why would god choose one over the other

Knight of Light
Anonymous asked classpect-analysis: Knight of Light? No problem. Knights exploit their aspect for both their weapon and any other purpose, and use this weapon to protect their team. Light is all about relevance, fortune, attention, and light. Therefore, the Knight of Light would exploit their own attention to detail, fight with their own good luck, and protect their team with the light of truth. The Knight of Light would start out trying to pin down the truth of the situation, and hiding themselves behind a wall of information. They’d be avid hoarders of truth and superstition alike, desiring to know why people choose to believe one or the other. They’d tend to get anxious if they don’t have enough information, and would seek after any information that they find and worry about if it was useful later. As they developed, the Knight of Light would have to learn to use their knowledge of what draws people’s attention to their advantage and in conjunction with their growing power over Light. They would need to come out behind their wall and exploit all that knowledge and attention to detail to stand up for what is real. A god tiered Knight of Light would be a brilliant and manipulative combatant. They would be able to exploit their opponent’s attention, causing them to look the other way at the wrong time. They would also be impossibly lucky, dodging swords and bullets without even trying, as well as hitting just the right spot on an opponent through all sorts of troubles. Paired with a Mind player, the Knight of Light would be insanely powerful. Finally, they would extent their protection over their entire team, protecting them with good luck in whatever the team does. In short, the Knight of Light makes any task much easier, from causing a distraction to fighting hoards of enemies to defending the Space player with good fortune. Hope this helps! 

Okay you guys know I go hard for big gooey romantic love confessions from the idiots, but consider the following:

Platonic “I love you.”

Maka casually calling out I love you as they’re both heading to bed at night. Soul saying a gruff love ya at the end of a phone call when they’re separated for a few days. Hugs and love when they’re going to be away from each other for the day, something Maka started because she knows too well that you never know when the last time you see someone could be the last, because life is unpredictable and she never wants the last words she says to her partner to be anything other than that. Continual, easy reassurance that they are cared for, that they are first in each others’ lives, that they are loved, unconditionally.

And perhaps over time those I love yous take on a different connotation. Perhaps they blossom into romantic love as well. Perhaps they don’t. But they are sincere and absolute, and they both know from the bottom of their souls that they are cherished beyond anyone in their partner’s heart.

As is popularly known, in the Berserk Illustrations File, Kentaro stated “The key word is Void” as a possible plot hint. Personally I see his role as either being instrumental in healing the wound in the world tree or removing the Brand of Sacrifice from Casca or Guts.

The latter would be interesting, especially if Guts and a reawakened Casca were forced to choose who should live free with both eager to sacrifice themselves to spare the other. So delicious…

He may also give info into the origins of the God Hand. Perhaps there have been many over the generations and and he himself had been approached by one of the previous generation’s God Hand.

If this is the case, why did the previous generations disappear? Would they have ‘died’ after having simply served their designated purpose or would each generation’s demise be due to a cycle of inevitable internal conflict? A kind of Game of Fingers.

On a side note, a spin off series based on the origins of the current God Hand (in particular Slan or even Void) or their predecessors would be awesome.

Hero/Kazuya and Heroine/Yuka unintentionally are responsible for the Law-Neutral-Chaos factions still existing.

They are the Adam and Eve expies of the main series and with choosing Neutral as the canon ending of SMT (confirmed in SMTII) they commited the Original Sin.
This is even emphasized in the ending since the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge is actually the same as what is pointed out in the ending. Humans becoming independent and having free choice, breaking free from God, however not siding with the Devil either.

It’s understandable why they picked this one though and it’s their choice just like Adam’s and Eve’s in Genesis. However they just like Adam and Eve turned humans into a plaything of God and the Devil starting the cycle of suffering.
Neutral only delays the conflict and Law and Chaos emerge over and over again.

SMTII however also clearly shows: Without Adam and Eve making humans independent, Jesus on the other hand would have never appeared. One of Jesus’ names is also Second Adam since he replaced him.

Kazuya and Yuka choosing Neutral actually had the result of Aleph, SMT II’s Jesus expy, appearing. Without them Aleph (the Dancing Messiah) would have never been necessary as a new MC.