shaking with the pain while Jinyoung ran his hands over his body, checking just incase someone somehow did something.

'Mr. Im, all your symptoms will disintegrate if you please just listen to me.’ Chulsoo, the groups personal and trusted doctor said with pleading eyes.

’'He’s not saying you have to become a grass eating hippie, for fucks sake.’  Jinyoung barked from the corner of the room where he sat with his arms crossed.

"Shut up.” he said, clutching to his still aching side.

“Look, Mr. Im. Theres a family, the head is a close friend of mine and they do personal catering. Here,’ He started while reaching into his pocket for his wallet. He pulled a small grey embossed card out and started to hand it to him before deciding against it and handing the card over to Jinyoung. 'Their quiet, they’ll come, cook and leave. You need to start taking care of yourself before others or you won’t be with us much longer.’

That was all he said before collecting his things and standing to make his way out of the room, Jinyoung following him.

He laid there, eyes still bore as the pain kicked up again, though now it was muted by the pain killers Chulsoo had given him. He scoffed at himself. '22 fucking years old and I’m bed ridden for my eating habits.’ he thought to himself, getting even more angry.

'Jaebum, I called them. There will be someone here tomorrow morning.’

"Y/n! We have a house call tomorrow morning. One of Chulsoo’s patients who needs a controlled diet. I figured since you finished with the Parks you would like to take on this family.” Your dad said, walking into the kitchen to see you already prepping for the family dinner you were about to have in your childhood home.

“Sure, why not.” You mumbled, dusting your hands from the chopped onion that had made its way from your knife to your hand.

“Only if you want to though. We can always give it to the company.” He said sitting down in front of you, the same time you mom walked into the kitchen.

“No I can do it, I need the money anyways.” You said smiling before turning your back to him to dump the onion in the already hot pan.

Dressed and ready the next morning you threw your favorite apron over your shoulder and tucked the knives your dad had gotten you for your last birthday under your arm before locking the door to your apartment and heading down to the first floor of your apartment building. The man you had communicated with after dinner told you they would send a car. You figured it’d be a taxi- Uber at best, but when a large black SUV rolled up your eyebrows rose.

A lanky, but very well dressed man stepped out of the vehicle, his flaming red hair slightly blowing out of place by the sudden wind.

“You must be y/n.” He said, his plump lips curving to form a child like grin. You nodded and stepped forward, accepting his help as he took your things from your hands.

“You can call me BamBam.” He said holding a hand out for you to enter the car.

“BamBam?” You smirked. “Thats an interesting name, why do they call you that?” You asked, not being able to put a lid on your loud mouth was something you had a problem with.

“You don’t want to know.” He winked before hooking his seatbelt.

The drive was pretty much quiet. You signed deeply and twiddled your thumbs wishing that you could have a better view of the scenery that was passing by quickly, but due to the dark tint of the windows there was no point in straining your eyes. Every once in a while you’d turn your head to look at BamBam who’s goofy smile that greeted you had faded into a stern smolder. You sighed again.

“Were here.” BamBam said clicking his seatbelt  before picking up your knives and sliding out of the car. You hadn’t even realized you had turned down a long straight driveway that was lined with thick trees. That would have been so pretty to drive through. You thought to yourself, still a little sour about the whole tinted windows thing.

You turned from looking at the driveway to looking at the house. It was very impressive, rich red brick that had a thin blanket of ivy running up one corner. There must have been at least fourteen windows across the top floor which, if every room had two windows, would mean in the front of the house alone there were seven rooms.

“How many am I cooking for anyways?” You said. You clearly heard your father say ONE of Chulsoo’s patients.

“There are seven of us in the house. Were all big boys though we can make our own food. You’re only responsible for cooking for one of us.” BamBam said as he led you through the front doors that the driver had opened for you.

The house was bright and homey inside with a modern twist. It was almost like walking into a museum the way art hugged every wall and statues were nestled in every corner. You couldn’t help but admire the open floor of the foyer. On either side of the large room was a stair case that met in the middle, and standing at the very top was a man.

His gaze on you made a chill run up your spine, but you couldn’t look away. His head was tilted slightly to the side as he watched you, his hair that had a slight wave to it parted in the middle to create a heart shape around his sharp features. His plump red lips were where your eyes stopped though, the way they twitched slightly in attempt to smile made you shift your weight. He bowed slightly after the few seconds that felt like hours passed, just as BamBam called your name.

“This way, lets go.” He said pulling his head to one side, indicating you to follow him through the hallway that formed under the staircase.

You’re eyes widened at the kitchen. Having cooked your entire life and with the few years of being able to call yourself a professional chef under your belt you had been in a lot of kitchens, a lot of really nice kitchens. But this one… This one was different. You hardly had time to take in the large granite island that formed in the center of the kitchen before BamBam was demanding your attention again.

“So, what were you thinking for breakfast?” He said just as another man walked in.

“He requested an omelette.” He said sternly causing BamBam to press his lips together, trying to stifle a laugh. The new man seemed less than impressed with BamBams efforts. You watched him as he took a deep long breath.

“Everything you need is in the fridge and or cupboards. BamBam will stay here with you for most of the day until you have a hang of where everything is. One of the others will bring you meal orders as the time come and goes.” He said before bowing slightly and turning to walk back out of the room.

“What’s up his ass?” You said reaching for the fridge. BamBam snorted slightly causing you to smile while placing four eggs on the counter.

“So are you all brothers in here?” You asked after thanking him for pointing out the cabinet the pans were in

“Basically.” He said resting his chin on his fists.

“Basically? So your not?” You stated turning back to the fridge where you unloaded spring onions, pancetta and a sharp cheddar for the omelette.

“Basically.” He said again.

“So is this just like a fraternity house where you all walk around in suits all day?” You asks raising one eyebrow as you began to dice the onions.

“That’s one way to put it.” He said.

You sighed at the fact the conversation wasn’t going anywhere and quickly cracked the eggs into a bowl, scrambled them, added a touch of milk and poured it into the hot pan. It didn’t take long for the kitchen to fill with the smell of melting cheese and hot pancetta, the combination of meat and cheese, as BamBam informed you, was already making his mouth water.

“I can make you one too, might as well since your stuck in here with me all day.” You smiled flipping the omelette once more before plating it.

“Um yes?” BamBam asked sitting up straighter as he watched you garnish the plate with sliced oranges.

Picking up the plate you walked it around the large island but before you were able to reach BamBam two boys walked in, stepping in your way.

“What is that!” The shorter one said pointing to the plate.

“Bosses breakfast.” BamBam said meeting you and taking the plate. “Outta here.” He said moving his head to the door.

“I want an omelet!” The taller said holding a hand out to you. BamBam looked back to you and watched you shrug. He whispered something for just them to hear before saying he’d be right back. You watched the two take a seat behind the island where BamBam once was and you nodded turning back to the fridge to pull out 12 eggs this time. The feeling of the two unnamed boys watching you chop made you a little uncomfortable, but thankfully BamBam returned quickly.

“That one better be for me.” BamBam said coming around to sit on the counter behind you, his long legs hanging off haphazardly. You nodded and smiled at him as you added the extras.

“No! I’m so hungry I haven’t been able to eat anything since yesterday!” The shorter one raised his voice.

“Hyung! She offered it to me first so shut it!” BamBam said, the same goofy grin meeting his lips.

They spent so much energy fighting over who was going to get the first omelette they didn’t even notice you plate the cooked egg, cut another orange up and place it I front of the quiet tall one.

“Ah! Thank you so much.” He said giving you a toothy grin.

“Thank you for behaving in my kitchen.” You smiled.

“Y/n, really!?” BamBam said pouting.

“Now I’m never gonna eat.” The other said.

“Let me show you a secret.” You said bending back over to the cabinet the pans were in. You pulled out another small pan and placed it on the burner.

“Problem solved!” The shorter one said with a smile.

“Just make sure to give me mine before Jackson’s.” BamBam said causing Jackson to groan.

“So we have BamBam, Jackson, Mr. Stick up his ass… what’s your name?” You asked the taller one as he piled another bite into his mouth. He looked wide eyed at Jackson before looking at BamBam.

“She met Jinyoung.” He said laughing. Jackson joined him. But the taller one just raised his eyebrows and turned back to his omelet.

“I’m Yugyeom.” He said with another sweet smile. “And this is incredible.” He said pointing at the half gone omelette.

By the time you plated BamBam and Jacksons breakfast and made sure BamBam had his in his hands before Jackson two more boys had entered the kitchen. Introducing themselves as Mark and Youngjae they placed a dirty plate on the counter before eyeing everyone else eating as well.

“Boss wanted us to tell you that he enjoyed the breakfast.” Mark said.

“Would you two also like an omelette?” You asked with a chuckle. With how quickly their eyes snapped towards you, you took that as a yes and went to work.

“How about stick up-” you paused when BamBam gave you a wide eyed look. “I mean Jinyoung? Would he like one?”

“If he’s not in here probably not.” Yugyeom said sitting back in his chair.

Lunch was just just the same, as soon as you plated the seasoned chicken over a strawberry spinach salad and BamBam left to deliver the food, everyone else flooded into the kitchen.

The only difference with dinner was this time Jinyoung joined them. You wouldn’t be able to help yourself, every time he spoke you’d look at BamBam who’d give you a side eye and the two of you tried to fight off a laugh, usually by busying yourself with cleaning something up.

“Boss really liked your food. He wouldn’t admit it cause he’s proud but he was definitely looking forward to his next meal.” BamBam said in the now empty kitchen, he had offered to help you wash things and now was sheething your knifes.

“Will I ever meet this Mr. Boss person?” You asked, thinking back to the man on the stairs and wondering if that was him.

“Hes a really privet person. It doesn’t help that he’d nose deep in work 24/7” He said handing you your bundle of knives just as his name was called.

“Get her home. We have a.. a meeting.” Mark said sternly before bowing at you slightly and smoothing his suit as he walked away.

The car ride home was a little bit more fun as you and BamBam spit balled ideas for meals the following day. It seemed like every other idea he sent your way either involved lots of sugar or lots of bloody meat.

“BamBam Im supposed to be keeping the boss man healthy.” You said making him chuckle again.

“He seemed to already be feeling better by the end of the day.” He said scratching his arm.

“Then Im doing my job,” You started smiling. Just then the car pulled up to the curb infant of your apartment and you started to collect your things. “See you tomorrow?”

“Bright and early. Goodnight y/n.”

BTS reaction to you having a bad temper


Jin would be a little scared of making you angry somehow. But when something got you angry, weither it was him or someone else, he would always try to soothe you and calm you down. He’d pull you into a hug, rub your back and hum to you. “Just breathe, baby… it’ll all pass soon. Just breathe all the stress away and then we can talk about it.”

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Yoongi wouldn’t really know what to do. He wasn’t a person to get mad about too many things so he wasn’t quiet sure why you had such a bad temper. Though, when you did get mad, he’d just let you go and give you space. After about 15 minutes, he’d come over to you with a nice cup of hot coco and sit next to you. “Are you ready to talk about what’s wrong? You can yell if you want. I don’t mind. Just don’t keep it bottled up inside.”

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If you weren’t mad at Hoseok, he would kinda get turned on. He liked how you fought for what you thought was right, even if you weren’t. But if you were mad at him, he’d be kinda scared. He’d try his best to explain himself and say he’ll do better next time. He’d kiss your hand, hug you, rub your back, sing to you, apologize a million times. Anything for you not to be upset anymore. “J-jagi…? Please don’t be upset…”

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Namjoon would try to help you rationalize why you were angry. He’d try to talk you through both sides of the argument and see which one is best. He’d always give you time to cool down and respect you in every way he could. “Now that you’ve calmed down, let’s just talk through this, okay? Let’s start slow.”

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If Jimin saw that you were angry about something, he’d get angry, too. No one should ever make you angry so he’d just share your anger and talk to about how they had no right to do that to you. If you got into an argument, it would be WWIII. Jimin has a pretty bad temper, combine that with yours and that would give you a furry argument. But after he’d try to make it up to you the best he can. “I’m sorry for yelling, princess… I was wrong… let’s make up?”

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He would be kinda scared of your temper. If Tae saw you angry, he would try his best to act silly and make you smile. If it didn’t work, he’d just pull you into his chest and cuddle you softly. He’d kiss your forehead and give you a small smile. “I’m always here for you, sweetie. We can talk whenever you want.”

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Jungkook would get a little frustrated if he didn’t understand why you were so angry. But one he did he’d just try to get your mind off it and cheer you up as best he could. “Maybe a little ice cream will help you cool down?”

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pretend you’re Jiminie

A Love That Is More Than Love [Jason Todd x Reader]

A/N: Okay I really don’t know where this came from I’ve rusted though holy shit this sucks okay

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Warnings: None…

Word Count: 891



There hasn’t been a love that existed that was as strong as the love that Jason Todd felt for you.

What he felt for you wasn’t part of this world, it was something more. It wasn’t merely a feeling, a wave of passion and lust. It wasn’t just admiration either, it was much more than that. It was devotion at its finest. It was alive, and it could move mountains, turn night into day and cripple entire empires if need be.

It was paradoxical how he needed you like he needed air, yet whenever you were around it was as if he had forgotten how to breathe. His heart wouldn’t race, it would cease to beat entirely, and with another glimpse of your smile, it would restart again. Your very presence made every inch of his body feel alive, more alive than he had ever felt in a long time.

When he touched you, no matter how minimal it may be, sparks would fly. Your smile made butterflies appear in his stomach and although he had been known to be quite the charmer, with you he was a mess. He couldn’t get his mind straight, he was never prepared for you. You came into his life like a whirlwind, catching him completely by surprise. You had scattered all the broken pieces of his soul then mended it one by one into something new, something… real.

When he first discovered this feeling, a feeling of something more, he wasn’t just scared. He was absolutely terrified of what it would turn into. It didn’t matter if it was a disaster or if it would turn into something beautiful, he was frightened to stick around to find out. He pushed you, drove you to the edge and demanded you never come back.

But you were a whirlwind, a force of nature that cannot be controlled.

He should’ve known that you would come back, that you would make his walls topple like they were made of brittle sticks. He should’ve known that someone as amazing as you would see right through his deception. He may be good at hiding his vulnerability, but to you it was as if he had become transparent.

No matter how hard he tried, you just kept coming back without fail, without any hesitation. You pushed him to the edge, and he finally gave into you, gave into himself and temptation. He allowed himself to be selfish and have you.

It was the best thing that had ever happened to him.

Being with you, it was surreal. Every single day he opened his eyes and he was greeted with the sight of your beautiful face, and he didn’t understand why or how someone like you would love him. How did he manage to get so lucky?

Each little giggle, each little kiss and ‘I love yous’ you gave him made him feel warm inside. The world became brighter with you, as cliche as that sounded. He wasn’t as angry, he didn’t fall out of sanity as much and even if he did, you were his anchor. You brought him back and no matter how bad things get, no matter how dangerous it became, you stayed.

It wasn’t perfect all the time though. There were fights, bad ones. He was too selfish sometimes, and you were too selfless. There were other times where you couldn’t understand him, where you never listened to a word he said. Those were the worst times, times when he questioned everything he had with you.

But whenever he thought about that, there was an ache in his heart that reminded him that no matter what it was, no matter how powerful the fire or how dark the times, he would still love you and he would do anything to make it through, and he knew you’d do the same. He had many doubts, but somehow the fact that you wouldn’t try was never one of them.

It wasn’t perfect, but both of you loved with a love that was clearly more than love. It was so much more and the two of you deserved more than this world could offer.

There wasn’t a word to describe this love.

It was simply the most beautiful thing that had ever existed in a world where love was never meant to exist in the first place, where beautiful things were ruined.

And that was exactly what happened. You, his lover, his world, his everything, was taken from him in a horrific accident that could only be blamed on Fate.

Your death broke Jason to pieces. What you had fixed became shattered and he turned into an even bigger mess. It felt as if a part of him had died with you and there was nothing that could fill the gaping hole in his heart. It was simply impossible. For many years to come, he would be unable to rid of the emptiness in his heart.

He knew it was inevitable. After all, his life was a tragedy written in the stars.

Yet there is one thing in the tragedy that never changed, that will never change, no matter what the ending may be, and that is the fact that there hasn’t been, nor will there be a love that is as powerful as the love that Jason feels towards you.

The bodyguard >> Yongguk, You (Part 2)

Part 1

7 years ago…


You jumped, startled at the sudden appearance of Yongguk as he took a chair next to you. You were sitting in the classroom, studying after a long time of searching. All the other classes were occupied and you needed to kill time before your next lecture.

Looking at Yongguk, you put your hands over your heart trying to steady your heart beats. You didn’t expect anyone to interrupt your peaceful time, plus you didn’t hear him coming in.

“You scared me,” you snapped, hitting his arm and he grinned at you snatching the book from in front of you. You pulled it away from him again. “How did you find me?”

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pentagon when one of the members kiss you on the cheek

 Hello ~ Can I ask a reaction of them being jealous because one of the member kissed you (on the cheek, in a friendly but well, they didn’t like it hehe) ? I’m sure your going to be an awesome Pentagon reaction/scenario/mtl/… blog, I already love it ~ ♡  - Kinojagiya

omg thank you so much!! you’re the sweetest!1!


  • tbh he probably wouldn’t overreact as much as the others. you’d be having lunch with him and the rest of the members just talking about the most random things when another member suddenly kisses your cheek laughing and telling you how funny you were. jinho would understand that they were only being friendly but it will bother him a little bit. the most he’ll do is probably pout and not say anything about it bc he trusts both of you.


  • he doesn’t seem like the jealous type at all when it comes to the members. in fact he’ll definitely adore it when they get along so well with you. so when one of the members kiss your cheek when you’re all hanging out, he’ll give you two a veery long look before going back and doing his own thing. he knows you well enough to know that you are in a committed relationship with him.


  • it’ll definitely bother him seeing another member kiss your cheek even if they were being friendly and joking around. you’ll notice that he’ll suddenly get quiet and distance himself from everyone. but when you ask him what’s wrong, he’ll say that he’s fine. later on though he’ll let you know that he didn’t like that another guy, even if it was one of the members, kissed you.


  • he’ll be more like jinho when it comes to not overreacting. however, he would really hate it when he sees one of the members kiss your cheek. he’ll definitely try to hide it through his expressions but it’s not use bc you know when he gets angry/jealous. you try to make light of the situation by teasing him about it and later on apologizing for letting it happen.


  • this guy will be just like hongseok. but more annoyed about it. he’ll be wondering why you let another member kiss your cheek and why you didn’t even react to it when you two are dating. he’ll talk to you and that member privately telling both of you that he doesn’t want something like that to happen again even if they were just playing around.

Yeo One

  • omg he’ll be so saaad. he wouldn’t even be annoyed or angry at you and the member that kissed your cheek while joking around. he’ll be sulking the whole day just thinking about it. when he drops you off home, he would let you know that there’s something that’s been bothering him the whole day. and when you ask him what, he’ll definitely tell you that he’s jealous and why. 


  • he would probably call out that member that kissed you right there and then. “i know you’re being friendly and all rn but she’s currently dating someone.” he means no harm to his friend, but he’s just wondering why he would even do such a thing in front of him. he wouldn’t be very angry tho.


  • he’s more of the angry-jealous type. he would get angry. it wouldn’t be towards you though. bc this guy loves you dearly. it’s more towards himself, he thinks he shouldn’t have these type of feelings over something so small. bc he knows you love him too. when you two are alone he would sure tell you that he was jealous.


  • would get really clingy lmao. you’ll be playing games with him and a few of the members when one of them kisses you cheek all of a sudden. he would sure stay by your side the whole time afterwards and initiate skinship just so he could get the scenario out of his mind. which will lead you to question him later on.


  • if anything, he would be more like shinwon and hongseok. he’d let his feeling known. that he didn’t like seeing one of his closest friends kiss you and acting extremely friendly with you. he would probably say something to you and that member when you don’t notice him becoming distant.
Wanna One reaction to: not getting the job you wanted


Would immediately pout after you tell him what happened and will pull you into a hug. He’ll make hot chocolate for the two of you and  you’ll both sit on the couch whilst you vent to him.

“You’re too good for them anyway, Y/N.”

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He could sense your sad tone through the phone when you told him; so to cheer you up he built a fort and set up your favorite movie along with snacks, ready for once you get home.

“Only the best for my Y/N.”

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He’d literally force you to rest on the couch whilst he cooks a meal for the two of you. you had eaten, he’d cuddle you for the rest of the night, whispering comforting and supportive words.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get an even better job.”

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Probably shocked and kinda mad at first, but his priority right now is to make you feel better. He will go to any lengths to make you laugh and smile again, pulling the most stupid shit.

“They didn’t hire you because you’re too beautiful!”

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Would gossip with you while drinking wine and let you rant to him about how they’re absolute dickheads. You’d both laugh your asses off that night and fall asleep on the couch. So in the end, your day wasn’t so bad.

“They actually said that?!”

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Like Seongwoo, he’ll be slightly angry at first; why would they not wanna hire someone as amazing as yourself? However, he hates seeing you sad, so his goofy ass will be telling you the cheesiest stuff to cheer you up.

“They must have been stunned by your angel like beauty.”

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He’d cheer you up by taking you to the movies or going to get food at your favorite restaurant. If you didn’t feel like going out though he’d be more than happy to spend the night cuddling with you.

“We can go anywhere you want Y/N.”

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The type to just embrace you for a while. Eventually though y’all move to the sofa instead, your head resting on his chest and him listening intently as you explain your feelings.

“They’re missing out anyway.”

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There to calm you and comfort you. Most likely won’t say much, but he’ll show you affection and support by feeding you snacks and occasionally placing sweet kisses on your temple.

“Don’t worry, I’m here for you.”

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Even though he’s young, i think he’s actually quite mature. He’ll take the situation seriously and will replace any confidence you may have lost from being rejected. All around just positive vibes.

“There’ll be plenty of other opportunities which will be even better.”

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Not really a man of words; he’d comfort you silently by ordering a pizza and putting a movie on. For the rest of the night he’d have his arms around you with the sweetest gummy smile.

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I love Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, but Ji Soo’s character has been pissing me off, especially during episode 10. It’s not because of the love line part (though that’s kinda annoying but I’m Team Min Hyuk so whatever lol) but because of his stupidity and arrogance as a police officer. 

If you suspect someone on being a kidnapper and a murderer, then why the f would you go antagonize them? He literally went to beat up the dude because of his suspicions and the fact his team lost the investigation. I get he’s new and nothing has been going right regarding this investigation, but why let the criminal know he’s been found out. Gook Doo gave all that away. And now that he’s angry, the guy is just going to get more vicious–Gook Doo didn’t even consider what would happen to the girls if he angered him. It’s so frustrating to see incredibly arrogant Gook Doo is; he’s right about the guy, but come on, where’s the common sense??

The criminal is also arrogant, he certainly didn’t like the fact that someone else “took credit” for his crime so it’ll be interesting to see. I have a feeling that even when he’s caught, he won’t mind because of the attention.

BTS reacting to their underage sibling drinking.

A/N I do not own any of the gifs and im not promoting underage drinking.


Would be disapointed, but wouldn’t tell their parents. he knows that his sibling isn’t an idiot and after a lot of scolding wouldn’t bring the topic up, but if they drank again before they were legal age would tell someone.

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Would be disapointed but also angry. “Why?” “Is there something you want to talk about?” “Were you pressured?” He asked mny questions, because he was afraid they might be going though something, like he when he was younger.

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His happy aura wold disapear the secend he found empty beer cans in his siblings trash. Would need an explanation even though he knew exactly what they had done. “This is not good for you.” Would scold the so much. They wouldn’t probably drink even after legal age.

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Would be angry, but more dispointed. Probablywould sit down with them to talk about hoe bad alcohol was to the human body, especially underage. Also would tell their parents, for the siblings own safety.

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Would try to come up with excuses for it. but any of them weren’t logical. Wouldn’t know what to do. “They are so young, but teens do this kind of stuff.” “Did I do something wrong?” Would blame himself even though he had nothing to do with it. If he found out someone pressured their sibling into doing it, god help that person.

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If Yoongi and Namjoon were angry, Jimin would be furious. “Why the fuck would you do something this stupid?!” “What if something had happened to you?!” His sibling would get the scolding of their life and they can bet their ass he would tell their parents.

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“High five.” jk, He would kinda understand them since he too probably got drunk before the legal age. He would still be disapointed and blackmail them if they didn’t do something he wanted.

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anonymous asked:

Hey! I really love the way you write and I would love for you to write something about Yousef finding himself in a situation where he has to physically protect Sana... I can't wait to see how you're going to write my prompt, I hope you do it!

Hey :) Thank you for the prompt! 

But I need to say one thing first: This is probably not what you had in mind. We saw that Yousef doesn’t like conflict and Sana only got into a physical confict situation to protect her friends, so that’s why I wrote this the way I did. I hope you still like it and please let me know :D

Also: I know that what happens in the beginning of this is something too many people have to deal with. So if I offended or hurt anyone with that please let me know and I’ll change it.

Okay, here it is. Hope you like it.


Picking Sana up from school on Mondays and spending the afternoon together is one of Yousef’s favorite things to do. 
On this particular Monday he was running late. He had to help his mother with some family-related stuff but still tried to get to Nissen on time. With a look on his phone Yousef sees that Sana’s last lesson ended three minutes ago and he still has to walk at least five minutes. 
While he starts walking even faster than he already did and hoped that Sana wouldn’t mind too much, Sana had other things to worry about. 
She had left school together with Vilde and looked around for Yousef. He wasn’t there yet and Sana found herself wondering if he forgot which he didn’t ever in the last weeks. But she got a text from him saying he’d be a little late. 
Vilde had asked if Sana is not going home and when Sana said she’s going to wait for Yousef, Vilde offered to wait until he gets here. 
The next minutes Vilde and Sana stood in front of the school and were just talking. About nothing in particular but they laughed a lot. Until a couple walked past them and gave Sana a dirty look. Sana noticed, she is almost used to that, but so did Vilde. And she was not used to it. Vilde knew that Sana had to face stuff like this a lot, in the past even from her which she felt horrible about. But since Sana talked to Vilde about it, she had realized her mistakes and tried to be better and she wouldn’t just stand there now and let that go.

“Hey, do you have a problem?”, Vilde asks the couple that was walking past them. Now they stopped and turn to Vilde and Sana. Vilde couldn’t keep her voice steady, she was mad. She saw Sana’s face fall as soon as she noticed the look she was given. It was not directed at both of them. Only at Sana.

Sana puts a hand on Vilde’s arm and shakes her head:“ Vilde, it’s fine.” But her friend didn’t budge. Was that the right thing to do? Vilde wasn’t sure but she didn’t want her friend to get hurt like that.

In front of the two friends there are two blond people now. A guy and a girl. They are holding hands and matching the same distasteful smile.

“Does she have to be so loud? She’s not alone here!”, the girl says in a disgusted voice and looks Sana up and down like she is prey. Sana raises her eyebrows and chuckles humourlessly. How original, she thinks. She really had enough of this but answering would lead to a big scene which she really didn’t need.

“I was laughing a lot louder than her. You didn’t seem to have a problem with that.”, Vilde says, crossing her arms over her chest.
Sana takes a deep breath. She doesn’t like where this was going. Couldn’t Vilde just let it go?

The blonde girl raises her eyebrows and looks at Sana for a second. "Well, she doesn’t have to be so all up in our faces now, does she?“

Sana watches as Vilde gasps loudly at this comment. Even Vilde, when she was unbelievably ignorant for a while, didn’t ever say anything like that. And even if she did, Sana would at least know that she wouldn’t do it to hurt Sana. But that’s exactly what this girl is doing. And all that time the guy next to her, probably her boyfriend, just nods along and looks somewhat pleased with what his girlfriend is saying.

Yousef arrives about 10 minutes too late. But once his gaze fell on Sana he broke into a sprint. He always feels like he should run towards Sana, to be with her as soon as possible. Right now, though, the reason for that feeling is not his usual one. 
He sees Sana and one of her friends, Vilde, fight with another girl he has never seen before. A guy watches them and that’s all he does. He watches instead of breaking the fight apart. 
Sana is in between of Vilde and the other blonde girl. Alarm bells are blaring in Yousef’s head and as soon as he arrives there, he jumps in between Sana and the unknown girl. He’s seeing red. His blood is boiling, heart racing. How would Sana end up in this situation? Is she fine? Why is the asshole over there just looking and not doing anything to stop this? These are the questions going through Yousef’s head as he finds his way into the middle of it. He doesn’t even care about the unknown girl he turned his back to. She’s still trying to get to Sana and Vilde with her punches but she only hits Yousef’s back. 

“What’s going on?”, is all Yousef manages to say to Sana in that short time. Sana looks at him with wide eyes; she looks really scared and hurt. He has never seen her like that and feels himself get really mad but also sad at the same time. When the girl behind him keeps hitting his back Yousef turns around and looks at her. She looks up at Yousef and notices the fire burning in his eyes. 

“Keep moving. Go.”, Yousef says. Whatever the problem is, it’s probably not going to be solved now, if they had to get physical. 

“I’m not going anywhere!”, the girl shrieks, “They need to apologize to me first!" 

Yousef narrows his eyes at her. He doesn’t excuse violence, never. But he knows that Sana would have never landed in this situation because she started it. That’s not who she is. That’s exactly the reason why he doesn’t react to that. Yousef towers over the somewhat tall girl. He doesn’t say anything. He doesn’t have to. His cold, mad facial expressions make the girl stumble back. Yousef assumes she’ll go now and turns to Sana. She’s holding Vilde’s arm. Vilde seems fine, physically, but she looks even more distraught than Sana. 

"I’m sorry, Sana. I wouldn’t have… if I knew… I’m so sorry!”, Yousef doesn’t hear all of what Vilde says because they’re talking quietly and Vilde is speaking very fast. 
Yousef wants to ask what happened, how they are, if they are okay. He doesn’t get to do that when someone puts a hand on his shoulder and forcefully turns him around. 
Yousef is faced with the guy that was only watching the girls fight. He is about the same height as Yousef and has a smug look on his face.  

“What do you think you’re doing? Scaring my girlfriend like that!”, the guy exclaims but doesn’t really seem like he cares that much. 
Still, it makes Yousef angry that this dude didn’t think of intervening when his girlfriend was fighting with someone but only does so when said girlfriend is walking away from the scene, alone. Why would he stay back now? 
Yousef doesn’t want to get involved too much but can’t help himself. He hates conflict, he really does. Right now it’s necessary though. 

“Are you for real, right now? First of all, what do you think you’re doing? Standing here and watching them fight! How can you think that was a good idea?! Secondly, I didn’t do anything to your girlfriend except for telling her to go because this fight seems to be very unnecessary and was bad enough when I got here, also thanks to you. I don’t have time for this now!”
Yousef is exasperated and doesn’t need this right now. He turns on his heel and walks over to Sana and Vilde who are standing together a few steps away, without caring if the guy is still there or if he finally decided to go.

Vilde looks like she is about to cry and Sana is obviously trying to comfort her while she doesn’t look that good herself.

“Are you okay? What happened?” Now that the unnecessary argument with that other guy is over, Yousef’s worry kicks in again. Sana looks away from Vilde and at him. Yousef is not able to completely read her face. He knows that Sana feels guilty, the way she furrows her eyebrows and how the corners of her mouth are pointed downwards.

“We’re fine. It’s okay.”, Sana says and can barely look into Yousef’s eyes. Yousef steps a little closer and his heart breaks at the way Sana looks right now. At the same time she tries to calm Vilde who talks too fast and too inaudible for him to understand what she’s saying.

Suddenly Vilde jumps and turns to Sana:“ Magnus is here! Is it okay if I leave now? You know I’m really sorry.  If it wasn’t for me that wouldn’t have happened! I just wanted to help but once again I didn’t manage to do that right. I’m so sorry.”

Sana smiles weakly at her friend and puts her hands on Vilde’s arms to calm her.

“Vilde, it’s fine. Go! Yousef’s here.”, Sana says and shows Vilde one more smile. They hug and Sana’s friend whispers something in her ear before she walks past Yousef. He doesn’t care to look to see Magnus. All he cares about it Sana.

“Sana, what happened? Are you okay?” He is worried. His eyes wander around her face to see if there are any injuries.

Sana laughs lightly which Yousef furrows his eyebrows at. The laugh is not sincere: “Yousef, you’ve asked that before.” She’s trying to lighten the mood but she still can’t look Yousef in the eyes. 
He steps closer but she looks anywhere but at him. 

“Sana, can you please look at me.” Yousef almost begs. Sana’s head snaps up immediately. He sounds genuinely worried and sad. And it’s because of her, she thinks.

“I’m too embarrassed.”, Sana confesses. 

Too embarrassed? Yousef hates seeing Sana like this. He reaches out to take her hand and when she doesn’t pull away he takes her hand and intertwines their fingers.

“You don’t have to be embarrassed about anything with me, okay? I just want to know if you’re really okay and how I can help.”

Why is he so sweet, Sana thinks. He is so understanding and caring and all the emotions that built up in the last minutes culminate. Tears spring into her eyes. She still doesn’t look up at him when she answers. She looks at their intertwined hands.

“I would’ve never wanted you to see that. And it was my fault; I just can’t get it right. Either I’m too cold towards the world or I’m too happy.” The words fall out of Sana’s mouth without control. She feels comfortable enough with Yousef to let it all out.

Yousef is confused. What she’s saying doesn’t make sense to him. She still refuses to look at him. Yousef looks around them and sees a bank they can sit on and lightly pulls Sana towards it with him.

Once they sit, he turns to Sana who finally looks up at him. He almost wishes she didn’t. The tears in her eyes that threaten to spill any second make Yousef’s heart ache.

“Why don’t you tell me the whole thing? I don’t believe for a second that any of that was your fault.”, Yousef says and tries to ignore the sinking feeling in his stomach. Seeing Sana like this makes him feel horrible. But this is not about him, it’s about her.

Sana nods and starts explaining:“ Vilde and I were standing there, talking and laughing. And those two people walked by and shot me a dirty look.” She takes in a breath. “I’m used to it. I didn’t react. But Vilde saw it too and she called them out. I tried to make her stop but she wanted them to at least admit the reason why they looked at me like that and not at her too.”
Yousef is still holding Sana’s hand and squeezes it lightly. Sana continues talking. 
“The girl got mad. Said some … hurtful things and Vilde stepped closer to her and the girl’s reaction was to hit Vilde. I quickly got between them but it got out of hand. And then you arrived.”

Sana only looks at her hands. Yousef breaths in deeply to not get too frustrated over this. How can Sana blame herself for this?

“Sana.”, he says. She looks up. No tears had spilled but she’s close to crying, Yousef can see that. She clenches her teeth, she doesn’t want to cry. She feels like she let her guards down too much already.

“Listen to me carefully, okay?”, Yousef says and thinks carefully of how to phrase the next sentences, “None of that is your fault. It’s not your fault that they looked at you like that and it’s not your fault that Vilde reacted like that. You didn’t start the fight. That girl did. You only wanted to protect your friend which I am really proud of you for.”

Sana looks him in the eyes now, without looking away quickly and nods with a small smile. However, she is still not able to say anything. She knows that she’ll cry as soon as she tries saying one word. But now it’s not because she’s angry and hurt.

“And one more thing.”, Yousef says and takes both of Sana’s hands in his. “I know I’m not the right person to say this because I don’t have to struggle with what you have to face every day with prejudices and misconceptions people still have. But please remember, the way you are is perfect. You don’t ever have to change for other people; they’re not worth it.”

Sana presses her lips together trying to stop her lower lip from quivering. She tries to blink away her tears but Yousef managed to make her feel so much better about what happened and about herself and that in such a short time. The way he cares so deeply. She noticed how worried he looked when he arrived, how mad he got when she explained what the girl did, how carefully he thought about what to say to her.

He studies her face as she doesn’t say anything. She just looks at him with the most grateful and loving look. Then tears start rolling down her cheeks.

“Oh God, Sana. I didn’t want to make you cry. That’s the opposite of what I wanted. Don’t cry, I’m so sorry!” Sana starts wiping away the tears that escaped her eyes with the back of her hand and laughs. 

Confused but glad that she is laughing, Yousef joins her laughter and watches as Sana tilts back her head for a second. She’s looking at the sky and tries to stop the tears. She finally looks back at Yousef who’s already looking at her and smiles.

“These are not sad tears, Yousef.”, she says laughingly. Then Sana looks him in the eyes, a bit more serious now. “I’m just very glad to have you in my life.”

Yousef starts to smile even bigger and is so happy that Sana is laughing now.

“Thank you!”, she says and they both know what she means.

Yousef slowly reaches out to wipe away the last tear from her cheek. Sana doesn’t pull away, she just watches as his hands gets closer to her face and when Yousef wipes away the tear with his thumb she leans into his touch.

“Anything for you, Sana.”


Pairing: You x Yohane
Series: Love Live! Sunshine!!
Words: 1873 words
Rating: T
Summary: You spends the night with Yohane after an unfortunate realization, leading to the two of them sharing more than just their worries…
Notes: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaangst. I had this story idea stuck in my head for days so I just had to write it out. I have no idea where it’d fit into the timeline of the series. It’s just You x Yohane in the saddest context I could think of.

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Got7: their best friend (you) is dating another member

Jaebum:  he’d be pretty shook when he found out, but he’d keep a cool demeanor and not really say anything. I mean he wouldn’t exactly make it obvious that he liked you if he knew another member liked you, and esp after finding out that they’re dating you, he’d stay in his lane and try to forget about his feelings no matter how hard it will be. He’d accept this if you and his friend are happy, and that he’s treating you right.

Mark:  he’d hold a little grudge, but no one would really notice the difference. In his head he’d be thinking about where things went wrong, and how he could’ve messed up by hiding his feelings all along. He’d for sure regret not showing his true intentions beforehand, but he’d try and be happy for his friend. He’d start to distance himself from you to protect his heart at first, but eventually he’d recover.

Jackson:  he’s so shocked bc he honestly didn’t see it coming, and he was probably working on a plan to seduce you- until another member announced your happy and strong relationship. He wouldn’t hide his surprised and shocked face, turning this over in his head for a few days before coming to terms with his sadness and loss. He isn’t the type to really linger on the past, so he’d forget about it over time if you’re happy.

Jinyoung:  the most hurt out of them all omg….he’s so sad and upset bc he didn’t really know how to express his feelings when he found out he was in love with you, and now someone else took his chance and swept you off your feet. He’d nod his head in understanding, but it would take him quite some time before accepting it and letting you be happy with someone who isn’t him.

Youngjae:  tbh he’d make his feelings for you known pretty early on, so he’d be hurt that you chose someone else, esp someone who’s very close to him. Like mark, he’d need some time away from the both of you just to get his head together and not get angry and snap- not that he would. I think he’s the only one that would ask for an explanation, like why you didn’t just tell him that you weren’t interested and letting him play this fantasy in his head where you liked him back.

Bambam:  he’d pretend as if nothing was wrong, even though pretty much everyone knew he liked you a lot. The other member would need to talk to him about it to explain everything, bc I doubt they’d wanna hurt bam like this for no reason. He’d understand that he just wasn’t the right person for you, but it’d take a while for him to get over it and befriend you again.

Yugyeom:  might feel a little hurt at first, but he respects you too much to make a scene and get into unnecessary arguments- plus he really thinks it’s not worth it to fight over another person when someone else is with them. He’d find some time to talk alone with you, and ask if you’re really happy. If you are, then he’d agree to not make things awkward between the two of you and just remain friends.

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The Choice Is Yours.

Until dawn fanfiction AU.
Summary: Hello whoever is reading this! This is my very first fic on tumblr (yey finally). Many thanks from @mpfanfics for letting me use some of the dialogue of her fic: Long Way Down. That fic was also a big inspiration for this one. So this story will be about your point of view (a character who doesn’t exist in the game), but the twist is you will have a choice in dialogue, actions and there is also THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT. Dialogue will change relationships, while action will change what you do and the butterfly effect will change your view in the game itself. For example: you can hide or run. If you run, you will survive or go to a different location. If you hide, you die or stay in the same location. Also, for the other characters, they will all live (so good ending) and their actions are the most general ones from the game, like matt seeing Emily cheat, the bitch fight, Emily gets bitten, etc. So I hope you’ll enjoy this!

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Exo reaction when they know you like them, but you deny it

We hope you enjoy the reaction! :) And Sorry we haven’t posted in a while :( … Specially now that school started lol School got us dead… But hope you guys can forgive us :)


*Xiumin would get upset that you keep denying you like him because he likes you too, and is waiting for you to admit it so he can finally ask you out.*


Lu: *cockily ask* “Hey Y/N!! You like me, right?”

Y/N: “Hell No!”

Lu: *gif*


Kris: “Just admit it, Y/N… You like me…”


Suho: *in his head* “Oooo!!! She likes me!!”


*Lay would’ve been completely oblivious to the fact that you like him until one of boys told him and when he finally found out he would be overcome with joy because it just so turns out he likes you too.*


*Baekhyun would tease you about the fact that you like him 24/7 until you became angry and left the room.*


Chen: “Yo Y/N, you like me??”

Y/N: “Whaaaaaa…. No.”


*Chanyeol would lowkey be another one to get frustrated because he knows you like him and doesn’t understand why you won’t admit it.*


*Every time you deny liking him he would just play along with it so you wouldn’t get embarrassed; even though he found you blushing over the subject completely adorable.*


Tao: “Honestly Y/N, just admit you like me… Everyone knows already anyways…”




*You and the guys are all chillin together, when someone decides to put you on blast.* 

Baek: “Hey Y/N… Didn’t you tell me like Sehun earlier??”

Y/N: “Whaa?? When?? Who?? No!”

Sehun: *gif*

Sorry guys but request are closed :( We’ll let you guys know as soon as they’re open… Again, Sorry…


*Requested* I was wondering if you could do an imagine where you’re Salvatore sister and you’re dating Kai but the brothers don’t know that and they somehow find out?

(We will just pretend that Kai will not behave like he did in the Season 6 Finale, just for story purposes. I hope you enjoy. Happy reading my lovelies!)

Word count: 877

Your name: submit What is this?

The sun is high up in the sky, the trees are moving with the wind as the birds carry small pieces of wood to them, building their nest. All in all it´s just a wonderful summer day here in Mystic Falls.

You and your secret boyfriend Kai are currently strolling through the woods, hiding from your still clueless brothers.

Kai: “I think we should tell them soon.”

Y/N: “I know, but they will be furious. Especially Damon.”

Kai: “I don´t care, let him be mad. He will see that I have changed. And that´s all because of you, Y/N.”

You smile, grabbing his hand as you take a deep breath.

Y/N: “I will tell them soon, I promise.”

He smiles before planting a short and tender kiss on your lips. No matter what everyone thinks, you know that he changed. Be it merging with Luke or your influence, he is different and your brothers will see that as well.

Damon: “You gotta be kidding me.”

Both of you heads spin around, facing an angry Damon holding a shovel. He must´ve buried something or someone.

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why do people like dan more than phil..?!

ok ok ok how do you NOT like the precious lil bean as much as dan?! like i get it,, dan is humorous, he is generally louder than phil and he is attractive, but like,, so what?? phil is intelligent (*coUvGh* he isn’t a drop out), he is also humorous, and his BLOODY FUCKJFN EYES THEYRE BEAUTIFUL! HOW DO PEOPLE CALL HIM UGLY?!?

i’ll try not to hate on them, and i understand if they are subscribed to dan and not phil, but cooome ooonnnn. you can’t just say “i like dan more than phil”. that’s like choosing a favourite child. a better way to say it is by stating “i prefer dan’s content because of *insert logical reasons*” saying it the other way will just get angry phans yelling at you.

anyway if someone could tell me why some people prefer dan over phil that would be lovely even though i disagree completely.

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everything's okay

Requested by @latteshawn

(The language in this is Estonian by the way)


word count: 612

“Ma armastan sind.” I whispered into Shawn’s ear, not realizing I was speaking my native language and not English.

“Huh?” Shawn said, sounding thoroughly confused. “Wait, don’t tell me. I think I remember what it means.”

He sat confused for a few moments longer before I told him.

“It means ‘I love you.’ I meant to say I love you, I just kinda forgot to say it in English.” I spoke softly, feeling embarrassed. Shawn knew English wasn’t my first language and was very understanding of that. He didn’t get angry at me for accidentally blurting out little phrases in Estonian. He loved it, even though I had to translate for him every time.

“Why don’t you try to teach me, babe? I’d love to be able to speak Estonian with you.” He begged. He looked so ecstatic, I couldn’t tell him no. “How do you say ‘hello?’”

“Tere.” I said.

“Tere?” He spoke, almost sounding like a question. I nodded. “Tere.”

“How would I introduce myself to someone?” He asked.

“Minu nimi on Shawn. That means ‘My name is Shawn.’” I replied.

“How do you say ‘I miss you?’”

“I miss you is ‘ma igatsen sind.’” I said. Shawn repeated the phrase a few times before mastering it. He kept asking questions for an hour or so before my head began to pound. Translating back and forth between Estonian and English often made my head hurt, but never this badly. I had never tried to teach anyone before. I rubbed my temples in a circular motion with my index and middle fingers.

Shawn noticed I wasn’t feeling well. However, I lied and told him I was fine. My vision became blurred and my mind was foggy. I’d only had one migraine before but not like this.

“How do you say ‘you’re beautiful?’” Shawn asked, still unsure about how okay I actually was.

“Sa oled ilus. But, uh, I think that’s enough for one day.” Shawn again asked if I was okay. This time, I shook my head no.

Another sharp ache pained me. I could no longer see anything. Shawn’s worried voice rang in my ears but I couldn’t answer. Eventually, my hearing became fuzzy too and everything was black.

Everything around me had been black for who knows how many hours. As I fluttered my eyes open, my surroundings soon became bright. White walls, white floors, bright, white lights and even white sheets.
I was in a hospital. No IV’s hooked up to me, I was just lying in a hospital bed.

I stretched my arms above me, feeling exhausted. My movements made Shawn jolt awake. I looked at the clock to see that it was 4:29 in the morning. No wonder he was asleep.

“Oh my gosh, I was so worried. We were just sitting there on the couch and you passed out. I was so worried about you that I brought you to the hospital, just to be safe. You scared me. They said admitting you to the hospital was probably unnecessary but I-” he rambled on but I interrupted him.

“Shawn, thank you. I feel so much better now. I just got a really severe migraine, I’ll be okay, really, but it was sweet of you to be so worried about me.” spoke softly. A blush crept onto Shawn’s cheeks. He left to go get to doctor so I could hopefully go home.

The doctor discharged me after asking if I’d had migraines before, how frequent and severe they were and so on. Shawn supported me with his arm sweeping across my lower back. Even though I honestly was scared when I woke up in a hospital, everything was going to be okay.

the-frightened-child  asked:

I have Asperger’s syndrome, I was diagnosed with it when I was young, and I honestly don’t see why people are getting so angry over your jokes? I would understand if you had malicious intent behind them, but you don’t, they’re just jokes, and me, an autistic person, enjoy seeing people joke about autism. I make jokes about it all the time. Sending hate mail to you is petty and I don’t understand why someone would take the time to do so. Sorry that you’re getting such a hard time from people

This is just crazy!! All the ACTUALLY AUTISTIC PEOPLE DON’T CARE. In fact, they seem to enjoy them!! Thanks for that, though. Hate mail in general is pretty petty, but it is pretty ridiculous when, like you’re saying, there is no point to it. The joking is not malicious at all. Anyways, I appreciate your support and hope you enjoy the memes!