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Missing Person (Jughead One-Shot)

Summary: Part one of a Jughead series I’m writing.

Part one: Archie and Veronica talk about old days

Word count: 796

Requested? No

Prompts: None

A/n: I will be taking requests for Jughead as of now.

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Archie and Veronica walked side by side, each step another second of the present wasted on focusing on the past. They spoke of simpler times when your school year was designated by a number rather than a name. Archie shared a story of his younger days with Betty which soon ended in a comfortable silence, followed by Veronica’s query.

“What about him?” She asked gesturing down the road to a beanied author walking away from hanging a missing person’s poster on poles and mailboxes. “Doesn’t he fit in to your tales?”

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Archie was hesitant. “Yeah, we were friends.”

“What about her?” she asked gesturing to the person in the photo. “I’ve seen the posters around town. I thought this place was a quiet one but so far there’s been a dead body and a missing person.”

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  • Chaeyoung: Guys I need help, I don't know what to get Mina for her birthday.
  • Nayeon: You've come to the right place, if there's one thing Im Nayeon excels at, it's gift giving.
  • Dahyun: For my birthday last year you gave me dish soap
  • Nayeon: That wasn't a gift, I was reminding you to do your chores. Anyway Chaeyoung, what kind of response do you want from Mina. Surprise? Joy? Fondness?
  • Chaeyoung: Actually I kind of want to get her something that will make her [lowers her voice] fall in love with me
  • Jeongyeon: Oh honey...
  • Nayeon: Well, I have no clue. Everyone already loves me, I don't need to give them gifts for that. Does anyone else have any ideas?
  • Momo: Mina likes dancing, you could take her dancing
  • Jeongyeon: Momo we're suggesting birthday present ideas, not ideas for a date
  • Momo: Oh, ok then. Just ask her on a date
  • Sana: You know what's really romantic? Ice skating. Mina would look so cute in the snow
  • Chaeyoung: I'm not gonna ask her out guys. I'm barely at the stage where I can talk to her without stuttering.
  • Tzuyu: Dude why are you trying so hard? Just put some money in a birthday card and be done with it
  • Chaeyoung: You guys are useless.
  • Jihyo: [Putting her book down] Alright Chae, you want to win Mina over? Here's what you do. I want you to think of something that Mina is passionate about, something she cares about. What's the first thing that comes into your mind?
  • Chaeyoung: Anime?
  • Sana: [Clapping her hands together] That's it! You get matching YuruYuri roleplay outfits for you and Mina.
  • Jihyo: SANA!
In Sickness and In Health

Based on a prompt request from @like-waves-on-the-beach for some sick!Killian.

Summary: Emma is sick and tired, literally. As always, she perseveres by pushing through her bout of the flu because only Emma takes care of Emma. When Killian comes down with the same flu, how will he handle it? Is he a cut above the average ailing male, or will Killian manage the man flu the same way he does most things… with panache?

Thank you to my beta @xhookswenchx. I appreciate you knocking this out so quickly!!

Rated M

7.7K words

Read on ao3         

Emma’s head was pounding, she felt as if it might pop like a balloon at any moment, and her eyes actually hurt. Sitting at her office desk with her eyes closed she softly rubbed her temples.  Who messed with the goddamn heat, it’s freezing! She groaned aloud when she realized even her internal voice sounded whiny and sick. She didn’t dare verbalize any of her complaints, of course; she couldn’t have people thinking she couldn’t handle something as simple as the flu.  This was the third day, and although she wasn’t running as high of a fever anymore, she still felt like shit. The past two days she’d gritted her way through work, not wanting to shirk her responsibilities. This morning she had decided enough was enough. She put on her favorite new blouse, a pair of ultra skinny jeans, and opted to leave her hair down, curling it. She was determined to at least look good if she couldn’t feel good.

“Emma, why don’t you go home and rest? Your father and newest deputy are more than capable of holding down the fort in your absence.” Killian had walked up behind her and was gently massaging the base of her skull.

It felt like heaven as Killian rubbed her aching neck. “Newest deputy, I like that,” she mumbled.

“I’ve heard he’s quite dashing, and rather well endowed,” he whispered into her ear.

Emma laughed then grabbed her head, “It hurts to laugh.”

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“What beautiful gardens, Monsieur Poirot. It is so good of you to escort me.”
“I wanted to bring you somewhere that was worthy of you.”
“You mustn’t flatter me, Monsiuer Poirot. You will make me cry.”

9 crimes

Pairing: Eliza Schuyler x Reader

Summary: There are 10 things a person should never do under any circumstances. Throughout all your life you did 9 out of those 10. 

or the story of two little girls who fell in love and of two women who had to bury those feelings. 

Word count: 1,668

Time period: Hamiltime

Warnings: None (yet).

Note: This is a big work that’s going to be divided into three parts. Each one with 3 ‘crimes’. It may be confusing at the start as to what exactly are the crimes (or maybe it’s really obvious and I think is not) but at the end, I think everyone is going to get it. Also, I was experimenting with the narration again so… let’s see how that goes. I hope you like it, guys!  ♡

Extra information: I didn’t mention it in the text but the reader is the same age as Peggy, so is one year younger than Eliza and two years younger than Angelica. Oh and they’re neighbors. 

Lovely tag list: @aph-icelandey  @caspercassiecas  @coolbeanbinch @divergentphangirl101  @fairly–local–trashcan  @hamgurlphangirl @huffleheyguys @leidilaurens @myself-and-the-madman @squabblelion @strawbirby @tomatobasilisk @uniidust 

(I took the likes into account but if you didn’t want to get tagged don’t hesitate and tell me to erase you from the list and please forgive my mistake ;v;) 



You were seven when you felt the closest to hell, but God forbid your mother to heard you say that or she would take you to church every single day.

Heat pushed in on you, making you felt claustrophobic even though you were outside. The humidity was almost overwhelming; it was like breathing in bath water. Your cheeks were tinted in a beautiful red and sweat rolled down your forehead sticking strands of your bangs to your skin. It was not pleasant at all but the daisies surrounding you made it all worth it.

You wondered if there were daisies in hell. ‘Maybe if Lucifer was given some flowers he would smile and wouldn’t be as bad as people in church say he is’ you thought, playing with one of the blossoms in your hand ‘Or maybe he and God could go and have tea…’  

Somehow that line of thought ended with you making a flowers crown. It wasn’t perfect, the ones your nanny used to make were way better but it was good enough not to crumble at the touch and it looked pretty. You were proud of yourself.

And just when you were planning to go back home to show your creation to your mother and father someone approached to you. It was a girl. She was even redder than you, —you didn’t know if it was for the weather or because she apparently had been running— with her ponytail almost undone and her eyes full of tears.  

Both of you looked at each other with surprise, not having anticipated finding someone else.

“Why are you crying?” you couldn’t help to ask.

She sniffed, rubbing her eyes with the sleeve of her dress “I’m not cr-crying…”

“Yes you are” you pointed out, standing up and searching in your pockets for the handkerchief you always carried with you “But that’s alright” you assured her with a smile, handing her the white object “We all cry, even my mum does it sometimes”

She shyly accepted the handkerchief and softly wiped her tears away “But I don’t like it” she mumbled “Peggy makes fun of me”


“My sister. She says I look ugly when I cry”

You observed her again, thoughtfully this time. And noticed her long and still wet eyelashes, her button nose and how bright her eyes actually were. It was almost unbelievable that someone dared to say she looked bad.  

“I think you look more like an apple” you acknowledged and she frowned, not being pleased with your statement “B-but a nice apple! Like those my nanny uses to make a pie. They’re bright red and beautiful. Totally the best apples!” you explained yourself, maybe getting too excited about it because you somehow made her laugh. It was a soft sound, sweet and contagious. You couldn’t help the giggle that escaped your lips.  

“You could be the Apple goddess” you proposed, taking your flowers crown and softly placing it on her head.

“Why not just a queen?”

“I don’t know” you shrugged “I just think goddess sounds prettier than queen”  

She seemed to think of it for a moment, moving her lips to form the words in a soundless whisper. Then nodded and stared at you with a bright smile.

“Yes, it sounds prettier”


When you were ten, you heard the word for the first time in the mouth of someone who was not your parents: Love.

You were still young, a child with three friends who were playing in their father’s fields.

“Love is all mom talks about recently,” said Peggy, mouth scrunched into a frown.

“Such a nonsensical concept” Angelica added, stretching beside her “If I could be tempted to it, it would be for someone whose mind challenges my own, a storm in wit”

You tilted your head back, letting the sun brush gently down your face and feeling Eliza’s fingers still braiding your hair softly.

“I’d do it for someone who brightens my day and motivates me to be better,” you said with a little smile on your mouth “Someone who makes the stars seem to shine brighter”

Peggy looked at you, then at Angelica and laughed lightly.

“You’ve just said the same thing the fairy tales do” she teased, but then her eyes seemed to be filled with excitement and curiosity as she sat closer to you “It must be that you are already in love with someone!”

“She is not” Eliza blurted out and you could imagine the little frown on her face “If you love someone he needs to court you and ask for your hand to marry you. And (Y/N) is not being courted by anyone”

Angelica smiled and patted her sister’s head “What a silly notion you have of love, dear”

“Wait, is not like that?” Eliza asked, turning her face to Angelica with a confused expression.

“Of course not, you dumbo” Peggy said among giggles “You love someone when the stork leaves a baby on your door”

“What does that have to do with love?” you asked back, noticing how Peggy’s hand got closer to you hair to take one of the flowers that Eliza had pinned in it just to be lightly slapped away by her sister.

“Ouch!” Peggy cried, giving Eliza a grumpy look “Well, you have to love someone to have a baby!”

“Yes, but you have to love them before that” at least that was what your mother had told you, “I think loving someone is when you give them the last cookie even if you want to eat it too”

The youngest of the Schuyler sisters laughed again “That can’t be love!”

“Why not?”

“Because if it was, Eliza would be in love with you”

You stayed silent for a few seconds, analyzing different sceneries in your head to then finally turn your head to Eliza, whose hands had started trembling a little against your hair.

“None of you have a single clue of what love is” Angelica sighed, shaking her head. “It worries me that because of that you’d give your heart to someone who does not deserve it”  

“We won’t,” you said, and the three sisters stared at you with inquiry in their eyes “Because we now have a

love amulet

” you stated happily as you took off the small necklace you had around your neck. It was a simple gold chain with a gold heart hanging from it.

“A love amulet?” Eliza repeated as you gently turned around to place it in her hands.

“Yes, we just have to wear it when someone wants to courter us and somehow we will know if that person is the indicated”  

Eliza and Peggy seemed to believe it’ll work and nodded excitedly.  Angelica had a doubtful expression but finally nodded too. It was a sweet irony that she was the first one to wear it three years later.


You were sixteen the first time you felt it. It had hit you like a brick. Love.

Eliza was sitting beside you, her delicate fingers glided in circles at your hands.

“I can’t play like this” you whispered and she smiled.

“You don’t have to” was her answer, soft and melodic like the sound of the piano keys.

Dix begs to differ” you joked resting your head against hers.

“Hmm” with a loving expression on her face, she placed her hands on the piano and played the little melody again. You pulled apart slightly, just enough for her to reach all the keys “Une, deux, trois, quatre, cinq, six, sept, huit, neuf…”

“Dix,” you said.

Eliza shook her head in a “no” sign and took your hands again, motioning you to play the piece.

You rolled your eyes but indulged her anyway, brushing the keys with your fingers in a soft movement “Une, deux, trois—” Eliza leaned in closer and placed a light kiss on your cheek, you smiled “quatre, cinq, six—” another one, this time on your chin “sept, huit, neuf—”

Before you could add the dix Eliza pressed her lips against yours. It was just a touch, it didn’t last more than a second. A chaste affection that was as soft as the spring breeze.  

You tended to kiss a lot because that’s what children do, that’s what best friends do. You kissed on the forehead, the cheek, the eyelids, the nose, the chin… but never on the lips. Never like this.

You froze, she blushed, and the room was filled with silence. The soft and almost inexistent echo of the forgotten melody was the only thing you could hear. For the first time, the silence was not comfortable and it made your hands sweat and Eliza’s eyes to get glassy.

“I… didn’t…” her voice trembled, her gaze wouldn’t meet yours.

“Please don’t” you pleaded in a whisper. ‘Don’t say you didn’t mean it’.

She looked at you this time and you closed the distance between your mouths with another kiss. Tenderly and almost shyly you let your lips to brush against hers, slowly exploring the softness of the feeling and the taste of her breath. The movement was clumsy and innocent, slow and delicate… but then she kissed you back and it was perfect.

When you pulled apart, you were greeted with her flushed face and widened eyes. You to let out a little laugh.

I swear to God if the only reason why you kissed me was to shut me up before I reached ten I’m not going to forgive you,” you said, pressing your forehead against hers.

She laughed too “It was one of the reasons, but not the main one”

Eliza placed her right hand on your nape and started playing absentmindedly with your hair. You closed your eyes and sighed contently.

The sound of her voice gave you butterflies, her smile made your heart skip a beat, every time you were with her you felt so complete… You should’ve known it before; of course it was love.

You know what’s crazy?

Fitz had no freakin clue where the Monolith would take him, or if it would take him anywhere.



Why? Because he found space sand on his face.

Real reason why? Because he can’t live in a world without Jemma Simmons.

No one can tell me that something - that ANYTHING can erase that love. Not even the writers themselves.

So, yeah. I’ll just be over here. Crying.

Five Days (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Requested by anon: “Could I request a Grayson imagine? Maybe where he’s being really clingy and cute xx”
Word Count: 1,393
Warnings: Lots and lots of pickup lines.
A/N: This is probably faaar from what you wanted. But it’s still kinda cute and fun. And he’s clingy af. Hope you like it, sorry for the wait xx


You were standing by your locker, trying not to panic over the test you were having that morning. You really needed to stop studying last minute, but it was honestly just who you were. What you hadn’t expected, was for a boy to bound over, his bodylanguage screaming confidence as he walked toward you. You didn’t bother looking up at him, because you knew who it was.

“If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put U and I together.” Grayson said and you could almost hear the smirk, completely satisfied with his confidence.

You pulled out the books you would need for class and slammed the locker door shut, looking at him.

“And if I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put F and U together.” You answered, doing your best to sound unimpressed.”

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When I’m With You || Minghao || Pt. 1

Pt. 1 // Pt. 2 //

Word Count: 4162

Genre: comedy, fluff, ex-mafia!au, casual writing

Summary: Minghao was unfortunate enough to be born into a mafia family. Although his dad had learned from his mistakes and was now leading a clean life, it didn’t deter his old enemies from bothering his only son. In order to avoid them, Minghao moved to a different country. Here, he thought, he would have peace at last but then he met you and you might be harder to deal with than the gangsters he faced back in China. At least the trouble with the gangsters made sense but with you? You were just dead unlucky.

In the airport that bustled with activity, a dashing young man stood, waiting for someone. His dark brown hair was slightly parted to the side and held up with a bit of gel. His brown eyes were hidden by a pair of sunglasses and he wore a casual suit, his blazer over a white v-neck. Anyone that passed him looked at him curiously, wondering if he was a celebrity that came out to meet his girlfriend who was arriving from a trip. This handsome young man continuously glanced at his phone, checking for the time, and then looking back up to the time board at the flight schedule. A sigh would leave his lips and he would shift from one foot to the other, his hands in his pockets as he waited for his friend’s flight to land before repeating the process of checking his phone, then the time board, and then the exit of the terminal again moments later.

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Where We Left Off

(part 1/?)

Summary: Tony Stark’s hidden daughter has remained safe for the past 16 years, but now the truth is finally coming out.
Word Count: 1k
A/N: The reader is Tony’s daughter and 16 so there isn’t going to be any romance with any of the avengers, that’s just weird.

Originally posted by thunderbirdthor

The normally obnoxious sounds of teenagers chatting and pencils tapping has been replaced by an eerie silence and a wave of nerves as each student is awaiting their name being called, and having to go up and start their presentation.

“ Are you fucking kidding me?” you whispered to your friend in the seat next to you. This was the 6th presentation on an Avenger you’ve seen today- and 7 people have gone. This presentation was your final and had pretty lenient guidelines; last 5 minutes and emphasize on a hero and why they deserve that title. You had expected some of the smart girls to write about their moms or the president or something but here you are listening to another girl oogle at a picture of Steve Rogers and explain his heroism. It’s not like you had anything against the super-human group, quite the opposite really. Tony Stark is your father.

Notice how I didn’t say “dad”, Tony Stark hasn’t provided any kind of fatherly care except for a check that comes in the mail every year on your birthday and quick texts every month or so asking how you’re doing. No hard feelings or anything, your mom was a one night stand and you get that. Once she found out you were bopping around in her uterus she fled New York and moved back in with her parents here in Michigan. After Tony became Iron Man things were different, you were in danger. Even though Tony didn’t act like he loved you, he did, and you both knew it. His weakness was you. In a effort to keep you safe and your file off of Hydra’s desks Tony did something that surprised everyone, he hid you in plain sight. No name changes, no private schools, just you (Y/N) Stark attending public high school and currently listening to your colleagues talk about your dad and his co-workers. If you felt normal, then maybe you actually could be.

something’s wrong, i’m picking you up from school, now.

The text from your father startled you, he has never even been in your hometown why was he coming here all of the sudden? Something must actually be wrong, something with mom? is your cover blown? you knew you shouldn’t have made that joke with the substitute teacher about being “Iron Girl”.

Your thoughts were cut short when the windows along the far wall were shattered and 6 Hydra agents stormed the classroom. Every mouth in the class dropped open and your teacher immediately reached for the class phone, only for it to be on the receiving end of a military grade rifle.

какой из них является Старк​ ?

(which one is Stark?)

All eyes immediate went to you and you swallowed down a gulp of air in panic. Knowing this was coming some day Tony had enrolled you in martial arts classes and you were skilled in hand to hand combat, something that was going to be very handy today.

At once all 6 Hydra agents stormed towards you, guns and batons at the ready but you were also ready. You played terrified and meek until the first agent became within arms reach, and then you put your plan into motion. You rapidly handed out a 1-2 combo on the agent’s face whilst grabbing his gun and sweeping his leg. The other agents raised their guns and you took advantage of your small height and agility and disabled and knocked out all 6 agents- looking pretty bad ass while doing so. They had landed a few good punches and you’re pretty sure the tall one cracked a few of your rips as they throbbed and constricted your breathing. As you were trying to catch your breath you looked up to 24 wide eyes and open jaws and just kinda shrugged. And if they still hadn’t figured out your famous heritage Tony crashing through the only remaining intact window in full Iron Man fashion really tipped the scale.

Tony reached you in an instant and and had Jarvis survey your body for any injuries. He removed his mask and had a plethora of questions.

“Are you alright? What happened in here? Did you do this yourself? We need to leave right now.”

The normal stoic facade of his was cracking and you thought you saw a hint of honest concern but it was quickly covered up once he saw that you were for the most part ok. Jarvis reported that you had 2 cracked ribs and your lung was extremely close to being punctured, those being your main injuries you would call that a pretty successful first fight. 6 to 1 baby! Tony closed up his mask and picked you up bridal style and flew right out the window, giving no clues to your destination or why any of these previous events happened.

“Where are you taking me?” you demanded answers, it’s not like this was just another Thursday class interruption, you deserved to know why 6 grown men crashed through the window and attacked you in the middle of school.

Tony rolled his eyes, he knew you couldn’t see so he didn’t feel bad about it. “Somewhere safe, you need to get those ribs fixed.”

“The hospital is the other way,” you noted, “we’re not going there are we?”

“Don’t worry, I have somewhere in mind.”


Your phone rang for the third time since you’d been asked to meet the boys at the library, “Look, I get it now, I’m an asshole, you’ve shown me the errors of my ways, can we just go now?!”  he said nothing, crossing his arms and waiting for your reaction. “I will exorcise your smokey ass straight back to-” your threat was cut off by your phone ringing again and you decided to answer it to at least get Dean off your back and to avoid saying anything you knew you’d regret. 
“What’s taking you so long?” he forwent the pleasantries drawing a sigh from you as you glared at the demon who refused to move or be moved from his place in the motel room chair.
Something about teaching you a lesson in manners having been muttered before the ordeal. You weren’t entirely sure, you were too busy ignoring him to be paying attention to why he was throwing his demonic tantrum.  
“It’s not my fault! Send Sam back and we’ll be there in five minutes though” the older hunter chuckled at the clear exasperation in your voice, “Please? Dean, this isn’t a joke, I’m suffering”.
“He’s already headed out to the house, if you’d answered my first three calls…”
“I’m a hunter, not a babysitter, Dean”
“My point is, you’re on your own, kid” these were his last words before he hung up. Leaving you to let out a petulant whine to no one, to which Crowley cleared his throat to catch your attention before giving you a look and huffing.
“What?” you mouthed at him, knowing full-well how frustrated playing dumb would make him after having sat in the same spot for the past hour without you acknowledging why he was doing it,
Tossing your phone down onto your bed, you crossed the room with nothing but the smirk on your face as a clue for what you were about to do. 
“Okay, you’ve given me no choice” standing up from your bag, you turned to him and grinned as his eyes widened at the sight of what you held in each hand, “If you’re not out that door by the time I count to five, whatever’s left in these is my last resort” shaking the container of salt and the spray bottle of holy water, watching as his resolve fell with his shoulders and a sigh that left him as he rose from his seat with only mumbled complaint that you let slide.

“I wasn’t going to do anything!” you tried to sound angry or offended but the grin that you still couldn’t wipe off your face shone through your bickering as Crowley tried to defend his actions after you told Dean about your brilliant solution. 
“You brought the bloody bottle with you!” you looked down to find that it was, in fact, still hanging from your fingertips. Listening to Dean breaking down into hysterical laughter to your left, “I swear, you’re worse than Moose sometimes”
The muffled sound of splashing water and your sudden movement startled him enough to make him flinch as you held the bottle up to him, “One, two, three-” this time he saw the quirk of your lips and swatted the container away. You both knew the threat meant nothing now but then again you doubted it ever did. Maybe the king simply wanted to spend time with your manner-less, stubborn self.
Shaking off the idea before it effected your work or your perception of everything he said or did, you followed the men into the building. Watching as Dean found his composure after his laughing fit and Crowley, he glanced over his shoulder and caught you looking at him. You gave him a smile, a warm genuine one that seemed to catch him off guard after the morning you’d spent together but he returned it nonetheless.
Maybe he was right, you should apply your stubbornness to something more productive than making life harder than it needs to be and you decided right then and there that were going to start with getting to know him. How bad could he be? He was trying to make you into a better person after all. Even if his methods were flawed, you had to admit that his twisted way of caring had you feeling all warm and fuzzy, but you didn’t seem to mind.

What Are The Odds? - Part 4 (Final)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,308

Summary: Before the reader left for college, she had a one night stand with Dean. Eight years later, Dean learns that he has a daughter in an interesting way.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

“I didn’t realize you felt that way. I mean…I knew you liked me because I’m awesome but…” You ramble on.

“I know. I kept it to myself.” Dean chuckles making you blush.  

“Weird how things turn out.” You say quietly.

Dean nods his head and watches you sitting at his kitchen table.

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Alive (Alex Summers X Reader)

Summary: Y/N envisions Alex’s death and does anything she can to stop it, including risking herself.

Words: About 1100

Warnings: Blood, hints of sexual assault, fighting, death

Blood. Blood dripped down the blonde scalp of the beat up boy on the ground. He had a smart mouth, a fist that talk it’s own language of bloody knuckles, and a power that could kill. That’s what he was, that’s what he had, but another thing he had was a girl waiting for him at her house.

A girl who was only sixteen, waiting by the landline for him to call so she could lay on her stomach, her feet in the air as she happily twisted the phone line around her finger. She would talk to him about her day, maybe a little about homework, but mainly of how she wishes to spend her time with him.

But, that time will never come because there he is, dead in the middle of the street. He opened his mouth one too many times and used his fists as a comeback one too many times.

Wrong place, wrong time, wrong fight.

You woke up to find yourself being shaken not quite gently but not hard either. You shot up to find that it was your mom, her eyes that were just like your own, stared at you. “Are you okay honey? I heard you scream.”

Your mouth didn’t even give consent as words fumbled from your mouth. “I’m fine, I just- I need to call Alex. I need to call him right now.”

“But honey, it’s midnight.”

You sighed as you groggily got off of the bed, nearly falling in the process. You knew the number just like your own so you spun the dial as quickly as you could. “Come on, pick up,” you begged. The phone rung and rung, but no answer.

That’s when you pulled on a pair of shoes and a jacket, but the voice from the doorway made you pause.

“What the hell are you doing?”

“I need to see if Alex is alright.”

“Why wouldn’t he be,” she questioned.

“Nightmare, it shook me up and I just need to see him.”

Your mom didn’t know about your mutation. She didn’t have the slightest clue. It’s not like it was physical, only a person who could read minds would even be able to tell it was there. Having visions, it was tough to figure out those who have them. When you had a vision you planned to prevent, you would tell your mom it’s a nightmare that gives you anxiety. She’d usually let you go take care of buisness.

“But it’s midnight. Just go back to bed and we’ll deal with it tomorrow.”

“I can’t.”

Before she could say a word, you were out the door and into a full on sprint down the street. His house was only a few blocks away and you gave a breath of relief as you spotted his porch light, still on. You ran to the door and pounded, Mrs. Summers came out a moment later.

“Y/N, what are you doing out here?”

“Alex, where is he?”

She looked confused, but answered you anyways. “He went down by O'Reily’s pub earlier.”

You gave her a quick thank you before running once again. The town was pitch black, it was far past curfew, and in the shadows, eyes were on you.

“Why does he have to be halfway across town,” you groaned. With little to no light guiding your way, you tripped, feeling your ankle twist and your knee’s skin break open. You cursed before making your way back up only to be pulled into an alley. You couldn’t see, but you did feel your jacket get tugged off of you and your shorts had fingers looped in them, ready to pull them off any second. You tried to scream but a hand went over your mouth as another held your hands above your head. Blinded and helpless, you kicked.

You could hear a groan from the shadows and you knocked whoever it was over before your shorts were out of their grasp. You would’ve ran even faster than before, but the added injuries kept you from doing so. You shivered as you ran, but you managed to keep your pace.

The pub was up ahead, you could see the neon of a mug of beer. You sprinted inside, looking for your boyfriend but he wasn’t there. Ignoring comments and stares, you went up to the bartender. “Have you seen Alex Summers?”

He said he did and that he left by himself about fifteen minutes prior. You thanked him and ran out, almost immediately hearing a car siren.

“Alex! Alex, come out! Alex please!”

Your yells did nothing as you began to run through alleys, knowing very well you could be grabbed again. Your glimmer of hope seemed to be gone, but it came back.

“Come on guys, let’s be civil.”

A thud. A groan.

“Okay, maybe not.”

Another thud. A yell.

You were once again in a sprint as you found the alley. His back was facing you and someone was about to throw a punch, but you found it hitting your back. You whimpered and fell to your knees as you grabbed onto Alex’s jacket.

His face was contorted with anger because someone had just laid a hand on his girl, but it softened as he got down on his knees, pulled his jacket around you.

While he was doing so, the boys he was going to fight had made their escape.

“Y/N, why are you here? You’re so beat up and cold, what happened?”

That was when you finally let the tears flow. “I had a vision of you dead in the alley. You had gotten in a fight and I couldn’t let you die. I had to come for you. I couldn’t let you die, I love you too much.”

He held you close and kissed the top of your head. I’m sorry doll, I really am. Let’s go back to your place and I can clean you up there. You can tell me the rest there. Then, I’ll stay with you so you can know I’m okay and you are too.“

You nodded and he picked you up.

Blood was no longer coming from the scalp of a blonde haired boy in the street. He wasn’t on the ground. He hadn’t said something smart one too many times. His fist was foreign to the language of bloody fists. He wasn’t even thinking about his power that could kill.

He was thinking about his girlfriend, the age of sweet sixteen, and how she was the one bleeding. Her bloodied knee.

Maybe she had altered the course of fate because in Alex Summer’s life, she did anything she could to save him. Only, she never seemed to save herself.

Out of My League // {Brett Talbot Imagine}

Out of My League // {Brett Talbot x Reader}

Summary: The reader has a crush on Brett who is extremely popular and way out of her league, she consults her best friend which is considered very popular even though the reader is very shy and tends to avoid different social gatherings.. After their talk things start up with Brett.

A/N: Lately I have been loving Brett and I will probably post a couple of sweet and romantic imagines including him.

Warnings: Recollection of Body Insecurities.


She was always the cute one,

The one that always admired everything from the side wondering how it feels like,

She was the one that always imagined what it is being loved, being social but panicked when it happens in reality,

She never had luck with boys, She wanted someone to love her but was to shy to even say a word to anyone.

Although she was extremely beautiful;

inside and out,

She was never accepting of herself.

She always felt like every girl in the room was prettier than her,

Like she wasn’t enough.

She was always shy,

Watching from the side but never in the middle,

Listning to the conversations but never speaking,

Keeping everything to herself as if it didn’t matter to anyone how she felt.

But opposing to you was your best friend,

She was very popular, probably the most popular girl in your grade,

She was gorgeous, outgoing,

You two had a bond like no other, she knew everything about you, and you knew her.

But you had a problem, you had a crush.

Not too long ago you had fallen in love with a boy, but nothing happened. It broke your heart and you didn’t know how you could possibly fall in love again.

But now you had a new crush, Brett Talbot.

You hated yourself for crushing on him,

Aside from him being extremely close to Y/B/F/N he was also extremely popular, the captain of the lacrosse team, talking to everybody and being friends with everyone, especially girls.

You kept this to your self, not telling a soul beside one of your friends who found out, not even Y/B/F/N knew.

You tried your best getting over him,

Trying to convince yourself he has something with someone else,

That he doesn’t like you,

But nothing worked.


It was a normal day at school,

You wore a pair of skin tight medium dark jeans and a fitted black t-shirt with a blue and white flannel.

You were at your locker taking out some books for your next class,

Y/B/F/N and Y/F/N come up to you.

“Heyy” They both said hugging you and you hugged them back.

“Girls night at 8,You’re coming” your best friend said with a smile plastered on her face.

“I see I don’t have a choice” You said sarcastically.

“You’re right, You don’t. See you at 8” Your best friend said giving you a peck on the cheek and going her way to her next class leaving you and your friend alone.

You suddenly spotted Brett leaning against the lockers a couple feet from you two,

You turned your eyes to him as he looked towards your way, You quickly turned your focus back to your locker.

“Still not over him?” Your friend asked.


“Then go talk to him”

“Yeah right cause I’ll do that”


“Girls I have an Idea!” One of your friends said in a excited tone.

It was you, your best friend and five more girls,

You all were some sort of pack but you still had a slight isolated feeling from all of them.

“We should do a question round!”

You all agreed and sat in a circle.

“Okay, so each girl has a turn to ask a question and all of the girls have to answer it”

“Y/B/F/N you ask first since you have the best questions” One of your friends insisted.

“Fine, umm.. Lets see.

Okay, Is there someone you have been interested in lately?”

The girls answered the question each in their turn until it was your turn;

“Umm maybe..” You said avoiding eye contact.

Your best friend had a confused look on her face as if she had no clue what you were talking about.

“What do you mean?” She asked in a slight aggressive tone.

“You didn’t tell her?” Your friend elbowed your rib catching your attention.

“Tell me what?”

“I’ll explain in private” You said taking your best friend to bathroom and locking the door behind you so you could talk alone.

“Y/N whats going on?”

“Well you remember how I told you that for some reason I always need to have crush on someone right?”


“So after I got over H/N I have a new crush on someone but I haven’t found the right time to tell you who it is and to be honest I don’t even have enough confidence to say his name out loud.”

“Then am I supposed to guess?”

“Well yes but I will give you a clue.. He’s completely and totally out of my league







“Come on Y/N  just tell me”

“I’ll give you a better clue, He’s one of your best friends”

“Is it Liam?”



“Maybe" You said quietly as you picked on your nails avoiding eye contact.

“Are you serious? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Cause its never going to happen” You said slightly raising your voice.

“He’s friends with so many girls who are so much more social and way prettier than me,

I barely know him and he is so popular, why would he even notice a girl like me”

“If I must say you two look like you would fit each other”

“Don’t say that”


“Cause it won’t happen, he doesn’t even know who I am and even if he does I am way to shy to even look at him”

“Fine, But you need to tell me these things.

I’m your best friend, I’m supposed to be here for you no matter what”

You both got up and hugged and went back out to your friends.

“Did you tell her?” Your friend tugged on your arm.



“And that it”


It has been a week since that girls night and you were in your chemistry class,

One of the few classes you shared with Brett.

You were focused on your work as you felt this weird feeling, as if someone was watching you.

You lift your head up and turn your focus to the back of the classroom to catch Brett looking t you and turning his head as soon as you catch him.

“It’s just a incident” You thought to your self.

Chemistry was over and you met up with Your best friend for lunch.

As you were eating your focus turns to Brett.

The way his shirt fit him tightly on his toned muscles,

How parts of his hair fell upon his face.

But you then realised the girls he’s with.

A second before you turn back to the conversation you had with Y/B/F/N Brett suddenly looks at you, giving you a small wink.

You smile and turn your head back to your best friend, you feel you cheeks boiling and the butterflies in your stomach going wild.

“It only a coincidence” You thought trying to calm yourself down.


Its now Math, actually, you enjoyed math and you were good at it, one of the best in your class.

Another reason you enjoyed it was that it was the only class were you sat somewhere near Brett.

It was in the middle of the class and you were bored out of your mind.

You looked at Brett when he suddenly looks back up to you,

You raise one of your brows with a small smirk on your face,

He does the same and winks at you,

You roll your eyes sarcastically while giving him a small smile as you started blushing again.

As a result you two started exchanging different faces of sarcasm and flirting.

“Hes not into you, forget about it” you thought to yourself trying to get the idea of you two out of your head.

He suddenly leans towards you with his oh-so-known smirk smeared across his lips.

“Could you explain this? Im having a hard time understanding” He said in a slight flirtatious tone.

“Sure” You said with a small smile.

“Okay, so basically to find X you need to find the square root of 5 times 7..”

You showed him how to solve the equation but couldn’t help but notice it wasn’t the problem he was looking at, he was looking at you.

“Thanks” He said with the smirk still on his face as he turned back to his seat.

The bell rang and you quickly took your stuff and went to your locker, fortunately it was your last period and you couldn’t wait to put in your earphones and just walk home.

You close your locker as Brett suddenly appears leaning on it;

“Hey, I was wondering if you would like to walk home together” He asked.

“Sure, Why not” You said starting to blush, you were freaking out on the inside, why would he ask you to walk home? why is he suddenly trying to get your attention?

You two walked out the gate and started walking down a quiet street near the school.

“So I’ve been talking to Y/B/F/N lately..” He stated

“Oh my gosh” You mumbled under your breath.

“And what did she say?” You asked in a slightly insecure tone.

“Well, I’ll ask you first.

Do you like me?“

You were surprised by his question, it completely threw you off guard.

“I’m gonna kill her” you said sarcastically with an irritated look on your face.

“I hope you answer is a yes cause I really like Y/N”

You had a shocked look on your face, you couldn’t believe Brett Talbot just said that to you.

“YOU like ME?” You asked still quite shocked.

“Yeah, I mean you’re beautiful and your smile is just amazing.

I wanted to talk to you after Y/B/F/N told me what you said because you are always so shy and quite I couldn’t have know if you liked me”

“Well then I guess I do” You said trying to avoid eye contact with him.

“But why me? I mean, You’re so popular and you are friends with so many girls who are so much more prettier than me and way more social, and we never even had a conversation before”

“You caught my eye, don’t underestimate yourself. You are so beautiful and probably more than most of the girls I talk to, I can tell you that you are so much hotter than you think you are. I hear the guys talking about you every once in a while after practice”

At this point you really started blushing.

“How about this, I’ll pick you up tomorrow at 7:30?”

“I’d love that”


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Please stop treating ‘99 and under liners as toddlers. It’s fine if it’s an AU and they’re still a child there, but God dammit, these people are 15-17 years old, not 5. They aren’t that innocent.
Now, I’m not saying it’s suddenly okay to sexualize them, I’m saying stop portraying them to be a child who sucks their thumb and carries a blanket and Teddy bear around with them 25/8. Stop making them seem like they can’t function without someone older near them. Stop making them seem like they have no clue what sex is, or that kissing will give them cooties. Stop making it seem like they’re defenseless and useless people who sit and cry and whine until you rock them to sleep or read them a story or something.
I’m around that age, and if someone treated me like this I’d slap them into hell. You wouldn’t go up to a Junior in high school and treat them that way, would you? Why is it bc they’re an idol it’s different? They’d be just as confused and offended as a “normal” person, because they’re normal people too.

The Snow Globe

by reddit user NP-CO

“Janie honey,” My mother said as we left the funeral. “That lawyer gave me a key.”

“A key?” I said.

“It seems that Aunt Tabitha left you something. Locked in a safe deposit box.”

“Really? I asked turning to my mother. “But wasn’t she poor?”

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The Dream

So last night I had a dream about my TC and we were both hiking. Well, my clumsy ass fell and started crying like a little bitch– but no worries! My sweet TC came and helped clean my wounds ❤❤❤❤ He then decides to LIFT me up and place me on his LAP as he provides first aid!! Now, I’m wearing a super short dress (no clue why if I’m HIKING) and super nervous he can see my underwear and stuff >.< So I keep fidgeting and blushing like crazy. After a few minutes, he gives me an exasperated sigh and grabs my chin to force me to look at him. Now he looks at me all lustful and says,

“Please stop moving, I can’t concentrate with you making my dick hard every five seconds.”

At this point, I just die of embarrassment, but then realize something: my TC would NEVER use slang like ‘dick’. I then come to my senses and know this is all a dream and wake up seconds later. But my goodness, I wish I had seen what would happen next.

BTS Reaction #3 - Seeing their girlfriend “dead” on the ground only to find out that she’s faking it

bts coming home and seeing their gf on the ground dead (faking blood ect) how would they react if one of the members would play along and pretend to be the killer xD

Hello anon! I’m going to do the reaction when they find out that it’s a prank (after they freak TF out lol) I hope you like it!

Namjoon (Rap Monster): *please ignore the subtitle* “F**k you both. I hate you. I’m done.” *pissed the hell off*

Originally posted by jjks

Seokjin (Jin): *he stops crying and turns to you* “You’re okay? Really? Oh my gosh Jagi never do that to me again I can’t handle the thought of you dying. I love you. AND YOU-” *Points to the member* “You are dead to me for the next month.”

Originally posted by eatjin

Hoseok (J-Hope): *starts crying even harder from the spot he collapsed on the ground* “WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT I HATE YOU BOTH”

Originally posted by chimchims

Yoongi (Suga): “F**k you.” *he then would refuse to cuddle or even talk to you for a few days and you’d have to keep apologizing before he forgave you, even longer before he forgave the other member*

Originally posted by mn-yg

Taehyung (V): “Why?” poor tae would be so confused and just so hurt he’d just keep asking “Why would you do that though??”

Originally posted by taehyungifs

Jimin: Utterly speechless for the rest of the day he’d be passive aggressively angry towrds you two and when he finally talked he’d say “I love you so much and I thought you died. Do you have any clue how painful that was? I felt like I died with you. I just…can’t forgive you right now. Just give me time.”

Originally posted by sugaglos

Jungkook: He’d be snarky for the next few days until he played a prank by pretending to break up with you. “That hurt right? I felt even worse when I thought you were dead. So no more of that, right?”

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Million Reasons

Okay so this wasn’t requested by I sort of got the idea from Million Reasons by Lady Gaga (definitely recommend listening to while reading this). It hasn’t been edited or anything so I’m hoping it’s okay, if not I’m really sorry!!!! As per usual, please please please to send me any requests or ideas! TBH I sort of have a thing for like joker being a dick and then begging to get her back? Next time I pinky promise it’ll be lighthearted and no arguing!! Just good ol’ Joker fun 

Pairing: Jared Leto Joker x Reader

Warnings: Nothing really? I guess maybe like mention of physical abuse ??? but honestly nothing really. 


This was your dirty little secret. No one knew, not your best friends, not your coworkers, and especially not your boyfriend. The Joker would not be okay with you going to church. You only went on special occasions such as a bad fight, emotional confusion, anything that made your chest heavy. It was nice to just be able to talk without having to worry about people hearing your every word.

Tonight was a an especially bad fight. Joker had always had a bad temper, never really calm, always unpredictable. Being his girl was hard, you never knew if today was going to be a good day or if today was going to be the day he finally snaps on you. Tonight was the night that he lost it. Never had he laid a hand on you that you didn’t want. Tonight was the exception. You didn’t have a clue what had happened, one moment he was fine and then the next his hand hit your face with incredible force. The sheer power behind the hit confirmed your fears of an awful black eye. That’s why you were at the church across the city where you were sure he couldn’t find you.

“I don’t know what I did wrong… I don’t know why he hit me. I just don’t know what to do. Please help a girl out?” It seemed as though you were talking to yourself but really you were talking to the man upstairs. You had no clue if he was actually real or not, you weren’t a huge believer but it still felt good to feel like someone was listening to you. “I just want everything to be okay. He’s given me a hundred million reasons to leave but he could give me one good reason and I would run back to him like a helpless little girl. I didn’t want this life. I wanted to find love and I wanted the man of my dreams to cherish me… Is that too much to ask God? Is it too much to ask to be loved? I’ve lost everyone… I’m completely alone. Lord show me the way…” At this point the mix of the painful mark on your face and the emotional pain that came with analyzing your life caused a single tear to slide down your bruised cheek. You quickly wiped it away, refusing to let this get to you.

“It’ll be okay y’know?” You jumped at the unexpected voice. You snapped your head around to see a friendly face, shoulder length brown hair, sparkling brown eyes, a supportive smile. She seemed friendly enough.

“At this point I don’t know… I’m completely lost. I don’t even know where to start. I don’t even know if anyone is listening to me up there. I just need everything to be okay. He doesn’t even love me.” She moved up to sit beside you. With a deep breath in she looked at you. You didn’t see pity in her eyes as you expected, but empathy.

“The bruise will go away and eventually so will the heart ache. I’m assuming the man you love did this to you?” she said, moving a piece of hair that had fallen over your face. You nodded and looked down at your feet, embarrassed that you had let it get to this point. “I know it’s a lot easier said than done but you shouldn’t stay with him. You need to love yourself as much as you love him. Take all the love that you’ve devoted to him and give it to yourself. Love yourself to pieces, respect yourself, admire yourself and how strong you are. It’s hard, I know, I’ve been where you are. When I was with my Andy I loved him to pieces regardless of the bruises that he gave me, regardless of how awful he made me feel. The last straw for me was when I ended up in the hospital with a bad concussion from him. A nurse told me something when I was lying in the hospital bed. She said, ‘The love you give him must become the love you give yourself. The best way to show him he hadn’t completely broken you is to show him how strong you are. Show him that you are much stronger than he could ever be. Love yourself darling, give yourself everything he couldn’t.’ I think about that a lot actually. I think about how much that one woman changed my life. I figured I’d pass the message on,” her voice softened towards the end attempting to create a calm atmosphere.

“I wish I could leave him but I can’t. He’s all I have left. I can’t leave him.”

“Y/N. Why are you in a church?” The voice you were dreading to hear came from behind you. The weight collapsed on your chest making even the simple task of breathing impossible. You simply looked down rather than answer him. “Y/N answer me.”

“I come here whenever I don’t feel good. When we’ve fought, when you’re angry at me for lord know what reason, when I just don’t know what to do, when I’m lost. I come here to talk with no consequences okay? I come here when I need to think.” The words came out in one fast breath, worried that if you tried to breathe you wouldn’t be able to say a word. He stayed silent, processing what you had said. He hadn’t realized that he had caused so much turmoil in your life. He never meant to hurt you, he just didn’t know how to care for people.

“Y/N come home.” You shook your head, face scrunching up as you really started to cry. You couldn’t handle this anymore. You were utterly terrified of the man you loved. He had never said ‘I love you’ but you always thought that deep down he did, that deep down he cared for you and he needed you. You couldn’t live in fear that he would hurt you again. You turned around, facing the front of the church and stayed silent for a moment.

“J you hit me.” Your voice was shaky and quiet but clear and loud enough for him to hear. Those words tugged at the Joker’s heart. He never meant to hurt her, especially not physically. He never meant to tarnish her flawless skin. As much as he hated to admit, in fear that it might take away from his ruthless image, he cared for her quite deeply. You studied his face as he fell silent, unable to produce enough words to form an acceptable apology. He simply just shook his head in shock and backed away from the girl of his dark, twisted dreams.

Your face fell at the lack of his apology. You hoped he would at least try to fix things so that you had that one single reason to stay with him. You were desperate to have someone by your side, desperate for someone to take care of you, to give you everything you need or want, you were desperate for someone to fill the void left by the loss of all of those you ever loved. You were desperate for him.

“J if you can’t make this better then I’m going to go. I’m too strong to let you hit me. I’m too strong to let you control me. I’m too strong to be in fear of you and the things you’re capable of. “If you can’t fix this then I’m done J…” It pained you immensely to say those words to him. He wasn’t on for emotions and you knew that but the look in his intense blue eyes showed you everything he was thinking. They showed that he regretted his decision to hit you, you could see every emotion he could ever feel.

“I can make this right. Anything you want, anything you need, I can get it for you. I’ll pamper you and spoil you and I’ll treat you like my queen. You’re the light of my life Y/N. You keep me as sane as I could ever be. You can’t leave me Y/N. You can do this to me. You’re the one I want, you’re the one I need. Baby if I was king you would be my queen. You’re good for whatever bits and pieces of my soul are left. I can’t do this without you Y/N. I’ll make this better baby,” he rambled, in need of your acceptance and approval. “Give me one more chance Y/N, I promise things will change. I would do anything for you,” he pleaded.

You gave one sharp nod and headed towards the doors of the church. He exhaled a deep breath of relief, elated that you agreed to come home. You didn’t know if you were making the right decision or not but love makes someone do crazy things. Maybe you were blinded by your love for him, maybe not, but you trusted yourself to give him this one last chance. He walked up behind you and placed his hand on the small of your back and placing a single kiss on the top of your head.

“You’re mine Y/N, you always will be and I will always be yours.” You slightly leaned into him and rested your head on his shoulder. He visibly relaxed as he felt you against him and pulled you in closer. In this moment you knew you were his and he was all yours. Entirely devoted to you til death.

The Fight


“How the fuck can you not see how this makes me angry, Henry?!”
I storm into the living room to try and put some distance between me and Henry.

“I don’t get why me talking to her upsets you?”
As I look into Henry’s eyes, I can see that he clearly has no clue, which just seems to piss me off more.

“Because, dipshit, she’s your ex?! How would you feel if I started talking to my ex’s?!”

Henry gives me a pained look. “Don’t.”

Take an exasperated sigh, I ready myself for a fight. “See! You hate the thought of me doing it but I’m supposed to be all happy that you’re talking to your ex?! I don’t fucking think so Henry!”

Before I know what I’m doing, I’m turning towards the door.


“I’m sorry! Y/N, don’t leave! Come … back. Shit!”

Fuck! What the fucking hell is wrong with me?!

I throw myself down onto the couch and put my head into my hands. Looking back, I can see what I’ve done wrong but damn it she didn’t have to leave!

I have no clue what to do. I’m stuck between running after her and staying away from her to let her cool down. God, I’ve no idea what to do! Why am I constantly fucking this up?!

Suddenly, an idea pops into my head and in a split second I’ve dived for my phone and rushing to find his bloody number.

Please pick up
Fuck sake, man. Pick up!

Fuck this! I’m ready to throw my phone against the wall when he finally picks up.


“Charlie, thank the fucking Lord!”

“Woah, Henry. Chill out will you? I’m not wanting to go deaf anytime soon, thanks.”

In my desperate state, I didn’t even register how loud I was.

“Sorry. Look I need your help with something.”


I’ve been walking around in circles for half an hour now, my legs are starting to go numb from the cold.

I’ve thought about going back but decided every time to let Henry sweat it out a bit longer.

I just don’t get how he can be that thick?! How can he not see that him talking to his ex like she’s his best friend would upset me?
He hates it if another guy even so much as looks at me a certain way. He’d have a stroke if he found out I was talking to an ex.

I walk for another 20 minutes before deciding I should head back to the apartment. As I get closer, I start to feel nervous.

Did I over react?

My common sense goes out of the window when it comes to Henry. God, I love him too much not to care this deeply.

Maybe I shouldn’t have stormed out the way I did without listening to his side of the story, but, my god, I was too scared I’d say something I’d regret when everything calmed down.

I get to the front door and slowly open it before suddenly stopping. Spewed out all over the hall are red rose petals, all in a long trail headed up the stairs towards our bedroom.

Damn, he’s going to make me feel super guilty isn’t he?


I can hear her open the door, which only amplifies the nerves I have raging through me. God, I hope she doesn’t swiftly turn right back out that door. I probably deserve that.

Charlie gave me a proper shouting at after I relayed why Y/N walked out on me earlier. He put it all into perspective for me.

Jesus I’m a big fucking idiot.

The sound of the door lightly closing breaks me free from my daydream and right back into the real world.

I’m going out of my mind wondering whether she’s walked out when I hear the stairs start to creek ever so slightly from her climbing them.

She’s stayed! She’s bloody stayed!

I’m still standing in the middle of the bedroom, rooted to the floor in fear, when she so very slowly opens the door and looks up at me.

She looks as nervous as I do. Before my brain can register anything, she’s running into my arms and our mouths clash together.


Seeing him standing there, looking like a mass of nerves just made me feel so overwhelmingly guilty, that before I knew what I was doing, I was flying into his arms and searching for his lips.

Our mouths melt together and it’s the best feeling. His tongue slides along my bottom lip, his silent request to let him in.

Just as I let him in, he’s wrapping my legs around his waist and my arms fly around his neck as he starts to head towards the bed.

In seconds, I’m on my back in bed with Henry still on top of me, our mouths still joined. I moan when he pulls away from me, but refuse to remove my arms from around his neck.

His deep blue eyes with their unique brown flecks stare right into my soul. They scream regret and sadness, which only intensifies the guilt I felt when I walked through the door only moments ago.

I go to speak my apology when he puts his finger to my mouth, silently asking me to listen to him first.

“I’m sorry, so so so sorry. I should’ve known, I was being stupid. It never really registered until you left.”

I take my hands and cup his face, watching his face fill with sadness and his eyes start to water.

“I’m so sorry, love. I’ve never been so scared in my life than when you left. I was terrified that you wouldn’t come back.”

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have left for so long.”

He looks deep into my soul before speaking again.

“I love you. I love you more than anything and I hate myself for hurting you. Am I forgiven?”

His eyes are pleading with me and they melt my heart.

“Not entirely, but I’m sure you’ll make it up to me.” I say, smiling up to him.

I’m granted one of his knockout smiles as he starts to lower his mouth to mine again.