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Tiefling twins from our DnD campaign (tokidokifish‘s Curious and mine Aekas)! Dressed up all fancy lmao

Stuff they’re holding are the items from a quest we cancelled - a (refilling) box of chocolates and a bouquet of very persuasive flowers. Making them look like possible love interests in a dating sim.


Post-split Panic! At The Disco + memories

anonymous asked:

I'm a straight women in a relationship with a man, I'm just lurking around and I have no ill intentions, so why are you being exclusive to people trying to learn and understand more about these kinds of communities? I'm not trying to come off as rude, im genuially curious.

(Same straight anon that asked that question yesterday) I just think if we exclude each other and both live in our echo chambers we will further alienate ourselves. I want the same thing you do, being in love is a wonderful feeling and no one should be denied it, so maybe we can work together instead of acting so passive-aggressive? We are all human at the end of the day.

It’s great that invading sapphic communities is a fun lurking activity for you, but the reality a blog on a shitty website where I, a 19 year old on the internet, ask straight people not to follow, is not “creating an echo chamber.” I’m sure gay people would LOVE to create an echo chamber, but there is literally no place on this earth or this universe where gay people can go entirely to escape straight people.

The fact of the matter is, this blog isn’t meant for straight people to use to educate themselves on wlw. I, a wlw, created this blog with my energy and time to be an online space where other wlw (lesbians in particular, but not lesbians exclusively) could see people like them, could interact with posts they relate to, and could feel accepted and normalized.

I regularly get messages on this blog from people telling me that they don’t know a single other gay person, that they can’t come out to their families unless they want to be in physical danger, that they feel like freaks and they feel dirty for being the way they are, that they hate themselves because they love women and that this blog helps them escape that. This blog is exclusive because being exclusive is the only way I can provide a space to wlw who are terrified, maybe because they haven’t come to terms with who they are, maybe because they have no where else to go, maybe this is the only place they know of that won’t degrade and alienate them for being the way that they are.

We are all human at the end of the day, but the fact is, anon, your straight humanity is afforded an infinite many privileges that my lesbian humanity and my bi and pan sisters’ humanity is not. Your humanity is guaranteed, taken for granted, and ours is fought for. We are all human, but many people don’t see it that way.

And I know you aren’t trying to be rude. But isn’t it rude anyway for you to barge into a space I politely asked you not to enter, a place I cultivated with my time and energy for a specific group of people to actually feel safe, a place I have poured my heart and soul into in the hopes that it could help wlw like me who deal with so much shit off and on this godforsaken website in this homophobic world, and ask me why you can’t use it as a zoo to “learn more about us”?

This blog isn’t for you, it takes my time and energy to maintain, time and energy that I am happy to sacrifice for the sake of my sapphic sisters who struggle in the way I do, and you expecting me to cater that time and energy to you because a blog on the internet asks straight people not to follow and that hurts your heterosexual feelings is not only absurdly dense, but shows that you aren’t interested in listening to and respecting gay people and their safety.

You want to learn about gay people? Respect them and their safe spaces first.

[As clarification points, I would like to state that I do appreciate straight allies and the work they do for our community. However, part of being an ally is recognizing where your help is needed and where your presence is not appropriate. This is one of those times. Also, women who currently identify as straight but are questioning if they are sapphic are welcome to follow and interact with this blog, since this blog is for all wlw, questioning or not.]

acotar: a court of tans and redheads 

acomaf: a court of more tans and faker tans 

acowar: a court of whites and really fake tans 

“He doesn’t know what they are to one another but looking down at cartoon-Isak and cartoon-Even sitting on their little planet of blankets, he really hopes they’re this.“

the drawing is based on @littlespooneven ’s wonderful fic Things Look Different in the Morning

voltron prompt part 2 yO

haha and i’m back with more!! (tw for torture and scars and burns etc)
- keith wakes up a week later feeling like lance’s disappearance was his fault (you shouldn’t have brought the explosives bro wth??? where did you even get them keith how how how)
- everyone else kind of thinks he’s dead but keith just knows lance is still alive somewhere                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          - hunk is heart broken pig is heart broken everoyne is fuucin sad beCAUSE THEY THINK LANCE IS DEAD                                                                                                                                                         - que keith doing training everyday as much as possible, (he’s determined to become the best fighter to find lance and get him out safely) and hunk has to bring him food and pidge kicks down the door and tells him to go tHE FVCK TO SLEEP                                                                                                                                                         - and keith is perfectly fine after the explosion besides the small cut on his chin which left a scar (his helmet and armor mostly protected the rest of him)

and now back to lance

- lance wakes up in something similar to a healing pod, but he still feels terrible and not healed that well, pretty much collapsing on the floor (he’s very confused, maybe the pod was just a holding cell to keep him alive?) he kind of can’t see out of his left eye but it’s not really concerning because he’s pRETTY MUCH IN PAIN EVERYWHERE
- lance is escorted by a galra doctor to fINALLY FIX MY SON
- he wakes up with a new undercut shave and a metal circle attached behind his left ear, and a metal plate on the back of his neck (it’s pretty small, & they had to give him the undercut to put the plates on)
- also he has a new left eye (the iris can change colors but the eye is controlled by the galra so they can turn it off or flash a bright light which lance finds very annoying)
- lance is kind of upset because whO WOULDN’T BE IF YOU JUST LOST YOUR LEFT EYE SO??
- he’s confused what the metal plates are for and he thinks his haircut looks a little weird but he has more important worries on his mind like are his friends going to save him? do they think he’s dead??
- the galra are like “hey blue paladin, you’re pretty much our bait for the rest of voltron now, fun fun”                                 
- he’s basically treated as the galra’s pet, being pulled around the castle (when he does leave the room) with a weird collar thing that chokes him if he doesn’t move (he begins to go along with it, better to be humiliated than to choke to death right?)
- they put him in a holding cell (holding???) until he finishes his gladiator fights (he loses like 60% of the time because he’s not very good at fighting with spears and apparently thats all they will give him; he eventually gets better at fighting with it though) and it leaves him with scars pretty much everywhere, the biggest across his neck (the gala had to pull his opponent away before he could kill lance: no one is allowed to kill him because he’s bait for the rest of the paladins)                                                                                                                                                         - lance finds out what the metal circle is, the galra had put some sort of earbud into his hear so it’s irremovable. it plays high pitched noises if he talks back or tries to run away. he still doesn’t know what the metal rectangle is for though.                                      - once they get bored of him in the gladiator fights the galra are wondering where his friends are (surely they’d try to take him back right?) so they film him (he’s tortured for information, he’s got burns everywhere, from the bomb explosion and the torture) to send a video to voltron so they’ll give up their lions - once it’s sent they put him in an enclosed room which is pitch black and the walls are a glossy black.                                                                                                                 - que langst. he wonders if his friends will come back for him and if his family misses him at first but it arises to stuff like doubting his friends even liked him and thinking his family was glad he was gone (the type of stuff that happens when you’re trapped in solitude for a while)

and back to keith and the gang

- keith is like guys i’m 99% sure lance is alive whY WONT YOU FRIIKCIN LISTEN TO ME and they’re like how keith?? there was no one there in the remains of the hallway except you JFC
- allura tries to get into the blue lion but it won’t let her in for a few weeks, until the video comes
- a video of a very beat up looking lance is sent from the galra, its raw footage so none of it is edited out and there is a lot of cursing from lance 
- also screams but they don’t know from what, there seems not to be any physical interaction in the video
- and so keith is like “what the heck did i tell you?? he’s alive!!”
- so everyone apologizes and once that happens blue let’s allura in, on the strict conditions they find lance or shiro first
- they make a plan to storm the place with hunk and pidge distracting the galra while keith and allura sneak in
- when the plan is put into action it’s going pretty well for hunk and pidge, but keith and allura have no idea where the heck lance is being kept
- like it’s been a month or two since the video came (keith is guessing in earth terms) so they could have moved him anywhere (and they didn’t get the video for like 4 months after lance vanished, they were coming up with plans and taking out smaller galra bases trying to look for shiro) 
- right when they’re about to retreat they pass by some doors with windows and there’s someone on the table who positively looks 99% like lance
- o shit man it’s lance

to be continued ?? ill probably edit this later it sucks a$$$$$$$$$$ ahahaaaa………….,.,, by,E

I saw this post a while back about how characterizing Hunk as a big beautiful lover is great and all, but it’s also super one-dimensional and neglects the complexity that Hunk deserves (that I don’t feel like he’s getting from the fandom OR the actual show but wtv). So, here are some Hunk headcannons that don’t have anything to do with him being super nice, or into food:

  • One thing that’s pretty cannon is that Hunk is very scared, and has a lot of anxiety. He’s afraid of being hurt, of hurting or failing others, and seemingly his first instinct is to run from conflict (though he fights through this fear, and was given some character development on this front in s1)
    • imagine how afraid he must be before every fight. every time he goes out in ol yellow he’s gotta psych himself up bc he’s scared and he doesn’t want to do this and it isn’t fair he’s just a teenager he shouldn’t be saving the universe he just wants to go home and be with his family. and every time he’s gotta be like no, this is for the greater good, we’ve gotta help these people bc nobody else can. I’ve got to do this. I have to. Or I’ll never be able to live with myself.
  • we’ve all pretty much accepted that Hunk is 100% there for Lance and all his bullshit, but what about Lance being there for Hunk? What about Lance being there for Hunk when no one listens to him at the Garrison bc he’s “just an engineer” and pidge is kind of show-offy about their intelligence and lance is kind of a dingus but at least he’s charismatic and has a lot of friends.
    • He gets so angry. He has valid input! He’s a member of the team! Just because he gets scared and nauseous on the simulator doesn’t mean that people should just ignore him! Imagine Hunk and Lance in their dorm, Hunk pacing and yelling about how their instructors won’t call on him bc they think he’s some kind of joke but he KNOWS what he’s talking about! He fucking KNOWS! and Lance just kind of sitting there being like “yeah man I’m really sorry. yeah you’re right. shit that sucks” until Hunk finally burns himself out.
  • what about a Hunk that gets tired of the team taking advantage of his nice-ness? What about the team asking Hunk for favors–can you help me fix this robot–hunk can I talk to you about something personal for a sec?–Hunk, train with me I want to practice dealing with automatic weapons–Hunk can you try to make this for dinner some time? we don’t have any of the ingredients? do you know where we could find them?–Hunk you’re not busy are you? we need to give the lions a touch-up on their protective coating and everyone else is busy–
    • and he just flips. out. he disappears for like 6 hours. no one can find him. It’s shiro who finds him in the end, he’s huddled up in Yellow seemingly talking to himself–though he’s really venting to Yellow, who rumbles a purr in understanding every few minutes. Shiro asks him what’s wrong, Hunk explains and Shiro apologizes but tbh Hunk is still kind of bitter about it.
    • Just because he doesn’t complain about helping them, doesn’t mean it doesn’t inconvience him. Just because he always agrees to help doesn’t mean that he always wants to, or that it’s not interrupting shit that he should be doing.
  • he gets tired. he gets tired of helping people (even his team mates) and saving planets. he gets into a funk every so often bc he just needs a minute to recharge to really rest his his body AND his mind AND basically his will to be a big ball of sunshine like his team expects.
    • nobody on the team really knows what to do when this happens. they can’t really take a break? it’s not like they can just stop helping the people the come across. and Hunk won’t really talk to them about it, bc he still wants to be that guy, though they all understand. they want to stick around and help, but Hunk seems to want to be alone, so they mostly just leave him to himself, try to give him as much space as they can
    • Lance, though, comes up with Movie Night. it took a while to put together, Lance asked Coran and Allura about Altean movies and they showed him some but he was like…no. So what he wound up doing was reenacting the entirety of Mean Girls (the script of which he practically knows by heart) with the help of team voltron INCLUDING ALLURA AND A VERY ENTHUSIASTIC CORAN (if somebody wants to assign team voltron to various parts in Mean Girls I’m not going to stop you)
    • Hunk didn’t know ANYTHING about it (despite the team carrying around the script Lance wrote for them and rehearsing for a solid WEEK) and he honestly cried a little at the end bc he didn’t know how to thank them for doing so much to show that they cared about him

so yeah. Hunk should be more than just Good Guy™, or a fat dude who loves food, or a cinnamon roll too good too pure. He’s a person with flaws and faults and problems and just bc we love him and see all the good and wonderful things about him doesn’t mean that we should ignore his faults, or not allow him to have them.

To Be Young and In Love

Idol: Sana (Twice)

Prompt: Yes requests are open! I’ve had this scenario stuck in my head: it’s a Twice Sana scenario (high school au) where Sana’s parents have to bring Sana to a company dinner to set her up with their boss’ son/daughter but Sana instead tells them how she’s already dating someone and asks the reader, who is well acquainted with Sana, to be her fake girlfriend for the dinner (sorry if it’s long)

Writer: Admin Kiwi

A/N: My title skills are quickly beginning to dwindle. Please forgive me. I really liked this prompt though, and I hope I did it justice! Please enjoy! (I was also listening to Lee Hyori’s latest album as I wrote this. BoA also came back. Please support our queens.)

Warnings: Some pretty minor cursing. Dramatized, please don’t try fake dating at home.

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The thing that bothers me about (m/b)illionaires being praised for donating to charity, is that they aren’t going to miss that money? They could downsize on their cost of living to even just moderately wealthy, and then give the rest of it away - and still live comfortably. Like JKR might not be a billionaire anymore, but she still has an enormous amount of money? I just feel like sometimes the praise is so overdone.

michael clifford if you’re reading this

please be my friend. everything’s boring without you

BlackPink’s Reaction to You Being Oblivious

Prompt: Hi hello there can I request a male reader blackpink reaction when they try to impress you but you’re oblivious that they like you

Jisoo: “Why wont he just pay attention to me for once?” Even after doing her best to seem pretty and showing her feminine and idol side, she would become frustrated by your obliviousness and decide to make everything she did obvious.

Rosé: “I don’t know how you haven’t figured this out already, but I like you.” After realizing how oblivious you are, she would give up on trying to impress you in other ways and just tell you straight up.

Jennie: “Stop pretending not to see me.” She wouldn’t want to be completely obvious, but your lack of response would push her to becoming more brave and obvious in front of you, even referencing you in performances until you got it.

Lisa: “Hi, are you thinking of me?” She would go out of her way to act cute in front of you and drop obvious hints, not letting your obliviousness get her down and eventually making the first move after getting closer to you through her antics.

I know this asked for male reader, but there was really only one instance where I used any pronouns. I didn’t want to repeat myself too much. Hope you guys enjoy though! ~ Admin Kiwi

mystrade in thirty different AU settings (x):

  •   [17/30] Superpowers AU

In the world where everyone has more or less useful superpower Mycroft’s ability to freeze is nothing special and the title of The Ice Man nothing more than a childish invective. The fact that he never witnessed Detective Inspector Lestrade use any powers is much more fascinating.

Especially when Mycroft realizes it has nothing to do with Gregory’s lack of ability and everything with his firm statement against using mind control.

anonymous asked:

headcanons for various ships meeting the parents/family (and/or kids)?

oh my god lol i just wrote this for luztoye this is perfect


  • nixon sr is almost a carbon copy of nixon jr, except with a little less chill and a little more infidelity.
  • nixon and his dad are both sharp as tacks, bitingly intelligent, incredibly charming, kind of unstable, and raging alcoholics.
  • at first nix is a little freaked out. like??? “is this what i’m in for ten years down the line? is nix going to grow a handlebar moustache, play with guns, and chug vodka like it’s water?”
  • (at least he doesn’t have to worry about nix screwing the secretary)
  • nixon, however, has a strained relationship with his father (dick thinks its because theyre too alike) and is very adamant that he is never going to be the type of man he is. dick believes him – nix’s heart is too good for him to end up like stanhope nixon.
  • nix’s dad, as it turns out, likes dick a lot. so does nix’s sister blanche, who is just as charming as her father and brother, though a bit more grounded. she couldn’t approve of dick more, and she tells her brother that straight out.
  • nix’s mother left his father awhile back, but nix says she was distant even before that. she never meets dick; dick hopes she would have liked him, but hearing about how she ignored nix as a kid, he doubts he’d have liked her back.
  • he, nix, and blanche wind up becoming good friends, however! (because blanche is wonderful and i love her)
  • nix is VERY WORRIED that dick’s parents wont like him
  • he seems like everything good mennonite parents wouldn’t want their kid getting involved with. he’s certain they’re going to take one look at him and hate him.
  • he’s wrong.
  • dick’s mother possesses the same warmth as him, except she doesn’t bother to keep it hidden. she has one conversation with nix, somehow deduces everything about him in five minutes, and declares she likes him immediately. 
  • dick’s sister ann is a rambunctious sweetheart who is genial to nix at first. when they discover they share a sense of humor, however, she decides she adores him, and he adores her back. they have a blast teasing dick together.
  • his father is the hardest to win over. at first, dick’s father doesn’t seem to like him at all, and nix is nervous around the man because he doesn’t know how to act around fathers. should he be polite? should he declare how much he loves his son? what should he do dick hELP –
  • after a while, however, dick’s father takes him aside for a long talk. they discuss where they both stand personally and nix discovers dick’s father is a very down-to-earth, sober man, with the same level head and wry humor as dick. he realizes he likes him, and is glad when dick’s father gives his approval of him too.

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