why why why why do i have to ship them

     "I won’t let you alone… 
Because I will always be with you”

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why don't you draw ships that you don't ship?

Why don’t people who don’t like ice cream eat ice cream? Why don’t people who don’t like snakes have a snake as a pet? Why don’t people who don’t like latex trousers wear latex trousers? Why don’t people who don’t like westerns watch westerns? Because it doesn’t bring them joy and satisfaction, they don’t want to force themselves to do something only for someone else’s pleasure, wasting their free time for things they don’t feel happy doing. Sometimes you have to do something you don’t like because you have no choice, it’s normal, but I have a choice and I don’t want to draw ships I have absolutely no heart for. So I choose not to draw them. Isn’t it like… obvious?

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When I write character, I wrote who they are first, and at the end I put things like sexuality and such. Sexuality shouldn't be the character, it should be a part of the character. (Ex: the boy with blonde hair who is gay, rather than the gay boy with blonde hair.) (one sounds alittle more rude than the other doesn't it?)

“sexuality shouldn’t be the character” 

buddy i hate to break it to you but every non straight person i know literally fucking announces it wherever the hell they are, it is PART of who they are. and also my sexuality isn’t a foot note, plus a lot of LGBT stories center AROUND the character’s sexuality and development, so it’s kind of important that it be known and noted. 


s h e   d e s e r v e d   b e t t e r … . .


HyungIM carrying their future child MONBEBE

So the only other person I know irl that watched Star vs The Forces of Evil, isn’t caught up at all (she hasn’t watched like any of the second season) so if anyone is caught up and wants to be in emotional distress with me over the last episode, feel free to message me or send me an ask!

I want those tights

28 Days of OTP

Day 8: Bertholdt x Reiner

I honestly love this couple to death because its adorable. I love how awkward Bertholdt can be and Reiner being the powerhouse. (what is he, mitochondria?) 

But their dynamic as characters makes me ship them so hard :)

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: How am I expected not to ship cassie and mackenzi in almost adults?? If their love is only platonic why cast natasha and elise who i'm obviously going to ship because carmilla?? why do they have such great chemistry as lovers ??how can i accept that they're just friends in this film when the teaser trailer is just elise and natasha being adorable together? ?if im not supposed to ship them then why have them act so cute together ?? why have mackenzi lick cassie's ice cream in the teaser trailer?? why show me them sharing a milkshake?? why are they rolling around together on the grass? there is so much space on that grass but they are basically sitting on toP Of EacH OthER AND YOU'RE TELLING ME IT'S JUST PLATONIC HOW DO U EXPECT ME NOT TO SHIP THAT HOW DO YOU-

AU: Sif visits Earth to help S.H.I.E.L.D with some.. Asgardian troubles. Maria’s relationship with her isn’t unprofessional at all- because umm-  eh, she’ll think of something.

I absolutely detest when people write enemies to lovers about good pure pairings who just want to love each other and had no antagonistic element in canon

like first of all!! why is everyone so obsessed with romantic partners starting of hating each other I do not see the appeal I do not understand what

second of all, please just let pure canon queer couples love each other???? like what are you doing