why why why why do i have to ship them

shipping fictional relationships : super cool. don’t stop, ever. 

shipping actors in a relationship : if the actors are cool with it, continue.

swearing up & down that said actors are in a relationship or in love despite all evidence to the contrary : stop. oh my gOD stop.

AU where it’s illegal for the Avatar to pick their significant other; officials from the next nation in the Avatar cycle meet to choose who the Avatar will marry in an ancient attempt of passing down the Avatar spirit like a lineage but Avatar Aang likes the pretty southern waterbender Katara more than the northen one they chose for him so they elope and start their new life on the run.

Me watching thirteen reasons why

-awww hannah imma cut every bitch and asshole who ever hurt you
-I love tony so much he’s so precious aww
-why do courtney and bryce have to breath


Guess who I finally collected yesterday

     "I won’t let you alone… 
Because I will always be with you”

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why don't you draw ships that you don't ship?

Why don’t people who don’t like ice cream eat ice cream? Why don’t people who don’t like snakes have a snake as a pet? Why don’t people who don’t like latex trousers wear latex trousers? Why don’t people who don’t like westerns watch westerns? Because it doesn’t bring them joy and satisfaction, they don’t want to force themselves to do something only for someone else’s pleasure, wasting their free time for things they don’t feel happy doing. Sometimes you have to do something you don’t like because you have no choice, it’s normal, but I have a choice and I don’t want to draw ships I have absolutely no heart for. So I choose not to draw them. Isn’t it like… obvious?

aw dangit


HyungIM carrying their future child MONBEBE

28 Days of OTP

Day 8: Bertholdt x Reiner

I honestly love this couple to death because its adorable. I love how awkward Bertholdt can be and Reiner being the powerhouse. (what is he, mitochondria?) 

But their dynamic as characters makes me ship them so hard :)

Don't Imagine Your OTP

Don’t imagine your OTP thinking that his/her partner is breathtaking, not in a typical, “she looks amazing" way but in a “she looks like hell but she makes hell look cute” kind of way. They’re both attracted to each other despite knowing the other’s flaws, and they both think that they don’t deserve each other but they remind their partner every day that no, you deserve me, it’s actually me who doesn’t deserve you.

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Hey - I saw your post about depression and then saw you've haven't posted anything recently and I just wanted to check in and make sure everything was ok and let you know that you're not alone <3

Hi friend! I’m hanging in there - depression is one of those things that I’ve lived with for about as long as I can remember, so it’s an old not-quite-friend of mine, and I know its habits well and am riding it out as best as I can.

I haven’t posted in awhile mostly because, in no small part because of my depression, I’ve been taking a bit of an unannounced break from Les Mis. There were some very unhealthy thoughts permeating my brain that were exacerbated by my Les Mis writing (through absolutely no one’s fault but my own), so I’m waiting until I’m in a better mind space to start again.

And in the meantime, I deeply appreciate all of the amazingly kind messages that people have taken the time to send me <3 Y'all are truly amazing people and I am genuinely blessed to have such wonderful, caring followers.

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So I think Batcat is the best couple in DC, I feel like they're the power couple, they are nothing like other couples in the DC comics universe. So I've got a question, do you think they're the perfect couple because....? I can't begin to explain why I think they're perfect so why do you find them so perfect?

If you’re asking why I think Batman and Catwoman have such a great relationship you can check out some of my meta posts here and here and here and here.

If you’re asking why I ship batcat more than any other ship: I don’t know man. I don’t even remember how it happened and sometimes I wish I didn’t. It’s tough being this emotionally invested in something when the consensus seems to be that there’s a limit to how far this relationship will go. Sometimes I wish I had imprinted on a ship with a more concrete endgame status. Sometimes I wish I shipped clois the way I ship batcat. It’s not always easy but at least they get to move in together and get married and have kids and bathtub scenes together, and I don’t think we’ll ever get any of that with Batman and Catwoman.

It’s not that I think they have a perfect relationship; I just happen to think it’s really real. Batman and Catwoman are both really flawed characters that have both done some really fucked up things, and they’re both self-loathing in their own way. Batman is defined by trauma, Catwoman doesn’t always think that she’s a good person, they both think that they’re so messed up and have made so many mistakes that they don’t expect or even think that they deserve love or to be happy. Yet they found just that in each other and I think that’s really beautiful. They both have qualities and characteristics that are lacking in other, provide each other with what they need, and make each other happy and I think that’s what love is. I don’t even think that their relationship was intentionally written that way, but that’s what it developed into. I guess I ship batcat categorically more than any other ship because to me it symbolizes that love can exist in any darkness and that everyone deserves love.

  • 707: If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put U and I together ;)
  • Yoosung: Why would you do that? That makes no sense. Why are you changing the alphabet for two letters??
  • 707: No, Yoosung, god, I mean you and me.
  • Yoosung: ...??? What?? Do you mean our initials? It's L for Luciel and K for Kim, and they're already next to each other.
  • 707: ...I'm trying so hard here, Yoosung.

I want those tights

Dan and Phil maybe aren’t moving !!
Maybe they’re just gonna vlog about Singapore !! Or maybe something else don’t get you’re hopes up for phan and other things and just let them be !! We love and appreciate them all the same !!

Why are you sleeping on kookiemon?

Okay, I need to apologize first, since I A: didn’t finish this serie and B: made a promise I couldn’t keep. And foremost, I didn’t achieve my goal, which was very simple: making you guys fall in love with this beautiful duo. So with that knowledge I’ve decided to try a different approach, by choosing a very interesting theme, namely:

Skinship (masterpost)

Oh my god YES this fandom truly needs this! Cause, I’ve a feeling that a lot of you guys (who don’t appreciate them together) are either “unsatisfied with their lack of moments” or “find them awkward or distant from each other”. By this post I try to show you guys the complete opposite of both statements, in the hope that you won’t have any excuses left to not love them together. Plus, since the theme is skinship, I’ve added a lot more gifs to it, since these moments are all about touching and intimacy. (of course I know what you guys like! After all, we all like hell) So let me enlighten you while I hurt myself at the same time

Disclaimer: Please don’t edit the fansite pics (I hope you guys know by now which ones those are, if not, ask me). And I hate saying this but, all the gifs in this post are mine, please don’t repost them without permission. Still excluding every moment in 2016. Also, a lot of fangirling ahead.

Let’s warm up with some subtle ones. Still, be prepared!

Sharing a mattress    I see…

Fucking cuties!

There’s something about Namjoon’s undercut, cause for all I know is that Kookie likes touching it.

Can I ship Kookie’s fingers with Namjoon’s undercut?

They like sharing secrets too

Seems like they whisper A LOT to each other 😏 God knows about what

What the hell, Joon! That one was almost a kiss! (not that I mind to the slightest) I would die if I were those fangirls

The “Bro, quick! Hold my hand for no legit reason”

A nice slow cares to rip my heart apart!

Not enough skinship for yah? Don’t worry, we’re just getting started.

Casually sitting on Joonie’s lap like it’s no one’s business.

On the other note, do you see Namjoon’s head resting on Kookie’s shoulder? Guess what, that’s a pretty common thing for kookiemon.

They look so content in this position! I mean, when will your fave ship ever!

And of course the shoulders then need a good massage.

lol I don’t think Kookie’s liking it tho 

Nice, guys. Very NICE!

I bet you’re still not convinced, so how about I enlighten you with my obsession of them putting an arm around each other

Yes Namjoon. Yes, hold him tightly

Thought they never hug each other? haha! What a JOKE!


You may be hugging in the background, but you can’t escape my vision, namkook

Look at their smiles, look how Namjoon pulls him in for a proper hug! I’M TOTALLY FINE *sobs*

If your still don’t feel anything or find these all very ordinary, then I’m sorry hun, but you’re probably heartless. But don’t worry, I’m even prepared for your cold dead ass, by introducing to you the special 3. Proceed at own risk. 

1. Intimacy

 I mean does this even need an explanation? They are holding a mic together, while Namjoon is looking all heart-eyes at kookie and pulls him even closer by his damn shirt! … I’ll go dig my own grave now

2. Chemistry

Tbh, THIS is ruining my life, ever since I’ve found it. NO SERIOUSLY! Namjoon is barely touching him, yet I’m unable to breath bc of this moment. You wanna know why? Bc Namjoon is SEEKING for some closeness, yet isn’t allowed to (since cameras and such) so he keeps it at minimum. And jungkook fucking notices, looks at it (while Namjoon averts his eyes, that sneaky fucker) JUST DON’T FUCKING TOUCH ME OKAY?!

3. Contiguity

RIP me, RIP you, RIP us all… Being a kookiemonster shipper is very painful experience! *Clutches hearts* but WHY kookie? WHY do you have to close your eyes like that? Why is your smile so contagious that it even evokes a shy smile on Joonie’s face? WHY? send help please, I’m NOT OKAY

Do you still dare to say that they are awkward and not intimate with each other?! If so, then you’re probably lying to yourself when you’re able to resist this amount of fluffiness (kids, don’t lie to yourself, that’s messed up) Either way, I hope you’ve liked this very needed post. And in the end, I don’t care how you ship them, as long as you support them together. 


By the way, are you up for part 2? or nah? Please, tell me, cause I might do a part 2 if there’s any interest for it.