why would you even download this

Ok but you can’t pirate people’s albums/songs and then complain about “underrated” or “slept on”. Like you can’t support someone by stealing from them. I’m not saying buy EVERYTHING but if you can’t even be bothered to spend 99 cents - $1.29 every once and a while but you’re a “hard stan” (or whatever term people are using) why would a cas fan? Why would someone who literally likes one of their songs?

And then on top of that it’s ONE thing to illegal download for yourself but some of you will get the whole thing and then POST it for others to illegal download it. None of this is support. 

Yes, concerts/merch is the bread and butter of what most artists are getting (unless they have lots production credits and whatnot) but how often are you really going to concerts/buying merch if you can’t even be assed for 99 cents-$1.29 every now and then, let alone a full length, $10-$20 album.

ask and you shall receive | pt 1 (m)

pairing: jung hoseok x reader, sugar daddy! hoseok
genre/warnings: smut, lots of oral, slow burn, dirty talk, dom! hoseok
words: 13,865
summary: your sugar daddy says you don’t have to sleep with him if you don’t want to…trouble is, you do want to. You’re just nervous and a little inexperienced, but he catches on quick and begins to teach you the true pleasures of sex, and boy, are they good…

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How much attention would killing stalking get if one of them is a woman? I want you to answer honestly. No one would like it. No one would care. It would probably get 200 downloads or purchases. If one of the main characters was a woman, this manga would be UNHEARD of and probably never even translated to English.

So if you claim straight fangirls aren’t to blame. Or that you read it for the horror, you are most likely a dirty fucking liar. No one would want to read it for the horror. But the second the characters are two men, I have to watch as I am treated as a kink or a way fir straight women to get off. So why don’t you actually be the good allies you claim you are and stop reading this bullshit.

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Hey!^^ can I request RFA + V & Saeran reacting to MC who loves playing otome games a bit too much? It's ok if you don't want to do it :)


  • When you explained to him, he got jealous.
  • How can these boys be prettier than him!
  • You’re playing on your phone, he’s just seeing it, with a grumpy face.
  • He can’t just play LOLOL knowing that his girlfriend is cheating on him with a fictional character!
  • Ok…This is not cheating….But…
  • You’re laughing at your phone…How rude.
  • Then you showed him who you’re going to end up with…
  • His eyes are so bright right now, that boy looks like him!
  • Now every time you play an otome game he’ll come to you and ask “You’re with the blond, innocent and cute one??”
  • “…Yes”
  • He smiles “Just checking!”
  • Don’t choose the others!


  • This is just too stupid!
  • He thought you were playing a game, not that kind of game!
  • He’s prettier than all those guys!
  • Zen wouldn’t like that, and if you want to play in peace, you would have to hide.
  • Because if he sees you playing, he’ll not leave you alone.
  • He’ll be all over you, kissing your face, neck, arms, he’ll want your attention!
  • He’ll even take off his clothes just so you can see what you have!
  • Those guys are ugly!!!
  • He’s feeling betrayed.


  • She wants to know why you spend so much that on that phone.
  • She trusts you, but she just wants to know!
  • When you explain to her, she’s just….Just confused.
  • Why?
  • Why would you play something like that?
  • But you make her download it after you asked her a LOT.
  • In the beginning, she just doesn’t understand, but after some weeks, it’s her new way to forget about obligations!
  • Both of you help each other, so you guys can make the right decisions!
  • Jaehee’s a fan of Otome games now.
  • If someone asks to her, or to you what is an otome game, well…They better sit down.
  • Because you and Jaehee will take a while to explain everything.


  • Jumin can’t understand why that.
  • You’re a married woman.
  • But hey, he can’t understand commoners.
  • Oh commoners, wasting your time with a stupid game.
  • Fuck you Jumin.
  • He knows that you wouldn’t give him attention, and picking your phone and breaking it would let you mad…So he’ll need another plan.
  • He’ll let you buy and spend what you need in that game, so you’ll end that game faster.
  • Or you’ll give it a time because you’re playing without a rest, since you bought everything to skip what you want!
  • He’ll do this in every game.
  • Money solves a lot of things, including his wife’s addiction!
  • And he likes to see you so happy with it too!
  • But you’ll not buy any merchandise of that game! Only in game things.
  • This is his only condition.


  • Well well well, look what MC’s doing.
  • Are you not satisfied?
  • What you think? That he’ll simply just download it and start to play just like you?
  • You’re  wrong MC!
  • Every day he’s picking your phone and resetting all your story from that game.
  • In the beginning, you were angry, but hey, you’ve been with Seven, so it’s normal he doing these pranks.
  • You told him that you don’t like, he said that he understands.
  • But then he keeps doing, somehow he discovers your password and resets your entire fucking game.
  • You’re so angry by it
  • “Well, you were not angry when you did that with me.”

  • He smiles.
  • Yes, you’ll not play those games, not so early.


  • He’ll be calm about that.
  • Ok MC!
  • He’ll  just feel a little sad when you’re not giving so much attention.
  • But if you prefer this game than him…What can he do?
  • Cry.
  • But if you give attention to him and to the game, he’ll not find it a big deal.
  • If you like that, and this makes you happy, what’s the problem?
  • And also he’ll give you an opinion on what answer is the correct one.
  • And he’ll listen to all you have to say about that game.
  • He wants to know all bout you, so if you’re so obsessed with a game…
  • He wants to know why ;)


  • He hates it.
  • This is just bullshit!
  • Well, if you’ll spend your time with those games…
  • He’ll spend time hacking those games!
  • *Insert evil laugh here*
  • Sometimes your game will stop, sometimes it’ll be erased.
  • He doesn’t care if other people are playing this, and this thing he’s doing is affecting them.
  • Fuck those people!
  • If you care for them, stop playing!
  • So they can play with peace!
  • Ok, the solution to this problem is cuddling and eat ice cream with Saeran 4 times per day.
  • He’ll be calm, and let you play a little.

For all the people trying to act like EXO’s 700k digitals in 5 weeks are “fishy” “mANIPULATED!1″ “SAJAEGI” First of all do you even fucking know what Sajaegi MEANS? That’s when a company buys their own product to manipulate the charts, why the hell would SM who always UNDERSTOCKS for EXO do that? And second of all why would they even WANT to? Have you all forgotten that EXO doesn’t just have 2 million downloads with Growl but consistent 1 million sales with Overdose, CMB, LMR etc. They have ALWAYS performed well digitally, it’s just that some of yall would rather close your eyes to the fact otherwise it would hurt too much to kno that EXO are both physical AND digital monsters.  

The argument that it’s “just fans bulk buying!1″ makes 0 sense because to download a song you need to have a monthly subscription to the site and those cost around the same as an ALBUM. Why would exo-ls waste money to download one song another time when they could have given EXO 700k more albums sales instead? It’s a known fact that exo-ls are focusing on the ALBUM for year end awards, digitals are just a plus so, why would we waste our resources instead of putting it into the venue we’re most likely to win? Even if they WERE bulk buying that WOULDN’T MAKE A DIFFERENCE because:

-Creating multiple accounts get suspended, makes any downloads invalid.
-You can only download a song once in a chart platform.

And if “exo-ls are rich and and can buy the songs a hundred times!1″ was true than why did Lotto only sell 500k? Why didn’t we perform this same “bulk buying” strategy for EVERY song BEFORE Ko Ko Bop.

The answer: because it’s not just EXO-Ls downloading the song. Yes, EXO-Ls make up a huge ass majority of the downloads, but that’s to be expected of a fandom as huge as ours. Our ratio for Ko Ko Bop has lately been 40% males, you’re telling me those are all EXO-Ls too? “Just stupid fangirls!1″ make up your mind lmao. Facts are that the public and non fans are also enjoying this song, no one’s saying Ko Ko Bop is a national hit or smth but it definitely is a HIT.  These numbers aren’t normal, and can’t be achieved by a fandom alone but if yall insist on the “its just fangirls!1″ narrative, then WOW, who needed the Public™ when your fandom alone can match those results? EXO-Ls are more powerful than the whole korean population, they can manipulate charts unshakable official charts like Gaon with a wave of their hands, and also perform black magic while they’re at it WHO KNEW 

Just admit that EXO is changing the game and you all are threatened after downplaying them for so long. EXO remains at #1, 700k downloads and unbothered Kings. 

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I wanted to ask you: how do you think the Batboys would react if Batmom would be killed by the Joker?

Damn, that’s a tough one, but alright, I’ll give it a shot.


Bruce would act a lot like how he did when Jason died. He would lock himself in the Batcave, refusing to leave until he tracked down the Joker. When he finally finds the Joker its Dick who has to drag him away from the Jokers bloody body. Bruce almost kills a man in his grief. He becomes relentless. Beating down even the smallest of criminals, putting people in the hospital. Batman leaves the Justice League, losing himself. He has already lost so many family members, most of them came back, but he knows that Batmom won’t. She is dead and buried in the ground.

Dick would be the one to try and pull the family back together. He would have stopped Bruce from killing the Jokers, and gotten Bruce back to the Manor. However here is no more life in his eyes. He lost another mother, another mother who he couldn’t save. Batmom was the one person who really listened to Dick, who knew everything about him, and now she was gone. Dick would close himself off, refuse to let himself love again. He knows that he can’t go through that kind of pain.

Jason is furious. He knew that if the Joker wasn’t taken care of that he would only cause more pain, kill more people, and now he lost his mother. The only mother who really gave a shit about him was gone, all because of Bruce and his no killing rule. Jason is determined to finish the job, he ends up at the hospital where they took the Joker, a gun aimed at his head, but Jason can’t pull the trigger. All he sees is you standing in the kitchen doorway, waving around a spoon, yelling at him. That was the sight that would great him every time he had killed someone. He could just imagine the lecture that Batmom would have given him if Jason killed a comatose man. Instead Jason holsters his gun and goes back to the Manor. Jason knows that he has to take care of the family now, it’s what Batmom would have wanted.

Tim either becomes severely depressed, or he throws himself into his work. He runs himself ragged, between WE and being Red Robin, he rarely sleeps. Tim had lost his entire family, and most of his friends, now he had lost the one woman who was truly his mother. There would be no more coffee waiting for him as soon as he woke up. No more Starbucks runs, or lunch dates. No one who was stubborn enough to get Tim away from his work to make him sleep anymore. Tim starts going days without sleeping, too terrified to relive the events of your death. Bruce doesn’t help, he stays up as well, both of them arguing over leads from cases that has long gone cold. Alfred takes to drugging their evening tea just to get them to sleep. Sometimes Tim will lock himself in his room for days, only ever coming out to patrol the city, or download more case files.

Damian refuses to believe that you are gone. He can’t believe that the woman who beat Talia al Ghul would be killed by an insane man dressed as a clown. Damian knows that the Pit could revive Batmom, it did it for Jason, so why wouldn’t it save her now? Damian ends up stealing Batmom’s body, and the Batwing and flies to see his mother. Talia agrees to help her son, on the condition that he never try to take over as the Demon Head. Damian readily agrees, he wanted to be the next Batman anyway. The Pit works. Talia gives Damian the cure for the Pit Madness, she was going to give it to Jason, but he had run away too soon. Damian didn’t grieve because there was nothing to grieve over. He refused to allow his true mother to leave this earth so soon, and he was disgusted that the rest of the Batfamily hadn’t even thought of the Pit as an option.

No one believes Damian when he calls them to let them know that Batmom is alright, that she is alive and well, and that they would be on their way back to the manor soon. They don’t believe until she is walking out of the plane, and straight into their arms. For several hours everyone just stares at her, refusing to let her out of their sight, fearing that she would disappear. All she does is laugh and ask them, “Did you really think a crowbar could keep me down? That particular weapon doesn’t seem to let us stay dead for very long”

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holy shit i just started following you and u have the BEST cole headcanons! do you have any glacier? ;))

ABSJSNW THANK YOU I LOVE YOU?? I will take glacier to the grave with me friendo so yes I do, I offer you these for your kindness ❤

  • Cole: Zane I hurt my bicep I need you to come kiss it better ;))
    Zane: oh no of course D: *kisses cole straight on the lips* is that better :((
    Cole, who is now the colour of Kai’s gi: yEAH UH HUH SURE THING
  • One time they take arm wrestling too far and Cole snaps Zane’s arm off by accident and cries for three (3) days.
  • Zane: cole make me a sandwich stat
    Cole: sure *comes back with a single slice of cheese on top of one slice of bread*
    Zane, putting Cole’s head between two slices of bread: WHAT ARE YOU
    Cole: an idiot sandwich
  • Cole will try to one up him with knowledge and Zane is like bby, why are you trying
    • Cole: babe I can do maths SO much faster than you
      Zane: fine what’s 56 x 34
      Cole: 72
      Zane: that’s not even close
      Cole: yeah but it was quick
  • Cole loves to eat and Zane loves to cook and honestly if Cole hadn’t come up with some serious restraint he would be like 30 stone with coronary heart disease and diabetes
  • Cole: you have the prettiest blue eyes
    thank you do you want to see them closer *pulls eye off*
    Cole: nO PUT IT BACK ON
  • Zane downloads Cole’s favourite musicals so he can learn everything about them and sing when with him and laugh when he makes jokes about them
    • He also learns how to dance so he can do all sorts of dancing with him because it makes cole smile the size of the sun and that makes Zane very happy
  • Someone: your boyfriend is… A robot
    Cole: um yeah and that means he’s perfect which is more than I can say for your crusty ass get outta here before I bitch slap you into next week??
  • Cole is just talking to himself one time and is like “man I wish I could get a dog” and 3 hours later Zane shows up outside his room with an armful of 7 puppies and just goes “I didn’t know which one you wanted and it got out of hand I’m sorry please help me”
  • Zane is most definitely Cole’s impulse control
    • Cole: Zane is on a mission so I’m gonna cut the sleeves off all my shirts
      Kai: why would you do that
      Cole: cause he’s like 83% of my impulse control so
    • Zane: cole no you cannot punch that old lady in the face
      Cole: Zane she barged you out the way?!? And then looked at us like we were dirt?!?!! Just one punch I promise!!
      Zane: I got this bby *walks over to the lady* *inhales* wHAT DID YOU SAY ABOUT THE LOVE OF MY LIFE :))
  • Cole: Zane ask me why I love you
    Zane: why do you love me
    Cole, opening up his 130 slide powerpoint presentation: I thought you’d never ask
  • Cole would kill for people to play with his hair so Zane will brush it and braid it and tie it up for him and Cole is always sat there like :) I love this boy :)
  • Someone: throws something at Zane
    Cole: *running jump kicks the object out of the air and then backhands whoever threw it*
    Zane: what was that noise
    Cole: oh nothing baby I love you :)
  • Zane can breathe and cole will be like “you’re doing amazing sweetie”
  • Zane: ice is nice!!
    Cole: I’m so gay I’m so gay I’m so gay I’m so gay I’m so ga
  • Zane keeps a very close eye on cole during battle and he doesn’t like when they have to split up and he can’t be with cole, because how is he supposed to keep an eye on him? How is he supposed to stop him getting hurt? Oh no what if he gets hurt it’ll be Zane’s fault he promised to look after him
    • Cole is like I love you be safe!!!!! *smooch* and Zane is like “ok I feel a bit better now”
  • Cole is like unbelievably good at picking up vibes, Zane doesn’t even have to say anything and cole will know if he’s upset or stressed or angry and he will just squeeze his hand and give him a soft smile and Zane is like :D !!
  • Very convenient that Zane is the master of ice because they can still cuddle in the summer and Zane can just turn up the AC so cole doesn’t melt and all is well!!!!!
  • Cole: *winks*
    Zane: *short circuits*
    • Kai: being gay isn’t contagious Zane
      Zane: then how come I get gay thoughts whenever cole takes his shirt off >://
  • Piggy backs for the win
      Zane: :D!!!!!!!!!!!!! *trips and falls in a ditch*
  • Zane: cole, you are the most beautiful boy in ninjago. Trust me, my database has scanned and compared everyone across its entirety.
  • One time Zane accidentally flings cole off the bounty
    • Cole: hey babe give me a boost I need to reach something on the roof
      Zane: oh of course *picks up cole and throws him so high he flies completely over the roof*
  • Movie nights because Zane can download anything and everything
    • Zane: you had better appreciate this movie I almost download a malware for this >:/
  • Cole is so smad because who is knocking on his door at 2am but he opens it and Zane is standing there and he just goes “I have done some extensive research and I have come to the conclusion that I am in love with you :D” and cole swears he sees the light at the end of the tunnel that’s how much he nearly dies
  • Cole: Zane can you make me a pie
    Zane: no.
    Cole: when did you stop loving me
    Zane: oh no he thinks I don’t love him??? I didn’t realise he wanted a pie so badly oh no I don’t want him to be sad D:
    *An hour later*
    Zane: *shows up with 15 pies*
  • Cole would die a thousand deaths just to make Zane laugh and it’s not that hard to because Zane doesn’t even really find Cole’s jokes that funny but he laughs because he sees how happy it makes cole and that little triumphant glint Cole gets in his eyes and oh my goodness he is done for
  • Cole: Zane can you lend me a hand
    Zane: *pulls his arm off and throws it across the room*
  • Cole: I can’t stand people talking about their girl. I like lowkey stuff.
  • zane is the only one on the team strong enough to lift cole so he will use that to his advantage.
    • is too tired, zane needs to carry him
    • has hurt his knee, zane needs to carry him
    • is sad, zane needs to carry him
    • had a near death experience, zane needs to carry him
    • is too hungry, zane needs to carry him
    • needs to be carried, zane needs to carry him
    • zane knows his game you ain’t slick cole, but who is he to say no to his bf he is only too happy to indulge him
  • the only time they have ever had an argument is when Zane beat Cole on guitar hero and Cole has honestly never felt more betrayed in his life and wouldn’t talk to Zane for the rest of the day
  • Lloyd asks zane to help him map out something for a mission and he just goes “I’m sorry Lloyd but I am gay :/” and cole is like I have been waiting for this day because he says it all the time and now they can twin
  • speaking of twinning, matching outfits. that’s all I will say. they’re the cutest matching couple ever.
  • zane will play airhorns whenever cole burns someone but it gets out of hand
    • wu I need to borrow some money” *air horns play in the distance*
  • zane and cole rolling in wearing cool sunglasses as zane plays a cool theme song is obviously a must

ask me ninjago headcanons!

My story

Hi, this Is Nova and this Is a little story about me…

When i went to school, then i didn’t have Any friends at all. I was bullied for 6 years and I felt alone…

I mostly hang out with 4-6 years old because i couldn’t find anyone in my age that actully wanted to be my friend..

I was Really tired and stuff mostly and I often got called fat or ugly and one time, a Bully bet me up and my face was bleeding and was red so i got bandages.

But i loved drawing and I always had, but i could never be proud of my drawings…or myself…

But one day, my parentes got divorced, and that was the worst day of my life…

My mom founded a new man and they brought a house together.

Whe had alot of chores that me, my siblings amd step sisters had to do everyday.

I often tried to run away from home because i Really didn’t like it there

But one day, i downloaded tumblr

I didn’t know why i did but when i started i got alot of hate on my art…

People would say anon asks and tell me Really mean things…

But one day, i got my first follower… @amberluvsbugs

I was a bit suprised that such a amazing artist followed me. I messaged her one day and told her that i Really like her art.

She replied and said thank you and so we continued talking when we could.

Suddenly, i got more and even more Followers and I was suprised at it.

And I never Really thought i would Come this far…

So…thank you all so much! Your all so kind!!! I love you all! Thank you for reading this and everything!

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Hi, I was wondering if you could do headcanons for if the Sakamaki boys suddenly found out they have a little sister and now they have to raise this cute 5 yr old?

Okay, a very awful thing happened and I’ve lost all the sprites I had and now I don’t know how to download them again. It’ll be without the sprites then.

Shu: … A sister? 5 years old? … No way. You. *points the sister* No talking, no crying, no moving. No complaining. Be quiet. And stay away from me. 

Ayato: Okay, okay, what- wait couldn’t you be older or something? Does she even know what I’m saying to her?! … Okay, Chibi, lesson one: call me Your Highness and you’ll survive.

Kanato: Why would I even- … *stares at the girl* She’s ugly, I don’t want her here. Is there a way to get a refund?

Reiji: DON’T touch the teacups, don’t walk into my room without a permission, don’t walk anywhere on your own, don’t talk to strangers. I’ll check your homework Reiji 5 y o don’t have homework can you not *mommy Reiji mode on*

Laito: Five years… old…? … *Reiji glares at him* … Eerr, stay away from my room and don’t come if you hear weird noises, okay, sweetie~?

Subaru: … *stares at his brothers* … I’m starting to feel sorry for this kid.

Monsta X reaction to their s/o playing Mystic Messenger

requested by anon~


Originally posted by malegroups

Shownu; Throughout the whole week Shownu has been noticing how you’ve been so distracted whenever the two off you were together. You were always on your phone and by the time Shownu saw that you were playing Mystic Messenger, he’d grab your phone and look at the characters before looking at you. He’d be curious about the game but he’d be a bit jealous since you’ve been spending time with Jumin Han.

Babe, don’t I look like him? *flashes the biggest smile while wearing some suit and tie*”

“Uh, no….”

“Oh well, I’m a lot stronger than him and I’m real and he’s not.”

Originally posted by sonhvunwoo

Wonho; Wonho would be pretty jealous. The two of you were on a make out session when your phone suddenly sounded, notifying you that someone was calling. Hurriedly pulling yourself away from Wonho, you pressed the app and answered the call right away, the sound of a male’s voice filling the whole room. Shin Hoseok would be pouty and would unconsciously stare at you while sulking.

Oh my gosh, Zen is so freaking hot!!!!”

“*gives you the silent treatment while pouting*”

“Wait a minute…. omo…. Zen looks like you!”

“*ears perks up and looks at you, acting like he’s mad* What?”

Originally posted by kihqun

Minhyuk; This ball of sunshine would become serious real quick. When he caught you playing Mystic Messenger with a big smile plastered on your face, he’d call your name and would probably be looking at you with a ‘.__.’ expression since he didn’t get any response from you. When you’d finally talk to him, he’d be asking you a lot of questions and he’d also be sulky… just alittle bit…

Babe.” “[y/n]. Hey [y/n]….. Earth to [y/n]??????”

“Okay fine, if that’s what you want… *goes to the other side of the room and sulks*”

“Hey Oppa, what do you want for— *notices his sudden change of aura*”

“What does Mystic Messenger have that I don’t have?”

Originally posted by kihqun

Kihyun; Yoo Kihyun would be challenged. Challenged by a fictional character. Seeing you squeal just because Seven has started to open up to you made him feel jealously slowly building up. He’d actually go up to you and would be frank. He’d be bombarding you with questions, making you show him the picture of Seven, only to see Seven cross-dressing as a nun. Kihyun would be showing a lot of things to you, asking you if they can do this or do that.

What do you even see with that Seven guy huh?”


“Can he do this? *starts doing body rolls*”

“What the heck, he’s a fictional character babe!”

Originally posted by min-shookga-yoongi

Hyungwon; Chae Hyungwon would not be pleased with your decision in choosing Mystic Messenger over him. When he found out that you were practically obsessed with that game (meaning waking up in the middle of the night, practically doing nothing since u’re waiting for the new chatroom), he’d ask you to choose between you go to the cafe with him that afternoon or play that game of yours… which you chose playing mystic messenger. He’d be judging you…

So you’re really choosing that game over me?”

“Yeah… I thought you’re okay with it?”

“Well then, so be it. I hope that you realize that you’re making the wrong decision babe. Ciao, I’m gonna go and spend time with Wonho and I won’t be coming home, babye.”

“Alright, have fun!”

“*judges you silently*”

Originally posted by kihn

Jooheon; I think this ball of cuteness would turn into a ball of seriousness… just like Minhyuk. The two of you were supposed to watch a movie when he saw that you were too preoccupied with Mystic Messenger, making him furrow his eyebrows and observe you carefully. He would feel betrayed.. to be honest… since he feels like Mystic Messenger > him… (i’d choose you jooheon ;^;) He’d be quiet throughout the whole day and would only speak to you once you noticed his sudden change of attitude.

Babe, what’s wrong?”

“Do you really love Mystic Messenger…. like love it more than you love me?”

“What?! No, I love you more babe. And why would I choose Mystic Messenger over you– *mystic messenger notif sound*”

“Don’t you dare–”

“I’m so sorry babe, I’ll be right back!”

Originally posted by sonhvunwoo

I.M; Your expectation of Changkyun’s reaction would be utterly different. By the moment he catches you playing Mystic Messenger, he’d actually ask you if it’s nice, who the characters are and he’d even download it on his phone!!!!! And maybe after a few hours of being gone (checking the game out)…. he’d come out of the room with a wig on and would awkwardly pose right in front of you.


“Yes babe– Oh my gosh, *laughs* what are you up to Changkyun?”

“Don’t I look more fabulous than that Yoosung guy that you’re falling head over heels with?”

“Oh, you sure do baby! And guess what, you’re like him. Remember the time when you dyed your hair to blonde–”

“Silence *puts a finger on your lips* thou shall not speak of that ever again.”

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Hey guys. So… I’ve been thinking. 
I create content pretty much everyday, spend hours and hours on it and I get your notes, your gratitude, amazing comments and I love it, don’t get me wrong… but this won’t pay for my medications. I’m 21, have no job and I still have to ask my mom for money. She pays for my meds, for my clothes, for everything and I feel like shit about it. We’re not rich. We don’t really have much money. My dad had to leave to work in Germany because his job here wasn’t good enough anymore. And yeah, it’s easy to say “just look for a job lol”, the thing is I have been looking but I’m not in good health. I’m struggling with several mental illnesses that make my normal life hard enough, not even mentioning actually going out to people and working. Not with social anxiety that suddenly got worse. I’m taking various meds, I’m going to therapy and I’m seeing psychiatrist every month. It all costs money and I feel so bad when my mom has to pay for it. That’s why I’m considering adding ad.fly to my links… Don’t get scared, just one, not two. If you have adfly skipper it would take you straight to the download so yeah… I would have to make a wixsite or something, cause tumblr doesn’t allow that. It’s gonna take a lot of work. But I’m actually writing this to ask for your opinion. Would you be okay with that?

Chapter One: The Return

olicity || explicit || angst || 4192 || more fics

Summary: When Oliver’s boat went down in the North China Sea, he had no idea how much his life was going to change. He never had a choice in anything that happened to him. Never had a choice in what he became; a monster with blood soaked teeth. When a woman crosses his path by chance, he can’t help but find her completely intoxicating. There’s just something about her, but it’s a fleeting moment and he knows he must let go. He’ll never see her again, anyway. There’s no chance for someone like him to even consider letting something so beautiful enter his life. But Oliver is going to learn that sometimes fate can be a fickle bitch.

Chapters: 1 out of 12
Chapter Word Count: 4192
Other Pairings: background Laurel/Tommy, John/Lyla, and Roy/Thea
Warnings: graphic depictions of violence/blood 

Author’s Note: Well, here it is! My fic for @olicityficbang! I feel like I’ve been waiting forever to do this AU and I’m so excited for everyone to read it. I had so much fun writing it and I hope it shows. Thank you so much to @the-silverforked-sky for being an amazing and patient beta. I really enjoy working with you. Also thank you to @gothsmoak for creating the beautiful cover for this story. I’m in love with it.

Oh and thank you to everyone who already got hyped about this. Your excitement got me through the nerves. ♥


Oliver sighed heavily as he leaned over a large desk. He was back in Starling City for the first time in three years. Back home. He knew he needed to pay attention to the instructions Maseo was giving him through his earpiece, that he needed to move quickly and grab what he was sent in there for. But he didn’t want to do this anymore; he wanted to see his family again. Being in his mother’s office where she still kept pictures of him and his father, of his sister, whom he missed dearly, made his heart ache. He missed Thea, even more knowing how much she was struggling without him. Everything was shit and there wasn’t a damn thing he could do about it. He held in a frustrated growl.

“There should be a print scanner,” the voice in the earpiece said.

“Why would I still be in the directory?” Oliver muttered.

Without missing a beat Maseo responded, “Why would they take you out? You’re dead.”

Fair point.

His thumbprint unlocked the computer, he plugged in the drive and waited for the ninety second download. Something on the screen caught his eye. A file addressed to him and Thea among his father’s files. It was going to take longer to download, but he just couldn’t ignore it. A quick search in the desk found him a blank usb drive. He shoved it into the computer just as the other download was finishing.

“You need to get out of there.”

Oliver growled, “I’m not finished yet.”

He whipped his head to the side when he heard footsteps; he had at least a minute.

“Someone’s coming.”

He rolled his eyes, “I know.”

Without much effort, he zipped out of the office. It was a quick and fluid motion, almost graceful. As he pressed himself up against a wall, a sweet smell filled his nose. Lavender mixed with coconuts, but there was something underneath that was simply intoxicating. His ear twitched at the sound of heels clicking on the floor and the subtle sound of fabric moving as whoever it was sashayed through the office. The smells and the sounds told him that it was a woman.

His suspicions were confirmed when she spoke, “You’re cute.”

It was a mere whisper, but to him her words were as clear as if she was standing right beside him. He wondered who she was talking to, though. There hadn’t been another person with her, but maybe she’d seen him?  He peeked around the corner to take a look. His eyesight was just as strong as his hearing and sense of smell. From where he hid he could see that a young woman, petite and blonde, was leaning over his mother’s desk. Her eyes were on the picture of him and his father. She was very cute, in an almost nerdy and innocent way; she wore glasses and had the poutiest pink lips. Pair those with the short skirt and sensible blouse, well it was hard to call her anything but cute.

“It’s too bad you’re you know… dead,” she sighed.

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the troubles with tinder

Originally posted by mvpgyu

member; swipe right on kim mingyu
genre; jealous!mingyu
summary; the only guy you want and he’s like you should get tinder. he didn’t even swipe right on you.

Swipe left, swipe left, swipe left, and oh, who was that fine fellow? Swipe left. His bio was a piece of shit. 

In the world of Tinder, you didn’t know what to expect. The last few dates were a bit odd, to be honest. Sure, you knew what to expect. Horny people looking for a one night stand, and a constant person to fuck, that was definitely what Tinder was for. And yet, here you were, trying to find this one person to swipe right on. Swiping again and again, you tried to swipe left on everyone except one. The person who literally took your phone, downloaded Tinder, and said to find him. 

Honestly, you had no idea what to expect with Kim Mingyu. You two were in the park, lying on the grass, looking at the clouds. It was just normal between the two of you. After telling him that you were eternally single, he shook his head in denial, and snatched the iPhone from your grasps. 

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BTS: How they react to coming across a Babymetal video on youtube

Finally getting to this ^^ I hope you like it!

Rap Monster/Namjoon:

“Lol this is not what I was expecting”


Would be shocked at the music but think they were really cute and would be confused at the combination XD


“Wait why am I here how did I even find this…?” 


Would probably love it XD Would just dance along and die a little bit because of how cute he thought they were.


Would love them even more than Jimin XD Would probably download their songs/show them to the other members etc. Just bc they were so cute and unique XD


He would probably just be impressed at how talented and well-established they are despite being so young. Would probably giggle a lot too XD


*clicks video* *gif* Would think it was weird that they were so cute and little yet the music was so heavy and would be confused XD

BTS Reaction To You Doing Song Covers

Anon asked: Hi, can you do a bts reaction to finding that their s/o do covers but just for fun ?  I love u blog and thank you c: 

Here you are, thank you for your support i love you too :3 -Spice

Rap Monster:

He was just casually browsing online when he came across your song covers. Namjoon would be really excited as he listened to each of your covers one by one, amazed by the sound of your beautiful voice. Once he listened to all of your covers he wouldn’t even hesitate in downloading them all, making a mental note to himself to ask you why you never told him later.

Originally posted by rapnamu


Seokjin would be thrilled to bits upon finding out that you do covers. He would constantly beg you to cover all of BTS’ songs, and would also ask for you to sing with him sometime. All in all Jin would love every chance to show that his significant other has an amazing voice.

Originally posted by aestheticvbts


He’d hear your muffled voice coming from your room, singing a cover of a song that he recognized. Yoongi likely wouldn’t draw too much attention to the fact that you could sing, but he would drop hints every now and then on how he wants you to sing for his next mixtape.

Originally posted by strawberrie-kookie


Hoseok would come home early from practice one evening and hear your melodic voice from the front door. He’d immediately sprint to your room and throw open the door, exclaiming, “I can’t believe you never told me you could sing, (Y/n)!” You can expect him to brag about you all the time and beg you to sing to him constantly.

Originally posted by softsugamon


Upon finding out that you did vocal covers, he’d immediately try to find every last song that you’ve ever covered and download them. After that, Taehyung would ask if you’d cover songs with him as well. He’d love nothing more than to do a cover with his significant other.

Originally posted by kinglywomen


Like Namjoon, he would probably stumble upon your song covers by accident. Jimin would be completely in love with the sound of your voice, and would hug and kiss you anytime you sang in front of him. Having a talented significant other would make Jimin’s heart swell with pride.

Originally posted by beui


When he found out that you did song covers, he would half jokingly challenge you to a cover battle to see who could do the best covers. In reality, Jungkook was just trying to get you to sing as many songs as he could so he’d have more of your voice to listen to. If you actually took him up on his challenge though, don’t expect him to compete halfheartedly.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Sorry for coming off as negative, but I don't quite get how you are so upset about gifs being reposted. I DO get the problem for gifs that are made with additional text / cutting (or fanart, or sth taken from your OWN vids/pics), but not for those that are just taken from a public video. I am making gifs like that myself (mostly FOR myself), and it's NOT hard work and anyone can do it. If you didn't mean those gifs at all, I'm sorry for misunderstanding, but I needed to say that.

okay listen here. normally i don’t answer things like this but this seriously has made me pissed the fuck off. why should i be monitored by someone, on anon might i add, on why i should be angry if my gifs are reposted? why would someone like you have the power to do so? i should be upset when someone reposts them without my permission. yes, the videos aren’t mine but the TIME is. the time to find those videos. the time to download those videos. the time to get the frames and to import them to photoshop. the time to colour and crop the frames and timing. that’s all from ME. and this doesn’t just stop at gifs, it counts for graphics as well. the pictures may not be mine but i still spent time to make those graphics. and even translating, anyone can do it right? and so what you make gifs if it’s so easy everyone who fucking reposts it should be able to right? but no they don’t because they think it’s easier to just take from someone else and repost them. so yes i will be upset if i see my stuff being reposted. and if you are still opposed to this then you should’ve just unfollowed instead of sending in something like this

Regards to Reposting Art...

Just a reminder to everyone out there, not just one fandom but everyone…

Please please PLEASE, I beg of you(I shouldn’t even have to beg to begin with but)


It doesn’t matter if they mention “I’ll allow it as long as you give proper credit”. There ARE certain sites they might not approve of and they may just forgot to mention it or any other reason. AND EVEN IF U HAVE CREDITED, PLEASE LINK THEM THE SOURCE! Majority of artists would love to know where their babies are being posted! Leik imagine you stealing someone’s actual baby IRL, wouldn’t that be super weird and disrespectful?(bad comparison but that’s how i see my precious artworks ok jeez;;;)


And in the end, if they do not allow it, then respect that and move on man.

Thank you!

anonymous asked:

Do you think Laurent and Andrew would hypothetically get along? They have so many similarities but are also so different! Idk I just wonder what the dynamic between them would be and I trust your judgment


I mean, they have many shared experiences, and i’m not reducing them to their respective traumas by saying that that kind of shared suffering can really bring people together. BUT, that being said, i don’t think they’d get along. Well, not immediately, anyway. It depends on their circumstances, how they meet and why. If we just kinda downloaded the entirety of captive prince into a modern setting and made them all exy players, i can see andrew and laurent being intense rivals.

Imagine the foxes versus the akielon/veretians. From the outset of the match, Laurent, the genius strategist, would have identified Neil as the biggest threat on the field, simply because he’s so damn fast and all the giant Akielons wouldn’t be able to see him coming before he gets right under their noses. I imagine Laurent is the goalie (just cos), so when Neil goes to score he plays a little dirty and they both end up on the ground. Andrew, of course, is not happy about this (no sir). There would of course be retribution, and Andrew is neither blind nor an idiot, so he knows that, in the world of tit for tat, he needs to send a very clear message to Laurent that he doesn’t get to touch Neil Josten without consequences. So imagine, Damen is a striker and he’s going for the goal, he gets in really close and then suddenly he’s on his back because Andrew’s racket just so happened to clip his shoulder as he blocked (dunno how that works on a physical level, lets just pretend science doesnt exist). Laurent gets the message loud and clear: touch what’s mine, and i’ll break what’s yours. Boyfriends Neil and Damen are both incredibly confused and entirely oblivious.

Andrew is almost intrigued by Laurent, and i imagine that’s what constitutes half of his interest in interacting with him at all. He’s pretty and fit and obviously a talented player, but he has such a cold and apathetic exterior, and he doesn’t let anyone close but his brute of a boyfriend. He doesn’t have a past, not officially, he’s an enigma wrapped in a mystery wrapped in a determination to see Andrew defeated.

Laurent just wants to win. if you ask him, Andrew Minyard started it. (No one gets to knock Damen on his ass but Laurent, thanks)

It escalates from there. Every match they play they always fight to win. Neither of them drag Neil or Damen into the crossfire, the consequences no doubt implicit, but that doesn’t stop them from going at it like hell cats. As goalies, they’re ridiculously unstoppable.

They get asked about their apparent venomous rivalry in the press (subtlety is not something either of them know how to do, it’s very obvious they have it out for each other) and neither of them shy away from admitting dislike of the other and determination to beat them. It’s a ridiculous situation that spirals into what essentially becomes a war between them, a war to be better, stronger, and win against the other.

Then, they go professional and end up on the same team.

It’s tense at first, everyone gives them a ten-foot berth whenever they’re in the same room, and though they don’t talk or acknowledge each other the tension is fuckin palpable everytime they’re in each other’s vicinity. i’m a little fuzzy on the details after that, but i think forced proximity via away matches when they have to share a hotel and the fact that their boyfriends would probably get along, probably forces them to act civilly towards each other. Then, i like to imagine Andrew drags Laurent to Eden, determined to get him drunk and find out more about him (specifically whether he poses anything more than a superficial threat) and somehow, somewhere, the two of them start bonding? Like, Andrew is actually very smart and he studied law like Laurent, so they have some decently intelligent conversations. And Laurent appreciates his bluntness and lack of care for literally everything, he almost kind of admires it. Andrew thinks Laurent is essentially harmless, but he can be deadly dangerous if he wants to be, just like Andrew, and Andrew kind of respects that. There would be things that would endear them to each other, i think, beyond the blatantly obvious similarities they share, and i think once they get past their antagonistic and caustic natures they might actually see eye to eye more than they might think.

Essentially, i don’t think they’d ever be best mates, but given the right situation and context, i can definitely see them becoming somewhat allies. Then again, given a different situation and context, they could be arch nemesis too.

Well that was.. abnormally fast. Turns out I had downloaded some shorter semester mod in fucking August and then forgotten all about it! Why would I download such an unholy concoction in the first place is beyond me. It’s back in hell where it belongs now so we’re getting the full college experience going forward but ugh, upsetting nonetheless..

I mean is there enough time in the world to enjoy this crazy bitch that was slapping Gunther yesterday (for ‘cheating on her’ even though they’re not even friends) heartfart over him now? Girl what is wrong with you.


Aren’t we all.


You also keep washing dishes that aren’t your own.

-A girl sees you voluntarily cleaning up, she starts to wonder what else you could offer without her asking ;)

Ew yea that’s definitely not a thing.



-Ah there you are <3 I saw you washing worm covered dishes earlier, you have to keep that for my eyes only baby <3



LOL looks like you got yourself a girlfriend, Gunther! Congrats, didn’t think you had it in you.

-Help. me.

No can do baby. And I actually mean that, I wouldn’t know how to break you two up even if I wanted to. I mean you slept with someone else in the middle of your date and she stood there smiling, there’s obviously no stopping this crazy train. See you at the wedding!  

Meanwhile Daniel is making a very important call that I’m sure is gonna fail.. but you never know if you don’t try..


LMAO see you never, nerds.

-Ooooh a love letter for me from a secret admirer <3

Yea that’s obviously for Gunther from a very special lady. I legit don’t remember which one but PUT THAT DOWN BRITTANY IS COMING, she’s gonna think you’re some kind of player. 

-Well 2 minutes of conversation are gonna take care of that misconception.

Yea you can say that again.

UUUUUUGH this can’t NOT work they’re perfect for each other I know it!!! COME ON BRIT DON’T LET ME DOWN


-UGH you could not be more wrong, comrade Brit Brit, but bourgeois college apathy has obviously crushed whatever critical thinking skills managed to survive the sorority confirmation process.

Good god. Ok that’s enough, time to see what we’re really dealing with here. GET UP.


FUCKING BYE I KNEW IT. I KNEW THEY WERE MEANT TO BE. I mean both popularity and both suck ass at it + polar opposites at everything else?? Romeo and Juliet who.

Marvin Gaye - Let’s get it on.mp3

Interrupting our wonderful time is the cow harassing the girl Gunther woohooed in the middle of his date with Meatballs. I love college <3

Time to move this party to the bedroom! Just us, Brit, and our new best friend. Judging from the positions in the above photo, Daniel’s first sexual experience isn’t going to be a conventional one.

Aw come on Brit, don’t be like that, there’s plenty of Dan to go around!

Ok now you’re just making Mr Cow sad. Stop excluding him!!

UGH he left, hope you pillowchested assholes are happy with yourselves.

That’s right, get them, crazy secret society blonde!




Hope you enjoyed the view, blondie!

The love juices have yet to dry as Wyatt rushes to occupy the bed. I feel the need to remind readers THAT DORMIES HAVE THEIR OWN BEDS. You literally wouldn’t know from looking at my game.

Case in fucking point, immediately after Wyatt awakens, another one of Jojo’s semi-lovers helps himself to our communal bed. Remember Ti-Ning? He’s stinking under the covers and as I suspected, Jojo ‘hates him’ aka is secretly into him. Good to see the Blue Meatballs stalking method gaining more fans!

WELL WELL WELL look who moved in. After Gunther ‘cheated’ on the redhead lunatic sis, the responsibility of getting us into the secret society has fallen squarely on Jojo’s frail shoulders. 


SORRY, on Jojo’s buff, well-defined shoulders. 

-Thank you.

You keep your eye on the prize, right?

-Of course. Every step she takes, every breath she takes-

-So as I was saying, it’s an absolute disgrace that there isn’t A SINGLE flat earth class in this college. Of course we all know who’s responsible.. Starts with -I, ends with -lluminati..

-Yea, I’m out.

NO YOU DON’T. Must I remind you what’s at stake here??

-Must I remind you I don’t care about resurrecting that stupid cat? I mean if it was Victor, we’d be having a different conversation.

Ugh fucking Victor istg. But NO, I’m talking about finally getting what your tiny, murderous heart has been craving all those years.. THE COWPLANT. Just think about it, Jojo..

-Oh god, the power, the unlimited power.. Fucking Ti-Ning is first on my list.

Yea we all know you want to fuck Ti-Ning but I don’t think you have to threaten him with a cowplant, he’d probably say yes if you asked him out-


-You know what repulses me, dear Jojό? Musique classique, is absolutely the worst, no? I mean who likes it apart from bores and killers seriàl? 

-Oh yea, you’re so right, Ti-Ning WYATT.

God Jojo are you so committed to this charade of denial that you’re gonna date someone who hates creepy classical music? What’s next? Does he hate bow-ties and oedipal complexes too?

-’Scuse me, my.. girlfriend.. is waiting for me.. When did life get so unfun :(

-Oui, I think it’s imperative that you sever all relationships with anyone wearing plaid pantalons, Jojό.. Très unseemly..

-Oh my <3

Well this stamp of approval is the fucking deathblow, JOJO GET OUT NOW. TI-NING’S DOOR IS RIGHT THERE


-My god, Wyatt, your manipulative criticism of my interests and family is attractive to say the least! 

NOP I don’t accept this, even you can’t keep this bullshit up!



Speaking of ‘</3′ looks like Meatballs hired a sniper to hit Gunther with the arrow of love. I extremely have other plans for him so this is obviously not happening but NICE TRY MEATBALLS


-HA. Watch and learn bitch, first I let him be his gross whoring self.. and now that I have him.. the era of Blue Meatballs.. BEGINS.