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i'm a fan of your jikook headcanons!! i read them all or even re-read some of them sometimes ;; Thank you for making them and i hope you'll be making some more in the future <3 ( ps: anyway can you please make a headcanon about heartbreaker jimin and aggressive jungkook? ;) )

 awww sweetie  why would you torture yourself by reading it so many times lmao thank youuuuu. I will do more if people ask me to, they aren’t that troublesome to do as a whole fic so I think I’m pretty ok as long as I don’t get too many requests ^^’

You weren’t that specific with what scenario you wanted me to write about so I took some liberties, hope you don’t mind :D (this probs isn’t what you wanted at all lmao sorry)

//Jimin is a heartbreaker but no one hates him. It’s hard to hate someone who is pure sunshine and turns you down with a beautiful smile. But….Jeon Jungkook ruined it all….

//Jungkook is known for his outgoing personality, always attracts everyone’s attention with everything he does. Jeon Jungkook is fucking extra.

//Also Jeon Jungkook has a major crush on Park Jimin.

//Which leads to Jeon Jungkook aggressively shoving his love into Park Jimin’s face. The boy goes to school one day with a massive bouquet of flowers and waits next to Jimin’s locker with it and the widest smile one has ever seen.
“I didn’t know which ones were your favorite so I asked the lady to put a bit of everything that would express my love :D”

//Jungkook, somehow, gets access to the loudspeakers of the school to sing a love song.
“Dedicated to the most beautiful boy on the galaxy, Park Jimin!”
(In the middle of the song the principal and some teachers finally manage to break in to the room Jungkook had locked himself and the entire school hears him scream not-so-manly how they are truncating pure love and ‘I love you PArk JIMin!!!’

//Jimin doesn’t know how but Jungkook manages to stick post-it notes on some books that belong to Jimin with cute writings and little doodles to cheer him up or give him strength to study. One day while Jimin was torturing his brain at the library Jungkook approached him, left a small bottle of water, some snacks on the table Jimin was occupying and left with a ‘keep going, Jiminnie. I trust you to do really well’ (that maybe made Jimin blush)

//Jimin feels flattered. Jeon is handsome and he has to admit his displays of love are pulling some strings on his heart. But Park Jimin has a mission, he plans on getting into College with the best academy record and dating would distract him. He doesn’t date anyone, not even cute boys that keep on sending him flowers and romantic letters (ugh, damn, Jeon….)

//Jungkook asks him to be his date for the winter’s hall. He comes to school dressed with a fucking suit, his air styled up to show his beautiful face, big bouquet of  roses and corners Jimin at the canteen, where everyone can see the show.

//Jimin is a heartbreaker. Everyone knew that already. Jungkook should have known that too…. but the rejection still hurts and maybe Jungkook locks himself in the bathroom the whole afternoon to cry.

//Jimin feels like shit. He wanted to say yes, go to the dance with Jungkook, drink, dance, have some fun….but he had to study and work if he wanted to achieve his goal. It’s the excuse he gives himself to feel less guilty now that Jungkook ignores him, refuses to look at him and doesn’t even acknowledge his existence.

//This leads to everyone giving him the stink eye, because, maybe Jungkook was a bit a lot extra but he was a good kid and the way Jimin crushed his feelings was ugly (he didn’t do anything different from all the times he’s been confessed before; a gentle smile, soft eyes and a big sorry spilling form his lips before saying ‘no’, but Jungkook started crying right there in front of everyone and consequently Jimin became the bad guy.)

//It hurts Jimin to see the always smiling and loud Jeon Jungkook so subdued, lacking that surge of energy so characteristic of him. And you know what? Fuck it.

//The next day it’s Jimin who appears wearing a suit, hair styled, portable speakers in one hand playing the song Jungkook sang for him (yes, he looked up which one it was and had it on repeat on his ipod for the past month, so what; it wasn’t the same as if it were Jungkook singing but–) and on the other a small bouquet of flowers (bc holy shit flowers are expensive how did Jungkook get that much money to get some for Jimin almost everyday) and waits for Jungkook outside of class.
“I’m sorry I hurt you Jungkook. I was supposed to focus on studies and to get into uni with good grades, no distractions. But you managed to be there for me and not be a distraction. You’ve helped me so much to gain strength to keep studying when I felt frustrated. Thank you so much for being here for me. If you still want, we can go to the dance together….”

//Park Jimin gets accepted into College with the best grade of his year. It was difficult and hard sometimes, but he had his personal cheerleader and best boyfriend ever by his side to guide him and help him pull through. 

//At the graduation ceremony Jungkook is holding a giant banner that reads:
 <Park Jimin, the best boyfriend ever, congrats for getting into college>
Jungkook is so fucking extra, Jimin thinks after reading that with a blush of embarrassment covering his cheeks and slapping a laughing Jungkook on the chest, but that’s why he loves him so much.

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ppl in the bap fandom actually do that??? wild.

I have met several people who shipped Bee/Puppycat over Bee/Deckard, whose justifications ranged from “Deckard is boring” and “Puppycat is implied to not really be an animal so it’s fine.” This has been going on since the pilot aired and I am so tired.