why women are crazy

Men are socialized since birth to think their feelings and thoughts are the objective truth.

They are taught they are generally right about something, unless contradicted by another male with equal or more authority. Men subconsciously believe they are firmly right about things so much they won’t even consider alternative perspectives unless it comes from a place of higher authority.

Men are socialized to believe women are inherently wrong, and that is why women are “crazy”, because it is so difficult for men to even consider the possibility that they don’t know shit.

This is why men often offer strong opinions on topics they just heard about, especially if they’re contradicting a woman.

This is because people will respect a man’s opinion and give his words weight even if he has zero background in the subject because men are considered credible by default.

Women are considered wrong by default and must argue their way to display their truth, no matter how strong their credentials.

Men probably have to tell themselves they’re logical all the time just to keep up the lie that feeds their ego.

Thinking is difficult work for a man who is used to instantly being told he is right, while women are constantly being argued against and therefore exploring the topics more deeply and doing more thinking.

this excellent summary of the problem is from witwitch - please write more!

Whenever I hear women who are attracted to other women start talking about how annoying and needy women are and now they understand why str8 dudes complain about “crazy ex gfs” like lol internalized misogyny sure is one hell of a drug huh.

All my exes have been crazy. It’s just one crazy bitch after another. Crazy sluts. Crazy whores. You fucking whore. You crazy fucking whore. They’re all crazy fucking whores. They all drive me crazy. But baby. Baby. Baby. I’m crazy. For you.

I do a quick search online on women and mental illness and get hundreds of hits. Women Sent To Asylums For Post-Natal Depression. “Crazy” Women Killed In Salem Witch Trials. How “Craziness” Is Used To Keep Women Compliant.“ "Crazy Women. Why Men Think Women Are Crazy. Why Are Women So Crazy? TAKE THE TEST: Are YOU Crazy?

I touch my cheek. Gently. Self-consciously. Feeling at the skin that has healed over from many self-inflicted punches. I think about the dreams I have had since I was fifteen. Dreams of saying how I feel. Dreams of telling the truth. Dreams of my emotions bubbling over in public. Dreams where I am carted away, as everyone I know looks the other way, not wanting to make eye contact with the crazy girl. 

I think of these dreams which have kept me from speaking to doctors about any thoughts of depression. To counselors. To my family. To friends. I think of the men who have called me crazy when I spoke against them. I think of being in a group of friends and someone saying something someone does not like and being called crazy. You like that band? What, are you crazy? You really believe that? You’re crazy!! I think of how we invalidate each other with craziness. How we reduce each other to a word. And how throughout history, women have been reduced to crazy simply by expressing that they have emotions. 

I wonder what would get me sent to an institution if I was living in the Victorian era. Would it be anxiety? Depression? Infidelity? Unhappiness in marriage? Speaking too loudly one time? 

Crazy is a word of reduction. Of differentiation. Of categorizing persons into other. Of shaming. Of silencing. It further stigmatizes mental illness, and keeps those who suffer from it from seeking help. And it keeps women compliant and silent. Scared to speak up. Scared to vocalize their opinions or suffering. Why would they? They’re just crazy. Crazy crazy crazy.

But I am not out-of-control for my emotions. I am not insane for possessing opinions which do not match up with yours. I am not any less for suffering from a mental deficiency which make it difficult to cope. I am not one-word. One-term. One-sentence. 

In the 5th Century, Hippocrates coined the term female hysteria, to describe the abnormal movements in a female’s womb. Side effects of this included sexual desire. Lustful thoughts. Uncontrollable emotions. And then the unmentioned side effects: opinions which do not match up with ours. Failure to comply. Failure to be silent. Dissatisfaction with being controlled. 

In Salem, Massachusetts in 1692, women were bound at the hands and feet, with rocks attached, and thrown into water to determine whether or not they were witches. On the chance that they did not drown, they were declared a witch, and then executed by another means: Lynching. Poison. Burning at the stake.

In my womb I feel a fire growing, stoked over and over again by spittings of crazy. I open my mouth to contest this and wells of water pour out. Witch water. Woman water. In my dreams Hippocrates rises from the dead to send me to a mental institution. My diagnosis: woman.

—  The Myth of Crazy, Lora Mathis

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Just because your a mom doesn't mean you have to stop living all because you have kids. If they nap then you have time right there to do something for yourself. What I do is when my daughter goes to bed then I have some me time. It's stupid to say it's priorities so that means you don't shower, wipe your cunt when you pee, eat or etc? That's like saying you can't do nothing because of your kids cause that's also saying they are like a burden.

Nope. Apparently when you have a baby you just become a slave to your children, just staring at their every movement.

Mentality like that is why women need to fill thei cup to keep from going crazy.


'Avengers: Age of Ultron': Chris Evans wonders … Is Captain America a virgin?

EW: I feel like Cap is the noblest of all the characters. He’s the only one who knows what it’s like to be powerless. To be on the other side of fear.

Evans: He does have a healthy understanding of what it feels like to be powerless, to be the victim. But he also has a healthy understanding of what it is to be a soldier. I think anytime you meet anyone that’s been in the military, when you fight alongside someone they become a brother. I think in a weird way he looks at his Avengers as his family at this point.

EW: Is family what he wants? A bond with a fellow fighter?

Evans: It’s certainly what he wants, but Cap puts what he wants last. That’s his M.O. And I think for so long he just refuses to bleed on people. So it’s hard to explore a guy who doesn’t want to make waves with his own personal conflict. He’s always trying to help the greater good.

EW: Does that ever change?

Evans: That’s why it’s kind of exciting to look forward to Cap 3. I think we really scratched the surface on something great and I think there’s just so much to explore. Not just with the evolution of myself and [Anthony] Mackie’s character, but the reconnection with Bucky, and ultimately a relationship with a woman.

There’s always a female audience. But we will only go if they make movies for us because we’re just too busy. It makes me crazy when people ask why women don’t go to the movies. Number one, there are no movies for us and, number two, we have jobs and families. I never get out of the house with two little kids. If I go, I want to know it really is something for me. I want it to be relevant to me. - Julianne Moore

Angry Women

There’s a video going around in Trinidad of a woman destroying her lover’s vehicle, after finding out he’s been cheating on her. She also has her body in front of the vehicle as he’s trying to drive, making it impossible for him to actually get anywhere, since he’d have to drive over her to pass.

The comments under the video are -

This woman is. so stupid, she’s making a fool of herself. Idk why he doesn’t drive over her.

Why are women so crazy? I would sue her for damage.

I would have gotten out of my car and hit her.

NONE of these comments (many of them from other women) addressed the fact that there was a reason behind this woman’s actions. No one felt any compassion toward her. They all immediately took sides with the man, saying they would rather physically hurt the woman than have their vehicle trashed. Other women called her all sorts of names. No one mentioned the fact that this man did something to cause her to react. His action apparently had no consequence. The consequence of her action was to be labelled as ‘the crazy girlfriend.’

We are constantly overlooked.
We are always wrong.

SO WHAT if he cheated right?
Don’t react. You must give him everything and when he’s unfaithful, DON’T LASH OUT. Otherwise, you’re stupid and crazy. It doesn’t matter that you may have been there for him for years. It doesn’t matter that maybe you’ve forgiven him before. No.
Suck. It. Up.

Women can’t be angry. If we even begin to object, we’re seen as unruly and unmanageable. Unfit to be a girlfriend because you can’t control a woman who is in control of herself.

Yall so full of shit.

I’ve lost some faith in Yall again. Women already have a hard time just being, and then we have to deal with other women keeping us down.


Why women are “crazy”

(we’re not, but….)

Do you know why "women are crazy"?

Do you?
Because we have hormones that pull us in 9 different directions at least once a month (if you don’t have pre-period symptoms like I do).
Because we have to deal with hormones pulling us in 24.3 different ways when we eventually get pregnant.
Because our bodies are stretched and put through hell over and over again.
Because we have been taught since we were little to spend all of our time trying to look beautiful for men so that they will like and approve us so that one day they will marry us and put our bodies through that hell.
Because women are expected to make sacrifices for other people our entire lives. Be a good daughter.
Be a good wife.
Be a good mother.
Be a good hostess.
Even if it means you’re not being yourself.
And that is why “women are crazy”.


Why Women Are Crazy.

how come every time i go to the panty hose and tights section in macys or jc penneys or wherever every package is savagely ripped open??? why do middle aged women get so crazy and need to feel every thread of nylon in there?? every pair of tights ive bought the cashier needs to put the box back together to find the barcode. every pair i own has already been fondled by susan


“There’s always a female audience. But we will only go if they make movies for us because we’re just too busy. It makes me crazy when people ask why women don’t go to the movies. Number one, there are no movies for us and, number two, we have jobs and families. I never get out of the house with two little kids. If I go, I want to know it really is something for me. I want it to be relevant to me.”