why why is it gone sm why

                       ❛❛  — Do  ya’  think  that  you’d  come  with  me  Crutch  ?  …  I  wanna  get  outta  here.   ❜❜ FINGERS  digging  into  the rails  of  fire  escape, ❛❛  I  dunno  there’s  nothing  left  for  us  here  —  WE ‘d  be  ridin’  in  STYLE  Crutch.  No  ‘morse   New  York  JUST  us  out  there. ❜❜  LOOKING  at  the  stars,   ❛❛ Ey’  we  can  DO  this  Crutch  save  up,  and  get  out  of  heres  —  WE  got  no  one  waitin’  on  us.  YOUSE  the  only   f a m i l y  I’ve  got  Crutch. ❜❜

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this is a true story
  • Sister: So how long will you and mom be gone for?
  • Me: Why? Probably less than a week.
  • Her: Ah. Okay.
  • Me: Why? So you can-
  • Her (probably): *mentally disowns me as a sister*
  • and yes, i do still use this ICONIC line on the daily. Thank you, Oh Sehun and SM.

Let me point out my thoughts.

First if you are an SM stan for over 5years i bet you will understand me very well, I am an SM stan and i think the company management and work is super genuis BUT i see no one more evil than this same company.

Over the years from SM first boybands in a certain points things get for the band in a tight spot that makes everybody lose their mind, if we go back in history you will see every SM boy band get to massive troubles after every SUPER hit.
DBSK mirotic
Super Junior Sorry Sorry
As i said, if you an old fan you will understand my point.

Secondly why i started this Exo and Kai, oh no i mean Jongin, Kim Jongin.
SM loves building up otps, but they get on trouble later when the otp get too close “yunjae, hanchul” and in this point we have Kaisoo, Jongin is pretty close to Kyungsoo i am not a delulu but honestly you wont stare at your bro/bff for longer than 5s, and you wont get all smiley blushy or even sexually frustrated because of them, Kaisoo are a little bit closer than bro.
All the mess and trouble start exactly after the first statement of some “same-sex pair uncovering” then Kaisoo moment start lessen, and becomes distant or at least they put someone between them (victim Suho or lay), then out of the blue Kaistal was born i am not hating on them, but if they were already declared as a couple why dont they go out in public more? Why they shoots comes out only when the public ‘suspect’ something? Why they both dont look 'that’ pleased? Why Kyungsoo at the showcase seem like crying and Jongin seem so hurt and lost?

And honestly Jongin have gone through A LOT, from fans, sm, maybe band members like he is soo targeted i feel like he is a timing bomb that will blow soon.

I think Kaisoo have something, maybe Kaistal are close, and maybe Sehun was just testing and preparing the fans for something.
You can hit me with any question or remark or even criticize you all free

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“ what the hell did you do? ” Climbing class

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“What the hell did you do?”

Chris rushed out of his car to Josh, who was hobbling all over the place. His left leg was badly swollen and was bruised a very nasty shade of blue.

“Judging from the crippling pain in my leg, I’d say that I’ve probably broken it.” Josh replied, throwing his arm over Chris’ shoulder for support. Carefully, they shuffled over to the hood of Chris’ car. Josh pushed himself up on it, letting out a short howl of pain.

Ten minutes ago, Chris had been sitting on his couch watching a movie with his little sister when he was interrupted by a text from Josh:

[SMS:] Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.

[SMS:] See this is why you need Life Alert.

[SMS:] Haha. No, but seriously I’m hurt. You need to come get me.

He hurried out of his house, grabbing his keys and darting out of the door before his sister could even ask why he was gone.

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EXO { Baekhyun } Prologue Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11

I’m not kidding, I spent about a total of 2 hours writing this ;-;

As you’ll probably be able to figure out after reading this, I’ve never written a scenario. I have written some short stories before, but usually those are horror stories because for some reason I really like writing them

Also, I’m really sorry about the day late update (again). I was trying to figure out if I should write a scenario or not, and then when I started writing one, I couldn’t come up with any ideas.

Anyways, sorry if this is bad, but I hope you like it ~

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Now that I’ve had multiple cups of coffee and I’m not the bitch I was this morning, I can rationally convey my thoughts.

First, I take Sam and Cait out of this picture ( I know this won’t make sense at first) and all you have are two actors. They play the parts, on tv, of a couple eternally in love through life and problems. Let’s take that off the screen. They do interviews have pictures together and they show the world they are a couple and in love. Why would you think that? Well if it looks and walks like a duck it must be a duck. No?

After not one year, but over two, the world is told everything you saw and thought of these two actors being together in real life was all acting. No not the tv version, the real life version. So we are suppose to not believe what was said, shown and confirmed by these actors. If we believed it we were ridiculously out of touch with reality. Wow real life acting a new concept.

Why would someone do this? Well the actors get paid for the tv version of acting, but the real life version isn’t suppose to be as good if not better than the tv version. It distracts from the show. ( yes Ron said something to this affect during on of the panels during Season 1). Also, if you want to sell the male actor as a good looking sexy guy that every woman would want, he can’t be in a permanent relationship. Multiple women and the catch me if you can and if you do……wow what a lucky girl you are, scenario would sell better. You will want to see the show and any interviews, movies and relationships that spring up with this guy. Following him would be great. Yep that would sell

“Actors are assets”, not people ( just quoting Albrecht).

For some reasons, 🙄, a group of shippers have not let the actors real life relationship go. Well that’s not good. So into the picture comes an old actor who is going to help this younger actor with his problems of real life seeping into the tv version. No more shippers. If they can be removed from this picture then the male lead actor can be the man about town with anyone that the studio feels fits. They can switch people and places and wow won’t this be fun. Only problem is it didn’t work with a few previous girls. They get the old actor to bully, harass and just be a nasty guy to every shipper and drive them out of the fandom.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, they find Blondie. Another actress who is finding fame is not coming her way and getting better at acting isn’t an option, but being with the male actor of this scenario will bring new publicity and exposure for the show and everyone will be happy. It’s even better since Blondie belongs to the same studio as the tv production. Wow what luck. This becomes the new selling product. Push this out there and make it believable.

Wait, some of this seems familiar. Wasn’t Taylor Swift sitting on the rocks at e beach with her new love interest, Tom Hiddleston and somehow was spotted doing this? Lots of pictures of them, holding hands and just being together were all over SM.. they even went to meet her mom. Well it must be serious if that happened. Because the selling of that relationship flopped. It just disappeared, never to be seen again on radar. What a rare thing right?

Back to the new scenario. Are the shippers gone yet? Some people are doubtful this whole shit storm could or would be orchestrated and why? It must be a new real relationship. Which scenario is real if any?

Wait, again, weren’t we told this is only acting and why in the world would you believe otherwise with the first costar and actor relationship? Why not believe the story now with girl number 4, or was it 5? We got our ducks in a row. Here we are with the fucking ducks again. It looks like a duck……..right?

I don’t know about you, but when someone tells me they fed me a whole shitload of lies and what I’m being fed now is ok, I really find it hard to believe any of it. I don’t care if could be real. Yes, Hollywood does shit things and uses actors for their own gain. I don’t make up the rules here, they are known for this way of business.

So what do i believe? Am I still a shipper, because, that dam old actor is still trying to sweep the fandom clean so other shit being put out can come into it. This is why all the crap stinks so badly.

I believe that sometimes in all the mess of Hollywood, studios and BS promotional shit, once in a while love is really there. If I am wrong about Sam and Cait, then I’m wrong, but meanwhile there is no other reason that trying to remove people who believe in this relationship, other than selling a new one, is the truth.

Showing the private relationship, dating and get away trips etc., methodically on SM with a new girl every few years doesn’t make it real. You don’t sell a real life relationship, it sells itself. It’s sad to watch all these girls try and prove they are the number one girl in this actors life. It isn’t the job of any woman to sell the idea that some guy is crazy about her…….that’s his job. So some idiot guy would think this shit up, yep.

The old farty actor, well he will always be just who he is, but I’m not going to let him mess with my thoughts and what I believe. So fuck Hollywood, I’m still here on this dam ship.

Oh and it will get worse before it gets better. They are doing a hard sell here. Be prepared. The used car salesmen are practicing their pitches. If this is real than the male actor needs to have a friend set him straight.

If it’s real I’ll eat a KALE salad, yuck.

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Five times my muse didn’t text yours and one time they did

[SMS- Prime-Time] were you floating in space that entire time you were gone? [unsent]

[SMS- Prime-Time] why earth? why is earth cybertron’s hot spot? why did unicron choose here? [unsent]

[SMS- Prime-Time] i’m still a little afraid of you, cause of like…the possession thing… [unsent]

[SMS- Prime-Time] why the flames? [unsent]

[SMS- Prime-Time] could quintessa mind control you again if she came back? [unsent]

[SMS- Prime-Time] grim is threatening to eat jimmy again [sent]

-blows kiss to the skies-

oh thats sooo cooOoOOL