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i won’t fear love

         happy sciles day, everybody!

SO @pinofs shared this absolutely PERFECT coloring page with the world and it would have been completely irresponsible of me not to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity to slap on my weird coloring. 

Literally everyone should be coloring this because it was tons of fun and I love it and I want a whole book. More plz. 

Watch on samesane.tumblr.com

FIDLAR was on Jimmy Kimmel last night playing West Coast and Why Generation. They sounded great but the broadcast cut off Why Generation–shame, that song’s really good. We all watched it together at Ryan and Alice’s house and it was fun to see our guys on TV… Zoe was freaking out when Kimmel held up the album cover with her artwork and the camera like zoooooms in on it… we’re so so proud of them… TV is weird though! I haven’t had tv for like 7 or 8 years so you have to just sit there through all the commercials but I’m glad FIDLAR took the chance to go on tv and play songs from TOO because they’ve worked so hard and come so far!

backyblend  asked:

how do the adipose like San Diego?

San Diego is great! 

(Probably. We haven’t heard from Team California in a while so we can only assume they’re off eating burritos the size of their entire body.)

(Have a question for the Doctor Who Adipose?)