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Imagine telling Minho you’re pregnant, and him not reacting the way you would have liked.

Minho came back from the Maze a few hours later. You were in the Med-hunt, working with Clint and Jeff. You tried to distract yourself by doing some cleaning, but absolutely nothing could keep your mind off that thing. Nothing. It has been hauting you all day, from the second you learned the news. How could you ever tell him ? How could he ever take that calmly, with your situation ? You felt your heart break a little at the thought of him being angry, or worse, disapointed. It was the only thing that really scared you at the moment. Him leaving you because of that.

You don’t remember a lot of your past, but you’re sure that wasn’t the way you planned it. Maybe you would have been with an amazing husband, with a wonderful job, or even with just a boyfriend and no job at all, but at least you would not have been in a freaking maze trying not to die everyday.

With your back still facing the door, you heard someone entering. You know it’s not Clint or Jeff ; they left a few minutes ago to take a break. Holding your breath, you didn’t dare to look who that was ; you already knew.

Slowly but surely, the person crept behind you, almost like a feline. You felt his hot breath on your neck. You could almost see him smirk.

“Guess who.” he said, putting his hands over your eyes.

You quickly jerked your head, not in the mood.

“What’s wrong ?” he asked, worry filling his voice.

You didn’t respond, afraid to tell him, afraif of his reaction. What if he got angry ? What if he didn’t want it ? You really wished that wouldn’t be the case.

“Y/N, what’s wrong ?”

He walked to face you, frowning. Your heart broke a little more. Not having the courage to look at him, you turned to face the wall. He put a hand on your shoulder.


“I’m pregnant.”

There. You said it. Your voice barely above a whisper.
You felt him stiffen behind you, as if he had been changed in rock just by hearing the words.

“Wh-what ?”

You sniffed, trying to hold back your tears. Finally, you looked at him. Horror was all over his face.

“Don’t look at me like that,” you snapped.

“But… I…”

He walked over to one of the bed, putting his head in his hands, defeated.

“How ?” he asked, not looking at you.

“You really need a drawing?”

Silence filled the room, building a little space between you. A space you were afraid will only grow.

“What are we going to do?” he whispered.

“Are you happy about this ?”

You couldn’t take it any longer. You had to ask. Just to be sure.

“I… I…”

He looked at you with his eyes wide open.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought,” you finally responded, putting a hand your cheek to hide your tears.

You made your way to the door, ready to leave, but Minho quickly grabbed your wrist.

“Y/N ! Wait, please.”

“Let me go, Minho. Leave me alone.”

“No ! I can’t let you go just like you can’t ask that kind of things.”

He made you faced him, and this time looked at you dead in the eyes.

“You can’t tell that and then ask me if I’m happy. I would have been if we were in another situation. In this case, everything is different.”

You raised your head to look at him, sadness washing over you, making you cry.

“You’re not angry ?”

He brushed away your tears.

“No… Just… Scared.”

“I’m scared, too. I’m freaking terrified. I barely can breath.”

He took you in his arms, kissing your head softly.

“It’s okay. At least, it’s going to be okay. I work everyday so that our lives will be better.”

A bit comforted by his words, but still terrified, you let him drag you outside, trying to regain your composure.