why would you ever unfollow it if your blog is perfect

“Stop being a dick!!“ you shriek to tumblr user Pokemon-Stim-boards through the screen. You’re upset. You can feel the anger bubbling in your chest, you feel yourself losing control. “I can’t believe he said that” you think to yourself. “I can’t believe he called cishets wild. How could he.”

You feel your anger turn in to confusion. “What have straight people even done to lgbt people?? Why would anyone ever have any anger towards any cis gender or heterosexual person? We have done nothing!” You just sit there pondering what to do. “How dare a random person on the internet indirectly offend me like that!” You say out loud your anger returning.

What should you do to make this all feel better? What could possibly rectify this situation? “I know!” You proclaim.

You go to pokemon-stim-boards’ blog. You click the message icon. You start typing your message. You edit yourself several times. Eventually you finish it. You read the screen a couple times. “I’m unfollowing. I really liked your blog until you turned out to be an asshole.” It reads. Perfect.

But wait. You hesitate. You feel a little flare of nervousness come into your chest. “What if he confronts me? What if he is mean to me?” Suddenly you remember there’s a solution. You see that small little square. You click it breathing a sigh of relief. Your icon changes, your URL disappears, suddenly you are saved. No one could possibly know it is you. No one will no that it’s you unfollowing this blog.

A couple minutes pass. You check his blog every minute desperate for a reply. You need to know what it says.

You check his blog for the 10th time. He finally replied!! What did he say?
You read the response.
You read it again.
And again.

“Lmao okay you didn’t really have to tell me that lol” it reads.

Your heart drops.
He doesn’t care.
He’s not hurt.
This is not at all what you wanted.

You take a few deep breaths. You start typing a response. You’re less careful, less precise with this one.

“I’ll call somebody out on what they are, I don’t really care what you think. Stop being a dick to people for no reason. It’s not cool or ~~trendy~~.”
There. That’s perfect.

You press send.

Pokemon-stim-boards replies. You take a few more deep breaths preparing to read the answer.

"Aw, the anon is angry”

He still doesn’t care.
“I will make him care.”
You open the message box.

“You know what just KILL YOUSELF you’re being a DICK for no reason”

You wait.
You check his blog.
He’s posting. He’s active. But he’s not answering your ask.

Did it not send? Does he still not care? “Why isn’t he answering” you cry.

You decide to unfollow him. “That’ll show him” you think. “Especially since I told him I was going to unfollow him a long time ago.”

You go to his blog.
You see that button.
“Unfollow” it says
You take a deep breath.
Your hand trembles. “Goodbye forever” and you click unfollow and leave his blog forever.

How To Have a Positive Fandom Experience (it is possible)

1. Not every post requires a reaction. Seriously. I see people exhausting themselves writing responses to a post they don’t agree with when in reality the ONE nice thing about tumblr is if you don’t agree with an opinion you can scroll…. right…. past it. You can hide it from appearing on your dash again. You can blacklist its tags, block the person, etc. Take advantages of the positives of this website and it will already be a much better experience for you.

2. Not every comment requires a reaction. Same thing above goes for all those comments people put on your posts JUST TO GET A REACTION OUT OF YOU. Do you know how many times a post of mine has made it’s way to a different fandom. I look through my notifs and suddenly just see “BELLAMY BLAKE SUX DIK.” Just. Block them.

3. Not every message requires a response. Again, no ones holding a gun to your head saying “you need to respond to every anon sent to you.” I see people responding to anon hate and I just think why the hell would you do that? You’ll NEVER see me respond to anon hate. I can’t think of anything funnier then knowing someone out there got heated enough just over my presence on the internet to type up an angry message, hide behind anon, and now is sitting there waiting for my response. Meanwhile i’ll have read all of 3 words in their message before blocking their IP from ever messaging me again. And they’ll just keep sitting there and checking back waiting for a response they’ll never get while I keep posting shit like “BLARKE IS GONNA FUCK”

4. Unfollow, break mutuals, block people. You’re ALLOWED to do that. I break mutuals all the time and I unfollow people really easily. There’s a reason I’m never following over 90 blogs. I’m not saying that to be cocky, I’m telling yall to drop the mentality that “oh I can’t unfollow this person because we used to talk and they’re kinda big in the fandom and I don’t wanna start shit” and that ever since I dropped that, I do not see drama on my dash. I see my other mutuals referring to the drama, but I never see it because I’ll have already unfollowed the person. IF THEY WERE PROBLEMATIC ONCE,,, THEY’LL BE PROBLEMATIC AGAIN. 

5. This “Discourse” Trend. isn’t. cute. Take it from someone who used to constantly get involved in that shit. You think it makes you “one of the blarke fam.” It doesn’t okay, it makes you one of the assholes. No one wants to be friends with that person who’s constantly angry about something. I understand calling out problematic things (that absolutely should happen) but when every single one of your posts is just you being angry, you making a problem out of every little thing, you bringing down others with you, you getting involved where you shouldn’t be, you fighting people, you writing posts shading someone else’s post, you bringing up old and DEAD shipwars (seriously why are yall still posting l.exa hate, LET IT GO)… you’re not only ruining the experience for yourself but for every single person who follows you and who sees those posts. YOU are contributing to the “fandom drama” and YOU are the reason so many of the newbies in the fandom get involved in discoursing so fast. And guess what? no one feels fucking sorry for you when you’re the one taking a break from tumblr every week because we all know you bring it on yourself.

**To the newbies in the fandom: I know you see it a lot, I know you think this is the only way to be involved in the blarke fam, I know you think it’ll get you a lot of followers and more known in the fandom. Trust me when I say you do not wanna go down that path. It’s not at all fun and there’s a reason the blogs who do this are the ones who want to quit the show, the fandom, tumblr. TRUST ME, I ALMOST QUIT LAST SUMMER, I WAS THAT BITCH. You wanna be more involved? message people, write positive posts, get involved with shit like bellarke fam selfie night. Stay away from the discoursing.

*Doesn’t apply to social justice issues, those should very much be talked about. But stfu about it if you’re straight and white please. And stop speaking over the lgbt poc in the fandom,,,in attempt to get notes and followers*

6. Stop being bullies. You might think you’re “edgy” and a badass bitch for writing a post shading someone, or for being part of a group that gangs up on that one person in the fandom. You’re not edgy, you’re not That Bitch, you’re just A Bitch. You’re the bully that you never got to be in highschool. That’s really all I have to say about that,,,just don’t be a dick ??

7. And finally. Be the positive presence. Be that blog people can come to for a laugh when they’re having a bad day (making people laugh feels a lot nicer then getting people angry, down, etc.) Be the person people feel comfortable enough messaging you. Be the person who drops KIND anons in the ask box of someone you feel maybe doesn’t always receive a lot of love. ***Reach out when someone makes a post about having a terrible day/being in a down mood/struggling with life or mental illnesses.*** Comment and reblog peoples selfies and hype eachother up. Be the person who points out positives of an episode and who can make someone feel better when they’re feeling disappointed. IGNORE THE NEGATIVE ANONS (seriously no one wants to see “bellarke is never gonna happen” on their dash. If we did, we’d be following people from a different fandom.) Ignore the drama, ignore the discourse, ignore the downers in the fandom.

You never know what someones going through outside of tumblr. For a lot of people logging on here is the only distraction they get from what’s going on in their real life. Think about that before putting something negative on someone dash, or before sending a mean anon, or before joining a group to shade That One Person.

Veganism + Why I Refuse To Apologise

So although I only managed to write and publish this blog now, it’s been a long-time in the making. Particularly in recent times, I’ve felt that there have been certain triggers prompting me to piece together this collection of thoughts.


First, as many of you may now know, I’m a vegan. This has been an incredible, immediately rewarding and life-changing factor in my life at the moment. I myself still cannot believe how quickly I fell into this seemingly “difficult/ restrictive/ extreme” lifestyle.

The 25th of September 2014, was the day I declared myself a vegan. I’d been interested in the diet through a range of factors, and the more I found out about it, the more I wanted to do it. Surrounding myself with inspiration (particularly through Instagram, and then Youtube) enabled me to have that goal always present. That’s why, when I was at home one day studying for the HSC, and I realised that I had gone an entire day without needing/ wanting to eat animal products, I was immediately elated. This was the first spark of confidence, empowerment and satisfaction I had felt in a long time. With the pressure of studying alone before the HSC, in an environment so separated from the constant support and reliability of a school community, I often found myself feeling hopeless. I was always a “good student” (I had been raised that way by two incredibly loving parents), but during this period I hit a slump. I wanted to study but I was so bored by the fact that it meant I had to shut myself indoors when I finally had the time to go outdoors and enjoy LIFE. Every attempt to motivate me or push me to study only made me to feel worse about it. I knew deep down that I wanted to do it, but I literally felt as if something was stopping me - certainly not my will to do it, but something more physical.


But slowly, things became easier. It was the combination of a lot of factors (the prospect of school finally being over, having the time to try and figure out what I wanted to do next, the power of positive thinking, whatever you’d like to call it), but one thing I KNEW for certain was making a difference was the food that I was always putting into my body. I wasn’t a perfect vegan from the beginning, I often slipped up due to necessity or convenience. But because I had made that first step, I knew I could only get better.. More on that later.


You know when you discover a new product, idea or even a relevant/ funny post on Facebook, and you HAVE to tag your friends and let them know about it? Because if you don’t let them know know, there’s a possibility they may never encounter it again. This is exactly what I feel about veganism. It’s often brushed off as just being a “fad diet” because it gained attention for being different and then we all expected it to go away, as all irrelevant trends do eventually. But from first-hand experience, I can assure it’s here to stay. It’s more than a diet choice, it’s a lifestyle - a continual effort to lessen the suffering of all beings we share this planet with, and in turn it actually benefits you too (well damn, that sounds good enough to me already).

The more people talk about it, the more attention its going to get, like all current mainstream issues in society. The reason I want to tell people about it, is because it literally changed my life. I have never felt better EVER, and other people have picked up on that. The only way others are going to accept what you have to say is through your honesty and manner of approach. No matter how often you scream at something to stop, it will not stop if it’s heading in your direction, full force, smack bang into the middle of your face. That’s what I always have in the forefront of my mind whenever I want to bring up the idea to someone else.


And that’s why I am at a stage where I am more than comfortable now to share details of my life that some others may find “too personal”, if it means others can learn from my experience. That’s how I learnt about this way of life; by following people who began with a passion and lived it out honestly, and freely until they turned it into something that earned them enough recognition to reach a wide audience.

So here is a very brief list of what I feel for me are the main “results” of my vegan journey so far.


  • Weight loss - the first thing that people who’ve known me for a while have noticed. It’s not happening “too fast” or in an unhealthy, unsustainable way because I let my body adjust to the changes GRADUALLY. There’s that saying “eighty percent diet, twenty percent exercise”. There’s no way you could stick to this rule all the time, even if you could measure it in some way, but this has always stuck with me. And that’s how it happened; I changed my diet and gradually found that I had the energy to DO more, hence the exercise came more easily with time.
    Up until this date, I have lost approximately 17kg of excess body weight. I believe at first, this was the loss of dramatic ‘water weight’ (the water retained in my body because of excess sodium intake, and the reason I looked bloated and bigger than what I felt) and now, it’s gradually fat disappearing. I’m building muscle as I go, so it’s not my attempt to suddenly look a certain way (the main reason why I hate it when people generalise your health by the way you look. ie. skinny = fit and healthy, overweight = you’re doing something wrong). I feel good, and I’m not going to give it all up just because I’m happy with where I am now.

  • Clarity of mind - this is something I feel is an ‘underrated’ benefit of this lifestyle. I can literally talk for as long as I have something to say. I remember things more easily, I’ve got my priorities straight, I’m more organised, I don’t feel the need to hold onto grudges.. My life has become EASIER in all aspects because I am able to deal with everything that comes my way in a rational manner.

  • More energy - we all know that if we eat healthy, we’re going to feel better. But because I eat clean all the time (no, animal products are not “clean”) I’m able to use this energy more consistently. I spent a period of about five days (while on a raw food diet) surviving on less than five hours sleep, and I was still able to get up at 6.00am, go to the gym, run around and do errands, take our pup for a walk to the beach twice each day, prepare meals for my family and friends.. The list goes on. This is never going to be sustainable, and I don’t plan to do it again unless necessary, but if your body trusts you enough, it will process your food more consistently and you won’t ever have to experience extreme energy fluctuations.

  • Overall better health - I have also noticed other improvements.. My skin has cleared up significantly, scars and other injuries heal a lot faster, my hair and nails are stronger, I feel happy and confident doing everything that now comes my way..
    I’ve never had any serious health problems, and the last time I went to a doctor was for a blood test since going vegan (my results were perfect), but I know of others who have healed their depression, cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue, crohn’s, diabetes, obesity, anorexia.. all through a plant-based diet alone. This isn’t just a coincidence!

I was always worried about how people would react this change, and I always apologised if I did/ said something they didn’t like. But I know now, deep in the core of my heart and soul, that everything I do is out of love. When some of the people I spend the most time with had trouble adjusting to my new personality, I would always be the first to apologise. And then I realised, if I can’t convince the closest people in my life (who know how much I love them) that everything I do is only to help them, how could I possibly hope to convince others?


And that is why I refuse to apologise. If I intentionally hurt or offend you in some way, I will always express how sorry I am. But I will not apologise for trying to spread the good news of something that has changed my life forever. I am a vegan. This is completely and utterly me now. Everything I do is to make the world a better place for everyone.

If seeing pictures of tortured animals makes you feel uncomfortable, so it should - you’re paying someone to do that for you if you eat animal products. If you don’t like the way I point out how unhealthy a certain product is, then listen - I’ve probably eaten it before, enjoyed it and now realised how bad for my health it is, and I’m doing just fine without it. If you’re really so bothered by my happiness, then feel free to unfriend, unfollow, delete me. But just keep in mind I’m too in love with my life to go chasing after you.


Attract them by the way you live.“ - St. Augustine

Deadpool Is Pansexual: Get Used To It - Quill’s Scribbles

In case you haven’t heard, in a recent interview Ryan Reynolds and director Tim Miller have confirmed that Deadpool will be officially pansexual in the upcoming movie. Cue the delighted cheers of both the LGBT community and Deadpool fans the world over.

Now we could have a serious discussion about whether Deadpool, despite being labelled as pansexual by the director, will actually display evidence of his pansexuality in the film or if it’s just going to be conveniently absent like Dumbledore’s homosexuality was in Harry Potter. We could even discuss whether any pansexual references will be enough to plicate the number of fans pumped up by the hype train. Instead we have to discuss something a little bit silly.

It appears there are some people out there (let’s call them idiots) who seem to have a problem with the idea of Deadpool being anything other than straight. The arguments I’ve read on this website are beyond ridiculous. In fact I’m going to list a few of my favourites and then tell you in excruciating detail why those people are talking out of their collective arseholes. Won’t that be fun?

‘Deadpool has never flirted with a man in the comics’

Um.. sorry to burst your bubble, but he has. Not only has he flirted with men (including Cable and Spider-Man), he’s also flirted with aliens, robots, mutants and Death. Perhaps you should actually read the source material before making such statements.

‘No, but those times don’t count because it’s clearly meant to be a joke’

This one I’ve heard a lot and for some reason people seem to think this is a good argument. The flirting is done as a joke. Well my response to that is… So? It’s still flirting, isn’t it? God forbid a comedy character should actually be funny. And even if it’s not meant to be taken seriously, there’s no reason why Tim Miller couldn’t perhaps expand on that aspect of his character, is there?

‘No man has ever reciprocated Deadpool’s feelings’

Again, so what? John Constantine has never been in a relationship with a man, but he’s still bisexual. You can still be attracted to a certain gender without having to shag them. If the person doesn’t reciprocate your feelings, it doesn’t make your sexuality null and void, does it?

‘It contradicts Deadpool’s character’

How?… Seriously, in what way does it contradict his character? If anything it’s a perfect fit. Whereas other superheroes follow the same formula of power and responsibility and winning the heart of the girl, Deadpool takes the piss out of all of that. He laughs at his own tragic back-story, he’s never brooding, he’s so hyper violent it’s comedic and he often comments on the plot holes and contradictions of his own stories. Why should he be confined by his love life when everything about him grants him complete freedom to do what he wants? Say what he wants. Kill who he wants. Flirt with whoever he wants. That’s who he is.

‘It’s inappropriate for children’

I don’t think I need comment on a) why pansexuality is not inappropriate for children and b) that you shouldn’t be taking your kids to see an R-rated movie in the first place.

‘Why is everyone making a big deal? Who cares if Deadpool is pansexual?’

Actually it’s a MASSIVE deal. Name one openly pansexual character that’s appeared in a major Hollywood movie. Just one.

We have an infestation of the exact same straight white man stereotype, especially from Marvel movies. We need a pansexual Deadpool not just for representation, but to also shake up the formula otherwise the entire genre runs the risk of becoming stale (in fact some can argue it already is).

‘Pansexuality is against the will of God’

Really? I wonder how that conversation went:

Jesus: “Dad! Dad!”

God: “What is it Jesus? Can’t you see I’m watching Strictly Come Dancing?”

Jesus: “Sorry. It’s just there’s a new film coming out called Deadpool. It goes against everything you stand for. There’s blood and violence and foul language…”

God: “Jesus, I have a very busy schedule. I have to make sure that gravity works and that atoms spin. Why should I worry about some comic book movie?”

Jesus: “But there’s more.”

God: “More?”

Jesus: “Yes. Deadpool… he’s…”

God: “What? Spit it out!”

Jesus: “He’s… flirting with men!”

God: “What… the… fuck?!”

Jesus: “I know!”

God: “This is unacceptable. I mean graphic violence and senseless killing is one thing, but flirting with a man? It would be the end of civilisation as we know it! Who’s the director?”

Jesus: “Tim Miller.”

God: “Fetch my lightening bolts! I’m going to smite his fucking arse!”

‘I don’t want the movie to become an advert for pansexuality’

Aside from the fact this perpetuates the age-old myth that people can choose their sexuality, people seem to forget that theres more to a person than their sexuality. You liked Deadpool before when you didn’t know about his sexuality. Why should that change how you view the character? it’s still the same character. Deadpool’s not going to become like Mr. Humphries from Are You Being Served. Deadpool’s girlfriend Vanessa is going to be in the film, so the most we’re going to get is perhaps the odd flirtatious remark anyway. It’s still the same old Deadpool. He’s still going to be making pop-culture references and wise cracks and breaking the fourth wall. So what’s the problem?

‘But if we give pansexuals representation, what’s stopping Hollywood from making films about pedophiles next?’

I swear to God I’m not making this up. Someone has genuinely said that.

Okay. Pedophilia 101. Repeat after me:

Pedophiles. Rape. Kids.

Do you understand? Perhaps if I were to put it in big bold capital letters, the message will sink in:


It honestly astounds me that people still hold this ignorant and offensive attitude toward the LGBT community in this day and age. Seriously, what kind of fucked up little prick are you to view an adult couple making a conscious decision to screw (or not screw) each other and compare them to a creepy old man sitting on a park bench with his dick hanging out wanting to rape a child? Can you not detect the slightest difference here? Surely any sane person can see that raping a child is not the same thing as consensual sex between two (or more) adults. If you’re one of those people who holds this archaic, disrespectful and idiotic view, do me a favour and unfollow me this fucking instant. I don’t want you reading my blogs. In fact I don’t want to interact with you ever again.

There’s nothing you can do or say to me that’ll convince me that any views against Deadpool’s pansexuality is to do with anything other than prejudice. Stop coming up with bullshit excuses and just admit you’re a bigot. I’d actually respect you if you did that because at least you were being honest and upfront with us. Just admit that you’ve got a problem with Deadpool being pansexual because of your own irrational hatred. Or better yet, get the fuck over it and drag yourself into the 21st century. There’s nothing wrong with pansexuality or any sexuality for that matter and it’s about bloody time we got some variety in these films.

Tao and EXO

Alright, now that I’m not about to lose my mind, it’s time for me to say something about this entire mess. I’m sick and tired of people acting on their emotions, making assumptions as though they know more about the situation than the rest of us do, or people jumping on hate/drama bandwagons just because there’s a popular person or post on tumblr telling you that’s what’s happening.

First things first, I want to take us back to when this whole mess first started. With Papa Huang’s letter on Weibo. He explicitly stated that it was HIM, Papa Huang, who was pulling Tao out of EXO. He explicitly stated that it was his decision and that Tao fought with him about it. However, because of the Chinese culture and the importance of filial piety, Tao ultimately agreed with his father’s decision, because in China that’s just what you do. You don’t go against your parents no matter how old you are. It is unheard of, especially if you’re close to your parents on top of that. 

Now, I’ve seen people left and right claim Tao set this whole thing up and hid behind his father, but the 5% of information we have from this entire situation proves to me otherwise, as one of Tao’s actor friends in China made a statement that during the rumor that came out just before the one that started with Papa Huang’s letter, Tao had told him that it wasn’t true and he would make a statement soon. Does this not sound like Tao’s father was getting ready to tell the world that Tao was out and that Tao was fighting with him? Because even just before this whole thing happened, Tao was still telling people, “no, it’s not true. I’m going back.”

It would also shine light on why Tao’s manager went back to visit with Tao and his family while Tao was supposed to be resting. Because they knew that Tao was fighting with his parents so he could stay in EXO. They probably started negotiations as far back as then to try and get Mr. and Mrs. Huang to agree to let Tao stay in EXO, to assure them that they had Tao’s best interest in mind, but parents do not forget and they do not forgive anyone that has hurt their child and proven that they don’t care. 

Let us not forget how Tao messaged everyone saying he was sorry. Let’s not forget how he cried on his birthday and how his friends had to send him encouraging messages reminding him that it’s okay that he won’t be in EXO anymore, it’s not the end of his journey, but the start of one. 

Tao even wore his OT10 bracelet for quite a long time after this all happened, and one of his first statements after it happened was: I will miss the past, but I look forward to the future. 

This wasn’t something Tao planned on doing, it was not a decision he chose to make. Not in my opinion. I have no reason to think Tao was actually hiding behind his dad and I have no reason to think Tao has ever been underhanded. In my opinion, I have every reason to believe Tao genuinely wanted to stay in EXO, that he meant what he said about being loyal, that he was right there with Lay in wanting to find a better way to manage their differences with the company. But then other forces pulled him out. 

That’s the thing about life. Shit happens. People say things and then do something else and it happens all the time. When I was younger, I said I would never sleep with a man I wasn’t married to. Guess what happened? I also said I would never drink alcohol, and I would never smoke pot. Guess what happened? I said I would never move back home, I said I would never sleep with someone or kiss someone I wasn’t dating. Guess what happened? When I made those statements, every bit of me meant them and yet I grew and I changed and I wanted to see the world, I wanted a new outlook. The younger you are, the more likely you are to change your mind. 

And besides being young and growing and learning and changing, sometimes the world gives us a situation that forces us to make decisions we never planned on making. And that’s what, I believe, happened to Tao. 

I also really do believe he, his father, and SM were in negotiations this entire time. It would explain why they were so quick to make a statement about Tao’s Studio. I think Tao maybe was even holding out hope that he could return to EXO and I think the boys were too, which is why it took so long for them to totally severe the ties between each other on SNS. I think they saw the negotiations as hope, because they kind of were. At this point, however, I think they have ended what with SM being so silent about Tao’s comeback, with Baekhyun and Chanyeol unfollowing Tao and Tao unfollowing everyone. Things just didn’t work out, and it sucks, but that’s life. 

This whole situation has shown me that a lot of you have really unhealthy ties to this boy group. If your happiness lies in the success of a boy group, then you need to find something else that makes you happy, something that you, yourself, can control. Your happiness should not depend on the success of something that can wither away and die in an instant. 

Can you be sad? Of course you can! But you need to stop treating these boys as possessions. None of you even truly care why Tao, Kris, and Luhan have left, you only care that they did. That they somehow broke the magic of your perfect boy group. That they won’t be around the other members now to entertain your shipping or interaction fantasies. They are not playthings and they do not live to help fuel your fantasies. You cannot actively be so bitter about something that, honestly, has nothing to do with you. 

This sort of mentality is proven to me when people were on Tao’s instagram telling him not to delete the pictures because: “These are our memories.” No, darling, they never were your memories. They were Tao’s memories that he was kind enough to share with you. He doesn’t want to share them anymore for whatever reason. He has every right to take them down. Because for all you know, maybe they hurt him. Maybe it hurts that things didn’t work out, that he had to go back on his word. You don’t know what Tao goes through, you don’t know how he feels about this. 

You don’t know any of these boys. You haven’t spoken to them one-on-one. You don’t share text messages with them, you don’t live with them in their dorms, you don’t go to the studio to practice with them, you didn’t grow up with them, you aren’t their brothers or sisters, you aren’t their mothers or fathers, their best friends. No… you are just admirers. You can only know what these boys choose to tell you, just like I can’t know you guys apart from what you tell me. It’s no different, and the sooner you realize that, the better. 

Remember that things always look different from the outside. Tao may look like he’s confident, excited about going solo, ungrateful even. But do you know that maybe that’s his strong-face? What do you expect him to do? After having had to swallow his words due to circumstance, do you want him to hole himself away from the world and act like he hates himself and never move on in his life? No, Tao is doing exactly what everyone should do when their feet and pulled from under them and they’re forced to make a new life for themselves: You get back up, put on your game face and show the world what kind of a fighter you are.

And EXO will do the same thing. 

You guys want to talk about double standards, I’m seeing a lot of them. Especially now with this instagram nonsense. First of all, tumblr is the only place talking about this, because blogs don’t publish dates on them like they should. (Tumblr should really get on that) Just now, I checked Tao, Chanyeol, and Baekhyun’s latest posts on IG back to the last hour. 

I’ve heard from everyone all day long that Chanyeol is getting hate and Tao is getting praise. In the last hour, I saw but one comment on Chanyeol’s page mentioning anything about unfollowing Tao. The rest was intense love and admiration. 

I checked Tao’s. His page was actually flooded with both intense support and some hate, as I assumed I would see. 

Then I checked Baekhyun’s, whose was similar to Tao’s and yet only three of the bad comments I saw were about Tao, one of them being them supported him for removing Tao and saying they loved him more because of it, and all the rest were… stupid comments begging him not to work out anymore, but that’s another conversation. 

You guys want to talk about double standards, and yet you pull one immediately. Tao has been getting just as much if not more hate than Chanyeol. If you see Tao getting a flood of support it is mostly from Hailangs who have been dying to see Tao again ever since he first got hurt and had to return home way back in March. And Hailangs haven’t been going to Chanyeol’s instagram to send him hate, we’re too busy fangirling over Tao’s solo. 

Tumblr is doing more to cause drama about this than the actual anti’s are. If people aren’t posting their passive aggressive judgements on Tao for every breath he makes that isn’t as a member of EXO, then someone else is screaming at the top of their lungs about how fucked up the fandom is and how everyone unjustly hates Chanyeol or something. Those of you who do that contribute more to the drama than any of this SNS nonsense. 

Long story short, we are just fans. We are not entitled to anything these boys have to offer, not at all. EXO is a career for them, and if they decide that it’s best to move on from that career or if there are better opportunities, they have every right to make that decision to leave. 

Think of it this way, if I were working at McDonald’s (which I did before, I hated it), and say everyone loved our McDonald’s because we were fast and friendly and our food always tasted so good. I had good if not great relationships with all of my coworkers and the regulars, too. But then let’s say I got offered a better job somewhere, let’s say Applebee’s and they want to pay me a great deal more. Do the regulars or my co-workers have a right to tell me I can’t take that job because we’ve always been good to each other? Nope, they sure don’t. It’s no different. 

I’ve seen some people in their 20′s all the way well up into their 40′s that have been acting really petty and immature about this. People that are grown and should know better than to throw a fit over a boy group, no less over a boy group where the average age is 22. They are still young, they are gonna make mistakes, they are gonna change, they are gonna make promises that they think they’ll be able to keep because they’re young and naive and then later have to break them because life happens and people change or they realize now that keeping that promise will only hurt them. 

If you want to be angry at someone, be angry at SM Entertainment and their inability to properly manage their groups. It’s no coincidence that beyond EXO, nearly all of their major groups have had scandals with members leaving or being kicked out for ridiculous reasons. It’s no coincidence every member that has left has had to do so to maintain their health and to be successful. 

Kris wanted to act and I’ve heard somewhere, don’t know where, so don’t quote me on this, that SM turned down up to 15 offers for him. 

Luhan was known for having a phobia of heights, and SM cared so little about Luhan’s mental health that they actually had him enter the stage from above. I’m not even talking about him constantly being on a flight, I’m literally talking about SM disgustingly showing no signs of concern for his wellbeing when it came to performances. 

Tao should have been the main rapper from the start, but he was always overshadowed by someone else, and let’s not forget that Tao was offered a movie role that was supposed to go for a week and yet SM pushed it back to 3 days. Then, they didn’t even promote his movie.

If these idol groups are made to make money, SM sure doesn’t know how to do it. Why would they turn down 15 movie offers? Why would they cut Tao’s recording time and then fail to promote his movie? Why would they give their most popular Chinese member any reason to want to leave after one of them already did? 

You guys might want to pin this on the boys, but excuse me for thinking a company should be held to a higher standard in the way they treat their employees. Employees have rights, you know, and them filing for a lawsuit is no different than someone going on strike and demanding to be taken care of. Don’t give me that: Well they signed up for this, they knew what they were getting into. That’s victim blaming if I ever saw it.

This is the last thing I’m saying about it. I’m so over the petty drama, I’m not here for people pointing fingers, for jumping on the blame game, the hate game, the drama game, whatever. I’ll be over here cheering on Tao, Luhan, Kris, and all the rest of the members of EXO. I’m not going to hold it against anyone for making choices that will benefit them and their happiness. And you shouldn’t either.

Aaaaaye! Yay for poor banners and iPad editing, am i right?! I’m pretty damn close to 600 followers and I’ve been putting this off for a while so here we go!

alowlysilvanelfOkay, so we all guessed you would be first bc I love you. You’re such a lovely, lovely person and I adore you so much; I would speak to you every second of every day if I could. That being said, you are also an amazing writer and you portray Tauriel so well! I love all of our threads and our most recent one will actually kill me. I know it. ;___;

filiingsWe don’t talk much OOC but, well, I stalk you. I stalk you so, so much. I don’t think you have a single thread that I haven’t read? Nope, no, you don’t. You are the perfect Fili and a very sweet mun! I like where our current thread is going and I hope we can RP even more win the future.

evenstar-arwenYou! You’re such a gorgeous person, I love you so much. You’re always so happy and welcoming and I cannot ask for a lovelier pal! I just wanna hug you forever, to be perfectly honest. So cute. Not to mention, your writing is spectacular. Your Arwen is so fierce and assertive; it’s a refreshing and new portrayal.

leg-olasOh my god. Your Legolas is ridiculously good! I love all of our interactions and look forward to each reply! I especially love the college Au because, well, Bard and Legolas are adorable, lets face it. You’re also insanely sweet OOC and make me laugh so much, even if you don’t realise it. :)

cleverindeedRight, you. Lets get this out in the open; you are a terrific writer. I actually read every single thread of yours and I have never been as impressed as I am when reading your stories. I aspire to be like you so much and I hope you know just how amazing you are. Never let anyone tell you otherwise, okay? Okay.

legolasoflasgalenUgh, I love you. I think you were one of the first blogs i ever followed (until the app decided to unfollow you- thanks tumblr) and I am really glad I did because I have admired you for so long. Never have I been so indulged in a thread before as I am with yours and MY GOD, do I love our little crack thread! It’s ridiculous, stupid, funny and heartwarming at the same time. You’re amazing, never forget that!

bxfurWe gonna ignore that little comic you did for me? No, no we’re not. Why not? Because it was fabulous. I still fucking laugh at it now; I just can’t. I am going to love our thread, I just know it. Drunk Bofur will be the end of me.

lostlakeprincessAww! Your Sigrid is so precious and the way her and Bard are together is just… I love it. It is so cute and it’s nice to have a happy thread for once! I need to smile more! 

thraaaaaaaanduuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiilGood lord, how many threads do we have? 902? More?! Yeah, more does sound right, actually. I love your Thranduil, he’s so vivid, well written and just him. Every time we start a new thread (roughly every other minute?) and I read your replies I feel as though it is actually him I am writing with. It is so strange and so wonderful! I love you, man!

lonely-mountain-ruler*Cries bc perfection* No, really. I love your Thorin; he is brilliant and so in character. Everyone should go follow you because you’re the perfect Thorin.

elvenking-of-greenwoodAgh, I am so intimidated by you! You write so well? Like, what? How do you do it? Please explain in detail and teach me your ways, senpai! Nah, really, you’re brilliant. I love when you appear on my dash! I like where our thread is going and it’s only just started!

asktheelvenkingthranduilI can’t with you; you write so, so well! I LOVE YOU! Barduil, yes? Yes. Okay, good. ;) Nah, seriously, thank you so much for following me, I love your blog and you are definitely one of the people I look up to as a writer.

I don’t have time to write extra long speeches for everyone else, I am sorry, IT’S NEW YEARS DAY IN ENGLAND NOW AND IM GETTING DRUNNNNNNK BITCHESSSSS!!!!

The rest of you lovely people- I love you all. You’re so amazing, please don’t ever leave me ;____; 

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First allow me to introduce you to the people who are of a consistence pain in the ass – bringing on the feels and God knows what else;

leon-s–kennedy - So this right here has been the leader of emotional distress, clearly on my own part. I adore this person IC and OOC, Ada may not have chose him for her heart, but all be damned if she’s going to live happily without knowing he cares. For the record? OOC? Leon-Mun is a damn sweetie. A wonderful writer and a character himself, I’m not sure this blog would even still be existence if it weren’t for this fellow here.

nomorextears - Helena. Oh lord, if you hate on Helena you are wrong on so many levels. This lovely lady pulls her off beautifully and frankly? I adore our interactions. This here is a lovely roleplayer, writer, and a card OOC. Shares my interest in beautifully tragic death scenes – what more could anyone ask for?

diaboluscarnifex - I still don’t know much about reboot – or devil may cry in general. Thing is? I adore this Dante, and the Mun is always around to bring a smile to my face, and be protective when I’m getting all sappy ‘n shit. A good friend, and an amazing writer. Also – kudos on 'dat Helena ass. Wink wonk.

zombiexpress - Leon, leon, leon, leon. I love you a lot okay? One of the best roleplayers to ever exist. Easily a person you could get along with, and should. Sweetie tbh, though gotta’ get passed snarky ass Leon. He acts all tough, but he’s really a big old dork. Ask Ada. She knows the truth.

domumxinveni - Still haven’t played TLOU, but goddamn this little girl has Ada’s heart. Mini Spy ain’t gonna’ die anytime soon, why? Because Ada’s kind of just accepted responsibility for Ellie, and do you assume that Ada will ever let anyone she gets close to die? Hell no. Mun. I love you, you aren’t the chattiest thing – but all the times you’ve made me laugh or gave me feels? Girl. I adore you, keep being awesome.

rebeckychambers - Alcohol brofisting. & awesome lesbians. I mean – nah. Rebecca-Mun is amazing and oh so precious. I love the way she writes and I sure as Hell love drunk bonding. But lord woman stop trying to get in Ada’s pants! Coughs. I love this roleplayer. Writing is flawless, portrayal is the most unique I’ve EVER seen. Much love. Much quality.

lavitaxnuova - Maxx is so damn fantastic. Three beautifully written OC’s and such an amazing person behind the screen. I know we don’t always get the chance to talk, but you’ve been here forever girl. I love you, love your muses.

gunpowdergallows - Jesus H. Christ if you are not following Deanna-butt you are on so many levels of wrong. We’ve been following each other for gosh like over a year at least, and I’ve loved your writing since the start. STILL ALWAYS GONNA’ BE YOUR PAPA GIRLY. Ahem. Truth is, this is Deanna Winchester to the core, the greatest genderbent RP blog I’ve ever seen and I love you.

crownofsmiles - Probably my longest lived friend via Roleplay. Shay? You and I go way back and I hope I’ll never lose you. Your OC has been around so long, and you’ve put so much work and development into Sora and just… I cannot wait til the day your game gets made, remember you owe me a free copy, mmkay? Your writing is perfect and I am so pleased with the fact that Ada and Sora are gonna’ have this AWKWARDLY forced mother daughter relationship. Aw yis.

furyofbahamut - Fangu-Butt. FANG. I love you, sunshine. I love you lots, and I swear one day I'mma just kidnap you and we’re gonna pop off to Hawaii and live off pineapples. You’ve been a loyal friend, and one I probably don’t even deserve. But Hell, you know I’ve got your back, darling.~ You know I love you.

carlaradames - Spoiler alert, this chick is one of the most amazing roleplayers to ever exist. It’s gonna be a damn shame to see your Carla go, because I can’t lie – you’ve given me more feels than any blog could probably hope to. Reminder that you are a damn quality writer and you’ll be missed, girl you’re a Hell of a writer. Don’t ever forget that.

marginalfighter - Ziggles, I am so happy to have you. You are one of those people who I know when I see you on the dash that I can always go to you and just. I don’t have to know your character that well to know that Ada and I both think you’re wonderful. We will always follow you, even if you can be the most awkward turtle ever.

infusedblues - Oh my darling, it hasn’t been that long since we met but I absolutely adore your company IC and OOC. You portray Zack in such a wonderful manner, and truly? It’s always a pleasure to chat. Keep being amazing, you precious thing.

tyranniical - Tracey. Darling, your Wesker is the most amazing thing to ever exist in the history of forever. I can’t even help but shower him in attention and Ada’s like – bitch I know I shouldn’t, but old habits die hard and HE’S SUPPOSED TO BE DEAD. Ugh. You are such a sweetie OOC I don’t even know how you pull off Wesker so well, but I love your muse. I love you. So good to see you back, even part-time. Ada will be sure to make your life Hell. I swear.

illusiveguns - Trish. We’re still the badassest of bitches ever. I don’t even care if that doesn’t make sense. I adore you, I adore your writing, I adore everything you do. You are so damn precious and I miss interacting with you, and just. I will never unfollow you. No matter what muse you traverse to, and no matter where I vanish. You. Are. Amazing.

brandedbyanangel - Oh hello there you. Deen-Butt. I tell you now, you are such a pain in the butt. WITH YOUR ’ U ’ IN SAVIOR. IT DON’T GO IN THERE GIRLY GET OUT. Wait. No. I adore you, you are such a perfect writer and you are such a wonderful Dean. I fucking love you. So y'know always gonna’ be your papa too. Always. Coughs. But the fact that you insist on rping themes that break my heart has to stop one day. We should do a happy thang, gotit.

apocalypticcowboy - & there’s a reason I saved you for last, you fucker. Ahem. Thank you for making me question my otp, but let me just – I love you. I have no idea how you pull Rick off so goddamn perfectly, but you do. Couldn’t ask for a more amazing shipping partner tbh. Not to mention someone willing to ax any fuckers that irritate me. Which are a lot – hurrhurr. You’re so damn amazing, I could go on for hours on how fucking awesome you are. But I’d probably just swear a lot and be like, bitches gettin’ married and fleein’ to Russia? Yeaaah. You’re amazing, keep murdering my feels k.

Now to get to the list of all these amazing people who maybe haven’t made an impression on the spy bitch yet, but oh I know you lovely folks aren’t going anywhere and I need you to know that you are loved;

curseofthecolossi , praeliia , groundedvalkyrie , alexander-kozachenko , maya-torres , assholeinahoodie , fourthsurvivor , deus-ex-zeus , bsaa-sniper , relinquox , hhhawke , coeurcourageuxx , ravagedgrace , tacticalxkiller , veneii , angelicpromise , apexpredateur , mustprattle , silverwolfzinoviev , bloodybluerose , blackmarketbaroness , sequencefinale , transientgunner , tritusaugeous , pickamuse , devilbrought , crimsonheartbreaker , reverse-gaia , chineseghostlygirl , hellfirexx , iaintnokid , cryokinesiis , foolreversed , engineofdestruction , moonwalkinandy , affinityforsecrets , pierssureshotnivans , roseuscrystallum , apricatex , leonsurvivorkennedy , rifiutare , immortalguardian , verbotii , notadeadgirl , theyoungsir , keptshort , andthisisgonnahurt , reachedout , didyoueverflashythingme , crimsonslayer , cynicismxatbest , fugitivi , tripledshot , thebirkinsaviour , lionharted , angelchildxdesire , pilota-zingaro , fightuntilbroken , sonata-blues , thegovernmentlapdog , ebonyredgrave , lastlivingpotter , yellowascot , stxrcrossd , athisbest , protoxhipster , doctorbirkin , militusx , aintnohomocidecop , perfectxheist , ancientlily , hopefulxgreene , justxdifferent , bnehlacc , cybersniper , leonskennedyask , imabetterfather , leeurbaneverett , fiestymudblood

Sterek fic rec list - Online Relationship

Mate to Your Soul: The Online Dating Site for all your Heart’s Desires | 62609 words

Meet Derek Hale. Derek is looking for love. Here is Derek’s online dating profile.

Pseudonym: GrumpyWolf

Age: 25

Hobbies: Brooding in solitude, glaring at anything that moves, growling like a wolf when I don’t get my way, and bemoaning the painful existence that is my life.

Or the one in which Laura Hale makes an online dating profile for Derek, and Stiles is a troll.

I Should Meet You Because I Love You | 22573 words

Derek and Stiles meet online, and then in real life.

Do You Wanna Date My Avatar? | 18399 words

Scott frowned, grabbing the game case and reading it out loud.

“Become the Hero you’ve always wanted to be. Battle monsters, witches, dragons, and all the mythical beasts of the World of Fantasy. Play as a Human, Elf, Dwarf and other special races included in the basic game. Stiles this so stupid. Who the hell would want to play as a Werewolf?” Scott threw the game back on the bed and leaned back in the chair.

Expectations vs. Reality | 16103 words

It’s awkward enough that Stiles meets Derek on an online gaming community that battles mythical creatures - is it really necessary for some of the lore to be true?

Say Anything (But Say What You Mean) | 2119 words

When he clicks the “unfollow” button, it’s feels like a bottomless pit of shame, despair, sexual frustration, and ice has just opened up inside him.

Maybe he should just become a hipster blog.

[Not!Fic] Random Craigslist Missed Connections Derek/Stiles Not!Fic of Doom | 17378 words

An AU in which Stiles is lonely and addicted to the Missed Connections page on Craigslist, Derek is a hermit with a persistant sister, Scott gives unexpectedly good relationship advice, and it all ends happily-ever-after.

(500) Days of Sitting In Front of the Computer | 4115 words

The boy, Stiles Stilinski, had always been into MMORPGs. The other boy, Ithuriel, had always been into MMORPGs as well, albeit secretly. The Alpha, Derek Hale, was possibly the object of Stiles’s affections. One day, Stiles met Ithuriel.

But be warned, this is not a tragedy in which Derek Hale saves Stiles’s virtue from Ithuriel. That would be ridiculous.

This is a love story.

For A Good Cuddle Call Stilinski | 3364 words

‘20 y.o. male seeks 18-30 y.o. male with which to cuddle contact 123-4567 for more’

Stiles is sick of sleeping alone and cuddling his pillow, he just wants someone to cuddle with, so after a little encouragement from Scott he takes a personal ad in the newspaper. The results are interesting, but no one lasts long enough, except for the last one (well duh…)

On Building A Family From the Ground Up | 38455 words

Erica signs Derek up for an online dating site as a joke. At first, he’s just pissed about it, but then her and Boyd announce they’re getting married and suddenly he really does need a date. Meanwhile, Laura becomes a foster mom, and Derek worries about growing way too attached to kids who are eventually going to be given a new home anyway.

Or, how, five years after the fire, Derek learns to open back up and create his own family from the people who occupy his life now.

LoveFinder.com | 1464 words

Prompt: Human sterek. Derek and stiles meet on a online dating site. Laura is still alive.

You’ve got fail! (aka magical rainbow sparkle woofs) | 3998 words

To fill a gaping hole of fic void, as requested by hushthenoise on tumblr, You’ve Got Mail-esque identity mystery fic.

in other words, the fic where Stiles and Derek meet on a forum, under assumed names, and hit it off.

And then porn.

Virtually Perfect | 3519 words

He’s just one click away…

Stiles’ is ready for the next step – to meet in person. He wants to make it real with Jason or jcastro88 or whatever his name actually is. Sure, he is terrified, but their virtual relationship has left him in a constantly aroused state, hungry for a taste of Jason’s lips and the touch of his skin. He wants to make love – all night long – to the guy who’s captured his heart sight unseen.

Except, the meeting of notyourrobin69 and jcastro88 goes nothing like they’ve planned…

famous last words | 16957 words

(No, he doesn’t belong in porn anonymous—it’s not an addiction. It isn’t, he swears.)

Friday Night | 6149 words

They’ve talked about sex a lot. They’ve watched porn together. But when they actually meet in real life it’s not that easy.

Anonymous Asked… | 1734 words

Anonymous asked: Dude, just tell the man! Why are you waiting? From what I can see he clearly likes you, the worst he can say is no!

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry if this seems rude, but a lot of people look to you for information for writing and art resources and things, and i don't know but it seems a little selfish that you're not answering things any more. You made a commitment when you started the blog to make this about viking information and to answer questions, and it seems like you owe that to your followers to answer their questions. I don't know it just seems kinda selfish, especially right now.

Seems rude?  Seems rude?  Oh, no.  See, this here?  This just straight up is rude.

I honestly can’t tell if you’re completely unaware of what you’re saying or if you’re just an asshole.  But I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you’re plain ignorant.

You have pissed me off.  I quite literally want to throw something.  Usually, I can be civil, or I can give some semblance of civility while implying that you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about and that you should lock yourself inside a box and never speak again because no one deserves your condescending behaviour.  And I usually try to remain calm and collected and I do try to respond to things like this in a well-mannered way, because I believe that no amount of provocation merits downright assholery.  But I’m only human, and I can’t always live up to this.  Sometimes, I need to say what I want to say, even when I’m writing and can concsiously censor myself.  Sometimes, I want to be a bitch and damn the consequences.  And you get to take home a trophy today, because you have successfully pissed me off to the point that all my intentions to remain civil have vanished.

So, yeah.  I’m gonna be a bitch.  I’m going to be mean.  I’m going to be insulting.  And a ton of people are probably going to unfollow when they realize that I am not a very nice person.  But do you want to know something funny?  I don’t give a hot shit.

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the smushy bit

Well here we are. Over 1200 followers, 9 months (wow i could have carried a baby in that time), and many many friendships later we have a very huge follow forever. (This month also marks one year of roleplaying tumblr so yay!) I have made a couple of follow forevers in the past and I’ve never gotten to say everything that I’ve wanted to so I’ve decided to finally just make it a very huge follow forever (rip mobile users I am sorry). First of all I want to say thank you to all of you who have stuck around and haven’t left me, it’s crazy that y'all like me enough to stick around for this long so thank you. To those of you who have left me, I’ll never forget you because we made quite a few memories on here so thanks for those. Whether you are just now following me, just unfollowed me, or you have been following me for a millennium, thanks for showing some sort of interest in Isaac and I. Key: bold = I consider you are friend. italicized = I stalk you and want to rp with you * If I have missed you that does not mean that I hate you, it simply means that when I was looking through my follow list that I accidentally missed you. I appreciate you all very much. Again thank you for sticking around, now back to your regularly scheduled dash.
** means look under the cut for me talking about how much I love you because I do.

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O K A Y  let me start by saying how fun it has been to run this blog.  In the 14+ years I have been roleplaying through multiple outlets this has been one of my absolute favorite blogs ever.  I love being the sarcastic wise-cracking bitch that Hyacinth is towards you guys & the fact you all tolerate it amazes me.  To make things short–I have had this blog just over a month & have been shocked by the following it has gotten.  I currently have 360 followers and it makes me want to cry. I love you all. 

P.S. If I forget your URL in the FF please forgive me. I tried to include EVERYBODY I have rped with so far & I made this at 2 in the morning. Much apologies.

Now! ! ! Onto the fun stuff- - -

                As promised, this shall be a follow forever and a giveaway.  Why, you ask? Well, my friend, it will help spread the word of the AMAZING blogs that I follow while spreading positivity around tumblr which let’s face it, we can all use a bit more of in our lives. But more about the p r i z e s  and rules later on.

B E A S T I E S ;

 (blogs that I stalk & would like to say something about) 

  • oficyblast | You are one of the first people that actually found my blog & followed.  I have to admit, I was intimidated to approach you at first because of how amazing you seemed and how absolutely well fleshed out your character was but I am glad we did start interacting. I cannot think of a single reason for anybody to not be following this amazing person.  Annalise is love.  Icyhot for life.
  • flxrtiisms | Much like Annalise you were one of the first people to follow and actually interact with me.  Why you chose to follow me is still beyond me but I am glad you did.  You are amazing & our character’s interactions together are the BEST.  I truly believe that they were separated at birth & will one day conquer Auradon together and ruthlessly rule as we shout to the GODS  “Surprise witch, NOBODY RULES LIKE COLETTE!”. 
  • gloryofhera | I know, I know, I have said it once and I shall say it one hundred million more times but this dude is A+.  You ever hear of a little movie caled Hercules? Nah? Didn’t think so.  Anyways, this dude IS Jerkules.  They are amazing quality & keep to their character better then any Hercules roleplayer I have seen on any other site. Seriously, go follow my precious Jerkules. You won’t regret it.
  • littlexsiren | First and foremost if you have not read the Caster Chronicles then go do that right now because there is this perfect little ball of perfection named Ridley in the books.  & this chick right here roleplays as her.  You looking for quality? Looking for amazing storyline ideas? Looking for an RP partner that is the most perfect lollipop ever? Look no further.  I cry when I read replies from her because of how amazing that they are.  That should speak for itself. Hella happy I found her blog / she found me.
  • a-plan-to-shake-things-upένας πόνος στον κώλο μου. In case you aren’t Greek that roughly translates to a pain in my ass. Aka father dearest.  When I made this blog I never expected any  Hades roleplayers to ever accept my OC & yet here we are.  They are a part of a Disney RP group but MAN are they perfect.  I can see Hades smoothing his flamed hair back out of frustration for having to deal with my little shit sitting behind the computer in their replies.  I cannot stress enough how amazing they are. 
  • mischiefinblood | You are getting a special shout out because a) you are hella quality and b) you were THE FIRST person I ever roleplayed with on this blog. Ever.
  • defectiveduplicate | ANOTHER person I could write for hours about but basically in case you didn’t know this–Hyacinth has claimed Ava as her own personal Martian who she shall love forever. and ever. and ever. 
  • danidennisxn / twistthebxnes / thvckerybinx / poorthackerybinx / ofyabos | Tagging all of you together because honestly you are all epic roleplayers that I LOVE and stalk constantly.  I LOVE hocus pocus & if you do too then go follow these precious beasties.
  • umop-epis-dn / hispreciousthing | like above, I am tagging both of you because you are BOTH some of my favorite blogs & even though we have not interacted all that much I still stalk your blogs faithfully.  Labyrinth is life & bless you for keeping the verse alive. Also– umop-epis-dn has THE BEST URL EVER.
  • underwxrld-ruler | Firstly–I MISS YOU.  You were the first Hades I ever approached on here because I never thought there would be any others & because I ADORED your writing.  Literally, your writing is one of the reasons I am here. I found your blog & decided to make Hyacinth because what could be better than Hades daughter??? & you accepted me! I hope you see this & we start a million threads together again.
  • xgothicstyle | First off I literally SCREAMED when I saw you followed me.  Why? JADE FRICKIN WEST.  One of the best characters ever.  When we started talking however I really got to see how AMAZING of a roleplayer you truly are. I want to have 500 threads with you. Never leave tumblr. Ever. PS I have a shiny new pair of fancy scmancy scissors for you.
  • underworldspwan | I could type for days about this dork but for those of you that do not know, this is my brother. He is amazing & has a perfectly fleshed out character. I love every thread I have with him & you should all follow him.
  • & FINALLY bloodiedlyrics / herbloodwhore | Meet Astrid.  Astrid wins the My Personal Little Shit award of the year.  She is perfection. She is an amazingly talented writer that can think up an amazing plot that will bring you to tears from how great it is in minutes & she is hella rad. So follow both of her blogs. Also, wish her a happy birthday for me.  Tomorrow (9/22) is her birthday. She deserves all of the hugs & kisses & blood. So treat her well.


       (aka people I stalk like crazy but i have gotten tired of typing blurbs from above about. but you should DEFINITELY follow  bc wow such amaze )

clarissapoppins | arsulu | ascarydragonbitch | auradonstreetrat | babybeastiism | amaninyellow | achi-baba | cinneamhain | braidedlily | bxbblegxmbitchx | celantisims|  chaaaaaaaaarles|  ask-princess-evie | bigbybxdwolf  | coldblccded | asktheeviequeen

grimhildetherealqueen | fairestisms | fairy-lyjane | faiirestofall | flxbber | daayaan / louellenthenosestealer | frostbitten-rosebuds | fallinginloveisweak  | gonaxyongon |  diagnosedwithpuberty | dragxnatheart | e-xcellentquestion | filia-mortem| finderofdeath |  dysfunctionalisms

lilacevil | imjcstunique | listenwellallofyou | kempybowe | hazel-shock | halfsiiren | hispuffiness | littleredridingwxlf | insectivorous-poltergeist | ijounakame|  i-was-bewitched | kaihook |  hattiejabberwock |   holyrxbies

mistressmxleficent | strawberryprincessofdarkness | notacreampuff | seaiink | ofmischiefandterror | makahwclfgirl | oflightanddark | noxbig | neilofthesea  | quoeththeraven | malevicent | nerdschoolgenius | maliism | princessofbearxrose | ofmalevolence | playiinghooky | rxtten-spells | reallyeclecticdreamer | ofpuremischief | synodicxgoddess | ofshcdow |  sulfuriic | nevergrew | nxt-your-angel | notmymxther | princessinredleather |  obsessiiive | ofrottencore | rottenxcore | rightfvlking | prcmqueen | ofvampireclan | ofxchaos | nocturniia | ofskeletonmasks | pumpkinheiress | ofcasters

the-hat-needs-magic | thepxmpkinking | thereptilemutant | thiefofthelostisle | tobeluminary | unfadingqueen | vinylchanges |  xfseas | xghxuls

& Sia’s awards go to- - -

                     ( special mentions & awards with no actual prizes tbh but hella rad people )

pcrsephxne (mommy dearest whom i miss dearly) | cafpowiisms (legit one of my fave ppl ever) |  incrediviolet (my preciousssssss yo holla @ your #1 invisigirl fan here) | andfluffy (team blue 2k15 littleman) | degeneris (i o u 1 chimichanga) | warbuilt (u r perfection) || goodliest (I LOVE YOU) | crueltrickoffate (u lil shite. i love you) | outlawiism (LET ME SING U THE SONG OF MY PEOPLE -red bone plays- COME N GET YOUR LOVE) | xmonstro (follow forever on ALL of my blogs) | explcding (SERIOUSLY 1 of the best ppl on here) | faebait (WE NEED TO HAVE A MILLION THINGS TOGETHER OK?) | liltrashbot (WALLE IS FRIEND) | caro-comedentii (ELLO CLARISSE) | whatsaholidaywithoutscares (SGM FTW) | malwcrthy (I MISS YOU) | murdercapitalking (BEST BLOG AWARD GOES TO) | bewiitch (ALSO BEST BLOG) | hookedpirate (The I someday aspire to be as amazing of a writer as you Blog award) | imblindokay (BEST SUPERHERO BLOG) | deadlybcauty (MY OTHER MOMMY) | krelboyyne (BEST SMALL VERSE BLOG) | hasherspellbook (BEST MIXED VERSES) 

& Now the Rules & Prizes!

                                T H E   R U L E S

  1. Reblogs & likes count but you may only reblog ONCE per blog.
  2. You may enter on as many blogs as you wish.
  3. Winner will be randomly number generated during the week of Halloween.
  4. There shall be only one winner.
  5. Winner MUST be following me.  That means to enter you must be following THIS BLOG. i’ll know if you are lying.
  6. Don’t unfollow if you don’t win / directly after you win. It’s rude.
  7. you should really follow the blogs mentioned above. this is optional & has nothing to do but hey, they are amazing people.

                                T H E   P R I Z E S

  1. One lucky grand prize winner shall win a theme (base codes credit to octomoosey) edit.  What does this mean? I do NOT take credit for coding said theme. Octomoosey holds all that credit. I will simply be editing the background image / alignment for you.
  2. A second place winner will win a gif icon pack of 30+ icons.

                           theme examples; 

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Hez’s thoughts and feelings about fandom...part one

So I’ve had an amazing couple of days in fandom!  I’ve not seen a single post on my dash that pissed me off.  I’ve seen, and participated in, several open and honest conversations, both publicly and privately.  I’ve even made a couple of new friends.

Since all of that has helped me calm down I thought I would take the opportunity to calmly and rationally share how I feel and why I’ve been so angry lately…and why I went on an unfollowing spree.

It’s going to get long…Heh, I already spent over an hour writing it all out before Tumblr ate it…and it may cause some drama.  Since I promised there’d be no more drama on my blog I’m putting it under a cut so that people who want to read it can.

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anonymous asked:

omg i looked at your sherlock tag and how could u support john and mary when mary is obviously the villain? shes getting in between john and sherlock. it makes no sense. im really disgusted. why dont u open ur eyes and see how much john and sherlock love each other, theres no way that john would love an evil woman like mary. plus i saw some sherlock and molly, which would NEVER HAPPEN bc molly is just so weak tbh.


*rubs hands together*

Okay. I’m going to address your ask portion by portion. If you’re the nonny, please read on and do not ignore what I have posted, as that would be disrespectful.

  1. I support Mary and John because 1) it is canonical, in both BBC and ACD versions, and 2) because I want to. Nothing you say, no matter how much meta you link me or how much my inbox overflows, will change my opinion on that ship. If everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, why can’t this apply to ships? Plus, I really like Mary’s character, and I don’t see her as getting in the way of Sherlock and John. In many ways, Mary is similar to both Sherlock and John (very intelligent, logical, addicted to a dangerous lifestyle, etc). Plus, if Sherlock- Sherlock, the only consulting detective, Sherlock, notorious for not caring about many people- trusts her (as seen in TSoT during Watson domestic, and again in his Mind Palace during TAB- Mary is portrayed as helpful and intelligent, and this is from Sherlock’s perspective) then I’m fairly sure we’re safe for now. I’m not saying she’s a perfect angel (oh hell no, she is not perfect), and I’m definitely not saying that she’s going to stay on Sherlock’s good side in S4, but as of now, I love Mary’s character, lines, and interactions with both of the leads. (and I freaking love Amanda Abbington too!)
  2. I’m sorry that you’re disgusted by my choice of ships. I don’t see how it bothers you. I am a happy multishipper who ships things like Johnlock, Warstan, and Sherlolly at the same time. In my personal headcanon (which extends to my tumblr), Warstan and Sherlolly are real and I’m sorry that that bothers you. I don’t deny the possibility of Johnlock canonically happening in the show, but again, personal headcanons, my friend. If you hate my blog that much, unfollow me/stop looking at my blog. It’s really not that hard, rather than sending hate mail to me, trying to change my opinion.
  3. I can see that John and Sherlock love each other- no doubt about it. But I interpret this love as one of the strongest cases of platonic love I’ve ever seen. (Please don’t tell me that I’m being heteronormative, because as a biromantic demisexual, I know otherwise.) That’s my interpretation of the show, and as there is not statement or canon that clearly states that Sherlock and John are in love, it’s open ended and, as a result, open to interpretation. You clearly see it as Sherlock and John being in love. I see it as a brotherly relationship. The difference between you and I, Nonny, is that I respect other people’s ships and interpretations. You don’t.
  4. I don’t need to “open my eyes”. You shouldn’t be forcing others to see through your lens. Here’s a better analogy- have you ever tried on someone’s glasses that aren’t near to your prescription? It’s really blurry and makes your head hurt, right? Then sometimes they don’t look great on you. Well, same thing here. You, Nonny, are forcing me to wear glasses that don’t fit me. I’d rather wear my own prescription of Warstan, Johnlock, AND Sherlolly than being forced to wear a Johnlock-only pair of glasses. I’d prefer my own prescription and opinion back, thank you very much.
  5. John does love Mary. It’s why he dated her, married her, is even the father of her child. Again, we don’t if that relationship will stay this same in S4, but I personally think it’s safe to assume that John does love Mary, in some form or shape. I still don’t see how Mary is evil- her job as an assassin may have horrible, for sure, but it was a job, and real life people are paid by the CIA and other international government branches to do the same thing.
  6. Addressing the Sherlolly- I don’t understand how you could just assume that Sherlolly would never happen? You never know. I’ve personally interpreted most of the Sherlock/Molly interactions to be affectionate, like the “you matter the most” scenes, “i need you”, kisses on the cheek, and, most importantly to me, that part in ASiB when Sherlock apologizes to Molly at the Christmas party, because how many times have we seen Sherlock apologize to someone he’s wronged? Not many, that’s for sure.
  7. Molly is not weak. That’s the only part I didn’t get, from this ask, because Molly is definitely not weak. Not on the inside, at least. I have no clue how you got that assumption- as Sherlock would say, “you see, but you do not observe.” How Molly’s character is weak is something I cannot fathom- I personally think she is so interesting and layered- anything but weak. (The only character in Sherlock that I see as weak would be Kitty Riley.) Feel free to come off anon and tell me how that’s possible.

In conclusion, please don’t tell me what ships to ship, or what relationships I should have on my blog or not. I’m really sorry it’s disgusted you- again, it’s a simple as hitting that unfollow button or just not looking at my blog anymore. Nonny, feel free to message me if, for some reason, you want to continue this debate. 

Anyone else- *opens arms wide* - fight me.

<3 -Maia