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Wrong Number

It’s work.

Arthur’s never liked his career, even if he wanted it, strove for it, and bled for it. He’s an omega who’s figuratively scraped his way to the top with the same vigor a prison inmate uses to carve at a wall with a plastic spoon. He prides himself on this but, Christ, he hates his work.

The business meeting is slow-going and he jots down notes, squashes down the urge to roll his eyes, and maintains a professional air because he knows that one wrong move will have the whole assembly looking at him and making that ‘oh, it’s the omega’ face. There’s no other expression quite so infuriating as the side-quirked lip and the wrinkled nose. He would punch those that did that to him, if he could.

“My number,” and a wink. Great. This is work, not fun. He only asked for the alpha’s number for business reasons, which he specified. Prat.

Arthur texts the man, 'Here’s me.’

He assumes that’s the end of it.

He doesn’t at all realize that he has the wrong number.

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Ya'll probably gonna ignore this but here goes nothing

I’m starting a business! I’m studying public relations and am really good at different things within that field.

I figured why not try to hustle while I finish school. I have a few friends that I help out with resumes, cover letters, bios, press kits, etc.

Bottom line: hit me up if you want help with that kind of stuff🙃

{WI} Dating Rap Monster

Yes! Thank you for requesting! Theres not enough namjoon on this blog!! Hope you like it!

  • Having to fix everything he breaks all day
  • Most of the time hell have to stay away from breakable objects completely 
  • Making stupid faces at each other across the room 
  • “Dance monster”
  • “Stop calling me that”
  • Hed try to be all romantic 
  • But always mess it up somehow
  • Like cooking you breakfast
  • And burning the pans
  • Deep conversations 
  • At the most random times
  • Like youll be talking about his schedule doing the dishes or something 
  • And he’ll bring out a random question 
  • Thats fucks you up for a couple of days
  • He’d complain about having to help you on your homework most of the time 
  • But secretly like it 
  • Because you looked cute frustrated 
  • And hed get to spend more time with you 
  • Gets really proud when you do good in your studies 
  • Because he says its all thanks to him
  • Dumb selfies 
  • With the camera wayyy too close to you faces 
  • Dealing with the weird octopus whatever it is dances 
  • Dumb jokes
  • Inappropriate jokes
  • Rough sex
  • His camera roll is probably 99% nudes of you
  • Daddy kink??
  • Hair pulling?
  • Tbh I feel like he would be one of the most wild ones in bed 
  • He might not be the best out of the group
  • But defiantly is into some freaky stuff 
  • Kissing him 
  • Like just imagine those plump lips on yours 
  • Hed get all into it when hes in the mood 
  • Sometimes things would get sloppy
  • Hes an actual child 
  • Letting you listen to songs hes working on 
  • Or him practicing his parts for upcoming songs
  • Questiniong some of his past lyrics 
  • Emberassing him with old photos of himself 
  • Having to take his pictures for #kimdaily
  • Most of the time hed make the other members take the picture of both of you 
  • And youd start another couples hashtag 
  • He tends to hold in a lot of things
  • So he might put up a bit of an act for you before actually opening up to you 
  • And from then on 
  • You would be the person he would trust the most
  • Hed let you take care of Rapmon when hes gone 
  • And ask for selfies 
  • Make you both his lockscreen 
  • Hes always on his phone because hes texting you 
  • Hed forget about time zones a lot 
  • “Why are you waking me up at 3 am?”
  • Taking you to practice sometimes
  • Because he hates getting scolded by hoseok 
  • But you and him just fool around more
  • Hearing him complain about the busy schedules 
  • And how his kids wont behave 
  • He’ll teach you some korean
  • And basically be a translator for you and the group at first 
  • Honestly Namjoon is a big ball of fluff
  • He really cares about you 
  • And can go from being a complete dork 
  • To scary genius in a matter of seconds
  • He has a lot to carry on his shoulders 
  • And you would basically be his rock 
  • Making sure hes always alright 
  • And even though he kinda sucks at expressing his feelings for you without messing it up 
  • He still will try his best
  • Like getting the groups help for special days 
  • And setting everything up just right for you 
  • Please love my son lots 
  • Im gonna go cry now


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Promo bc I havent done one since summer and now its exams

yeah um ill pick people the 21st bc thats when my exams ends and if im too tired itll end up going to the 22nd knowing me so like yall have a week and a half

must get 100 notes 

no categories unless 150+ notes

mbf me

likes dont really count (like you can still like it but it wont do much to me idk)

um winners get selfie reblogs and ultimate winner gets a link on my blog for a week why not


🎃October Doll’s🎃

Hey everyone!! 

I am going forward with the art project. :)

I will be choosing 10 dolls for this project at this time.

  • It will be a Halloween theme.
  • What I need from you to do is post a selfie on tumblr with holding sign saying that I want to be a “October doll” and in the caption tell me why you want to be an October doll. Make sure to tag me in the post and tags “House of October” so I wont miss your post. Being creative with your selfie is encouraged. :) 
  • You don’t have to follow me to be apart of this contest.
  • I want to make this fun and exciting for the Halloween spirit in all of us.
  • I will announce your name on September 1st. 2016
  • Please reblog this post if you like.
  • Looking forward to seeing your selfies. Hugs and Happy Hauntings.

“for why” you ask.



yes we are adding new members and you know you wanna join!


  • mbf: me
  • reblog this no more than 3 times
  • likes wont be counted
  • you’ve gotta listen to the best kinda music out there; pop punk, metal, hardcore, alternative, etc.

why you should join:

  • because we are awesome
  • we are very friendly
  • new suggestions of music
  • friends with the same music taste
  • snapchats, new friends, kiks, notes of posts/selfies, FRIENDS
  • no but seriously were pretty rad

increase your chances:

  • come talk to me and get me familiar with you
  • post in the tag here (#poppunkclub) with about you, music you listen to, maybe make me a thing or two *wink wink*
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other info:

Basically i tried making this group awhile back and i was very nervous about it. Once it all came together though, its turned out very well and now ive got some very close friends. So i’d really like it if you’d wanna join as well. I don’t care what type of blog you are but just listen to this kinda music because we do talk about that a lot. I’ll probably add 7-10 new people into the group whenever this gets a decent amount of notes (100 maybe?)


big shippies!!

i haven’t done these in forever and i’m recovering from surgery so what’s a better thing to do?? nothing!!!


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  • if you followed my insta send me your insta name so i know !!
  • **face page/about here (tagged selfies here!)

you’ll get:

  • ship: michael // calum // luke // ashton
  • best friend: michael // calum // luke // ashton
  • ship name:
  • compliment:
  • blog rate: not my thang // good // great // fav
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bonus (if u followed my insta!!)

who made the first move: you // him 
who is more public: you // him
who plans the dates: you // him
says “i love you” first: you // him
who is more sensitive: you // him
who is the big spoon: you // him
who makes a bigger mess: you // him


hhhihihi so i wanted to wait to do this untl i reached 1k but i might just do a giveaway then bc im very impatient!! anyway last time i did this was like 300 followers ago and i also didnt make a cute banner so i think thats why nobody reblogged it

i have faith now though

okay RULES

  • ya gotta be following me srry I dont make the rules (ya i do)
  • likes dont count but i wont kick u out if you do 
  • um
  • i dont think theres anything else i have to add here
  • why do i feel like this is a giveaway


  • best url
  • best layout 
  • best posts
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  • n best overall!!!!!!!!!!

ill add another one if a lot of ppl reblog/if i have the creativity to think of one

im either gonna get like 400 notes or 5 notes on this but either way i’ll still do it because im swaggin

i’ll probably end it either tomorrow night or thursday night depending on how many people enter ill post something before i close it so you can check if you’re late 

thank you if you reblog!!