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Yo!! So I finally decided to do something for reaching 6k followers, (thank you all for following. I’m honored.) and I decided that I would do an art raffle with three winners.

1. To enter on this, you gotta reblog and like this post at the same time so that it is easier for me to find your entries.
2. This will end on December 14th, the day the new episode comes out so you can request something from it if you want too. I will announce the winners whenever I can.

One simple rule… NO REQUESTING NSFW. I will not draw anything that is nsfw. So to the winners, please do not plan on requesting any “stripper au” stuff or anything that involves a lack of clothing on any character. I am a minor and would really prefer not to draw anything of that sort. Thank you for understanding and now here is the list of prizes.

1st place gets something fully colored with full bodies and a background. Along with the choice of who and what is happening is yours. This will be limited to three people only.

2nd place gets something fully colored as well, except they get a simple flat colored background and is limited to two people only. The choice of who you want drawn is yours.

3rd place only gets one flat colored character with no background. Again, the choice of character is yours. Although to make 3rd place seem a little more better, you get an option to receive an icon (to use anywhere) of your favorite yoi character.

So yeah! Like and reblog this thing if you want some free art!

Los signos como partes de We don’t talk anymore

Aries:  “We don’t laugh anymore; What was all of it for/  Ya no nos amamos más , para que fue todo eso?’’

Tauro:  “We don’t talk anymore; Like we used to do/ Ya no nos hablamos más , como soliamos hacerlo…’’

Géminis: “I wish I would have known that wasn’t me/ Ojala hubiera sabido que no era yo.’’

Cáncer: “Cause even after all this time; I still wonder; Why I can’t move on; Just the way you did so easily/ Porque incluso después de todo este tiempo, aun me pregunto porque no puedo seguir adelante así de fácil como lo hiciste tu.’’

Leo: “I just hope you’re lying next to somebody; Who knows how to love you like me/ Solo espero que estas acostado juntos a alguien… que sepa amarte como yo.’’

Virgo: “I just heard you found the one, you’ve been looking/ Escuche que por fin encontraste lo que buscabas’’

Libra: “Every now and then I think you might want me to; Come show up at your door/ Debes en cuanto pienso en ti, puede que quieras que aparezca en tu puerta… ’’

Escorpio: “Don’t wanna know; If you’re looking into her eyes, if she’s holding onto you so tight the way i did before / No quiero saber si esta mirando tus ojos, si ella te esta abrazando tan fuerte como yo lo hacia antes.’’

Sagitario: “Don’t wana know kind of dress you’re wearing tonight/ No quiero saber que clase de vestido usaras esta noche…’’ 

 Capricornio: “There must be a good reason that you’re gone/ Debes de tener un buen motivo para que te hayas ido.’’

Acuario: ‘’ But I’m just too afraid that I’ll be wrong/ Pero tengo miedo de estar equivocada’’

Piscis: “Should’ve known your love was a game; Now I can’t get you out of my brain/ Debí haber sabido que tu amor era un juego, ahora no puedo sacarte de mi cabeza.’’

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Breaking Bad {Sentence Starters}

  • “I don’t imagine I’ll be here very long.”
  • “We want what’s best for each other and I know that.”
  • “Why don’t you start talking and tell me what you want?”
  • “Who sent you? You wearing a wire? You setting me up?”
  • “How am I supposed to live here now, huh?”
  • “When were you going to tell me?”
  • “Just remember who you’re working for.”
  • “No, I am just trying to understand how this works!”
  • “How does it feel to be a smart ass?”
  • “Yo, why would you want this lame ass job anyway?”
  • “Then why don’t you just fucking die already? Just give up and die.”
  • “You can’t be serious. What the hell are you doing here?”
  • “A junkyard? Let me guess, you picked this place?”
  • “I just want you to know that, no matter how it may look, I only had you in my heart.”
  • “I think that you’re confusing me for someone else.”
  • “What exactly are you offering to do for me?”
  • “So what? You’re just doing this out of the kindness of your heart?”
  • “No matter what happens, no more bloodshed. No violence.”
  • “Actually it’s not as bad as it sounds.”
  • “After we finish cleaning up this mess, we will go our separate ways.”
  • “I’m nothing! Why would you want me, huh?!”
  • “We need you to listen very carefully. Two men are coming to kill you.”
  • “Yeah. Hell yeah! Kick ass and take names!”
  • “Never give up control. Live life on your own terms.”
  • “What happened to you? What happened? Because this isn’t you.”
  • “So, what? Is this going to be a regular thing now?”
  • “If I tell you the truth, will you stay?”
  • “I have made a series of very bad decisions and I cannot make another one.”
  • “You are always the picture of innocence.”
  • “Ever since I met you, everything I ever cared about is gone!”
  • “I don’t even know what to say to you. I don’t even know where to begin.”
  • “I’m terribly, terribly ashamed of my actions." 

“John has to work today. He’s not home.”
“I’m not here because of John or Rosie. I am here because of yo-..

Stop it!”, she called out quietly, holding Rosie a bit closer to herself. She knew that he would try to talk to her. She knew it but she was scared because she had no idea how to react.
“Why can’t you just stop it, Sherlock? Why do you have to come here and talk to me? Do you really hate me so much? Do you like making fun of me? I know what I said to you was wrong. I should’ve never said it. Never. But I just did and you know why? Because I wanted to hear it. I wanted to hear it from you. Once in my life I wanted to hear those words from you, as if you meant it. As if there would be a small chance that you and me…that we both could be more than just friends. I know it is stupid and so naive to think something like that. You always say that love is just a chemical defect, that you can’t and you don’t want to feel. I know that, I know all of these things and sometimes I think I know you better than I know myself. Call me stupid, naive, or just weak. I don’t care about it Sherlock. I just want you to stop. Stop making fun of me. Stop….”

Her voice broke and she needed a moment to breath. “I don’t even know what I want you to stop. Just…don’t do this to me. Please, I am begging you. Because I can’t do this anymore. I just can’t.” Small tears were running down her pale cheeks. She couldn’t even look at him right now because all she wanted was to run. Run away from him and all her feelings. But her feet didn’t move one inch. She wasn’t able to go and to forget him. Because even though he hurt her so much, even if he broke her heart over and over again, she was still in love with him.

Sherlock looked at her with a glimpse of surprise, maybe it was admiration, too. He came closer, even if he saw that she was nervous and scared.  Scared that he would break her heart again. Without asking he leaned forward and gave her a small stroke on her cheek. She shivered, but she wasn’t able to go.
“You don’t have to do this anymore, Molly. I know I’ve been an complete and utter arsehole to you for the last few years. I know that and I am sorry for this.
I lied to you so many times and I don’t even deny that I used you. But there was one thing I never lied about. One fact I always tried to ignore.”
He stopped before he leaned closer and gave her a small kiss on her forehead.
“I love you. I love you, Molly Hooper.”

  • Ghost!Anakin: You can't possibly pin this on ME! He's a SOLO, this has got nothing to do with me!!! *defended*
  • -Ghost!Obi-Wan and Ghost!Yoda look at each other pretty much unconvinced-
  • Ghost!Anakin: Look at him, by the force why would yo-!
  • Kylo Ren: Show me again, the power of the darkness, and I will let nothing stand in our way. Show me, Grandfather, and I will finish what you started.
  • Ghost!Obi-Wan: *stares suspiciously at Anakin*
  • Ghost!Yoda: *stares suspiciously at Anakin*
  • Ghost!Anakin: Oh, fml, it never ends!
Chanyeol Scenario - ‘Sub!Chanyeol, xMale’

Requested by a lovely anon <3

*Don’t own the gif/s yo*

Author: Sherlock

Note: Different reader point of view (’me’ instead of ‘you’)


I kept rubbing the thigh he placed on my leg, pretending as if I were doing nothing wrong.

“(Y-Y/N)”, he breathed, balling his hand into a fist, tightly closing his eyes.

“Are you okay Chanyeol, you look a bit feverish”, Junmyeon said, sitting across from us at the extended table, probably wondering why Chanyeol had just called me oppa.

“Really?” I asked, touching his forehead, before showing a fake alarmed expression, “Chanyeol- you’re burning up- would you like to go home early?”

He licked his lips, nodding, barely able to keep his head up, “Okay guys, we’re off, see you later”, I announced, saying my goodbyes, as I carried a fake sick Chanyeol on my back, a bit upset that the teasing had to end so fast.

“Poor Yeolie”, I said hailing a taxi, “Such a shame you got so sick, I guess we can’t do anything today.”

He groaned, especially when I made him get off so that we could get in the car.

I told the driver where to head, eyeing Chanyeol as I did, noticing he kept getting closer.

“What is it Yeol”, I said, making sure not to use his actual name so that he wouldn’t get recognized.

He licked his lips, looking down as his hands slowly made their way onto my lap, “Can I sit on you?”

For the first time, I was surprised, not really sure of how to respond to what seemed like a out of character question, since public displays of affection were appropriate in our relationship, but restricted.

“Sure”, I said, eyeing the driver so that he would look away.

He sat directly in between my legs, slowly collapsing his back onto my chest, sighing as he did.

When I thought the unusual behavior was over, he began to press his backbone on my crotch, making me look back at the driver, who looked away just as I looked over.

I didn’t expect to end up being teased as well, “Chanyeolie, you can stop now”, I mumbled in a sing song voice, hoping he’d get the hint and stop almost grinding on me.

Grabbing both of my thighs with each hand, he lifted himself slightly, positioning himself right on me, letting a whimper slip as he began to grind on me again.


He began to do it even less discretely, throwing his head back, now able to actually grind on something now that blood had already flowed downwards.

Subconsciously, I put my hands on his waist, as if to guide him, ready to give in.

“Your stop is here sirs”, he said, looking straight but with his ears bright red.

Snapping out of it, I hummed, digging into my wallet and throwing some amount of money that would probably pay for our trip and the next person’s.

I opened the door, practically pushing Chanyeol out, allowing the driver to drive off instantly.

“What do you think you were doing”, I said, dragging him into my house, “You’re going to have to pay.”

He licked his lips, allowing me to pull him, “Yes please.”

Pitch in for a party pt2// FreshLee

Nate POV

What the fuck!!! Bro im tell you same is the most dumbest guy in the world!! Why would he say that to the person he like. Common sense will tell you- never mind I don’t care right now I need to find Y/n before she has a anxiety attack so I went to Derek who was talking to some people I don’t even know

“Yo Derek do you know we’re Y/n is bro” I sayed

“No is everything good?” He sayed putting his drink down

“Nah bro, Sam cuse her out so me,swazz,Dillon are looking for her” I sayed irritated

“Say no more, let’s go” he sayed

Swazz POV

I went outside where y/n will go if she got mad untill I found Kehlani and some other people so I ran to her to see if she knows where y/n was at.

“Hey swazz wassup?”

“Have you see y/n he ran off and we can’t find her” o sayed out of breath

“Huh?, Wait she ran off why?” She said

“Sam cuse her out so that’s why she ran off” I sayed

“Oka let’s go find her” she ran

Dillon POV

I hope in the car to see if y/n was anywere to be found. I know she’s from the ghetto and she’s ain’t scared of the night but the way she walk out was scary. So this how I’m looking for her. Then I had any ideal I call JJ to see if she’s over there.


“Ayye is y/n over there?”

“Nah why?”

“Bro she ran off cause Sam cuse her out”

“ Oh shit… Lemme look for her tooo”

“Oka call me if you found her”


Nate POV.

“Bro she ain’t picking up her phone where the fuck could she be!” Derek sayed irritated

“I don’t even know” I sayed

Me and Derek was still looking for her Intill we found Kehlani and swazz running towards us.

“Omg Nate we can’t find y/n” Kehlani sayed

“Bro she must be far” swazz sayed

“We’re is Dillon?” I sayed

“He’s looking for her!” Swazz sayed irritated

“Oh my fucking god!! We’re is sam!” Kehlani sayed walking away

“He’s in the club” derek sayed following her

Kehlani POV

When I went in the club I saw Sam dancing with this ugly ass bitch.

“Hey Kehla-” I slap the shit out of him

“This is your fault that we can’t find her!!” I yelled

“What are you talking about?!” He yelled

“Y/n ran off and we can’t find her cause if you Sam” I yelled tears came down my eyes I felt hands pulling me away from sam it was Nate.

Dillon POV

I was in the hood were y/n grew up Intill i found a body on the ground…..I couldn’t believe it.. it..Was..Y/n there lying there not moving. I ran out of the car to her all her clothes were off she was in her bra and panties. I was balling my eyes out at this point so I call skate.

Nate POV My phone was going of it was Dillon.

“NATE!!” Dillon screaming and crying

“BRO WHAT SUPP!!?” I yelled

“It’s y/n she on the ground naked and she’s… She’s not moving bro on come down her bro” he sayed crying

I hung up the phone and to my car.swazz and Derek came with me when we got there we found Dillon holding y/n in his arms crying to her Derek and swazz and I dip and ran for her she was naked she was wearing her bra panties her make up all mess up her leg was scratch up. We call the ambulance when we went to the holipital the doctor sayed that she may had achol poison but they may not what happened to her leg why it was all scratch up.

“Dillon was her phone on her?” I ask

“Nah bruh” he sayed

“Fuck who would do this to her?” Swazz said

“I don’t even know bro"I said

"How we gonna tell kehlani” I sayed

“Now I don’t even know is about that” Derek sayed

“Shit” I sayed putting my face in my hands

Damn…. What happened…

Guzma in the Anime pt 2
  • Friend: Okay... lets forget about Would you rather. How about truth or dare?
  • Me: Lay it on me, yo
  • Friend: Truth or dare?
  • Me: Truth
  • Friend: What's your favorite day of the year?
  • Me: *Sobs* the day Guzma appears in the anime
  • Friend:
  • Friend: Why do I even try
Dear people from the US:

I’ve never celebrated the 4th of July, not even once. It’s your independence day, a big important date, we are neighbor countries, but México didn’t participate in any way in it, it’s not our day to celebrate, we have nothing to do with that. 

So why are you still obsessed with celebrating a minor battle of México? and don’t get me wrong, is not the fact that you would, for some unknown and strange reason, wanna “celebrate” this battle, the problem fellow americans, is how yo do it and the implications of your hypocrisy. 

You dress up in a sombrero, a poncho and a mustache, yes, we do have sombreros and ponchos in México, the thing is, that’s the only way you have to represent mexicans, sombreros, mustaches, ponchos and donkey piñatas, because you see us like that, sombrerudos with mustaches, riding donkeys and wearing ponchos, because you don’t have any respect for our culture, your respect goes so low you don’t mind eating taco bell and calling it mexican, you couldn’t care less about us, about our country, about our traditions, all you care about is getting drunk. 

And you would think, “why do you care? why me eating fake Mexican food and getting unconsciously drunk on fake tequila margaritas and eating “guac and chips” is making any harm to anyone?” I’ll tell you how you harm others, you belittle us to a stereotype, you erase our culture in order to have it your way, to enjoy your “5 de drinko”. 

And tomorrow, 6 de mayo, like any other day you will cure your hangover at your favourite McDonalds and won’t look twice at the mexican immigrant who is gonna serve you your food and you just yelled at, because you don’t care. And you won’t raise your voice to help a woman who is being screamed at in a public place “speak english, we are in America” as you raised your voice to scream for tequila shots yesterday, because you don’t care. And you will keep voting for people that are passing bills to randomly check for the documents of people who looks “suspiciously illegal”, because you don’t care. 

And probably in one or 2 summers you will visit Cancun and get your ego bigger every 5 de mayo, “I’ve been to México, that’s how they do it there” while you drink another margarita, meanwhile millions of mexicans are struggling on your country daily, wether they are legal or illegal, wether they are lawyers or they are lawnmowers, you won’t see them and give them a hand, because you’ve never cared, because the disrespect of our traditions, food, clothes and appearance is just the first step of a bigger ladder, full of struggles, discrimination, hate, aggression, and fear, that mexicans have to go through every single day, and you never cared, and I’m afraid that with your poncho and your donkey piñata, you never will. 

  • Jean Asks Armin & Eren for Help on Asking Out Marco

This request comes from @yonnie-boy 

yonnie-boy said: YO could you do Jean asking Eren and Armin for advice about how to ask Marco out? And Eren’s like “lol why would marco like a dickless shitmonger like u” and Armin is supper supportive and scolds Eren for being an asshat?


Look…if I could turn to anyone else, I would.

Why the fuck would I want to help you, Horseface.

Eren, shut up for once in your life. Jean…what’s wrong?

Nothing…nothing is wrong, exactly…actually…everything is…okay.

Then why did you come to us, which includes me by the way. Me. Your enemy. The guy you hate. Because he thinks your face is like a horse. Because it is.

Fuck you, Jaeger.

Wanna  dance, pretty b-

Eren! Jean, do you want to talk in private?

Yes please.

No, wait. Sorry, Jean. Go ahead.

*sigh* I…I like someone…but I have no idea how to tell them I like them.

Hmm…does his name rhyme with Barco?


Come on dude, it’s pretty damn obvious. You practically turn into a tomato whenever he’s in the room, and I think the tomato is more likely to speak. You obviously like the guy.

Is it…is it that obvious?

No, Jean, Eren’s just an ass. So, you like Marco, but have no idea how to tell him?


Well, I can think of a lot of different ways. You could just…talk to him. You could have someone else find out if he likes you. You could see how things play out themselves, or-

Hold up, Armin. I know just the guy who can help.

You do?

Yeah, let me call him up. *Le calls Marco* Hey. Horseface likes the crap out of you. Oh? Okay. Dinner Friday night? Sounds good. I’ll tell him.

W-What the fuck Jaeger!

He likes you. I don’t know why but you actually have a date this friday. You can thank me later. Wow, that was tough. All in a day’s work.

…Even I hate you right now, Eren.

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(Yo Red you should Kiss The Girl™)>:) ~Purple

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“What? Why would I want to be one of them? I’m not a Disney character.”


“Then why don’t you be one?”


“Alright. You do that then.”



“How about we settle for me being none of them?”

The signs as things ive said when talking about Undertale
  • Taurus: omg imagine paps reaction to spaghettios
  • Cancer: one of us oNE OF US
  • Virgo: pap gets a spaghetti crown instead of a flower one, he goes to spaghetti heaven, every1 is happi
  • Libra: I drew a napstablook he is so tiny so smol
  • Sagittarius: SHIT UH?? GRILLBY??
  • Aquarius: I am literally trying to understand my atteaction to an animated skeleton
  • Pisces: why would anyone want to do the genocide run all the characters are so nice and il them

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Hi I don't know if this is a random question but do you ship ransom and nursey?

I pride myself on being able to ship ANYTHING. So sure, why not? :)

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Hey remember me? Yah it's that one guy who didn't like your 'sin squad' or whatever. I haven't seen any posts lately about it and that one account was deleted so I hate to say I told you so but I did say it would happen 😂 you're probably all like "what will I do without friends" bc you can only find some on the internet who probably aren't even legit. How'd your group split up? Did one end up being a 40 yo perv? Haha I'm glad it's over also I'm sending this to that one mom and the gatsby one 2

First off, as I did the last time we were in this situation, I’m going to wonder why you haven’t just unfollowed and/or blocked the accounts if they aggravate you? Maybe they don’t and you just really like creating drama with these types of petty messages? If you want to talk, just come off anon and handle it maturely.

Secondly, I don’t appreciate you sending people that I care about hate. They don’t deserve it in the least, and I think you know that. Find another outlet for your aggression than on kind people who have done nothing to you. I don’t know who you are or what your deal is, but you’re creating stress and anxiety for harmless people. Your attitude is already isolating yourself from people you don’t even know (or maybe you do? Idk) and you’ll only go further and further until you have nobody if it keeps up.

So, and I say this as genuinely and kind as possible, fuck you and your petty bullshit.

Grad school 0/10 would not recommend

Literally working full time as a teacher, taking 9 credit hours for school , AND making an effort to be on my fitness game is HARD WORK. All this while maintaining my weight and a 4.0 GPA.

TGod for Starbucks and nail appointments to help my mental health. SELF CARE IS IMPORTANT YO

Despite feeling like I’m drowning in a sea of work I did finally register for my 10K in April, got my rental car situated for my trip to Germany this summer, renewed my summer orchestra subscription, actually finished my homework, and found a half marathon to run when I’m in Germany!

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Hello!!! I was scrolling down the back to the future tag for the 1st time and saw that a bunch of people ship Doc x Marty and I'm kinda shocked. Are we talking within the canon original trilogy with 60 yo Doc and teen Marty? Also, how do you fit Jennifer in your headcannon or is she not there for you at all? Just to make it clear I'm not attacking your ship at all, I just find it very surprising bc watching the films I never thought of something like that.

Hello there! I’m weirdly honored that you came to me, anon! I can see why you would be shocked, of course, it’s not hard to fathom the feeling at all.

Yes the shipping is within the original trilogy. Like you said, with a 17 year old Marty, and an (actually) around 70 y/o Doc. Of course that’s the main cause for controversy in the fandom, but damn. Hasn’t stopped us yet.

Of course I personally don’t condone underage pornography/encounters/relationships in general, so in everything that I write I put a disclaimer that Marty is 18. It’s not much of a stretch to say that Marty waited a few months for his birthday to do anything with Doc, for the sake of the law. I have noticed that people don’t put this disclaimer, or they do it by just saying ‘a year after’ or ‘1986′. These are all fine too!! Though I refuse to read anything that has the tag underage on it.

And then of course there is the game verse, or Doc in 1931, who is around Marty’s age anyway.

As for Jennifer, In my personal experience I’ve seen her placed as Marty’s ‘best friend’, which I personally think is awesome. You know, the one who helps him in his endeavors, the one who playfully scolds him for his crush on Doc. I love that she is integrated into many stories, and not always just left out!!

Thank you for asking your question, I hope I answered it to your satisfaction! I understand how when watching the movie for yourself you don’t think of these things! Seeing it here on Tumblr might have been weird. I’m glad you are open minded and willing to listen to someone’s explanation as to why they like it, without immediately bashing it.

Here is a powepoint post by timetravelboyfriends ‘in defense’ of the ship if you want to hear more: x

If you ever want to know anything else I’d be happy to help! All questions and concerns are welcome here! Have a great day! c”: