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You know something I really appreciate about Zevran? His repeated asking and checking that the warden consents to everything in their relationship. Even from the earliest stages, where he’s just admitting he finds the warden attractive:

[pictured: a quote from Dragon Age Origins from Zevran: “I fancy many things. I fancy things that are beautiful and things that are strong. I fancy things that are dangerous and exciting. Would you be offended if I said I fancied you?]

In asking if it offends, he gives the warden the opportunity to say “your flirting/advances make me uncomfortable” and willingly accepts it.

[pictured: several quotes from Dragon Age Origins from Zevran -
1. “But a beautiful woman like yourself? Why not? I am sure you draw many stares from men and even other women. Does this bother you?
2. “But you would prefer I desisted perhaps? It would be difficult […] but I am nothing if not a gentleman”
3. “But a handsome man like yourself? Why not? I am sure you are a man who draws many stares from women and other men alike. Does this bother you?”
4. “But if you would rather I desisted, I shall do so. I’ve no wish to make you uncomfortable”]

When you question him on why he stares/gazes at the warden on a frequent basis, he explains and then gives the warden the opportunity to say “yes, this makes me uncomfortable, please stop”

[pictured: a quote from Dragon Age Origins from Zevran - “A willing victim it is. And if I might ask, if the opportunity to proceed past the massage should present itself…?”]

And even when he’s obviously asking the warden to sleep with him, he still checks the warden is certain of what they’re getting into and what they want (and if the case may be they just want a massage, he accepts it).

Everyone dismisses Zevran as a casual romance, whose only in it for the sex and cares for little else, but its obvious that he has a great respect for everyone, and is willing to understand and accept boundaries, regardless of how he may feel about it and I really really appreciate that there is a character who so frequently checks on the warden’s feelings and consent.

She chose Mon El

You get to choose who you love. 

I think that was the crux of the entire Supergirl episode this week. Even though Mr Imp (please don’t make me type out his full name) turned Kara’s world upside down, he actually had a very important purpose on the show- he asked the question that was on everyone’s mind since Mon El fell from the sky: “Why him, Kara?”

For all his Daxamite arrogant and brutish ways, why would Supergirl, a feminist like no other, want this man as her partner- both in life and out there, fighting side by side her. 

Kara is a woman and somehow people forget that women can make up their own minds. We actually have autonomy of mind which is rooted in our inherent dignity to make our own choices, create our own path and bloody hell, love who we will. 

Time after time, in this episode, Kara reiterated a vital point- you may love someone but you don’t get to force them into loving you. You choose to love someone and you put them first- always. Say what you will about Mon El, but at least he didn’t use intergalactic power to conjure up a super villain just because he wanted to be loved.

To some, Mon El’s constant ‘wanting to save the honour of his lady’ may have been annoying and even Kara thought so- personally, it was so damn cute to watch him be one-upped by an imp- an alien lepricorn.

Kara chose Mon El…warts and all. No one is perfect on this green, beautiful Earth and in the heavenly and not-so-heavenly alien worlds on Supergirl. Even the delicious Clark Kent has his faults. The point is that Kara has thought about all of Mon El’s misgivings, she has hemmed and hawed about her feelings for him for months now, she has thought and overthought this through…

Why can’t we trust her choices? Why are we eager for her to always save the day with her awesome powers but when it comes to something as basic as her making up her own mind about who she wants to date, we are already making a long list of cons. 

Kara is brave, daring and so many other heroic things but she is also damn smart- a characteristic she needs to be given more credit for; can everyone just breathe and let her live her life? Let her be with Mon El because she wants to…

In all the craziness, it’s him she wants by her side…this boy from Daxam who she yells at, who makes her laugh unfailingly and who always has her back.

A boy from Daxam and a girl from Krypton…just figuring out how to keep the world spinning…because nothing is stopping them…


Jaehee the Zen fangirl (ft. bonus Yoosung who knows what’s up)

Freya: See this? No one is gonna let you live this down. You screwed a HORSE!

Loki: Technically, the horse screwed ME.

Freya: HOW–

Loki: I turned into a mare. I shape shift. It’s what I do.

Freya: You still initiated it!

Loki: Because I was THREATENED! Odin said “DISTRACT THE STALLION” I don’t think turning into a carrot would have gone well!

Freya: You were threatened Because you’re the one who made the bet with the giant in the first place!

Loki: YES. I MADE A BET. Unfortunately it’s what I DO. My whole existence is centered around making an ass of myself–

Freya: in this case, a HORSE! Why would you even–

Loki: TO SAVE YOU!!!

Freya: ….

Loki: …..

mind reader: just try to relax

my mind: why do fanfic writers always give spencer a sad plot line? does he not already get tortured enough by the criminal minds writers? isnt fanfiction suppose to be happy??? why are you making me cry even more than i already have? spencer doesnt deserve this. he deserves happiness and rainbows and blueberry muffins with extra sugar on top. i came on here to have a good time and you all keep destroying him in a various ways. i cant believe you would do me so dirty-

mind reader: what the fuck

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makeup made me sooo much more comfortable with myself & my face & I wear wear a full face everyday. I used to hate how I looked so I would rarely look in the mirror & since with makeup you're forced to look at yourself I just became more comfortable with my face. Since I actually felt pretty with makeup on it helped me still feel that feeling even when I wasn't wearing it. Bc I was like... If I'm pretty with it on & it doesn't change the way I look that much, why am I not pretty without it??

this is how i feel i used to cringe looking at my face and now i can look at myself and know exactly what makes me cute ya know

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If I could make one chance here it would be taking that Amateur af thing off. Keep drawing lovely sin.

Some even calls me reigning queen of mysme nsfw or sinnamon roll now but god I dont think that title suits me because really Im clueless about what’s happen to the fandom and everytime I saw something new I’m always like WHAT’S HAPPENING WHY IS EVERYONE SHOUTING WHAT’S HAPPENING OH MY GOD GUYS STOP FIGHTING Oh oh is there a new chain lets me add something this is funnnn SHould I add something lololol

Guys you are really being too nice to me I dont feel Im anything better than an amateur lol

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Sierra Lillian Art presesnts a fan made concept for Hunter x Hunter (2011) Nendoroids!

   My purpose for creating these product plans is to hopefully inspire Good Smile Company to make more Hunter x Hunter figures, specifically Nendoroids! This was truly a fun passion project for me, and it would mean the world to me if I am able to make an impact on GSC!
   Below the cut, you can find my (fairly long) report on why Hunter x Hunter fans and figure collectors would benefit greatly from the production of these figures! 

Thank you very much for checking this out! Enjoy!

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About Boom Sonic in P2017, people seem to also ignore that his lighthearted and comedic universe doesn't fit with the main one (even with Pontaff's writing) and the game's atmosphere. Also explaining why he's there would be a mess.


Unfortunately given the staggeringly bad decisions SEGA tend to make regarding this series, I really wouldn’t be surprised at all if they pulled this.

If it’s true and Boom does push it’s way into Project 2017, how much do you wanna bet that when the trailer goes live on YT, the likes/dislikes bar is going to be huge on the dislikes?

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I have to admit, I was convinced that GA and PM are dating ever since the PageSix article, simply because bad news usually tend to be true. So i've been waiting for some kind of confirmation, I guess I should be convinced by now, but somehow the more pics we have the less convincing they look. I mean, G doesn't look like a happily boyfriended woman? I know ppl will say that she doesn't have to look happy, and that they always look like that with their SO, and ->

PART 2:  and that we see what we want to see in her pics with DD. But I swear I saw her happier with Mitch; I would even say, I haven’t seen her this stone-faced even in pics with WBD! Maybe it’s different when they are alone, but then why show up together? Why not just say in an interview “yeah, I’m with Peter, now please respect our privacy”? I thought it could be bc he makes G more comfortable at RC events, but he doesn’t come with her to her RC events! On the opposite, she goes to his events, and->

PART 3:  and I haven’t ever seen him saying he needed support at social events. Only that he hates attending them. Not that I’ve been looking very hard, but still. We know that G admitted she could get nervous on the RC, and ok, she is the star and it probably can get weird when photographers ask him to step aside so that they can take picture of her alone, but anyway, it is very strange. I guess I’ll keep waiting for the official announcement.

You said it all.  The only thing I disagree with is the Page Six comment. Page Six is tabloid trash, and I pay no attention to things like that.  Also, there were other circumstances surrounding it that made it very unusual, so Page Six meant absolutely nothing to me. It’s like the classier version of The Enquirer, which isn’t saying much at all.  But the rest of your messages?  I agree.  And it isn’t just red carpet events that PM doesn’t attend, it’s all her events.  (No, I don’t count HB, because The Crown was tied in to Harper’s Bazaar from the beginning.)  He’s had plenty to choose from, yet…nothing.

It is very strange, and if there’s anything that Gillian can say, her PR should be saying it and trying to control the damage from this mess.  Because that’s what it is, and there’s no reason to let Gillian continue to take hits to her reputation and image.  The longer you let something like this go, the worse it is to fix.  

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Why do you think they had scenes of Katara looking like she was jealous when Aang was talking with other girls like in the Kyoshi Island episode from Book 1 and The Headband episode from Book 3 when she never saw Aang as a love interest, why would she even care he was talking or dancing with other girls?

I think Katara’s reaction could be seen as simple irritation because Aang was trying to make her jealous. To me it didn’t seem like she was jealous of him, but that she was annoyed with how he was letting his celebrity status go to his head. He was trying to get her attention all day, and she was ignoring him and now he’s getting all of this attention and shoving it in her face.

The Headband is different. She was jealous, and she did see Aang as a love interest. But that episode was made specifically in order to not make Kataang seem forced. Her romantic feelings kind of cropped up out of nowhere, since she was not intended to return his feelings in Book 2. The episode was not even supposed to exist. Bryke had to scrap an episode about Kuzon to make room for it after they decided to actually make Kataang endgame.

They Don’t Teach You This In SexEd-Joji Miller Imagine

“Joji/reader fic where reader loses her virginity with Joji in the heat of the moment despite making a promise that they would wait for a special occasion? All consensual of course.” -Anonymous

Never non consensual here anon! I refuse to write a detailed non consensual smut on this blog <3

Also Joji isn’t a virgin in this because i didn’t know if you meant that both of them were or just the reader :) Sorry if it’s not the way you wanted though


WARNING: SMUT SMUT SMUT SMUT SMUT (did i mention there’s smut)

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I watch content from the roundtable on youtube and it just occured to me that they have not even touched the trans marco theory at all even though theres heaps of evidence to support it. It could just be that they know nothing about us amd thats why they havnt touched it but i find that odd considering i know they read their comments so it would be safe to assume that they have seen it mentioned.

I don’t watch that but if there have been a lot of comments mentioning it and they do different star vs theories they could a) not like it, b) be preparing to make one or c) don’t think the theory is valid as it’s on an LGBT+ issue.

I kind of have the feeling that it’s going to be c.

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So Harry album is gonna drop soon, he's still in 1D, & I bet 1D fans would not make drama about it (they're actually excited, & he's also the lead singer). Fuuuucccccck man I wished our fandom would've been like that or even the girls if they ever felted "jealousy" . 😩 why girls gotta be dramatic when there's no need to be.

ot4s made it clear they didn’t mind the side project but according to them the problem was how everything was handled

sometimes I just make posts in the tags because I know I’m too tired to articulate myself well enough that non-followers would understand wtf I’m taking about, and idk any other way to make posts un-rebloggable. sorry for long-ass tags, I just don’t want to be misunderstood by non followers & can’t guarantee anything I’m writing would make sense to strangers when I’m this tired

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(1/2) I dnt know why people all over the internet are creaming themselves so much over Chrevans' PR armchair activism. Fueling the ridiculous delusion how he's real life Cap lol. He doesn't do anything, not even promoting any specific causes or organisations on Twitter cause that would require actual involvement and work. I commend him for saying something, but I'm annoyed he's getting so much praise for tweeting from his mansion from time to time even from the mainstream media

(2/2) While you’ve got so many famous and non famous people working so hard on actually making a change. They don’t have such a good PR team as Evans I guess. The standards we have for these white hot millionaires are so low it’s horrifying. And DON’T get me started on fangirls praising Seb for posting 1 pic and a caption about Ro like he singlehandedly saved the country now. Although he had a few missteps in his activism, they should both be learning shit from Mark Ruffalo.

Mod: Mark Ruffalo is kind of on another level there, nonny. :) And even though I don’t follow follow Chris Evans, even I know he’s a huge longtime supporter of Christopher’s Haven and has some sort of charity escape room event going on soon. “Armchair activism” has its place - you can bitch all you want about him being a rich privileged white dude, but that’s the point - privileged white people have a voice, and being who he is he’s got a more powerful voice and platform to work with than a lot of people, and he’s actually utilizing his influence. Simply speaking out and up is a tool in itself, and I don’t think we should shit on anyone for using it.

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Oh you two NEED to watch the go hardddd video of you two!

This still doesn’t answer my question. Why would someone make a video of Sherlock and I? How did they even get the content to make a video?

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Why is that iKON always get the short stick of the end and have horrible photoshoots... Like these boys are freaking visuals but these magazines make freaks out of them... Vogue is stills better than Dazed I would even admit that Hanbin looks kinda hot but lord Bobby... Umbridge korean version... Can you imagine how many good photos could they take of Bobby with that perfect jawline of his? With the right contouring and stuff... But no... They always put ugly ass f*ck pink lipstick on him..

I expected high quality, expensive looking model iKON bcs you know FREAKIN VOGUE?! but you know they hate iKON when even vogue does them dirty like this 😂 and yeah I agree, still better than dazed! Haha

how 2 write a ‘the ew fandom sucks post’ post

make sure that your url can be immediately used against you,
be as aggressive, guilt-tripping, and manipulative as humanly possible.

and completely derail the point you’re trying to make!

words/sentences to include:

  • ya’ll
  • edd would be disappointed
  • i’m leaving
  • this is why tom/tord left
  • shipping is bad
  • toxic

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So, you just mad, because you won't made any money with your Work, because it basically sucks ? Is that why you SHIT on Alvarina, you little CUNT ? Because SHE would and WILL make Money out of her Art ?! Its a shame that people like you are part of this Community and even CLAIM to be Artists

What the… What the HELL… Is this really spreading this far again ? I didn’t “SHIT” on @alvarina-art o.o Why would I ? She is a Artist, I FUCKING FOLLOW… And Its not that I do NOT want people to support her. I would LOVE if people would support her and ALL the other Artists… And yes… I probably wouldn’t make money with my content, because its mostly SFW and I don’t post frequently… Do I get hate again, because I just shared my opinion ? Is it REALLY that again… I just said, that IN MY OPINION I would not want to get money for STUFF that not even belongs to me… I have no problem with people using Patreon and so on… I just made my point… But sure fine, hate on me again… If we going back to this again, I will deal with it… FFS

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