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Tom holland dating reader who wears eyeglasses

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Note: any gifs included are not mine.

  • Tom would Love the idea of his girl wearing eyeglasses.
  • He’d think you look cute with them.
  • Tom Stealing your eyeglasses to wear them.
  • “ Tom seriously I can’t see without them”.
  • You’d trip while TRYING to chase after him.
  • Ok, so you start pouting because you sometimes secretly pity yourself for not being able to see without your glasses.
  • Tom would go weak in the knees when he sees you pouting.
  • “ Hey Love I am so sorry I didn’t mean it”.
  • He’d give you back your eyeglasses and kisses you on the forehead.
  • Tom asking stupid questions like:
  • “ But how come you can’t see without them?”
  • “ how do your surroundings look like when you take them off?”
  • “ it looks like everything is so unclear.”
  • “ How so?”
  • You rolling your eyes
  • You’d search the Internet for photos that shows him how you see things without your glasses"
  • “ MY GOD that’s how you see ?”
  • Tom would go with you to your medical check
  • Your doctor saying that you need new eyeglasses
  • “ Mr. Holland why don’t we check on your sight too?”
  • Tom would be nervous.
  • “ you Will be needing glasses for reading Mr. Holland.”
  • You looking at Tom with a smirk when the doctor said that. 😈😈😈
  • Tom would probably be more excited than you when it come to buying new eyeglasses.
  • You both would choose eyeglasses for eachother
  • “ Tom how about this one?”
  • “ naaaaaah”
  • He would be so picky because he’s wants the most beautiful thing for you.
  • “ this one looks perfect, Love”
  • “ You look like a female version of Harry potter.”
  • You would laugh so hard when he says that.
  • Him taking pictures of you both when you settle with your choices of eyeglasses and posting it on instagram.
  • When there are important events and you have to wear contacts oooooooh GOD 😂
  • You would freak out that you are literally running around the house screaming.
  • Tom running after you to TRY and calm you down.
  • You would TRY and calm yourself down
  • “ Stand still.”
  • Tom trying to take off your contacts
  • “ Don’t blink Love”
  • “ I am trying”
  • He would sit on the couch and you would lay your head on his lap, so he can take them off
  • He would start a conversation with you to calm you down
  • “ you have beautiful eyes Love”
  • He would stare into your eyes and totally forget about the contacts.
  • “ Tom the contacts”
  • “Oh Yeah,sorry Love”
  • He would successfully take them off.
  • “ thank you Babe.”
  • You would say giving him a kiss on the cheek
  • He’d pull you back to get a real kiss this time 😉
  • You refusing to do an operation.
  • “ I don’t want to do it Tom.”
  • “it’s okay baby you don’t have to do it.” he’d say hugging you tightly.
  • You telling him why you don’t want to do it.
  • “ so, I met this old woman and she told me how she didn’t do the operation because she feels confident and happy with her eyeglasses.”
  • “ and i feel the same ,so I decided on not doing the operation.”
  • Him understanding and supporting your decision.
  • Tom taking pictures of you when you’re working on your assignments because you look adorable with your eyeglasses.
  • “ Toooooom stooooooooop it.”
  • “ What Love you look beautiful”
  • You’d blush and try to hide your smile
  • But of course tom realises and he’d attack your face with kisses
  • There would be this one time you forgot to put your eyeglasses on the nightstand and you’d leave them on the bed between you and Tom after you finish reading.
  • So the next morning when you’re in the bathroom “ Tom baby would you please hand me my eyeglasses?”
  • Tom would look for them on your nightstand but won’t find them
  • Then he’d realise that he slept on them the other night.
  • “shit”
  • “Tom” you’d call again
  • “ ugh… Ugh…. Here Love.”
  • “ why did you give me the spare ones?”
  • “What? Tom seriously?!”
  • “it’s not my fault Love, you forgot to put them on the nightstand last night”
  • You won’t argue with him because you know he’s right
  • “ Sorry love”
  • “no it’s okay you’re right”
  • Tom would feel guilty so he’d buy you new ones.
  • “Tom you didn’t have to.”
  • “ no Love I wanted to.”
  • You’d hug him so tightly and kiss him because he’s the best boyfriend every
  • Tom making sure you have your spare eyeglasses with you when you’re going out.
  • Tom would secretly admire you when you’re Sleeping of course without your eyeglasses
  • In the morning after you wake up you’d reach for your eyeglasses to wear them, but tom would stop you so he can admire your Sleepy eyes without the eyeglasses
  • “ Don’t put them on Love, not yet.”
  • “Tom I won’t be able to see you clearly”
  • “ I’ll pull you closer so you can see me Love.”
  • He’d pull you closer to him that he’s the only clear figure you can see. 😍😍😍
Why I created Spoonie-Life-Hacks.

When my health suddenly declined and I became ‘disabled’, I went through one of the hardest phases of my life. You expect your doctors to help you here. They wanted to ‘fix’ me and make me better, but none of them would help me adjust to this new way of life. I had to learn the rules of this new world on my own. 

One day I bumped into a woman while waiting for a bus. We were both in wheelchairs so she asked me why I need mine. We both had EDS so she suggested I join some support groups on facebook. At first I didn’t think it would help much. One day facebook recommended one to me that this woman had suggested. I joined it and my life changed. 

Over 90% of my knowledge of my condition is thanks to that group. Because my condition does so much to the whole body, doctors prioritise on the worst things and often don’t bother to learn about a lot of the symptoms and issues. In this group of thousands, if one person knows and shares their knowledge, we now all know and can research it ourselves. 

Anyone who has been in that group for long enough has more knowledge of our condition than most doctors. So we discuss how to live with our set-backs. There are the default ways that our doctors suggest but as I said, doctors only focus on a few of our struggles. Here’s my inspiration. If one person figures out a new way to make a problem more manageable and posts it, thousands of people can now do it too. 

Now imagine if out of every 50 people, just 1 person discovers/invents a new way to make our lives easier and shares it in a group of over 6,000 people. That’s 120 new ways to improve our life. 6,000 people now have 120 methods for better living with a disability. 

This gave me an idea. What if I could form a group that focused on just our own inventive ways to better live with our health problems. Imagine how much we can achieve. Where people with any disability or condition could add their own solutions in exchange for many more. Imagine how many ideas there could be all in one place. 

This is what I want for spoonie life hack. This is why I ask you all to submit your ideas, no matter how small. If we work together we can all be so strong. 

Jasper Hale Imagine

Could you please do a jasper hale imagine where reader has a blood syndrome where she over produces blood and has to give blood daily or else she’ll die, but one day she is unable to and jasper apon seeing her bites her not knowing about the blood thing, and he ends up saving her life sorry if this is long…..

AN: I did every other day to make the story flow a little better, hope that’s ok!

You sat in the same chair you did nearly everyday and flipped through a magazine as your blood traveled into the bag. “How’s school going, Y/N?” You looked up at the nurse, Matt.

“Hi Matt, it’s going pretty good thanks.” Since you moved to this small town 5 months ago Matt was one of the faces you saw nearly everyday. You had a rare blood disorder where your body produced too many red blood cells and, in order to maintain your body’s homeostasis, you had to donate blood once every two days.

As the bag filled to the top the nurse, Amy, took the needle out and put the band-aid over the small hole. “See you in a couple days, Y/N.”

“Thanks Amy, I’ll see you guys later,” you waved and walked out of your car.


        The next day of school you walked in and were surprised to see a seating chart placed at the front of the classroom. “Look at where you’re new seat is,” your teacher called as you and a couple other students entered. You found your name at where the back left table was and went to the seat. “Jasper Hale” was written next to yours.

        You had had this English class with Jasper since you moved here and had yet to hear him speak other than the handful of times that your teacher had called on him randomly and made him answer; he seemed nice. Quiet, but nice.

        The blond man walked in and tensed as he saw what was going on. He walked back to the table semi-reluctantly and took a seat next to you without talking. You could feel the tension. “Um, hi,” you awkwardly said. “I’m-”

        “Y/N Y/L/N.”

        “…Right,” you gave a weak smile.


“Jasper Hale,” you interjected back.

“…Right,” he couldn’t help but smile. Your teacher cleared his throat and the class turned towards her.

“As you all see we have new seats. That’s because we have a class project that will be taking most of our time for the rest of the semester, so get comfortable with who you are next to because they will be your partner. We’re going to start the lesson for today and then get into the project but I suggest that before class ends the two of you exchange information.”


A month had passed and you and Jasper had spent nearly every free period in school sitting together. But, while you had spent all the time doing the project, your time together had slowly shifted away from the project. You two had grown close and very friendly.

Last week after your regular doctor’s appointment you had gotten a call saying that it looked at if your red blood cell count had gotten even higher and you had been asked to keep an eye on it. When the next appointment you had two days later came you were feeling fine, a little energetic even. Your count still seemed to be higher though and your doctor continued to watch it. You had given blood yesterday after school and you were happy that Jasper had been able to take your mind off the slight worry that ate at the back of your mind.

“Are you alright,” he asked suddenly as the two of you sat in the library. “You seem…off. Not like yourself.”

“I’m fine,” you lied. You couldn’t sleep at all last night and you were feeling oddly alert, a slight headache was setting in which didn’t help. “I didn’t sleep well. I’ll probably just go home and take a nap.”

“Ok,” you could tell by the look he gave you that he didn’t fully believe you.


You got home and slumped against the couch. “Maybe food will help,” you thought to yourself and made yourself get up and go to the kitchen, a wave of dizziness coming over you. “Probably just got up too fast,” you thought. Your phone started ringing and you answered it as you opened the fridge.

“Hi Jasper,” you answered.

“Hey, I’m working on that part of the paper we were talking about today and I wanted to run this idea past you.”

“Ok,” you grabbed a carton of juice and leftovers but as you lifted the object you felt like they were 10 times heavier. You quickly put them down on the countertop and put your hands against the cool surface, trying to blink away the dizziness that was coming back into your vision.

“Y/N, you there,” you heard through the phone that was trapped between your ear and shoulder.

“Yeah,” your voice came out just above a whisper as black spots started to fill your vision. “I’m here, just…” the words stopped coming from your mouth and you felt your body give way to itself, leading to you hitting the floor. You could barely make out the muffled voice of screaming coming through the phone before you closed your eyes.

Jasper ran quicker than he knew he could towards your house as he heard the thud of your body hitting the floor. He arrived at your house and threw open the door, seeing you sprawled out on the floor. He was kneeling by your side in a second.

“Y/N,” he called out and started to gently shake you. “Y/N,” the shakes turned violent as he tried to get you to open your eyes. He could hear how slow your pulse was and the different smell your blood had.

Your eyes barely cracked and you looked at him. “Jas,” you muttered.

“I’m here, Y/N. What’s wrong? Tell me what’s wrong?”

“My b-blood…bad. I need it out.”

“You need your blood out?”

“Too many red,” your speech turned sloppy. “Hospital…take some out.” Your eyes closed again and he yelled. Jasper wasn’t really sure what you were trying to tell him but one thing was clear, the hospital was too far. He could hear your pulse slowing and did the only thin he could think of.

He sunk his teeth into your wrist and closed his eyes from the pain the action was causing him. He drank and drank until he felt your heart beat return to normal. He retracted his teeth and sucked the venom out of your system, stopping as soon as he was sure it was all out. He pried himself away from your arm easily, which even surprised him, and lifted you up, running to his house.


When you woke up you were in a very unfamiliar room on a very uncomfortable couch. Panic went through you until Jasper appeared by your side. “Hey,” his voice was oddly low, like he was scared that being too loud would hurt you.

“Hi. Where are we?”

“We’re at my house.” You had never gone to his house before, he’d always come to yours.

“How did I get here? I remember hitting the floor and…then you were in my house. I need to get to the hospital,” you suddenly remembered and panic went through you again.

“I took care of it, don’t worry.” You were confused but you followed his gaze to the new outline that was still raw on your wrist. “Carlisle, my Father, is a doctor. He said recognized you from the hospital. Why didn’t you tell me about your blood disorder?”

“Not exactly a fun fact I like to share.” You looked down at the mark that covered your wrist, the tension filling the air. “What did you do Jasper?” He refused to meet your eyes.

“I-I bit you.”

“You bit me?”

“Y/N,” he finally looked up at you and you noticed the tinge of red that now lingered in his eyes. “There’s something you should know.”

Friends in Dark Places [Ch. 2]

Characters: Virgil Sanders, Patton Sanders, Roman Sanders, Logan Sanders, Sander Sides (technically Virgil Thomas, Patton Shea, Roman Patrick, and Logan Christiansen)

Pairing: platonic moxiety (could be read as romantic but it is not explicitly that)

Word Count: 2707

Warnings: self harm mentions, depression mentions, panic attacks, suicide mentions and attempts, blood mentions, hospitals, and IVs

Story Summary: (Humans!AU) After struggling with suicidal ideation and loneliness for years, a teen decides it’s time for it all to end… that is, until someone tries to save him.

A/N: With all of the drama that’s happened in the fandom today, I needed some way to let out my anxiety. I’m on a roll with chapters. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated and reblogs would give me so much life!

Tag list (send me an ask if you want to be added): @milk-withtwosugars @abstractedthinking @gotta-love-dem-sides @ashrain5​ @waste-disposal-unit

Teaser (read first)   -  Chapter 1

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So I don’t know if you all believe in ghosts or spirits or whatever. If you don’t then I will sound totally insane…..which isn’t exactly wrong! I don’t see ghosts but sometimes in certain places I can feel things and I don’t really usually know why.

My son’s doctor moved to a new building and we had our first appointment there today. She works by herself, no big fancy office with several doctors. This is an old house, built in 1914 old. It needs a lot of work. The yard looked like Leatherface would come at us with a chainsaw. The first floor inside was mostly done and looked beautiful. But the bathroom was upstairs. And as I’m walking up the stairs I feel very uneasy. While using the bathroom I had to keep from crying, ffs. Just felt sad, scared, and very, very uneasy. Almost fell down the damn stairs just to get off that floor. While I waited for my son I felt okay but kept looking at the stairs and kept thinking someone was going to come down. 

Weird, I know. Believe me, I KNOW. I don’t know anything about the house except the doctor said when it was built. But will I be using the bathroom there anytime soon……

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New Kid x Mysterion Part 2

Mysterion moves the curtain out of his way to enter the dark room. Doctor Timothy stares at the incomplete billion dollar franchise plain.

“Mysterion, you shouldn’t lie to you’re friends.” Timothy told him getting right to the point. “I’m sorry Doctor. But it was the only way to get them to accept her right away.”

Timothy turn his chair around to face him. “Are you sure you should let your emotions decided for you?”

Mysterion doesn’t say anything. “I understand you had feeling for this girl since you met her. But you shouldn’t have taken a risk like this. If she was a spy from the Coon. You would have put us all at risk.”

“I am sorry Doctor Timothy. But I had to. I live a miserable life. I can’t die and I don’t know why. I try to protect this city to give my curse meaning. But I still feel empty…  that is until.”

Mysterion moves the curtain a little to look at the New Kid. Who is being shown around my the other Freedom Pals.

“Until the day I met her. I feel like my life has meaning now. I’ll do anything to protect her. Even if it means putting my friends at risk.

Or Turing into a Princess Natzi Zombie. So she can fart on my balls. And make a ton of friends on Facebook.”

Mysterion turns back to the Doctor. “She has a curse too. Her farts can bend time. If she not careful. She could go forward or backwards a hundred years. She understands the pain of having true power. As I do. 

That’s why I’ll do anything for her. I won’t let her suffer alone.”

Timothy close his eyes thinking deeply. “Very well. She will be under your care. Till she has enough experience to fight on her own.”

“Thank you Doctor Timothy.” Mysterion leaves the Doctor to his thoughts. When Mysterion joins the New Kid. Her tour of the basement is over. 

“So any questions?” Tool Shed ask her. She looks at him blankly. Not saying anything. That when Mysterion join them.

“Mysterion what her deal anyway? Is a mute or something?” He asked him. “I think she can talk. Just choose not too.” He told him.

“Well you need to find a way to communicate with us dude.” Tool Shed told her. “We’ll work on it.” Mysterion told him.

“Night is about to fall. We should all return home before our parents ground us.” Doctor Timothy told them. Coming out of his area.

“Aw dude you’re right. We need to go! See you dudes tomorrow.” Tool shed told them as he and Tweek ran up the stairs. Tupperware help Timothy up the stairs after Mysterion and the New Kid went up them.

Mysterion walk her home. Telling her that he it on his way home so it wouldn’t be out of his way. When they got to her house her partner were arguing as usual. 

“Why would you tell the principal what race we are?!” The father yelled. “I didn’t our child did!” The mother reply. “But you confirm it!” “Our child is confused don’t you see?! First we lie about her being a boy then about her race.”

“DON’T YOU KNOW WHAT THEY’RE DO IF THEY FIND US?!” “DON’T YOU KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO OUR CHILD IF WE DON’T BE HONEST WITH HER!” The two then started hitting each other yelling and a number of bad words.

That when they notice their daughter and Mysterion at the door. They stop immediately. “Oh sweetie who is this? One of your little friends?” The mother asked.

“I am Mysterion. The hero this town needs. I was just walking your daughter home. South Park can be dangerous at night.” Mysterion told them.

“Well thank you young man. That so sweet of you. It nice to know this town has some gentleman. Unlike my good for nothing husband here.”

The father glare at her. He wanted to curse her out. But hold his tough in front of his daughter.

“Well pumpkin say goodbye to your friend and eat your dinner. Then it’s off to bed with you.” Her father told her before headed up stairs. Follow by her mother.

“You parents seem to argue as much as my do. Has it always been like this?” The new kid nodded. “If you don’t feel safe here let me know.”

The new kid smile a little. Mysterion turn and walks out door. “I’ll see you tomorrow new kid. Sleep well.” The new kid wave to Mysterion before shuting the door.

She eats her dinner and headed to bed. While she is fast asleep. Mysterion opens her window. Standing on the window sill, looking into the room. “Cool room.”

He then moves inside. He look at the New Kid who sleep peacefully in bed. After he saw her parents argued. He couldn’t shake the feeling something might happen while she sleeps.

So he came back to watch over her while sge sleeps. “I promise I’ll protect you new Kid.” He whisper to her. Before placing a kid on her fourhead. “Even from your parents. I won’t let abyone or anything hurt you.”

He then finds a place in the room to look Mysteries as he watch over his angle.

OKAY SO, you know this one screenshot from the extended theme of Steven Universe? Last night in bed I was kinda humming the extended theme and I got to this part, on for some reason my mind went to the ‘SU characters replaced with RPG horror characters’ AU, and I somehow came up with this:

Yellow Diamond is replaced with Mr. Sohta, the teacher from Misao.
Jasper and Lapis are replaced with Dr. Drevis and Dio, respectively, both from Mad Father.
And Peridot is replaced with Mary from Ib.


Oh but wait, there’s more. Then I started thinking about what that would mean for the Steven Universe canon, and I was like ‘so that means dR. DREVIS IS GOING TO TALK DIO INTO FUSING WITH HIM AND THEN DIO IS IS GOING TO BETRAY HIM’ Idk if they’d still get dragged off into the ocean or what but either way, very interesting situation here.

And then I started thinking about the Crystal Gems, and who I would replace them with. My mind ended up going to Ib, Aki, Aya, and Misao. That would work considering they’re from the same 3 games as the ‘villains’, except there’s two from Misao instead of two from Mad Father.

Then I was trying to figure out who would be who. I then decided I needed to figure out Rose first, and that would also hopefully choose who would be Steven. My immediate thought was Aya’s mom because she kinda fits the criteria, but then I thought deeper into that and was like:

‘okay so that would make aya steven, bUT WAIT THEN IS DR. DREVIS BOTH JASPER AND GREG?’ We have a very interesting dilemma here. Then, somewhere amongst those thoughts, I considered taking either Aki or Misao out and replacing one of them with Maria and making her Pearl, but now we have a NEW DILEMMA.

Why? Well, in canon, Pearl loved Rose so that would make Maria in love with Mrs. Drevis instead of the the Doctor, but if we went with the Mad Father canon that would mean Pearl is in love with Greg/Jasper.

Yeah. My mind goes to weird places at 3:00AM in the morning. There was more I thought about with other side characters from SU but I don’t remember enough to quote. I’m pretty sure I was considering making Tohma and Saotome from Misao Lars and Sadie but idk.

TL:DR: I probably need a psychiatrist






You guys might find this amusing. I already showed Chi and Meme but after getting home I managed to remember more details and was able to word my explanation better.

Prompt: “Imagine being the captain of a non-starfleet ship (or starfleet w/e youre feelin) and becoming stranded on a planet with Bones and Kirk. At first they think you’re just some wide eyed kid, who has no business being a captain and who they’re now going to have to take care of, but you soon prove to be clever, resourceful, and just as determined to get back to your crew as they are. Not to mention sarcastic and cocky enough to give the two of them a run for their money.” -Anon

Word Count: 2,485

Author’s Note: I had fun writing this one! I think that the character came out a little less sarcastic than requested, but I really like how she turned out overall. I hope you all enjoy!!

Also, I ended up writing a Part 2! Check it out.

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Kamen Rider: Cyber Rescue (NCT/Red Velvet Kamen Rider!AU) Level 01

Characters: Yuta, Win Win, Taeyong, Johnny, Doyoung, Haechan, Wendy, Irene

Word Count: 2284

Rating: PG-13 (Language)

Summary: Young competitive gamer Nakamoto Yuta enters a competition for his favorite game and gets more than he bargained for after his victory

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I am really honored to be here with all of you guys tonight, my Lupus community. As many of you know or might not know, I was diagnosed with Lupus about five or six years ago. I’ve been speaking out about my situation to raise awareness about the disease. After undergoing so many tests to monitor my kidneys my doctors told me I have lupus nephritis, one of those complications from lupus. They said I would be needing a kidney transplant. (…) I am doing quite well now. I also want people to know why research is so important and why we must support the scientists who bring all the promise of new discovery. It feels good to actually be honoring people like you or in my world it could seem kind of vain, but this is really, really special.

WWII Veteran - One-shot (Steve x Reader)

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Summary: Y/N’s grandfather is a WWII veteran who makes a new friend at the VA and wants his granddaughter to meet his new friend. Y/N is expecting to meet an older man her grandfather’s age, not Captain America.

A/N: The idea popped into my head and I thought I would be cute, so I just had to write it. I hope y’all like it. I’ll be back in the States in exactly one week so hopefully I can get back to posting more regularly. 

“Hi Granddad,” I smile at my grandfather as I walk into the living room of my mother’s childhood home.

“Y/N,” he smiles looking over his large newspaper to look at me. “It’s been a while.”

“I know,” I frown, “I’m sorry. This job has me running all over the place I finally had a moment to myself, so I decided to come see you.”

“I’m glad you did,” he grins.

“So Granddad, what trouble have you been up to lately,” I ask him taking a seat net to him on the sofa.

“You know me too well,” he laughs. “Just the usual. There’s a new member in VA. His name is Steve. He’s from the war too.”

“Really,” I ask surprised. Granddad had fought in WWII back in the day. I still shook my head every time he told me the story on how he had lied on his enlistment form and joined the army at the age of 16. From the pictures he had from when he was younger it wasn’t hard to believe how easily he had gotten away with it.

“I want you to meet him,” Granddad grins patting my knee. “I think you’ll like him.

“I would love to Granddad,” I smile at him. “I love hearing your stories from back in the day, I’m sure I would love hearing his stories as well.”

“Trust he will have better stories to tell than I do,” Granddad smiled. “I really do think you will like him.”

“Granddad you sound like you’re trying to set me up with him,” I state.

Granddad doesn’t answer. He just smiles to himself and turns back to reading his newspaper.

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No Really, Just Cast a Female Doctor Already…

Is it really almost four years since Peter Capaldi walked out on that stage on live TV as the new Doctor?  Feels like he barely got here, but the Cloister Bell is ringing and the Watcher has reared his paper-mache-lookin’, cobwebbed head- regeneration #14 is on the way.  And inevitably people are going to speculate who’ll be cast (like that ever stops in the years between).  

The politically correct thing to say nowadays  is something along the lines of, “well, they should audition all sorts of people and just cast based on acting ability”.  Sounds nice, but no- cast a woman.  I don’t mean an affirmative action type move where, all things being equal, they’d favor a female actor over a male one.  I mean don’t even audition the guys.  A new white guy being rolled out on live TV would be so anticlimactic at this point that they’d probably do it to the losing horn from The Price is Right instead of the Doctor Who theme.  We’ve had 13 brilliant ones already- we’re playing White Dude Russian Roulette at this point.  Somehow they’ve all been brilliant, but there’s only so many white male actors in Britain.  Probability dictates the next one’ll be rubbish- that’s why they threw an extra David Tennant and Tom Baker into the lineup.  Did you know every single white guy in Withnail & I has played the Doctor at least once- even that cop who said “get in the back of the van” and the guy who made the doll wot shits itself?  Two or three more draws and even the crap actors will be used up.  The BBC’ll have to bring in Top Gear hosts or Jonathan Ross (“Davwos, why have you bwought me to Skawo?”).  Graham Norton will have to interrupt broadcasts of Doctor Who starring himself.  

And I know what you’re saying- what about a non-white male Doctor?  Well according to the BBC, they were all offered it once and turned it down, so that isn’t happening either, apparently.  So it’s either a female actor or a Black Mirror style deal where a British citizen gets randomly selected and is condemned to forever come in last in DWM “Best Doctor” polls (even lower than Edmund Warwick!).

If we can believe the behind-the-scenes stories, the 12th Doctor was basically conceived as “what if the Doctor was Peter Capaldi”.  Apparently they didn’t bother with auditioning multiple people for the Peter Capaldi Doctor, which is good because Peter Capaldi would’ve been apoplectic if Craig Ferguson got it.  Moffat was passionate about an idea and ran with it.  If Chris Chibnall is all fired up about writing a white male Doctor, then that’s what he should run with- but knowing his original work like Broadchurch I get the feeling he might be inclined otherwise.  And again… he’d be pretty much down to Noel Edmonds at this point.  Nobody needs a Moffat-y flashback where the new Doctor recalls the time Pertwee encountered someone with the same face during an embarrassing Children In Need sketch (“I know what this face is for, Clara!  I’m the Doctor, AND I’M CHARITABLE!”).

So yeah- it feels like it’s time for a female Doctor anyway, doesn’t it?  It’d be just enough of a change to take the series in a legitmately new direction without really changing its DNA.  Storywise, we now know gender identity is pretty fluid on Gallifrey (the Master, the General, the Corsair).   It wouldn’t be a big deal to the Doctor.  That’s why a redhead would be perfect- pay off that long-running “ginger” joke while also deflecting awkwardness from stunned companions and old friends.  "Doctor, you’re… you’re…“ "Ginger!  Yeah, finally, right? I know it takes some getting used to- try not to freak out.”  

Eventually there’d need to be ONE time where the Doctor has “the talk” with the companion- the one time she ever addresses it head-on just so she other people can get over it. I jotted this scene fragment down years ago when I was thinking up the hypothetical Ruth Wilson 12th Doctor design I posted back in 2013 (where SJA’s Clyde Langer would’ve been the companion). One day Clyde’s annoying her with questions about it in the console room and… (cutting and pasting here):

(The Doctor rolls her eyes.)

“Does this really have to be a thing?”

(She pulls a chair out of nowhere and sits down.)

“Okay, Clyde- I’ll tell you what- right now… one time only… you can ask me about anything in all of time and space. The wisdom of thousands of years is at your disposal. If you really want to spend that valuable opportunity asking about fairly self-evident aspects of my personal life… fair enough. For once, I will not mock, belittle or in any way judge anything you have to say. And then you can never ask me about it again. You get five questions- go.”

“Where did that chair come from?”

“The storage closet two levels down. Four questions left.”

“Four? That counts?!”

“Yes, that one counts. You’ve got three left now.”


“Aaaaaand we’re down to two. Clyde, you’re making it very difficult for me on the whole "not judging” thing.“

"Okay- okay- okay… just give me time to think…”

(The Doctor sighs, looks at her pocket watch, then settles into the chair like this is going to take a very long time.)

“You said no judging.”

“I’m not judging.”

“Yes you are. You’re quietly judging.”

“Okay, okay- fair enough. Sorry.”

“Can you help me understand what’s happened to you without just saying something smartassed like "probably” or “no” and walking away? Just… get over the fact that you’re so much smarter than me for once and be real. Help me understand you just a little bit better… and THEN I promise I’ll ask you a totally amazing fifth question that’ll make you proud of me.“

(At this point the Doctor goes into a speedy-but-reasonably-exhaustive monologue about how gender works on Gallifrey- how certain Time Lords tend to "swing” more one way than the other, how this works with marriage, how gender-sensitive pronouns are just translated into English by the TARDIS that way, etc, etc - and then tantalizingly drops a bombshell at the end that only raises more potential questions about the Doctor’s past and family life. A tease that demands answers RIGHT NOW. And then she gets up and says…)

“Okay, I think we’re done here. ”

(Clyde gets indignant.)

“What about the fifth question?!”

(The Doctor answers without looking back.)

“You just asked it.”

And that’d be all they’d ever need to say about it ever again.

So here’s to Peter Capaldi’s brilliant Twelfth Doctor, and Lucky Thirteen, whoever it might be.

(God, it’s gonna be Jonathan Ross, isn’t it?)

BTS REACTION to gf being sick for a long time and not telling them about it

I hope this cheers up everyone who has been sick lately! :)

Namjoon: When you first started to get unwell it went unnoticed, but the first time he asked you do you want to eat dinner soon and you answered “I’m not hungry” he got upset. Namjoon wanted to have a long discussion with you how you’re doing and would be hurt that you wouldn’t tell about it earlier. While you were talking he took out his phone and after a few clicks he asked you do you want him to drive to the doctor at 10 or at 12 the next day.

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Hoseok: Being the cheerful guy he is, Hoseok noticed very fast when you lost your ability to smile at his silly actions. It made him cautious and he kept an eye on you so when you told him you’ve had abdominal pain for almost a week he wasn’t surprised. Instead he took you into a hug, said it’s going to be okay and promised to accompany you to wait at the doctor’s office later that week.

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Yoongi: Yoongi thought you were acting a bit weird, but thought it might be that time of the month so he didn’t put much thought to it at first, but when you got gloomier and gloomier he insisted you to tell what’s up. He listened to you with a serious face and then grabbed your hand saying “we all get sick sometime so don’t be too sad about it” with a smile.

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Jungkook: “No, don’t Kookie” you said and escaped his super tight hug that hurt your stomach. The boy was astonished and his mouth hung open when he frowned and took a good look at you. “What is it? What have I done?” When you didn’t answer Jungkook disappeared for a while and then came back with chocolate. You tried to grab it, but he pulled it away. “Now, you get this if you tell me why you’re mad”. Needless to say Kookie would be the kind to need a full explanation before actually sympathizing you.

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Jin: He could tell right away when you started to feel unwell. First he didn’t say anything about it, but he would give you extra much attention and cook super tasty food just because “he felt like eating it”, but in reality his goal was to cheer you up. The atmosphere made it easy for you to say you were feeling everything but good and Jin told in your surprise he had already bought some herbs that will help you cope until you see a doctor.

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Jimin: Jimin couldn’t understand why your mood went downhill so suddenly. He felt burdened and went to talk to Namjoon about it, asking for a second opinion. It made Jimin extremely anxious to see you feel unwell, but not talk about it. It went on until Jimin burst in tears in front of you as you said “Oh, this is just something… temporary”. He calmed down only once you assured him you will get a proper check up and you will be your happy self soon again.

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Taehyung: Tae may be living in his own world, let things distract him and go with the flow without worrying much, but the first day you felt abnormal pain in your lower stomach he could sense something was not right and as he saw your eyes he went into his serious mode, gently grabbing your shoulders and asking you what’s going on. He also talked about you two as “we” even though you were the one going to the doctor. “Once we get the antibiotics we will feel so much better”, “we need to eat healthier so we have more energy”, “Now we shouldn’t get sad. Sadness only makes us feel worse”.

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Which is why you found yourself sleeping in his lap soon again - feeling fresh and new like it hadn’t been a month of being sick…

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Is my reaction too gloomy?

Send me “cheer up” and “get better”  stuff so I will find the energy to be more positive!


Eh, ofc you don’t have to. It just kind of would be nice :)

requested by anonymous: Can you write about Alpha Nick (SVU) becoming really possessive and kinda feral when his omega gets pregnant? I love your writing so much!!!

word count: 2225

warnings: a/b/o universe, female reader, pregnancy, protectiveness, anger, brief mention of suicide attempt, mention of attempted rape, mention of urine and blood

masterlist - request

Everyone knew Nick was an alpha, one of the more protective and angry ones but that very well may have been from repressing his alpha status for years, trying to make sure that his father was the only alpha in the household.

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New to the family

@charliechaplin2blr Sorry for the delay, here you go! Although it’s less Hak-Mundok and more Son family.

Title: New to the family
Characters: Hak, Mundok, Tae-yeon
Summary: The day Hak met his little brother

“The people of Fuuga will be your family now and they’ll protect you from evil people like your parents did. You can relax here, got it?“

To his surprise, it worked. The child showed him a shy smile as he curled up on his lanky lap. Hak felt relieved, even though the kid was immobilizing him. So much for grabbing a grapefruit.

"Are you my family, too? My big brother?”

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Telling Henry

When Regina becomes pregnant with Robin’s baby Henry’s reaction isn’t what they expected. Part of the Rebuilding Her Heart Universe. 

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Rebuilding Her Heart Link


Regina paced around her bedroom shaking her hands and trying to calm her drumming heart as Robin watched her with an amused look on his face.

“You’ve got to calm down love,” he said gently.

She scoffed at him as she paced passed the chair he was in. “How am I supposed to calm down? Any minute now my son is going to walk through the front door and I am going to have to sit him down and tell him that I am pregnant by a man I’m not even married to.”

“To be fair we are engaged,” argued Robin with a chuckle.

“Just barely!” pointed out Regina hysterically. “Robin you just proposed to me a month ago.”

“And two weeks ago you gave me an equally pleasant surprise,” he said moving to wrap his arms around her. “And just as I was filled with joy over our new addition Henry will be also.”

Regina melted into his arms and sighed. “I just feel like he barely got used to the idea of you and Roland moving in here and now with this new baby I don’t want him to feel like things are moving too fast.”

“Things might be moving a bit more quickly than we expected,” admitted Robin. “But that’s what makes them so exciting and adventurous. Two adjectives that Henry seems quite fond of.”

He pushed her hair out her face as she looked up at him with wide eyes. “He will be thrilled. You’ll see.”

Their moment was interrupted by the slam of the front door and the unmistakable thud of Henry’s feet against the stairs.

Regina let out a nervous breath. “I guess we should get this over with.”

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Grey’s 12x06 Review

Finally watched Episode 12x06 of Grey’s Anatomy and here are some thoughts:

Meredith may be being groomed to take Richard’s place in the hospital – Meredith is the one we now see teaching the new class of students. And now she has her own “Meredith.” Richard actually compared Penny directly to her since he didn’t want Meredith to come to his hospital and bring up all of his old feelings.

April and Jackson could still divorce – I know. Jackson is clearly softening. I think April won a major battle. Jackson clearly admires April’s tenacity. April’s belief in Jackson helped him be a better doctor. All great things. But there was a line that jumped out at me about God and divorce. For April divorce is anathema. Is April fighting for Jackson or simply for her marriage because she thinks divorce is wrong?

Maggie is a special snowflake – I just love her. She lights up the screen and makes everything better. Why aren’t she and Deluca talking right now? That should change. But well, the new guy is also a cardio-thoracic surgeon. Hmmm…here comes trouble and competition.

Wow, Owen is capable of being an ass to a dude – I think it was smart for the writers to add characters that ramp up tension. But McScreamy is McScary and I keep waiting for him to bring in a gun and go on a rampage. It is one way to get me to root for the new guy without knowing why Owen hates him. Owen tends to hate doctors who take risks and succeed. 

Arizona needs a hug – I’m bummed that the cafeteria scene was cut. I feel like that would have added some context to her scene with April. But wow, it was really nice to see Arizona cut the bull shit and speak truth to April. I hope we get more sooner rather than later. I am tired of waiting to peel back this fascinating onion.

Callie – I liked her throughout the episode. I think it’s interesting that she called Meredith out for being a bully. That’s the second time this season that word has crossed her lips regarding other people.

Callie and Penny – Honestly, had we not had the end scene, I would have worried more about Callie and Penny’s future. The writers had a perfect chance to show us, rather than tell us, why these two felt a spark. Imagine them drawing it out with shared glances and laughter and comfort, but keeping it all platonic until boom, Callie couldn’t contain herself anymore. That would have been terrifying. This? It’s something I do not want to see on my screen. I hate watching Callie treat another woman this way. But I know that these two are new. I know that they don’t really know each other very well. I know that they are in the first moments of infatuation. And I know that it feels fake and false and plotty. It doesn’t feel organic. 

Shame – This was a big theme of the episode. We had the minister who was drowning in current shame. Richard who was being confronted by his long ago shame, and Penny who was awash in shame she seems to have no way to escape from. But she offered the minister hope so maybe there is hope for her. 

But I couldn’t help but think about Arizona’s shame. Her line to April was ambiguous. It could have referred to taking the fellowship or how she is feeling right this second. But for some reason, I connected it to her feelings about cheating.

The Minister, Richard, Penny – All three of these people experiencing shame in this episode had others immediately support them. 

The Minister had the choir director running to his side.

Richard’s wife forgave him and she didn’t leave him. Not only didn’t she leave him but she kept his shame private. She didn’t tell her friends. It was between them.

Penny’s shame is present for everyone. But April shared her own similar shame in episode 5. Callie apologized for not coming to her defense immediately because Callie’s a surgeon, she understands. By the end of the episode, Meredith said that DEREK would be on Penny’s side and that he’d probably even like her. (He was the one who gave April the second chance, so it’s even likely true.)

Arizona works in a hospital with her ex-wife’s friends. All of them know her shame. Her ex-wife has never truly forgiven her for it. She takes the blame for having had True Love and screwing it up. Two years post divorce and she doesn’t appear to have moved on at all. She seems stuck and still a bit sad. She’s going to jump back into the dating pool, but it doesn’t feel like she’s ready. 

Out of all of them, Arizona is the one still paying the price for her shame. Her price appears to be her True Love. I can’t help but feel it’s not a price she should be forced to pay forever.

anonymous asked:

can you explain what this whole truscum/anti-truscum thing is all about? Im really sorta new to whole this sexuality/gender stuff and i'm trying to learn more.

It’s a long story… It’s started few years ago (probably?) and now is out of control. 

Transsexualism is a medical condition, it means that trans people don’t choose their “gender identity” (no one can choose it), it’s something they were born with. The newest researches prove that there is a difference between trans person’s brain and their body, like, the brain of biological female (a trans man) is similar to the brain of biological male. (this is what truscum believe)

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The episode Coda and GMH in general.

why I’m TD part 11.

 1. The title is a spoiler itself. We know that the titlr are carefully selected and they must have several meanings. Coda is the end of a partition which must start from the beginning. So it’s not even a definitive end. For people it’s the end of the music. Who is the character associated with the music? Beth. So basically Title scream to the world: The death of Beth. Also her death was spoile one month in advance without any denial … and the official facebook spoil her death … mmmmmh an error yes yes yes. There are many error around the character of Beth … pro are you saying? In short they still I have a feeling he did everything to think that she is dead (trajectory of the ball, title) but nothing to prove it (you do not see funeral, 17 days of mourning still in silence …)
So for me the choice of title is deliberate and has a hidden meaning: a coda announces and another for end of music, it is strange that the theme song played at the end …

2. The theme song and post-credit scene: The tradition that wants the death of a credited character (main character), music does not play when generic comes (example for season 5: Tyreese). Yet for Coda, it was well and in addition we had the right to additional scene showing Morgan  behind Rick’s team. All the dramatic effect loses strength because the fans focus more on the character that is coming rather than the one who left. . We knew that Morgan was following them as we saw in episode 1. So for the 5A viewer is already warned. Why not put that scene WHAWGO and to make a point about what is to come (what going on ?)? Ty had an entire episode devoted to his death and redemption, he also had a funeral then the page was turned!

4. The promotion and speed of the action: Beth is a main character (credited to the generic). It was carried kidnapped during season 4. They based their promotion on “what is the terminus is Beth and where? Daryl will he find Beth and « Tell us which character you’re most excited for Beth to be reunited with” cie et cie).
 The production does not skimp on resources while building a new scenery, environment, while engaging an acting troupe. Building a whole system (half-worked) and characters to interact with Beth. All this takes time and money. All this for use as Slabtown? (crossed and Coda are only small extract we do not see much). 

Their questions during the promotion were resolved during the first part of the season and very quickly. Rick’group escape Episode 1 and Episode 3 the villains die. Episode 4: Beth is in the hospital, episode 8 : dies without reunion without goodbye and in less time than to say "she died” … and in addition they put us a post-credit scene that we pass something else! o. 

Then the first promo poster for 5B was this:

2  choice:
- Having unveiled the first minute of the episode where we see the funeral of Ty. To cover their tracks they used the death of Beth. So automatically occasional viewers made the connection with Beth without suspecting of a new death. But here’s the problem: So they still emphasize that Beth did not have a funeral …
- Beth’s death will affect the future of the group. The second parte of the season is full of reference on Beth because her story is not over.

Why don’t take Morgan in promo ?

4. Characters

They thus deepens 3 characters so the audience remember them: Noah, Dawn, Dr. Edwards.

- Noah was the one who brought the group to GMH and allowed Rick to go to Richmond. Dies the season where it is found and had no development in the group (Glenn and him were apparently BFF  but personally it was so quick) … You really had no more to offer?

- Dawn: An evil that did not really one? I have still not understood. Where is the work of writers?

- Dr. Edwards: haaa! it was my favorite … I really thought he was going to play a major role, but he did not have much importance. (they were not obliged to develop his psychology …). It was a character to explore. But perhaps he keeps for next season?

5; Why Beth attacked Dawn with scissors? When she is going to take Noah in his arms, I think it was a hug of goodbye before leaving with the group. Only when Dawn spoke. Rage took hold of her. She realized that Dawn would always be the same person, a bad person and that for the good of all she had to be eliminated. She had no weapon at her from these scissors. She has tried everything to everything.

Why she endangering her family? I think that there is that excess rage that can explain it. She was not thinking about the consequences. We all at one time or the other things we regret in anger or otherwise.But for me if it’s the explaination it’s bad writting…

6 Why Rick leaves intact GMH group? Noah told them what really happened in GMH ? Rick has before him people who abuse the weakness of others. He saw the scars of Beth … Beth is not normally violent, and in a desperate act she has tried to kill Dawn … Why he decided to let these people ? 2 choices:
- Too bad for Beth they have Car01! Really? These people can not be that bad! (they removed Beth, thrown down Carol, they keep people in hottage, Noah is very afraid (Consumed)) But Noah and Beth exaggerate, that they are young and do not understand …

- Rick gives them a chance for those who are afraid they can always come with them. (Person of course: for should be emphasized that the death of Beth  is absolutely useless!). It allows writers to keep warm this story for later. For if they had stopped at the hospital and their totalitarian system, the page would be fully turned. and we can’t go back. So now, we  know that ASZ needs a doctor (Glenn injured). and after the attack of wolves: have a doctor will be great. And Rick knows where he can find one. A doctor is not a fungus, it not grow in nature. Finally, if a doctor appears from nowhere: it will be a really reaaaaally  lazy writing!

7.  Why did you choose a hospital instead of choosing the wolves or other group that does not require a new decor (expensive to kill a character and introduce another will be only passsage)?
a hospital is what? The disease, health, and death but fortunately mostly convalescence, healing and recovery “get well soon” .We adds that the symbolism of the cross (see Beth costume Post). And it was all good!

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