why what were you thinking


I am… concerned? With Kakyo and his super helpful comment about them not running away any time soon?



DO WE NOT??????


Also, since when was that an issue?

Also also, you let this happen? You watched from the side of a pool? Why do you get a say in whether they run away or not?


I can’t believe I’m sympathising more with Satsuki than Kakyo.

I can’t believe that’s where we are now.

But on the plus side Lava Lamp looks like he’s Seeing Some Things He Did Not Expect

Dear parents who wonder why their kids never talk to them...

Think about what you were saying when they used to talk to you. Think about your choice of words and tone. Think about why they tried to come to you and why they don’t anymore. When you shut them out, belittle them, and blame them for all of their problems, you will lose them. And that will be permanent.


whenever i can’t draw i always default to these losers in a shoujo-manga au.

  • akira: and then yusuke walked up holding some lobsters. "why are you holding lobsters" we asked. he said they were for art. why were they for art, sae. what do you think.
  • sae, unwrapping her third aspirin of the night: please for the love of god get back to the palaces

soulmate AU where they share dreams

  • ever since eddie can remember a beautiful boy has been in his dreams
  • sometimes he dreams simple things like going to the park with him or going swimming
  • sometimes it’s battling wizards and going on adventures
  • eddie has yet to hear his soulmates name but over the years of seeing him he has fallen head over heels in love
  • eddie naps during the day so he can see richie when he falls into a pit of depression
  • eddie comes out to his mother after years of her begging to hear about his soulmate
  • she tells him to keep sleeping until he gets a real soulmate
  • eddie sleeps for as long as he can each night because being with richie is the only time he’s happy
  • around the age of 20 eddie stops seeing richie in his dreams
  • he panics that his mums words have finally drilled in and gotten rid of the only person who really cared about him
  • he meets a girl who doesn’t have richie’s eyes but she has similar hair and he will take what he can get
  • he introduces her to his mum and they move out at 22
  • eddie is starting to forget richie’s face and voice and it’s the worst feeling
  • he wonders constantly what happened to his soulmate, whether richie still saw eddie
  • he constantly researches to try to find a case where this has happened and he finds nothing but happy stories
  • eddie’s girlfriend admits to him that her soulmate is a beautiful girl with dashing blue eyes and auburn hair
  • they both decide to stay together because although they aren’t in love they don’t have anyone else
  • eddie finally admits to his girlfriend that he hasn’t seen his soulmate in years
  • his girlfriend tells him more about her soulmate, how she dreams of them being mermaids and swims for hours with her
  • she tells him her name is beverly and eddie almost chokes on his drink
  • he calls up his old school friend who he hasn’t seen in five years and introduces them
  • beverly cries and kisses her and eddie finds it hard to smile because he really believes he will never find his love
  • when eddie goes to sleep that night he finally dreams of richie again and they kiss for hours
  • he wakes up with tears on his cheeks and calls beverly to tell her
  • he’s glad he has a friend now and his soulmate is back
  • he sleeps for most of the day again, sitting around a fire with blankets and marshmallows as richie tells him scary stories
  • he tries to figure out if dying is like a constant dream
  • eddie decides that chancing an entire life of dreaming with richie is worth it
  • he wakes up in a white room, looks around and then down at his bandaged arms stained red
  • he realises he’s in a hospital and cries because his plan didn’t work
  • he is nice to the nurses and tries to explain he just wants to be with his soulmate
  • then he hears a familiar voice saying his name and he turns
  • “so this is why you weren’t in my dream last night, what were you thinking, eds?”
  • eddie cries and is sure he did succeed in dying because this couldn’t be real
  • richie tells eddie that he got in a car crash five years ago and only just woke from his coma
  • richie tells eddie he dreamt of him the whole time, what, didn’t he?
  • eddie cries again and they go through the recovery process together
  • richie sneaks into eddies bed every night so they can sleep in each others arms
  • eddie dreams of richie and and when he wakes up richie is still there
  • eddie doesn’t want to die anymore

what do you mean there wasn’t any foreshadowing

It took me a while to post this because I had to edit the text…that’s always what holds me up. Full story under the read more

Here we have the presidents son out walking his dog with his 2 guards in tow
Umbra’s after making things awkward with a total stranger who whips around ‘oh em gee your dog got further than any date ive ever had’ and of course Noct is mortified D:
Ignis and Gladio are just like 'Dog?!?! what’s wrong with you??’

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Merman Lance Mini Fic

Lance skin felt like it was ripping apart. Probably because..it was. It had been weeks since he changed, and he was missing his beautiful blue scales. The face masks helped moisturize the scales on his face, but for his legs however, was a completely different story. It started as slight skin peeling, as if he had a sunburn. His usual dark mocha skin turned itchy and splotchy red. He tried to keep his mind off of it, but it demanded to be noticed. And yet, he kept silent. He didn’t want to let his team down, to delay their already hectic schedule just because he was in a little pain. So he kept going about his business like nothing was wrong. That was until one training session.
It was the usual group training: all of them teamed up, fighting against various droids. Everything was going smoothly, until Lance felt a sharp pain go up his leg as he crouched down to shoot a droid that was headed toward Keith. Lance bit the inside of his cheek to stop from crying out in pain, but couldn’t help the small, pained gasp that escaped his capped lips. Hunk demolished the final droid, turning toward Lance. “Hey, are you alright? I heard you gasp, did you get hit or something.” Not trusting his voice, he shook his head. He raised an eyebrow, but didn’t push him, instead coming to help him up. Lance took a deep breath and slowly raised back up. “I’m fine, Hunk. Let’s just go and get some supper.” He then turned and took a small step forward. That was a grave mistake. As soon as he put pressure on his other leg, he couldn’t hold back the small scream of agony. He would’ve fell to the ground if it weren’t for Hunk to catch him. “Lance!!” The others rushed toward him, worry painting their faces. Another gasp was heard, but this time, it wasn’t from Lance. Pidge gaped in horror as a streams of blood were coming from Lance’s legs, creating a small puddle around his feet. That’s when all hell broke lose. Keith quickly grabbed Lance, easing to the ground. “Lance, what’s wrong?!” Lance whimpered out a small “L-legs. Hurt.” Keith hands then fumbled around Lance’s belt, trying to see the damaged. With trembling fingers, he pulled of Lance’s pants, and pales at the sight before him. Large cracked gashes ran along Lance’s legs and if Keith looked closely, he could see blue scales beneath the bloody flesh. Shiro knelt beside Lance. “Lance, what happened? What can we do?” He asked frantically. “W-water..” was the weak reply. Keith wasted no time. He lifted Lance into his arms, pulled him against his chest, and ran. “Keith!! Where are you going?!” The team chased after them to the…bathroom? Keith quickly turned the knob of the bathtub. As the water began to fill, Keith stripped Lance of his other clothes. As soon as there was enough water, he delicately tossed Lance into the tub. The water began to turn crimson. “Keith, what are you doing??” “He said water, what else did you expect me to do?!” The team began to bicker when Lance suddenly released a relieved sigh. “Guys. Guys! GUYS!!” Hunk yelled. “Look..” The team stopped as the water lapped at Lance’s legs, stopping the bleeding. They watched with wide eyes as the rich, mocha legs slowly became a shiny, blue tail. Scales started to appear across Lance’s arms and cheeks. His nails became slightly pointed and a thin layer of webbing connected his fingers. Gills formed along the side of his throat. A pleased rumbled escaped from Lance as he lowered himself into the water. After they got over the initial shock of what just happened, the team turned to Lance. “What the fuck just happened?” “Pidge! Language!” Lance fidgeted in the water, a nervous blush appearing on his cheeks. “If I’m out of the water for too long, my scales get dried out, and it kinda forces me to change back. The only problem with that is, it makes my skin crack, and if it’s too severe I could…bleed out.” “WHAT?! Lance, you literally could have died! Why didn’t you tell us? Honestly, what were you THINKING?!” Keith fumed. Lance cast his eyes to the floor. “I..I didn’t want to be a nuisance. I just wanted to be strong, like all of you guys.” Keith eyes turned soft. “You’re not a nuisance Lance. Far from it.” He let his fingertips graze down his arm. “We care about you. You really gave us a scare there.” Lance locked eyes with Keith, smiley softly at him. Someone cleared their throat. “Alright, if you two are gonna make googley eyes at each other, I’m out. Also, I feel really weird now that we’re just standing around Lance while he’s in a bathtub. I’m getting food.” Pidge exclaimed as she made her exit. Shiro and Hunk chuckled and followed her as Lance and Keith flushed redder than Keith’s Lion. Keith rubbed the back of his neck, and awkwardly gave a soft pat on Lance’s shoulder. “Take all the time you need. Come get some dinner after your done.” Keith turned to leave. “Hey, Keith!” Keith stopped and turned around. “Thanks for..everything.” Keith grinned. “No problem, Lance.” “Oh, and Keith?” “Yes?” Lance smirked. “Next time you want in my pants, just ask first.” Keith nearly killed over and tried to back out of the door, rambling nonsense coming from his mouth. He turned, tried to flee, and ran into the door. Lance giggled and Keith gripped his nose, grumbling out of the door, sporting a bright flush of color across his cheeks. Lance let his arms tip over the side of the tub, gazing at the door Keith just exited. “Heh. Cute.”

anonymous asked:

Hi there! Could I have a reaction to you flinching bc they moved their hand during an argument? Thanks! :DDD

Hi! I hope you meant BTS since you didn’t say a band! If this isn’t who you wanted it for send a message and I’ll rewrite it for you! Thanks for requesting though, hope you enjoy! :D !ALSO! For anyone who’s requested a long imagine, I am working on them, hopefully they’ll be out sometime today~


Seeing you flinch and move back from him as he brought up his hand to rub his face, he felt his heart break. “Jagi, I wouldn’t never hurt you, no matter how mad I am at you.”


He reached up to brush his hair out of face and he saw you flinch and tense. He sighed and turned around, trying to hold tears back, “do you really think I would hit you?”


As he made a gesturing motion, he noticed you back away from him quickly while closing your eyes tightly. He broke into tears while backing away from you slowly, “Jagiya, you really think I would hit you? Is that how you think of me?”

Rap Mon

As he put his hand on his hip, he noticed you jump and squeeze your eyes shut. He slowly walked towards you, holding his hand out to you and saying, “I would never hurt you, please don’t ever think that I would.”


When he reached up to push his hair back, Jimin noticed you flinch and whisper out small “sorrys”. He immediately fell to the ground and started to cry. “Jagi, you really think I would hurt you? I love you so much, I would never.”


When he reached up to rub his eyes, he noticed you step back away from him. He was confused at first, but then he realized what you were thinking. “Jagi, why are you backing away? I won’t hurt you.”


As he reached up to scratch the back of his head, he noticed you flinch. He suddenly became overcome with sadness and anger. “Y/N, do you really think I would hit you?”

(Finding a gif for Namjoon and Jungkook was so hard omg)

Advice and a Pep-Talk from one Autistic Writer to Another

I’ve seen enough “how to write autistic characters” directed at allistics but I’m not sure I’ve really seen any posts directed at autistics written by other autistics that’s just general writing advice. So here’s some tips and tricks and a pep talk.

1.   Write as many autistic characters as you want. It’s totally ok for every single one of your characters to be autistic. If other people can write stories without any autistic characters, you can write ones without any allistic characters. (After all, how can you write an autistic allistic character if you’re not autistic allistic. /s)

2.   Let your characters stim! It’s a great way to include body language in a way that feels natural for us.

On the topic of stimming, try and vary the stims your characters use. This is something I generally take care of in editing. Everyone would run their hands through their hair, but when they did that, it just became a filler description, so I cut the action from most of the characters and left it for a few. At that point, the stim became theirs. (I also then got to have lines like “Den ran his hand through his hair to calm his thoughts, a motion more like his brother than him.” which is like Look, characterization!)

3.  Body language and facial expressions are hard. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve described the body language or facial expression without actually saying what the character was feeling while writing, and then in editing have no idea what they were feeling.

It’s totally OK to write something like “their eyebrows jumped up in surprise as their jaw dropped towards the floor.” It’s descriptive enough to follow the “show, don’t tell” rule, but still names the emotion the character is feeling. It also lets you use non-standard body language (aka autistic body language and stimming) in a way that allistic readers can pick up on.

Reference sheets are a great way to have some standard allistic ways of expressing emotions via body language. This is a great way to make sure that if a character is expressing an emotion but it’s not something you can state in the story (or that your character is unaware of), that it’ll still be something your audience can pick up on.

4.   It can take a while to really get a feel for your characters. I tend to only really have their characterization solid enough to keep them consistent after I’ve written the initial rough draft. This is one of the reasons my first step after completing my initial draft is to rewrite everything. It’s just the easiest way I’ve found to make sure all the characters are in character - because if I tried to go through every single line and figure out what wasn’t in character, I’d be lost.

If you’re confused about why a character is doing something because you forgot what you were thinking and are having trouble figuring it out from context, it’s ok to take that bit out and rewrite it. Sometimes it might be because a character is acting out of character, and in that case it’s a good thing you’re fixing it.

5.      The details you include in your writing because you’re so detail oriented really makes the story come alive. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten told it feels like my world exists beyond the story and that my characters have lives beyond what’s mentioned on the page because I think about every little detail and make mentions of them.

Our attention to detail also tends to let us do unintentional symbolism and foreshadowing really well. We try and make every little thing relevant and tied into everything else, which is something that comes naturally to us and I’ve seen so many writers struggle with.

6.     Infodump in the rough draft as much as you want. If it keeps you writing, go for it.

You can remove (or better integrate) infodumps (because they tend to not be all that interesting to readers since they stop the story in their tracks) and any inconsistent details when you edit.

If you want to avoid just infodumping in the story itself, write down EVERYTHING about your characters, your world, your plot, everything you want to explain and anything that is relevant to know for the story in a separate document(s). For me, it gets the urge to explain EVERYTHING out of my system and helps me include only what’s needed when I’m writing. (Plus it makes a GREAT reference material for when you’re writing.)

7.      If you don’t explain something well enough, that can also be fixed in editing. This is where beta readers are useful since they can let you know where they’re confused and where more information is useful. This is also where taking a break between writing and editing can help, since if you’re confused it’s likely a spot where you need to include more information

(Again, this is advice for autistic writers from an autistic writer. Allistics and Writing blogs are encouraged to reblog this since this is writing advice, but unless you are autistic, please do not comment.)

Sherlock’s back and he’s in love.

Sherlock’s back and he’s in love.

Sherlock’s back and he’s in love.