why we rave

“Ok… but what if Bucky told Tony about his parents? The last fight could’ve been completely avoided.” Cas’ methodical tone crackled through the phone.
It brought a curl to Dean’s lips imagining his angel, tucked away in the bunker, watching the Marvel cinematic universe and contemplating every scene. “Babe, that’s the most intense fight. It made the movie.”
“Hm.” A few calculated breaths before Cas had his rant back. “I don’t understand why we needed a movie of them fighting. And why each time was split right down the middle. They shouldn’t have been fighting! They are the Avengers!”
Snorting, Dean glanced over to the passenger seat to make sure Sammy was still sleeping. “The three of us fight, right?”
“Well, yes, but-”
“Any team is gonna have their arguments. It just happens. Don’t worry about it to much, sweetheart. We are gonna be home in a few hours and we will watch the next movie together.”
“I really enjoyed Antman, Dean. It was a very compelling story of a man who was raised by ants.”
Not being able to keep his laugh from barking out of his lungs, he heard Sam shuffle a bit. “He wasn’t raised by ants.”
“Dean. How can you watch these movies, claim to love them, but know so little? It’s astounding.” Cas gasped softly. “I ‘goggled’ it and he wasn’t raised by ants!”
Now the laughter was bringing tears to Dean’s eyes but he worried he might crash the car if he kept it up. The last thing he wanted to do was silence Cas’ voice in his ear but he knew he’d be seeing his angel soon. “I gotta go, honey bee. I love you.”
“I love you, too, Dean. Please drive safe.” There was a click and then static.
Placing his phone on his lap Dean eyed the road ahead of him. What he didn’t tell Cas about this hunt was that he made a small detour to a local jewelry store and bought a ring. The ring was nestled in his jean pocket, shining like nothing Dean had seen before. All he wanted was his angel every day for forever. Especially when the goof thinks things like Antman was raised by ants.

You know when you find the show that would have changed your life ten years ago? Veronica Mars season 1 is the most gripping, funny, gritty, moving, shocking, challenging, exquisitely-plotted 22 hour detective movie you can possibly imagine, with social commentary that was years ahead of its time and one of the greatest female lead characters to ever grace the screen.  I’d very much like a time portal to send a copy back to 17-year-old me to let her know that things will be ok (and also that being an investigative journalist/PI is a totally legit career option).

diamond-feels  asked:

I ended up watching Mech X4 for some reason? and I love it so much it has no right to be this good???

I know I’m shocked??? The budget on this show must be so high because it’s so high quality for a Disney show and the effects like actually aren’t trash like I expected? Also ¾ of the leads are POC and the only white one is Jewish and I’m living for this heathy and sweet older/younger brother relationship and male friends just loving and caring about each other unapologetically without it being made out to be a joke or something weird. And also the storyline is hella engaging and interesting and I’m so sold on and invested in these characters and this story and I’ve only seen two episodes and I just??? Why hasn’t this got more promo??? Why aren’t we raving about this???

So this weekend (literally an hour ago) I’ve been raving my ass off at Beyond Wonderland. Unfortunately, the first day my phone fell out of my fanny pack and I didn’t realize til about 20 minutes after. I tried going to lost and found and calling it but nothing. The next day my sister (whom I went with) was tagged in a picture on Instagram of my phone. This fucking incredible girl found my phone, tagged all the people she saw on my Instagram notifications, and said she can’t wait to meet up and give me my phone. I can’t express how grateful and fortunate I am for people like her. THIS is why I rave. That would never happen anywhere. The people are out of this world and I’m happy to call these people my fellow ravers and brothers and sisters. I fucking love you all so much!!!

People criticize me for raving and tell me how everyone only goes for drugs and it’s an excuse for horny adults to lose their minds and party. To those who think that: Shut your fucking mouth. I rave because I meet some of the most beautiful people inside and out that I can connect to closer than people I’ve known my whole life. For instance: I met this girl at a rave and unfortunately we didn’t have the time to exchange information. I posted a picture of us that we took on Instagram and how beautiful and such a great person she was. Moments later she found me. She reposted the picture and said how much of a beautiful soul I am and how happy she was to meet me. That is EXACTLY why I rave. For the people I meet and the memories we share.