why would they need that stuff

7.2 Shenanigans

Seeing the community’s reaction to the 7.2 launch shenanigans has really reinvigorated my work efforts. It’s easy to forget who you’re making things for when it’s just you tweaking things endlessly.

It’s never done, you know. Quest design. There are things I would still like to do in Suramar that I am never going to get to do. There are chains that I would rewrite if I had infinite time. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of perfectionism and nitpicking that you lose sight, in some ways, of the high level goals. We make cool stuff. You guys play that cool stuff and sometimes you geek out about it. That geeking out is the payoff.

That’s why I do it.

Yesterday was a shot in the arm, for me. Watching twitch chat explode when we dropped that trailer. Seeing spam of LEGS and ARGUS flying across the screen was a much-needed reminder. You guys are going to love it, and I am so glad to be a part of this community.

<3 /endrant

Even if Jay did sit doen talk about his past what would he even say. Just say what happened? Tell a story about how he was a drunk? Ok but then what?

What needed to happen was we needed to know about his issues and have him be triggered by those things along the way. He hasn’t been triggered really yet so what would it be??

I’m gonna need more than “a lot of my army buddies died.”

They need to have him say stuff that explains why Jay acted the way he did in some episode awhile ago but seemed normal at the time.

The more he doesn’t get triggered by things, the less significant his trauma seems. Like it makes no sense that he can drink casually after bring a blackout drunk. Or can be in a firefight as a cop after IEDs or whatever mouse said.

Putting it off this long was a mistake by the writers because they haven’t had an idea in mind this whole time, and now they have to make this match four seasons of little hints.

Highlights from Firebringer
  • duck is lord 
  • sexuality and female empowerment being treated as a given, instead of being ignored or poorly represented as much of popular media currently does
  • the whole cast swearing like sailors 
  • the music (hello, percussion!), choreography, and costume/set/puppet design 
  • “all hail emberly, the fire shitter”
  • Brian Holden’s lone nipple 
  • the new cast members: Lauren Walker (Molag) being absolutely hilarious & having an amazing stage presence; Jamie Burns (Chorn) having the voice of a goddess; and Tiffany Williams (Tiblyn) being the cutest human being ever
  • shameless kissing 
  • “i don’t really want to do any work today” - same, Zazzalil, same
  • clark baxtresser blessing us with his presence since prehistoric times
  • rachael spanking joey
  • the shadowpuppets during “the night belongs to snarl”
  • schwoopsie inventing stand-up comedy 
  • privileged fucks becoming the starkid slogan of 2k17

Vilde: Hi Isak, not to be a gossip, but I just thought I’d tell you, because you have a thing with him, and then you’d perhaps like to know, but I’ve heard that Even has mental problems/is a psychopath.

Isak: Where did you hear that?

Vilde: Someone who went to Bakka with him last year said he totally snapped and wrote a lot of crazy stuff on the revue’s wall and stuff.

Isak: Ok

Vilde: Just thought you’d like to know

Isak: Why would I want to know that?

Vilde: Because if i had a thing with someone and they had a reputation, then I’d like to know about it.

Isak: Ok. What if you fuck up then

Would you like people spreading rumors about you a year later?

Grow up, Vilde

Vilde: Hello, you don’t need to be mad, I just told you as a friend

Fun Facts About Honey

- Honey is mostly sugar (WoW!) it is 80% sugar and 20% water (double WoW!)

- There are over 20,000 species of bees, but only 4 make HONEY

-Honey is the ONLY food that contains all the substances you need to survive (Including WATER)

-Children under the age of 1 should not eat honey… why? because sometimes it contains bad stuff called botulism and can cause them to get botulism poisoning (that sucks, even infants should taste the deliciousness that is honey)

-Honey will crystallize under optimum temperatures (this has a lot to do with how you store it)

-Bees produce honey to eat during the winter when there are no flowers and no nectar for them.

-A honeybee would only need an ounce of honey to be able to fuel a flight around the world (this makes for a very cultural bee!)

-A typical beehive can make up to 400 pounds of honey a year! (Wowza!)

Iain’s a really good singer, who plays Fitz. He’ll never admit it, but I’ve heard him humming before.
—  Chloe Bennet, Entertainment Tonight

@mimimojo said: “So I saw a Victor body pillow on Facebook and was wondering if you could write a fic where Yuuri has one and hides it with all his other Victor fan stuff under his bed or something and Victor finds it”

He’d just been looking for a bedsheet.

“Ack! Victor! No!

Victor blinked, wondering why Yuuri would sound so panicked over bedding (clean bedding, even), and then he tugged the pillow free.

And found himself face-to-face with… himself.

The body pillow was obviously of high quality, if somewhat dubious in origin, with Victor lounging luxuriously on the cover, bedroom eyes aimed at the holder.

Victor was impressed.

Yuuri was…

Victor didn’t turn his head, but he was fairly certain Yuuri had lost all color.

“Amazing. They even got my eyes right,” he complimented, undecided as to whether to laugh or not.

A body pillow. Of him. Victor wasn’t exactly surprised it existed, but to find one here while looking for a bedsheet of all things…

Yuuri made a noise like a dying animal. A very small, very cute animal, but a dying one all the same.

“Ah,” said Yuuri’s sister, poking her head into the room. “I forgot you had that thing.”

Hhrrghk,” said Yuuri.

“You and Yuuko saved up for ages for it, remember—” She caught sight of Victor and covered her mouth. “Ah. Never mind.”


Flattery. Flattered was the correct response, Victor decided, to having his image worked for by not only Yuuri’s very cute friend, but Yuuri himself.

Yuuri seemed to unfreeze, bodily shoving his sister out the door and slamming it behind her.

This, incidentally, shut him in with Victor.

Victor swore he could sense the moment this occurred to him.

Taking pity and more than a little amused, Victor spoke.

“Well, it certainly looks comfortable.” Then, because he really just couldn’t resist, he added, “Not as comfortable as me, though, I assure you.”

(Now, if only he could convince Yuuri to test that out…)

Victor,” said Yuuri, in a tone that suggested he was going to make any witnesses of this incident disappear, himself included.

Victor glanced over and pulled his most innocent face. “Are you doubting me? I can prove it, you know.”


Yuuri was adorably red.

“Are you sure?” Victor wheedled, utterly charmed.

Yes,” hissed Yuuri, and Victor watched the color climb up to his ears.

It was possible that Victor was having too much fun with this.

Only possible.

“Then I’ll have to prove it to myself,” Victor decided, regarding the pillow with something not unlike rivalry.

“Prove…?” Yuuri echoed dumbly, looking between the two Victors while the color in his face rose higher and higher.

“Of course! Which Victor is more comfortable — it’s a battle.”

Then Victor grinned over his shoulder. “And you can judge!”

Yuuri’s glasses slid down his nose.

when it comes to character development, there is a bunch of things we need keep in mind – and mostly, to ourselves – about our beloved muses. not regular or basic stuff, but interesting stuff that should be there if you want to put verity into your writing or that are simply cool.  some of these are very deep / hard, so i recommend you take your time and answer one at a time! feel free to repost and fill up with your particular info, credit is appreciated. stay safe! 

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Remember us // art+ words: r.i.d

Translation: Text between Vilde and Isak - 08.12

Vilde: Hi Isak. Not to gossip, but I thought I’d tell you because you have a thing with him, so you probably want to know, but I’ve heard that Even has mental problems/he’s psycho.

Isak: Where did you hear that?

Vilde: A person who went to Bakka* last year said he went completely off the rails and wrote a lot of crazy stuff on the (facebook) wall of the revue group and stuff.

Isak: Okay

Vilde: Just thought you’d want to know.

Isak: Why should I want to know?

Vilde: Because if I was the one dating someone with a rumour like that, I would have liked to know.

Isak: Okay. What if you made a fool out of yourself, huh? Would you want people spreading rumours about you a year later? Grow up, Vilde.

Vilde: Hello, no need to get grumpy, I’m just telling you as a friend.

*Bakka = slang for ‘Elvebakken’, Even’s old school.

allroundlostcause said: 

My best advice would be to read, a lot, because reading is your fuel. Read critically. Read good stuff and bad stuff and decide what is distinct about them. When you read a sentence you love, write it out, analyse it, and ask yourself why it’s so precious. DON’T skim read; if you find yourself doing that, you’re missing too much. Read out loud instead.

Write drabbles (short scenes which might never make it into your writing) to explore characters. Ask yourself questions about them that you don’t need answers for in the book. Think about them. Are they a cat person or a dog person? It’s not enough to have the answer, you also need to know why. What drives them? What makes their voice unique?

You need to know what your characters want, and which of those desires matters for your story, and which of those desires is going to get in the way. If they want to be good but they’re ultimately selfish, when will that trip them up? If they want to be reckless but they crave security, how is this going to prevent them from doing what they have to?

When you read, consider what makes a character feel rounded out, and study story structure. Well-written stories often have a solid structure under them which is almost invisible until you think critically; but it drives tension and movement.

Last but definitely not least, have fun. Why don’t you like your writing? If you’re new to it, then it will come, with loads of practice (most of which never goes anywhere) and learning to love the process itself, the creation of worlds. If you’re not having fun, and if you don’t value the process, and crave the practice, you will probably never throw yourself into it in the way you need to to really get amazing at it.

Who are you and why are doing awake this early on a Saturday? Thank you for the addition, is better than the original answer.

Another advice coming from this: Your current mood will affect your writing, being in a bad/sad mood won’t help when writing a happy scene, unless it comes from nostalgia.


If Newt Discovered Pokemon


modern au

-First, you would be a muggle while dating Newt omg

-He would show you all the magic stuff



- you would casually mention pokemon while talking about childhood stuff

-he kept asking questions until you gave him your old DS

-Going out with friends then coming back and seeing him in a blanket fort with his only light source being the DS

-”Newt…what are you doing?”



-You don’t even mention Pokemon go

-he finds out about it anyway

-he cries from sleep deprivation because of how cute the pokemon are and how he can’t have them

-”Newt why are you crying?..”



-You finally give in and sometimes watch the show with him.

-Sometimes, you do have to take away the DS to get his priorities straight

-it is not a fun time for anyone when this happens.

dexter starters ( showtime’s dexter s2ep2.)

  • “ i finally get a chance to kill and i can’t do it.”
  • “ and now all my secrets are floating to the surface.”
  • “ how did i lose it? how do i find it again?”
  • “ how can i solve a crime when i can’t even solve what’s wrong with me?”
  • “ has a nice ring to it, no?”
  • “ last thing ___ needs is another serial killer.”
  • “ why don’t you take a picture? it’ll last longer.”
  • “ what would i do without you?”
  • “ grandma really talks like that?”
  • “ you get the point. right, bitch?”
  • “ fucking people don’t want our help.”
  • “ this stuff never gets to you?”
  • “ i’m more of a cry on the inside kinda guy.”
  • “ what? i’m so over that.”
  • “ just… prove it to me.”
  • “ it’s like you’re just fucking with me.”
  • “ couldn’t pick a worse time, right?”
  • “ hey, how about you take off? let me handle this.”
  • “ i couldn’t let you do that.”
  • “ i owe you.”
  • “ i can’t even go there.”
  • “ this one’s on us, man.”
  • “ i have to focus. tune everything out.”
  • “ timing could be better.”
  • “ … oh. it’s you.”
  • “ who else you got following you?”
  • “ go ahead. try it. i’ve been waitin’.”
  • “ this neighborhood? it’s full of crazies. i’d lock my doors.”
  • “ bathroom’s all yours.”
  • “ we ran outta glasses?”
  • “ come on, give it a chance.”
  • “ sweetie, what’s the matter?”
  • “ what kind of weird?”
  • “ no. no, calm was what i was 35 minutes ago. pissed is what i am now.”
  • “ hey! who want’s eggos? i got blueberry, or chocolate. or both.”
  • “ assholes! they did everything but help.”
  • “ which assholes were you talking to?”
  • “ i didn’t ask for your help, or your advice.”
  • “ i’ll never understand how people deal with death. why they can’t just… put it in it’s place.”
  • “ not exactly ideal in the element of surprise department.”
  • “ i have to find a new way to dispose of the body.”
  • “ you totally douched me in there.”
  • “ you clocked a guy in a bar who touched your arm…“
  • “ well, thank you for the fucking vote of confidence.”
  • “ hey. just visualize that door of opportunity opening up wide for you, bro, and just walk right through it.”
  • “ you keep up with this woo-woo shit, imma walk right through you.”
  • “ that come with a story?”
  • “ well, you should be more careful, amigo.”
  • “ they had to bring in outside talent. which would be moi.”
  • “ bet this guy never expected his work to see in the light of day.”
  • “ i bet you’re right.”
  • “ still, it can’t be easy to hide a body nowadays.”
  • “ you shittin’ me?”
  • “ hypothetical: how do you make sure disposed body stay disposed?”
  • “ don’t all those run the risk of contact with the outside world?”
  • “ you got a better idea?”
  • “ there is no such thing as the perfect crime. not in my experience, anyway.”
  • “ well, we have something in common.”
  • “ miss me?”
  • “ i need to clear the decks… and my head.”
  • “ they, uh… ate my puppy.”
  • “ you may have to get closer than you like.”
  • “ i’m doin’ enough damage on my own.”
  • “ that was a yes. sounded like a no, but… yeah.”
  • “ you scared the shit outta me.”
  • “ how you doin’?”
  • “ don’t! you fuckin’ asked… so, how am i doing? i’m just fine.”
  • “ come on, don’t get the shakes now. this is no time for performance anxiety.”
  • “ i’ve been waitin’ for you.”
  • “ come out, come out, wherever you are!”
  • “ what the hell is wrong with me?”
  • “ it’s okay, i got you.”
  • “ don’t leave me! please, don’t leave me!”
  • “ want me to knock out some doors? or maybe some heads?”
  • “ what fucking asshole left this here?”
  • “ it’s ‘special agent’ fucking asshole.”
  • “ frankly, you’re more of a leader than a team-player.”
  • “ i’m not convinced you play well with others.”
  • “ i feel like a jigsaw-puzzle missing a piece.”
  • “ i’ve been calling you for hours.”
  • “ i kinda pulled an all nighter.”
  • “ it’s, uh… it’s taking me to places i never thought i’d go.”
  • “ he was such a destructive force. why can’t you just put him behind you?”
  • “ i’m just gonna make you late.”
  • “ dammit, ___!  i need you there too.”
  • “ you have no idea what this feels like.”
  • “ can’t wait to get another door slammed in my face.”
  • “ that’s it. put that out into the universe, alright?”
  • “ look on the bright side. comically, we’re batting a thousand.”
  • “ please, don’t shoot me, miss/mister.”
  • “ if i believed in god. if i believed in sin… this is the place where i’d be sucked straight to hell… if i believed in hell.”
  • “ i’m so sorry for your loss.”
  • “ i’m not sorry.”
  • “ you’re still here.”
  • “ i killed you.”
  • “ no. you just took my life.”
  • “ so how do i make you go away?”
  • “ i’m not like them.”
  • “ now, if it helps, i can tell you it’s not your fault, what you did to me.”
  • “ i’m not human.”
  • “ no. you’re just fucked up.”
  • “ you think it’s as simple as that?”
  • “ excuse me, i opened this by mistake.”
  • “ today it is all about the win. i think we really should enjoy this.”
  • “ i really appreciate your support.”
  • “ it was simple, really.”
  • “ all i had to do was put myself into the mind of a killer. hardly a stretch.”
  • “ trust me, you’re not going anywhere this time.”
  • “ who the fuck are you?”
  • “ that kind of talk is just gonna bring you closer to your victims.”
  • “ no, maybe you didn’t do the deed, but the blood is on your hands.”
  • “ a lot of blood is on your hands.”
  • “ why do you care about these people?”
  • “ why are you doing this to me?”
  • “ i’m not so much doing this to you as i’m doing it for me.”
  • “ you leave pain wherever you go.”
  • “ you kill me, what do you leave behind?”
  • “ look at that, steady as a surgeon.”
  • “ this kill was just the first of the loose ends i needed to tie off.”
  • “ i need to see you.”
  • “ i’m just dropping somebody off, can it wait?”
  • “ a shoe? you wanted to see me about a shoe?”
  • “ i didn’t have a lot to hope for until i met you.”
  • “ you gave me something to believe in when i didn’t even believe in myself.”
  • “ it’s not your fault.”
  • “ it was totally an act of impulse.”
  • “ what are you trying to say, that you planned on acting on impulse?”
  • “ that’s where you disappeared to at all hours of the night like clark fucking kent.”
  • “ if the eyes are the window to the soul, then grief is the door. as long as it’s closed, it’s the barrier between knowing and not knowing. walk away from it and it stays closed forever. but open it, and walk through it, and pain becomes truth.”
  • “ i’ve been preparing for this my entire life.”
  • “ it’s annoying, isn’t it?”
  • “ i’m not taking the bait.”
  • “ you’re up late.”
  • “ you don’t need to do this. you don’t need to do this now.”
  • “ temporary insanity.”
  • “ you’re right. i smell like a fucking sewer.”
  • “ i had to say goodbye in order to reconnect with what’s really important. with who i was.”
  • “ rest in peace… i am.”
Being Remus’ Sister Would Include...
  • All the marauders having a crush on you especially Peter. 
  • Remus being totally mortified when he hears that you’re going on a date with Sirius
  • “You can’t date him! He’s evil!” 
  • You and Remus being super competitive when it comes to grades.
  • Actually being a lot closer than you let on to people
  • Teaching Remus all about feminism because bOYS NEED TO KNOW THIS STUFF 
  • Remus passing it on to the marauders 
  • The two of you playing 2 player quidditch in the back yard all the time
  • and then more when you get to hogwarts bc why not 
  • You rolling your eyes every time your friends talk about how “cute” remus is
  • “no he’s not he’s the biggest nerd stop”
  • Looking after each other when needed
  • you being soooooo protective over him when it comes to the whole werewolf thing
  • You also becoming an animagi to help him out
  • “but you’re a girl”
  • “James i will punch you in the dick, move over”
  • all your friends thinking that you and the marauders got in a fight because of all the scratches and bruises
  • you not defusing those rumors 
  • ultimately being super super supportive of each other
  • being completely and utterly heart broken at the end of the battle of hogwarts…

anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts on Legally Blonde the Musical? I've heard a lot of people rag on it but it's such a fun, positive show? Why are so many theatre people insistent on "good theatre" having to be emotionally heavy and profound all the time?

“Legally Blonde” is one of my favorite musicals. Why would it not be? Oh. Right. People don’t want to think that a pink-covered musical about a blonde girl is serious theatre (as if theatre even has to be serious to be good). I’m with you on shows not needing to be emotionally heavy to be good. Lots of great musicals are a bit on the fluffy side. But I don’t think LB is one of them. It deals with some heavy stuff.

“Legally Blonde” is one of the most feminist musicals out there. It’s literally about a woman overcoming gender norms and societal expectations to become a really good lawyer. And she does it all while being unapologetically feminine, even going on a journey of learning that she can be pretty, fashionable, and pink-loving while also being an intelligent, forceful leader. All around Elle are people who say she needs to change to fit the mold of what a lawyer is – serious, drab, cynical, and masculine. She even has her own moments of wanting to betray parts of herself (wanting to dye her hair brown, beginning to wear only dark blue suits, etc.). Elle  even has to put up with sexual harassment and assault from her professor and boss, which other characters blame HER for. This nearly drives her to quit school and her career as a lawyer. However, the camaraderie of fellow women gets her through, and she is able to come back stronger than ever, win the case, and finish law school at the top of her class.

I know what people are about to say: “But she uprooted her whole life for a guy and she only did any of that stuff to get a boy and blah blah!” Listen to me carefully. Falling in love is not anti-feminist. Did Elle grossly misjudge Warner and misplace her affections? Yeah, totally. But she didn’t make a stupid decision – she decided to do something new and challenging in her life to make people she cared about proud. And…come on…like less than half-way into the show she decides to stop caring about winning the guy and starts wanting to beat him. She grows as a character and learns to place more importance on herself and what she wants to accomplish. Elle is a total role model for girls without condemning them for being…girly. Too many girls are shamed for what they love and devote time to because it’s traditionally feminine. “Legally Blonde” says they can be 110% into traditionally feminine things, wearing belt-coordinated shoes and flawless make-up, and ALSO do serious, important work that might traditionally be associated with men. It says “You don’t have to be more like a man or more likable to men in order to achieve in your chosen field.”

The show is, as you say, super fun and positive. It’s bright and sunny and pink. It’s tongue-in-cheek funny and doesn’t take itself seriously. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t serious theatre. It tells a complex story about complicated characters dealing with tough real-world issues. It has a strong message of inclusion and acceptance. And it features a wide array of strong female characters who all grow into better loving themselves over the course of the play (Elle, Paulette, Vivienne). There is literally no reason to drag this musical. 

why a percabeth lesbian au is the greatest thing in the entire world:

  • they meet when they’re just on the edge of society forcing girls to start liking boys, so they’ve both been influenced by compulsory heterosexuality but not as much yet, since they’re only 12 
  • their sexualities are just beginning to develop and they really don’t understand them yet
  • they share bathrooms and hotel rooms on quests and stuff, and are used to changing in front of each other, because, like, they’re both girls, right? so it’s totally normal lol why would this be weird
  • instead of getting the message that “men and women can’t be friends” from society, they’re getting the message that girls need to be best friends with girls, and that girls don’t have relevant sexualities without the presence of a boy, so they end up being extremely close friends
  • percy knows she’s gay. she’s always known, and she literally has the most awesome, understanding and supportive mother on the face of the planet, so she has a relatively easy time figuring out her sexuality, and is pretty confident in herself by the time she’s 14. she assumes annabeth knows because, like, she’s really fucking gay and how could annabeth not notice
  • annabeth does not know that percy is gay
  • annabeth assumes she’s straight because she definitely knows that she likes boys, and she doesn’t ever really stop and think about whether or not she likes girls, because if she likes boys then she must be straight, right?
  • they do fun “girly” stuff together because like, percy likes being girly, and she gets so excited about it and it’s really cute and so it makes annabeth want to join in?? so they paint each others nails and do each others hair and makeup and trade clothes and it’s super adorable and fun and gay
  • percy and annabeth go to boarding school with thalia, because they’re all girls, and it’s tons of fun. thalia is also a lesbian and knows instantly that percy is, too, so they start hanging out more and more and going to queer clubs together and finding other queer girls in their school. they assume that annabeth knows this already, because how could she not know, it’s not like they’re subtle about it, and annabeth is straight, right, so it’s not like they would extend the invitation to her, so she’ll understand
  • annabeth gets jealous, except she’s not really sure why. she tells herself it’s just the frustration of introducing two of your friends, and then they become best friends and leave you out of things. truthfully, though, she just likes having percy’s attention
  • percy and annabeth both almost join the hunters, but decide that it isn’t really what they want
  • annabeth transfers to school in san francisco, and percy stays in new york. they stay in touch, because they miss each other a lot, but percy starts drifting because it hurts
  • the summer of the labyrinth is a messy and confusing trainwreck, although annabeth can’t, for the life of her, figure out why
  • it suddenly feels really weird to share bathrooms and hotel rooms and change in the same room????? almost like it’s sexually charged or something???????
  • there is something about rachel elizabeth dare that makes annabeth want to punch her in the face, and that’s not normal, is it?
  • percy won’t talk about calypso at all, and it makes annabeth feel cold all over and a little sick, and she cannot explain why
  • percy is absolutely certain by this point that she is head over fucking heels for annabeth, and annabeth is straight, which is literally the worst feeling in the world. and even if annabeth did like girls, she probably wouldn’t like percy, and even if she did, then it would still be complicated because of athena and luke. it sucks and it’s so painful that percy can hardly stand to be in the same room with annabeth anymore
  • annabeth takes this completely the wrong way, and gets angry. she thinks maybe percy’s just mad at her about luke (which is also true), and gets defensive
  • annabeth is a little bit more willing to talk about luke with percy, because they’re both girls, and that’s something that girls are supposed to talk about, right? percy has a little bit more leeway when talking about luke because it’s pretty common for girls to trash other girl’s crushes. but they still mostly avoid the topic because annabeth gets to tetchy and percy feels jealous and weird and overall uncomfortable
  • they’re known for being the best of friends around camp, and because they’re both girls, nobody assumes that they would have feelings for each other, so it becomes sort of a camp-wide event when they start fighting
  • annabeth is not really sure why they’re fighting
  • percy is absolutely miserable, and starts internalizing a lot of homophobia and wishing she could just be straight because this literally fucking sucks
  • rachel and percy start spending a lot of time together. rachel is pan, and percy is just so relieved to have someone she can talk to. rachel inspires her, and helps her to find pride in her sexuality again
  • they go to pride events together and make tons of new queer friends, and have a generally awesome time
  • percy starts dating girls and speaking up and comes out publicly, although she was never necessarily closeted
  • annabeth hears about this and is like what??????? the fuck?????????
  • she probably shouldn’t be so dumbfounded, because it really does make sense; she’s never seen percy express feelings for a boy in her whole life, and has always been totally uninterested in the topic, and pays much more attention to other girls. like she probably should have figured it out the time that annabeth made some comment about how weird it is that boys are obsessed with boobs and percy was like, “i love boobs, too, don’t you?” still, annabeth is totally and completely shocked, and feels guilty and embarrassed and, honestly, very uncomfortable
  • percy picks up on this, and is completely unimpressed by annabeth’s bullshit. she doesn’t have the patience to be treated like some kind of rare lesbian specimen and is sick to death of dealing with homophobia
  • there’s also the entire mess with luke, which just complicates everything even more. it makes percy nauseous that annabeth gives him so much power over her, especially when it always leads to her getting hurt
  • annabeth’s vague feelings of jealousy toward rachel and the other girls that percy dates become full fledged. she is absolutely raging and feels like she could kill something all the time
  • annabeth has put percy through a lot of shit, so while she notices annabeth being jealous, she doesn’t have mercy on her and instead starts spending even more time with girls
  • percy eventually gets tired of playing this game because, like, she could be dead by the end of the summer, and she really just feels weary and heartbroken, and although annabeth might be unusually jealous, it’s not like she could ever love percy the way percy loves her
  • it’s not a game to percy. this is her life
  • as the titan war starts to gear up, their relationship loses all semblance of fun and playful and turns into Deep and Meaningful. annabeth is terrified of acknowledging what might be there, because that would mean having to acknowledge her own identity, and she just doesn’t know if she’s ready for that
  • sometime during the war, thalia sits annabeth down and gives her a talk that she should have gotten years ago, the same talk that percy has been trying to get through to her since they were 12, except annabeth is finally ready to hear it. thalia is bascially like, listen, if you’re gonna cling to gross cishet boys then you’re going to lose this amazing girl who is perfect for you, and like, what the fuck are you doing, luke is abusive and nasty and he treats you like dirt under his sneakers, and it’s okay that you loved who he was but he is not that person anymore and you have got to let him go already
  • thalia also gives annabeth a very stern talking to about how being confused about her own sexuality does not give her leeway to string along a young lesbian who is also trying to figure herself out
  • weirdly, it’s rachel who helps annabeth the most? because rachel has a sick bi-dar and knows that annabeth is bi right off the bat, and is like, listen, honey, you’re bi
  • and then they kiss underwater and it’s gay and adorable and perfect
  • they become an awesome queer power couple that doesn’t take anyone’s shit and they’re literally the happiest girls on earth
More Vampire Starters
  • "I don't feel good. I think it was someone I ate."
  • "I love Halloween. No need to hide what I am."
  • "Werewolves. Why did it have to be werewolves?"
  • "I could make a joke about eating Chinese and being hungry an hour after but that would be racist."
  • "They do know I'm a vampire, right?"
  • "Most of that stuff in Dracula isn't even close to what vampires are really like."
  • "Fuck Anne Rice and her frilly, bitch ass vampires."
  • "We have a few hours until sunrise, what else do you want to do?"
  • "Silver bullets are for werewolves, you idiot."
  • "Here. You take this crucifix and stake and stay behind me."
  • "Are you sure that's holy water?"
  • "That's not going to work on me."
  • "Disco wasn't the worst thing ever. The classical era was the worst. The fops with their powdered wigs, pancake make up and mincing was way worse than bell bottoms."
  • "I am going to kill and eat you for this."
  • "Don't suppose you have a bottle of O+, would you?"
  • "You don't get a lot of sun, do you?"
  • "I am hundreds of years old. You need to do better than that."
  • "I just need a taste."
  • "You're not going out wearing that are you? It's not the 19th century any more."
  • "Isn't the moon beautiful?"
  • "I'm not sure how old you think I am but I don't do the club scene."
  • "What is that, the sun? What time is it? Why did you wake me up so early?"
  • "Is that screaming? Wonderful."
  • "Come here pet, I'm hungry."
  • "Can't this wait until evening? It's almost sunrise."
American Wizarding Schools

Okay I love the new Ilvermorny stuff (Hufflepuff/pukwudgie here, anyone else?) but I agree that there’s something problematic about it. So I’m just gonna talk a little bit about the fact that there’s totally more than one wizarding school in America I mean seriously. We know Salem Institute for Witches is a thing, why is that not mentioned I need information about that plzthx. My hometown is Not Large and we have like. 5 high schools and my school is STILL overcrowded there’s no way one school would cut it. We are not as small as the UK. Also there’s a lot of racial (and sexist) tension in our history, which I’m sure would be reflected in the American wizarding community because MURICA FUCK YEAH right?
So. Some headcanons.

- A southern school that started /at least/ during the Civil war as a wizarding school for the confederacy. Was only for white rich boys, eventually slowly opened up to other races and to females. Still one of the more intolerant schools, because South, but they’re getting there. Probably somewhere in like. Georgia or something.

- An Indian school founded by MACUSA a la Indian schools in the West. Possibly founded as a result of the trail of tears? Somewhere in Oklahoma, probably.

- There was almost certainly an all-black/colored school during Jim Crow south. Because there’s no other way those kids would get an education in the time of “equal but not equal.” I live in the South. I know this for a fact.

- Texas would have its own school probably because it’s Texas. Same for Alaska and Hawaii because no parent is sending their child to Massachusetts to learn magic from there, especially since those were the last two states to even join the union, so they likely had established schooling already.

- A Mexican school in Texas as well, probably, and a major Spanish school in South Florida, like. Miami area.

- There was probably a school set up for Japanese and other Asian students during WWII, if they were even allowed to go to continue to learn magic, God do I hate America sometimes.

I can’t think of anymore off the top of my head but this is what I came up with at 2am on my phone lol.