why why whyyy

Jeff Davies how can you give us this:

And then give us this:

“Stiles and Malia will have an interesting relationship in season 4”

It just…does not compute. That is not a “platonic friends clinging to each other for support” shot. That is a “we are an epic couple and this is endgame” shot.

Couldn’t you have let us be happy? Seriously, we got ten minutes of happiness before you said that. It was cruel.

My middle school self is still upset that this:

young adult dark fantasy book series became a high grossing series of films gaining $1,365,922,346 In American box offices and $3,345,177,904 worldwide. Creating a massive fallowing of young people FROM ALL DIFFERENT WALKS OF LIFE to worship the characters and the idealistic dark exciting and borderline creepy relationships the story base their love, actions, and the entirety of the plot on-