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the mun's interpretation
  • ♚ Do you agree with fandom interpretation of your character?
  • ♤ Has your muse developed to be different from their canon selves through roleplay?
  • ✘ Any unpopular opinions about your muse?
  • ♧ Any part of their canon portrayal you dislike?
  • ☯ Is your muse liked or disliked by fandom? Does this affect your portrayal?
  • ♢ What's your opinion on different interpretations of your muse?
  • ✦ Has your own interpretation changed from when you first began playing the character?
  • ✍ Has new canon material ever forced you to adjust your headcanons?
  • ✎ What do you wish the author would reveal/had revealed about your muse?
  • ✿ Why did you decide that they [insert headcanon here]?
  • ❀ Share a headcanon you have not shared.

Ok so Wicke gives you explanations of all the ultra-beasts in the post game after you catch them. Here’s what she says about Nihilego: (pardon the repeated speech bubble, there were an odd number of screenshots and it would’ve looked weird to have just one hangin out there)

So it activates a person’s main deepest/’native’ traits, like what we saw with Lusamine, and then tries to use those traits to it’s own advantage. 

Now here’s what Guzma says about when the Nihilego was possessing him:

So that’s interesting. I can’t imagine fear was very useful to the Nihilego, so maybe that’s why Guz could escape its possession and it didn’t cling to him like the one that fused with Lusamine.

But also.

Dear Pokemon company: When can I get DLC to take my new Necrozma to Guzma’s house and vaporize his dad with a prismatic laser? Please respond ASAP, thanks

Biggest Mistake, Part Two - Jason DiLaurentis

Part One
Requested by anonymous.
I’m going to make two different parts where y/n chooses both of them.

You were home. You were safe. Why were you still scared? Every sound sent chills down your spine. Every little creak in your house made you think that Charles was coming back to make you his doll again. You had been home for two days and you still couldn’t sleep. You eventually fell in to a restless sleep around four, just to wake up three hours later.

You had agreed to meet Noel for lunch today. You hadn’t spoken to him since you got out, except for the minute you saw him at the police station. You got out of bed and tried to make yourself look okay. Noel would know if something was still bothering you. He was always very perceptive. He honestly was the greatest boyfriend you had ever had. You slipped on a pink sweater you had and a skirt, grabbing your keys.

You pulled up to a restaurant just outside of Rosewood; you really didn’t want anyone to recognize you. You walked in and saw Noel sitting at a table. As soon as you saw him you immediately felt yourself tearing up. Noel noticed you at almost the same time and rushed over to you. He embraced you tightly, kissing you on the head.

“I’m here, Y/N. Nobody will ever hurt you again.” You wrapped your arms around him and tried to compose yourself. When you stopped crying, you pulled away and Noel looked at you, double checking that you were alright. You went to the bathroom and tried to cover up the red around your eyes. When you got back to the table, Noel still looked incredibly worried. You sat down and reached your hand across the table, looking into his cerulean eyes.

“I’m fine, Noel.”

“No, you’re not. I can see it on your face. Have you slept at all?” he asked, leaning closer to you.

“No, not really,” you said, knowing you couldn’t lie to him.

“Y/N. Why didn’t you tell me? I could of helped.”

“Could you?” you asked, starting to get angry. “You don’t know what happened in there, you don’t know what you would be protecting me from. What could you do about my nightmares?” you argued with him. Noel looked hurt and released your hand. He sighed and looked down.

“You’re right. I don’t know what happened to you. All I know is that for a month, I had to return to our apartment, alone. Not knowing where you were, or if you were even alive. And now that you’re back, I feel as disconnected from you as I did before.” You began tearing up again, seeing how hurt Noel was.

“I’m sorry, Noel. But I can’t pretend like things are the way they used to be.”

“I know,” he said, holding your hand again. “I just want you to know that I’m here for you, no matter what. I miss being with you.”

“I’ve missed you, too,” you said as Noel kissed your hand that was still held tightly in his. After that, you had a normal lunch. Noel filled you in on all the things you had missed, and kept you from thinking about Charles or the dollhouse.

“So, will I see you tonight?” he asked when he walked you to your car. You leaned forward and kissed him softly. He placed a hand on the back of your head and deepened it a little, never pushing you too far.

“I love you,” he said as you climbed into your car.

“I love you, too.”


When you got home, you sat around your house for a while, wondering what to do. Your parents were still at work, so being alone didn’t seem like the best option. You decided that you needed to get out of the house, so you grabbed your dogs leash and took her for a walk. You felt a bit more safe in the busy neighborhood.

“Y/N?” You turned around and saw Jason walking towards you. He embraced you tightly, picking you up off of the ground a little bit.

“Hey, Jason,” you said.

“I was so worried about you. Hey, Y/N,” he said, placing a thumb on your chin, turning you towards him. “Are you okay?” he asked as he looked at you.

“Yes,” you said, removing his hand and pushing a stray hair back in it’s place.

“Really? Because you just nervous looked around at least five times that whole time we talked. Have you been sleeping? You look exhausted.”

“No not really,” you said, looking at your dog.

“Y/N, you know my offer still stands? I don’t want you to feel scared at all. You can always come to me for help.”

“Thanks, Jason. Actually, talking right now would be great.”

“Of course,” he said, leading you towards the park and sitting down at a picnic table. Jason began to ask you about the dollhouse, but you shot him down. You couldn’t talk about it right now, maybe ever. He understood and talked to you about trivial things.

“Y/N,” he said after a slight lull in the conversation. “Why didn’t you ever come to me? I could of helped you. I could of kept you safe.”

“No you couldn’t. You do not know what I went through in there. And please, don’t tell me that you would if I only told you. I’m not ready to talk about it, at all. I understand that you are concerned for me, but there’s really nothing you can do.”

“I can be with you. If you can’t sleep, just call me, or come to me and I will help you. I’d stay by your side all night.” You let out a tear and Jason wrapped his arms around you, rubbing your back gently as you cried into his arm.

“Thank you, Jason. I should get back. My family is probably worried.”

“I love you still,” he barely mumbled as you walked away.

“I know,” you replied.


You had dinner with your parents and had settled in for your night. You put on pajamas and laid down, hoping that your lack of sleep would force you to rest tonight. After tossing and turning for a while and jumping at each little noise, you sat up in bed. You knew you couldn’t go on like this anymore. You immediately thought of both of the boys’ offers. You grabbed your coat and went to your parents’ room. You told your mom where you were going and got in your car. You knocked on the door and waited.

“Y/N,” Jason said when he opened the door.

“I know it’s late, but I couldn’t sleep.” Jason grabbed your hand and pulled you in for a sweet kiss. 

“It’s no problem. I’m here for you, Y/N.”

“I’ve missed you so much, Jason,” you said as you sat down on his couch Jason sat next to you and placed his hand on your knee. “And all the time that I spent down there, it made me realize how much I’ve missed you.”

“I promise you, Y/N, I’ll never leave you again.”

“I know,” you said, placing a hand on his cheek, tearing up. He wiped it away with his thumb and pulled you in close to him. He took you up to his room where you laid in his arms, telling him about some of the things that happened in the dollhouse. The more you talked about it, the tighter Jason held you. You eventually fell asleep in his warm embrace, finally comfortable and safe.

Since dodrio wants to be a coward and block me from reblogging their post to explain further why they are wrong, here it is.
For one, I’m not homophobic, I’m bisexual and a part of your own community you dense child, hiding from people just because they don’t agree with you or like your statement is cowardly and nonintellectual behavior. 
For two, yes Leela is a strong female character but you cannot stereotype her as Lesbian because it’s appealing to you and your views. 
Leela clearly had several mostly male love and sexual interests over the course of Futurama, leading us to understand that she as a character is probably at least bisexual but that’s about it. 
For three, Leela has clearly shown mutual interest in Fry during the series as well, and the reason she chooses to distance herself from this is because she’s convinced he’s always just going to be this beta male loser from the past who’s too stupid to ever achieve anything, if you’re actually a fan of the series you would have the slightest understanding of this. All you’ve shown is either you’re not really a fan and haven’t watched that much Futurama or that you don’t understand any of the character interactions that have been held in the series for years. 
I don’t have a problem with fanfiction, but seriously people need to stop taking things out of context to perpetuate untrue canon theories, it makes you all look like morons.
Want to see more strong female lesbian characters? Then go make some, instead of making up theories about existing characters that have no evidence and make no sense.  

Luck and Fate

Summary: Jimin flirts with you at a fansign and wants to exchange numbers
Members: Jimin x Reader
Type: Fluff
Length: 1,146

- Admin Mocha

Originally posted by soojoongi

  Your stomach was twisting in knots and your heart was racing like a rabbit.

  Your favorite band ever, BTS, had finally come to a location that was close to where you lived and they were not only going to perform in a concert, but they would also set up a fan signing. You would never forgive yourself if you didn’t buy tickets, and so you did exactly that when they were uploaded online. Waiting until the fateful day to come was definitely the hardest part, however once it finally arrived, all the waiting was worth it as you entered the venue with your calendar that you were hoping to get signed. Your friend had accompanied you due to the fact she knew how much you wanted this, and she also agreed to film everything for you - especially the moment you met your ultimate bias, Jimin. You weren’t sure why you liked the talented member so much, maybe it was because he was an amazing dancer, or maybe it was because he was such a sweetheart and cared a lot for others. You could list hundreds of reasons why you thought Jimin was such an amazing person, but it would probably take a few days and right now you were going to be meeting him.

  Your friend was a fan, but she wasn’t as interested as you were and she was fine with standing off to the side as the fansign commenced, so with a final hug and encouraging thumbs up, she turned on the camera and got lost inside the crowd. You were now anxiously waiting in line, wondering what was going to happen next. Would Jimin even notice you? What if they treated you like every single fan and didn’t see you as an individual? What would happen if you stuttered and made absolutely no sense in front of the boys you had come to idolize. By the time you were a few people away from finally meeting BTS, your teeth were digging into the flesh of your lower lip and your feet were impatiently tapping against the ground while your sweaty palms continued to wipe themselves on the fabric of your jeans. You were more excited than words could express, but you were even more nervous.

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Here’s the problem with any browser toolbar that has ever existed: No one has ever started out a day of internetting by saying, “Let me make sure I have the latest EZ Search toolbar installed on my computer.” Instead, users are typically tricked into installing a toolbar because they made the mistake of trusting an installer as a legitimate and necessary piece of software. 

If you’re a normal person who runs an installer and just clicks “Next” through each prompt, you would totally miss the part where you agree to install this garbage. You can find this same kind of behavior in programs like Skype, which installs the Skype Click-To-Call toolbar, as well as several Microsoft products that will assume you want a Bing toolbar on your computer for some fucking reason.

You may have noticed a common theme with these examples: The user never sets out to download a toolbar … ever. It’s almost as if nobody wants them on their computers. So why in Bill Gates’ asshole do they exist? Why does a program like Java, used on more devices than Android, iOS, and Windows combined, feel the need to slip in a useless toolbar under your nose? The answer is probably related to money, and I would really love to confirm that for you, but a Java update just changed my fucking search engine to Ask, and now all the results are fucking sponsored ads.

So I fucking can’t.

6 Pointless Computer Programs Nobody Needs Anymore


This was bad, really bad…

Yoichi was sick. It was pretty horrible, but not life threatening. Why was this so bad then? 

You see, Yoichi was part of a band with his boyfriend, Kimizuki. The Demon Army. And Yuu as their best friend agreed to replace one of them on stage if they ever got sick. It wasn’t easy for him to agree with this either, they had caught him singing in the shower one day and cornered him soon after about his voice and even found out he could dance really well. He didn’t agree with any of this personally, but they broke him down. They were both really healthy guys, none of them would need an emergency replacement…right?


Here he was, getting ready in the background with the costume designer, Mitsuba, making up an outfit for him on the spot. They couldn’t send anyone home after paying so much for a ticket and the place was packed like usual, he had to do this. He was incredibly nervous, what if he screwed up? What if he messed up all the fame his friends had? They were really famous…

He really had no choice here.

He was soon pushed out in his new outfit, kind of like a white fancy suit, but all decorated very flashy. It almost matched Kimizuki’s, Yoichi had been wearing something like this too. The other members who were just instrumental all wore something like it too.

Kimizuki nodded to him and the music started as he pointed to Yuu. “This is Yuichiro Amane! Yoichi is sick, I am very sorry…but this will still be one awesome concert!”

Yuu could feel every set of eyes in the giant ass room staring at him. He swallowed hard and pumped his fist in the air. “I’m Yuichiro and I’m going to rock this night!!” He screamed in the microphone and to his surprise, got a very positive feedback. This helped his confidence as he and Kimizuki began to sing.

It was this incident that made him a star. Yoichi was happy about this soon after, he had been secretly wanting to quit for some time now. He had only made this band with Kimizuki to get closer to him and that had clearly worked. Now he could chase his real dream of being a teacher, he loved spreading knowledge. 

Yuu and Kimizuki were soon a household name to almost everyone around the world..

people are always giving you that bullshit like you can be whoever you want to be and girls don’t need a man AND THEN MY MOM TELLS ME HOW BEING PART OF THE FANDOM IS A STUPID WASTE OF TIME BECAUSE BEING A GEEK OR A NERD ISN’T COOL AND APPARENTLY PEOPLE IN THE “REAL WORLD” DON’T LIKE US.


excuse me, but what happened to “be yourself”? because guess what, i’m not that popular girl who wears a shitload of makeup and brand name clothes and has a billion followers on instagram

But guess what else? I DON’T WANT TO BE THAT GIRL! believe it or not i like my black jeans, red hair and fandom t shirts. i’ve finally become a person i like and i’ve found a place where i belong….. why should i give a shit about what society thinks?

AOU Commentary: some tidbits (pt II)


This scene, you only get the first two-thirds of the scene in the movie. We cut out the end. People thought it would be, and I agree in part, I do, that it would be better to leave the question of whether they were together without answering it. But if you watch the scene in the DVD extras, you see the whole scene, and you see more of why I’m in love with these two people (CHUCKLES). And I’m in love with their love, and I’m in love with their pain.

 And they were so good on this day. And Mark and Scarlett only ever bring goofy, happy energy to the set. But then you start the cameras, and they go to a place of pain, that is just so human and so excruciating. This scene caused my ever un-ironic group hug because I was so proud of them and what they did. I insisted we have an extra day of shooting for this scene. We didn’t need it. They just came out and nailed it. This moment from her… Um… that just kills me (re Nat doing her shrug—“it’s efficient”). That throwaway “It’s no big deal. Then why are my eyes welling up?” gesture is just beautiful. I love the haunting, weird little plaintive melody that Danny Elfman put over this.

Their romance was a point of contention for some people. Not for us, while we were making it. In fact, it never occurred to us that there would be any reaction against it. They seemed so much like they belonged, if not together, in the same sort of world that… And the chemistry they had from the first scene they ever played just felt right. And people who thought she was supposed to be with Clint… Well, obviously, it’s very important that he’s married, that he’s normcore, that his distance from the Avengers is caused by the fact that he actually has a connection to the world and he knows they don’t. But, also, I think it’s much more interesting for he and Natasha to be two people who would lay down their lives for each other, but aren’t interested in sleeping with each other. I think that’s a more interesting dynamic, a true one, and better than just the two of them hooking up.


Man, I will be so broken if marvel decides to end Brucenat’s story after all the negative reaction from loud tumblr and twitter using fans. Also, do you guys know when these commentaries for DVDs are usually recorded? Like is it before or after the movie is out? I’d love to know that.

let your heart be light

I think everyone will agree that fluff is the only medication for what we had to go through last night. I started working on this over a month ago (hence why part of it takes place over Thanksgiving) but college is the devil and I just now had time and motivation to finish it. Enjoy!

Holiday bookstore co-workers au with a huge side of fluffiness 


Emma was hanging up another stocking on the bookstore’s mantel when she heard the door open. Finally, someone else was here to help her put up the Christmas decorations that were much more trouble than necessary when she had to open on a Monday morning. “It’s about time,” she called over her shoulder as she slowly eased her way down the ladder she’d been using to hang decorations on the wall.

“Are you implying that you missed me, Swan?”

She stopped halfway down the ladder and groaned to herself at the sound of the familiar accent. It would be him. Of course she’d forgotten it was Elsa’s day off, and she’d be working today’s shift with Killian Jones, the man she’d been butting heads with constantly since he began working at the store with Emma two months ago.  “Get over yourself, Jones. The only thing I’ve been missing is someone else to help me put all this junk up.” Even though Halloween had just been celebrated a week ago, Regina, the owner of Storybrooke Reads was convinced that the holidays would be their most profitable time of the year and insisted that Christmas items should be up before the store opened that day. It wasn’t that Emma didn’t like Christmas, but the holidays were a time that retail employees never exactly looked forward to. She’d been dreading the thought of decorating all weekend.

Emma stepped off the ladder and began to look over her work so far as Killian came out from putting his coat away in the back office. “You’ve done a nice job, love.” She rolled her eyes and shoved the next box of lights and garland towards him, trying to ignore the way he looked in his black button-down shirt and tight jeans. (They may not have gotten along, but she couldn’t deny the fact that he was too attractive for his own good). “I’m not your love. Now do your job for once and decorate the front desk before it’s time to open.”

“As you wish, love.” She scowled at him before going to work on the window display, not thinking at all about just how blue his eyes were when he smirked at her.

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Thoughts (some spoilers!)

For those of you who haven’t seen Belief yet, there is a scene between Lucas and Riley where they are talking about Thomas Jefferson and what he believed in (for an assignment) Both of them agree on what Jefferson believed in so they don’t really need each other for the assignment because they can’t challenge each other. They can’t create an argument to challenge each other, see things from a different point of view.

Part of a conversation went like this…

Riley: So I guess we both agree then?
Lucas: looks like it.
Lucas and Riley: So why do we need each other?

Now we all know the writers LOVE to drop us hints now and then. I think what the writers were trying to say here was that if Lucas and Riley ever did get into a really relationship, it would be pretty boring. They both have TOO much in common, they can’t see things from a different perspective, they can’t create a fire in their relationship if they can’t help each other see the different side of things. With each other, they are already perfect, and we all know that perfect is truly boring. I’m not saying that they can’t get along as friends (I truly ship them as friends) but that they just won’t work in a relationship.

With Lucas and MAYA on the other hand, they’d have a lot of fire in their relationship. They are two completely different people who see life very differently. They can help each other grow and become a better person by having one person let the other see a different take on something. They can help each other see things from their own eyes to shoe that how one person sees things isn’t always right. They can get along in a relationship because their different personalities clash against each other so well they actually BOND. Lucas and Maya help make each other a better person using their differences.

This probably didn’t make sense so if you have any questions go ahead and ask :)

and here’s the thing too, so many of the complaints about the UK not having a say in EU policy compared to France and Germany are PRECISELY because the UK rejected an “ever closer Union” in so many ways. For example, not wanting to be part of the Eurozone. We are still using the pound sterling whereas France and Germany gave up the franc and deutschemark for the euro. We are not in the Schengen area either, which is why my passport gets checked at Calais whereas I could go from Brussels to Frankfurt w/o border control. The UK is one of the biggest economies in the EU, and would have had much more influence and control if it agreed to in exchange accept more Union obligations. Of course that comes with its own costs and benefits, but like what do you expect? If you want to have more influence, you must accept more responsibilities. It’s like the leadership of this country hasn’t really ever fully committed to the European project in the first place, yet now huge numbers of politicians are lamenting how they “gave the EU a chance”.