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Circus Act - part 2

Fandom: IT
Character: Pennywise/it
Relationship: Pennywise/reader
Authors note: You guys have been begging for a second part, so here you go. Enjoy.
Part one: http://littlebitoffanfic.tumblr.com/post/165235671859/circus-act

You sat at the piano, playing a slow and almost eerie melody as you head swayed slightly with the tune.
You lived in the ‘abandoned’ house in derry now with Pennywise. It had only been one night but you couldn’t help but fall in love with this new lifestyle fast.
After your deal, he brought you back here and you never wanted to leave. The place wasn’t exactly clean, but you understood why he kept it like this. To scare people away.
Of course, he had taken you into the well, surprised by how easily you were able to decent the brick wall. You reminded him you weren’t any ordinary human. However, once through the hole in the wall, he picked you up.
He took you down a number of tunnels and you understood why he had picked you up. He didn’t want you to get your feet dirty in the water. You had taken to playing with his hair, wondering if it was as soft as it looked. It was.
Eventually, you arrived into the centre of where all tunnels met. Your mouth fell open as you were lowered to the floor.
There was a large pile of stuff, children’s things that piled up higher than some 2 story houses. It raised up to a hole in the ceiling with a grate over the top. Around the pile was bodys that were suspended in mid air, like gravity did even exist to them.
“They float.” You breathed, earning another laugh from him.
“Yes, yes they do!” He seemed to enjoy your comment and, from that moment, the two of you were inseparable.
You mainly slept in the main house. Pennywise used him ‘powers’ to make your room separate from the house. Not to you.
If anyone came in the house and walked up to your room, turned the handle and opened the door, they wouldn’t open the door to your room. They would enter a completely different room in the house.
You cleaned up the room, made it clean and homely. You completely abandoned the circus, only going back late at night to get your things. You moved in almost over night.
When you had left for your things, you were surprised to come back and find a proper bed with a new, clean mattress sitting in the bedroom along with a vanity and some covers.
You were very surprise to say the least. You hadn’t expected to be welcomed like this by him. You assumed you would be like a neighbour to him so for him to go out of his way to make you feel at home meant a lot.
He allowed you a night to settle in, to set out your things how you liked it and to get comfortable.
you had gotten up about 3 hours ago after having a nice and deep sleep. It was about 7 in the afternoon and there was a soft glow from the sun set filled the room.
You had found the piano while having a look around, waiting for Pennywise. You were even more surprised to find that it was in tune. Some keys were slightly off but, other than that and its dusty appearance, it worked well.
“I thought vampires weren’t allowed in the sun.” A voice came from behind you but you didn’t jump or even stop playing.
“That’s a myth. Just like the whole ‘stake in a heart’. It was made up to settle children at night.” You giggled, shaking your heard as you glanced over your shoulder. Pennywise was watching your fingers and they bounced off the keys.
“You play beautiful.” He smiled, his eyes bright with entertainment.
“Thank you. Its got someone elses attention as well.” You smiled, nodding to the window.
Pennywise followed your direction as saw a young boy, only about 10 years old outside. He wore a backpack that he was holding on the straps as he stepped inside the garden.
pennywise let out a cackling laugh as his hand settled on the top of your head.
“Well done.”
You shook your head slightly, liking the feeling as his fingers began to play with your hair. You adored it when people played with your hair because it relaxed you.
Nothing else was said until you heard the door being opened and the creaks of the floorboards as the boy stepped inside.
“Hello?” He called out and you glanced back to Pennywise, silently asking if you should reply.
He placed a single digit over his lips, signalling for you to stay quiet.
You looked up as the boy walked into the room but his eyes seemed to skim passed you and the clown and straight to the piano, which you were still playing.
You frowned, looking back to Pennywise who was smiling like a madman.
‘He cant see us?” You mouthed at him and he nodded, earning a smirk from you.
You played for about 30 seconds before you let the melody trail off as the boy cautiously approached the piano. You raised both your hands and then slammed them down on the keys, making him jump and scream.
Pennywise let out a loud laugh at your actions as the boy fell backwards onto the ground.
As Pennywise moved away from you, the boys eyes found you and then Pennywise. But he wasn’t pennywise anymore.
He had transformed into, what you assumed was, a zombie. He let out a long, dreary moan and the boy was panting as he struggled back, pressing himself against the wall.
Your thirst was coming back but you decided to ignore it. You turned back to the piano which you started to play again.
“he-hell-help me!” The boy stuttered. You allowed your fangs to enlarge in your mouth before turning your head to him.
“Im no better than him.” You giggled, flashing your sharp fangs.
The boy went to scream again, but as he did, Pennywise lunged. His jaw extended and he bit down on the boys throat. You saw rows and rows of teeth but that didn’t faze you.
Once the boy was silenced and Pennywise the clown came back.
“So, whats your true form?” You asked, finishing your song to turn on the stool to look at him. He had blood around his lips and stained his chin. But you didn’t mind. In fact, you rather liked it.
“One no human can comprehend.” He answered, basically meaning he wont or cant show you.
“So why do you mainly appear as a clown to me?” You asked, hoping this would get a better answer.
“I thought you would be more comfortable around a clown. Since you were with a circus and your clothes. When I saw you liked it, I thought I would stick this way. Besides, most children don’t like clowns anyways.” He smiled, kneeling in front of you as he stressed the ‘S’ in clowns.
“Well, you were right about one thing.” You giggled as you leaned forward and ran your tongue across his chin, your eyes almost rolling into the back of your head as you did so. The blood was fresh, sweet.
you felt the white ruffles of his collar thing brush against your neck as your eyes turned black.
He hadn’t seen this yesterday because you were able to hide it, but when you fed, your eyes turned back. Even the whites were plunged into darkness.
You looked up at him, your jet black eyes seeming to sparkle at his surprise as you raised an eyebrow at him.
“Something wrong?” You asked, baring your fangs to him, as if to remind him you were just as dangerous as he was.
His yellow eyes were dancing and, after the initial shock, his face broke out into a smile.
“spectacular.” He purred, his head tilting side to side while taking in your appearance.
you giggled, running your tongue over your now pointed teeth before playfully biting down on your lower lip.
“You’ve given me a taste for blood.” You giggled, placing your hands on his front. “You have to take me hunting now.”
“As you wish!” He bounced to his feet, his eyes never leaving you. You pushed yourself up to stand on the stool to match his height.
“I missed a bit.” You mumbled, lying through your teeth just to justify you actions as you leaned in and pressed a kiss to his lips.
Pennywise, while surprised at your actions, growled playfully into the kiss as he returned it.
You felt a growing desire for the clown in front of you, even more so when he had blood dripping off his chin.
“You should stay like this.” Pennywise chuckled, his finger over your bottom lip.
“You think?” You asked, tilting your head to the side.
Pennywise purred ‘yes’ in your ear, making you let out a soft moan.
With that, he lifted you up, something he seemed to like doing, and the two of you wondered into the town as darkness set in.

The Honeydew's and Honeydon'ts of Matchmaking - A Service

{“THE HONEYDEW’S AND HONEYDON’TS OF MATCHMAKING - A SERVICE” There it was, in all of its painstaking glory, crudely written in permanent marker - a sign donning the entrance of the dwarf’s penthouse. A single tear falls down his cheek. (set post-JCF in Tekkit, but pre-FTB/YC - Tekkit characters only)

ships: xephmadia, stlw, zoelna, nilithian, ravinty, and sjips | wc: 19525 | beta’d by emilia <3 | AO3 | for sparklesstripeyjumpers, happy holidays you son of a gun!}

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