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TAZ Pride Week June 23- Favorite LGBT+ TAZ ship

Ahhhh this was a hard choice, but I had to go with the Battlewagon Girlfriends!! I mean, they’re just so amazing:

  • love story between a cop and a thief
  • achingly intense scenes (”you’re not a killer!”) (ep. 27 always makes me cry) (i need to stop rewatching animatics of it)
  • a touch of humor to how they talk to each other and if that ain’t love
  • shared pure, exhilarating joy by racing together
  • like………. asdfghjk

SO @pinofs shared this absolutely PERFECT coloring page with the world and it would have been completely irresponsible of me not to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity to slap on my weird coloring. 

Literally everyone should be coloring this because it was tons of fun and I love it and I want a whole book. More plz. 

anonymous asked:

The last episode reveals Gravity Falls was a story told by a teen Stan explaining to Ford about why it's a bad idea for him to go to college instead of treasure hunting with him. Complete with a slideshow illustrated by Stan.

I actually don’t have a justification for this, I just like it a whole lot and want to post it.

“And that’s why you shouldn’t go to West Coast Tech. ”

“I don’t understand. Why was there a subplot about our nephew pining after a girl?”

“It was a metaphor! About wanting something that isn’t right for you!”

“And why did you have a rivalry with a nine year old boy? What was that a metaphor for?”

“Communism. Keep up, Poindexter.”

persempreferrari  asked:

how do the adipose like San Diego?

San Diego is great! 

(Probably. We haven’t heard from Team California in a while so we can only assume they’re off eating burritos the size of their entire body.)

(Have a question for the Doctor Who Adipose?)

And the walls start closing in, like the darkness around me.

ub06-burst  asked:

can we please get alolan forms outside gen 1 i really want an alolan roserade

snot gonna happen i’m afraid it looks like it’s all gen 1

(it kind of makes sense because tho irl Hawaii is the most remote archipelago, Japan would be one of the closer major landmasses to it, and thus kanto would probably be the nearest mainland source of immigrant pokemon species)