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4 and 24 angst with Vernon please?? Thank you!! :) love your blog so much!

4. “Do you care about me at all?” x 24. “We need to stop doing this.” (VernonxReader)

sleepover drabble

The morning after was usually filled with regret.

Awkwardly collecting your things from the floor, stumbling for your shoes and writing off that hair-clip as a lost cause as you sought out the nearest exit.

But with him, it was different.

Even the first time was amazing, when he was just the friend of a friend who came crashing into your life and stuck like gum on the bottom of your shoe. An attractive, lovable piece of gum.

Then came the second time, the third, the fourth, on until you lost count. The two of you were untouchable except to one another, an exciting secret behind closed doors. Why would anyone be in a relationship, when meetings like this could take place?

“We need to stop doing this.”

He muttered one evening, as he pulled his t-shirt back over his head, dark hair ruffled from behind as he refused to meet your eyes. Your breath caught as he went for his coat, as if marking his words with a prompt exit from your life. From nowhere, Hansol had reminded you that this, true to form, was nowhere near a relationship.

Up on cloud nine with him, you hadn’t even noticed that it had started to evaporate beneath you.

You were unable to form a response as your mouth opened and closed like a goldfish, fists clutching at the bedsheets like a lifeline. Still he had his back to you, and rage flared up within you.

Look at me, damn it. Look at me!

Why were you so angry? After all, it was you that made it clear that you weren’t in a relationship. It was you who had blundered into this pattern, pushing down any developing feelings. It was just physical, just a laugh, no emotional ties.

If only it were that easy.

In your haze, you failed to notice Hansol heading for the door, and when your head shot up you noticed he was finally staring your way. Somewhere far away, he was calling your name. Asking for your opinion, to agree to cutting this all off. To never seeing you again. How could you possibly answer that, ending it as quickly as it began? Saying goodbye to the person you lov-

“Do you care about me at all?”

The pitiful squeak of response was so broken, you struggled to believe that it had come from your mouth. Why the hell were you tearing up?

Taken aback, Hansol’s face swirled with confusion, brief anger and then finally indifference. His bright smile, warm eyes and comforting aura were shut off like a bartender denying a drunkard at the end of the night.

“No strings attached.” His response was barely a whisper, husked with rage as he opened the door and slipped out, briefly sending you a pained look over his shoulder.

“You were the one who decided that.”

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