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(I’ve seen this in many blogs, so I wanted to do that too. There are so many of them I love in this community, but I can’t draw fan art for them all, so I will do around 10 illustrations for the ones that inspire me the most)

(The first one shown is, of course, @marshie-daily . Every time I am able to see their gorgeous art I, well, I can’t explain exactly how it makes me feel. It is so beautiful. But one thing is sure: that art is goals. The colors, the style (and mod is so nice and kind), I don’t know, I love everything about that blog. 

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Why are you bored whit poppy? You know about all the promotion she is having for her new album, I think is pretty interesting the way she promotes her music

I’m not covering Poppy for two reasons:

1) She doesn’t need (or deserve) any further coverage or exposure.

2) She legitimately is boring, now. I unsuscribed because I kept getting daily notifications for stupid bite-sized videos that were ultimately the same thing that’s been churned out all along, and yes, there was a small story arc with Charlotte, but who cares?

Poppy isn’t exciting anymore. If there’s a bigger story to tell, Titanic is taking his sweet time rolling it out, and even if he does, I don’t care to give him any more press.

Poppy has fallen to Garfield syndrome. Fatal Farm could skewer her just as easily, now, using the same criticism.

Loud’s Inferno

Getting down and dirty with a procyon lotor Got no people skills but he’s good with the cell phone. That weird thing by his side an infantilized little model. The two of them walk by, people say “oh boy-a” They ask me why I’m running’ whit A baby into the house. That’s really irresponsible And getting them rattled I say “give me a break Get off my back dammit” I didn’t learn to be a brother. My daddy was very crazy. Shout, do Lincoln proud, shout, do Lincoln proud, hey Shout, do Lincoln proud, shout, do Lincoln proud, hey. In these times of hardship Just remember We Are Loud

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wait what??? O.o why whit soulakia and why slap and not piercing??? unlease we talk about pika whit soulakia which will be weird but ok but if you take the soulaki alone a slap maybe give a small ouch why piercing will actully make them bleed and yes in some places the end of the stick of a soulaki is soo pointly that it can actully piercing a lot of stuff

Personally I wouldn’t waste the food on a slap. I’d rather eat it :)

Why do whit supremacists have to ruin perfectly good ancient  symbols. Like they could have just stopped at swastikas but no they had to take the “Celtic” cross, the ancient Greek, Roman and Slavic symbols too. Uhg. 

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Why do you and Whit fight so much? Everyone's pulling for you guys to be together cause you are literally perfect together.

we’re literally perfect together? what based off of pictures and looks?? ok

Ranching, a Nature Lover’s Labor of Love

By Rachel T. Carnahan, BLM Arizona Public Affairs and Tumblr Blogger

Diamond Butte on the BLM Arizona Strip. Photo by Lorraine Christian, BLM Arizona Strip Field Manager

Driving east into the sun, I gaze south across the Arizona Strip. The sage-studded desert floor seems to stretch on forever.  

In my head, I rewrite the story of the modern day cowboy, of the rancher who scratches a living from this harsh country.  My stories draw from memories of classic westerns and an imagination fed by rugged Arizona landscapes.  Who is that modern day cowboy?  What drives the cowboy to work the land today?  

As I take the truck off highway, onto a wide dirt road, I come closer to the White Pockets Corral and possibly answers to my questions.

Quail Hill Draw, Arizona. Photo by Jon Jasper, BLM Arizona Strip Outdoor Recreation Planner

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Why Amy double tucked whit Majors? - Theory Time!

Why Amy did the double tuck when Jake saw her at the bar if she only does that when she really likes a guy?

Here’s what I think: Jake said to Rosa that Amy and Majors where on their way to the bar, so Jake probably got inside just a bit after they did. Majors liked Jake and clearly thought he was a cool guy, plus Jake was the one who cracked the puzzle, so I think Amy and him were talking about the case and how Jake solved it (and about him in general) and that’s when she double tucked (since it’s an unconscious thing she does). But Jake didn’t know that, same way he didn’t see her doing the double tuck again the next day at the precinct.