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Imagine Bucky flirting with other girls just to make you jealous because the only girl he cares about is you.

——— Request for anon ———

You sat at the bar, stirring your drink with the tiny straw it had come with as you try your best to ignore the man who was flirting with the girls at the other side of the room. Jealousy wasn’t something you were ready to admit to, but the way your stomach clenched and churned unpleasantly was a product of just that.

Steve follows your line of sight to see who you were disdainfully glancing towards, finding Bucky and the two girls, “You alright?”

You take a sip of your drink through the straw before answering stiffly, “Just fine.”

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Owen and Amelia pairing is just about sex. Owen and Cristina were magical, there was that spark and they talked a lot when did you see Omelia just talk instead of jumping in bed or fight?

Anon. You have a REALLY bad memory. Let me remind you and freshen up your memory.

Evidence of Owen and Amelia having meaningful talks:

Episode 11x07
When everybody finds out that Amelia is a former drug user Owen tries to help her! Why? Why would he do that? A normal boss, a normal chief of surgery would have fired her right on the spot without looking into it and without looking back. But no. He tries to help her. He goes to her brother. He goes to her. He says this and I am quoting here: “Amelia, I am trying to help you here”. He is trying to HELP AMELIA SHEPHERD? WHY? He talks to her without judging her. He wants to hear her side of the story.

Episode 11x08
The whole “Amelia-Shepherd-is-a-junkie” matter has been dealt with. Amedia continues to do her job. But she feels she owes Owen an explanation. Owen says that it is not nessecary. Amelia wants to though. So she tells him her side of the story. She tells him the story of a very dark era of her life. Who would do that? That does not exactly qualify as chit chat material. She opens up to him. Also there’s that “If you need people, I am around” scene which CLEARLY shows that Owen and Amelia are in it for the sex!

Episode 11x11
Before they were even a real couple! Amelia confided in Owen about her baby! Her dead unicorn baby. No one in Seattle knows that. No one. Not even her late brother! Her brother didn’t know and Owen knows! She trusts Owen. She trusts him more than a family member; Derek Shepherd. The only one who knows and really understands what she has been though. Because he was there with her when their father was shot in front of them. She never told him but she told Owen Hunt. Yes you are right! All they do is have sex and fight! Right on!

Episode 11x20
Owen and Amelia had a fight and broke things off. Owen was mad at her BUT he still managed to confide in Amelia. WHY would he do THAT? Owen tells her all about how guilty he still feels about that plain crush. That he sighned the forms to pay for it. That they were his men and he failed them. Amelia was mad at him too. Pissed at him. But she momentarily let go of her anger and took his hand in hers in order to comfort him. ( her real intention was to have sex with him though…!!!!!!)

Episode 11x22
Derek died. Owen heard about it from Meredith. Meredith faints from the shock and the grief. And what is THE VERY FIRST THING HE SAYS AFTER THAT? I ASK YOU. WHAT? “How is AMELIA holding up?” He thinks of Amelia. She doesn’t know about it. And Owen is the one to tell her. Which is like one of THE most intimate experience two people can have together. The man Amelia loves informs her of her brother’s death. Which leads up to a personal scene of mine. The porch scene. Amelia comes SOOO close to relapsing but Owen helps her realise that life is worth living. Amelia deals with her grief. Owen helps her to. She breaks down because it is too overwhelming and Owen envelopes her in a hug trying to comfort her. ( what Owen was REALLY  thinking was “Oh I really want to sleep with her right now. So hot.”) This scene is the ULTIMATE proof that there is more to Owen and Amelia’s relationship. Even Kevin McKidd confirms that in the special featurette on Caterina Scorsone in the Grey’s Anatomy DVD box for Season 11.

Episode 11x24
The phone scene. The voicemail on Meredith’s phone by Derek. Amelia is too scared to listen to it by herself. Owen sits with her and they listen to it together. Again. They share this intimate moment together.

Episode 12x05
Penny comes to the dinner party. All hell breaks loose. Amelia is devastated and hurt. Owen and her sit in her room. They talk. Owen opens up to her. About the plane crash(again!) One more thing I have to say is that Owen felt relieved when he heard that Cristina’s plane had crashed. Bye!

Episode 12x10
Another personal fave episode of mine. Owen tells Amelia about his sister Megan. Amelia is THE ONLY PERSON Owen told that to. Not even Cristina knew that. And I’ll prove that to you right now. When Meredith finds out about Owen’s sister she says and again I am quoting here: “I didn’t know you had a sister” Meredith didn’t know about Megan. So Cristina doesn’t know. The twisted sisters tell everything to each other.  Meredith is Cristina’s person and Cristina is Meredith’s person. Meredith doesn’t know. Cristina doesn’t know. Owen told Amelia and didn’t tell Cristina. Hmmmmmmmmmm that is indeed interesting! All about sex and fighting it is!

Also there is that whole Amelia Shepherd proposed to Owen Hunt but that is just a joke! It was a prank gone bad! Owen and Amelia don’t love each other! Definitely not.

Point is. Amelia and Owen had shared and will continue to share intimate moments between them. They love each other. They are MARRIED. And their relationship is not all about sex and fighting! Now as you were. Have a good day!

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there is gonna be some mess. In pann there are some pics that people said it's kxk jetsking...but you can really see them, it's to far. It feel like the pics of the pool all over again x.x I'm worried ...

something is happening on twitter kfans are going crazy but i can’t understand tf is going on all i know that it’s related to k a i s t a l help

yeah its not them anon, that pict is said to be taken 7-6 August, Krystal was in Italy for a photoshoot in 3-8 August.



besides, jongin was still injured at that time, right? (and he still hasn’t fully recovered yet, right?) so why the hell he would do such sport?
it doesn’t make any sense lmao this rumor is so goddamn lame

you know what? i have a feeling sooner or later NB would translate this bullshit, and allkpop/koreaboo would make an article about it

tbh… it’s funny that we have new kxx rumor now hmm 

Backyard Races

a/n : A day out in the sun with Nathan and your daughter. MAJOR FLUFF!

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“Sweet cheeks, please sit still and let mommy rub in your sunscreen.” you try pleading with your daughter, her four year old body squirming in excitement as her deep brown eyes, restlessly set on her father. Nathan’s much larger body swimming in the medium sized pool a couple yards away. She couldn’t stop herself from turning her head every few seconds, not wanting to miss another moment of fun as she gazed longingly at her cousins throwing a blown up beach ball in the chlorine infused water.

“but-mommy-wy do I haf to put this stuff on wen they don’t.” her puffy lips pouted, questioning why she couldn’t just jump into her daddy’s arms and swim around gleefully like the rest of her family. The anticipation dimming her patience with each wasted second.

Sighing, you lay the bottle down by the patio chair you were currently sitting in, before looking into your daughter’s solemn eyes, “Baby, unfortunately you’ve inherited my sensitive skin- meaning..” you pause, noticing a shift in her facial expression, eyebrows scrunching up as she attempts to grasp and understand your choice of words, “that the sun could hurt you, but only if we don’t use precautions and smother you in this lotion that blocks the sun from burning your beautiful skin.”

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The most complete player ever.

He has magic in his boots. The first thing you notice about him is that he is incredibly quick and very, very powerful for such a young man. He has great, close control and his technique is excellent. He believes he can do anything with the ball, and that confidence makes him very special indeed.” - Eusebio

(based on this video)

bonus (because it might be his most important characteristic)

Now that Amon has entered the scene, and probably won’t be targeted like Takizawa, I’m hoping we don’t get a really upsetting repeat of this:

Takizawa legitimately thought he was being a hero, killing Tatara and saving his old friends. And they turned on him, not because he’s a half-ghoul, (because we know that they see half-ghouls as victims) but because he’s a crazy cannibal who’s been ripping heads off CCG members. But Seidou’s not going to see that, he’s too deluded. He’s going to see half-ghoul Amon show up and no one is going to be moving to kill him. Amon is a half-ghoul too, yet they’re only going for him, even though he just saved them.

Imagine both Akira, Amon and the remaining CCG members teaming up to take him down, his inferiority complex would go into absolute overdrive. ‘Why me?’ It would absolutely crush him. He thought he was doing his best, and yet no matter how hard he tries, he will never be good enough. There will always be someone above him. No matter what he does, he will always be ‘Second-Class’ Takizawa.

Saying Kubo purposefully “ruined” bleach to “get revenge” on Jump because your ship didn’t become canon is so fucking disrespectful. Kubo has been working on bleach for 15 years, the characters in bleach are like his children, he conceived them, developed them for 15 years. They are HIS characters, HIS creation, even if we as readers got so attached to the characters, then the affection and passion a creator has for his characters are tenfold. Kubo is not going to give his characters an ending where he thinks they will be miserable. Kubo gave the characters an ending where he thinks they will be the happiest, because they’ve been through so much and they’re like his children. Kubo is not going to “ruin” bleach to get revenge, like why would he do that to a series he’s put his heart and soul in. It’s ok to not like the ending because YOUR preferences are different, but don’t project your preferences on Kubo. Stop spreading rumors about his work because you’re spiteful, and didn’t get the end you wanted. It’s ok to constructively criticize a writer, but please ffs, stop being so goddam pathetic. Kubo didn’t make the popular pairing canon because Kubo is not a sellout, he writes the story according to his will, not the fans. He had made this very clear plenty of times. Don’t twist that into some pathetic rumor to defend your shitty ship.

Okay, guys. So my lights are off and I’m in bed mobile blogging and my leg is hanging off my bed. I did not hear my dog walk in and HIS NOSE JUST RUBBED AGAINST MY FOOT AND I AM NOT EXAGGERATING WHEN I SAY I JUMP SO BAD THAT I KICKED HIM IN THE FACE. It is 3:30 in the morning. HE COULD HAVE BEEN A MONSTER UNDER MY BED OR SOMETHING. I’m going to sleep. This is what happens when I stay up past my bed time.

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i have not been on the internet for some time, please explain to me what happened with dan and painting his nails? im confused

he painted his nails and he looks really pretty

That footage of Noel in the Dollhouse makes me think he was being threatened/blackmailed into it:

  • He didn’t wear a mask. I doubt Uber A would walk into the Dollhouse maskless, risking someone seeing him if anything unexpected happened
  • He was looking straight into that camera as if he was looking for someone’s approval/direction. Like someone told him what to do and he was looking back at them while he was doing it. Like Uber A was behind the screen watching him, making sure he did what he was told.
  • That footage existing is enough to blackmail Noel with, his involvement in the kidnapping of 5 girls, WHY would he do something so serious? He has no motive, but tons of secrets that someone could hold over his head like Ali did