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Dance with me - Newtmas AU

Title: Dance with me
Rating: Mature
Ship: Newtmas / Newmas                                                                          
Notes: This is my first post on tumblr which means that it’s a tad short and less detailed than I hoped it was. I hope you enjoy my rubbish :)

Newt was lost. He didn’t understand why life had been so rough with him. He soon came to note that he only had himself. His friends were there for him for the majority but sometimes, he only needed to be alone. Tonight was one of those nights. He had asked Alby to come tag along but he was way too caught up with his studies. As Newt should be doing the same, he needed a break and a bar was the perfect place.

It was sure crowded. The music blared his ears and the swarm of sweaty dancing bodies immediately shaken up Newt. He went straight to the bartender and asked him for a shot. The smell of alcohol and perspiration filled his nose. He gulped down his first shot quickly before asking the bartender for another. Several drinks had gone down and Newt was fairly tipsy to still understand what he was doing. He sat in one of the booths, drinking away but getting disturbed by a brunet boy who was actually quite attractive to Newt. The boy showed a light smile. “Name’s Thomas.” 

Newt rolled his eyes at the boy who was most likely attempting to get laid. “Okay.”

“Just wondering if you would like to dance. You look a bit upset.” The boy frowned slightly.

“Why do you care?” He grumbled, taking a sip of the tangy alcohol that warmed his throat.

“Well, nobody should be upset as pretty as yourself.” Newt watched Thomas waiting for him to start laughing or explain that he was joking, but he didn’t.

Newt’s face transformed from a straight line to a genuine smile. Thomas returned the gesture as his heart pumped in his chest.

“Well, it wouldn’t matter.” Newt shook his head. “I guess you have to find another pretty boy around here to dance with, Tommy.”

Thomas almost whimpered when he heard the word “Tommy” come out of his pink lips. He nodded slowly and got up from his seat. Before leaving, he turned back to Newt with a smug expression. “I never got your name.”

“Newt.” He told him.

Thomas grinned. “Alright, Newt.” and with that, Thomas left without looking back.

It felt as a black pit filled Newt’s stomach. A sudden wave of emptiness. He enjoyed Thomas’ presence and was a bit upset when he left. After awhile of just sitting there doing nothing but enjoy the music and alcohol, he gazed upon the crowd once he laid his eyes on someone very familiar. “Teresa?” He called out as he stood up from his spot.

The blacked headed girl swished her head around, her blue eyes gleaming with joy. “Newt?” She smiled.

Newt chuckled as he made his way over to her. “Bloody hell, it’s been ages.” He laughed again as they both embraced into each others arms.

Teresa parted from him. “Yeah, I missed my little buddy.” She grinned, ruffling his hair slightly. “Oh, oh. Newt, meet my friend.” She turned around revealing the brunette boy from minutes ago. “Newt, this is-“

“Thomas.” New finished for her. “I met him awhile ago.”

Thomas grinned. “You still remember?”

“Why wouldn’t I?” Newt smirked. “It wasn’t that long ago.”

Thomas shook his head, looking down. Teresa gaped her mouth. “Oh, so Newt’s the attractive boy you fond?”

Newt snickered at Thomas as a blush crept up his cheeks. “I-uh…”

“Don’t worry, Tommy. All is good.” He smiled and patted his back.

But Newt knew nothing was good. His eyes couldn’t stop staring at Thomas. He noticed how Thomas’ shoulders tensed at the sudden contact with Newt’s hand. Thomas also occasionally bit his pink lips which drove Newt a bit crazy. 

“I gotta use the restroom. Don’t have too much fun when I’m gone.” Teresa winked, laughing as she started to make her way away from the two boys.

“Do you want to dance yet?” Thomas turned and grinned at the blond.

Newt rolled his eyes playfully and bit his lip, smiling. “Why not?”

Thomas took Newt’s hand in his and leaded him to a good enough spot where there was enough room. He wrapped his arms around his waist as Newt automatically wrapped his own around his neck that Newt desperately wanted to kiss. His head leaned on his shoulder as they both slowly moved along to the beat of the song which was Collide by Howie Day. Newt inhaled Thomas’ scent as he played with the tips of his hair on the back of his neck. “Thank you, Thomas.”

“For what?” He chuckled, pressing his forehead against Newt’s causing a lump to fill his throat.

“For dancing with me.” He replied.

“You agreed with it but why didn’t want to dance the first time I asked you?”

“I was upset.” Newt sighed. “But this made it one hundred percent better.”

“So, I was right?” Thomas grinned.

“Pretty much.” Newt softly smiled, biting his lip nervously as Thomas continued to stare down into his eyes.

“I really want to kiss you.” Newt murmured after awhile of gazing upon each other.

“What if Teresa-”

“Who cares?” Newt let out a soft laugh.


“Please, Tommy. Please.” Newt whispered in his ear and kissed the corner of Thomas’ lips, sending shivers down his spine.

Thomas felt his heart pumping. He bit his lips in frustration and finally connected their lips which were only centimeters apart. Their lips moved in sync as Newt’s arms loosened his grip around Thomas’ neck. Thomas pulled Newt closer, closing the space between them as Newt continued to play with Thomas’ hair, occasionally pulling a few strands. Thomas ran his fingers down Newt’s back causing him to let out a soft moan. They slowly pulled apart, both breathless. “Newt, I-“

“Oh my God!” A loud female voice squealed interrupting Thomas. 

The two boys quickly turned to see Teresa grinning like a wild man. “I knew it! I knew it from the moment I saw you Newt! Aw, this is going to be great!” She continued to ramble.

Newt took a glance over to Thomas, grinning who was doing the exact thing back to him.

Thanks to mabelinsweatertown for beta’ing. :)

If he had to be honest with himself, Stiles would admit that he wasn’t the most generous person in the world. He had his moments, sure, but unprompted altruism was more Scott’s department, not his. Which is why he couldn’t blame Scott for expressing a certain amount of skepticism at his suggestion.

“Are you sure?” Scott asked as he hurled the lacrosse ball back at Stiles, who caught it in his stick’s net without too much visible effort. He squinted against the bright midday sun and found himself idly wondering why their university’s quad didn’t have more trees. Shade would be good. Hence the main reason for Stiles’s generosity. Or maybe it was the secondary reason? Definitely not a tertiary reason.

“Dude, it’s like, what? Four bucks? I can totally swing that.” Stiles tossed the ball to Scott and absolutely did not notice how great Scott’s arms looked when he flexed to catch the ball. “Let’s just go before the lunch crowd gets there.”

Scott twirled his lacrosse stick as he thought. After awhile, he smiled, and Stiles swore his heart didn’t skip a beat. Because it didn’t.

“Okay. I want strawberry. On a waffle cone.” Scott said.

Yeah, Stiles was pretty sure Scott was the main reason he wanted ice cream.

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