why would i even make this

Why is Sana still angry with Elias?

Another theory no one asked for:
We still don’t know why the fight happened and it seems like Julie leaves us pretty much in the dark.
The last weeks I was thinking that the fight was about Even as he is the connection between the balloon squad and the boy squad and we know that something happened what seperated them, so it seemd likely that the fight was about Even and his backstory with the balloon squad.

But in today’s clip, something hit me:

Elias mentioning Isak, not Even! So, yeah, it makes sense as Isak was the one who got hurt, if it was by Elias, or not, is still not confirmed. But I think, we can be pretty sure, that Elias was strongly involved as he feels the urge to apologize to Sana (again). 

So why is he emphasizing Isak? Would the fight have been ok, if Isak wasn’t Sanas friend? Or is there more about it?
Even isn’t the only connection between boy squad and balloon squad, Sana is too!!
So, I was wondering if the fight started bc of Sana!- maybe Isak was standing outside with the other boys and was talking about Sana, mentioning her and Elias just heard it and jumped to wrong conclusions. 
We already learned that Sana was heavily mobbed at her previous school, maybe Elias thought it happens again at Nissen… and that’s why the fight started… 
So emphasizing “I didn’t know Isak was your friend” could be important, as Elias now understands that Isak wasn’t talking bad about his sister and that he just misunderstood it… 
And there is something else that didn’t fit with my previous conclusion about the fight: I was really expecting after the hiatus, that Even / Isak might be mad about Sana, bc she invited her brother and his crew but she should have known that this could end in trouble. But they never did. 
The opposite happened, Isak was reaching out to Sana and Even was very happy to see her in yesterday’s clip- would that have been the same, if the fight was really about Even and Bakka? I am not sure.
And it also seems to me that Even and Isak are very chill right now, what doesn’t makes sense to me, if the fight would have been about Evens past…

Well, that’s it so far! I am still not sure how likely this theory is, so I am curious to hear your opinions and if you have something to add, feel free! 

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Hey rat what where the things that made you stop defending sixpenceee. I did some of my own research but I wanna know what you think

The main two things that I saw all the time and could absolutely no longer defend:

  • sheer laziness in post-making; she didn’t fact-check basic points, she got names/dates wrong, her posts were riddled with terrible grammar and spelling, and she sourced sporadically at best. I couldn’t understand why someone with such an influential blog would spend so little time on it. not to mention a lot of the posts were awkwardly worded and/or just badly written in general.
  • post-stealing; I’ve seen her copy-paste huge chunks of Wikipedia articles, huge chunks of Reddit stories/threads, huge chunks of other bloggers’ posts. she’s even done it to me – I’ve posted something and @’d her in the tag, and she’s taken the post and reposted it to her blog. sometimes she would “credit” me as in saying I found it, but she never reblogged my actual work. god knows how many other people she did this to.

These are the two things I saw constantly all the time, and the laziness and plagiarism just really rubbed me up the wrong way. Some of the other stuff also happened often but didn’t annoy me as much (but I didn’t appreciate it, either), and some of this stuff rarely happened/I didn’t witness myself, but they’re all factors:

  • the money grabbing/constant self-promoing/note grabbing; like, I get it. no one is on Tumblr if they’re not looking for notes, but stuff like “follow for my woke soul” and ““deep”” quotes I used to see on stickers for MySpace profiles were just embarrassing and annoying. not to mention the mall goth shirts and the constant reblogs of her several other blogs. I didn’t follow for that. I followed for creepy content, and I got less and less of that over tie.
  • the art stealing; sixpenceee made shirts out of a lot of art I’m pretty sure she’s not licensed to use, including stuff under copyright law. this is really reckless behaviour and while most of the time I think copyright laws are bullshit I only apply this to massive corporations raking in billions. small independent artists are a different matter altogether. plus the shirts are constantly reblogged and very badly made. it’s just more of the above: she puts no effort in to anything.
  • ableism; I’m going to admit that I haven’t seen as much of this as it’s made out and that was the main reason why I sat on the fence for so long, but the more I read multiple accounts of people saying the same thing the more I can’t turn a blind eye anymore. once enough people are saying it, and for so long, it’s probably wise to take note. also when I sat down and thought about it I do remember several occasions where she’s tagged things mentally ill people have made/gone through as “creepy”, and a lot of the stories she rips off from Reddit do have the cheap ““twist”” of “and then………… he was MENTALLY ILL!!!111!!”
  • harassment/bullying/etc; this was something I hadn’t seen when people first started messaging me about her and for a while I did have the opinion of “well she can’t control her followers” but the more I’ve looked into it the more I’ve seen countless people saying that she either encouraged it or played the victim to encourage it, and several bloggers have been bullied into taking breaks or leaving altogether. she seems to do this to people who speak out against her, or other paranormal bloggers. I get you can’t control your followers but she has so much influence that she could shame them into stopping with one post. I have a fraction of her followers (in the five digits) but even I have had to do it in the past. it’s simple. you just make a post saying you don’t condone it and to stop, and 90% of people do. if people are bullying others in your name, shouldn’t you be ashamed? shouldn’t you want them to stop?

I feel really annoyed that it came to this because sixpenceee did help me out a lot at one point, and while I’m still grateful for that, one reblog two years ago is not enough for me to stay silent about all this anymore. there’s too much evidence against her and this “pay me to be nice to you” idea of hers says too much about her that makes me personally uncomfortable. I followed for good creepy content, not lazy posts, plagiarism, and fraud. everything else I’m more inclined to believe because of that “sixpenceee heals” post, too – and the fact that so many people have messaged me calling me brave for calling her out and saying they’re too scared to do it themselves just proves the other points. it’s a shame, but I can’t pretend it’s not happening anymore. 

I just don’t want to hurt you" he says. I look up at him, a tear rolling down my cheek. The right words won’t escape my mouth, but my mind races with endless thoughts. Then why. Tell me why you’re doing this. If you don’t love me anymore, just tell me. But making up excuses, pretending to care, and “not wanting to see me upset”, is just hurting me even more. And it kills because I love him. So I fought for him, and I fought hard. But is my love enough to keep him with me, or do I mean nothing to him anymore? And as he wiped away the last tear rolling down my cheek, I hoped and prayed with all my heart that it wouldn’t be the last time I would feel his warmth against me. Because I need him. Because real love is worth fighting for.
—  I won’t give up on us.. not this easily.. 11:41pm // 5.27.17

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As a psychopath (or whatever he is) do you think Sangwoo is self aware enough to realize that he's done to Bum what his uncle did to him? Would that make him reconsider his actions, or are Sangwoo's actions justified because he's Sangwoo?

‘It’s not the same thing! Sangwoo was doing it for Bum. He was being kind and treating Bum like he was special. Even though he’s not a pervert like Yoonbum, he gave him what he wanted.’
That’s how Sangwoo thinks so yes, it is justified, even though he was doing it mostly out of curiosity and for himself. And especially if he is a psychopath, he isn’t going to reconsider anything. Why would he, when he doesn’t regret doing it.

There are times that make me think he is self-aware, like when he said ‘I’m not a rapist’, or when he talked about Jieun, his friends, the gaybar man or his own father, he seems to know what’s considered ‘good’ and ‘bad’. He knows what his father did was bad. He knows his friends bullying Bum was bad. He knows tricking young men to have sex with you is bad. He knows being shallow and mean like Jieun is bad. He called Yoonbum a murderer so he knows killing is bad. So he either accepted that he’s also ‘bad’ or his ego doesn’t let him accept it and is in denial. It’s also possible that he knows the concept of moral from what he’s learned from society (just like he thinks being gay is bad because that’s what the majority of his society thinks) and he doesn’t really ‘understand’ it, which is why he can’t tell if what he’s doing is also considered morally wrong or not.

I think Sangwoo pretty much thinks like a child. Like he’s VERY smart but as smart as an average kid can be. This is also why he seems impulsive at times because sometimes he just want to do things, he doesn’t think about the consequences. He’s immature and not very good at thinking for himself. Like he obviously has never questioned what society taught him because he’s having problem understanding it in the first place.
That’s also how almost all of psychopaths think when they’re trying to adapt and fit in.

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Kyouko...*leaves her and Jin to talk*



I’m sorry.

Huh? Why?

I didn’t realize. It was all in front of me. I was with her for a whole year…And yet…I didn’t realize that she was the culprit.

And because of this…If I had been more careful then you wouldn’t have let her inside the school when you make us take shelter in it. You wouldn’t have died, none of my friends would have died. I’m supposed to be the SHSL Detective and yet…She totally won. I didn’t even see it coming..!

Kyouko…No ! That wasn’t your fault ! It was mine, mine and the other teacher’s. I was the one who didn’t pay enough attention to all my students. You do not need to blame yourself !

And then I lost my memories. I forgot everything about you. I started blaming you again for everything, when you were already dead because of me. How can I…Expect you to forgive me?

That’s enough !


Listen Kyouko, I don’t forgive you. But because there is nothing to forgive. You aren’t the one at fault. You did everything you could. And I saw what happened after my death, without you…All the others kids would be dead. So you shouldn’t doubt yourself so much.

And I also don’t blame you for hating me again. I abandoned you, Kyouko. Even if I had my reasons I know that I hurt you deeply and I’m so sorry for this. But I love you Kyouko, never doubt that. I love you with all my heart, and that won’t stop because I died. This love will be with you forever. So please, don’t blame yourself like that for something you aren’t responsible of.


….Can I hug you?

*slowly nods*

*hugs her* It’s okay Kyouko, you are not alone. None of this was your fault and I don’t blame you for it. Nor do the others. They all know how much you did for them.

….Thank you…Dad. *hugs him*


Hmm…You’re welcome.

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I think if anything maybe the kiss just made Yousef more sure that Sana is the one he wants which is why he tried so hard today. I really think that Noora is the one that kissed him and he sort of let it happen. I kind of think that he won't say it though? Like he won't say that it was all Noora because that would be kind of disrespectful towards Noora and he's not like that. So he might just make it super obvious to everyone around that he likes Sana and hope she understands?

yeah, i think he can put two and two together and realize why she’s mad at him and wouldnt even look at him at tuesday also completely agree on the noora thing

also honestly i really want to see yousef just making it obvious to everyone that he wants sana to the point of him embarassing himself lmao (bc he would SO do that) and at one point everyone is like WE GET IT and sana is just shaking her head at him all the time like…..this dork

High Shawn

A/N: inspired by that video that spread around a few days ago, but I wanted to write this bc I accidentally got “high” at school. Ugh what a day.

Shawn while he’s high would include…

- *hits blunt once* “am I high yet?”
- You face palming and realizing why you even let him try
- “Baby, one time isn’t enough”
- Shawn in sweatpants and a hoodie to have an even more relaxed high
- “I wonder if Brian has tried this”
- He would get so paranoid the first few times
- “Make sure no one is looking”
- Running your fingers through his hair to calm him down during his first high
- Shawn laying back on the couch with his eyes closed, and you on his lap
- His warm, hazel brown eyes would be surrounded by redness
- Having intense make out sessions after you’re both done
- laying in bed together as your talk about life
- *hits blunt for the last time*
- “Now I know what everyone’s been talking about”

It’s terrifying how dark my thoughts are but what scares me the most is how I find comfort in it. Sometimes I would just find myself crying either in the middle of the night or when the sun’s up and I don’t even know why and it would just seem normal because that’s just how things go nowadays. At some point, these thoughts make me want to just give up and let everything consume me. But I can’t let this sadness go, this is the last feeling that makes me human. Without it, I am numb, I am nothing. This is the last earthly feeling I have and I don’t want it to go away, not just yet or not ever. 

Case File of #NotRob 52122299888899999

Across the aisle, one of their own tried to say that this here is Rob:

You either need your eyes checked or new glasses because that is clearly one of the Safdie brothers (Ben I believe).

Here, let me give you a side by side:

Why yes, Ben on the left and ROB on the right. 

No wonder those across the aisle are always confused. They are always jumping the gun to say that is Rob when it is usually proven that it is another case of #NotRob. I wonder are they even real fans or just pretending to be a fan. Cause a real fan would not make that mistake! Especially when it is clear as crystal that is NOT Rob.

So, when trying to school those of us on this side of the aisle, you should make sure your ducks are in a row. otherwise, be stay quiet unless you are sure of that which you rant about!! Because in time, it can be proven you are wrong.

As is the case of this #NotRob….that on over there is wrong.

Then, I hear by consider this File Case of #NotRob closed.

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Hello, lovely lovely talented person! Can I ask for some headcanons for Aizawa if he would had a UA teacher s/o? Also thank you so much for your hard work! I'm more than blessed to happy to read your works.

((I’m not crying why do you ask?))

-He’s very happy he can be close to them on a daily basis

-It makes him feel better, especially with the danger of villain attacks

-Not that he’d admit it

-Sometimes like to check on them during breaks

-But he keeps it professional most of the time

-In fact, most of the students don’t even know they’re dating

-So when they see them hugging at one point, all of the students, no matter the class are like ???????

-You mean (y/n), one of the kindest people they’ve ever met is dating Aizawa?

-Aizawa the biggest party pooper in history?

-Well that was certainly unexpected

-It’s good for him to have someone so cheerful in his presence, I guess

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I don't even know why you'd want your otp to be compared to star crossed lovers forever only seeing eachother one a year and if it rains on that day they have to wait a a fucking year more. Like why would you want that? I don't get why ih thought that was a good sign for them. Is it just because it's a love story? Are they that desprate? I only make the parallel to ir now bc of the horrid ending fits in a way but before why would I ever want a parallel to a tragic love story.

> Like why would you want that?

Your otp can’t traumatize each other if they only see each other once every year 

In the short story Story of Your Life by Ted Chiang, which the film Arrival is based on, the heptapods are called Raspberry and Flapper and are referred to using only gender neutral pronouns, while in the film they are given male names, Abbott and Costello, and referred to with male pronouns. The only reason I can think of for why the writers would make this change is that they didn’t think that audiences would respond emotionally to gender neutral aliens. The giving of male names and pronouns likely wasn’t even an active choice to them, it probably just felt right. If they had assigned them female names and pronouns, would that have seemed strange to audiences who are culturally conditioned to consider male the norm and female the deviation? Probably, which is is likely also why I didn’t even notice they’d done it until leaving the cinema. It’s a nice and simple little case study of how gender norms are internalized and then reproduced.

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What can be used as replacements for crystals? Like could I enchant something that looks like a gem/crystal (such as glass or plastic) to have the properties I desire?

I mean, sure, but it wouldn’t be a crystal in any sense - it would just be an object charged with an intent. The energies would be completely different, for one thing. Each crystal has its own subtle energies based on its geological make-up and its uses in folklore. You can’t really “replace” a crystal with another object, because of that. Like, sure you can use something else in its place, but it by no means replaces a crystal exactly, nor would it guarantee to act in the same way a crystal might in that scenario. 

And, I mean, at that point, if you can charge something to that capacity, why even need the crystals at all? That’s a spell in and of itself - if you can channel and achieve something like that without crystals, do you even really need to replace them at that point?

Like, what would you use it for?

I had a good post about this, but I can’t find it and I need to head out right now, I’ll check later.

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UT Sans and UF Sans reaction to their s/o being all drunk and adorable but then asks for a threesome with Papyrus

😂 oh god not the Yandere babies

UT! Sans: did you just? You did. Oh my god. No, nope. Just, no. He’s gonna give you the most grossed out and freaked out look he can muster, and then he’s gonna teleport you home and make you sleep. That’s just not okay, what the hell is wrong with you? Next morning he asks why the hell you would ever even think about that. Oh god, you’re gonna try to leave him for Papyrus aren’t you? He can’t kill his brother! No. No, no, no reassure him right now.

UF! Sans: probably drunk with you. Says “fuck yeah!” Then hes like “wait… no what the fuck is wrong with you? do i have to kill him? you want him don’t you!?” Starts a whole scene, please help him. Kiss him and take him home, please.

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exactly abt the christian thing! it's just saddening and confusing as to why phil would collab with her or even associate with her when she's openly homophobic? and it makes me even more mad to hear her dumb bullshit logic that "i can disagree with gay ppl's existence that doesn't even affect me but you can't disagree with me because it's my opinion that you have to tolerate!!!!". i really am curious to know what phil thinks of this because i heard they were long time friends but im not sure

also i don’t wanna seem like i’m reaching but??? do you think dan wasn’t in the video bc he doesn’t like her that much? i know it sounds like i’m reaching but dan likes anime just as much as phil, she confirmed in the comments that he was there in the room, and it’s a bit weird that they weren’t both in the collab seeing as it was just a silly thing they filmed probably at playlist (in the hotel). we all know how open dan is abt gender and sexuality so i can see why he wouldn’t like her as much

see, i have no idea about anything. i don’t know how they perceive her, or her ‘opinions’. but it’s just an interesting concept to see how they interact with her. phil seems very fond and comfortable around her. there are people who have to choose to look over things like this, because sadly, we live in a world that is not like the internet. most people aren’t as open. i don’t know if dan didn’t join because he felt awkward about being behind the camera, which it seems like he tends to do in most collabs or he’s more uncomfortable about her because of how she thinks. but it seems like he’d be at least friendly with her if she’d have been friends with phil for so long. i have no idea. but i personally think they’re both friends with her, but dan just chose not to be in the video bc we all know how he can be in collabs

My top Naruto ships

@niyari-to-kitsune thanks for the tag boo 🍥😘

However I’m a loser who couldn’t stick to 10.

Here are my top 13 + 1 Naruto ships:

0. Minato and Kushina. The Castle and Beckett of Konoha. Excuse me, I need a moment. 💞

1. Naruto and Sasuke. Duh. In like, whatever gendered form. Even like threesome relationships… 🔥 (Y'all have to be blind in one eye and unable to see from the other to not see the chemistry at all)

2. Ino and Sakura. Because why the fuck not it makes a lot of sense, y'all. Ino would treat her big-forehead right and Sakura would hulk-smash any Ino-hater to tiny pieces. (S: Only I get to call her pig!)

3. Naruto and Garaa. Because the raging storm and the unpredictable whirpool make that kind of quicksand you just want to sink into. Also loud and quiet. Also less lonely kids in love. ❤️

4. Kurama and Naruto. Or Kurama, and Naruto, and Sasuke. 🔥Enough said.

5. Kiba and Sakura. I stumbled and I fell… And Kiba and Hinata. Oh, the contrast. Kiba and Naruto, they’re probably loud lovers… 😳👌🏻

6. Naruto and Sakura. I can’t help it, they were my initial ship. And so cute? And Naruto wouldn’t let Sakura lie to him and vice versa. Sigh… Naruto with almost anyone really.

7. SasuNaruSaku. The (new and improved) team seven holy sanin trinity of Konoha. I have a weakness for Team 7 gone right.

8. ItaNaruSasu. Blame @kizukatana and her The Test universe. 100%.

9. Naruto and Konohamaru. I always liked the idea but I blame @blackkatmagic for this one too (and so many others, thanks boo 😘)

10. Last but not the least, Itachi and Shisui. Because they pop up as side ships all the time and wtf how does it work so well? Idk but I’ll take 5. In fact just open a tab in my name.

11. Bonus ship! Rarepair edition. Kurama and Kakashi. Thanks @blackkatmagic

12. Bonus ship: Kakashi and Iruka. They’re another side couple taste I acquired through exposure at some point. No regrets.

13. Bonus ship, does-this-exist-?-show-me edition: Don’t fucking tell me Haku and Naruto can’t be a ship. There is enough implied attraction and gender is a non-issue for Naruto, if you ask me.

Gosh I feel like I’m forgetting some ship.

I tag, @thisisnotgoingtoendwell because I see you in my notifs and I wanna know. @narutoandsasukearecanon because, duh.

Also, @whoskiba and @kuramaknows you cuties and @killerkurama and like, anyone else who sees this.

Okay, me outie. ✌🏻

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i am sorry, but WHY ON EARTH would a sane, intelligent human being demand from his elderly parents to lie to the world about his children, WHY? can't you all really see how crazy this is and how wrong? wanda could simply say that she won't answer personal questions about her son (who isn't even present at the event) instead of lying like an idiot. maybe the fan didn"t remember exactly what she said and you all make a big deal of the 4 months (its just one month apart). i don't get it, sorry.

There are more conflicting reports on what Wanda had to share with complete strangers Nonny.  Brace yourself before clicking on the LINK.

Something tells me an actress who’s been memorizing lines for the past… 61 years could do much much much better than this if her son had indeed asked her to back him up. 

I’m not gonna say people are lying.  I’m just gonna say that people seem to have heard what each of them wanted to hear and leave it at that…  :o)

ok this might just be wishful thinking but ive had sojun as my phone background for months now & i just realized something, his eye colour doesn’t look like grey but rather blue or at least, some kind of bluish colour 


and ive always LOVED the idea of him being rukia’s father too so i looked at some colourspreads of her and realized that although she is said to have violet eyes, her eyes in some of them appear like a purplish-blue like in these:

even in the anime:

and idk it just got me thinking that if rukia turned out to be sojun’s daughter, it would make sense as to why her eye colour and shape of her eye is different than byakuya’s because she could’ve either inherited the eye shape of her mother and the colour of her father’s OR her eye colour could’ve just been a recessive trait and she just so happened to get it instead of grey

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I'm an elementary school and I absolutely love my job and the kids I get to spend my days with. However, I hate how non teachers react to it. The main positive response I get is the other person saying that they couldn't handle working with kids. One of my best friends is an engineer and people treat him like he's so much more intelligent than I am. Even secondary teachers seem to think I'm somehow inferior because the content I teach is rather simple. I get really sick of it sometimes.

i have so much respect for teachers honestly. my mom is an elementary school P.E. teacher and i respect her so much. y'all put up with a lot haha
teachers are super important to society and pretty much without them the engineers and doctors and stuff wouldn’t even be where they are so to me it makes no sense why anyone would look down on any teacher no matter the grades they teach!

thanks for sharing! i’d love to hear more from you or anyone!!