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Loki #3

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“You can’t just sit there all day.” You huffed, throwing a balled up paper across the table at him. He was refusing to study because you had called him a child (the tantrum he threw at your words only emphasize your point). “You have to study!” You were honestly frustrated with him at this point, knowing that his refusal was only going to distract you from your studies, and in the end you would both end up failing.

However, Loki only crossed his arms and let out a grunt, turning his head away.

“I’m not a child,” he mumbled under his breath.

A trickster. A bother. A pain in the ass. You call him these things on a regular basis, so you don’t know why now, of all times, he’s chosen to be difficult.

“Loki, please just-”

“Nope. I’m too childish, remember?” He stuck his tongue out at you, his eyebrows drawing together as you let out a long sigh.

“Oh my gods, Loki. What is your problem? Can we please just study?” You let your head fall to the table and thunk into the pages of your open book.

“Fine, just say I’m a man.” He insisted and you immediately responded.

“You’re a man. Not childish at all. So manly. Can we study now?” He didn’t appreciate your deadpan tone and leaned across the table, grabbing your pencil from your hand where you were tapping it impatiently on your notebook.

“Say it like you mean it.” He said as he raised an eyebrow. You had no idea what this was about. Is it a pride thing? Did you hurt his feelings by insinuating he’s less manly than he actually is? That didn’t sound like him, but you were too tired to deal with it at the moment.

“I’m sorry, Loki.” You sighed, reaching across the table and plucking your pencil from his hands, resting your fingertips on his knuckles. “You’re clearly not that childish, I mean, you do things that would be criminal for a child to do.” You rolled your eyes wondering what he would actually take from that and wondering if his mind would go to the dirty things you had intentionally meant and not the less than moral tricks he plays on his classmates. But whatever road his thought process took, your apology and backhanded compliment seemed to do the trick, earning you a smile from the troublemaker.

“That’s very true.” His smirk made you shake your head and let out a chuckle.

“Loki?” You asked, trying to keep a straight face as you motioned to all the open books on the table.

“Yeah yeah, fine, let’s study.”

Why the translation error matters so much this time.

I’ll admit, I’m usually a lazy ass who would let translation errors slide because I can’t be bothered. However… I cannot believe I’m doing this but I’ve seen comments about the errors not mattering at all but well, I’m not letting Crunchyroll and their subbers go this time. (I’m gonna admit that I hate that website, so…) *rolls sleeves* I am ready to explain to death why it matters, and why it matters so bad. Mainly because of a directionality error.

So what Yuuri said was “Intai made, boku no koto onegaishimasu.” - Until I retire, please take good care of me. 

The marriage undertones aside (which I’ve explained earlier, here), he is handing himself over and making himself completely vulnerable to Viktor. This is a huge character development from where they’d started, where he’d said “I’m afraid to get close to him” in Episode 1 (or 2, I can’t remember). 

Now, Yuuri is ready to offer all of himself to Viktor for as long as Viktor wants him (which he assumed is until after the GPFs are over) - but Viktor surprised him by saying that he wished Yuuri’d never retire - implying that he wanted to stay with Yuuri longer than Yuuri thought Viktor would want him. This shows that Yuuri still has all his insecurities despite his growth (which is completely normal) and also shows Yuuri’s incredible trust in Viktor. 

What Yuuri meant with those words wasn’t to tie Viktor to him or demand Viktor to stay with him, but to tie himself to Viktor and tell him that he wants to stay with Viktor - asking Viktor implicitly for his reply (cause one has to agree to another’s proposal, right?). His words are more common between couples, which is why Viktor said it was like a “Proposal” because in many ways, it is. That’s how marriage works, you’re trusting your partner fully and giving yourself to them, hoping that they’ll reciprocate (except Yuuri was more demanding but we all know that’s the kind of person he is, hehe). 

He knows there’s no other way he’ll be whole otherwise, and his performance this time proves it. 

Yuuri isn’t demanding Viktor to stay with him, but demanding that he be allowed to stay with Viktor (in a way). It’s what makes this line (and Viktor’s reply) really beautiful. The directionality of his words matters so much - and they screwed it up. 

Like I’ve said, I usually don’t get this riled up over a translation error, but this one really got to me. Mainly because of the loss of cultural meaning behind those words (that Viktor understood, btw, which is amazing considering he isn’t Japanese). While it is a difficult line to explain culturally and in terms of meaning, it is a simple line to translate literally. So what I’m curious about is: why the hell did they choose to translate it that way? *groans* 

I actually do want to see Mila interested in Otabek…to see how Yurio takes it. I mean, at first he’ll be annoyed but tell himself (and others) it’s just because he’s tired of all the romance going on around him. But then he starts realizing the thought of Otabek and Mila together bothers him way more than, say, Yuri and Victor. And every time Mila gushes about Otabek he finds himself agreeing with what she says. And he understands why she would want to be with him…

In the end Mila figures out Yurio has a crush on Otabek before Yurio himself does and decides to help the two get together.

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Hi B, I think it would be nice to ask you. Sorry if this bothers you. But, could you list the characteristics that you admire in Louis and explain why? I think it would be a nice post. Sorry my English, hope you understand.

Bothers me?!?! Why on earth would this bother me?! this anon is AWESOME!!  

I love his strength.  The fact that he barely got any solos in the beginning and his mic was turned down low and he was told he wasn’t good enough did not slow him down at all.  He kept fighting and working his ass off and made himself completely indispensable for the band.  He wrote so many amazing songs that showcased him.  It would have been so easy for him to say fuck it and just blend into the background but no, he kept going.  Not to mention how much strength it took to perform a song he wrote for his mother just days after she passed away.  

I love his ability to show his vulnerability.  Which I suppose goes hand in hand with strength.  Talking about how he’s writing about his “deepest love” and tweeting about how nervous he was to do something on his own.  Which brings me to my next point…

I love how genuinely grateful he seems to be.  He doesn’t seem the type to take anything for granted.  He knows he’s lucky to be such a megastar.  That doesn’t happen to many people, let alone to the levels of fame that One Direction has reached.  He’s so appreciative of and TO all his fans.  and speaking of fans…

I love how he is with fans.  He’s always so kind and lovely, even if they might not necessarily deserve it.  He listens to them.  He connects with them.  He speaks french with them.  He makes them feel good about themselves.  

I love that he is the Ultimate Big Brother.  He takes care of everyone from his siblings to the boys.  Knowing that he’s known as the leader of the group, making sure everything is taken care of. 

I love how talented he is.  I love how he knows his strengths and weaknesses and knows how to use them to his advantage to tell these amazing stories with his words, his melodies, and his voice. 

I love how much he gives back.  Whether it’s financially, playing in a game, or just using his name, Charity Louis is everything.

I love how FUN he is.  He’s not afraid to be childlike and goofy and do things to make other people happy.  I love his friendships with Liam and Niall in particular.  He gives them such SHIT and they LET him.  because they love him so very much. which brings me to…

I love how much good he brings out in others.  He instills this loyalty in people.  Just seeing how much support was around him for JHO.  Looking at Calvin’s instagram message to him and the fan project he put together.  People love to love Louis.  And that says a lot about who he is as a person.  

I love how much he loves his family.  How close they’ve always been and how much closer i’m sure they’ve all become.  Watching him with Lottie and with Doris in particular just fill my heart with so much joy.  

And then there are those little things that just can’t be put into words.  He’s just so lovely????  I can’t not love him.  Please, God, let 2017 be his year.  This kid deserves the world.  He gives so much of himself to other people be it his family, his friends, his fans, complete strangers he doesn’t even know.  Let him get some good back.  

  • Scorpius: Grandpa, how do you tell someone you like them?
  • Lucius: Well, if you're anything like your father, you don't tell them right away. You just come home and go on and on about the person to your parents until they contemplate pissing off the Dark Lord just so he would use Avada Kedavra on you.
  • Scorpius:
  • Scorpius: I don't know why I keep bothering to come to you for advice.

Any other Jassandra shippers not the slightest bit bothered by the previous episode?

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to give you shit if you are bothered by it. As a FitzSimmons shipper who absolutely despised the third season of Agents of SHIELD, I totally get it. You have every right to feel what you feel.

But so many people are treating Jassandra like a sinking ship all of a sudden. Why? Because she likes Jenkins, because she kissed another woman? Jenkins doesn’t seem to share those feelings, and I may be alone on this one but I always assumed SOMETHING would happen between Cassandra and another woman at some point.

But she’s bisexual, and that was made clear in season 1. I don’t know how that kiss could possibly surprise anyone. The whole Jenkins thing surprised me, but it wasn’t treated as something with long term implications even by the show. It was merely treated as something that exists and that’s it.

I’m still on board this ship until something happens that actually sinks it. Abandoning the ship after it took a few hits is extremely premature. I think it’s pretty cool that Cassandra doesn’t seem to care about gender or age difference.

Politicalprof’s error(s):

So why was I, like so many others, wrong about Tuesday’s election? Three bits of public self-diagnosis:

1. I truly, honestly, utterly could not believe that a substantial number of Americans could bring themselves to vote for someone as profoundly vile and hateful and profoundly and willfully unprepared as Donald Trump. I could not make myself believe that even the angriest American could look at Donald Trump – Donald Trump! – and go, “yeah, at least he’s not Hillary Clinton!” I couldn’t do it.

I was wrong.

2. I truly, honestly, utterly could not believe that an American people who I believed would act like point 1 was true, would then look at Hillary Clinton (for all her flaws) and go, “why bother?” If you believe 1, then voting seemed … required. 

I was wrong.

3. I forgot to do what is actually my analytic “thing.” I am not a pollster or an aggregator, so I was stuck with the same imperfect data everyone else was. Usually, however, I try to understand the worldview of people I disagree with. I try to analyze from the inside out. But given #s 1 and 2 above, I didn’t spend much time doing this through this cycle.

I was wrong.

I hope Democrats don’t decide this election was about Trump. Trump got the fewest votes of ANY presidential candidate, winner or loser, since George W Bush in 2000. Nope: this one was about the failure of Democrats to mobilize in the face of a candidate who spewed bile and alienated millions. If the Democrats can’t beat Trump, they need to seriously rethink where they’re coming from and what they’re trying to achieve.

We all do.

Last Anons about IG situation

I don’t want to be rude to my lovely Anons, but I don’t want to keep answering questions about this so I will put it all in one post.

1. About the selective deletions of posts on someone’s IG - I don’t know what that is all about. Personally, I would delete all of them. I haven’t looked but if it is true, I think it is sort of silly, honestly. Quite foolish on her part.

2. My take on the awful messages - absolutely appalled! It’s disgraceful and it is beyond my understanding why people would go to her IG, or BM’s IG, and worse, why celeb minions and “journalists” would get involved in stupid fandom drama. Especially those latter two, who really should know better, only inflame the situation, they are not exactly level headed.

3. For shippers, Anons, Antis in my inbox - don’t bother asking me if I have changed my mind about Sam and Cait. I haven’t!! Not in the slightest! My ship is sailing!

In fact, today’s events strangely solidify my opinion. While Sam stepped in, because let’s face it, this was so out of hand and spreading to other celebs that he had to, his message on IG, while properly indignant, did not have a personal tone in the slightest. On twitter, he did what he always does, post an indignant tweet and then proceeded with his usual upbeat self right after that, like nothing happened. Interesting…

And so… these are my last observations regarding this issue and I will not revisit it again. 

I have called for people to stay away from the girl’s IG before (and been screen capped for it). My thanks for trying to calm things down was to then also be called a cockroach by some idiot abusive jerk on twitter who can only make his insecure self feel better by belittling women of the OL fandom and their opinions. 

I do NOT approve of the bullying but I have done all I can really and at this point am preaching to the choir.

I consider what is happening now totally irrelevant to me and my ship, as I have nothing to do with it.

I hope to never address this again.

Peace out!!!

Surpassing- Damian Wayne/Robin X Reader

This was requested by @themajorindianfangirl.  I hope this is what you imagined!

You stood by Damian’s side at his father’s gala.  Normally you wouldn’t go to events like this, but Damian insisted that you should come and prevent boredom from bothering him.  You were glad to accompany your boyfriend there and having a good time, mostly.  All of the snobby and rich women kept eyeing Damian like he was a piece of fat reducing candy.  It made you uncomfortable and a little self conscious while they sent you glares whenever you would do anything.  Why do people have to be so rude?  

“I’m going to get a drink.  Do you want one?” you asked Damian.

“Thank you, beloved.”

You smiled and walked over to the table where some of the non-alcoholic drinks were being served.  You grabbed two cups of water and walked towards Damian.  When you were a few steps away one of the scowling women bumped into you and caused the waters to spill onto your dress.  You frowned at her and she smiled.

“Sorry, I wasn’t watching where I was going.”

“I’m sorry your ego was blinding you,” you said politely while walking around her.

She gasped and stomped away.  You inwardly smiled and made your way to  Damian.  When he was in your sights you couldn’t believe your eyes.  Two of the women that eyed Damian all night were hanging all over him.  You sighed and made your way to Damian’s bedroom.  The fabric of the dress was wet and making you itch, so you changed out of it and put on Damian’s sweatpants and Cheese Viking T-shirt.  You had no idea how he still had this, but you were grateful for its fluffiness.  You snuggled into the blanket, trying to get rid of the cold from the wet dress.  

You heard the knob turn and Damian’s voice break the silence, “Beloved, what is wrong?”

“Some bimbo purposely bumped into me and I got water all over my dress.  I came up here to change and snuggle into your blankets.”

He gently grasped your chin and directed your eyes to his, “You know that is not the reason.”

“When I recovered from the spill, I was walking back to you, but I saw those..”

“There is no reason to be worried.  I love you and only you.  Your intellect, beauty, personality  and fighting abilities surpass all of those women combined.  Why would I look away from perfection?”

You smiled and pulled him in for a bear hug, “Thanks, Damian.”

its about who sticks around when things go bad its about those who would drop anything for you or maybe i just learnt to give more than id ever receive wether it be bothering my parents at work or calling up a friend i dont even bother to because i get told how im a bother so i stop i held it all in now im here and people dare ask me why im so fucked up. maybe im not fucked up but this world will never understand me so why even try moulding myself to a concept ill never achieve. if someone for once put themselves in my shoes and stop pointing out how fucked up i am it would be different maybe if people understood me, i might be a mess but im a good person and even if im strong i aswell need someone sometimes even the strong break it just takes longer but when they break the falling down and getting back up process is incredibly difficult
About Sherlock not answering “I’m gay” to John with Irene’s text

This bothered me hugely when the episode aired - WHY DID SHERLOCK SIT THERE AND NOT OPENLY SAY - “You know why I did not answer her texts? I’m gay.”

Now after thinking about the episode for a few hours, here is the conclusion I’ve come to:

NUMBER ONE: Whether or not you reply to a TEXT MESSAGE, gender of the communication partner irrelevant, gives no indication of whether you like/hate/love this person. So why would Sherlock bother to answer?

NUMBER TWO: This whole moment was NOT about Sherlock, it was about John. And Sherlock very well knew that. Being the softest human being to John Watson recently, he would not DARE to come up with labels at that point. Maybe, labels are quite irrelevant to Sherlock all the way. But the most important thing here is: This whole scene was John letting go of Mary, to prepare him to move on. So I would not be surprised if the “Get the hell on with it” was the last time we’ve seen Mary within John’s imagination. It would not have done them both any good to have a discussion about sexual orientation at that moment because that was not what it was about. In retrospect, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Steven Moffat for (not) doing that.

NUMBER THREE: To quote Mark Gattis, “We’re not going to out a character JUST FOR THE SAKE OF IT.”

Do I think Sherlock Holmes is gay? YES. Do I think he will end up with John Watson? YES. Do I think this was one of the most perfect scenes ever written on BBC Sherlock? YES.

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as a cresswell shipper, how do you feel about the age gap between the two?

I don’t have a problem with it at all.

Sure, I’ll admit, I’d think something fishy was going on if I saw a 20 year old dating a 16 year old in the real world, but I don’t have a problem with a four year age gap. I wouldn’t bat an eyelash if Thorne was 22 and Cress was 18. It probably wouldn’t even bother me if Thorne was 21 and Cress was 17. So in a couple of years, who cares?

All the reasons why I would have concerns about a 20 year old dating a 16 year old have been proven by Thorne, time and time again, to be a non-issue. From the time that Thorne stepped onto the satellite, he did nothing but respect Cress, looked out for her, and put her safety before his own. We’ve seen that there were plenty of times where Thorne could have taken advantage of Cress’s naivety and her misconceptions of him, but he doesn’t. Never. The man who we were first introduced to, sitting in a jail cell because all he ever did was take from others never took anything from Cress.

I actually think that their age difference was important to their arc. it was important that Thorne saw Cress as someone innocent and pure, young and naive. Someone he wouldn’t view as a romantic option. Sure, there were other factors that hinder’s Thorne’s Flirt Mode™ activation like being blind, barely escaping death, and being lost in the Sahara, but this is Thorne we’re talking about and he would flirt with a rock in a wig. 

It’s not an issue for me because Thorne and Cress don’t make it an issue. They love each other, they respect one another, they are their best when they’re around the other and that’s all I can ask for in my OTP.

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hey i hate to bother you after all this™ but i'm just going to rant because no one else is listening to me: as a gay youth watching us get collectively queerbaited was awful, but the worst part of it was what mark did. i loved mark, he was my personal hero. to participate in malicious queerbaiting of so many people in a world that generally has no other largescale representation of LGBT+ people was just awful. i genuinely can't fathom it. why would he ever do that to his own people?

you’re not bothering me at all! I totally agree with you. it’s truly disgusting and we deserve so much better

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All this discourse has me seriously hating myself. I'm a transgirl with very little liklihood of ever having bottom surgery because... you know... money. I'm also a lesbian. And all this talk about girls only being attracted to vaginas just... why am I even bothering? I just feel like I don't have a place, you know? So why bother with any of it if I'm just going to hate myself anyway...

Bother because you are a woman who is fighting an incredibly difficult fight and there are plenty of people who support you and absolutely would want to be with you, as the strong and amazing woman that you are. 

Don’t let the discourse get you down. 

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People literally DO pay to kill and eat those cute animals but what bothers you is that we SAY something about it? THAT'S the thing that bothers you the most about this? lol okay "i don't even eat meat" haha ok ok >_>

Originally posted by thebluths

What bothers me is when these sentiments are plastered all over cute animal posts as a way to push an agenda by way of emotional manipulation and guilt. 

They don’t even address issues, like your ask here, there is nothing to argue facts about inhumane practices or practical reasons for cutting back on meat consumption. Its just “look how cute this animal is, why would you want it slaughtered and tortured to eat it.” which is never going to have any meaningful effect on actually helping address the real issues of the meat industry.

Emotional manipulation makes most people shut down. It makes me shut down and avoid it and, like I said, I dont even eat meat. I think there is are appropriate times and ways to discuss this issue but slathering cute videos of cows with guilt and shame directed at the viewer is not the way? 

I hate vegan rhetoric that tries to make their point with shock and manipulation techniques, its childish and fucking sick and helps no one. I had a fight with a vegan activist at my bus stop once because he brought a screen and speakers to broadcast animal deaths to people waiting for the bus who couldnt leave, including me who has very intense triggers of animal abuse. It doesnt HELP. What helps is educating about HOW the industry harms consumers and the enviroment and what can be actually be DONE to work to resolve those issues - which ISN’T only “dont eat meat” because SURPRISE some people cannot do that for a multitude of reasons.

Honestly like dont whine and complain at people who are enjoying a video of a cute cow you’re not going to convert anyone and your methods are fucking harmful and childish. Do shit that actually makes a difference for animals instead of doing pseudo-activism by harassing people. 

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ok but what if tony has always had shit eyesight but he has been teased about his glasses one too many times in high school, so when he went to MIT he switched to contacts. And he hid it pretty well too. Rhodey had no idea and has never seen im in his glasses. But one morning when he wakes up he sees Tony is those big ass glasses and he looks so CUTE that Rhodey can't contain himself

Oh my god, this is too cute, I can totally understand Rhodey here.

I mean, it never came up, why would you just randomly announc that you are wearing contacts, so Rhodey really has no idea.

But during the semester break Tony fairly regular switches to his glasses, because he doesn’t intent do go out anyway, so why even bother.

And then Rhodey walks in and he is standing there slack jawed, because Tony with these big glasses and the tousled hair dressed in one of Rhodey’s shirt and looking generally all soft and sleepy, is the cutest damn thing Rhodey has ever seen.

So he stands there and stares at Tony until Tony notices him and his questioning “Rhodey?” jolts Rhodey out of his stupor, only for him to announce “I love you”.

Tony stares at him, mouth open and eyes wide, and Rhodey hastily corrects himself.

He hadn’t meant to blurt it out like that, but even through his panic he is not stupid enough to actually take it all back, he knows how insecure Tony is and how easily he can be hurt.

“No, I don’t, I mean, I do, I have the biggest damn crush on you, I can’t believe you don’t know that, but I hadn’t meant to blurt it out like that, I didn’t mean to, but I meant it, I promise,” Rhodey rambles about and by the end he feels flushed and Tony bursts out laughing.

He tells Rhodey that he makes even less sense than normal but he also gets up to press himself against Rhodey, probably still a bit sleep warm, and it’s like a siren call for Rhodey, so who is he to resist.

Rhodey bends down to kiss Tony like he demands it and Rhodey could haven ever imagined this would be his morning.

so this clue/multiple endings theory.. is the idea that they will screen different versions of TFP in different cinemas at the same time? or is it that the pre-screening of TFP was the ‘fake’ version, and the real version will go out live as TFP airs across everywhere? because I could understand more if the idea was to stream different ending episodes across the world which would be like, incredible, but then how do people know what the ‘real’ version is? when does that ‘come out’ (lol)? or is the pre-screening at the bfi the only ‘fake’ version? and then if so, why bother at all if only a tiny number of people will see it? don’t get me wrong these are genuine questions, I’m curious to see what people are thinking about this. it’s a GENIUS idea, so if all goes tits up let’s make our own version my dudes 

i haven’t seen this around among the many excellent theories, so i just wanna toss it out there:

Bigender Pidge. Genderfluid Pidge.

Pidge who is sometimes okay with he and sometimes with she and a lot of the time with both or either, but has days where there needs to be standing on a chair and loud correcting because not that one, not today. Pidge who has gotten used to figuring out how they feel today, and whether or not it matters, and he ends up explaining over and over sometimes because this is important today and other days she was up all night with robots and is too tired and doesn’t bother because today is one of those where each could be okay. Pidge who has a day where it is most definitely she, most definitely a girl day, and seizes the opportunity of feeling sold and real and right to try and explain, try and present, because this feels like the kind of thing that could go on for a while–

and then the next day “she” doesn’t fit anymore and when Lance uses “he” by accident and then tries to backtrack, Pidge tells him, “no, it’s fine”

and then next week, it’s back to “she”, and she’s afraid to explain this again, knows at some point they’re going to run out of patience, and so she just answers to whatever

and eventually the rest of the team might sort of forget, and Pidge is always Pidge but depending on the day or the month or the minute can have to avoid everyone else because hearing them talk about him with the wrong pronouns is too hard.

Pidge knows that she can’t expect them to keep up or deal with switching pronouns on an irregular basis, and isn’t going to try and ask. it can’t be really worth it, can it? he’s used to riding things out, to waiting for them to change, and it’s so hard to explain that sometimes she’s a she and sometimes he’s a he and

is there a point to it, really.

So yeah. Genderfluid Pidge who is too goddamn tired and afraid to explain themselves anymore.