why would he wear his mask if there's no one to hide from

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i don't expect soon answer for this, so take your time with the answer. anyway, could you please tell me what do you love about akeshu? you seem to like them a lot. (i love your blabbering about couples and things you love).

this ask has me so excited, bc boy do i have some thoughts on the wildcard pair. & i know i took like. 3 weeks to answer it. but hey! have a ~4k word essay in response lmao

this is gunna get long (& spoiler-y), so ill drop in under the cut. but for a preview of why i personally love akeshu as well as why its my favorite ship for both of these boys:

  1. im a sucker for foil ships in general
    1. subpoint: what they have in common
    2. subpoint: where they differ
    3. why this creates a distinct opportunity for growth for both characters
  2. akechis clear & genuine interest in akira (& how much that has to cut thru to exist)
  3. akira will, whether the player wants it or not, bond w akechi; it is impossible to prevent akeshu from having a blood oath
  4. satanael (youll have to stick w me on this one. its symbolism heavy)
  5. i just rly think its a unique, weird, & fun dynamic

so. lets talk meta!

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And here’s the second part!!! This one goes to @evartandadam with THIS BEAUTIFUL PICTURE. I’ve been staring at it for so LONG wondering if I’d ever be able to fit it in, and I could T~~T Please read the wonderful analysis under the pic too!!!

Here’s the first part of this guy, and the whole fic on AO3.

EDIT: Here’s the next part!

…There were more feels then intended @___@

And Ignite Your Bones

    Genos looked down at his deep blue robes, making the final adjustments to his obi while his teacher stood behind him doing the same. For a moment Sensei’s hands idled and wandered and slipped, and with a rustle of black silk they snaked around his belly.

    Lips pressed against Genos’ neck and he shivered. “Yes, Sensei?” he laughed, dipping his head forward.

    More kisses answered him first. “Nothin’.”

    “Nothing? All these cuddles are for nothing, then?”

    “…Is it weird?”

    “No…” He tilted his jaw to the side as an eager mouth pushed forward. “But…I’ve been getting many cuddles for nothing, lately.”

    “…I like this yukata on you.”


    Sensei hovered for a second. “I…like your belt, too.”

    “I assumed. You spent a while on it… What were you doing, Sensei?”

    “Eh…” You could hear the flush on his cheeks. “Just getting the knot right.”


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Flinthamilton: "There's no way you're getting me in /that/"

                       With Sweet, Reluctant, Amorous Delay

James takes one look at the costume laid out on Thomas’s bed and shakes his head in instant objection. “There’s no way you’re getting me in that.” What the devil does Thomas think he is? An actor?

“It’s a masquerade ball.” Thomas says patiently from the dressing room. “The whole point is to wear a costume.”

“And what are you going as?” James asks suspiciously. The simple idea of the party seems like a trap solely to get him in a skimpy costume for Thomas’s own amusement. What is the point of this when they could simply stay at home and be naked in bed where it’s comfortable? The whole thing is unnecessary.

“I will be going as Apollo.”

“So you’re going as a god, and I’m going as…”

“One of the most legendary characters in literature.” Thomas’s voice is muffled. “Just put the tunic on.”

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Stripper Yoosung AU

so like. fun fact abt me is that in nearly all of my personal scenarios or headcanons, stripper!yoosung is basically canon and i couldn’t get it out of my head today so here my personal hcs and a scenario for good measure


•his name is honey bc he’s sweet and blonde

•he works in the club to get through college, but legitimately really likes his job

•nobody in the rfa knows but jumin, who immediately offered to pay for

yoosungs tuition. when he refused, jumin swore to secrecy and bought out the club, personally becoming its manager so yoosung wouldn’t have a sleazy boss. yoosung is immensely grateful

•the club is technically coed, but he’s the only guy that works there

•honestly a god at pole, he’s small and flexible and that scrawny figure hides some serious lean muscle

•was really clumsy in heels the first few months, but now he could sprint in them if need be tbh

•likes crossdressing on stage, and is so good at it that sometimes nobody even knows he’s a guy. he loves wearing short skirts and croptops, he finds it a really freeing change from how shy he is outside the club

•i feel like working there helped him find his sexuality? it took him a while to realize that no, he wasn’t just attracted to men because he was acting like a woman

•him and the other girls are super close, they even have a groupchat and hang out outside of work sometimes. people think yoosung is just a player but little do they know


•its yoosungs 22nd birthday, and who better to spend it with than zen and seven?

•zen offers to take yoosung out for the night to a bar, on him. and who is yoosung to refuse?

•yoosung calls out of work for the night, jumin wishing him happy birthday on the other end

•for some reason tho, he’s not feeling too well so he doesn’t wind up drinking. to make up for this tho, seven has a genius idea

•lets go to a strip club!!

•yoosung: sweating

•zen agrees, dragging yoosung along despite his protests

•as they’re heading out, zen mentions that theres one in the area he heard jumin owns, maybe they’ll get some ‘discounts’ *eyebrow waggle*

•yoosung: s w e a t i n g

•seven immediately agrees, heading in the direction zen described

•as the familiar neon sign gets closer, yoosung realizes he recognizes one or two of the cars and his brain forms one coherent thought in his ball of anxiety

•what if one of the girls recognizes him?

•pushing that thought away as zen opens the door, yoosung heads to what he knows to be the darkest corner of the club. maybe here, hell be safe.

•that is, until seven asks him to get the drinks. he is the most sober and coordinated of them, after all.

•yoosung almost, almost makes it back to his seat. in fact, he’s standing right in front of seven and zen when he hears a loud voice not more than 5 feet away that freezes him in his tracks

•"Honey? I thought you were taking the night off!“

•he attempts to ignore her, and it works up until she walks behind him and taps his shoulder.


•yoosung turns around damningly so, wiping his sweaty palms on his jeans and meekly responding with a simple "i am.”

•"Well forgive me Honey, but it looks like you were over here chatting up two very, very attractive men in a very dark corner of our club. Trying to get some dollars of the job?“ she jokes, laughing as yoosungs face erupts in red for a very different reason than she thinks

•"No shame in it! I’m just surprised you had the balls to go for it, no offense.”

•"Diamond, thats not what i’m here for, these-“ he splutters out before she shushes him, sidling over to sit nearly on Zen’s lap

•"Honestly, i’m only a little offended you didn’t ask me to join you. I wonder if you knew you had a celebrity over here..? Zen, isn’t it?” Diamond asks, peering at Zen seductively

•Zen makes an affirmative noise, both him and Seven incredibly confused

•Diamond looks back up to Yoosung, opening her mouth to make the most damning statement of the night-

•"My baby stripper is finally growing up and growing some balls! I’m so proud!“ she exclaims, jokingly wiping away a fake tear as Yoosung covers his face in his hands

•Seven nearly chokes on his drink, as does Zen as they both loudly exclaim "Stripper?!”

•Diamond laughs loudly, looking back at them

•"What did you think he was over here for? He works here after all"

•Yoosung finally speaks up, looking at Diamond through his fingers and absolutely avoiding eye contact with Zen or Seven as he softly says “Diamond, meet my best friends. Zen and Seven. The people who brought me here for my 22nd birthday and who I consider family. And who absolutely did n o t know about my night job.”


•Diamond blanches, standing up immediately and looking genuinely sorry

•"O-Oh. I, um, I guess I’ll leave you to your party then…“ she says, hugging him as she passes and wishing him happy birthday.

•Yoosung, shaking and embarrassed, collapses on the couch a good foot away from Sevens side at least, refusing to make eye contact

•Nobody says anything until Seven clears his throat, beginning with a simple 'so, uh..’ before yoosung cuts him off

•"If either of you wants to avoid having a stiletto in your balls, you will never speak of this to anyone else. Got it?”

•the two gulp, shaking their heads in agreement

•yoosung sighs, beginning what he knows will be a long conversation, and an even longer night.

•"i’m a stripper. in this club. my stage name is honey, and that girl was my best friend Diamond. and yes seven, i can tell you’re staring at the poles. i dance.“

•on the outside, he’s managing to mask his stuttering and fear, but on the inside he’s screaming tbh

•zen and seven seem to be in stunned silence, until seven decides to break the silence with what he swears to this day started off as a joke.

•"can we see?”

•yoosung and zens gaze snap towards him, dumbfounded that he would ask that

•yoosung sits for a minute before sighing out 'only if it stays between us.’

•seven Did Not expect a yes, but he nods, turning to zen who looks strangely intrigued. why not?

•might as well go all out. they already know, why not show them a new side of him?

•about 10 minutes later, seven and zen are convinced yoosung ghosted them out of embarrassment until a new 'girl’ steps out onto the stage.

•it takes them a second, but they both simultaneously realize that yes, under that obscenely small black skirt, glittery top, and higher heels than seven himself has ever worn, thats yoosung.

•wow. w o w.

•they glance at each other out of the corner of their eyes, noting that the other looks as red as sevens hair.

•everybodys learning things tonight. maybe zen isn’t as straight as he thought…

•their attention snaps back to the stage as yoosung begins his routine, and doesn’t stray once after that.

•he’s amazing. they both kinda expected him to be amateur, but they were so wrong. maybe thats why as he dances, they both feel themselves itching for their wallets.

•they decide against it independently, thinking it might be a little weird. he’s a friend, after all.

•once his routine is over, yoosung strides of the stage with the grace of someone thats been doing this for years (a thought pops into seven’s mind, how long /has/ he been doing this?) and back over to their table.

•he’s flushed, tired, but happy. he’s always a bit hyper after a dance, riding the adrenaline that comes with people cheering for you

•he picks up a chat with the two, divulging everything they wish to know about the job as zen attempts to hide the blush on his milky white skin. yoosung doesn’t seem to realize that seven is doing the same

•everybodys learning new stuff today, aren’t they?

hey sorry this is so long and probably bad OTL but i wanted to try my hand at it for once! leave a like or reblog if you liked it, maybe ill spill more of the aus in my head ✨

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hi! me again with a canon divergence/AU prompt! Imagine... Jamie finds Claire when he escapes from Ardsmuir prison. (I can't remember if the episode is in Voyager or in The Scottish Prisoner, sorry)

A clink of metal at the door made me look up from mopping the forehead of the desperately ill man.  

There were two men in the door, one tall, painfully thin, dressed in rags, and fettered.  The other was much shorter, slim, light-boned as a girl, and wearing the uniform of an English Army Officer.  This must be the prisoner brought to listen to the dying man’s final words.  Mr. Campbell, who owned The Lime Tree Inn, had mentioned they were coming.

I stood and curtsied to them.  It was only as I was rising that my mind finally made the connections.

Thin he was, and fettered, but he still stood as straight-backed as a king, the top of his head nearly brushing the rafters- chains and starvation could not mask that pride, for all they might try.  

His face was obscured by untrimmed and unwashed red beard, but it could not hide the slanting blue eyes that looked at me out of a bone-white face.  

It had been his hands though, that had given him away.  His right hand, specifically.  Where his left was large, straight, and capable-looking, his right was twisted, the middle finger crooked, the ring finger fused unnaturally straight.  Both had scars across the backs.  Scars that I knew intimately.  Scars I had created.

I schooled my features carefully before looking up at the two men, and cast my lot.  “Feasgar math maighstirean.”  I could only pray that the English officer did not know enough Gaelic to detect my own English accent beneath the unfamiliar words.

The officer gave a short, irritable bow, clearly understanding nothing of what I had just said, but the prisoner simply stood, looking as though he were made of stone.

Thank you, we must speak with the wanderer now in private,” the Englishman said, gesturing me out the door with a polite, if perfunctory wave of his hand.

I cocked my head at him, as though I didn’t understand a word he’d said, and looked then at the prisoner.

At Jamie Fraser.

At my husband.

You’ve learned some Gaelic then, have you Sorcha?” he asked quietly in that language, translating even my name for me.

I lowered my lashes and bobbed my head slightly.  “I’ve been practicing,” I answered.

She doesna speak English,” Jamie lied to the officer.  “Would you like me to ask her if she will have some tea or food sent up?

No, just have her go.

Jamie turned to me again.  “Are you really real?” he asked.

I am. I promise I am.

What are you doing here?

I’m saving your life, fool.”  I could see the confusion and question in his eyes, but the small English officer was shifting from foot to foot, clearly desperate for me to leave.  I bobbed another curtsy and left, as he wanted.

My heart was hammering in my chest as I leaned against the wall outside the door.

I was terrified that the soldier might have been able to read my give-away countenance and see that I was lying.

I was thankful that the man seemed not to understand enough Gaelic to recognize my many mistakes, and that the recognizable feature of my madly-curling hair was tucked respectably away under a proper cap for once.

More than anything though, I was furious.

They were keeping that brilliant, strong, beautiful man of mine fettered.

I wanted to kill them.


Three days later, Jamie Fraser escaped from Ardsmuir Prison.

I had, of course, known he would.  It was why I’d come.

In 1957, (a year ago for me, and 202 years in the future for everyone else) I had told my husband, Frank that I wanted to begin medical school.  He, claiming to have been driven to the last straw by what he saw as my continued insistence on believing the fairy tale that I had concocted to explain my three years away, finally sought a divorce.  Able to prove that Brianna was not Frank Randall’s daughter, I had been awarded custody and had fled from Boston to the only place that I had ever found a home- Scotland.

Brianna, then nine years old, had been furious with me for never telling her. She’d loved Frank dearly, but his vitriol during the divorce had soured her feelings for him considerably.  Instead, I began to tell her about her real father- the 18th century highlander who had stolen my heart and given me my soul in the form of my daughter.

It had been Brianna’s idea to confirm his death, and her tenacity that had led to me finding him alive after Cullodden.

I had confirmed his death, however.  In the records of Ardsmuir there was a note:

Prisoner James Mackenzie Fraser escaped three days past.  Caught on the moor, he was killed in his re-capture.

We have to save him,” Brianna had said.

And so we had gone.  Flown through time together for the second time.  I had entrusted my daughter to Jenny and Ian with the promise that I would find a way to save Jamie.

What had gone unspoken but had been understood as I rode away from my daughter that day was that yes, I would save Jamie… or die trying.  Giving Brianna to them had not simply been a request for my family to care for her while I was away, but the implicit acknowledgment that I was giving her to them, perhaps for good.  They had accepted Jamie’s daughter without demur.

I’d spent the day that I knew he would escape carefully sifting through my herbs, preparing poultices and salves for his injuries, and packing my bags, knowing we would have to flee immediately.  Mostly I was trying to keep myself busy, ears trained to every sound outside of the miniscule croft where I lived.

For all I thought I had been listening carefully, he still startled me when he arrived.

Between one breath and another, he stood in my doorway (left open to encourage the light), his shadow falling over me long and alien.

Sassenach,” he whispered.

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There's this post and it's like "we all have that one fanfic writer that we love so much like they could write a chicken nugget au and I would read it" and that's how I feel about you like I absolutely adore your writing and hope you never stop


special order, 2.3k, rated T, also on AO3


Stiles sighs and tries his best to mask his utter boredom. “And what do you have for me here today, chef?” 

The chef makes a grandiose gesture and uncovers Stiles’ plate. 

Ten years ago Stiles would have been utterly excited to eat… whatever this is. He probably would have listened very intently to the description that the chef is making now, something about liquid nitrogen and this new innovative flavor and Stiles really, really has no idea what is on his plate. It’s some sort of teal blob, shiny and wobbling like jello, surrounded by a cloud of brownish green vapor. Ah, the wonders of molecular gastronomy.

See, the thing is, Stiles didn’t set out to be a food critic. He was just trying to help Scott out, who had just started his own restaurant. Scott’s a great chef, good at handling the pressure and responsibility of the kitchen team and the dishes, but not so much with the marketing. Stiles had the great idea to do a series of food videos– he already had a Youtube channel where he reviewed random things, why not food? Stiles had started by comparing all the grilled cheese sandwiches in town (”You can’t just say mine’s the best, Stiles, we should give the others a chance!”) and somehow it had gotten weirdly popular. Stiles doing the reviews, that was. 

At first it was exciting, being an overnight sensation– people liked his videos for his honest attitude and funny comments, and it was great. Stiles has his own cooking show on Food Network now, and hosts a few competitions occasionally, and is is rather a Big Deal in the restaurant industry. A Stiles Stilinski review can make or break your restaurant, and everyone knows it.

The problem is this. Stiles likes food. Stiles is also twenty-nine years old, lives alone, travels way too much, doesn’t know when the last time he had a home cooked meal where no one was trying to impress anyone, and he’s just tired of all the fancy bullshit. His face is too recognizable; he can’t even attempt to try a new restaurant without the chef requesting the honor of plating something special just for him. 

And right now? Stiles really just wants some chicken nuggets.

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Rudolph//Park Min Hyuk

Originally posted by rockybin

Pairing:Rocky x reader


Summary:Anonymous said:
hey gorgeous! Can you please write one whr (any member of astro) you and him eat ramyun at a convenience store and it is cold out. Just make it super fluffy 🤗 thank youuuuuu

Author’s Note: This is a super adorable prompt, I hope you enjoy!

xoxo Sara

“(Y/N), come on it’s coooollld!”

Christmas time was always your favorite. Spending time with loved ones, being able to sleep in, drinking hot chocolate by a warm fire curled in a thousand fuzzy blankets, it was all what made the Christmas season bearable. There was just one problem; it was freezing out. Not only that, but recently, it has been turning from freezing with soft snow, to an absolute blizzard in the middle of the day.

And somehow, your boyfriend convinced you to let him take you out on a date.

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DunKim: What do i do? Chapter 1: To much to take

Yeah, it was funny, locking her in her tower. Well, it was funny until he got to his office, and actually thought about whats going to happen.
“;Shit!” Duncan says. “;What do i do? This has never happened before.” He paces his office, talking to himself so he doesn’t have to hear Kim’s shouts to get out. “This is my fault, just like everything else!” He says as he punches his fish tank, which then breaks and the water pours out onto the floor, his fish gasping, not being able to breath. “WHY!!!!!” He falls to his knees and starts to cry. “If i wasn’t so stupid, if i just wasn’t playing with my guns, she wouldn’t have backed into the sphere!” Still he hears her cries, screaming for Duncan to let her out. “What happens if i do? What happens if i let her out? What happens if she doesn’t last till morning? What have i done!?!?!?” He shouts at himself, why does this always happen to him? What has he ever done wrong? “Stupid fucking MAGIC!!!! I will never understand you, you curse me, then do that to Kim? Why? I don’t want to understand you! I don’t want to be a mage!!!!”He sobs, but then realises what he just said. “Mage!!! Thats it, maybe i don’t understand whats going on, but i know someone who might!!!”; He searches through his brain, looking for a clue to where he might be. “;Somewhere far away. Urghh! I’lljust go look for him!”He says, then leaves his office and flies upwards. “Well then, Rythian, lets find out where your hiding”


5 days, he’s been looking for 5 days and he still can’t find Rythian, or Zoey, or any sign of them at all! Not even a footprint, or a piece of cloth, or anything! Why did Rythian have to be so paranoid! He needed to find him, and soon, Kim could be doubled over on her floor at the moment dying because of the stupid flux. Duncan landed in a desert, finally giving up. He ran into the water so that it would hide his tears. Kim would die, because he was stupid. Maybe, if he would drown in this pool, all his mistakes would just, disappear. Yes, Kim was just some girl he just happened to take on as an apprentice, and yes, maybe he grew to have feelings for her, more than friends feelings, but maybe it would just be forgotten if he died? Maybe he and Kim could live in the afterlife? If there was one? Well, in any case, if he dies now, not many people will feel sorrow. Yes, death is the answer. Duncan walks into the river until the water reaches his neck. One more step, one more step and his pain would be gone. One more step, and he would be dead, and so many others would be happy. One more step, and he would be happy. He takes the step.


The water swallows up Duncan, no breath taken, no last wish, no last words. He goes. But under the water, he hears a girl shout his name from above. Was it Kim? Did it take so short of a time to die? He feels arms wrap around his waist and he was, slowly, pulled out the water. The girl shouts again, but not to him. “Teep! Help me! Yes i know its Duncan, just help! Well if your not going to help get Rythian! JUST DO IT!” It wasn’t Kim, but he couldn’t open his eyes, couldn’t open his mouth to speak. But he realises one thing. ‘Im not dead’ He hears more footsteps and feels a hand on his neck, he then hears a new voice “theres still a pulse, he’;s alive.” Duncan then realises who it is, who is next to him. He was also, finally able to speak. “Rythian…” He says, his eyes still closed. He feels the endermages eyes on his face. “Duncan, what the hell were you thinking?” Rythian says, he mask muffling it a bit, of course he was still wearing the mask. “The pain… Everything…. It was just too hard… It hurt to much…” He replied to Rythian, talking the only thing he was able to do. Then a new voice spoke up “Wait up. You tried to kill yourself?” A certain red head spoke. The silence was his answer. Someone, probably Rythian, stood up and shouted. “Tee! Get over here and help me pick up Duncan!” Duncan heard the shuffle of sand as Tee ran over to his side. He was picked up, claws digging into his back as tee and Rythian lifted him up and carried him over to their base. Then, he passed out.


Duncan awoke, coughing. Coughing a lot of water up. But if you try and drown, or nearly drown (you might not be actually trying to) thats what happens. To much water can cause migraines, nausea and light headedness, so his body right now is ok, just usual post-trying-to-drown stuff. When he finally stops coughing he looks around a see’s Zoey and Rythian at the entrance to the room, wait tent, he’s in. He looks at Rythian, and one word springs to his mind. Magic. That springs another word to mind. Kim. “Kim!” He shouts and tries to get out of bed, but is stopped by and frantic red head pushing him back down. Rythian, looked utterly confused. “What about Kim?” He said, and took a bite out of a biscuit he had in his hand. Duncan just looked at Rythian, his mind in pain and sorrow. “What about Kim?” Rythian said, walking towards him. This time, his face was full of worry. “She the whole reason i came looking for you…” Duncan said, trying to hide the fact that he couldn’t find them so he decided to end his suffering. “She fell into a…” He continued, remembering her face as she fell into the sphere. “She fell into what Duncan?” Zoey said, looking at Duncans face. “She fell into a massive sphere of flux. A node of 1100 at least.” Duncan replied. Rythians face went white, and he turned and ran out of the tent. Zoey, on the other hand, looked completly confused. “Whats flux?” She asked. He couldn’t tell her, he didn’t exactly know himself. So he just lay back down, waiting for something. He didn’t know what, but he knew it was coming. It turned out to be Rythian. Rythian returned with a book. A big dusty book that looked older than anything he ever found. The dust made Zoey sneeze, a very loud sneeze that would have brought a smile to his face if the situation wasn’t so dire. Rythian flipped through the pages, worry never leaving his face. Zoey was still looking at Duncan, waiting for an answer. “Duncan. Whats Flux?” She asks again. “Magic. Its Magic” he replies. “Whats bad about that? And how can you fall into magic?” She asks. Again, Duncan didn’t really know the answer. He just knew that it was there, and he could use it. He didn’t have to answer anyway, because Rythian spoke up. “Flux is very different from the old magic. This is the older magic. Remember the thaumanmicon?” She gave a little nod. “Well, its from that. The node Duncan had that Kim fell into is part of the bad magic. You have to have a balance of good magic and bad magic to work it. Duncan, where do you keep that node?” He turns as he says it, and looks at Duncan. “In my sphere. The one where i used to have my nuclear reactor.” He replies. “What has come from having such a high node?” Rythian asks. Duncan wonders why Rythian is asking all these questions, when they should be back at the castle seeing if Kim was dead. But he answers anyway. “A load of wisps. Oh, and a few storms.” Rythian nods and looks back down at his book. He skims through each page before going onto the next one. Finally, he stops, looks up at Duncan and says. “She won’t die, but to be utterly sure of what will happen to her, i have to see for my self.” Duncan nearly screamed out in joy, but kept it in. “Well come on! Theres no time to waste!”

Authors note:

this was gunna be in one post, the whole story, but then i was like, it would be easier like this so HAVE HALF!! second half out soon