why won't you call me

my least favorite thing about tgd is how zeke will support mylene through anything and is such an avid supporter of her music and career but then mylene completely disses zeke’s and the get down bros’ music, calls it garbage, drags it through the mud and thinks she’s so above it that she just can’t even support her boyfriend’s passionfor a hot second

okay so I might be a hardcore sinner but even I know you don’t call an idol “daddy” when you meet him

you just…don’t do that

have some respect honestly

i hereby vow that this will be the most tagged post in all of tumblr

slightly disappointed that schnee twins isnt cannon, but here’s another idea:

-schnee sisters annoying the hell out of their father by wearing asymmetrical hairstyles

-weiss trying to get her no-bullshit older sister to smile

-winter trying to get her no-bullshit younger sister to smile

"So you bladder scanned the patient for 500mL and they don't have to void. Let's wait another 2 hours and see how they do before we straight cath."

  • Sirius: *on the phone* Remus!
  • Remus: When I said that you could call me anytime, I didn't mean that you could call me at 6 a.m.
  • Sirius: Yeah, right, wake up you grumpy sleeping beauty.
  • Remus: I'm going back to sleep.
  • Sirius: Wait, wait, wait! Wait! I didn't say why I was calling! You won't believe it!
  • Remus: Are you calling to tell me you're going to let me live happily and in peace? Because yes, I won't believe it.
  • Sirius: Rude.
  • Remus: *snores*

anonymous asked:

I just told my boyfriend of 4 years I want to become vegan and he basically spent half an hour telling me how stupid I and all vegans are stuck up and he won't eat in the house with me if it's something I do. I'm so upset, we've been together so long but I don't understand why he won't support me, he just keeps calling me stupid. Did you experience anything like this at all? I just feel like crying.

Oh sweet honeypie I wish I could give you the biggest hug right now! I am genuinely sorry to hear that you got such a negative reaction from your boyfriend, for something so simple as to the way you want to eat.

Unfortunately it’s a pretty common response. Though my friends and family were generally supportive (or they just didn’t care at all) I’ve absolutely faced my share fair of adversity. I’ve been called a “fucking idiot” to my face by someone I hardly knew when he overheard I was a vegan from someone else. I’ve had people threaten to sneak meat/dairy/eggs into my food as a “joke” (they were serious about doing it too, which makes it all the more horrible). I have left parties before because people would harrass me so much about being vegan that I was extremely uncomfortable and upset. Even after telling people politely that I didn’t want to discuss my lifestyle choices anymore I’ve had people reduce me to tears because they couldn’t let go of the fact that I didn’t eat the way they do. People talk to me condescendingly, they act as if they know more than I do about food, they troll me for kicks. I’m also the only vegan in my entire friendship circle.

This is also why I have a hard time believing nonvegans when they tell me about all the “preachy,” “pushy,” “rude,” or “stuck up” vegans they’ve met. Because there is no one on this planet who has made me feel more shit about myself than nonvegans for living a compassionate lifestyle. And I’ve known/met a few vegans in my past who were nothing but polite, nonpushy, and just well informed and educated.

Despite all this, I’ve never faltered in my decisions to live a cruelty-free lifestyle (obviously veganism is imperfect but it is as close as you can get). All the shit I face from people I dont even give a second thought about is nothing to me compared to the spiritual, emotional, and healthy change I have experienced since becoming vegan.

If your boyfriend of 4 years is threatening things like this over something as personal as the food you consume and the products you buy then I’m really sorry but he’s not someone that I personally would want to be with. It sounds very controlling/posessive to me to get so worked up over the food a significant other is putting in their body. Please take care of yourself. Being vegan is AMAZING and I absolutely implore you do more research into it. The more you read the more it will make you feel very, very confident in your decision. May I suggest a few books/documentaries:

I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to eat it anymore by Christina Pirello
The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone
The China Study by T. Colin Campbell
Whole by T. Colin Campbell
Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer

Forks over Knives
Food INC
Food Matters

Good luck little dove, I hope the best for you xo