why would i want that when i could get fist jokes and punches and going toe to toe

Season’s Grieving

Words: 4315

Genre: Angst with a smidgen of fluff. 

Summary: The five stages of grief include denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. 

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Your eyes flutter open and as your brains begin to connect the dots, a giant grin grows on your face. You bounce upwards, immediately drawing back the blue curtains of your window and instantly a spear of sunshine blinds your eyes.

Opening the latch, you’re hit with a breath of fresh air and the scent of fresh soil. You can hear the buzzing of honeybees and chirping chickadees from their nests. You smile at the blooming daisies in your planter box, fresh dew rolling off the leaves. Dandelions litter your lush, green lawn and you wonder why your father has it so unkept. But none the less, you feel re-energized for a new day.

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Klaine fic reaction to 6x07 because I needed an outlet to blow off some steam in my post-episode, hatred-fuelled, half-awake state. So here’s a little taster of what I want to see in 6x08, but which I know will never happen. (warning: spoilers)
word count: 2600
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Kurt wandered aimlessly up and down the supermarket aisles, basket full of every low-salt, low-sugar, low-taste ingredient he needed for his dad’s meals for the week. The heart attack and the cancer may have passed them by some months ago but Kurt was not one to take chances when it came to his family and their health. People can lose loved ones all too easily, and Kurt had learnt that fact the hard way, multiple times in his life. So, his dad would just have to suck it up and enjoy the quinoa salad he was planning for dinner that night.

Kurt was about to turn the corner onto canned goods when he found himself face-to-chest with what seemed to be a very large gorilla in a leather jacket. It wasn’t until he stumbled over and stepped back that he saw the last person on earth he felt like seeing.

“Oh. Hi, Dave,” Kurt tried his best to smile politely but he was sure his shifty eyes and fake grin were enough to tell Dave exactly what (or who) he was on the lookout for.

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