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Ok but what about a Lt. Hawkeye and Gen. Armstrong hair swap

I admit, I kinda saw this coming after Roy and Alex so forgive me if I’m over prepared lmao


                                                           Baby, I want you to know
                                                             You are all I wanna see
                                                           Baby, you’ll never feel low
                                                             If you tag along with me

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At first my salt mountain was seasonal, but now have moved in full-time.

Yes, I got all the salt crystal lamps, it’s a nice pink glow very mellow, I hate like my salt mountain, it’s so so much better than when i didn’t have one…… 

this photo gives me difficulty in breathing || © 17_0808s2

Just two lovely idiots who love and cherish each other

i rewatched the benizakura movie and i’m already crying about this flashback